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Full text of "The Encyclopedia of pure materia medica Index, 1880: a record of the positive effects of drugs ..."

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Pure Materia Medica. 





PitorcssoB or mmu hkdica ahd tbcbipkctiob ik thb nxw Tomx bowxopatmio 










187 6. 

Entered according to Act of Congreu, in the year 1676, 


In the Office of the Librarian of Congreai, at Washington, D. C. 





Aarum, 1 

Aurum Fulminant, 18 

Aurum Huriaticum, 14 

Aurum Huriaticum Natronstum, . 18 

Aurum Sulfumtum 28 

Badiaga, 26 

Balsamum PeruTiaDum, .... 80 

Baptiaia, 81 

Bartfelder (Acid Spring), ... 89 

BaryU Acetica 42 

BaryU Garbonica 49 

Baryta Muriatica, 65 

Belladonna 67 

Beltie PerenniB, 128 

Benzinum, 129 

BenEinutn Nitricum, 180 

Benzoic Acid, 182 

Berberinum, 189 

Berberia, 189 

Biamutbum Oxidura, 188 

Bisrouthum Subnitricum, . . . 186 

Blatta Americana, 187 

Boletus Laricis, 188 

Boletus Luridus 190 

Boletus Satanus, 190 

Bombri Ghrytorrbisa, .... 191 

Bombjx Proceasionea, 191 

Bondonneau, 192 

Boracicum, Acidura, 196 

Borax 196 

Bothrops Lanceolatui, 210 

Bounafa, 212 

Branca Ursina, 21*2 

Bovista 212 

Bromiiim, 229 

Brucem AotidyseDterica, .... 249 

Brucinum, 249 

Bryonift, '249 

BuVo 308 

Bufo Sahytionsis, 318 

Buxus, 820 

Cacao, 820 

Cactui, 821 

Cadmium Sulfiiratum, .... 880 

Cainca 882 

Cajuputum, 386 

Calidtum, 887 

Galcarea Aceticft, 844 

Calcarea Carbonics, 861 

Calcaraa Caustics 885 

Calcarea Cblorata, 392 

Calcarea lodaU, 392 

Calcarea Fbotphorice, 894 

Calcarea Sulptaurica, 410 

Calendula. 419 

Caltba, 421 

Campbora, 422 

Cancer FtuviHtilis, 44H 

Cancbalagua, 447 

Canna, 447 

Cannabis Indica, 448 

Cannabis Stitiva, 492 

Cantharis, 606 

Capsicum 640 

Carbo Animalis, 549 

Carbo Vcgetabilis, 565 

Carbolic Acid, 590 

Carboueum, ........ 604 

Carboneuni Cblorntum, .... 605 

Carboneum Uydrogenisatum, . . C06 

Oarboneum Oxygenisatum, . . . 610 

Carboncum Sulfuratum, .... 617 

CarduuB Benedictus, 688 

CarduuB Marianus 686 





Aurum foliauiin, metallic gold. Preparation, Triturate pure gold with 
sugar nf milk. 

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3ihid. — Religious excitement,". — In a reverie he says something ab- 
surd,'. — The cliili] woke after three o'clock, eor/y in the morning, and spoke- 
rapidly in a strong voice, and with red face, thus: "Mother, thou art my 
jewel iii a daughter! What sort of a dog is that? What sort of a head 
IS that at tlie wall ? What \^ running about there in the room 1" and many 
other such foolisli (jnestions,'. — Desire for solitude,". — {Loathing of life),^. — 
*Di8ga8t for life, suicidal tendency,'*. — Good humor the whole day, with 
talkativeness and self-f-aiisikction (reaction),'. — Tolerable degree of cheer- 
fulnei^s, agreeable case (af^er two hour."),'. — Frequent weeping,'*. — [10.] 
*She fiovb and scream*, and imagines kcrnelf Irretrievably losf,^. — *Despon- 
dent,'. — ^Melancholy ; he intaginet he m wifit for this world, and longs for 
death, irhieh he conlemplnlei with internal delight,^. — *DespoDdent melan- 
choly; he imagiueg he cannot mteceed in anything,^'. — * Dejected, and full of 
melancholy^. — *//e w dejected, and seeks solitude.'. — *fle imagines he has lost 
the affections of his friends; thi^ makes him sad, even unto tears,'. — Discour- 
aged, and out of humor with himself,'. — The least trifle makes him dis- 
couraged, '.^He feels discouraged and despondent ; he imagines he does 
everj"thing wrong, and cannot succeed in anything,'. — [20.] He is dissatis- 
fied with everything; he imagines obstacles everywhere in his way, partly 
occasioned by adverse fate, partly by him.*elf ; tliis latter makes him mor- 
bidly depressed,'. — ^Oreni angni'h coming from the prcecordinl region, and 
driving him from place to place, so Ihut he can remain nowhere,^. — Excessive 
anguish, icilh palpitation of the heart, weariness in all the limbs, and sleepi- 
nees,'. — Qreat aogQisb, increasing onto self-destraction, with spasmoatc 

VOL. II.— 1 


contrnclion of the abtlymcti,'. — UnesainesB, and hurried desire for bodily 
and mental activity; he cnunot do anything fast enough, and cannot live 
HO as to be satisfied with himself,'. — He ieels uneasy and uncertain, without 
orgasm ; he constantly imagines he neglects something, and deserves rc- 

Eroachfti in consequence; he appeara to carry this uneasiness about him in 
is mind, and it deprives him of all cnei^-and perseveraniM),'. — While eat- 
ing, the anxiety oi mind leaves him,'. — Timidity,'. — *Appreheimpeiir»t; a 
mere iio'ine at ihe door made him anxious; he feared fed some o\ie would come 
in; aiithropnpkobia*. — Constant snllun mood and taciturnity,'. — [30.] Uu- 
Bociiihle nn)o<l,'. — Weariness ; causeless vexation,". — Home [wrsons are offen- 
sive to him,'. — Peevishness, and want of disposition to sjMyik,'. — *Peevi8h 
and vehement; the least contradiction excites his wrath,'. — Impiiticnce; 
anger,''. — Choleric and quarrelsome,*. — Violent anger and vehemence,^ — Ex- 
treme disposition to feel ofiended ; he was deeply ufTccted and provoked b^ 
the least thing that seemed to grieve him.'. — He becomes angry while think- 
ing of some absent pentons,'. — [40.] He quarrels with every one, and says 
coarse things,'. — She alternately weeps and laughs, as if not conscious of 
herself,'. — Silent {>eevishnes!* and cheerfulness, often alternate (iitlcr one 
and three hours),*. — If left alone, he sits still, taciturn, apparently melan- 
choly, in a corner by himself; but the slightest contradiction excites bis 
wrath, which he first manifcst.<« bv disputing and talking a guu<l deal, afler- 
wanis by uttering a few detachecl words {after three days),*. — The intellec- 
tual faculties are more acute, and the memory more faithful (reaction),'. — 
She is anxious to reflect deoply about this or that subject; this, however, 
makes ber quite weak, tremulous, cold, and damp over the body,'. — Alemory 

Jletul. — Confusion of the head,'. — Confusion of the head, early on ris- 
ing, with heavine--w in the occijmt,". — When standing, vertigo, fi>rcing him 
to sit down,'. — [flO.] Great vertigo, when stooping,'^ — *J-er%o, wh<-n daup- 
ing, an if turning in a circle ; it goes off on raining the Aeu/f,'. — * iVhiti walk- 
ing in the open air, vertigo, as if he were drunk, and would fall to the left side; 
he was forced to lie down, but even then for some time the vertigo returned on 
tlie slightest motion (after forty-three hours),'. — His head shakes sideways 
and up and down,'. — Hcadacne as from an incipient cold,'. — Puins iu the 
bead, caused by intellectual exertione,". — Headache, sometimes as from a 
contusion, sometimes like a painful pressure in one [nirt of the brain, some- 
times like a tearing; it has increase<l ever since morning, and disappears at 

3 P.M. (after twenty-four hours),', — Burning heat of the whole head, worse 
at the occiput,". — * Hush of blood to the heud,^. — Great determination of 
blood to the brain (af^er three-quarters of an hour),'. — [80,] Violent rush 
of hloiKl to the head when stooping; it pas.ies off after raising the bead 
again (after eight days),*. — A kind of hypochondriacal intoxieation ; the 
head feels full of compressed air, especially towanls the nape of the neck,'. — 
Boring in different parts of cranial bones,". — *The bones of the head pained 
him on lying down, as if broken, go tluil all hia vital energy seemed affected,'. 
— Stunning, pressive headache, as from violent wind,'. — Prcssive tearing in 
the head here and there, especially iu the forehead, with feeling of vertigo,", 
— Hea<lache, ever since morning, as from a bruised brain ; when reflecting 
or reading, especially when talking or writing, the headache increases to 
the utmost violence, and a perfect confusion of ideas; when ceasing to re- 
flect, speak, or write the headache ceases, until it disap[>ears entirely at 7 
in the evening (after six hours),'. — Small, bony tumor on the upper part 
of the left side of the forehead,'. — Burning in skin of forehead,". — Pressive 


PfSnh on iho foivlt«a«I I'xtemiiny (»f\eT ten liours),'. — [70.] During in left 
•iile i>r TroiitAl bolie,". — BorinK »» loft w<lc of lorch«i<l,". — I'rt«-ur« in left 
sidp nf fiirt'lirnd ixAcr an hour mid a hiilfi,', — Fine ti-arioc in tlip fiire- 
head,*. — Vtry frrtjnent tearing in fVirphL»ad.'",— TViirirjf; Afvif/iirAi* in fnmt, 
in (he PiMipaii »nil lproplo!<, do*]i in the hntin, nbniin^ in tlie fificn nir,',^ 
Ttsriu); in the W-ti Mv I't' llie fuivlivad, nt'irc violt-nl Juriii;; ninliun,'. — A 
Kltch on thv frvitital bone like a »tuw dniniiig laAcr six liuurs),'. — 8tiU'li lu 
llw cvuiro of thv rurvbi-ail, where the liftir lie;^iiis,'.- — I'riekinijp, us Innu 
pinsiu the ffTebcadcxtcntnlly inftcr twtnly-fourbyurs),*, — [80.) Tiii;;liiii( 
ecnHalion in the forrpnrt of ihf head,'. — tSiiuilJ, hoiiy inmoron tfte rl<jhi mu 
of the vfrtfx, vilh ftoriug pain that nroutt if»r«^ ithfn the tumor \» bmrhnf.'.^ 
nnrninf; in nkin tif right temple, '\ — I'twssive min in the temple^,'. — I*f«»- 
•ive paiu ou the lefl leiuple «xleriiulty (ufU-r lliirty-twii }iuursK*. — Prvtwuns 
DO the lefl leuiple. woree hv luueh (iifier u (jiuirler iif an lioiir),*,— Teariiiga 
in the lt>l> temple,'. — Snvrf ami enni-tunl burnimj ti-nit on ih« tup of the 
lt«nd,^. — Tearing piX'^ure in ihc lefl bideMf theverie.x, on^re violent tlunnj; 
nmlion*. — Tearing in the riglit nide of the rerlex (ai'ier three U<Miri*>.*. — 
fflO.] Tt'drin-; in the led side of the vertex (alter one and a iiiilf hiMiK),*. 
— t'litliiij; li-drinjj pAin in th*- right side of the vertex lufter iieveoteea 
day* I,'. — Urawin;; iti n^ht eide oi' head,'*. — Pres-^ivi- teunti^ in thn ri;:ht 
tide of the head, imni the occiput lo llie forehead (after three hoiirsi*. — 
Oue--ided, nliarplv ihrultbiiig, haekin^ lieadaehe,'. — Grinding, horin;r, an<l 
eli^ht throtihin^ ni r^ie side •^f the bead, eiirly in the niuriiing ehurtlv ufti-r 
waking, inen'aw,Nl liy iviiiju;Uin^, and Wml ing thv. hi'ad Imc-k wanlii,'. — Megrim 
retuniinp every thr^-e or four diiya. with tftilehiiig. burning, and biiiling in 
oat rule of the f>>rvhead,<|iiiiImi>dnie«^nati>M^-a,»nd even bilious vomiliug,'^ 
— Ttttrilig prewure in the right oeeiput,'. — *i-'ine ieariagjrom the ri^ht side 
t^ tht oeeiyttt thrwt^h tht Acui'm as pir an the forthtad ; auire Tiotent durinij 
Kntion (after one hour),'. 

Eyctt. — Prominent, pmtrudinif eyes,'. — [100.] Seusatton of wrakuesa 
aixi pn-s-ure in the oyeA.'. — A kind of hiirniiig in the e)-e«,'. — *7V»iwom in 
Uf ryr*. wlurh mnkf» %*finy diffii-ntt t^nfier one luHirj,'. — ]Cxe««sive tension 
ia the ere», with diiuiiiuiion of »ig)it; tni>re violent when fixing the eyes 
onon Miinelhing: lev when eiiwiag them (itfl*r nine days),*. — fresHwre in 
the «'5F«. a» from a fun-ign iMHly.'.-^Prewmre ii|Hm ihe lefl eye from nilliont 
invardAi^aftiT eigiit (layn),*. — Seiinfition iti hia e^tn uheii loohin^.a* of vlolfttt if the hlootl pre.s«*-d uiion ihe optic nerve,'. — Cvnttmit Jtedn/f of mnd 
iti th^ ev".". — Iitirniny, flitrliinif. dnsH'itiij, and itritinij in Ihr innrr citulluM 
vfth' •yr-f". — Drawing above the riglil eye,". — [HO.] Kxcessivc t^pasinodiu 
prv«tturc in the poetcrior Bcgmenl of the left orbit,', — Fine tearin){ in the 
right orbit, i-li»e to the external canihtintafcerfive hauni),'. — Dull »Liieh in 
the lover part of the left orbit, from within outward^,'. — Uediiess. of the 
lidi> at the apprutieh of the niensM^". — Bluish nppetimnee of the inner 
nuithi,'. — Hwelliug of the lower liilis'. — * Morning ay rflnHi(al ion ,". — Hum 
ii'j/. stitching, and itching of the eyelids,". — Uitiug jxiin in the lefl uprter 
rjelid,'. — .Several single stitches in the internal eanthiis and lid of the lelt 
ej'c t after thirty-^ix houni),*. — [180.] Itching and burning in the right 
amtbup,*. — *Ctitui<mt I'tfhrtrmittimt". — '[{ixinrjv aj thv /iclmJreti,": — i^nsa- 
tiou of pnwing out in the internal and Mijierior angle of the lefl eyeball,'. 
— I'r*«tvc piiia in ihc right eyeball, from withonl inivnnlii; nion? violoot 
during niuiion (after «s hciira),'.— D'hitaliun of Ihe pupils (after Ihrcc 
hours and a half ),'. — Coutractioii of the pupils • after two and four houni>,'.— 
Indiritinet ^igbt, bk if ■ blaek veil were uranu before the even (.after six 


<Ia\-a\'. — * U'llf-nffhtedne^, ai If the Upper half of the TiuoQ were cov- 
ered with a dark body, m iha he om otUy s^e lnvncr ohjfdJi uuth the mferiar 
knlf: upper objecti remain tovUible,'. — iJis »ight U Ion for a mompiit.'.— 
[iSO.] Fii^rv ^(Kirk-S bel'ure the eyes.'. — */?? tvinnot diMinffttUh anything 
eifttrlv. becasie he sees everything doable, and wie object ia ttxn murcW with 
tkf fitJirr, u'llh riitlrnl Innnini ut ihf r-iit'M,'. 

MtU'M. — Muitfturc U'liiml tin; eiiri,". — Buniiiig, prit-king, iind Uehitig 
Wliiiiil llic tiifit,". — Horiu;,' bcliiml t)ic loft car.'". — Hurnin>: mtil .^itilchin^ 
ill ilic; i-ars,''. — Tciisiuii in llit airn.'.^Prcs.Hivc icarinij; in t[in I*'ft nit-jituit 
au'UhtrliiH pxteriiu.-i,'. — IlHrdiiPss of lipariii^,'*. — Senst- of (k'iifnfi!« [ I'iih),". 
— L^^-J Cmckling in the loft unr.'.—tliimmiiig boforc the- left onr,'. — 
Hiiiiitiiiiig, nhtatliii':, (iikI riii;;iii^ lu the l-a7^,'^ — B:igiiig iiii<] noiriii^ in 
ihf hi-ad. iii< ir»iltiii|2 du#e tii riMiriitg milvrtallvr fuurtceii i]ay8),'.~R(iar* 
iug ill Uic van, oatrly in iIm* iimniiiii;, in bed,'. 

yoAc.^* licdneM liitd eu^Hiig nf the Hwf,".— 'Uieerated, aggltit)nftt«d, 
paiaflU nostriU, no ttnU hn ennnol brr.athc lUrough the mm;'. — "StofUiny and 
TtdttauioflUe right noririt, and underitftUh*. — SwrHitiif o/ the noK.ia the 
nmm, nller walking in the onen air,'.— Dnrk, bn>»iiiiih-ivil, ^tU^hlly cl«< 
taukI aput« tijHiii tliu iiucH.-. wliicl) acliv uiily viheii t» (iiflvr tnuiitv- 
fuur hoi:n*),*.— [150.] *Criufs in the ii(rM-,'\—Crtuli, tu from tilccrt, in Ine 
right Hoitril. vcltuwi^h, alintnL |jMiiiIv><»), nml <lri",'. — Freciuent xofCKiiig,". — 
Cotyza,*. — Viul«Ht rtuuiil coryaui,'. — Corywi, wilh thick clischar^c likv white 
«f ("gg,". — *Tiir. timtri/ uppeun ithttrueini, ullliou'/h air jmukh fhmmjh it*. 
— *.Seixiui fij iili*truetm» nf the lumf, an im drif eoryia; neverihttr**, utti air 
poMiA j'rtely Ifirtmifh the uoiw (al^cr two iiini u hivU' houwj,'. — ^tiniin^niid 
iLchiiii; ou tli« cxk-rior ol" the inw,". — Violviil burning; in ri^hl winjr of 
uow. . — [160.] *Jtnrninp. itchiinj, ttilr.hing, and AiiiJirtiiiif in the nosr.. — 
Buring tu vartilaga oi' iitwu,".— "Coriwjf in Ifjl miie. uf iiumiI b'nn\ U,ir\ird 
vpprr inaxitUt,'*.~*i\<li'ig ofwrtnfst m» the 'to»C,'. — •Soreiie»» ID both HOi- 

trila. tvfirriitUii uhrn. (onvhiu'u t/u'm,'. — "Thc light aas&l boac aad the ad- 
joining part of the Qpper Jaw are paJii^ to the touch. r-.-]x>c!iu]Iy nt the 
ptarc uhiire xhc. inl'morbitnl norvo oonK-ii oiit,*- — Hhootinj^ in lli<> iiivpuim 
of the tiiM-, fnini abuvv {luwtiwiirdtt,". — Biting pain in tht; luwcr |Hirt of tho 
n<»L-.'. — Biling pniu in the Inner jutrl iif tltv ntMC, no ihnt the teant i-aino 
into ii'a uy«t>, uti n bc'u ilwir'in)f to oulvzo, i-xinttil by ittrung snulisht. or 
oxulicd, pKiua cricf, «r th« hiJlic4l <loi£re« of i>ity,'. — Itching of I tie ims- 
Irik,'. — [170.] iLi'hlng ttlilluunn in iTio nin;u;» ul the nnw, ha in a tuhl, 
Hij«i(ttini») nilli ilc-nire to *n'n»l<rh,'. — •'iSfn*/(*n; »mnH : eirr^thimj nmilh too 
gtronif for him,'. — TIja liimoko of Iho lump i* iilK-niivc,'.— I-'mi)n(-ntly, ii 
■*vfwMi*h sMiell in his noiw,'. — Mnnit-tiUrv snitll of bnimly in the iiosc, with 
dy»|iiHeH.'. — 'Putrid rmeti in the na»t nnen hiaiving it,'. 

JF>i«e. — (When spcukiiig, lie Hiniliw invuluiiuirily),'.^R«clnpa3 of ihe 
faw,**, — Flushed faoc, . — Ileil ntid blue spotjion the tdce,". — [180.1 Blix^lvd 
fftcR, shilling a^ fri>m sweal, with proniitti^iit |inilni'liiiv t\ves'. — Drnmnif 
tfuiiit'j on ihf Irji tide uf thf Jaer." .-~-\uV»\^ jiric-kin);, iw i'rinii pins, on the 
right i?idc lit' the fiwc,', — Swollinp wf lnnh ohci'k*, with twclliiiK of tli* li[i« 
and nyoc, wirly ib the mornii)):,'. — Hivrtliii') of vne thnh, with jrairjwy am/ 
tearinff in the ^tpjKT and Ivicrr Jam, am\ senmtiun of hiiekiug, and jtrura- 
bliug pain in ibu teeth, whieh ap[>e»r ton long.'. — Ttntiion iu the malar 
bone and care,'. — Violent t<^ring tn Ihr ttj'jonm,^. — Painful xlitehce iu oue 
dieek (^afWr fir^t day),'. — *Bttniing MitchtJ* in the lyjTMimj,'. — • I'ivUtd bvring 
IM riylit ii/ifomntir pr^treif, -when Myi/jti««,'*.^[190,i Buitiini' vi^iele upon 
tho vcrniiltoii l>ortler of lh« lower lip,\ — Burning in lips, ■ — Fnit) in a 


gland of the lower jaw, as if swollen,'. — Boring in left side of upper jaw,'*. 
— Boriog in right side of !ower jaw,", — Teariug pressure at the right lower 
jaw, going off by preying upon it,'. — Tearing in the right half of the chin,*. 
— Intermiltisnt, dull stitches in the exterual border of the lower jaw,'. 

Mawf/i. — Looseness of the teeth, even the anterior, in sudden par- 
oxysms,'. — Sensation of dulness of the molar teeth (after half an hour),'. 
— [200.] The upper front teeth are very pninful when chewing,'. — * Tooth- 
aeke catised by drawing air iuio ike mouth,'. — Hacking and grumbling pain in 
the teeth, with swelling of the cheeks,'. — Dull tearing in the two posterior 
molar teeth of the right upper jaw, excite<l by touch aud eating, with pain- 
ful swelling of the gums,'. — When chetcing, ituddenly a painful dulneas in 
one of the upper molar teeth, ^ . — Single stitches in the teeth,', — Shooting pain 
in the upper row,'. — Redness and swelling of the gums,". — Swelling of the 
gums of the molar teeth of the right upper jaw, with pressive soreness when 
touched, or when eating,'. — Painful pustules on the gums, as if a fistula 
dentalis would form,'. — [210.] Ulcer on the gums, witli swelling of the 
cheeks (after ten days),'. — The gums bleed easily,". — Violent burning in 
tip of tongue,". — Stitching and burning in the tip and on the edge of 
tongue, and on its under surface,". — Aphtha; iu the month,". — Mouth blis- 
tered inside (200th),". — Smell from the mouth as of old cheese,'. — *Pulrid 
smell from Ike month,*. — Fetid odor from the mouth, in the evening and at 
night, unperceived by himself,'. — Difficulty in eating,'*. — [220.] Heat and 
smarting in the mouth,". — A kind of pressure in the region of the palate, 
for several hours,', — Agreeably sweetish saliva accumulates in the mouth,'. 
— Tlie taste is insipid,'. — Agreeable, milky taste in the mouth,'. — Sweet 
taste on the anterior part of the tongue,'.— -Sometimes, sourish taste in the 
mouth (after two and a half hours),'. — *BHfer taete in the month, with sen- 
sation of dryness (after eight hours),'. — *Ptitrid taste in the mouth, as of 
foiled game, between meals'. 

ThTOai. — Frequently, phlegm in the throat, which can be hawked up, 
but proveiit.s a full inspiration (after two hours),'.— [230.] Much phlegm 
iu the throat, for several days,'. — Pain in the parotid glandis,'^ — *The 
parotid gland vt painful to the touch, an if pressed or contused,'. — Lumpy 
state of the throat; she wakes at night and desires to moisten it (200th},". 
— Burning, stitching, and itching in the throat, worse on swallowing,". — 
Drawing and scraping in the throat,". — *DuU, prensire pain, either with or 
witkouf fnvaflowing, in a gland below the angle of the lower jaw,'.— 'Throiit 
feels pricked with needles {200th),". — Swallowing food causes a stinging 
sensation in the throat (200th),'\ — *f)tinging forene^s in the throat, only 
during deglutition,'. — [240.] Painful obstacle to deglutition in the left side 
of the pharynx,'. — Attacks of distension of the pharynx, as in vomiting, 
but without nausea,'. 

Stomach, — He relishes his meal, but his appetite is not ajipeased ; he 
could have eaten again, shortly after,'.— He is forced to eat hastily, espe- 
cially at the beginning of the meal,'. — Has no appetite for anything; can 
only eat bread and milk,'. — Repugnance to meat,'. — Much tliirstior six 
days,*. — Burning thirst; desire for c<)ld drinks,". — Desire for spirituous 
liquors,'^ — Great longing for coffee,'. — [250.] Watery eructations,". — 
Eructations tasting of the drink (beer),'. — Hiccough,". — Nausea,'". — Nau- 
sea in the stomach and throat,'. — Mental labor causra nausea, which affects 
his whole being,'. — Sensation of nausea ; discomfort from the stomach and 
in the abdomen,'. — Inclination to vomit after eating, sometimes oven while 
eating,". — Regurgitations as if the person would vomit; with pressure in 


the abdomen,\ — Pain at the stomach, as of hunger,'. — [260.] Biiruing at 
the stomach, and hot eructations (12th),". — Burning, drawing, and cutting 
pain in the stomach,". — *Pressure in the region of the stomach, at noon,'. — 
'Presmre on the lefi nde, near the pit of the atovioch, below the cartilages of 
the upper false riba ; more violent during an expiration (after seven days),*. 
JLttdonten, — *Buntiiig heat and cutting pain in the right hypochon- 
drt'um,'',— Continual pressure in the hypochondria, as from flatulence, espe- 
cially after food or drink, often increased by motion and walking; goes 
off without flatus,'. — Stitches in the left hypocnondrium, like stitches in the 
spleen,'. — Painful stitch in the left hypochondrium,". — Humbling in the 
abdomai,^. — Rumbling in the bowels (after one hour),*. — [270.] At night, 
painful accumulation of flatulence, especially in the left hypochondrium,'. 
— Emission of much flatulence (first day),'. — Emission of much fetid flatu- 
lence (after eight hours),*. — Ht is much troubled with flatulency ; it becomes 
incarcerated wider the left ribs, with lancinating pain^. — Discomfort in the 
abdomen, with sensation as if he should go to stool, especially after dinuer 
(after thirty-six hours),*.— Pains in the abdomen, as from labor, as if the 
meiisas would make their appearance,'. — Heat and drawing in the abdo- 
men," — Pinching pain, here and there, in the abdomen (after twelve 
houi-s),'. — Dull pinching and cutting iu the abdomen, then diarrhoea, and 
after the diarrh(Ea, distended abflomeu,'. — Painful feeling of contraction in 
the abdomen,'. — [280.] Heaviness in the abdomen, with icy-cold hands 
and feet,'. — Pressure in the abdomen,'. — Tensive pressure in the abdomen 
and the lumbar regions, with desire for stool (after six day.s),'. — Tensive 

1)ressure in the abdomen, just below the navel, and on both sides in the 
umbar regions, with feeling of fulness (after fifty-three honrs),'. — Single 
teariiigs in the right side of the abdomen, extending as high up as below 
the ribs, aa if everything there was shattered; forces him to bend crooked, 
when sitting (after thirty-six hours),'. — Cutting pain, heat, and scraping 
sensation in the groins,". — Twisting pain in the abdomen, before and during 
stool,'", — Colic,". — Colic iu the abdomen,", — Flatulent colic, shortly after 
the lightest and most moderate meals,'. — [290.] Flatulent colic, after mid- 
night ; much flatus rapidly accumulates which does not pass, and therefore 
causes painful pressure, squeezing and anxiety; both when at rest and in 
motion, . — The abdomen is tender to the touch,' . — Protrusion of an inguinal 
hernia, with great cramplike pain ; flatus seems to get into the hernia,'. — 
Rumbling in the lower aodomcn,'. — Heat and sensitiveness of the hvpogas- 
trium,". — Pinching nain on the inner side of the ischiatic bones,". — Weight 
on the pubis,'*. — Jerking twinges iu the left aide of the pelvis, causing him 
to jump or start,". — Weakness in the groin,'. — Want of flexibility and 
painful stiffness in the bends of the groin and the tendons of the lumbar 
muscles, when walking or spreading the legs> as after a long journey on 
foot (after three and a half nours),'. — Pain iu the groin, aa from a swollen 
gland, '.-!-[300.] Burning pain in the abdominal ring, which is otherwise 
healthy,'. — Drawing from tne groin into the thighs,', — Pressing in the right 
abdominal ring, as if a hernia would protrude, when sitting and stretching 
the body ; goes off when rising,', — Cutting thrusts in both groins, forcing 
him to draw the abdomen iu and the feet up,". — Bruised pain in the right 
iliac region, when sitting ; goes off when rising and drawing up the thigh 
(after twenty-four hours),'. 

Stool and ^m-ms.— Sharp stitches iu the rectum and anus,'. — Ex- 
ternal hsemorrhoids, bleeding during stool,". — The border of the anus is 
painfully swollen,'. — Burning heat and tearing pains at the anus,". — Heat 


uiil dnil pain iitdie periiioiim,'*. — [310.] I )inrrhirfl.'. — Dinrrhivn <1ay nnd 
nifiht; green MooIb,"*, — FK^ioCDltiiAn-lin-d, i»[Kyinllyiit Di^'lil.n-itli };ittyUli- 
tpTIow etiKilff,'*. — Nighllr diarrha-ii, witli luuvh buniiiig iti tlic ntluiii,'. — 
I/\Vhit*-yelI<mwU stool i.', — Oopioiw. but uormal stool I'after sixleen liours).*. 
— t'utuually «)piinia sUm»I, in the evening (alter ten liuurB),', — SoU stool 
everj- ii»>niiiiK, niUi u lillle iiiiioliinu,'. — St(X>I very laivt' ; Pi),-««riJ willi 
(liffi<-ully.'. — "Very liard, knotty stwiT pvery (lay.'. — [320.] CoHHtiimliou 

I'riufirif Offfftttti. — Shnqj etitolics, when brcolhinjr, nppiirciitly in 
Ibr will* of f bt' biadiirr,',— Biiniiug, stitrhiiic, ami smnrtJiij; in iIjp urelUra,'*. 
— I>iill l«iringin ibeiirplbra,*. — Tearing *litpbei*nl ibejjlaii-s when ohli^^ 
Uv iiriruilc (nrter three hours i,".^I)ysiinii,'*. — (.'oDiitaiit drsire for micturi- 
tion, with M-Jiiily but niihinil uriiiv,'. — He i»tfi»v iiKiru urtnv than C4>rrc' 
Fptind? to tbi' fjiiaiitity be ilriiikii.'. — lirinv KreKilv ^iinlilli»lle^l,'^ — Infre* 

2u«n (lircbaiw of Braniy, yelluwUh urint, . — [330.] Turlfid iiritie, like 
utlfrmiU;, witli miicb f^in>ent of mucu^,'. — Tbick urine, bavini; a i'lnrng 
smniontacBl ntlor, aii<) decnmpoeiag rapidly,". — Hnd red urine, cuiilnining 

SejtUttl Ofytt )*".—{ Mnlf.) — Sloi^nrr nrouiul the clnn*,".— Puiuftil 
twitrhcs in the iM^nL", Imm Ix-lbrc biirkwurds.'. — Painiiil erpctioii5,'*. — 
Nigbllr erwrttons, without enuHsinuH [tintt night).". — Kn?etions ainny nights 
ill eticrreBioi),'. — Prickings, u from pins, at the extremity of thw ginna; 
v\-vrY i-iiiglv pricktiijE: La followed by a HiniilHr uu« iibove the uavt.'!, towards 
the [>it of till- ^tonini'b (»Tifr tbret* bo«rs"i.". — Ikliiiiff nj Otr errotum.*, — 
[340.J 'gwelling- of the right testicle, ivith prrMlir /«)tM niAch tmirliinff or 
rvi^ny it ; tkU tytnptom im/mc oh for fctyrai et'cntnyi' at 6 fy'rlo^k. au'i ff^ued 
imanu 1 1 oV/wJt (nner five dayV i,*. — *PreMive And t<n»iTfl pain to the 
rigfllt testicle, nf/rom ntntugion (after three and a half hi^iir"),'.— TIio s«x- 
ual di>iir>^, whioli had been domiiiiit in bini for n long lirac, i:* ntUiwd,'.— 
Moch divirv for t»itioii, vnrly, atU-r ri»iiii;, with violent 4^rft'tiuiii>,'. — Ho 
was uniiMi- to fbi'p tbo nbidc niglit, un urvuuul uf bin sexual dciiire being 
rouwd ; bi> liuitlly had lu ^rtiti^fy it by ruitiou (Brst cigbt i,'. — For two nights 
he i^ fall of kwd fanciea. the penis being small and relaxed leecond aad 
third nii-bli,'. — rollulioni> at night iihe first night.'),".— Nightly prill ui ions, 
with vorupUiouH dreaniM (al^er M-von dnV:"),*. — yifffilli/ erfetioii* luid jinUw 
(iwu,*. — Prostatic jnioc comca out of the ponia, which i^ rplaxod,'. — [3S0.] 
Poltutionii tbrtrt; ni<;bta in eufct-jwioD, vritbont isubi>v((U('til itch kn (-«<,'. — {Fc- 
mate.) — Drawing pain in tbi- mons VL-m-rl*,'. — Heat, pricking, and smart- 
ing of ihp vulva,". — R('due»« nnd i-welliiiir of the labia inajoni,". — Burning 
and pricking in (be vagina." — Thiek white Ifucorrba'a,". — Retarded in«ai- 

ReMplratorj/ Ap/mratits. — Iliisty voice (I2lh),". — Cough,'. — In- 
frtquenl short dry eougli,", — [360.] Krefjucnt revere and racking cough,'*, 
— Cou^ at itighl, on acoiunt of want of hrcnih,'. — Splitting ootign at 
nifhl,". — Phlegm deep in the lungs, \vhi»-h is es.-ily ibnuvn up iu large 
quantity ; tbi:* w iiucce&lcil hv frw and pxpannivi* hn-flihing, v,'bcrcix.< gcji- 
enlly lit muf a-xthnrntit:,'. — I>iHi('uIty of raiMng phlci-m (13th),". — Anhc- 
MTi- pblcTrm in the larynx, ditlicull to hawk up.'. — Prwiuently, pblegni 
deep in the larvnx, which h« dues not succeed in couehiug up, even with 
the greatest cfcrt,*. — »rr/Hfw/ dt^rp frrwiMin^,'. — Dift<ult brealhing,'*. — 
DifBi-ulty of brealbine,'. — [370.1 .vrrre diffprifta,'. — *th/''pn(Ttt, altiu when 
Hi nail, which caiuiot ■)(■ relieve)! by any ]>ON)lion; A/t rwmtnnttij tnltii drfjp 
f^realh, and catinot inspire air enough,'. — Severe dyspncra when wnlking in 



Llioououair,'. — Dv^ptKna when laughing or walking fast, as if ihoctioit wuro 
too tigtit for brmtliiug and Loo flat in front (after forty-four houn},^ — D^p- 
nuw, M'((A diUl lUtfhf* in thr riiest, wlurn infpirinff,'. — EttyMiic. rjy^wm, wdk 

\d^cuity of hrmViint/ at niffhl,*. — Sense of suffikcalion soon after eating,**. 

Ciiest. — During nn cxpirution, rAlr^ in ihc uppor part nf the ehn«t, do- 
sccudiug into tlic uIkJooicd uutl gruin, Auucccilt.'J by quick bcutiugK »( Urn 
hnirt. witli wcnkuLsa and iipprcbvnaioo : tlwn sIiiniMr,', — Persistent dry 
catarrh on tlm clii^t, early iii tbo niuming, ira waking; it is wilb great 
troilblr he eue»«di- in liairking up a little pli leyin, and even tliis imly aller 
rifling fnirti bed ('after riixtr('ii boun)),'. — Ittiniiiig, ^tilciiiiig, and jtrickiiig 
in ihe chest,". — [380.] Tiglilue* of tlie tlionix, with anxii-iy (iilier ibree 
days),*. — Drnnini: in left nido of ehest, below nipple,".— Opprejwi 'in nf 
cbuitt anil ubdunit'u when cougbtii^,'. — vV i«.->v very violent sdtclKa iu the 
chest, over the bearl (after sevcuty-t wo lnjur.-i).'. — Inteti»ely pitiiifiil Ktik'bes 
under tbu rib^when breathing deeply (iind yiiwning) ; they prt-vcitt breath* 
ing and yawning; ccose on going tn b»yl,'. — Shudiiering in the right cliost, 
when yawning,'. — Preesure in left, wall df thorax,'*. — Pressure on tlie right 
side nf the cltEt^l, witli exlrenm nngitiiih,'.^ — ^Dull eulling |inin on the TeA 
side, near the Klerniini ; moro violenl dnritig an insptnitinn (after nine 
days),'.~t5titchcs iu the left chest when brcatbiug,'.— [390.] Stitches 
under the left ribs when coughing.'. — I'luc tmring stit<rhcs «ti the right 
side, near the lumbar vertobne. going ulT by pressure,'. — Dull pniuful 
ttlitche'4 and Innciiialivus on the right side, ii«ar the sternum, under the last 
true rlbtt,*. — I>ull oppn-ssive ttlitcbist uuder the cartilageii tif the fin?t ihrw 
rib& oil the right Mac ; they »unietiinea coiiliuuc »* a actiratiun of a plug in- 
perteti then^ ; (Lomet iiiies they are (ilowly interniilleiit find litlln felt iii walk- 
ing; cxiornflllv. the place i» rtd (alk-r eixtctn hours),'.— Did] siitcbi-s on 
both »idiT of iW rhest, with heat iii the t^hest Jind dynpniBa ; increased by 
iiiKpimtiou,". — Pressure on the gteruutn, with busy demeanor, as if some- 
thing very agreciahle were about to happen.'. — Pniaure on the steruiim, a.i 
of ^onietlting Imni, with drawing tearing^ towftnlii clic shuulilorj.'. — Sharp 
stitches iu the »ter»uni (alWr t«o houi'sj,". — ^Swelling of the pneranlial 
rvgiou and the wholo up|>i-r part of ilio nbdouieu, wiUi a painful t;ittch 
when pr<-ji«ing ujion it »r Incinc it lightly,*. 

Heart anu Puine.—y\ hen walking, tbo heart noma to shake as if 
it were loose,'. — [400.1 r^umelimes, one single very \iolent heat of the 
heart,'. — Strong irregular betlting of the heart,". — 'Ptilpifnlioa ofthr heart 

l;(aner halfau hourj,'. — ' Violettt pabiitatWH of tht fieart (after four days),', — 
PalpitiLlton when lying ou the back,". — *Fn-qneut attuch uj (mifiti*li uAouf 
tfw ItMrt, anil trrutuioiijifiytr/uinv»f,".~~ll*}iil iiiid itebtug «l ihe heart,". — 
'>rawiuM aod eutliiig pains at the heart,". 

XeCK and Hack, — DitHculty in turning the head, ts» in torticollia,'*. 
—Tension in the neelc, as if a musele were too *horl,even when al rvwl, but 
more viok'Ht when iitoopin^ (atler tnn bouw),". — [410.] Drawing in nape 
of u«i;k toward:' left, clavicle,".— Drawing in left .-•ide of uu|)0 of ucck,'*. — 
Tearing pn'juuru in the lower jtart of ihc rifjhl side of the iieck (nf):vr four- 

' teen day*),".— Jerking, tearing «titche^ in the left (.'xleriial muwcles of the 
ll«ck laftcr MVCU days},'. — Toariug paiu on the ioucf aidi> of the scapula 
anil below it, when bending the oody backwanis and U> the left (after 
eleven hours),*. — Kurly in the morning, Nuch a ivvere pain in ihe spioo 
thai he waii unable u> move a limb,*. — Hiwt, pricking, and iu-hiiig in tho 
hack,". — Paiu in the small of the back, w fn»m futiguo (after three hours),'. 
— Dran-tiig in tlie niuicles of the httck,**. — Burning beat, which oueiiu Co 



start frfim tlii> kiilner)) And extend to the hiAiliter,". — ['4S0.] Culling over 
the ^nmll nr t)i<^ Ixick w)ir>ii t^iriliij;, a* if tniiii |>n-M^iir<> willi n ^Imr]) iiiiitru* 
rneut,'. — H«ii iu the loiiw.". — Sliarp jiicrtiii/ paiu in the right loin, only 
daring iiiFptniticiu,'.— Biuii^-i] pniii in t)ic lii)a#.". 

Ej"* remit it's tu <Vf'»irr«?.— Ooin;; to slef|», tlUli)l)tKK« uiid iiiHen- 
sihilitT of tilt :irms niid \e^, c-iirlv nii \Talci»^, Ri»rc> when lying littll ihau 
ill motion,'. — Slioolin}: itml ilntwinj; paiti^ in nmi-i ami li^gt* ■HnD-immlly,'". 

t-Ji/Wfr Ejctremlttei*, — ^Failij'iK' in \\w. iirtiii«.". — DifficnU innvfiueiil 
of t&» «mi)',". — Unniin^, rtilvliiii>;, iinil iiru-kiiig in ihi' arnii',". — Kmt in 
the ikxilltK,". — [430.] Tojiring tonsiou uikIlt the axillu,". — Bwring iii Itfl 
shouldrr.", — BciHng ia left shoulder, when silling.", — Stitt-hiug in k-ft bx- 
ilhi,**, — Fine si itches upou the shouhier,". — .Sureiiess of the »^li»ul()«>i>. even 
when not touchwl or moved,'.— Biiming in skin of right upper nnii,**.^ 
DrsntDg iu ^kiii uflcH tippvrnnn,'*. — liruwiug jiiiin dunii tlit- li>l> itnn.oD 
the hoiM-, ^ing off by motion.*. — Prc^wiin.' uu ihe iiiidcT furfiicc niid in the 
DiiddU-- of the rifjht upper arm,*. — [440.] I'rotvun' in the left upjK'r iinn, 
Qenr the perio«t«um (attcr forty-«ight hi>ur*i,*, — Ti;ariiig urtAiuro in the 
Rtitcrior surface of holh upper anas (after lift ei^ii diiys),*. — Fine tearin/s in 
tJie left upper arm, most i*vere ou unonvpriii^ it (nfter three hours),". — 
Severe bone-pniiw in the ri^ht clhflw (tiOUth),''. — Borinp in right elbow- 
joinlB.'*. — Onimpliko tearing in tlu- ri^^ht i.Ih'jwjuiiil,'.^ — Tlie rorcurm.-* feel 
heavy wIku at TtrX. hut not id motion (after Iwclvi- huurii.". — iiurin-^ in 
rijiht for^'urm,'*. — Pi¥**ure on the extj^'rual i-idt- of tht right forearm ■: aiVr 
Iwtlve dayji).". — l*re»ure on tlie nnterinr surface of the lV(rearin.V~{450.] 
Intfrmittcnt (raring prewtireoii the iniiri' side of the left formriii,'. — Tear- 
ing in the bnnen of the wrUi-joint {after eight honrs),'. — CrniiifAik^ \t<iring 
in th* boiifA of both ttriMA, deep in the inlermr, fn)m the upper lo the lower 
row of tlic carpus, tspLvially ut uij'hl. hul nlnu hy day,^ — .Stitehin;; and 
tiresiare in wriat*.". — Crnmplike pain iu the metac-ari>al bones of th« left 
liaatl, n^peeislly the thumb, without interfering with motion,'. — Tearing in 
tlM metacarpal hunes.*. — TeiiMon in ri>ot« of right fingers,'*. — Bnring in fin- 
gBT-ioint*,". — Drawing in the finger-joint*.*, — ^Prcwure in the la*! joint of 
the left little tinjrer, and in the ri»))l tltiinih-joitit, <)uriti(; n^l,". — {460.] 
Dull learin)> in the joint* of all the fin;;ers, often spreading into the pha- 
laugts I after five duvfli.', — Fine Irariug in ih*: right fiugerf,^ — Kiue tear- 
ing iu the anterior joint of the right thumb,'. — Tearing in the Inst joint of 
(he left liitle finger,".^T«iring in the lowest joints of the right fingers 
(after four davpr.', — Acute jiain in the fingxT-jnintP,'*. 

Jjltwer ^xtretHitleM.^A!/ tht h/owi nfij-nircl lo rmh frwn hrrfv^d 
into tkf /mrrr cjifmili'-n ; they feel jianilywd iiml »lie lifts to »il down im- 
DBMtiaiely,'. — Uncommon parulylic iiain in the hip-joint, only when rising 
frutnaH-'atuud walking, not «b<^u silting.'. —('raniplike]min in the region of 
t]ie hip, on the inner hrim nf the pelvis, inerea.4ed by rubbing (after thirty -mx 
houn),". — In ihu glutei muscles, a fine, ititoh, »overal limen repente-d; wiiuU 
dunuwnrdp (lifter i>ixteea boun>),". — [470.] Wenkucv«* uf tlic thigh when 
vralking,'. — ^Tiie thigh feels paraiyEi-d, and the tendon of the lumbar 
tnusclet i« so [ninfully 8ti0*, that the thigh eiiunol he rsitred,'. — Pain in the 
right feimir, as if broken, ou layiug the right thigh acr»s.H the lei).'. — 
C'ramjdike drawing in the tendon of llie pstkas niu.4(-li>, down into the tltigh 
when tilting, going oil' when ri.-iing,'. — rn:*ijiive and ten^vc |Hiin in the 
miiAcle^ of the left (high when walking in the open air, relieved when 
litting, hwi not «hi;u standing or wnlkiii;;, or by toucbiug the |mrt3.'. — 
Tuiriug iu iJiv thigh as frum gruuiDg.uuly during motion, not when sitting 



(an«r tweiity-fotir lioiin),'. — At ni^lit, ivtieii lyiiiR down, n sore (ikce farms 
on t)i« cxUTnnl mirfiice of th« hit t\t\^h,\—'\Vlm> ailtin^, or Inviiij; (ho 
lt!t )iiubtu.-ruiw tliv ri)rlit, Ihc [KifiLcrinr iiiiiitclcHi<r tliu rixliL tlii^li iipjM'nr to 
bo Iwiipliiiig,*, — Toilnriog of ttie knees,'.— P«iiift>l HtifiiiPiw aixl N-'iise of 
pumlysis of tlie knuLV, knh when al k-m ami iii motion,'. — ^[480.] Simple 
|JBiii, when wulking, iii tlnj riftlil kiitv,'. — Ui>riiijr in Ivft kii(;«,'*. — Pain in 
tAf hitr/ifu ij firmlij iHMKlnijrti, ft lien silling iiml walkinj;.'.— Tin- r\\i\\l knee 
bpotimw Monk fitmi wnlkii)^. so ilmi n ilmwinfj \mi\ is fell in ii when walk- 
ing, ERtd t>tiiint; the font ii|><>n th<: tloor ittficr twoiify-tuiir Ikoiii^)/. — 
Pnawiin- iu left knw,". — HtiU'IiinK ami prowurv iu kiicra,'". — liiinl, red 
Bvcvtlin^fuf lliL'k't,'. from \\w imilWIiis lu tlii^^Tslf. noratiinnvd by l\w nilil)ia|[ 
of till' toiila ; goiiiK olf ii^faiii ul^oru wliart [■<wl,'°. — B(»nn;riri rijjla libiii,'*. — 
Viuleiit burili}( ill centre uf Icll tiUa,'*. — Dul], ^'iiitMini; piiiu in Imtli .litle? 
of llip li'gv, over the iimllmli. logeiher witli n ft- w uliarji NlilrlK-s in ilie Icndo 
Achillih wln-n nt reM; tlicy [jiiw off duriiip niolion (iifti-r fiiiirtofn hnnw),", 
— [490.] Ppi-i^iire on lhr> loft lihia, wh<(i »tn'rt«-liiiitt iho Ion.'- — Huming 
iu culvw,". — I*i-w»urf in riplit nnkk-.'^.^Biiiiiin in Irft iinklc". — Ti'iisivc 
pmwiiii-u near the riglil iuUTiml unllcoIuH (aftur (iv*- diiys)*.— Swelling iif 
the feel ; walking la difficult,", — Boring in Itaek of right foot, toward the 
ankle,".— Boring in back of lelV fwut,'". — Dmwiug jMtiii iu Uic feet,". — 
The licplti are {lainful.ii!' fnmi ulcrmliou ur exifnvnwilion of hlnoil.'. — 
[500.] St'Vfr*' drawing in Imlh howiji. in the i»vi>ning when piing lo uleep,".-^ 
Vivlont i!titth«>* on the dorwuni of tlio fofti. bdiinu the i'«*»,'. — I'n>i»nife in 
the hollow (if tlie^uk- of the foot, ub fnim aotm-lliing liiinl,'. — IViiriny {Miiii 
in the posn^rior jmrl uf iht: right boIu (after ihirlv liniin>).*, — RiTlnean and 
burning of the too.*,", — Dmtviiig in the ioe-joiiiu,'°,— I'linilyiitr dniwiiig in 
the right t"e5.*, — Puruly tic A niwmg iu the UH-tal«r^nl Imiiw nf iIk- Itig toe, tn 
fara.-" ihi" lip.*. — Fine lenriiig in tin* right to«w,'. — Violent hi itt-Inng ui riKht 
low.'". — [MO."] I'liiu n* from u liniiw or spmiii in the Ijwl joint nf lhtM>ig 
toe wh< n wnlkiiii*.'.— (irindinj; }«iin in cilff iliilhUiim (nfter f>ni? hour),'. 

<»r»|fl/*rr^/f/r'«,— TroniiiliniM agitation of iho nervis, a» in Jiiyoua 
hojie,'. — He trenibloa when he cannot ex}ire-*a liw an^jer.'. — (When think- 
ing ofn motion, he mukes Hinall motiniH wiiliout knowing it},'. — Inclitiatioti 
tu movft'rom place to place,'". — He \t coii^tunlly inipi?lit.'d to b<; in niotitfu, 
(Uid nvrcu« his imictiviiv, althotjgli he cannot do any work,'. — At night hit 
could lii> neither on the V-fl nor un thu right ttidv,'. — Suddenly, greiit laswi- 
tud«, in the aftcnioon when silting or lifiug down ; ho tVll usk-ep on account 
of it; on waking, tho loMitudu luid diHappoared I'afler niuc hoim),'. — In- 
terniil ntuplinew and wonkiieNs of the whole IkhIv,'. — ||A20.] Early on 
waking, very leeble,'.— F^rly in tlic morning, very lin^fl ; her legs achpd so 
that *\w woukl have ]ikt::d to lie down ininiediiilcly,'. — Menliil labor wean 
him out : he feeU fxhauvted,'. — All \i\t ifeiiHaltoiii> are Hue iind nenle.\~— 
Exi't»«ivo ci.'iwilivenese in tlie wliolo body : HUM-uptilhility to evLTy eort of 
pain ; on thinking of il, he imu};Iuctt he nlri<fbily tei-l» it ; everytliing i« <lia- 
agnTahle to liim, . — ('omforlahh- fi^cliiig in the whole body ( reaction),'. — 
Simple {min, or pain n.« from a hrnisi?, early in the intirning, in hod, iu iill 
the joinu, o^lM'i'iiilly thejiniftll of the biiok and kn^'i^; lh<' [utin iniTiane^ by 
Iringntill ; and poKie.-* olf after rifing,'. — (JR-at aneniith and wenkne.»i<; they 
toinU biin near dying,". — la the atleruonn. painful dmwing in ihe vena* 
with exhaustion,'. — Pressure on the lott side, near the lumbar verlehriB, 
and on the upper border of the o» innomiiiatuin,'. — [830.] Peeking, very 
rapid, alniiist .-iilitrhiiig, Iwtwecu the Uiiimh nnd the index,', — Itching and 
burning nhootingF, here aud there, almost like etitehc!),'. — All the joinln 



'braised, eatly in tW moriiiiif; uik) tlie hIikK' foreiiooi),'. — Pum mi Ji-om 
lin^ma in tli(-> henil nnf/ »// thf limln, early iu bul, iikmI riolviit nlicii nt 
I«tft: pOifr^ vff imniedialcly atVr rii-in^,'. 

Skin, — Lnrgr red pinipU-!. un lite lac-e.^.^I^iinlfSd nnoolh pimplee on 
(lie IjiinW of liio ri^ht lower liil,'.— Rort piinikliii nn the noso,'*, — Pimples 
on tlie lifH, willt burning, Mtlchinj;, jirii* Icing, and mufrh it>'biiig,". — Erup- 
tiiiu uf Niiull nliiic |iiiiip1f^ nil ovit tlu- hiiiry M^'nlp, nilli lieat iiiiiJ itcli* 
irig,'\ — Iiiiluraliotis uuilpr tliu skin, liki- nrlifaU. on lliw lej,'. ovlt tbi' bw.-l 
ftii-l iH^biuil the kn«^, with violent itohin^, which cnn harJIy he bonio 
*tbt-B walking' ip.lfventh (ky),'". — [MO.] Hiiiall i-lcvAtimif on the leg and 
belnw the knee; when i^li^lilly rubtx-d, they chnnxe lo tbirk, hiird nixWitifA 
undvr (be fikin (tiflb and i^ichth Any),'". — Small and titrj^tr i^lnvalionf on 
th^ Jc^ aorl cnlvo*. lodkinj; like bli-Iohc^ from the »lin|;ing of nettle*, biini- 
iiiK outJ fwlinj: likf hnnl kuuti^.of n dirty yi-How L-olor. dii-ni^pt-nrin^ ajimiu 
aJter a few buurc, and roruiiDK lw« iu ibe room than ni the open air,'*. — 
Bmption OH the faef ; fiiif pimpU^, ivilh tipa filled with pus, for sonic 
hiHin>,'. — Kriiplioa of fine |)ini|ih-^, «i[li tiiw I'liil of pn^ on the Mfck And 
fht^u, fiir Hmtv hiHir*,', — Pu>ttile* in the fuce niid on llie ovcV and cliesU'. — 
S-n)!!!!*'* prickliti;, a<g with pin*:, ju-il below tlie riyiit i^f'i^ipiilii, near the 
epinv (flflor hull an b<>ur),^~Furmieiili(»n, here «nd there, over iho 
budy,*. — lichiuy of the bnnd btTtwcen the thumb iitid the index fiuncr,'. — 
Itchins of tho jointJt of the feet, espwiaMy *liyn walking (.-eTenih day),'", 
— Itehint; of the juiiiU and solw of (be leet,".^{fiflO.J Transient but iutetijte 
itehiii^ of the itlK]oiiieii. of the hip;*, knee,-, anno and wn»t-,"', 

Sirejt and Hren in>tt~i\H\\ \iiai\\ pteepim-M,". — I>n>nniifiOie bv Jay,'. 
— Sluinlwr, with weaikiM-wiof hiiid. wlieni^itliiig, by day,'. — Invincible eleep 
after dmu«r: dtirin;: ibU sK'-ep his mind vi&a thron^^d with ideas (alter 
four lif>ur>),'. — Ue gobt alaiiii in tiirft,'. — Une-asy sleep, during wbieh ho 
fe*l» the pairui,'.— Fn-quent wiiking, at nij^bl, b» by frinhi,'. — Atler 4 oVIoek 
ill (he moniirig, he cannot »lr4>p well, turn.'* from ^idA to i>idc, bri-aUM> be 
canniil rrnutiu long iu one pusition, and the baud on nliieli he lioH njou 
g«t» tiretl,'. — ^Atoatf (ht u-hoie nighi, but wUfmiit ptiin ; ntfTrthfirxf. no 
iltrpinrj- or Injitilutle in lite inonuHy,'. — [560.1 Sleepleasnew ; nightly rest- 
]e«etivN>,".^.Wn:«ablc and seubible dn-)ttii:<, but wbiek ctuiuot be reiaent- 
beral,'. — • I'lViJ Jrnt3tt» at niijht, uhich ruimoi be rrmnabrmi,^. — Drejims 
with iMtiLitnni orpelion, overy iiiglil,'. — .She drvained the whole nighl that 
*htf was in darknitti.'.-^he dri-nmcd uiuch in ibc cveniiij;, inimediiitely 
aOer falliit" a.'k-ep, b5 if vome one were talking to her; idie waA yet half 
auake,'. — Dreams full of dinpules,', — He naketi in violent dream*,' ■"" 
Tronble^onie, faiiftning dreanw,'*- — He dreams that he would fall from n 
great beigUl,'. — (*70.] Frightful ./reowf<','. — Friglillul ilream? at uif:lit.'. — 
*Fngl»t/uf dream* iilCiut ifiifivj, urtth Imtd mcreainx u-IlUc aeUep,^, — Uorrid 
dniini, ai ni^bl,'. — I>riyim> about de«d loeu,', 

fever, — IVrji «eti«itit€ to eol'I, o<xr tfif wfw(e bod^,'. — Horripilation 
oTcr the wholo body in the evening, with dry coryia, without bent or suli- 
Kquent tbirat,\ — Coldness oftho body, <^pe<-ially of the handti and feet,'. — 
Coldncsa in the body, almost the whole day, wilh blue nnil^, insipid tti.'^tc, 
aud inelinatiou to rouiil ; fvllowed by iuerea^eii wnnutli, but nithout 
frrer,'. — Coldnew over the whole lH»tly. earlr iu the morning, especially of 
ibe nnof And hiiudti, b<^inniug ilI the IThonlderf^ ; with bine luiils, hut with- 
out fever,'. — [$80.] Cbdline^ in the evening, in bed, wilh eoIdu»i» of the 
Itfs as far a.*- the knee> : be raniiol get warm ilie whole ni^hl ; «ileept< little, 
onljr half an hour at a time, wiili nnxioui dreams, which lie atxi not recollect 



(after sixteen (laya),*. — C'liilU tliruti^jh llic whuk> liody, tt> If lie IiikI cuiight 
coU) in u draii}>:)ii: PuiiIJ »4:iirc<.>lv gvt \\a,nn ; vvoiiiti|;, in bw) luftt-r i^ixleco 
nnd hiiK-lix>ii Ihhiin),'. — In llw! pvi'tiing, cliilU nvi-r thf wbolc IkmIv, wilh 
coldotw of tlio Immlfi am! warmth »f liicp nml forehta*!, without titinrt.'. — 
Shivering ihrttiipli llje nliol* body, wiili ^ooscNkiii upon the thi^l)!i, iinJ 
slwkin^cof tliR brniii ngiiiniil th<> frmiljil boiip,'. — In thr (•vrniiit;. nhivpriiigs 
and chill* alU'i- Iviiij; clxwti ; hni'J'K-bf Ix-l-ji-c lyinu dcwu.'.— C'hillin<.v be- 
tVTO«-ii tlif acapulii:.'. — Cliill:' in the bml;,'.— 0')ti7nL-« nt" thir humls mid 
fiwi, in iht-i-Vfuiliu. ill )xvl,'.-~Col<hii.'M itl'llio iki1o» nf ihu iWt uud tttivllic, 
M Boon n-- h<> gi'U mtn bed iu tlic cvfiiiiig,*. — ('iVi/ynl orga^n,n« if Ittf hltMtl 
Vfcrt boiling w all tfif r^iiif (after twcnty-fimr Iiuure),', — [060.] AUirrnate 
chlllthir.'>.i and heat,*.— ('oldncwtorihi" whute bndv.and Kuhsmucni inereaKc^l 
warmth, uilhout ft'vor,'. — Hrat in fnro, with onlii Iiandtt ana fed,'. — Sweat 
cerly in (lie morDiii^ all uvvr (hv budy,'. — Blii;ht pGn<|)ii-ati<.>ii at oight; 
(inlv bi-1wvi.-Li ihi- tlit^Iis wiin lliorc n.«l nwMC (alter ten hourx),*, 

CouttttionM. — AggraratioiL — (Mbrmno). Kar)y, uIUt 3 o'clock, de* 
llrions lalk ; i-arly, on ri-<iri);, ['unfuoion of liead, oic; early, shortly after 
vakiiig, grindlug, etc., in aide nf licnd ; early, firclliiig r-f diccke ; toft 
slnnl ; carlv. nflir rising, df-'iro fnr eoilinn ; <wrly, mi ivaking. rnlnrrh oo 
chc^t ; fnrly, rnin in spine ; iTarly, on waking, ^nin^' lit uleop.fiic.of limhs; 
curly, vu wiiKin^', vory tivblc; curly, very tired; early, lu hv4, pain io 
Joinia : (.'uriy, joints iovl briiiM^>d : early, in bu<l, p\i{H iu heml, dc. : alter 4 
o'cIiK-k. citijuiil (deep, etc.; t-arW. foldiiewi ovur i<Fh)>lt' body, etc.; swoat all 
over. — {Xiiou), IVt^wwro in n.'git»n of t>luma<-h, — ( Afiemoon), Whi-n Hitting 
or lying down, gitnit law^iliido; drawing in Ilic vpinn, etc. — lErrnitiifi, The 
9Vin pto 111.4 : fotid oriur fri^m rnuutli : lupiuai hIdoI ; when going In xleop, 
amwinif inht^rU; hurripiliUinni^ over nlxilo hiidy, ct''.: in bed, Hiillinras, 
etc; in bfd,cliilliHc.««; chilU over wliolt- body,t;ic.; after lying down. -hiv* 
criiig.ctL'.; in bed, eoldin-M uf'Unnda and ft.'tM : ou gtttlng into b«l, t\.ildii«88 
of soliM, cte. — {JCony/eveniiun, At 6 t>'flock.svFelliugot't«*tielo,el«, — iNifflit), 
Fetid udur from mouth ; dmrrlia'a ; dinrrba'a, el<.-.; cough; B))ltlting cough; 
diOicully uf breathing: *l«iiriiiy in lentt-lniiiea ; niieii lynig dowti.eoiv place 
forma on px(i>rnal Hiirface "f thigh ; *ligin perfpinilion. — (Afirr miiiiiujlLt), 
Klaliili'nl eiilic. — {Kveri/ Ihrt^- or four (/"j/nl, fllegriin, cKr. — ( fl'iilkha in 
opfti lir). Vertigo; dyapiiira; puiu in musclM of" thigh. — {Beiuiinyhtad 
bacJittKirdif), (Jriuding. uli-,. in side uf bead. — {Jtriuiimj bodi/ backtinrilt and 
to iefl tide), I'aill in uin- side of tlit fieapuia. — ( When blotcltiff nuAt), Putrid 
Bniell In nitfte.— (^/-wMoii;), i^litohes in left ehpst ; ulilcho? appnrL'tilly in 
bifldder. — U^i^fp hmit/iiutj i, i^lilvhe^ iiiuUt the rib'*. — ( IIVk-m duinnff), 
Up(ipri'nint ti:-ittli imiiif'iil ; [Hiinftil du1iK')>* of a tooth. — ( fMfif//n'«y|. Grind- 
ing, olp., ill cide uf ho«d ; op[ir<'»iioii of cliwl, elf.; i^lilchcw midfr Ml ribs. 
— (.(ftei- t/*((Btr). Uiseoinforl in nbdonicn, cte.; Kltep. — {Ihau'iiiff utr into 
maulh\. ('nu»<!!i Uiotbaeho — {AJttr drinking). Pressure in hypoebundria. — 
( H7ii/« MifNiy), Tearing in molar teclh ; unrcnetui in gums; iiielinattoti tu 
vomit. — i^Afier Mf«n_7), Inclination Io vomit; pressure in hyixichondria; 
seum of fiillurution. — ( Wlim fixing Pj/rvt Mpwt HvmtihiKtf), Tension in vyi», 
etc. — ( Wffn ituipiriiirj), ,Sf.itrlie» !n ciiefl ; pain in left ifid« ; stitchea In side* 
of ehfttt, utc. ; pain i it right loin, — {Itttrfltrlun/. ttrerttun), C«ui*« [inin in 
head ; <;auHea nausea. — ( Wffn lauyhiiit/ 1, Dy.Hpnipa. — ( On lagitiff ri^hl f/ii^A 
unijjM ifjt). Pain in right femur. — i Whrn Initiu/f trfi UmU acrost right), 
Muselea of lliigli npjiiiur to hv twit«btiig. — ( Whrn hfikiiitj), Senwilion as if 
the blood prc^^ed upon the oirtic nerve. — C^" '</'"? down), BoQies of hoad 
paiiifbl. — (, When lying sliU), Uuiog to sleep, etc, iu limba; puiu iu all Uie 



jinnts. — ( Whm fyinff on MHt), Palpitation. — (Bttivren meal/i), Putrid Ucte 
ID lumitii. — (.Vvfiuft irTeariiig^ in t>i(le of furcliuid; heat on topoftiead; ]>ref 
»urL- uu viJu of vtTU'x ; t<.-nriug rruiii ocdput through bniiu ; puin in eye- 
bull: pressure iD liytwchuixlrttt ; li'ariug iu iWigh.^, Prrxunrf i, Pitt^ure at 
nebt lower j«w; paioful flitch in prfecoHial region, etc.-H W/i«n rf^din^), 
Imadache. — i lifflertiw/ 1, Makes her nf-nk, elr. — ittrM), Thn «yniptoma; 
fbrearrns foc^l hmvy ; prt»>uri> in little finger-joint, etc.; pnin in sides of 
Irp, nv*r innll'sili, nU: — i M'h^n ruiny/roui itfat and ft^lkiny}, I'umlytio 
luin iu liipjuinl. — l/ii rvorn'^. After niilkin;; iu npcii nir, ^^welJiii;^ uf note. 
— tJivbltiig).l*a\o ia terticle: pnin in n-giou of hi|>, — { When «i'/fiii(^}, I'liin 
In iliac reifiuti : cuttiug over pniull of back : buriiig in U-ft gliotiUlt^r ; tlmw- 
{as ID tcudoD of p6oas niu»clo ; niiucles of thigli ap;>eAr to he twitching; 
nniii in knet^, (w if banrfngml.— K. IVheti mtting nnd nhrtvhin'j fiudy^. Pressing 
lo right abtliMiiiuiil rini;. — \Wktn gpreadintj l''i;»). Wiiut of flexihiliijr.ete., 
io bond* of groin. — ( iPAcm Mnndintj), Vcriigo. — {Brfait tioals, l'«iii in «b- 
donien. — {During »toQl),\'a\a in uhdmneo. — [ When stooping!, Vertigo ; rush 
of blood lo IiL'ud ; tettnion in the neck. — ( H'/icn atretehinrfJeg'i. Paiwiirc on 
left tibia. — (Swallowing), Burning, etc.. in throat; atintfing in throat ; atiug- 
iog sort'oefla iu thro«t. — < IStlkittp), Headache. — ( ToxtSx ), Pain in tumar on 
ftriei : pressure oil temple ; aelimg in h[Kiw upon mise : ^jrenoM in riu::iLnl9; 
tenriiig in twtli, etc.; Koreoeas in gunm : pnin in Xi.-n\v\t'.~{Vnmrrri*\g tha 
pari), TeariDgs iu left upp^-r nrm. — ( Whrn Hitlkiny), Ifcjring in K^-goiniitic 
prooen; preesun; in hypochondrin; vrunt of flexibility, clr., in ivwtin of 
groin ; heart Hcem-i lo shake a.« if Ioom ; weukneM of the thigh ; piiin in 
right knee ; pnin in kiteis, a.4 if iMiiidnged ; right knee beenntrt* woiik t pain 
iu joint of bif: to«; itehinj; on the lejr; iUhin^ of joiul.^ of I'kkX — < When 
vxiikwg/imt I, i)y3piitt-«. — < When wUktng nnd neltinij font oh flovr), Pniti in 
knc«.--( Wfien writing), Hfiadaclie. — ( When ytwrting), Sliuditeriiig in ehent j 
atilches under ribs, 

AmcUortttioiu — iTousirdu II p.m.), Pnin in testicle cefii*«->l, — {In 
opai ttirj, Fi'*'!" w«'ll : tr.nring hendache.~( On going to bed i, SlJtrlie* under 
nfaeecOM. — { Wken flMing eye*\,'Vt-Qi\*y\\ in the «yw. — (.Uofi'on), 'Pjiindoan 
ftnngoesi)?; "(juin in »id(a of k-K!*.— (7Vc-wif«), Ktitehca on right nide go 
6S.—(Rav*iHg head afirr Mooping^, Rush of bluttd to bend. — (On ruing), 
Preasiog in right abdominal ring goeu off; drawing in tendon of jiumu 
lDi»cle; pain iu joints piti^tea off; pnin in head, etc., )>iis»ea off — {Rinng 
and drntviug up thigh ), Pnin iu iliac n^gion. — i In room), Elevaiioud uu Icga 
form IwB, — (Sitting I, Pitiu in muKcte-'* of thigh. 


Formula, Au,0,-IXH,OIIr The sabstaoce referred to bv Hahoemaun ia 
donbtful. (SceChr. Kr,. 1,241) 

Paiti^ia the bon«Ui Pbumiuc. Wurt., It), (not obtHiiinble). — 8iukiucof 
Strength, faintneee, cold Avreat on the limb:, violent vomiting, convulsions 
(H'lllniann, Med. Knt. 3v.-'t., etc.). C"tft<*"iPol of peniirioua effertfl of A., 
lending oo M death). — Forcible evacuations from the bowclfl I^Ludovici 
Phann., etc.), (not Qbtaiuabloj. 



Auric chloride, AuClj. Preparation, Solution in distilled water for the 
lower poteucies. 

Authorities. 1, Hahnemann, Ch. Kr,, 1, 241 ; 2, Mch., ibid.; 3, Molin, 
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"An officer," ibid, (proving with the 6th dec. dil.) ; 8, Chrestien irom 
Wibmer (effects of f'^th gr,); 9, Magendie, from Wibnier (effects of f'^thgr,), 

jUindt — Excessive clieerfuhiess, carelessness,'. — Great sadness,'. — Sad- 
ness, frequent weeping,'. — Sad mood, as though a great misfortune im- 
pended (several days),'. — Disgust for life; inclination to suicide,*. — Un- 
reasonable coutrariety,'. — Indisposition for mental work,*. — Weakness of 

Head. — Confusion of the head,', — [10.] Frequent dizziness,'. — Vertigo, 
and whirling before the eyes on every motion, with tearing pain over the 
eyes, aggravated by stooping, relieved in the open air; lasts all day, and 
only goes off on going to bed at night,'. — Frequeut nodding of the head,'. — 
Heaviness of the head,'. — Headache, on rising, after a restless night,'. — 
Pressure on the braiu, along the sagittal suture,*. — Throbbing headache, 
with heavy dreams,*. — Burning in the forehead,'. — Drawing headache in 
the forehead (after two hours),. — Violent pain, like a toothache, in the left 
frontal eminence, extending towards the supraorbital foramen (the follow- 
ing day in the right side),'. — [20,] Beatings in the left side of the forehead,'. 
— vTickling itching of the forehead (after one hour),'. — Drawing pain in the 
left temple, extending to the vertex,', — Tearing in the left temple, lasting 
several hours, and returning in bed,',— Violent tearing from the left temple 
towards the ear, with vertigo and tearing over the eye,'. — Tearing pain iu 
the left temporal region, extending to the right; lasts all day, and only 
disapT>ears in bed,'. — Throbbing pain in the left temple after rising; re- 
lieved by applying cold water; returning after midnight, aud lasting four 
hours,'. — V iolent tearing in the right temple,', — Sensation of coolness on 
the top of the head,', — Burning and stitching in the back of the head,'. 

El/en. — [30.] Dryness of the eyes,*. — Burning, pricking, and itching 
of the eyes,". — Severe pi-ea-sure in the eyes in open air, ^nd tearing in them, 
with complete blindness,'. — Tearing pain in the left eye,'. — Tearing pain, 
beginning above the left eye and extending toward the right ear, where it 
at la.Ht comes out ; the pain was so severe that she had to lie down in bed, 
when the pain immediately ceased,'. — The eye symptoms appeared periodi- 
cally for some time,'. — If the eyes are covered with the hand the symptoms 
disappear,'. — Kedness and swelling of the eyelids,'. — Morning-agglutina- 
tion,'. — Difficulty in keeping the eyes shut,'. — [40.] Biting and itching iu the 
right external canthus, obliges him to scratch,'. — Burning, stitching, prick- 
ing, and smarting of the lids,'. — Burning in the conjunctiva,*. — Weakness 
of visual power,'. — The letters disappear, at evening by candlelight, for 
some minutes ; instead of the letters, the paper was white as if not printed,'. 

Ears. — Crusts behind the ears,'. — Burning and itching behind the ears, 
especially at night,'. — Sensation in the left ear, as if a plug were in it 
(lasted for several days during the proving),', — Drawing pain in the right 
ear,*. — Sticking pain in the left ear, . — [SO.] Deafness in tne ears (aft«r six 



hoMw),', — DrAfnen followit tlio rinKing in th<? paw, iw if thii «ir* were wide 
mU-nmlly utiil Iiultuw, aail to iiolhiii;,' couUl bo h<»rd distinctly,'. 

Xose. — Hrdaras niitl swelling' of till- iMBc.'. — Itcil BWpDiiig in the rijrht 
soetri) aud uiid<>rti«ith, with a itaiulvHS crust of iik-ere iiitenmlly, and it 
ttmae of obfttruclioD, althou^th air |>a.i8C4 tlirougli,'. — 'Ited mifltiti^ of the 
Ufi mdr of the iirMe; the. muni rrtftVy if uUrrtiiiii ilrep in. tcith ilrg, yf/A>iciVA 
tnuf, itnti it^rwr o/oAWrKr/iun.nlllioii^h fiiuujih nir|Nbwe#(lir(iii|^li it,. — Rcd- 
Ofwaitil it4-hin>' itttlaRiiiiiiti[>n nf tlio iioru-, wiili ]^iil)«i>i|ni>iit da-^iiiiniiinlian,'. 
— Cnii^K iu iliL- HUM-, nil)) voriflant iiii-liiiatuni to pick ut llu-m with the 
fiiigt-r*,'. — *A fyul'nwtitiiiij. utiler^ duvfinrgv from the no»r, vitv Irritating to 
rhe li|>.'. — Ilirt'hiirjt*} of a yelliiw-g«wtiiflli niaitt^r (Vinii the liu*-, without 
bad aiiicll, lor bovou duys {nfttar icti day^),'. — ^Mucli Pim^ii^ in sucireHiioQ, 
then iciiriiij^ in iht- l<'rt iianiil ixmi^ lownnlti ibe eve. willi niiicli iiijeciiiiii of 
the nnijiiiictivn mid |iri)rii>ip iHcliryrnntioti, whicli iniddviily apjn«r*. and is 
•o rioltut thnl ihn iwiw *pift otit,*. — [80-] Thirk, yr-llow oorvsw,*. — FliiMit 
corvtii iii*ht*.". — Coryzii, vriih much tickling iu the throat.'. — Vliiciit cqitm, 
witli ruutb ihruiil and irritation to coiighA — Burning ami itrliiii|r uf the 
uost-,',— Biiruinp miri itchiiii; piiiii on the tippt-r part ol" the uos* exturuuHy,'. 
— CrawliDg iu tli« nu.*e, aa if M>m<Mhin^ were ruiinin)> nliodt iu it,'. 

Facf, — WvA ftKf.'.— Iii;:hniiiig-!ikf twiichtfi in tin* ri^jht upptT jaw,*. 

Mftnth, — Ji-rkint,' tooihuehi' in the iiiut>riur «iid up|wr row nf leeib,". — 
[70.] .)<-rkinc pain in lh« tCH'lh, Tuirtly on ono (idc, partly in the iipi^T to- 
ciiwrs,'. — RctuitM and cHtdlinc of the gums, c^'periiitly til nijjlu/. — Aphthm 
■]t OV4T the iiioHth.". — Ilurniiig, ildiiajf.andiiniartinj: in the mimih,'. — Fhit 
taslv, lustf all day, with greHt nausea, |)awting ofl' ut night i» bed,".—?*! rong, 
tnetallii; t&'^te. with incr«a.-i'd nliva, with freijuent dej>ire to ^twHlloW.niid A 
frrliiii: ft-, if n phii: vrrn.- in the thnmt (after the umHluti-d Ndiilinn).*- 

Tiimat, — Fiiiiifiil Kuetling of the ^iitbinaxiMiiTy glmnU,'. — I'ltiti in the 
thh>at, nnd rwltic!* of tht- mno>*iie niembranc of the fnueee,'. — SmttchiDg 
and prir-kinp in the ibroal,'.— Diffit^nlt di-glnlili«a,'. 

StoHiorh.— [60.) Want of appetile,'.— hnss of apppllK-,*.— Thlml,'. — 
RiMUgH having a putrid taate,'. — Ineli nation to vomit after cat itij;,'. — NiiU!!<ii 
nod iiielitiatiuii to Tuinit. iiiuruiup) taaling, iii.-<4Lp[iuirM uflrr brcakliuit,*. — 
Great imu»-a nod voiiiitiii]; uf the water tuki-u alU-r the ^ild. with a tnic« of 
dear bloud i,fr<iiii a gniiu uf Awr, mtir. in fiiib-itauee),''. — ^Vomitiiig (for a 
i]Uart«r of an hour), with violent retching mid foul enict:itioDa, wj<.in uller- 
vard rutting cot ir, and fiair watery stnul^'.—Viident gastritis,'. — Slowdipcw* 
tjou,*.— KniiitineMn in the )it4)niiieh,'. — [80.] Dinlres.- at the mlomaeh atler 
eating,*.— Kii riling, ttitfhinj;, and )*iinwingniideutiiiig piiiL^iii thi'Aioniai'h,', 
— Painful dniwiiv^ iti the pit of the rtotiiacli exlciids to the middle nf the 
Ktemiini: iw if a liani Ixidy were prc3W<l into the eavily ; aggravated by 
Muopinj;, eating, drinking; it appears only in piirasyFnis,^ 

^Mnttt^H, — Ruming in (he right hypoehondriitm,'. — Conttniil dis- 
aarccal>)(' firliiiy iii the right hypufhtiiidriiini,'. — ^Slinh in ihi- lell liypo- 
rhoiidriuiii, iix rrom running loo faxl'. — Rednw*. li-'iil, indiinj;. aiitl smart- 
ing at thi'iimhilieuf,', — I)i*t('ii>ioii of theabdoinun,'.^ — Swelling ami intlalioii 
of the ab^lomen,^ — Much flaiH* pu»r« in the aftenimin,'. — [100.] Much 
flatulence, with colie and a fluid .'itrto!/. — Drawings in the entire abdomen,*. 
— Drawing pain iu the imiull inte^tiue^ returning the next day, rclteved 
by flui<l evaeuatioiiii, ealin^. driukini;, motion, but uot by pressure with 
both hiiniis on the ubdllInL•n.^ — Dull ivdic. '.^Violent eonstrietivc oofic 
ubligD) Iter to double up; la«U three and u half hourx, aud ouly goe.4 off 


in bed,*. — The ab(]oinen is tender to touch,*. — Heat and pricking in the 
hypogjiMt rium,'. 

Stool tltlfl A.nHSt—*fl!EmoTrhoi6it, with dinchari^e of blood during 
Btool,', — Diarrlircft very violent for wveral days,'- — Diarrhoea, especially 
at niffht; gray-whitish stools,*. — [110.] Continued call to stool, with much 
rumhlinf^ in the bowels ; in spite of the desire, no satisfactory stool,*. — Thin 
watery stools (iniinetliately after taking it),*. — Thin frequent stools, with 
burning ut the anu-i,'. — Frequent thin titools, with tenesmui;,'. 

Urinary Orf/aHH, — Heat and itching in the urethra,*. — Burning 
on urinating ; feeling as if the urine was too hot and acrid,'. — Burning and 
Bniarting in the urethra while urinating,'. — Feeling of heat in the urethra, 
with tenesmus vesicat; the urine felt too hot,'. — Sticking pain thnmgh the 
whole Irngth of the urethra on standing,". — Constant desire to urinate,*. — 
[130.] Urine increased,". — Profuse urine for two and a half days,*. — Scanty 
urine ; red thick urine, containing sand,'. — The uriue rapidly decomposes,^ 
— Increase of urea and urates,*. 

Sexual OrgaitH. — {Male.) — Exhausting erections,', — Violent itch- 
ing of the glnns penis wakes at night,*. — Drawing along the H[>crmatic 
cords,'. — Swelling and tension in the testicles,*. — Painfuldrawing in the 
left testicle extends toward the inguinal ring, recurring by paroxysms,'. — 
{Feinale.) — Kedness and swelling of the labia,'. — A lew days before the 
menses, eruption of large red pimples on the labia majora,*. — * Constant 
running Jrum the vulrn,'. — *Bunniitj and Urhing of the riilfa,'. — *Hia( and 
itching in the vagina,^. — Severe itching of the pudenda, transient,*. — Meo- 
Btrnatiiin too ea«ly, more profuse ; the blood was acrid, ami made her sore ; 
before the menses she had Icucorrho^a (formerly she had had it ,a short 
time only after menses),*. — Mcnsfw, seven days too early, lasted only two 
daj-s (usually four days) ; blood bright (not so acrid as the last time),'. — 
*Leuconhien returned {li had ceaweil for some time) very profusely, and 
lasted finir <la)'s; very acrid, making the thighs sore, with itching of the 
genitals,*. — *Klght-yefhw lenrm-rhaa, espednUy in thf mnrning,^. 

IteMitirafort/ ApparatttM. — Tickling in the air-passages, with dry 
cough, as fn)ni inspired dust,'. — Difficult speech ; deep, hoarse voice,'. — 
Frccjiient loud cough,'. — [130.] Frequent cough, esiHieially at night,', — 
Short dry cough in pan)xysms, e,-ipecially at night, followed by heai in the 
throat,'. — Freijuent hard cough, with white exjK'otoration, mingled with 
threads of blood,'. — Constant thick cough, with thick yellow cxpectoratiou,'. 
— DifKc-ult respiration,'. — .Short breathing and apparent ol>struction of the 
larynx for a few days,'. — On stnnding, heavy deep respiration, as if a stone 
lay on the chest,',— ^^nse of suffocation,'. — Suffocative attacks at night,'. 

Chettt. — Great oppression of the chest, scarcely permitting breathing,*. 
— [140.] H{>asniodic drawing between the sixth and seventh ribs, with a 
sensation as though some one attempted to stretch out the heart,', — Burn- 
ing pains in the left clavicle, transient,*. — Drawing pains in both sides of 
the chest,'. — The right side of the chest felt sprained on standing up; 
touching the i>eetoral muscles was painful,'. — ^Tearing in the right cliest 
from the middle of the sternum towards the right shoulder-joint ; increased 
by every inspiration (lasts a quarter of an hour j,'. — Sticking tearing in the 
intereo.-<tal muscles of the right side, then of the left,'.— Sticking in the 
right pectoral muscles; not increased by pressure, somewhat so by deep 
inspiration ; very much increased by motion of the upper part of the uody, . 
• — Sticking in the pnecordial region, extending toward the middle of the 



am. aggniTatod by tvery motion ant) <lcpp inspiration OoMs four 
houn 1.*. 

Heart an<1 I^ttlfie, — Palpilalimi of tlic hi«rl,'. — Biiriiitip und prick- 
ing ai lilt hi-itrt,\^llW,) Urawini! aii-l ciitliii]; |«iinfl nt the hear!,'.— 
Waktiinl ill ill* in;ilit by a Mirkiitg Uiriiig pain at the point of impiilixt 
of iht- itjMix of ttio iK-ari, iltvp in, tL* if in tW hmrt itielf; it. lasK^ iionie 
nittutm: the pruvcr fril thut lie cuuld uul liav^ lou)f«r tndurvdit; uot 
di&njted bv tlLi;p iiii'iMrutitHi. buL as minu tn' hv (M-ins-t-d ihc Iiimd tiifhlly 
fl^iiut the pnwordial region the piiin t)iF^p|H.-iiri'i.l ; iiiiitii-diHiL'ly alleruard 
a liuidDUtin^: ^ireaming pain exiendH fmm Ihii^ ]>Ihm-, ami cniU in the Itfl 
hr|XK-[i<rntlniim ; only inonteiitnrily ki severe that it inlerrupls r<«pirHlion ; 
•lirii h«.' iii^jiirt-d mow dwply. the jiain dtaippeiiTed,*. — ■Ojipresniou about 
the li««rt, t'ornpolUni,; u (tiwp hrenth, which relieve,'. — A tew bitches im- 
mediately over the KcJirl,'. 

A'nwA" aiifl Jiftrfc. — StifliieM in ihc neck.'. — Buniing, pricking, cut- 
ting paiiH and i^tiHntss in the baek,'. — Bruiw-'d feeling in the small of the 
Wrk. which tnnkcs stooping slnKisl iiii(H»sjiil)le,*.— Painful fatigue in the 
Iniii.-.'. — I'rickini; in the loiti^.'. 

KrtremtfitfM tn OenevnI. — Uriu§tml prostration of iho limbs,*. — 
peO. J nnii-'.l tVtIiiiL' "f tUi- UmU^,'. 

VfijHT Kjr.ttetnitiri*. — Siiflnc« iu the arms,'-^ Burning andlanci- 
nalioo.'i in the ann« and foreiirni-s'- — Sensation as if the teiV arm were 
spniined,*.—! II voluntary »hoek-* in iho arm.*,'. — ruiiifnl ffciirij; in the 
liijul<k-r* and arms,'. — I'araljlic fwlinjf in the left *h'Hildcr, afttr ritting 
/Iu?tK half nn houri,*. — iMiwiii^ pain in the riplil sliniildtrjoiiit,'.— Driiw- 
ing iinri iKiring in the middle of ihe ri;i;hl up{>er iirm, recurring three Any* 
in *ui<«^ni«n,*. — Tearing iu the Xl-W i-bmilder, Ui^lu two hour^; thi? i^honlder 
Mill, after two days', wnsiliv* In to ndi,'.— [170-1 Drawing in the elhotv.^, ae 
if a tendon were violently drawn ; frvi|ui'Uf!y n^turniiig for a monieiil, day 
and night,'. — TejLriiig in the right arm from llie elt»>iv-joint Iu The lip of 
the liltlc finger, so violeul llint it hiiidcre work.*.— Uiffituliy iu cltuoliiiig 
the hand'','. — BtiruinK and ilehiiig in (lie han<lK,^ — Violent drawing in the 
balU i»f the right haod,^ — .'^liffness of the linger^ninls,'. — Tearing pnin in 
the middle liuger, after dinner,'. — .Swelling in the Mript, without pain, if 
lrt\ aliine; ten.-ive 'inly on betiding the bant) backwards; etitrhea iu lite 
vri>t iijHin M-i/itig anyihing,'. 

iMiVi'r KxtremiiieH. — Drawing tearing )min in thv miwelps of 
b")tJi hi|>». la^t^i^'tue iiiiu-.\ — I.aDeiiiuiing |»iruxyHmal pain he>:innitig in ihe 
front and middle of Ixjih thigh.«v, anrl extending t^ownrd the pntellu?, wi severe 
iJiat he mu*t start un,\ — [180.] Stifliie-* of the ihighn and legs.'.^^wc! 1- 
iiig of the kiiw^,*. — ileat, prieking, and laneination.'< in the kiioi!«.'. — .Spa*- 
muilic u-ariiig ii> tlic leg. lH-}!iiiiiin^'' btdow the popltt»il ^puec. and exteiid- 
ing to ihv middle of Ihe calf; lasts four botim severely, and then gradually 
ditsppenrg,*. — Bruised seui^tion in the lower third of the right leg; it hc- 
I'CMiHa «o painful on contiQiiing to nnlk that he bax tu limp home ; with I ho 
ftrling u if it alwav)) more and mor? tendetl to the great toe, and would 
gn off the end of it,'. — Swelling of the fool,*. — Burning in the ftot,'. — Rcd- 
D«fe of tho iiMr*.'. — Twiring on the iruide of the right great to* and right 
kcMf,*. — Cutting |4iiu in the tore whin wnlkinp.', 

GrnertiUtleM.—{\^0.~] Laxineiw; avBi>lon to all work,'. — Weari- 
Ba»,'.- — Weariiiesp dnriiiL' llie whole proving, so great that oiten she eoiild 
"It go aUiul, and ha<t t" n-^t fre'piently thrciujfh the day.*. — Ureal fa- 
,.— I'oending feeliug of proj^rutiou in the limbB, iudi»eribable wviiti* 

VOL. It.— 2 


ness in the whole body; cau scarcely rise from his seat,'. — General ere- 
tliiHin,'. — The excited condilion lanted several years,*. — Drawing tearing 
pain.>» in various parts of the body, esitecially in the extremitiea,*. 

Skill. — Pimples on tlie lips, with smarting and itching,'. — Eniption 
of small red pimples above the pubis,'. — [200.J Peteehiie-like exuitthewa 
on hoth legs, with a small pimple in (he centre (disappears in five days),'. — 
BoHh on the buttocks and tliighs,*. 

Steep awl Drenms. — Freciueut yawning soon after taking a dose ; 
it disappears after eating, but returns and lasts two hours,'. — Much yawn- 
ing after eating,'. — Sleepincso in daytime, even while at work,'. — feleepi- 
neiw; deep fleep,'. — iSleep very restless, with frightful dreams the whole 
night,'. — Waking with a start,'. — SlecplessneBH obstinate,*, — Nocturnal 
Bleeplej^sness,'. — [310.] Troublesome dreams,'. — Heavy dreams of impend* 
ing unhappiness,*. 

Ftvcr. — Chilliness, with gooseflesh,'. — Violent fever,**. — Sweat in- 

Conditions. — AggraFation. — (Morning), On ricinp, after a restless 
night, headache; fasting, uaui^ea, etc.; leucorrhcca, — (Nitiht), Burning, etc., 
behind ears; rediies», etc., of gum;'; diarrhiea; itching of glans penis; fre- 

?uent cough; short dry cough; !*uiJ!)cative attacks; pain at a[>ex of heart.— 
In oprn air), I*rossure in eyes, etc. — (In bed). Tearing in left temple re- 
turns. — {AJier dinner), Pain in middle linger. — (Drinking), Drawing in 
pit of stomach. — {After eating), Inclination to vomit; distrts« at stomach; 
drawing in pit of sUmmch; mm^h yawning. — (Kvery inspiration). Tearing 
in right chest. — (Deep iuxplration), Slicking in right })eetoral muscles; 
sticking in prtecordial region. — {Motion), Vertigo, etc.; sticking in pneeor- 
dial region, — {Motion of upper part of body), Sticking in right pectoral 
muscles. — {Periodic), The eye-symptoms. — (After rining). Paralytic feeling 
in left shoulder. — {Upott seiiing anything), irilitclifrs in wrint. — { On stand- 
ing), Pain through the urethra; heavy, deep respiration; right side of chest 
felt sprained. — {'Stooping), Drawing in pit of stumuch. — ( Walking), Bruised 
sensation in right leg; cutting pain in toes. 

Anieltoration. — (Night), In bed, flat taste, etc., passes off". — (In 
bed), Pain in temporal region disappears; colic gcws off, — (After breakfagt), 
Nausea, etc., disappears. — ( When covering eyes with liatid). Eye-symptoms 
disapjiear. — (After eating). Yawning ceases. — (Deep in^iration). Pain at 
apex of heart disappears; oppi-essiua at heart. — { On lying down in bed }, 
'Pain from alrove eye towards ear ceases. — (I'resaing Imnd tightly ngaintt. 
prwcvrdial region), Pain at apex ()f heart disappears. 


Oil loro-au rate of soda. Fonnula, NaCl,AuClj,'2H,0. I^eparation, Tritu- 

Authority. 1, Lcmbke, N. Z. f. li. K., 11, 17, ct seq., took the ;}d, 2d 
and a solution of the salt in water; 'Z, Chatteriy, Dublin Press, 185'i (cHect 
of V" grain injected under the skin) ; A, Cuilcrier, from Wibuier, general 
statement of efli.'cls. 

Head. — Headache,", — Heaviness in forehead, all day,', — Heaviness 
and pre.-Hure in forehea<l,'. — Heaviness in forehead when sitting,'. — Wan- 
dering pains in forehead,'. — Heat and heaviness in forehead,'. — Violent 
boring in frontal bone, especially on right side,'. — Boring in left side of 



rivDtal l»oiip,'. — VIoJeDt boring in letl frontAl bone, deep into left eye,'. — 
[10.] Dmwiu); iu left nije of Ibrchead,', — Frequent drawing in forfhead, 
ftbitvc tlie ey«s wilh [ircamre anj h«aviii<«r>. Im^liiig fli-v*rral liitiins'. — 
Drawing nnil Imring in lii« rmiital honi*,'. — Drsniiin in froiitnl binte. when 
sjttinjf,'. — PivPirtire iu (i'rchcnd,'. — Virtlctn (cnrini; in riylil cido of t>i>nuil 
b*no. . — lairing lu left loniplt-.'. — H-mnj; a* nilli ft wt-dj;*; in left t«;m[dc.'.— 
Viuliiit Uirih>: in rij-lit loninlc,'. — Viulcnt Ixmng in left temple,', — 180.] 
Disteunivt^ pn-Mun.' in templL's,'. — Throl>biug in templps,'. — Boring in righl 
aide ol' vertes,'. — Drawing diagonnlly iiciwea vortex,'. — Tearing dittj;<many 
over vertex.'. — Viulcnt lililctiing iu left ai<le of vertex,'. — Buriiig in rigtit 
liilp cif lieni),'. — Tearing in llic left dide of tlie Nkiill bout*,'. — Tearing iu 
li>ft side orhcad,', — Cutting pnin in » sinnH *pol of right |iiHrit.4Al liutie,'. — 
[SO.] .Sharp, cutting (rtiii, while fitting, above forohcad. on left aide of 
ht^uii,'. — HenvineM luid htnl In omput,',— Boring in left side of oc;cipm,'. — 
Drawing in tmneti of occiput,'. — Drawing in ocnpui,'. — Drawing in left 
ot-i-iput,. — Lateral drawing i«-n-iafion in ncclput,', 

Effett. — Foruihli- and iiividniiliiryclopiugof left eye, by a violent boriug 
in Ivfl side of frontal iKine,'. — Boring in right eye.'. — 8iiteliin« in left L*yv.'. — 
[40.1 l^"ring alK>Vi- IkiiIi eve*,'. — ^ Violent boring in the orbital bone, abovo 
the right eye, when Kftlking,'.^Vi<dcnt boring iu botii* over left eve,'. — 
lltiring nl)ove right eye,'. — ( onslani lioring in the hnnai below the eyes,'.^ 
BuTning in edges* of evellils,'. — i^lilehing in right inner eiinthu*,'. — Stiteheo 
in left onler eanihii.i,'. — Siiiehe.^ ami burning in niarginit of eyi'litlu,'. — 
Stiitbing in right eyeball,'.— [60.] Viident (■titLbes in left eyeball,'. 

JCftt'M. — Deepseatt^il boriug in neig!iborhuo<l of right ear,'. — Violent 
boring in Inine liefore left ear,'. — Boring behind left ear,'. — Pressure in 
boue ^>ef>ire right ear,'. — Burning beat in the ear»,'. — Boring iii depth of 
righl ear,'. — Stitehei' in right car,'. — Siiu-hes deep in left ear,'. 

yoMf, — Air ]Hiw'e« with nnivmal free<loni thmngh nasal pasMigrs,'.— 
[80.J frt^pit^nt sne«zing.'. — Ituring in the naMiI bone*,'. — Boring cIom! to 
right of mifa] bone,'. — Violent bunng along left aide of mwie,'. — Drawing 
in no*e, from tip nimanU: also, on both *Uitm of nose, with seusatinn as if 
tbe orcao and adioeenl parte were Ihiekened,'. — Preasure to left side of 
nasal booe,'. — Biting puin in right wing of uo»e,'. 

Face. — Deei>*«iLed drawing in face and liead,', — IleRt in cheek* nuJ 
MB", [■•ns'piible exieriiiilly,'. — Hi-al in ehoek*', and «(^n»ilile biintin",'. — 
[70.] Knniing h«it iu eh.t<k>«,'. — Hurning in the chcek^^, increaiwd by 
stoitping.', — Boring deep in left ehcck,'. — JJrawing in left cheek,'. — Draw- 
iufr p«iu from above downwanl. in left rbi*k.', — Drawing in right rheek,, 
wneo silting,'. — Tearing in left ehoek,'.— >^ti^ehing in skin of left cheek,'. — 
FtUK ^titehing Ju the akin of (he cheeky iollowx-d i>v heat,'. — Cutting pain 
un a >titiilt »pvt of the «kiu of the right cheek,'. — [dC] Lower Itp enieked 
in ueutre, with biting, burning, and pain when toitehed,'.— Burning iu 
Qodcr lip,', — Buroiog on the edge of the upper lip,'.— Violent etltebing la 
Wk side of uitder lip,'. — Violent slitcbing in the vermilion border of the 
lower lip,'.^ — Biting in ihe under lip.'.—Pulnation in under lip, with feeling 
Mif itj< oefltre wa* ihiekcned,'. — Twitching about the chin, toward the lower 
lip,'. — Draining in chin,'. — Boriug in left up|»er jaw,'. — [00-] Boring iu left 
fide "f lower jii«.'. 

Stouth. — -Teusiou in the ruol4 of the teeth on Ihe left side,', — Boring 
in ibv rxM>ta of the teeth of the right side; alcto, alternating with tititehen 
when oitiing.'. — Drawing in the lower iiu'tM)r)i,'. — Cutting and boring in 
lower iDcwun^,'. — Bunting un the under vurliice of tun)jiie, and beluw 



Uinf;iH>,'. — DwpscntMl Imniiii]; bi>low toiiRiM?,'. — Biimmj; in the lip of lite 
toiiiriie,'. — IVwiitlrnt biirniui; Iti tip of Uiiiruc. wUh alilchiutf,'. — Hhtcliiug 
iti till of tniijruf,', — [lOO.] Siicchiiig Mim the tong-UL-, with mivv wmiiiiig.'. 
— Biting 9i>iirtali»a on ii[i ul' loii^iie. iiuiii(<UiHlely atlor lakiiig tlie iu«iii- 
ciiic,*.— Itednod and painful ^'wt^llini; u|' tlie mii('ttiM> membraiit: litrltiii<l (he 
up(KT iDci«>r». ix|imally wIhii tDiii-lii-il. hihI hy nmiflrt with warm ur «iluil 
r<HHi.'. — Tlic iiillnintt] ii|N)t it^ like n volluw blii^tcr wiUi ft rod odgs, llic nxl- 
Tic^ exttiidinf; lou-nnl ihu Ictl iialait-; il nnorwnrda look* rooc-md, i« xoine- 
whnt i>iiiiirul III Uiuch, iimi frrU nmgli aitd HvoIIcn.'. — Drynrw nf iinmth 
uml Ill^tMlI.^'-^'^»lliva iiuTt-jiscd,'. — niJiti' panlv BViwii«li, jiarilv nu-lullic. 
will) copiniiH fltiw <»f saliva,'. — L»ii^-Wttiig mt'lullic la^itp, iilH-r twli iIubo,'. 
— i'lililK-rv lact" iu iiioull), with vwinlrictiou of tlit- Hnli%'«ry Klnutl.-<, rlear 
onlivit iwn) iliilni-s» uf the ti'i-th, fra:>iiijr wliJIt- vutiiifi, but ahenrania c»m- 
im-ririri;; tif.'iiiri.'. 

T/tfont. — Stitching docp in the thro*t,'. — [110.] Scraping in fatitiw, 
willi iirotly miiimi^ flow Df iwljvn,'. 

Stonuich. — Shiiri-laming naun-n, imiiimlpstely nfti-r lakiug rhe ni<>(li- 
cine,'. — (iamric irrilatimi,'. — fpesHiirt! in p;>igBiitrii> penion,'. 

NtOOl fttut AUHit, — Appenmiiix' uf a hieniorrlioidnl tumur, vrhich 
|irolniilea aud ia |>iiiiiful,'. — titiu*)its in the atiuv,'. — OuUMiintiou ur diur- 

Vrhuiflf Offfftnu. — Rtilohing in tho «inl of Iho iirt'thra,'. — (lulling 
in tlio I'lid iif I lie iinilini, iiIhixih iiriiirtliug.'.— Very Ircquciii nriiinliiui,'.— 
[ISO.] llxt-efuiivi' tliiin-^i;-,'. 

Ht'Hpiritfoytf Af>pavnt»tt» — Puddwi and very riolont wniptng in 
thf inn'iix, willi viok-nt dry L-oiigh. rinwinR piff-jiug.'. — Tirkling in the 
luryux, witli dry congli,'. — Tirklin); in iho larynx, and lu if ximfwhat 
d(>e)H!r,'. — Wry viuli^nt tickling in larynx, fulloHcd hr dry rough, nuMiug 
Bagging, wlion eiltinu sod writing,'. — MiiL'h hhort dry coiigli,'.— Fri><nieiit 
Hiurt. dry cough, witn scraping in tlie Inryiix,'. — DilKoull renpimlion, with 

fjhcut, — Wnndi^riiig paiti in h'fl vrnll of tliorax, during r*-A,*. — Boring 
in the left wall ul' the thorax, almvc llic ni|)plc,'. — [130.] I>ntwinc pain 
above lert clnviclc. tuwani» the shoulder ami impc of neck, wlicn sitting.'. — 
I'pMsurc, outwards, from the right aipule, on the wall of line iliorax, un- 
atTifClvd by rp>pirntio».'. — Dull preaoure nctwv«n«lernun) and riglit nipple,'. 
— Ti'nriiiL' bL'twccM the nix*, bflnw ibc IHY niiiplr, wlicn wnlkin^'.'. — Much 
tititcbiiig ill right thoracic vrnll.', — Siitcln-* in ilu* wall of the thorax. Ih-Iow 
the ktl axilla,'. — .Stiichc* in the loft iliomcie wall, two inclK* below the 
iiippli-, unafic<-le(l by rL*pimtiim.'.— TraiiJtieut jftilcluM! in the wull of the 
ihomx. now on the right, now on ihc lell, when w:d kinE.'. — Sentcil pressure 

•(■a in el 

deep in eho^t, l^'hind thi> Hlonium, and extending into Ibo Imck, whcu 


ilrart and /*«/i«r. — Irregular Ituitliig of (he heart, willi anxiety 
and ohortiiein of brenth,'. — [140-] Itapid. >iuiill. irregular lH'at» of lh« 
heart, on slight motion, with onprcfttion,'.— Uapid, irregidnr beat* of the 
heart, when looping,'. — Hcwral violent heat« of the heart, with nenmtioa 
of pivssiTro while flnnding,'. 

Nerk (itui /frti'A".— ('racking Jn the eervical vcrtohrn' im hrmiijig 
tlie hcud.'. — Kuruiiig pain in thi: skin of the nitp^'of iiuek.'. — Henl in napo 
of nock, ming into the head and eheek:'.'. — Jturnitig and drawitig to the 
left uf uajM? of neck,'. — Tension nod pressure in itie niuveles to the lelX of 



he wt\» of lite a^ck, an tar as tli(> left diivicl?, iucreaw.'d br bondiug (be 
lltad to ibc riglit, at liiuea aW uiil*c»rable duriag: reel,'. — boriiit; iti lell 
fcapiila.'. — Pressure in thi" muwiw on ihp sUle of Ibc left shoiilcler-bl«<ie,'. — 
[ISO.] DrnniD)^ in ibe dorsal vcrlebno,'. — frcn^ure and drawing in iho 
«iu*-lo* <.n lln- iffx ji.i-:- .>f th<- Imok,'. 

Upper JCxtrt'initifjt.— liTMisK-il p«iu(liiriiiKri-»t. in ibcjuiaUof the 
ariiw aiul in tbe wmiit,'. — Deeiweau-tl bunifng in Itll sbouldtfr,', — Burning 
in skin of ri^lit asillii.'. — Urawinjt io lelV shunlder,'. — Drawing in the 
ebuuJtIcnK aud u[>per arniii.'. — Drawing; and boring io lel'i hlioulUer,*. — 
SevfPtMUid frequent prewiirp insbouldcr-joinUi,'. — I're.'*9urcaiKl drawing in 
riKbt (Jmulder,', — [Iw.] VioIciU ]m'ssiirc on tho njjbt Hlioiildor-blade.T — 
Vii)l«o( prtwure iu tbc Itft sbonlder. whou wfllkiiic.'-— l'r«*urt in the 
ri^ht d(.-tlaid utBcIe, with feeling i*( nurtoth nliirb cxtcude into the 
fingem,'. — (stitching in rigbi axilla, during rert,'.— Burning io th« inner 
tide (if right ami,'. — Drawing in ibu skin •>( ri^ht u|)|>L'r arm,'. — Hiiiohing 
in tli« u[>i«r |>vrti<>u id" tlie Ivlt arm,'. — ^Violeiit boiing above ilie right 
elb«w.'. — Dmwiij^' in Ivft clbiiw-juint.'. — Preswure abi»vf ine riKbl idbow,'. — 
QTO.] PrL-sMirvt in rigbt ot bow-joint.'. — I*r(-».nrf in Itft tdbuw-joini,', — 
Prpwurc in both tdbow-joinls, during rc»t,'.— Vivlcnt iir<*»urti Jn btnd of 
left cIIm.w, when milking,'.— Prefletirr in Irft rlbowjnint, unci into the fore- 
arm, during rvsi,'. — (Vtniinual itressiire iu the ri^ht elltnw-jdint, during 
r*«l, dpt'n'i»niii;j on mulitm of liie ami,'. — Violent tearing in left elbow- 
joint, n-lii'vvil bv nii>ti4>ii,'. — BruiMsl piun in riglit t- i bo n -joint,'. — Fuiu, its 
Ironi vrwiriiif*e, in lowor [>art uf loft fon-arm, . — Cunvtaut [luin a» I'nini 
vn.-uriitL->¥ in right forenriii. with incmued st'iit-ution of wurmtli,'. — [180.} 
Bnraiug pain lu ukiti of dorsal oido i>f Jcft forearm,'. — Boring in tower part 
of left, liircarni,'.— Violent ))rei«UTe in the right forearm,'.— Very (iBinful 
prw&'urf iu boih tbrmrniH, when lying quiet.' .^Violent preAiure in i.Uo fore- 
arm and elbowdoint, when sitting,'. — Fre.*iure in left flirfnrm, dtiriiig r«tt 
i>r the part,'. — BniiM.-(l (i«in In riiihl lorcuriu, during; nu>l,^. — Prctmrc in 
ihc li'ft wriat, llieu in ihc rigbl.'. — Frwwuro iu right wrist, then in left, when 
tfitting,'.— l*re*«iirM in both writfl*, during rest,'. — Pressure iu ihe right 
wristl, during rwt of tbc part,'. — [180.] Pressure in wri«luiid ellHiw-joints,', — 
C*ild baudt^, blue nail-, with heal in lh« fure and mr:-,'. — CoiiHtunt tilinrp 
burning iu the skin of (lie back of the right band,'. — Dmwiiig in biin*^ of 
right hand, with sinjialifui as if ibey wurf hrukeii,'. — ■Biiming in tip of left 
liltlu linger,'. — Boring io llie bouta of the right tiiipers.'.— Boring in the 
Tw\» of the left fingHr*.'.— Boring in the right linger-joinla.', — Violent 
buriug in the (in>t joint nf the left index Snger, during rest of the part,'. — 
TeneioD in the routd of the fingerc,'* — f300.] Teuatou in the roobi of the 
right Rngent,'.— Villi en t i<tretrliiiig iKn.Haliriii in the right fingers, when 
walking,'. — Seimtion of Blretehing apart in tin* root* of the left fingers, 
afterwani;! in the left wrinl, nh^'n lilting,'. — l>rawing in the rwt* of the 
6ogtr>,'. — Drawing in thu roota of thu left fingcra,'. — Very |tuiufnl dmw> 
iiig iu the right fingers, when nitting,*. — Drawing in llie niota of the left 
Gugvre, when walking and silting,'. — Pressure in the seeond joint of right 
thumb,'. — Pressure in liic jo'ota of the right little finger,', — Violent tear- 
ing in the n^rond joint uf the right itmitib,'. — Violent siilchiiig in left 
finger-li|i>,'. — |,2l0.] Vioieni siitrhiiig. iw willi nPOiHej:., iti the tip of llie 
riphi little fihLir,', — Vir\- painful stitching in wvcrsil fingcr-joiiit*,'. 

JjfUrcK J-XttrrttlttirHt^Vam as from weariness in lcg» when fitting, 
cnuing while moving them,'. — Burning in the i;kin of right hip,'.— Pre»- 
iug in the biji-juint, when stitting,'. — Stitching iu the fleiih on Llie inuer side 



of llieleft thigli,'. — Pain in right knee. wTieo wa.ll:i»g-.*. — Hurniug in (lie 
Kkiii, above k'ft kii«?,sfl(?rwiird iibciv£>riLrlit knw,', — Borinj;iu the Itiie*?,'. — 
Boriug in riyht knee,'. — [SSO.] Vloleut oorinj; in the ri^ht knee,'. — Violent 
boring in right Unw. wiifii siltinp,'. — Drawing in \fi\ knec,\ — Pivssiim in 
riiflil knee,'. — I'n^siireiiiioft knoe.'. — I'ri^isiimiii rijrlitkn<f .!»*iJ'hn»keii,', — 
Boring prendre iu lh«» Liioe;*/. — I*pe*iiip, liiiriiif; rmt, in tht? !cft knoc,'. — 
Vittk-ul prwiaurc in riKht kaw;, when i<ittin^,'. — Pn-Murc in tbu ri^ht koro, 
B.fl«rwttru« in the U'ft. wh«n sitiing,', — [230.] Culling In llie skin nbove 
ihe l<?n knee,*, — .Siiiciiing in ibe Hush uhove right knee, on the inner 
(■id*,'. — Ver^' i^ainlul stitching in left knee,'. — Stilchiujc iu ]el\ knee, vrhen 
Mitting.'. — Stitchft* ill lell knee, when walking,'. — Hiifning in itkiii of right 
wilf.'. — Buriiint> in )«kin of Ipft calf,'. — Roring in ihp tinisD,', — Bonne iu 
th« hiwcr pnrt of left libin,'. — li(irin)», fiwi in right tibia, then in left,. — 
[840.] Boring in left tibiiL,'. — Boring in left tibiu, when eitling,'. — Buring 
in skin of right calf/. — Violtni boring iu k-ft tibia, when sitting,'. — Ccm- 
atniil violent boring in left tOiin-buno, when sitiing, '.^Drawing iu the 
shlna.'. — Drawing in the right tibia,'.— Drawing in centre of left tibia, ex- 
tending into the ankle,'. — T)ra»'ing in !o»vr nart nf riy^ht uliia.', — Draw- 
ing inlriw^r part of left nhiii-bonp,'. — [SSO.] Drawing in left tihiti, dnniig 
ffeir,'. — DrAU'iiig in r-nlvo*,'. — Pivsutiircin hiwcr part nf hift tibia,', — Bdriwg 
prnwiirc in the tibiw,'. — Cutting in u fiinntl spot of the ^kin of the right 
libiji,'. — Puinlt::« LTL'pitus. as from rubbing dry kather, below tho inner 
bon« of right ttnkle, wliou Iving stitl,'. — Boring about the right aiiklu,'. — 
BoriiiC in right ankk, whenslaiidii.g,'. — Mucti boring in the right ankle,'. — 
Drawing in Tell nnkte, when iyin^r down,'. — [260.] I'n--^iiro in niikh-t* when 
»itlii)g,'. — Prelum in right ankre-irtinl, (luring r<TH,'. — Prtwiiim' In (he left 
ankle, when titling (iwvernl limeji).'. — Framing in the ktlnnkl*,'. — Vinlont 
boring ill right gtvat toe,'. — Boring in the hone on right sole.'. — Violent 
buriug in k-ll ht-cl,', — Boring in doraunt of right fool.'. — Violent iMirtng in 
bcMh sides of the richt tendo Atdiillis, when sitting,'. — Violent, lotig-huiling, 
and repeatetl boring in lb« right oe eald^,*. — [S70.] Br>riiig in left 
oe calci.^.'. — Boring in lower part of right .-thin-bime,'. — Dmwing in left 
bee!,'. — Drawing in the right fool, from the *oIe to the tijw of the loeu, 
when Miting,'.— ilrnwing in inner filge of right foot, then of tho loft, when 
tfitting. in (he eYcniug.'. — Druiring iu the toes,'. — Prewmrc on right fool, 
when eiiling,', — Violent prcasurc on doraunt of left fool,'. — Tearing in the 
Mile of right fool.', — Anile stitehiiig and burning iu the hall of llie right 
foot,'.— [280,] Stitching in tho toes of the left foot,'.— Violent stitches in 
the bulls of the U»n,'. — Sireicliing-annrt wn«*tion in the right toes'. — 
Viuleiit Ijoriiig in |ilatitnr !*iirfaeo of right grejil toe, during r«i, ceasing on 
moving ihd too, hiil again felt a* i^oiiii ai- Hui Iw ix (|niot,'. — Drawing iu 
right toes, when Hilling,'^. — Drawing in right tow when walking or fitting,'. — 
Deepseatei) drawing in Ictt grtal toe,', — Cutting and boring in left greni 
t«c,', — Cutting in tip* of right toes, when sitiing,'. — Rtitelung in the hack 
of right great too,'. — [290.] Slit<?hiiig in tip of right great toe,'.— ."^tilehing 
in the lip» ofriehl tow.'. — Htitehing on the end of left great Uh>,'. — Hlilch- 
ing ill right toe?. — Stitching in the enclj> of the toes, when sitting,'. — Stiu-h- 
i»g in ti|i« of right ino','.— ^sharp elitchea in the usually paiulew bnuiuuti, 
tthili> filtiiig in cai>>' ^hoc*,'. 

OenemlltleH, — ticneral incrcnac of secretions from the stomach, in- 
testines. «ndkid»evfl,*. — Oreat.ceiieral.liing-laatingea'thiam,'. — .\eeelerated 
L-iroulatiou,'. — [3dO.] L>asBituue,'. — 8«tuatton of general weftkn^ii and div 


MRifort. u if !i(>l:ii(«> were romiiii; on,'. — Great- w<^akii««8 on ristog ta llie 
luoniinv. Uiuugli ultor rr^ttut; well, uhk-K lastn fur aa hour,'. 

fever. — Rumarkablc c<iltlii(»9 in the liack,'. — Remarkable and long* 
I&6ttii^ hw>i f>r tlie skin.'. — Inlemal WHrrntli,*. 

COHrtWfOiW.— AggravatiOD.— i Jtendinif hentl to rir/ht), Tciiaioii, etc., 
in nmf*l«-a to It'fi nC nape nf nwk. — I Whai lijiuy lioiem, Drawing tu left 
«iikK*.-H Whtti ttihiij ijiiirt (, PresKiire in Ixilli fun-anti^ : nv|iituH below right 
anklc-lMini'. — ( ( )it •Ji'jht tnotiou), Knpirl, etc., IwaWof heart.— (Mm'"^ waf), 
All sviu|>tom«reniurknh!y afKravatfJ; [luia m left wall of thurax; r<-ii.sion, 
rtc 111 inustliw Ui U-tl lit" iiajw of ncuk : pain In jciinu of anus, elr. ; i>iitrhiii;f 
in right axilla; pnawurv in hiithelhon-juinU; pressure in left <>ltx>w-ji>int; 
{pressure in H^ht elboiv-joiiit : pain in ri>:lit foreurni; prvwurc in both 
wrists: ilrawing in left lihia. — l Durini/ mit nj thf fnirti. Pressure in left 
foraarni; pivh>Mru in right wrii^l; huriiin}r in juiiitul' indox finjiior. — (C'oittnet 
trith MsiU4 fMnt\, I'aiii Miitid upper ini!i»ore, — ( Wlu^n ^fittiiig), Hoavin«f^ 
of forehmd ; drawing tn fronuil iiune; eiiiling pain abnrc forehcmJ ; draw- 
ing in nglil chi^>k; ftiitehes in njol-i of teeth; \iam above left clnvit-If*; 
prbjMure iii fontirRi, etc.; presaiiro in ri^kt wriu, olv.; sen^iatiuD of V'treU.'ltiiig 
aiwrl in roots ortiii^-n>. vlc.:<lmwiii;r in ri^fat fiu^en<: drawing in ruoU ol 
n^tt fintreri; )ain in k'};>;pn.i«Iii^ in hip-juiul;^rinjrin rij/jK/timrpreAMire 
in righl knee; ktiU'hiiif; in left knee; fmriiig i'm trft Ubiit; pre^^ure in Hnkli«; 
pnvsuro in left nnkle; boring in buth ^id^-^ of tendo Aehillie; drawing in 
i^Efat foot; in evening, draniii;; in inner rdgu of right fiHit, elr. ; pm^etni'e lai 
right fool ; (trateiiig tV rlgltl Uit* ; eiiii ing in right tne-tijia ; utitohing in loe- 
litw. — \ Whfn iitting nr uxili:intf\ Ticklifijiin Inrvitx.cle. — I Whilf Mnnttwij), 
Violent Ik-hIs of heart, t-lc; boriag in tt^hi ankk-.— '. ^pc/^ni^), Bnriiiri){ '\u 
t^iceks; rajiid, ete.. heal? of heart. — i Ti/uch<. I'liin liehiiiil upper inei^ors.^ 
KM vrijialitiff I, Cutting in end of ur\?ilint. — {ii'/im Hvi^-in*;), Boring in 
nriiital bone ; «(ilihQi> in wall of thorax ; pr«unn> in clit^t ; pv«tiaure in left 
rboulder; prcAsnrt^ iu bend of elluiw ; ^tivtrhing ^ea«itii)ii in right fingvr»; 
drawing in n>t)l» of right fiugfrx; pain in kiiiv; xtjirlx^ in IHI knee; draw 
iO(r in right UMft. — < Conliirt wUtk tcann JMid), I'ain l)chind npiwr inei^tora. 

AmelloratiOtt, — l il'hiJr, n»/i«yl, Uuliie« (if tt-elh ctusi-e.— I JMi'on 
iJarm), Prowurtin right elhow-jirtiil ; (curing in left elbow-joint. — ^Mwiiig 
Ue pari), Pain In legs. 


Auric mlpbide, Au^- PrrpamHon, Trituration:*. 

Authorily. Molin, Biill. d. I. t^o. M«l. Horn, dc Paris, 1. 28. 

Mind, — Dftfire for solitud*. — Gh.">oiy. nuxidU;^, wrck-hed didpovitiou. — 
Dii-i'u^t fur life. — Vexation, — Kitde, dir-agn-onlde luuud. 

/f «!*/.— Constant nodding of ihti heail. — Dizzinots.— ^ontinnnl nwh 
nf blrHxl (o the hmd. — Great tti'hing uf th« head, cspveially at night. — [10.] 
Ijincinalione iu the o<xiput. — Burning and 8[nart4ag of the ecaJp. — Falling 
off of the hair, 

lCye». — Beatings in the oyes. — Itcdne»i of tho lids. — Morning-nfrgUiii- 
■uttoQ of tlic Jid^. — Sty near the outer canthuc — I^ucinutiouF, itching and 
prieking of the lids. — Light is [minful to the eyes'. 

Kiirn. — Burning and luneiuHiiou in the ears. — [20.] r[ardnvB.s of 

jVotfe.— R«daeeB and awelliug of the nose — Crunte iu iho uoae. — Fro- 



?ufiit sn^exing. — Drv corvza. — BeatinB nud cultiag paio iu the iKwe. — 
jBiicmHtlijii ntid itcfiingurilic! muK;. — tirual tfciuiiivcuoMortlie ooaoto the 
Jwuii i^onraol. 
J'Weo, — PiilenoM of the face, — Kaeo covowd with red blowh*«.— [30.] 

Motif ft. — Numb leelmg in the teeth. — LnncioKtinnH, drawing, »ni) cut- 
liii;^ ]iain6 iii tho It-ctli. — Dull |Niin> wluHi \wfim in th4> njtpcr molftn, riM 
into tlit> wbi^U' b«.-nii, iiud then t;ij duwii iiilu tliv Icutb a>;Aiii. — UodDOM, 
Mfti'llirig, ftiid litit-iliii^ of tht- fjiim!'. — DiKculonitiou of llic tuii[;u«- mid 
jriiriiH.— A|ilLlli)t uu tbv iusidv ol' ibt- chifoks uiily, willi ^niarttn^ uii<l lun- 

77irort/,— Swelling of the thyroid gland. — I'ain in the p-irotids. — Ijnn- 
ciiiiiliitn and drawing iu (h« ibniHl. — [40.] Ditfii'ull degliiulion. 

SUmiarh- — Limw of iiiipctif. — I'fgoiit ibin«t. — TiWcUw, wanry »mo- 
tntiuiij^. — Wftlcry eructnlioue liwliiig id' llic iugt-atu. — I-V^Ufut hiccough. — 
Nuimlmi. — lurliuiitiuii to rumit shortly alW t-uliug. — KxtruiuuJjr *low dijcut- 
lion. — lU-ni and lauciuatiuus io ilie aiumach. 

AhiVuneiU — [SO.] Liincinati<MH in dilTerent parte of the abdouco 
aliiHit tilt; wairtU — I .nnr-inatioit^ and dniwiiigH in tJic right hyinirboiidriuni. — 
Intlaiioii of ilii* alMloim'ti, with tendi^riiesti tn touch. — Sensai-ioii of a hail 
rolling in the ahdonu'ii. — .SvUKHtion ait if ^uiitcthing woi-i' i.i-jiniig in tho 
altdohicii. — On etuiidiiig up. it »it'in.s lu if ■'Diui-lhing would fall out of thv 
boiiy, — Dull imiiiH in ilu'byn<>gii.<itriiiiii. — l^iii-inulioii!) in ilichvp'igiislriuni. 

Stwtl and A$iHH. — I /.iix-i nations, druwiiig», t(iiiriii)^, Udiing. and 
outiing [minh al tlu- axtat. — St'xdn lik« nthbitn' dung. — |60.J C')n^ti))atil>a. 

Vrinitt'if Ot'tfantt, — Nocturnal vuurvniid. — TliicK. yellow, red, and 
8»ndy tirini*. 

Se-xttaf OvtfauM. — {Mnh.) Vtv({\\fni ^^(.'<^tioll». with do*iir« for an 
ciiiljrui.'i', but ix.-a.->iiig iuiiiirdiatolr. — IiujhiIcucv. — llt-at, enmrtliig, und lun- 
cirinttnnN in llio pi>ni>i. — Painl'nl swt-lllrig of l-hc U"iticli'*.— (/"VnHi/f, i Hcd- 
m^s atid swidiing of tho vulva. — Moisliirfi of ihc rulva and urniind the 
ginni*. — HvAviiK-vs of the gvnituU iu femnluf. — [70.j Iloat, Inncinativoji, 
and itching uf tbi^ viilim. — Thick, yellowiuli k-ucorrlKra, cajitHrially in the 
niuniiiig.-~Irn.>gtilRr nionftnialiun, Konii'tinit'x lou siKin, winipt iniuM rc- 
tnnlt'il. — Su|)[ti>.WK)u of thi- incuHes. — tSeiisitiviMicss of iJio uterus to tlie 

livM/ttrntitrtf Ajtpfirntug. — TToampnftw. — Dry omgh. — Nightly 
pariixynmo of Imtd ('l>ll^I^l. — Ki\-i|Mont ihiric (<oiigh, pspocially in had 
weather. — Thi<:k cough, with yellowish ix(R'ct«mtn>u.— -[80.) Hard euugh, 
with Mcanty expcctorution of piirt blund. — Tliick cough, tlay and night, 
with iiisii^d vollowiith expectoration. — Difficult rc^pirutJou. — Hulliwative 
allnt'k^ nt night. 

Chest, — Swiiliiiig of the bn-asti*; tbpy are pninful to touch. — Crackfl 
on ihi' nipjile. — [.unciiijtiionM and pricking uiidtrr the cIavirli-».— c^niarling 
and lani'iriation- in (he minindt iif the bn?Hf'1^. 

Ilea ft ft Iff I Pulne. — I'alpitatious whcu uaccnding a height, wh«u 
ruriiiing, ntid atlcr al I vinlciii movcmeuti. — Dull paius at the heart, — [SO.] 
Laiirinatinns at tbii heart. 

Ntck and Bacfc.—Pum whew turning the neck. — Ctitting pains aiid 
hnrriiiig in llie buck. — Ttuiriiig seiinnliun along the f>pine.~-lAiiciiisLioiu, 
pricking, and tieat in th>.> )ui(i». — Bruised feciing iu the lulus. 

Upper EjctrcinltU'M, — J?uirne*(of the nrni».— Cnttiug i>aiini in the 



(jniw on roovioK tltoin. — T^nHniitioti!« ami tcamti^ puiiu iii the arta. — Rod- 
new mil) ^wflliti^ ofilic iNick oi'ilii' ImtiJ. 

Lowrr ETtreutitieti. — {.100.] I}itiii.nilly in vmlkiug. — StiBnias id 
iht thi{;h<. — I^riciiii>tii>ii>t in tlu" U'^,— Swcllinjr of tho feet. 

Oetttil*alftiiit*, — HuifrgiTiHK jinil. — Pninfiil wearineBH, aloinaclmche, 
ftwl DaiL'ca bvforv the apiicanilirc of the menses. 

ATA'/il. — Red pimples oa Uie faoe. — PimpIoH on tbe lip«, with lient uid 
*lu>rt etiU'liCs. 

Sleep and Dfenntfi. — 8kv|»iiii.'» iu ilnvtinn.-. witli niirturnal imke- 
foliirv-- — Ni;;lilly rwllwsiiOfW. — t^^O.] Troubltwuiue, frightful dremiui.— 
Drrnm* il'thir^-os, ugniviein'', oic. 

ConHitffiMH. — AggraTatioas. — (iforning), IjCMrarrhtwi. ~~{ Night), 
Ftdiin^ of brad; iiitTM-ntive nilacks.— < IFiAcM atrt^iilinp). Palpitation of 
hmirt. — (Afitr entingi, Iru'Iiniition to rnmil. — (Hffar* m'-it*f4)^ Puinftil 
wcKriiicw, vAt.^^APvr vioUnt moiviMnU], Pnipitutiou of heart. — ( Oi% tnvv 
Mjr (AofMH). Puis in a-rms. — (, irAmi r«M»i»3), Pulpitatiou of heart. — (./« 
hii vtatker). Cough. 


Sjpnnyiff't Jiumatitif (Spongin pciUi^triii, Litm.). Pwtwii Protoawm of tbfi 
uiiitiAl kitiirdoiii. Coiwrnm ii'inif, Frc^h-iviib-r ^|m>ii^-. Jtiuvlun tiainr, 
BiiilintriL PTffpartilhn, Trinmitinii iif iIr- ilrlt^il:<poii^ )^ub(frud in niKUlilu. 

AuO<'>ritUjL (Ht-ring't ltt-tmii% tUhn. Monthly, 2, 1£!.) 1, O. Liiigen, 
e&xte observed from iritumting the dru^; 2, 1a Bcdfurd, pmringa with 
thr 30ib dil. 

Itffiift. — A mnan orshrif-k, (t»ii!wnI by iho pain in the aide/. — In xpilo 
of ihf h'-u-laohe, he id Mill vlvur in lii^ utiud, nud morv iuciuicd lo moutal 
Bctivity than hcfure.', 

Uerul, — l><dl, diKy fwliug of heud,'. — Huadachi.', does out affect the 
aiiml,'.— ileadacbe ri>uimeDcinc between 1 and '1 p.m., lai-tiii^ till hetwceu 
H and 7 in the evening (wventn and ninth d»y.'»).', — Ilcndarhe with iu- 
dainpd eyes,'. — During [ho day, more or \vs» ht^tlache. iri'tA pwm in eyrintih, 
Wdiw? in ihrt left ; nrnro frxni 1 oVloi-k in th*t nltornoon (ill 7 in (he cvoii- 
IDf; (>»ixtfa duy>,'. — Brwhrh'' from 2 I'.M. till 7 a.m., ici'M i-iif/ht wiiinff pains 
111 (Ac fjKoterior portion »f both ryebalU, aiid ill the templea I fifth day I.'. — ■ 
Hradaobe. iiii-yia, and some other sytapionis. iM-tter on the HflAeiith day, 
let^ during tbe al^erniKin twelfth day>. Dull duriiij^ ihu afttrnuwu. l>c- 
einnin^al 1 u'dok ( thirteenth <lay>,'. — [10.) Floadurhi' mid .■<oRncs!« oflhd 
body, ararravated fruiii 7 to lo in the eveuiufr. on a miiiy duy (foiirleeulli 
day) ; flight nn the firi<vnih duy, t'n)m I to 'i in tho nfternoon (sixteenth 
day).'. — FrMituI hcadocbe, duriug the forenoon, wdntr in the temples, nnd 
eztendinij into (Ac poiUrrior portlun of the Iffi ri/i'bii/t, aijrfnxitited fcy muvinif 
Uu eyrg (leiiih day) ; the ttame un Uie eleventh day, but worse in the atler- 
OtWQ iiDtil late in the ereniitg; th« imnie the tbirtveiith day, vxlendin^ to 
WA c^f^MiJlii, tif/j/ravntiitl III/ inoi'iiif/ Utrm in tithrr dirtHion; vtumi in tiie 
afteniooQ. with b««t in ttM forvlinad and dull aohiiig in th<! temples,'. — . 
Durine til* afternoon, huat, pain, ami (v^nf^ej^tinn in the fijrebeud, wr^" at 
7 m the evening (tenth day),'. — Congesu'on in forehead,'. — In furvlivud, 
drawing,'. — in teitiidesandcyehalU, pain; to the templet^ from eyt-hHlU.'.— 
A very iievere headuche on the top of the bend, retniiing th« 8ame in all 
pw4ti<.>u9, better ul uifrht ajivr tlerping, and better Iu the momiag, ratuni- 



ing violently nfterhreaVfajit, lasting upveml doyi^ C. TTp, — Spalp»orp lo the 
toui'li, u-ilh t4>ltnr-like cniptioii on the farrhend, aixl Hnll, diiixv twling of 
tlie lita>l durinj^ the luK'tiixiii (Iwclflh dav); itoruiif^ li-^a on lliv filliKiith 
day.'. — Itdiin^ of tlio M-al|i. nitli tiiiicti iltniiJnifr, likv ti^tlvr. nnd clryU4?Mt 
uf thu linir, ttiirtvmilh lUv; tt^'tlur \v». uii itii? fifh.i'nll) ilny ; nil (lit>u|)|K>»K>tl 
00 Ike «cvcu(«catti (Ihv ; Iiair n^Hin #i>li itnd uily : lhi» ivhulc cbantjv ukin;^ 
pIntM! la.*: nijiiil mosriy.'.— An t:xrv>» of dandnilTar dry Irttflr-lilte appear- 
ance oCtlie Hcalp, with ^lit'^ll itrhinc IpIlvimiIIi ilavt,'. 

KyeM, — ^^20,] I'nHer the f-vM, nine,'. — Kcrofiilum inflammation nf tho 
i-yw, wilh liai'iliMiiiit; ul* iKi: M<.:iWttiiHn ^tuixl?. N. N.— Tlu- ri(;hl eye iii 
iiritaM-d au<l Mjrnen'liitt iiitl«m«-il, willi lieuiliidiu iliiriuf; the ul^erixxtn, 
iwtuv a» ihf M'vetith luiJ i^^i^lilli *hiy«,'. — Rltiinh-fiurple nwrijin »{ tUi^ rtftiii*, 
ami btinra€f» tinrfiT Ifif oyo (twelfth tiny (,*. — 'LVitclling oi' f hu lelt tyeliil,'. — 
Ht4ulnr}ir ertfpHing Ui the rvi-io//*,'.— I'ain in Irfi (:yi-liiill (Voiii leiiiples; 
from fiirvhcu'l.'. — I'niii in llic li'ft cyi*hnll mid lenip](>, oiiiip iicvi'n>, extend- 
ing to the left *ide ol'ihc hofld and iorcheiid (elcvenlh (iayi.'. — l*nin» in tho 
«VL>l«lln extending iutu thi* tenipin). n^iinivatcJ bv tuniiiiR lliuio in vithi-T 
direction (ninth day(,'.~~Al 'A p.m., in iht? iWHt^nor portiuii uf the right 
. eyuhall, a teveri> iutcmiitltng [min, more or k** aevere during thf atleniuua 
(tbini day); tmme.siitl in temple (fourth dayi: in letl t<y« (tiixtli day),\ — 
blight arhing pains in the poNWrior (xirtiini "f both ryeball.* and in the 
lomplm <wilh hpadnehv from '2 t'.M. till T in the nmrning), (fif^h dav).'. — 
|_30, 1 7'A-! Ufi ttjfhnU quilf Mfrf, f:vt*i tipon eln»\»g it ^i'jMy I iw<'lfth day),'. 

JHftrit, — During the nrtcrnoon, very slight nhocke hntnl in Mir rar 'm of 
wry iii»i(inl arlilfert/ (niuvtvt^mU day^ ; the Mirue three nr fuur tinieii durtitif 
oltfrHO'Mt and fpetiiiiq Uvau\\ii\\\ day); uecasioiial and mutueularily up to 
the [weiUy-afvenlh <lav.'. 

None. — Occa^iDnnl nm-ejiinn. with more prnfiiw curyiai, most nn the 
lofl iiide, wiih iJoeBnifitiftl Kt<i[i|iiige of the noaf ; wnntp in i\w aftomnou and 
cr«&ing <<'it;hth dny ),'. — .'<iimiuy nilh f^>ritfi nl linieii dtiriiij; the day, with 
n t-ougli lut trum euld, nioru diirinj; the: afieniutin i til\h diiv i ; rmigb eau)*iiig 
nieeiing and nntfufe eorywi i*L-Vfntli day),'. — Siu-eiinj:. lliiHit vorym. with 
stoppage at thetioscal tiniu.1 1. tenth day I,'. — i'mru!* diM-har^> from the 
leit ncnlrlt Uwulllli dav); tliiclc yello)V]!'li inueUK more during the after- 
noon; it id nlw) hawkeil up (Ihirti-oiilli day).', — llt» catarrh leweiMMl j»er- 
cp|>lil>ly,'. — Ciiryxa and cough (ninth day J,'. — Itching nf tho left wing uf 
th« t>0)T«,'. 

Far**.— Ri^. W«i/ or lead twlor afthe fatx (twiOftii day).*.— [40.] Ixrft 
ctieek and niiiliir hmip qnito wire to tb« touvh ^thirtevnUi ilayj,*. — 8llHhutg 
iu thi! nmKilhiry joinl-B. <.'. Hg. 

.W*>**//#,~ in u (U'tayeiJ iuick-touth, drawing.'. — T)urinf; the afternoon, 
Vtr miitilh Hint hrriith hit( fuiiZ/nrnWi, wHli tftift for Inr'jr i[tiiintilir* of wnter 
fit a limf (lentil day^,'. — Mouth and tonguo ae if ticiilded,'. — Bad taste in 
luuiilh. evening,'. 

Tlii'ont, — tlim'hfd up a vUcid mlid lump ofhlimdii mitnif in Ihr uuirn- 
tttff I twilllli "lay). Nosl djiy, when first gelling' out (if hwt, n nuiMof Imrd, 
t/lufi/, Minxlij mifiiJi, in»t}h nwl dri/ < ihirlitontb davi,'. — Throat infamM mid 
c»rr, iw[)<fi'iiillv »'u fwiiUowiiig, '2 r.M. (clfventli day) ; inerciu-iiig «ime day i 
<]nite iiitliitiied mid Hurt.'. e<(])Qnally on Awallowiitj;, nhile miiHt other nymp- 
loms are lietter or diHippearinu (twelfth day i,', — Thniat (juiie sure; loiiHtla 
rod and inHamed, ag);ravHtc-<[ much on awnllonitig; 2 r.M. <tliirleciilb 
day); e^jieciallv upon i<walli>wiiig poliil^ (runrtcenih day); disnpjteured 
(fiheenth dayl/. 


Stomaeh, — Good apiKititc, with \tf» t)iir!<t, nml with b ferlinf; as if 

UiL* iiKiulli mill tuiigiie iiiifl Wpii Hiiglitty M'Niiled witli titil ((.-h (twell^h 

LilitT),'. — But li»U' iipi'ptiU'; inrtk t<iai.i fur diiiiKT; Ht 7 in llio ovptiinn, for 

n/ta, a sniAll pirrv of toiu>t ;iiid «ti|i uf Ivn, vrith a bud appvtilc an<t hitd liwtle 

"in itip nicuih (elf-vpnrJi dnyj: bcltt-r oii iwi-lflli diiy,'. — Diminl^hf^l nppo- 

tiir-; hitwrU nipilivc; iiritre higii-c<ilorod i tenth ilny <,'. — Thirst I'nr Inr^ 

Honnliliv!- of »nl'.r.'.— fSO.] !..«» ihiret, witli a pxid a|>iif|iu-,'. — M H A.M., 

ft Bt'verc liiiirtnntin^ |uiiii ill tht pit nf llic ^ti)niai-h, eiiti?iidiii[r tn the vtrtc* 

bni oj)pu«iitv, and Uj the right iiai|HiIa, nnd ni iiiiie.4 lo ih^ Hi^lit side, ns 

Baltin)> III erf ill n |iK'iirtti(! piiin; ni«>, a |)lf>uri[io |uiiH on ihv It-ft Mill*, 

which, Of n«ll as on the ri);ht side, ieuKKra\Mit<,-d by cuatorliooeof tJie body, 

and oil fid] inspiration (Iculh dnyi.*. 

AMonirn. — A lancinniing pain, tritli a botitidint; movement in the 
n-Kiuu vi' llii- liver. laMing bot a few niiiintee (pijjlitli day t,'.— (lndur«t«J 
iD^iiuul };Iiuii1n Pttpiilar remedy,'^.) — (Syphilitic bidni in the Idl ^To'tn ; 
a loiij^tsh (tni'lliii-r a« hnrtl m u Hone, iiiteven. ragjrtffl, lik^ it iwirrhuti; at 
nitfltl, viuleiit lauci nations, n^ if uitli iv<l-li<>i noc-dW.^) Rotfotmu'iii. — 
(Bohon originating by consensus or cellular irrilatiQii, wilb chuoting paiie, 
if tappunitkiD liaa not commenc-ed, will rILsippuir in three darn r-oinplctely, 
if. wiln rnit, low diet, and cold liiml applicutioiini, the tincture nf lladinga 
i* tcivcii, inw drop in a litblopijonfid "f wnt^r, every three nr four hours,",) 
Kimiftfin. — (Biibw», witb decided ttiKtiiiitioii, art- rrattcni) aud nU-uirbed 
from kix dro|ie t(f the liu«.'luiv evvry day in water,".) K(MCii»teii]. — < Ilsuiuur* 
rhoi'L-. T'lpnlar ronn-dy,*^.) 

Vrhinri/ OrffntiM, — Severe, sharp lancinating pain in and near lb« 
oritio- til' tlif uri'thra, ladling but a few iiiiniiteK, at luion (third day j,*.*^ 
L'rin*- liij.dM't^lon-^i (iciiih dnyi,'; and n-ddish (twoifth day I.'. 

Jiftft'lrtifort/ AjfparfrfiiH^l90.^ Itiruth ht4 ami fcvi-riab.'.— 
^Oeauiuiiai wiyrc fnirtAj'}/nnj< vj «piisinodic cudj^A, ejfttwg fund mucuii from 
the bvonrfiial tubn. whieh nt liuiM fom^ jUtiHff JhrrHtti oul aftJie moulfi, more 
duritii; the atVrno'in, mtued tfv « (itkiing iii Utt laiynx om if a. partieU of 
miyar uvt bnny Wwuo/i»'i( in tM ihnmi (uixtb day). Similar paroxysms 
during the wveiitb day, nt timfv cansirig i>iBf>eiing, with profuM- coryiia, 
rawt Iroiii left niKtril ; worrit iiOer I p.m. (wvenih day.) Durin;; tht> eit^litli 
day qnitc KVcrc, nion.' in the ulU-niuuu rt-iitbth and ninth iluye ),'. — C'oujfb 
with Ti'llnwi.tti mU4t»u» px|R-ctumii<)n ( tcntli day I ; not as severe the elcv- 
aith diiT, while oilieriiyraploinsare&httut tbe MOi«,and better in the warm 
room <e]eveDtb dayi; leM Mvere and lees frequent 'iweinh diiyi; much 
betli-r ( fi^iirtc^uicb tlay i,'. — C-oiiirli caui*ei» a Miwxing.'. — While lyiiii; on the 
right tide iu l)«x), Hiid at the iiimtieul of lM*«iniin^r tinciiiwii)ii<( by iileep, 
seven.' opprcjaiive «^utliK*ativv itltack^ fnmi xii^^pi-ncUil ri>ptnitii>ii. cnuMiig a 
tguick etfort to prevent sufliicatioo. by chan^iu^ |x>Hitioii. Thi» is an old 
HTniptom, a]^raratpd durinK llic piiM neck: he ollcn avoided going to 
UeMi ill HUrb a potiition on this aei'oiint (ci;;hieenth <lar I,*. 

Vhettt, — Pleuritir pain on full inspiration,'. — Fiiiii in the upper port of 
the rijrbt chi«t. (_\ H-r.^-Plenrilic [laiii, alw) on the lell (tenth day) ; in- 
cmMtl. wiib Hliichox in bolli eides. a^ninivatvd ou niuliiui or full inspira* 
tiuo, af^eruoon i tenth day); incmuiMl, with Hoivnc^a of tht? whole budy, 
eapMriallr the client; aggravated during the af)en>oon and evening (letith 
day),'. — A wvcn>, sharp, luni-inaling pdiiii in the right .itipnielAvii-ulnr re- 
gion, in or near the sulvlavtan nnerv, In^ting tieveml niinntcii diiriiij; the 
evening (ihiriecnih day); lulling but n few iniiiuti'* and lb« ncvcrc (four- 
tccDlb day): acvurc lauciuuLiog druwitig fmm three to live miautca, 9 



o'dock, ovoniDg (fiflMnth dftv); flight, for a miniile ftt ft lirno, till the 
typciitT-sewnili day,*. — Severe i>tUcn» iii Uic Hiles, fwppcinlly tin- nRht 
side, i'nkni lb« iteveiilh to ttio dglilh rib. ii){(rra^'aied liv tlip li-jutt mniion 
(tenth day I; wsvore, espwnally in the poslorior pdrtioiiorHfrht mdn; ncillHT 
»oreui'w iiur stitrhva riinmiuiiig iu ttie kl\ i-ide { ihirtwiith duy I : thi- right 
tid<; al.'^i tn-ttiT, aii<l iiiaiiyiflhcr^irmjiloiiia (Tourteciitli dnr I.'. — [70,] Dtinog 
tho iiriiTiiwiii, tM.-vi'rL> t^tiU'hi.'^ in tho ^iAvn, mjiOL-iRlly ihu |)o«l<'i'ii)r porliuu 
of thi< I'iffht side, nggravnt(-<l hy the slightont mtition, with s^vore acnon »a*l 
pmitn ill viiriiaifl yan^ ot llic hmly (rli^venth ilayi; all p>iie i.xixineiith 
uny I,', — I'uiii in tfie rijrht, tadf only on coiilortion* tit' ilie body ll'nurtPi'iilh 
d»y 1,'. 

Heart amt iVf/j»e.— *St\cro, vibraliuK, trcnmlmi* paI|Htali«ii of the 
head, even whilf aitiiii); or lyiii^ quii-t. ti[Mtn the li-».'*l riatin}; nr ulher 
omul ion uf th<! mind ^wi'lfth day],'. — WIiiIl' lying in bed, luri'tblt^ [>nlsatiunt< 
of the heiirt felt and hcflnl, extending from the L'liC8tMi> into the mi'k iipon 
tho ttli)!hleitt einotioii or thought (twoll^h dny^,'. — raliiilniion of the hrairt., 
with a H III I r ring and vibrating u\Km the ^ligbtesl emotion of the niiiid 
(tUirtt'onlh day i,'. — Oocnxional «|K-llii of »ev«r« jerking, flnttering pidpita- 
tioii ul' the lu-nrt. ujton u Huddiiii rlnting tlioiighl or i-niuliun of tht; iniiitl, 
even vfhilc »itting or lying (tilU'L-iilh day i.'. — To-iiijrht. while lying mi the 
rigliL tiidt', the heurt ih both hoard and fvlt to piilwite rroin tlu' cht-xt np lu 
the nork 'lilU^nth dnv','. — Midnight, while in hi'd, vihralinj; palpitation 
of t\K hciirl, liLHting ikut n few ininiili?', nlier wliirh. wliilo lyiii;: on the 
right )>ide, a Mtiiiuilittii a:* if tht> lowor IdIh; of the tt-O lung wa-" M'liling down 
or boiag collap«i'<l ; it ai)p(>nr(>d to hav« f^ltli'd from thns- to fuur ini>h»), 
liutiiig five otiiiutis, and HIM relieved byvliauKiiig pi»itiuu (twciity-euveiith 
day ).'. 

Jfeck and /tflrA".— rp into the nwk, imlpiuitiou.'. — A very atlir 
neck, ('. llg. — [80.J ijeni^iooal flevere dniwing imina in the n*!"*" of llie 
neck, iHHtiii)! l>iU a few niinnu^ al a lime (eighufnlh day >,*. — Slitihw and 
MiHiiewt in the nape of the in-i-k, aggravaHMl hy tlfxtng the head Itti-k and 
forth, or frit n few miiinteji at a time, whiU- •iitling i«till (wvontc-iilli day).'. 
— &rcfieM an({ /ameiirjv, mth »fHeJir« in the nupr of the neeic, nijyr^uvlnf by 
bendhiff the Jirad hiK^t: and Jnrtk (thirteenth diiy>,^ — l(iltliidiilar KWelltnga 
on tlie Idt aide of the fiiee, ihront, mid iieek, nearly nil of the aiw of a hen's 
egg. Kiin^ hard, some supixiraling; tliev di^ligiirvnl and enlarged the whol« 
region coiinidi^nibly since his tnirly youtli. now twrtity veun* ; ilOth, in otYen- 
miejiled dwws tfiuened it very iniieli, iiiom ihiiii liafl' the former itixe,°.) 
Fieltti. — In tho ncApohi, piiiii from pit of stomach,', — Severe [uiin in or 
near the head of the right acapnia, looting but a few mioutef- ( tenth day ),'■ 
— Painful drawing near the spiiu- toihe len.downwardu from the »hoiilder- 
blaile ; a ainiilnr aen^mtion in lh« forehead, and »lii;lil]y lu a decayed biiek 
lootb,'. — iSViWT I'tn^iu'ifin'j pnin* ntul ffili-hi' in flu- jtoMen'or ri'jht 'i'lr bfhtt 
the gnipuiit, tirjyriiixtiril rvr\j nuifii tit) ihminuij Ifir ibrmlilcr' fnifi <ttiil ihr ri\r«l 
/orwartl, or rvnUtrtioitr "J the buih/: at liincs elkiliiig a ninaii or tahnek, 
caiiiv-d by the pain (twcmh day i,'.— In vertebra, opposite pit of stotnaeh, 

rittiii from front to bnek,'.— I'aiii in the fimall of tho baek, liiTw, and lower 
inibs (eleventh day ).'. — [90.] In the afteraonn, sharp pain fell in tlic right 
kidney, Iniiiiig bin a few moinenu Uwniil-y-i'nvenlli day).'. 

ExtretnftieMt — Puiu in the front of tbtt MppeV part of the right 
shoulder, allerwardii iu the lejl !>hoiililer and arm. C. Ilg. — Paliiw u^ ilia 
hands hot and dry (leiilli day) ; dry and huaky luleveiith day).'. — Lower 
lin)b« pain,'. — Hips pain,'. — A pain in lh& right kn«e-joiot, ta«ting nbout 



WdrtT minntc^, 2 p.m. fnintli (l«y).'- — H»in in the loft knpo-joint nn going 
U]> vr (luwu euiin Uwclftli dny),'. — Sevvnil liarcl, small Iuu))j4 uluii^ the 
sliiii butiv, C Ug. — An iuti'miilling (mill iit Uit- iiiii«c1<3i uf llio Inwi-r nu»- 
tfriur tliirj i>l'tli« ritflil leg, willi a tore, niulractit). clumsy, bniiwd tWHug 
of the aulerior niueolce of the lo««r Uiird of tlic riirbt le^, vrtiirh ici aggi-n- 
vatf"*! by ilriiii^ ilie tiK>l. nnil gitin}; iipt^laire, wlien the (Dea have a lemlt-noy 
to limp iltiwii, a» if llie f(^>t wa.* nsWp, thiuiffb wirlimil llie m-b.'^aI ion tm if 
•kIi?<*P (»ixl)i <)ny 1,'.— Tlip inlfriDitliii^ pnih in thi^ ftfut^tar ntii^d^ uf tlio 
riplit lejT lift« iiol bi.-OD ft'll <f\iux yn<tcnluv, but tiiurc ii< nil u^-vniviitioi) of 
■11 ihi' Kytiipliims iu tlit' unlcrivr [Hirtiuii of' ibr Miniu k-g I»i)ay. L-^M-cially 
wliL'fi K'lini; uptilairs, wnlkiug ur Ui^xiu^ ihe fbut, su oa tu rvinltr il quite 
painUiI aiKl »u kijrard ' seveuib day ). The inn, numb. cIuntHV, bruWd feel- 
ing tri tlif ri^lit \t% tH aiiiolioniU'il by renmiiiiii^ ijuiet in tbf houi^o, ag^rn- 
vatM by p'inir up aii<) ilown f\a.\r* ^^-vcral tunoA during; thii nnerniMii. 
rrntlorini: U iK-is^sL-uiry \o p> up slowly, on no(!i>unt nf tbo min^rlniitty nf 
rtfp. lui'i tcinliin.-y ol" ihr lui-» Xq ilrop Jowa, vrbich ninki-s it iiftiwsury lo 
•tep liifi;her with llif rigbt fintl (ui^rblb day),'.' — [100.] A ]miu ruiiuiug 
frum tbe utitvriur of Lbe right leg tu the putttertur of the right ibigb, be- 
Iween 12 «'cKx.k and 1 m llie afternoon <uimb day),'. — The aoterior mus- 
clep of llii- rigbl. leg wre as if lieaieii. and a conlmt-l^ feeliug. sore upon 
gnin>r uiM'tain or nalking. with a ijumh fe«Oiiig while wttin^ or lying 
l,|i<ttlb <my). nw ounr^lant *.irc iiunih focliufr of th*- nuwU-:* of Ibc log 
(ujiiiuiicf Iu Xm marrorlcHi u2Kravali--d ut timt-'s, i-^jMX'iuUy on j;<)iiigu|> 
•loin, or tti-siii^ llif foot 'fifteen lb day>, Siirciiirss uikI miiiil>iic*» bi-ttcr, 
and only slighlly troublesome, oii going u[»taiis tMixietntb day),'. — I^ees- 
ened hard cellular ^melliui: of lnnn lejp*, C H^.,". — Severe crampy paios 
in iDetalar<iil Ixmi-r* uf huth fwi,'. — .Sbnrii, r-iitifiing jmiu in the piwterior 
twrliiin of the right bivl. agentriitiil b_v (tin yli^lik^t prowtiro. Ia>fliii<: but 
a frw miiiuto^ teU'vcnth day :,'.— Had ulivw o» tin- fwt of hoivc*. ( r'>j>ul»r 
ifBitily,''.) — Hurts of the hu(t|fl of Ixinfcv. i t'opuhir n-mcdy.**. ) — In toes, 
a tendcnry to dn-p domi as if asleep,*. — Cbiiblaius. (Popular remedy,*.) 

(rt^nei'niit it^H. — During lbe iiftenioon, severe oehia and paiim in 
various |)arts uf Lbe Itotly. with uevcre :*lileb<e« ia the .lidev, c?|ie<'ia]ly the 
pw4ertor jxirliun uf the right »ide, uggravaiei] by the Kligble?t luoliou 
(elevtiilh davj; all |jou« (sixteenth duy).'. — A tfenmtl mrrurM» uj tht 
muvie* ttiifi inttffumrnfn of I he wUofe hoiiij, eKpecially the iuti?gUR)(nr«, ag- 
gravuti-d on mutiiin, and fs^peeiallv )iy the frieiioti of the elotbe!' icighih 
day), h'lriji tint! itilfffiimrnln /iW Korr to Wmch, rrtti vf ikr cfollir*. «ith )U*u- 
Htiveiititi Ii> enld and eold air I ninth day ). Sore an tj' it hwl htfn hiMtbrn, 
anii wr>t eTHKitive to fo»r/i or the frit^-liuu uf the trlatbe:* (leiith day); \a^ 
during ihe uftcrnoou (tM'i'!t\b diiyj : al»u less •4-iiaitive Iu cold and to cold 
air, and In touch (ihirtceiith dav) : nil goue (sixteuiuh day f,'. 

Skfn< — On forehead, tetter-like ei-uptinn,'.— Itching oil scalp,'. — [110.] 
Borvfuloiifl di.'ea.-4>t>. gmrlictilarly mvidh-ii glands. [Popular renii-ily,". ) — 
Bniii*-d wjoM.-* from fiilU ur lu-ittg W'Hteii. > F'opiilar prnnily,^,) — !-M.'ii8ittve 
t<> eold and cob! air,'. — Krictioii of clnthcft nggravatin soreiieas of skill,', — 
Klch and !>kio sore to the touch ; cheek ami malar bone,'. 

Sirfft Htitl I>reamH, — Ilestlra* uighl. could He a idiort time onlv in 
00* p>k»itiu», on nceouiilof anrene^ of the niu.uelefl and whole body (el«v- 
eath and twelfth daysj,'. — Awok« with frighlful dreami>. and n.-ver>> cnimpy 
[wiuB in tJie tnclalarsal boucs of bolh fvi-l, laatmg from fillci-n to twenty 
minutet, ul 3 to 4 o'clock (,tliinl day;,'. 



J^evfiy. — Hent in TorehfiRd,'. — Feveritili hr>t breatb ftad mouUi in after- 
uouti,'. — Hoi aiiti dry ))ulim uf haiide,'. 

Conditions, — Aggravation. — iMimnurjX Hnwkinp bloody luvicus; 
wIiGii tii^l ^ifttiiii; ii|>, liHwkin^' tnitwt of lilimily miiruit ; ^ o'clwk, )iuiu in ]ji( 
or AloinKcli. — {Poreitoon}, Kivutill licailiichc ; dull, etc., feclinc "f hpiid. — 
(i\'iwn f, I'liin in tircthru. — {AJirnwi-m), Bctnt'cn 1 uml 2 o'clock, hc»<lnche; 
1 lu 7 oVlitck. hiradaclie; bpgijiiiin^ aL 1 nVlnrk. dull headai'lie ; uatil late 
ID uvuniiig, froHlrH headache; l>t>Ht, el*"., in I'orohrnd ; Ut 3 o'clnck, |)ciili in 
evt-'bull ; sliocktf iu lli« «ai' ; Mifi-uog, etc.; diM-liur^'e of rnucuo frt'iii uii»- 
Iril ; iitiiut)), i-u."., hot aud fevcrisii, etr, ; 'iw'fliK^k, wiru llimul ; j«trT}i%)mn» 
o/eoutfh; Kiuw, ittV'r I t>'rl<K-k ; [uiiii iu kidiu'V ; 2 u'oluvk, juiiii in kuw; 
IHiiiiii in vrtHmin pitrU. — tAjt^fttoon ui»'i ewuing), Shocif Awiprf in Mtf*; 
Mit^ung, (.'tf. ; pU-uriti<- fiUtr\ttv.—iKi!etiirig), 7 Ut Hi o'rlin^k, (tn a raitiy 
duv, lieiulnchp. elc ; 7 oVliick. Iicat. eir.. iu li>reheiid ; bud tanw in month ; 
jiititi in iiuj>rn<-laviculnr rcgimi ; !) orlurk, wvore drawing in aanie. — 
{MiJiilifhl). ill ln>d, luilpitiitiuuiff tlic hvntl. — i2 l-.M. tiUl A.Ml, Ucadudie, 
etc. — i AKrcuding aUiirn), Pn'iu iu rlKhtlt-g; nnrv iW]iag'm\egi numbneas 
in U'ff. — {^Bewiiap heitil bark and /orlh),^:Uvhi:*,v[v., in nape «f iwok ; 
mri'Mff. etc., in ihfl tame,— (Bendi'ny fool). I'niii iu right leg : ournbncM in 
iHitnt.-. — {Afler brcai:j'(ut\, Hfadacho on Ion of hcnd return?. — [fhulorlivM 
ofbftlg), I'lpurilif jiain ; pnin in right giaf.-~i Frirthn nfeiiiiht*^, SnrcnriDi 
of skin. — (.i'tj/V in»piratian), J'/mrilir pnin; in at^'rumm, plonritir lililrhra. 
— { Whiie i*fiug w\ riyht «'dc), In IhhI, at inumvnt of Ux'umiii^ iiiicuiiiK'iuua 
in siee)!, i^ultixiitivi* HUuckn: puli?atii.>ui:i of Iicurl bcurd, vU:.; wu»iitii>u in 
!ua)(.— < Mf-ufiU emiitiwt or thought ), S|>clli« of pulpilalinu.— ( Mvtion i, >^ilrhrt 
in »i'l'^^; s<n\-iR« of mueolee, etc.; pains it Tsriuiia piirt*.— I.Vwi'iw? '■ft^'*), 
I-'ronUU hrtiihichr. — ( friwurr), I'aJa in liopl. — ( (loint/ up and HniPix iduir»), 
I'ain ill leg: jwiin in kiipo-jnint. — { < in nwnthwiug >, fbrfiHt iiiflanii-ii. Ptc; 
BOPo ihront. — ( ThromuQ thaulilrr* bnek uml efirM fomyirdi, Fiiini in iiiio, — 
iTurHiiiy iht paria in cithrr direction), I'uiu in cyt-balU, — ( Wutking), Pain 
in right b-g. 

A ittetiwatloM. — tAtominff'}, Headache on lop of head. — (Apernoon), 
Ucftduche, «tc,~liV(j(Af ), AJitr titfpin^, lieodaclie on top of bead ; paiofl w 
tho hM\niet° .—{Oianging poaitiou), .SeiiHatioa in lungs. — (, Honi( room), 


Mrroxylon PcrciwD, Kl. y-iturai order, l^nminoMP. J*repnrqtit>n, 
Tintaiirp ut th<' btili-iiiu ibat fliiwc from the fltem(>. 

Authmity. L^mbko. N. '/,. f. H. Kl.. 12, 41, jtroviogii with repeatrd 
doiip.-i iif fn>m !■> to :iO rlrvip. 

y^OHe, — iJlofHling fnini the right Mdcofttic utwc without i-auec, vfitbnut 
coryxa. witbiiut ntti'L'zJiig. MJlbuut linviug blunn tbv uwe (cigtilb day I. — 
Hi^pouK-d bb't'diug fruni |Iil> none wilhtitit (IIUbc, at 7 p.m. .Sll[;b[ bluniug 
of '>U"kI IVum the riiibl Mv of Iho nose (ninth dav). 

MuHth (tttd 7'Arm/^— Ktrdnwtft in iho artli of the palnli', and pain 
OD every lonob (thirli'onib day). — Rt'dncK«-niid pnin in tho nrtlt of the pal- 
Dto pon-ixieii in dnriiig ihi' wliul*' lime. — The wliolo an-h of llio pnlalo and 
UTula uro dark-ixsl, and vury painful, cppcdally upon slightust tuucli ; 
raiilinuLd fur auvcml days, — AJl<T every oukv. coutiauud ifcni{>iu|; of the 


Stool, — Tlic first day, two *oft atcols, — Profuse fluid *lc«l without poin, 
ai 3 r.M. (iiftli <luv t. — A oipiuus liiuiid *iwA. paiiiW*. nC 2 t'.u., unil u^iiio 
at T^ r.M. (teutli (Ih/). — Hard »ioo1 ifnunli (Ih}-). — ]*as»u^i> of blood with 
the nurma! f%oo\ (di>» tint sl1ffi^r from ItiDinorrlinidii >, ( seventh dny). 

Vrtttnrf/ Oi'fJftllii.—^Ucking in llie iiretlira.— ('iitiing on iirinHtiug, 
—More im)ucnt urinating than UMial in the iiiglit. — Frp(|u*nl iiriitaling 
of much vk-ar yt'Mow urin« (»ix(h aiiil r<ovr-ri(h ttny^). — .Much rloar urine 
and iiiu<'h uriimtiug (^ixlh duy). — lu th<.- third oiglit, ni'jrt' unuo thnn 
UBUiil.— Urinr mmv scaDlf »ud darker (I'lcvvuth duy>. — Red coutiog on 
thv iiriual (fifth d»y). 

Jteiipfratorf/ Aj*parnftfH.~-i^ra]iinj: iu the Inrynx in the fore- 
oooo. — Severe ftoraping in iht^ Inryux, «iii) i-oiigh. h ijiiartiiT of an Itour 
afltr ukiDg it. — Toe ntne dry cough with ix-nifii ng*. ev«-iiing» io bed (fif* 
twafh day). 

Upite'r and Lower JSxtrem it if a.— i^\f:ml limw, oeren op- 
pnxwvL- |iaiu iu ibc ri^ht wrist (vievi-uth day), — In tbc oioiniug, ner^re 
paio in th<! left tibia, wveral tim«« repniled, — Soon afler riiOu^, severe 
pain in the lert tibia. — Violeot boring in the right lil-ia, at tf a.m., aftcr- 
wanLi in the left (twelfth dav). — At tiniei". severo boring |iain in llie tibia; 
and aiikle!>; gcratchin); in the ihnml. and hnij^-coiilinut-d dry eoufih at 
II !'.«., in bod (foiiru-cnrh day >. — Umwintc in tlic tihia. — Tciiriii); in the 
tibiiL-, cvt.-niup! iu bni. — CoatinuvU boring ia the Icti ankle, aftcrwanla ia 
the Tinht (M_'vi-ritwt)lh duyl. 

Steep nmt Orfrt/w*.— Mniiy drpnnw nf rarious thinpt. — In the 
ni^ht, vi-rv many dreams, iinwtly vtmc-iniiuK the dutiwf of the day. 

CoiltlitioilJt, — AfgrsTation, — i .l/orninj/ 1, 8(inu kIUt risinp. pain in 
l*ft tibia, — (« A.w.t, Boring in right tibin,— i /or^nomi), Scraping in larynx. 
(3 r.M.i, IV.fiiMi siiwl. — (7 p.m.), Jlloeding Croni iinrt^.— (2 l*.M. and 7.30 
l*.H.l, Co])ii>ila stool. — (AVirairiy), In bed, rough, rtc. ; [lain in tibia; iu 
bfd, tearinK'i in tihia*. — (.VipAf,\ Frequeni urination. — <11 p.m.). In bed, 
M'nit(.'biu}c in the throat, etc. — ( 7'oue/i), Ihin in anh ofpatate; pain in nrt'b 
of paints and uvula. 


Bapli!*ia tinctoria, Tl. Br. XnlHral nntrr. T/>gu RitiioM!. 

AutkoriU^t, I, I>r, Wm. I^. 'rhiim|iwin, N. A. J, nf Hnni., 0, MT (do»e 
not given) ; 2, Dr. J. S. lloujilaw, N. A. J. of Horn., 6. 2*1 (took rcpcatt-d 
A(m» of 1 lo 3 drops nf liucture) ; 3. Dr. .S. It. Ik-L-kwith (ibid. ) ; 4. W. 
Kowley, ibid.; .',, L. \V. Sapp, ibid.; 6. .1. E.^Smith. ibid.; 7, T. B. U»n, 
ibid.; **. Dr. Hadley, Traii^ of N. Y. Si. Honi. >K'd. ^^<>c.. y, 3*25 (twk'lO 
Iu "Jtt <ln>pH of tiuc-t.); ^, Mii-^ Kadluy, ihid. 'took 15 drops uf tiiic^l.) ; 10, 
Dr. Burl. Kalv's N«-w I{i-mt-di(» au'jk It) to 200 drops of tiui-t., and SO 
mitis of Uirk Md)cutnniHiuslv>; H, l>r. Burt, ibid. (t««k 4 to 14 prottia of 
Baptifini; 1^ Dr. WalUtce, Med. lavcfitigator, lti73 (three pruYiu({A vrilh 
tlip on^'-icntb s 

Jlfnti, — 'ITie bmin a little Mimtdnted,'. — Febrile excitement of the 
brain, like a bv^riuuing fcbriludiTlirium in a ftrcater degree,*. — A sort of 
Mciti-incnt nf ihf bmin which iw the prcliinlnnry, or rather tht! bi'^inuiiig, 
of d«linum ; with him it never fails to lake plare if thi> lover continues, and 
incnaMe to oonciderable intensity.'. — DiBposition to talk,'. — L^iw spirit* 
Ctbinl day),'. — Uuhapjiy (second day;,'. — Ftlt very gloomy for Buvt-ml 



ilavH (ihini »Jay\".— * dinno/ eonjine hU Jiiitul; »orl of wi/J. wandfriny 
/ft'/iwy,', — ^Minii seenicd weiik, mtnvr tliun fonluBeri (second day*,'. — [10.j 
luaclivc iuukI,*. — * fnJijffMMcii to think; waiti of potctr to Ifiiiik ituwaa 
day),'. — Dull, »iii|)i(l frtOing after bn*iikfa^O. — Vvry ilixtinol rwullection 
of wimt he liiid hwii ix>arliiij{,'. — Iiinliility U) nicftiorize n» ii^iihI,*. 

Jleittl. — Cotitiii«'«J I'cclitiir in llic tiwul,'. — Slifjlitly wiiiftwcd tVclinii of 
tlip brain,'. — I>it)n«.-?« in thv ht-nd.', — A lilllt- duliicM of tlit- head (M-cniid 
day>.*. — [20.] l^light cliiln(.<NH in bniio all day (swond diir).*- — Dull, Kiupid 
focliiit^ nil over ihc head, with st'voi\> jmin ut tlie owipiit,\ — Momiup, nlier 
rL>iiig, dull li«ivy IVt'liDj: »f heail, mid lieailMctx--,'. — Iliuid ll-t-ls very 
li«ivy,'". — Head ii*]8 hw»vy, as llioiigb in- roiild tiwl *il up,'. — Hi*tl fwu 
very hitivy, with jmin in oceiitiil (arti-r inic hour).". — SwiiniiiJti;; H-tiMitiuii, 
very like that cxpfnorK-cd w-liitv the operution of an om«tic,'. — Slight 
d i/r.i iii-s!) and lanKiior,'.- t'rrtff/o,\ — * i'rrtiyo, ami *riuation of uralcno* 
in ihf entift tyntrat, ejifterinl/i/ I'l* l/tr loiivr /imbn, with vmlc kftrfi>,'.—[^O.y 
HtadAchii day auil ni^hl, caiDtiri;; a !ioii»>nti<>ii of wildiuax,'. — I'ain in ha^o 
of bniiu, witli liimuiK^ aiid dniwiti^ pniti in curvienl mut^cli-^ I after twenty 
tnii)utm ).". — Heavy pain at base nl' brain (alU-r tweiiiy ininuU«i,". — Hiigb't 

tiaiii i>f hfud, with liniiM^^l fpi-lin^ of furvhoail (tbint dayi,*. — Head lell 
org«,'. — Head feels lar^'c and beavy (aftvr twenty miimlcej,". — Fulncw of 
the exK-nml vrKwls of llie head and fare.', — Head full, and fwlfl bcavy 
(after Iwwity ininul««),". — Hard, dull headarhe, ven" rnueh worw* by mor- 
ing ( W ^rnino crude barkl, (uprond day),". — •/>«//, ncm-i/ heoHaehr isprond 
dayi.". — [40,] 'Pull, litsiry, pr^^ffivf Aewhclir,'". — Hli^Iit |>rfj#ivu bi-uiluelie 
and dull puin in luiiiH U'runi Kubciitiineoni) itijotniun nf 10 dn)jk!>'),''\ — fiviv- 
liesa 111' brain, wttree when iilo<ipin(».'.— Noine uifn/ii'-w llic hen(ijii'he,'.~fSB- 
vere hendadie in I'lonl (thirJ davi.'. — Pain in the Vfholc anterior part of 
the bend and in llip foreheftti,*. — Sume headaehn in fnnit, al'ieTwards 
m«!>in^ tf) tlio back |mri.'. — In nitirnini^, hrndaetio in t'njiit part of bniin,*.— 
Frvriml hcfldftohr, with fi^'linji of fnlnrw and liKlmic-* of Ihc wh<ilc head 
(nfter Iwenty niiiiuti^ra),". — * Frontal hraifachr, with }irr'e»r( at rvul of noms 
(after twetily miniiten).". — [60.] Severe fmiilal lK-:id:u'lie. willi prMBUTO Rt 
root of none ^alter une houri,". — Slight pain in llie I'runtal «inuBOB, jnoslly 
iu the ri>rbt side,*. — Hlidil pain in the riglit fpunlal eiuue.'. — SevflM: paiu in 
fruntnl sinuaec, ibllovred bv Miei'iing,*.- — Heat in forrbrad (weond morn- 
ing),'. — Skin of forfhead Iwia vtry much min traded,'". — Fwlinj; of tight* 
iHwt nerow foroh^nd, willi pain over riuhl. cy« (nfter two hoiin* i,'". — Skin of 
forehead feeling very tit;hl, with »liarp pain in temples,'". — Skiu of tbo 
fureheail li-els an If drawn very li|ib[ly over ibe foivliead. with i-harp naiu 
over ri;(lil ey i iinitii'diiilelyi,'*, — SLin of fort-'beml li'lt an if it would be 
pidl'tl lo Uie biii-k pari »f lite head, with iinnih feeliiiti of torvliead and 
i'Mi.'e I fpHH cubeuiarn'iiiw injeetirm id' llldrom, afWr H':i niiiMiie*)."'. — (60.] 
Dull |>iiin in I'mnt part of In-fld,'. — Dull pain in forebpad.'". — In rlii- nfter- 
nLioii, <lnll pain in iho nntoriur lobcii of lbc< brain and ii> (b« ri^jht frontal 
sinH!','.— Dull, licavy pain in foreliead,'". — All the evcnin;:, dull frontal 
bnailaehe, with niimrlinjt' of tlie eyes and a drawing pain down now.".-^ 
C'-onxCani didl frontal hi-Hdaehe, and dull pain in huweU all the evening,". 
— I'rcwvi; pttin in fortitt-ad,'".— Dull priivive pain ia tb« foj-ehead lallcr 
three hour*),'".— Feeling an if lliu forelit'jid vrmibl be prfMcd in (from cub- 
eiitaneoriH iHJtK-lion of ]l)drop!^,aAerhnlt'uii hour),'". — In evening, euroiien 
iu the front part of th« head on luovini; the cyoe or taruiae them upward/. 
— [70.] Frt4jufnt pains in right temple,". — Dull pain ni both 

growing mom and more inieiwe,'.- 

^barp puin.s in both rpniiileji Lafter three 



tosni'i,'*. — Sharp jMtino in temples, viTij- oneii (30 grains crude bark), 
(teouud iiay ),**. —'fyfirp p<tiwi Ay sptlU in. right und lejt tcrnple*,*". — Buniiiig 
OD top uf lR-n<l nud Mm-tie^ of »calp,". — Diitl rDt-Mug, en|)eriiillj- iii the ov 
riput, wlivn- llivre was »lt)£hl pnin niiil fuliu'si (after one nnd ii liulf liours),*. 
— Dull prceeure iu occiput (K-coiid moniingV. — 6>orcnw«of scalp (after ooo 

Ef/rtt. — Eyes liliiniii^,*. — [90.] CoDgettion of the veswis of llie eye; 
ttioy took ri'd and infliiniocj,'. — Ercs fe«l swollen, nitli burning and flight 
lavlirynuLticiUi'. — Eyca tw] tu if Uuiug prersKtl into head, nilh );n:at cuiii'u- 
vioii uf sight; cannot ])lac<- iinylhiii^ iiiicil aUc louk^ itl t( u few seniiiils; 
everylhiof* appears to Ik- innviug,". — Kyvs itniitrt mid nt-he euverely,". — 
Fn:i{iient preesive pain uver right cy€,". — Sharp paiu over right «ye, iheD 
oTCrleft/. — i'ttrtial paralysis of the eyelid*; it i« very diffitiili to kecptliein 
opeo,". — T^chrymaiinu un going into the open air i tliircl day i,'.^ — Walking 
it) open air product^ <x>utinual and prnfu^ laehn'mation (ihini day),'. — 
'SarencM of eyeballi,'. — 1.90.] *E^th<iili ftet tore aiui lunic on moving tAetn 
(nfier Iwcoty niinutw),". 

Erirjt.— DuluesB of bearing,'. 

XOKe. — Sueeting, ajid foiling as after taking a severe cold (after tweoty 
minutes),". — Catnrrli,^ — Thick idiicuiia discharge from iiose,', — Dull paiQ 
at r<x>l yf now?,'. — Severe pressure at root of nose (aftt-r iwviity iiiiniiu>9«),**. 
— StrciM'w extend-- to ["MUt-rior iiare* (after twonlv minutes},'*. 

t^trc. — Satliiw nppcantni-v of couiitctniiicc,^ — 'Hot and perccptihbf 
Jtii»hed Jaer,\ — [100.] Fart- feels Buslifd and very hot,'.— Chceka burn,'. — 
Burning and prickling of lelt side of J'tic^ and head,". 

Mouth, — T(:(ilh and gums have hctu very sore for Iwo days; by prcM- 
in^ (111 iht-ai with iht- (ingt-r, large f)iiiuili[if« of bluud coie from the gunia 
(thirti dav I,". — Tongui; cotittHl whitii^h, and »Iiglilly cungmted (»»i."(iad 
Bti>rning>,\ — Slight yellow enat on tongiip,*, — Tongue oxifra jetftfW,'"". — 
'Jhnjfuccoaied yeUoif nloiit; the cattre (fc^sntti dav), ". — * Ttfiigiu eoated iU 
Jtnl teiite, tuith rcdduh papilla- here ami there, joUouiut bu a ^eliawuk-brovn 
footing in the. centre, the eageA being red and /Jtining,^. — Tongue coaled yel- 
low, will) Hat, bitter la.'«l« (^cei>nd day),". — [UO.] Oa wukiiie, tongue dry, 
with the same buniL feoliiig i^secunil day),*. — ^Tongue feela thick and swut- 
len,'. — Toiiguo fe«li^ as though it had b«(>n H:rapcd,'.— Xunib priekitig»eu- 
aatioD of the tongue,'. — • \VeU-deveiopfd \tleer9 in the mouthy. — Long-eon- 
tiniied flow of Hirivn,'. — *Si^iva rather abundant, minewhat vitrid and fiat 
lufiRjr,*-— ProfiMt flow of sweet i#h-bi Her wtllva, followed by a drji-'h or 
glutiiKiiunnhittaDee; lip« stick together,'.— In tlie morning, incroibied flow 
of »aliva of a plenvunt tuflv,'. — Increaseti flow of eulivu in ihc evening,'. — 
[180.] A raoit eopinua flow of saliva, followed by tore throat, with scraping 
anil burning,', — lu a short time, an iiierwiged t^eeretion of wiliva, folhnt'ed 
hy (flight pain in th« right lung,*. — Taate of food n'lt rjuitc uuturaL^ — Flat 
Uwtc III niouth (9 A.M., Btfonnday ),'". — Flat, blllrr fcwte m mvitth,". — Bad 
la*t<' in nii.uth,\ — Filthy tafie, with fldw of saliva,'. 

Thfrtflt, — In the aftorniHin. fulncfii of the throat,". — Slight angina; 
throat fpcJs swollen or full, with oppresscci rcwpi ration,'. — * (-onAtrcetivc Jcet- 
uijr in ihrttat, raiuring frequent efforts at deglutilioH,^. — [130.] Sore throat, 
Mti^ding to the pcuu^riur nans (after ooo hour),". — 7ftr»o( nore, and frfla 
euatnuM (after tweoty minute*),''. — Sore throat, with tseniping a»d burn- 
ing, preceded by a most copious flow of saliva,'. — Tickling in the throat, 
eaijelaaily provoking to couch,'. — Tenuis and mft polite hole very red, but 
«eBotpainftd(6econddsy),''. — ^Totuilsooiigested,". — Toiuiti and svfl palait 

TOL. It. — Z 



imtgaiUd ^second anrl lliird days'),"', — ^ToMils very much conge«t«d. with 
rnK|ilPint iiidiiialinn to ewnlluw, which prodiirra pain in the rout uj' ihu 
tonfjoc,". — I-'niiccji nnd tniwiU very muoli conceited,". — Hcrapcd senMUun 
«xt«.-iidH lhn)ii(;li the i'iuiM«,'. — 11^.] Uryiicos find roughoew of the phar- 
vnx, extviidicig Ui tbe Dunv, wilh u stnugtiot fensation, folloived alier a 
lillle by an incivu«e(l swrotioii from the partii, Bspeoially the pharyn*,*. — 
Kiiw M-ii^alitiii in pharyux, with ft large Amount of vificltl uuciu,'.— Friclt- 
il)g M?ni4itiiiii in upper part nl' plinryiix,'. 

Utotnnch,— /xjw oj rippfiitf.' '.— Thi wi,*. — Cowtant dcaire for vrat*r,'. — 
Frrqiiont j^nlpinR i)p of air (front tubcuttincoufl injection of 10 drops),". 
— Fri'ilUunt iTurtaliitiiP of flatiu,'. — jV«(m«i,' '. — .Slijrht itaiiaea and waul of 
appt^tiif,'. — [160.} Hlinht imuwa, wilh iucreHM-d heat,', — Feolinn aa tbouf^h 
it Would bt- a relief to \'oiiiU,\ — Feellns as if he would roniil, nut no nau- 
doft, uilli bevvrc fhtx^tin^; pain in the tell kidney and k-ll aide of thi! urn- 
biliciii* (from »ubi'nlanfiiiis itijenttnn of 10 drom, after fifteen minutcei.". — 
G«ni», empty ft'riiiif; nl *tomnrh,'. — Pniu» in ttio stomanb, and fM^ltn^ tut if 
there was A harii Mnb^iiiiic*' in it,*. — Severe- pniii every (ew miuntce in the 
mrdiac jMirtion uf Hlunmcb (nlWi* livu hourBj." — A jjnod dral of pain in 
epigaiitrir rv^iim nil nijihl,'*. — r^li^tiL pain all day in Ntomncih ami rii;ht 
hvpochondriac region; pain in right side veryaovere when wnlkinft,'". — 
BliKhl fuiii in Bloniacli anil rigtit hyiHicliundnac region and unibiliuil ( Irom 
fitiuciiliincoDit injertiun uf 10 drop^, iiftvr Iralf an liourl,'". — t'aiii in stoin- 
aoh, alidumcn, and rif^iit hypoeboiidrinni, pHMin^ down to right iliac region 
({liirtl duy ),*. — [1S0.| C-oiistuiit*p»in iu atoniacn nod liver, <{iiitc sharp at 
tinic*.'". — ^-'imalnnt pnin in slomach and rijzht Kyimrhondriuc rej^ion, . — 
Coiislnnt piiin. of a drawing (dmriirtpr, in tlifi npigastrir and riglit hypo- 
chondrinfl rpgifvns, very wevpre when walking,".— ("oii^tant pain in atomnrh 
and ri);ht hypochondriniti of ii dnll.acliin); rliiirn<.'tcr. and i.-xti-iiding to the- 
ipini' ; VL-ry iniicti worm.- by nintinn.'*.— At night, rnrijuont pain in the opi- 
^'ilric rof^ioti, vory nuifh wor>itf by turning ovor, which ho had tn do all 
the linie,'". — -(iiijal iLititruMt in epigastric and umbilical r>:r>;ii>Uf<, witb f^rent 
nimbling,". — (rrcat dii^tn'At in nloninch and Ixiwi'l." all ihe iiirenoon, with 
dtwirc to vuniit," — ConKtant burning di-ilntf in iho ept^n«lrinni, with vo- 
Tcre colicky painc in the unibilii-'Ai, and «ap4>oinlly i» the liy[K>gi**trtc 
region, every few st-tondn, with rumbling in the bowels und desire to vomit, 
but no n»UM-a (SOgruinH crude bark),". — lu eveniug, eninip in the itom- 
neh,*.^Heavy nehing pain in stomueh and liver, with very hot simaation 
in tbo^c partis". — [170.] Constaut aching distrc^a in Iht.' »Iumach and um- 
billoil region, wiih a great diml of pain in region of gall-bladder,". — Con- 
Ktant dull aching pain in Ilu> Moniiieli and liver,''. — I>ull pain in tb« «|h- 
gaalric region,'". — I>ui! pain at tho pit of the stoitnuh, and conslrietion of 
the diajihrngin,'. — I'rcsr-im- at slomaeh, with bclehing of lurge qiiantilied of 
flatus,'". — Siitehing piiin in cardiae extrentity of -itomaeb,*. 

AbtloiUi'H. — /Ai/j»« m /j|ict- 1 third dnv)','. — Dull pain in right hypo- 
chondriii'' rvgiun (alter tliri-t,' hoiim*,"*. — * The p'tin i'ttltrliwr r^t/^mUfrvn. 
the right htrntl iujttiiimt to ifir ijtill-Mnif'lrr ; it i* n/iiiniit tmpofuiible to WitlJk^ 
it nmkrii the pain fn mri'rr'' in <lir rfijioii iif thr i/tif!-[iliuliler,"'.~-liilff'en.'d con- 
stantly »ud Bcvcrcly all day with pain in the Uvtf and alnmach ; the iKtin 
canned a nnnib feeling to puss all over the h[nly.".^[lSO.] (Jood deal nf 
diili pain in liver, wtnniarh, and uinbilieal region (^.wcrind dav j.'".— *iorene«i 
in region of liver,'. — * C-onMant tfuU pain in rtjion of thf. ijnll-bladder ; very 
severe on wnfkinf/'". — '.Sri'fre pain ia region o/ ynil-blattHcr ; liuted oiie 
hour,". — Good deal of diBtreaei in the umbilical region all day (soconil 



dar"),". — Comrtant dull pHiii m the unibilit-al region,". — Caniilatit nrhing 
jiftins in umbilical region (W grains crude bark, set^dmi <lav),".^Con*tnnt 
Hltfrlil [uiin in Ox- unioilkvl rr-tiion,". — Cim^taiit dull pain in lli<: umbilicHl 
and bvi>ijf.ii*trie reniixi?; hy »]i(-Ilii ibe jiatii iu hv[Kigaalric nvioii very 
flharii,'''.— Conttiflul dull nobiii^ |intiiii in tiiiibilii*nl rcgiuu, nggnviitM] by 
a full inspiration I ecc«nd dfly i,'". — [190-] All day, oiistnnl pttiii in Um- 
bilioal t^oD, wilh slight rumbling of buwvU inn-onil day j. .^•/W«nw 
uf ahdomen,^. — 'DiateHtion of abdomai,'. — Flatlllcnce,'. • — Ijoud biirb<y- 
rrgmi (tliinl day;,*. — Rumbling in the inteatiiKS,*. — Slight rumbling in 
llic biiweU,".— Kunibling, witli desire Tor »tool,". — ^^lil:ht riiinbliiit; in ihe 
IxiHi-U, will) u niiinhy stoul (a(U-r lhre« huur«').'". — Dtill aoliiug di]<tn-Mi In 
bom-Is (MMvnd dwy),". — [800.] Dull |miu in nhdomvn un [iwiiWiire,*, — C^uit« 
a nuiuber of times thorfi have been sliarp glmuting [lainit all through the 
buKcU," — ftircncss nf nbtliiminal mnselcs, as if from cold or coughing 
leverely,'. — Pain in hTpogaMrium,'. — filandit of left groin very much swol- 
len, one of th^m as large as a comniun-Hitfd hickt>ry-nut ; very paiDful 
when walking isrcond diiv),". — Dull ciniwing pain in riglil groin, .■ — Sc- 
vi^rc (Iniwiiig [mintt in rigbl gruiu and tvsticle and right fnul,'". 

Stoo( nnti Attuti, — BoweU looee ii^zt mciruing ( vi-rj' uiifi>mm»n),*. 
—'DiorrUu (third day ),'."* i><'»'-r A tr»"c »t</9le iltri;,\—[iilO.] !s>J\ fiooft 
{fir«t and swHiud days),' . — Hoft. ninitby sttnul,". — SiiH jtapescent sloidOec- 
ond day },". — *^ual papf/veul. wiih a inrgr iptatilily nj muru«, tvt no real 
jHttH,". — IV>wcU co«live,'. — Bow^Ii* <:o*tive tor two dayji/. — Coni>tipatiaH 
(founb day),*', — Cunattpntiou tlirougbout llic pcrKnl of pruviug (eight 
days).'. — (I'onrtipation Hevere, with byjniorrhuids in the artcruoon; f\a\W 
imuhlewine (fifth day)*. 

^ Urinary Orgdtts.—'A aort of bvntiug wAe» urirw^iii^,'.— [S80,j 

Urine U of n wliil»>h ctjiitr, does not chnngf- blue litrau:t, and bus no efl^l 
uo ml pai»er (wcoiid day >,". — L'riiie liigh-culored,'. — 'Urine notvtry copi- 
HU, but of 4(irk-rM *>foi-,'. 

HeAjtlratory AttjtftrattiH. — In morning. Bwclling of the epiglot- 
lin.*. — IucrKa''e<l serreii'tii from the broiicliial tube!< and fauces, with expec- 
tomtion of mucus,*. — I loarM-ne-w to such an extent a» to rcouirc the utmoM 
«ffi»rt to be uud«n-tu)j>),'. — In uft«ruuoa, di^inr^itiou tu cuugh ^juitc Irvuble- 
wcue.'.-^Lung!" iVfl f<i»ier and 8troii|.i'r ihau u»u«l tcurativi- n-iiction).*.^ 
Sh(f was niruu by this uruving ul' a Iruulik't^uirio cmigli uf loiig t-tiindiiig^^ *. 
— C'-on*taiit want to taKc a nil] breath,'. — [230] iu the ancruoon, diSi- 
ruhy of br«ithing,". — At 6 p.m., oppressed breathing, with rough, soitukw 
of right lung, and tneeziog*. — *Au'okc wilh grmt di^niHy oj brtathing; thr 
tny» fiJt li^iii and compriHurd ; couUl not g**! a fnll hroath; felt obliged to 

CJi the window to get bi!< face to fruah air, wicli tin- ^nmL■ burning beat of 
iriace, dry tongue, incnrawd pubutinns of lb« heart, and accvlenttsd 
pal-te, and the same ]»eculiar feeliug of ibe brain as un fint night. An hour 
MkMd befof« he could breathe etui ly and felt comfurtably cool,*. — *0«i 
lying down, dilficulty of brealliing, in half an hour becoming m great that 
ha VM obliged to Hh? ; nfVaid lu go to «loep from a feeling oi cerlaiuty that 
b« «hould imm«<lia(«ly have nightniAre and »ufr<>catioiiH.— This difficult^ 
i(f brculhiiig is not so much from constriction of the chest nji from a feel- 
ing of want of i>o«er in the respiratory apparatiin, such an he had only felt 
Jufing a fever, . 

C'A^Mf. — Cunalriction and opprcmion of the ehnt,'. — ^Tighlncfa of chest 
and doire to take a deep inspiratiou (after twenty miiiulCH),'^ — In iJie 
aAemuou, tighlueas of the cfaatt, . — OppreiHiuu of chettt aud diHtcult breath- 


ine,".— Sliarp paina in cha»t wbea UkiDja; ft lunjt brvath,'.— Paiu through 
lell ofchent, . — [840.] rain in the rifrht lung, uoiitiiiuitit; wuniu lime; Ivoa 
pain in tlie U>l\ lung, with wrnv mnfnv»»,*. — luieuinnliv jniiis iu ri^lit vide,*. 
— Dull [tniii in the «ffrnnni,°- — In the iillernoon, smsation of w<nght and 
oppreniuD in the pra-ounliaJ K^ioue, with « fc«:iiiig of uosutiBfied Drenth- 

ffenrt ami PitlMe. — Feeling of greatly iiicwawd oompoM am) fro- 
ouency •}{ lilt: (tiil^utiutis gf tlie heiirl ; pulsntiuiii> »eem U> fill llio vLcal,'. — 
Tlirohliih); i[i heiirt, m un to W tljsttnrtly hi-nnl,*. — PuUr, at lirsl acfolcr- 
au-il. iirU'rwtinlH becttme very low iint) f«iiil,'.— Piilwr ulitwiiuil wt-ak (ihinl 
davj,', — SldW, muml, full p«W,'. — Tlic pulse ly^unllv but little nvor 7<*j I 
judgrfi to l»e. 90 rir nvcr, full and soft,'. —[260.] I'lilse "<(, ming, about 
2o*<ItKk i-.M.. I.I 100/. 

Heck and iivck- — Neck rtiff nnd Inme (nfUr twenty miniitwi),". — 
*Stiffnfff au(t I'lmcnvu vJctrvitQl mwfkt (iiftor out- liwir),". — I'aiu iti iiocic, 
uubi-uniblo on luuvinij bend (uftcr twenty minutes),". — i^rviioM of muiii^les 
of uwk.'. — Twitching iu IncissitnuK dorei of k'tl sidv (third day}.'. — Lunifl- 
nea* of muscW of back and chest, especially when moving the head (after 
twentv minutes ),", — *Itfirk mid hips are very atlff, ami iiehi: Ht^vrrrlt/ i st-ciind 
day)/'. — Piiin in back extending lo sacrum,. — Slight barkac-fie (ibird 
day),". — [260.] Buck m-he* i«?voroly, agi^ravatMl ny walking (owmd 
day),". — bull heavy ui'hini; in luiuhnr rot;ion on ginau, to bi-d ul iii^lit,'. — 
Dull aching paiii in lunilwr nr'tiou; vi-ry scvtru when wnlkiu): i.socond 
day),'*. — Dull juiin iu wnall of back mftur ihreu lumrsi,'". — * Unll jmin nf 
the natrum, compovndftl of t ffeltug tmjruni irrMiirt^, ani{ fatiffw^ j'rvii iong 
stt'intitttj , iriiil mon fj-trtt'liiui nmiiiiii lu'ji* 'itiit iluirii ri'jltl /ry,'. 

MjctfetiittteH in Oeiieral. — \Viiti<l<Tintr \w\iw in nil the linib*. with 
dtuinsH,". — •vtoAiwj in liuiho*. — *J)r<iu'iti^ jutluA in iirm» ami /f^V"- — At 
timer, drawing puiu iu ri^rbtwriet uiid k-tl unklo,". — IVirkliii^ of hands 
and feiit, with iiuinbiuiw; worso i>n nioiiiin,". — [270.] Pcculiiir ihriMing 
Mumaliuu through htttb Imudii and fcut, tiomuwhnt like gi>ing to tdiwp ur a 
want of circulaitoD,'. 

Upper Extretnitten, — Constant twitching in left deltoid must'le 
i(«!uM) taking ftr^l doM»),*.— Pain in left shoulder und urni (after twenty 
diiinu(«MJ,". — Pain in leJl ehonldor, cxtendinff down tho arm <nFtcr one 
iiour),". — Drawing paiu in »hoiil(li>r and nrinii, more in tho left (after 
twt^utv niiniitw),".— Feel Hnr« and siilT ubnut xhonldem and chest (siefxind 
■day^, . — .VumAN'Vi of left hand and forearni, with prickling lari4>r one 
hours". — Ntiuib prit-kling puiu of baud und arm, worse l>y niovcuH-ut; 
ahurp ilurtiuK puiu through the lingcm (,nlU'r twenty minutea),". — The 
haiiu!! ftflt luruL* iHid v-vrv lrvninli)ii«,'. 

JjQwer £xti'emiHrn.~howt)t limlw, on walking, feel weak and 
vaciltniirii:,'. — [880.] Puiu in hijM and li^.-<, with nnndnuw* (afteriweiity 
ininui<?i<),". — Dniwing pnini* in the li'l\ hip (xeconil day),". — Drawing pains 
in riiithl hip itrid liolTi calvc«i:i(t grain* <-rude Iwrkl,'". — Sor«ii«»« iu an- 
terior |Hirt of tbiKhe. w-irsc alWr:<ittiug awhile (third day),*. — Darting paiu 
in left knee and nmllcolus of k-ft wdc (tliird djiy),". — Drawing puiiis in 
leg*,". — Lcgrt ache,'". — Cramp in (rulves of legs whenever he moves them,". 
— Drnwiitu; pain in calven of legs,'*. — Scveredra^ving iwin in h.tth ralvcs,", 
— [390.] ?'rt(|iie[it drawing pain in calves (sw;ouddnv),". — Drawing jmin* 
iu the lej,"" (aller ihn'*' hoiiii.|,'", — Foot ujhI l«g priekly, und i-au mwr« but 
little,". — Li-fl )'i>id iiuml), iitid pr'wJtfrii («Ui.t HVitiIv niirnili-* i,". 

G«ner<i/<l<<f«.— *>fr)if/cA>,'.— «£ettl«Mi doeiuodleep quietly; wxt^t 



» gel vp, onil yH ri/*^ net »«>ii' (o,', — * During Ihe erenin^, wnea*y, rrxtleu; 
nrntd confine hlm/rlf (o jtoihiHif ; uaiileti hbr moving from fit'icr to plaef (sec- 
ond dart,'.-~Nn (ll«poeiti(in in muvv,'.— Od guiiig to Ih-)1. fK-liiif; of iu- 
ahility to niako either nhvxieni or inpntal eterLioii,*,^ — -*Gnnt fnuyiurr,*.^ 
f300,J Ft-trU Hearv iiiiil obligttl (w lie dowii (niler twenty miuule«>,". — 
AA(?r milking. r<T fiitg of n>lli<-r jmiiiriil weariiiefu of luirk iiml lower limbs, 
»p<H*iiillv the ri^bt. siir) the ri^it I'lioiiMnr nnil arm,'. — Pahiru) w<«riiieM 
tfTthe vdolc ]ett ei'lc of b«niy (after one liowri,". — *Gfm^rai tirtd, btvt'fed, 
mrlfffiing in nil jtarlf of ttir body, ifrt does not fcti rrry badly (third i\»j)*. 
— Ih-bility.'. — Muscular debility.', — Througli tne duv. ratlicr wi?ak (Beeoiid 
Jar),'. — *Feet rather u'cnk and tremvlotu, at though rprocmwy Jrom a fit of 
liamrm, and aa yd inntpablc of rigortnu menlol or pf\y»'ctt cxvrthn ithird 
dajrV- — Fwliiig viTV wx-uk. and treinbling a good deal,'". — Very weak and 
&iiil,". — [310.] 'fy->\Aiilio» of weaknes* in thtt etitfn? t^tinn, f*jhttinlly In iKe 
loavf timh; ttith \tMk t»«* tmd rcrt)^,'. — Proftraiion (thiiri day),'. — 

plilig ofgrfat proftration, with fiathi-p of heat from rmull of back iu all 
lions.', — ProAlnttifQ imd iiirrea*e<l |>ervpiratioii upon the leacl exer- 
tirto*. — K»'l( Mrongrron walking in ujwn air (third dayj,', — Very faiul nud 
Ncok : U-p* trvmblv and nchv,", — }'aralv*i« af uJioIe Ufi ifiJe; left aroi and 
bond I'tilia-ly uiiiiib and powirlfNi,".— flcuenil ft-iling of hnvlin; rilepr too 
long autl too hitnl, wilh a blnintil fwliii;; of tin' vya f third day),', — Keel 
as lltough bad tAk«n cold ; throat ^re, nnd vticca* d ecvcral time*,".— ^"/w 
dom'ftcuUf *ictr freliug »U i»y:r'. — [320.] Khcuniatic piiins and fiorwicss all 
OTor the bcwly,'. — SlitfiKW) of all ihe joints, tta thaugh stniinod,'. — Feel stifl" 
and jtfin> all ovcir; dmnd to moTc". — Karh lime after waking fnun the 
uiKhLninrp, Uic |>arli> on which he lur soon bvcaniu v^ ('colli tigly |iainfiil, es- 
pecially ihc »acnil rcyiou nnd liics. Afti-r lying for not niom ihnii ten 
tnioules upon tbe bncli;. the sHtTal n?gioti betmnii^ intolerably painful, as 
tbongb b*^ bad lain on Ihe bam-ftnor ail uight.aiid inducing the conviction 
that a ttliorl coniiiinaiMX' of the |MN-ition would pmdniv hnl^'oro^. Wheu 
tnruiiig on tin- oihi-r^idc, Uii^ name Ron»atiiin was prodtii^ed on llie hip, 
obliging him at lft"t to tm-o on hi* fft<-e lo rc-lirvc the*; part*,*. — Intol<>mtu« 
of prcnnrv on all part* on whirh pressure waa made; cuuld not n»t liock 
agAiDst chuir without pain frani tni; pressure; obliged to change nlting 
porfture t-very fi'W minutes from same cause ; even the leet heeaiiie equally 
peioful fnint reeling on the flour,'. — Slight erratic paiim tn vaiiuug parte 
(fourth day I,*. 

Sktit. — Livid npiA* appMir all over tlie body and limbs; size of nm to 
thmyMMil ptf<^«; thiekc^^t on body; without sMi&atioQ ; not elevated, and 
irrcKubir in shape (after six Krcka),". 

Strrp autl J>reflH»«.^~l>row(.iiicss; dispa«ition lo hav« fye« half 
closed I tliird day),'. — Fw^l drowi<v, and niunt slopp laOvr three hours),". — 
I>r(m>y, stupid, tin.^1 li-cling,'. — [330.] UntiMial i<oiiDd «Iccp,*. — Deep sleep 
till 3 .4.M.,V — •Sh-]>l profoundly alt night, and wns not even waked in ibe 
miiming by the brvaK fast-bell, a vt^ry tinuyual uocurronee (second dnv >,'. — 
Sl^-pi well nntil midnight, then could not sleep any mure,'". — 'Slept irry wtii 
witil 2 A.M., (Art* lYny ttj^Um till HH/rn i'jiy,'°.— Slept until Si a.m., tht-n cuold 
not »Wp any more.". — *Slrf>t until .1 a.m. ; fottld uot tfirji ony more, but had 
to *oM a/fiiif Mtufnni/y (SO grains cntdc biirk, second day),'". — ,Sli>pt well 
uDtil I A.M. i awuki: with ecvcrc cutting paiiia in hypogastrir region, with 
lonil niuiblingof ihc bowcln; rrry rft/riu nftrr (seciiud day>,". — Slept two 
ur three hoim.uui) waki.Nl from a troiiblfs«iiiie dn>ftm. wilh'dilficidl breath- 
ing, A sort of nightmare; fdt Ml vrakiogas if the roum wn£ insuficrabljr 



bitt itii(1rlftM>,MHitflHflgrMfilmtlon,'.— After alseplng about two hoiin>, had 
'nt|j[lili»iin'. I'ritin wliliA IM anned to b« • lonvllinc Id rousing hiiiiM>lf bj 
IvitiU'tit i-Hiirlx 1o iiiiiv<^ nni) to mnW n miiw. Tbc anxielr continued totac 
'tlmi- aAiT iviikln)[. (Iln;^ itfvor had ttichtinfin.' tor manv yearn, except 
wlii'ii ii|H-]iiiiK on linck, nr, vrry mn?ty, on \ct\ side. In all the inrtanoes 
rwHirdivl, wax uli'ciiin^ in iKonl p'Mition, •in rifiht ttidc),'. — [340.] L^y 
down and itl(')il nil lii>iir, wKlciri^ fmrn a 9'irl ul' iiii^lilriian.' vritli niud(!rau; 
tlK)>l»i«« of th« chvuit and ■■•>rrvM|iDiiHiii^ly ditGaill brvalUin^. which nnx 
«Hm ovrr (aftur one and n half huum,'. — S]c|>t ni.<l] th^ romuiiiHcr of thp 
ul|{lit, hHiT liAVinif, for a bhorl tinir.Klijcht tehrih] cliilly hi>rri|)ilatiourt over 
Uw* h>wi«r liiidM nttil IvnrV.*. — Had ii very rratlcsM iiiglit (Becniid day),".— 
At nighl, nlwiilw*, tht'liiriwd '.^Hmllrju uiytit, iri'M friyhljul rfrrtumi," — 
I>ri'aniN »l titfiht,*. — Whi-ii ft«I(H-'p, ooiilinual rfrcamiiig,". — Droanwd all 
nlllht: ill dnnrn* triiiru|>hi-<l over all upiMinitioii,'. — Drvams nb-ml H^htin); 
ami diK|Hiiatiiin!i, bm alwavH coiihsi off IkuI,'. — Fritjhiful (/roim^.'" ".—[350.] 
l>n>«niMl of bi'inn bound Ah-kh with ii chain acnKx tfi« moutb,". — At niffht, 
ilrjil two lit lUnw Inmn*. and dn-amril of luhoriii^ ImnI in di-ep tmnw, Miflpr- 
Inn with lw<at rtmn tho tixenuM), and dnally bi'ini; Mnothi-nv) in ibc i*nov,*. 
^Vr**!*.— SurflM* nf body ehillv,'.— J^hghe chill rIkhie 1 1 oVlftok a.m..*. 
— K«ri>»<MH), ohill ovtT liack whilis »ilun^ liv a hrtt fin",*. — lo eT«Qinf;. 
nrat i-biltinvM mi piinj: inli» iiih.'u air.'. — Sii>;t)l chilliaaM io ihc lower 
linilwMud Iwrk ivfry w>onal1i>r taking},', — In evening. chilU nsvr back,'. — 
Mtv*l wati>«i11ir(ahk« buniin]; h<f«l of llie whole snrfaw, wpwially ihe fece ; 
it ii'iufN'tliil Uini til mow lo a HNit [Mrt of i\ie hnl. and fisally lo riM and 
n|)M) M windonr and wadi hU fiitv and haiid»: m\\\\ ihcM arnptonu tben 
wan n pondiar tVvling of i\w head, which in Dev«r felt exmpl dariag ib» 
prviK-iuT of fi'V(>r,*.— <>n waking at ^ a.x., Haeb<4 of b«al aod l««Iii^ as if 
prr>|unilion wotdd birak out,'.— PSM.] (rcofnl hemt after Koing to bed.*. 
— Hnndnii M'ltsation ovit ibo who)f> tMidy. followed br penpiratioa. roratt- 
ing, aud dutrrhtva.', — Hrat ttf th^ foiv (after a fifw minutfiti,*. — Flubea of 
b<al ovrr fitcr,*. — At nigtit, beat aod burning in Inwrr rxtivfnitio> «a ia- 
WM» a* to iMweat Amn nwck of tl>* lu^ebt.*. — C'hill all dar. with frrrr at 
«M«,\— WkoW <iarfiw« of body M<t bot and dty, mtli mmmmI diUI, 
wmeJfAlV tip ••J "^'^^n Ibvbttrfc.avtrane ««rk ooauaf oo,'.— ExU«b»- 
Vm ml bo*. rx<.Tp( th** fvt, wbidi aiT ruld.*. 

OmmIO'om*.— AffraTatiaA.— ^ JtfwMMf V After riaii^ dall fMng of 
%mi, «tr. : fnwilal beadarb^: iacr«H(4 tafiva ; fwlfi^ of epifkcm; oa 
mkfac. 3 AJL. iwbM «f bml. «tr.~(fW«M« I, EKrtrw b staHKb. tfe. : 

•bauU* bark: abMt U aja. a%bt cbai— (i/^i ). Ptaa n artariar 

teWarbwa.i«&; fblMwaf tbraal; 4bf^Un to cMgb ; JBialryaf 
Wwrtbwn; « rJL. gfpcwwd bmtbiac, Mc : tifbtaf af cbeal; w— rim 
•f a^^fto^ brnmi^ n^pooa.— |£WM»f ^. /pmAJ ii ^ a rdr, ttc; 
«• ■iiiiait iiai. wai— w in fruat of bead: tacnwwd tafira ; ecsMp ia «aaaa> 
k4 ; WMBTN Mfe ; clalSMK : <bai* tt<nfr barb.— I >%9lf \ Pub Ul 
i i fw a; JSihnilly<f WilbJBK: «■ cwai; k» bnl. paia ia 
biaJL ««>w bi b>vte •xtpHaitw.— * (mm^ mA* «yM av). L 
C aUU^ t» 4f» «ir\ LMbrr«Mlua.—( 4^ fHMif to *air«. GMCtal heM. 
— * A«r\ An anMftotoa— i4f^ krmtif^\ IMi ftiFia— <i^ r l yT ii 
to . Nm* ta iriiffyt I \ w~; aUgy paU fa ^mu-jL^ ^>^\ Dtf- 
IwHyrflli l l ' l ^ .— vJIMa»^ n ii [* i iti :y»ia iiiai K «fti-.; 
«r toiK***-; M«b aaia «f laaA. «te^— (. JiMMif A«a/>. rbta 



MM of bnin. — flStTHtn^ MtT\ V»ui iu eitlgAtlric re^pon.- 
TdDj^ue dry. — {tVaU-inff^, Puiii it) nghl wdu; pain in cpij 
ewne; pain in 'jall-bladder : pttiu iu ^'^Iftnda uf grnin ; bad 

[ Oh v^tinffy, 
epigastric, vtc, re- 

rutnbar region : «'eakDess Ui lower liiiibi), etc. — {After vxilkiug), Wciirineas 
of back. eip. 
Ameiitfrution* — ( Walking m 9pm air), Felt ttrtmgtr. 


rings ill l_*pp<^r HunjnirT ; trmpomtiiw" frivm '1.5° to 50* F- 
I (S;liultcj>. Itj oiiiicut lurni»li(*il ll.."tl) t^rulo.'' nf n»idue, contAin- 
iog sodtum cnrboualc. 6.07 ^mins; Kodiuiu rliloride, .1,03; |H)la<'siimi rar- 
boute, 0.75 ; putaitttum cliloride, O.&l ; lerruu carbonau;, 0.4U ; silica, 
O.SS; extractive, 0.37. 

Authorllft. Dr. Sdiretfr, ArchiT. t. Horn. Heilk.. 19. 1. 176; provlngs 
by liiiuM'If 1 1 ); bis wile (2); atui k child i,3;; from eilz-bmbM, mid rrom 
drinkint; the water. 

JUIud. — l>urio]; the wbolc time (here is a kind of idigbt intoxicatioo, 
tbougb DO apectal exhilaration; nor in he \fsfi active; eMjMviallj he xeea 
indistiodljr, |HirticuliirIy when walking,'. — Lively niul eoiiii'iitfil,'. — lYia- 
pwitioi) ralker enrut&t than Livtlj,'. — Moro f'n-tful and i>i-U!^i[ivc: every 
trifle \«xe» hini ; hir is UKjnk>(.*, n-flei'livc : will uoL spenk ii»r unswcr.'. 

Ifeatl.-^^^AMiftiMoti of thu ht-ad aft(!r driukitig, as aAer intoxication. 
With this slic i* not lively, luit mther indiflerent and in an eame6t nu«'d,'. 
— Crtiifufjou of the whole head, hurnint; »iid dry st'ik>alioii of llie eyes, and 
qDaliniMhnewi in the Btiira»eh,'. — ITeadai'lie &» if ittiipefied uitli pn»»iv« 
heaviDei^ in the brain,'. — Hinviiit^Kii in the uliolo hcAd, <«prei:t]|T in lh« 
occiput; itdraw? thcbtrud ba<.kwoida.'.~lVw>ive huivitic^ol' the head with 
drnwint: iu ihn neck,'. — UtavimrM in iht- linid immediately nn waking,'. — 
flO.] rietlionc iM-rKOos snfler ou driukinc the waUT with severe miip^ 
Iwfi of the head/. — Boring headache, whien cviiceulrat«» itself iu the right 
eye, at evcniuj; intlie opeu air,'. — CVmsttictive t<enNitiuniij the forehead, ex- 
lending down to ilie root of the uoo«, in the evening after nniokitig,'. — Drav- 
in^ tc-arinif iieadaehc in the: 0(^ciplU, oxtondinc down to the ueck, uitti a 
WRviui; seuwtioD in the bmtu aAer unc-huU hour,*.— Drawintr teariuK 
btodacbe in the orripiit, extending into the neek, even while in the Imlh,'. 
^AA«r the hath, when he lies in bed to rest, the drawing in the m'eiput 
and iu Ibe neck repeats it^Jf. with tbrobbiiii; and {^iilHitiuu iu (he orcipiial 
TRwW. — Piil»aling in the occiput and neck, nilli alieking pains therein.'. 
— Thrmjirhriiit liie wlmle tim« seurl* on the occipul : it Itehfii and, after 
wnilehinf^, bccrnnfe- covered with a ycUowiah amberdike scurf, nud at the 
»me time cxadco a nioifiture,'. 

JCffra and Knr». — Burning and drrnesa of the eye*, with cotifusioo 
of the bead, and qualnii&hnesii in the Bloniueb,'. — After coition, preesive pniD 
over the left eye and in the eyeball itself,'. — [20.] In plethoric |»erMiiis the 
eye bt»»Die9 ag^flntinati-d at night from usinv the ivater,', — Tn plethoric 

Canons a^Iuiiuution of the eyes at tiigbl, and a violent coiieistiuii of the 
Md is caused by the use of the water.'.— Especially oa walking he doea 
not eee diaUnctly, Uiroughoul the whole lime as if he were JighUy intoxi- 
cated,'. —kicking in the eon*,'. 

yoMe tmtt Mouth. — The eomere of the nwe become erixled, as in 
MTcre coryio. Constrictive eeneation iu tlie upper iucicuni,us if they wore 



(irailT prenei! together, and tieun.> Wame asleep, a kiud of numb aroBa* 
tioD,'.-~A hollow (ooth l)ec<)m«)i itlreniti'd, uith svvelliti)* of the ch<!ek,'.— 
After becvmiiig cbilliK] iu [lie u'ljthl efae is attacked with a ragtu^ tooth- 
ache,'. — Toolharhe in a holinn tixiih, a kindnf icarijig-drnwinf^, ajfgravHted 
byfloM water and hy timoh ntlhofinjicr.'.^inimhliri); in a hi)ni>w lonih,*. 
— Thi-obbitip pain in a hnll^w lonih,'. — [30,] Itiky ta^le on thp tonf^ic, nt 
uit:ht on wukiiij.'. — He !:■ obli};<.-<l to cs;H.-vtonitt: niufh frothy sulivn.'. 

Thront. — Mui-h hawking and rai-tlng of mucnn,', — l>rj-n€« in Iha 
lliroai,'. — S<Tati!hing in tin? throat, (-■auainra ilrr cough.', 

Htonutcht — Appttite iuci^a^ed.eitiicvmllyin the evening,'.- — Scnaatiou 
of hdtijrer sunn after hrt'aklUsI, which 1 1 i^nppeared after erupt ations,'- — 
EniriHtion* adi^r ih*- aclrl water,'. — Enietatinns soon afltr drinkinc iho 
iiciil wattrin lai^«qiinrititi«>,'. — Empty pructa-tioiis in th« ovcninf;,'.— [40.] 
EOructatioQs, lui of bad v^^, in the morning,'.— Krnotations, with a crawl- 
ing puaiage of air through the nosi; wverul timefi (^nfler six minutest.',— 
Qualmiahnem in the -atnmarh, with confn^ion of the head, and a eiensiillon 
of dryness of the <-vw.'. — Nuu5«n,'.— VomitioK at break fa.*tl,'. 

Aoflomeii, — fJislt'itsimi nf the alidomcu,'.— Abilomcn distended like 
ft driiru,',— DiiftMiniou of tho nl>iIoiiit*n with passa^o of flatuleiiCL'.', — Ph8- 
BJigo of flattiUnopj'.^A kind of colic, pinch ing^lrnwing pain in the atwio. 
inon, in the morning on waking, imiupdiatrlv after a glasc nf tho water,'. 

Stoot titiil Ahum, — [flO.l Crawling in the rectnm,'. — The haimor- 
rhtii<lit pniiriido very iniinh, and pain when walking,'. — (The b.'i'niorrhoidii 

Iirotnidc with the ilool ,i,'.— Bnriiitig iti the hwiniorrhuids during Uie sili- 
Hith.'. — Diiiirc for stool liaftcr ten niinntcsl,'. — Di'sin; fiir atool, which b 
inorenrm, thmigli normal in form.'.— At night desire fori^lool, but with much 
prcBfnre; no 3toi>l foil owe,',— Hard slool in the morning.'.^^ool twice in 
theday, con^itiling of targe cohraivo ma3««,'.— Wtool in the tnorniiig imme- 
diately on waking, and follnwt^d hy a HH-ond, and in two hours hy a third ; 
thelimt iii p«^Ly,darkgref>iii«]t-hri>A'n, wllh pmtru.iion of the hemorrhoids,'. 
— t^®'] ^tuol oix tiiiK^ in the day, Ihn lint normal, the other* liquid wttb 
mucuitand brighl-red blood, with great pmtniaion of the hicmnrrlioids; ali>o, 
ut other times, frequent de#ir<? for fitool when only blood pasHia. On walk- 
ing, the hicmorrhoid^ become ftningiilaled aiid cause a ctmstAnt desire, t«iiee- 
miii', at)d preeniire in the rectum,'. — Stool cr>pioii<i,M>ft,nnrnial in fortn and 
color,'. — One hard stool like nuts and sheep dnng,'. — No stool during the 
day.'. [.Sx'ondnry ninion.] 

Urinaru OiY;rtH«.— Dicohargc of a little mucti* from tli« orifice of 
tlic ureihra. whtiih leaves a snot as of semen,'. — Bunting in the orifice of 
the urethra during a cold hmh,'. — Burning, twinging Ben*ation in the ori- 
fice of the urethra during a baih,'. — Burning when urinating, with a gnaw- 
ing fteiiMtion along the uretlira. evon when not urinating,'. — Urging to 
unnate, with burning and cutting, nhirh lyturns Inter, und even uhen wnlk- 
ing,'. — Fre<|U('ul urinating day nod niglit.'. — [70.] Krei^ncDt uriuatiiig of 
clcur whiU' urine,'. — Frc^jnoot urinating, though little at a time,'.— On uri- 
nating in the morning the slrenm » alwaya interrupted : U obliged to stop 
eight time* and commence again before the bladder \n emptied,', 

.Sexual Organn. — Maff. Throughout the whole proving, no eree- 
tious and »o »i<sual d»irv, though to-day wheu cun-w>iug sudden ilc:<ir« for 
coition, wliich wag reciprocal ; lib wife had until Ibia lime compMe vaut 
of sexual disire («-vt'uth day I,'. — Strong erwtionn toward muniing, and 
ftl»o iu » warm hath : oo coition, howuvor, very little Bensation, and none 
with the ejaculation; tho aenien la watery (seventeenth day),'. — Buraing 



lb« gpiiitAls and hipmorrliokLt duriut* » xilr^xtb,'. — Tbe l«sck't«8 are 
hcavv. larirer, aad Beem awollim in ihc cvoiiiiig,'. — Female. Biting Bud 
ifuniing internally iu Ibe femnlo j;cnt(ala; IW^Hiir vroll gcncrrally aOer a 
b«tb,'. — r?ttc-king iu ihe ieiniilc penitaU,'.- — Uituully aHer nirnstntiilioii 
Umm wiu ilt«in> lor roition. hul tliix tiiiif Dnne, and mi rnilinn niily Irna- 
neot Mijovmcut,', — 1_®0-] M*>n^tru«tion appeared on ihc thirty-sitfoiind day 
(ibt- )in-vioiiH time uu the liirtieth da\), ihi' first diiy iii»rc prut'uM- llian 
Usual, the blood poimk) iti clotJinl ma»i«f» liki- livi-r, u wry f«tid ; tli<^ tL-fund 
dav nu hlood ooly nt nigbt; tbe ibinl duj aliuoHt iion« ; formerly xhe bad 
psiiiH, tliii' time tiuiie,*. 

Rfxpirntorif Ajijmratnn and CA pi«/.— IliwirscDesi dnring iJie 
whole )iri>vui|;; nin^t sttVAn^ iii (lio morning,'. — Ilnttrsonew, even iii the 
bath, aud also in (b«> monitng on waking,'. — Hftar^i^nca^ and n iMraiiiiig 
Kiuattoa ill the throat.', — Difficult brtsibiiig.'. — Bticking in the chtwt, with 
praaure of breathing, ami drvncss in the thrnat in the afternuoo.'. 

Heart ftHfl l*ntHe. — After drinking oofli*, palpitation of tht heart, 
anxit-ty. Ir-hI. oi)i)[re<liiin uf" bliiml iu tbe lifiid, with mnfiii^ion, nleepin.i-.-^.aiKl 
n-"iirs*ii^»!" in ibc wlwU" Wdy (after lwi» hour*),'. — Cmm]) of tbe heart; it 
Hieiti« at if it wore cini^irieied. ihmi^b only for a moment wilb a etitcli,'. 

yecli ai*tl Iinck,— 0\>yTCirt\\'r pain in Iht nock, extending int.i iho 
itwipul,'. — Hf feels sure below ibe shoulder nnd in the lumbar region. espe- 
cially on elevating the armii,and on walking,'. — [90.] lie feels bruised and 
lame in the small of the baek in tbe evening,'. 

Vlfftfr £jttl'einitleMm — Trembling of the arms and lmnd^ evcu 
Hbim rvtiLiut^ theiu upon unytbing; if li« holds anything in tlie baiids tbe 
rienibliue io wor>K^,'.— Tbe balU of ibd littlfl finger of tbe letl hand feel 
froEeD,are nnl, itch, and burn for several dny«,moeL80Terely in theiuoniing.'. 

JjOtrrr Extremities, — Bmi-wd pain in tbe flesh of the rates and 
hip-joint,'. — While walking the kiieej! knoek tngelber, and a m-nkation of 
fBiigue and weakne^ in the thick fleah of the thigh,'. — Weakiie» of lh« 
kuny, espcfially on walking; ibry knock together,'. — Throughout the 
wbol» proving, weakneM of the kueis and lifaviuLi^ of tlie feet,'.— Weak 
in tbe kuees, esperiallv when walking, with yawning,'. — Spasmodic con- 
Irai-tiou iu the left rutf,'. — Tbrobbiug uud pul^ting in tlic teudii Atrbillia 
of tlif b'fl foot, n» if somctbiiig were in ii. and ihen it gmi. to sleej) iD" if it 
beejinie i>unib; tbi^^ dimppenni on walking, and returim on silling »lill (do< 
tic«ddiiniig a walk in tbe moruirigl,', — [100.] Thi> right heel feeU frosen ; 
this extends at far aa tl>e toes,'. — At nighl. in lit-d. sticking in a mm, which 
wmkcB him,'. — The nailn of the ton ans oolnre<l bUunh.nK if from inn.ej'ne- 
mllr in tbe enrnera where they are corered by the neighboring tw,'. — The 
dkiu Iwlweeu the Iikt^ is inky black,'. 

GctteiftKttes, — twwt-ak ihnthe can 8cnrcelr rtseforiileepiueiv, iu the 
foreuooD,*. — Oen«ral w«II fe«ling after a bntb,'. — ^I'rumloiii Hwamiing seo- 
wtioQ io the face and on tbe body,'. 

SScln. — NellleraHh for fwvernl davf, especially in tbe morning and even- 
ing, with stieking pains, wbieb comwl him to seralcli,af\oi' wbirli it bum*,*. 
— A tetter on the forehead and tielow the right ove, which itches very 
much, and drie» up aftvr u few day;!,'. — During the Inft ilayt> of the prov- 
ing a pustular eruption appeared on the aUlotueu tus large us n half dollar, 
liih itching in the evening; it then hecuine dry, and remained t^tutionnry 
_ briiwiue lime,'. — iUO.] Oh the right nates a small furuncle, which driee up 
slWr anhile,', — In a cold bath, n pricking sfii.-alion. as with nefdlp«; tbe 
«bol« body boeomce red, with elevated pnlehta like i)«tLlern>h ; e»iK-eially 



nm ihr lumcU timl feot Bvrollc>n, m UiiiL lie oauuut extcud tha liatids well 
for twu livwrs ; the len» buironip roH,'. 

Sle-fp nntl Dreunvt, — Yawning.^ — Much yawning in the forenoon. 
^^Iwmy auii wiaik tlie v:\\i>W iliij','. — Ver^r wleepv in the nioniinfr; he liiw 
Ko will to rise, Udd fwU chilly,'- — In \\w. fon-noon nml HtUrnonii m very 
sleepy Uiat she is itliliscil to slcvp H^wnil lioiin; iit tii^ht many drciiim 
and resclem Rlt>i>p,'.— For thiw ni^hb liu wiik<« SL-vunil timeH, hii( soou 
iileept nf^nin,'. — ( WiIh adlee[i latt> and witk»i (•uriy, with retttlu^», iDclisliiift 
drcaiiis">,'. — Vivid dreams of funcralfl,'. — DroaiuH at iiijiht of juurn«jinit», 
with rvwltt-jiMi*'*' and nnxirty,'. — [180,] AtiximiA dn-Htii.t of Ix-inn pnn*ue<T,'. 

Jfevef, — Ort-Bd of « irold hitlU ; ne will nut n-rimin long in it,'. — l In 
ibc ni;rht while n^k-cp Itc took uil' his «htrt, kid the pillow At the foot of 
tlic iMil, and finnlly awoke on acmiint of rhillinu*!<. Thi- child liiut two 
altarkN of fever like ([uurtaa fever; (?hitliti«« in ih* eveninp, Hlt^rnatiug 
with h(>iit without thinit, with puin in Ihe hi^nd nnd alvdomen wilhonl swont ; 
it di!<ii|)|i<aira atUTwveml kow ft<ndn; (liif fullum-'d rating pain!,'.) — After 
the bath inlenitd(«)iivortn>! iind cliillinf!>.i in the haiidf. with blue nails and 
biiriitii^ heat uvor the whole »kiii.'. — IImi in tliv lhi«. ull<^^lluliug with 
ihiv«riii^ in the hack (.aftor ouc \n*\ a hulf houn^),'. — HoAt and confusioo 
of i\\v houd,'. — llcnt and 6Wi<at on lh« forehead (after half an hour). — HuU 
and MW4^l on the forehead, with rcstlomnoi after eafli?e,'. 

C'«»*f/</oMj«,^A(fgTavfttiotL — \Momiaefi, Knurutimia ; on waking, 
imiuvdiati-ly iitUr a ^'[ur<t< of natcr, colic in uhdoiituu ; hoaranKi-f \ itching, 
ett!., iu little fiiifit^r; iK-llliTj.ih.— (Kjrr/imfwt. Yunnin};- — {Aflenwimi.l^ry* 
miw of liirojLl. — (Amjinyi. In t!io o|r'ii uir, lH'itdai;hL', vIl*. ; criiclutioiiii; 
twrticlcs *com swolk-n ; hruii^cd fccHns*, etc., in small of back ; nettlem^ ; 
itching on alnlomen: rl)itline>«=.--( jVi<;/ii),<)n nnkinjc, inky taittc on tongue; 
atiffliiciiiall'in nf llto eyo ; in Iwd, tlii'king in com.— i Ihirinff Ihf niti-baiK), 
Biirnii)^ in th« hieinorrhoid*. — {At hrfiij'ut }, \' itm\t\ng. — (AJIrr being 
ekUl«l', In iho niKhl, ra^jiiiff lyothuchv.— ^ .-l.(i^r drinking a/ffte), Puloitji- 
tioii of the bmrl, etc.; bi-al, etc.. on fon-ln-iid, etc. — (AJiiv coition). I'ain 
ovBr k'fl eye. ctt'. — (Dariiitf a nr^t/ An/A), Burning in orilife of urothrai 
prioklinjc eeubation, etc. — ' Chid Myrf<T), Toothache. — (AJifr WrinAin,?), Con- 
fusion of the head. — [JluliUnij itnythimj iw hiind), TrfinbliniD; of the arniB 
ajid liaoda. — {AJt>r nrrtUfhiHij). Neulerafli buniit. — (On *t(?)'n<?Kfi7/). Throb* 
l>in((, tic, in ti'iido AehiJIiit roturn^L — ( Tinieh of Ih* fingiir), Tooihnrhc. — 
{On waking'], \H\a\<^\\\\U-\y, lifUvinfM in llio lii-nd. — ( When uodhinij), Set* 
imliniiiirttif ; hit.'morrboid!i jin»t nidi-, vu: ; lin^niorrhoids biTonii.' slrungii luted. 
et«.; sore ft^eliug below ^houldurs, etc.; knees knock together; wahiteM 0/ 

A nt4'! lomliotu — {Eitninij). Appi'tilcincivaAetl. — (AJieruhnth,\Gea' 
rfftl wi'll toL'ling, — {Afi'^r eructatioTi»), $vuRntion of hiiiiger iliMtppears. — 
{Oh xaaHeiH'/i, Throbbing, etc., In left tendo Aohillis, etc., di«ap|>cttr». 


Barium aratate, C,H»0,n«. Prfjtaration, Triturations. 

Authoritif*. 1, Gru«8, Hnhneniann. Chr. Rr., 2. 24.'>; 2, Adanut, ibid.; 
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7, Uummcl, ibid.; 8, Dr. Demnor, licr, Hoin, Bclgc, 1, -IS (from Dr. 
Lagaril, Union Med., 1S72, o37. a cum of imimning. by taking a aolulioa 
of Bar. uc. by tuintakc for Sulplioviunle of 8oda, aa follows: Bur. rc, 



gnunntPK 30 ; fymjt of nirrnnU, frrnmniftt (K) ; nntpr, sufficient to diawlvv. 
A porticin only of (tc li<|iii<l vnt. tnlitri, bvit with a fiilnl rpstilt) ; 0, ibid. ; 
(ihf jilivsiiian in the Inat cawr Inok 8-11} (rnimmcs oftlif Jiqitnl to lest it.) 

JUttttl. — .Suficlen. excessivi?, but tnii»ieiit anger atnl wnillLt-ven to rage 
from very little pause ; easily pmvokcd to uc-tiou (after many (Iftya),'. — 
Atithnii-vphobio,'. — All wlfront>ik'-iicc has disappeored.'.— j?bi! ihihkI,'. — 
tJripf m vxcry triili?.'.— CwjU nollcinxie ami aiixioiw cure,'. — Sl»> i* vt'ry 
anxious aiHl cAPeful nhuiil very ittyi-i;iiifle4i»i rhinj^t, wliioli fonnirly wore 
perfectly indiffettiut to her,'.— Solicitous and fwvrful.' Tho i-liBhtcst ooiee in 
the ftnvt ff^ms to him lilce a (ire iilann. nud he is frightened thereat, lui 
that be starts in pvery limb.'. — Dread. When walking in the streel, she 
iiiMgiiK« that people are critieiiinjf hi^r, and judging her tvrongruDy, which 
auket her nnxioiiv. »o that tdte nill nol look np. will luok at uo oik\ nud 
««m« all (ivpr.V — Au vvil, IHrful suspieiou suddenly take* [KJe^owiou of 
h«r, as if. for example, s loved friend had been tiikcu suddenly deathly 
ill,'. — (10.] Out uf Iiunior, fretful.'. — Fretful, moroeo, dUinVlinod to 
wnrk,'. — Ksre«4iingly nls^tinati-, irritahlo mood ; excited at>out trifles (very 
•non),'. — 'Ht iitiiw-r* ji,r n Umtf lime hfttnen oj^Miie rwoltition* (aftnr aev- 
«ni] day9'\'. — *lhiriiuj Ihr' d/ijf rii'- fVMtiim to undrrtakt a etrtain matter in 
thr rtTitihg, bid frunyl^ n> ifie timr eorri<- vhcn cA'' rtffniU H, and is midtcided 
vA^^r flu- tluill ilo il or not.'. — Extreme irnvohilioii : h« propoeeB a short 
journey, but aa uxm as he makes prepsinition he ehan^i« nK miud. and ih 
loclined to rviiuiin at hoi»e,'. — 'Fitrifd/vhie^^. He Jor^it thv Kwi/e he 
mtf ohotA to jpMii. In Ou mi<t*t oj a npftrh hr u often anttble to rememhfr a 
WTO mmmon wwrrf.'. 

ilffi<l, — <'ont\isioD of the hc«d, which oxt4»nd* to the tempi* and forc- 
liMd,'. — Cuufusion, dulncHfl, and hesmness of tJie head,'. — Vertiyo un 
tncfyinf^ the btidy,'. — [20.] Dulnens in the head,'. — Diilne.« in the head, 
with teoiiive vonfunon in the forehead nnd eyeii, etjieeialiy in the inner 
oanthi,'. — Light feeling in the liutd. iu> if it wu." eni|>tr (after three or totir 
boarv).*. — Violent prewing in the whole heitd, itv ifiougli it uoiild hiirvt 
auiddvr, »]>e>{.-ial ly vinleiil in Loth fronlal ertiiiiMietv. and over ihv orbitii; 
(after fyur and a half hours},*. — A burrowiit-; headache in the forehead 
and leiiiplec,'. — Siiijheryinj:, dull prennnre in llie liireheati, just, over the mot 
Af the nose,'. — rainfiil prewuru in iIip forehead, jiiwl over the rij-hl eye,*.— 
Dall preiwing pain fn>ni within oiitwardrt in thit whnle f<>rt>hi<iid, exiM'eiully 
in the orbiljs wry much u^rarated on rai^itig the hejid vr\'(-L, di«ippiiir- 
ioroa Flix>pine (al\er ten honrsX*.— ^nial). eeveru i^tilcdi in lltr ri<;ht fmn- 
tal eniii»euee, from within outwanls (after nine hours i,*.>~Tuileliiii); deep, 
internally in the temple, orbit, and ear of the left Eide,'. — [30.] rreBei\'e 
pain in the left temple (after some days),'. — A heavy, prcwinji' thni!«t in 
the l«ft temple, extending; outwardly (for two nnd a half hour»>,'. — A bur- 
nwin)r headache, in the top and front of the hcud, almost daily in the 
BioniinfT after rising, continued through the forenoon, und diHippeuring in 
the aftenioon. On fthaking, the brain feeU loose,'. — Prewive pain through 
the right half of llio brain, from the neck to the frontal protuheranee 'after 
oue and a half hours),*. — A pressioj'- asunder Mitcli, beginning in tlie left 
tide of the head, traversing the whole left occiput, aud ending iti the 
Wfriral xt-rlebne ("after nine bour«),*. — Heavy <)enHition in iht- wlmte oeci- 
put, especially close to the neck, with a teneion of the same, though wilh- 
uut innuenec iii»on motion (after fi»nr hours i.*.— Sudden Hiisaiion as of 
drawing, extending from the orfipnl over the right ear and lower jnw.'.— 
Doll, piewive pain in the occipitnl bone, cxtonding from the cervii-al ver- 



t«brR IwbiDfl the r\gh\ <wr. nlilMor-Iv Ut %hp parirt*! hoe^, ii> lk« nn^^monn, 
»l •! r.M.,anil nftrrwarHn, ihi- Nliiwio); lUy, at Uir Mune hrtwr,*. — Tli'' twlp 
in ptiiiil'iil Ci) t!Vrry tiNirh.'. — A iTmiiiKr (ivf.r thr. Mm\p. »a if the hnir ttnoil 
Ml en<], withfttit MiiA o^rualirin,'. — [40.] Haiv and Atn in thft MaUp iJoir, 
Knv atit^hfv, wNkIi (vnni>«l w:ntlrrbtng,'. 

Kf/^M. — Ac-hinK and fnlii^ue in ihc t-yei. witfi pmanrc in tbmi,'. — DbII 
•■■ ri thi? t*ft ef9 aftrT a (wifi)fin|f rmtn in i)i« l^ft f«mf>le ami nrbit, 

,'iitiiio aa thMij;)) tlir i-y- ir..ul(l wati>r, anH a kio'l of vcalniMa 
■bMili Mrinpeh bcff to frt^iurollx t-liMe ihem. Finally ihi* [HTn.-<«^ aUo in 
lll9 f^t «Tr.'. — PnsHiiri- [)«^-{i in tbe rye*, whiili i« wr^w if ■b>> livik* at 
ftfip fM-rftt, f^r iipwaH* atvi niilttwiM*. hat i» tpIw^vmI hy winVinj^ or Inoking 
(lownwarU infinr «:teral r|j»ysi,', — (.rimtinual pn-a<«ur^ on ihc rrchal I*,'. — 
Itapirl iiltrniation of dilnierl and rixilnirtrd pii|>il, »herrhy it m net qtitle 
rotind, nnd wvnn to bav« M^vrnil nlxtw.- angliii 'alter lire niiniiu«t,*. — 
* Evrrythiiitf term* enfliip^ in a miif faf n^vrntl mtn*Uf», Jf Jtr rlo»e» ih* 
a/f niiH firrutM thr hall a liltU viih the Kaad tkerc it a jtrrmirr pain in t/ie 

KnriL. — A drawing *1it/^h in th« left maatAw) proenv. affj^ninitcd at ht- 
UsrtmU in a email «pnt, which 14 cxcc«<liaelT painful adcrwariU, n-pmally 
on toiirhtnit it or tumioK the brnrl,'. — Hrvrre stitch, m> thiil the rntist (Ty 
out, o-vr-ral ltm» In tbti day. ImIuw ibe right ear, ni^r rainua of the tower 
jdw 'iiftiT twt-nfy-fimr hour*),', 

^«rc— Cnflftvcniu/i [lallnr*. — (80.] Pale &<», dmwn rmiurm, «ye- 
hntw* mlhrr dntuptn^,'. — •.Scn^n/ion o» if ik*-. wknltt *b*ji of thf fiifH tr«T« 
mrfTivt irilh f/J,iivtu'. — SAnculinn of hpat in the fa(H>, vithftut rpdn«<s*- — 
flnxwtion w if- ihc wh"l« fam wcrt- cxfw^linply sw(jllcn ; it wm, hnwercr, 
only very xliifhlly iw), nltht>Uf;h thv uaiial ilo-p furrnKA in the fa<-e ha<] 
almont pntircly ifiMppcarvd, and the face swmed oriKHtth for >ome hnan 
(ftft*rr Imlf III) hrrnrj,'. — Tenaion in the ft(* «lii<-h draw^ dowo the eyelids, 
niih inr-linnii(in to ezpoctoniie mliva,'. — Tennve teBMitiuo in ihi' whole 
tmit. with tiniiKiOA and liiarrhwic Mool (after one and a holf houm •.*. — Ex- 
c«Mtii|£lv' nnplcAMint nmMtion extendi over thp whole xkin of the face 
and M-jitp, and CApecinlly Ihc temporal region, a» if mmclhinfr wert- drawn 
titthily ovrr it, with a cold M-nMtioa in tlic faec (very booo).'. — Palnrul 
■titrli in the fooo,'. — Broad wh«alM on the upper lip under the xkin, very 
paiiifnl to touch,'. — Feeling in the upper lip lu if it were *wolhm, with a 
aaoMtJon on the inner :<urfncf nnd on the palate, a.* if Itiinit or uiimh.*. 

Mouth attd Throflt. — .Siti-llinir ofilir* ^onn of the right umN-r hack 
t«eth, it look* m), ftod hn* a dark-nil narrow iKirdcr around ilto ie«!th ; 
fmrn cold drinkn thi- tooth pnini!, and itx vicinity is aenEitive,'.— [00.] OoKJ 
too^f, iionieHhat hlarli,*, — t'ii<ttiik-s in ihc right mrnerofthe rnoitlh. pain- 
ful In loueh,'. — Htiddon npilling of (talivu, without nauwn,'. — V.^ry hitter 
twtfi ia (be mouth with the naturttl tMte of the f>xKl,'.— I>c[i:-!>lu)>]L-'tni<U' in 
tho moiitb,* — Ilorrihiy diwiprceablc siyptio XaaW. of ihc tlnij;. lasting more 
than iwi'iily -four hour*,'. — Utleniiice im]K-rfwt,'. — Pimj^-nt tawle in the 
throflt on smoking tobacco (which hci«ftrcuftomcd to J, (alter lbree-(iuart«re 
of an hiMiri,*, 

Stunuirh* — Omit appetite all day; and if he haji eaten do a« to be 
only iiiodcrnlfdv Hatiwtiod \w iBHoon u^ain hunj^ry; if hi^ become* ontplclely 
Mtitlic^l, ho fcciN ^tv&\ 'liitcomfurl and hoavioiM thervfrom,'. — AvorHion to 
•atlnK. and yet a aeuwilion of bungpf,*.— [70.] Vcrjr little appetite, with a 
nattiral liwte of the foo<l : no hunger.'. — Little oppelttc; whim he ntiempla 
to eat it will not go down ; food ha^ n natural la»to but i» repugnant to 



faim. 00(1 eating pivw di»coraforl,'. — Satiotjr the wbole duT: whatever she 

catd in Kuhcui hunger,'. — li" »hi- caW evtn a vcn.- litlU- chr iii completely 

BBliklied, aod «x|wrk'U<.'m r painful heaviunw in tim Kloniacb as tVum a 

elone, will) a ^eiiHiiivegnaHinj;; ilie jtain in r^lievvd l)y HiUiii^ erect or bciiil- 

ing hai-kvinrilri. Imt imlr tor a sliorl linir; it is very iiitioii itj^nivakil by 

Mtting Will.'. — Wry ur^cent tliinJi fur iVirly-eiglit hour*, oiily l«i bu allnvLKl 

by hi>lilinj; u j^iiiiill (iioe« of u* in the m.mih,', — EmiHy. laiilelotw crni-ta- 

uioDS i.quartcr of tta hour),'. — Empty (.-ructalidii*, witli iiii-ipHl liwlo antl 

oolleetion of water in the oitiulh, witluiut nau!M_-a,'. — Knictatious uf nir with 

■ WOMiltaii in the epijjnstrie n.'j^ioii, as if it w»uUI foi-ee ti.'X'lf piiinliilly 

tliri)U^li it, ivhich <«ui>«a aaoreKn^lioii ; aftcnviudK, ttiPtcli.-93 (.-ructulioits 

folliiw,'. — NmiT^B.". — Seiutalioo nf imuben in llie »tuni»'h,<)iialmi3lin*.-ss'. — 

[SO.] Nau«miu» Aenhuttoii ; an uiiooriiforlaUlr ti-oliug with ii kind of tjiialiii- 

Mliiitw,'. — NuuA.'a in the «b>mnrh whun walking;, n^jjmvated on toiichiug 

the epigastric rv;gioii; without culkx-tion uf Mdrvji/. — Naui§«t, ftdlowiMl by 

auddeii and very eitpiuus vomiting of hilc, and n brawni^b sultstiiiice (cuti- 

riatiofT. no diiubl, iif the ehuculate taken that inomingi, <aftcrl«>n hnura),'.— 

BeleJiiii)!,*. — Sk-vural attacbf wf verj* cwpiijus voiiiiliug,'. — V'lmiiliug alnioot 

mpilnrly vvvry huur, for iwentyfdiir hoiinf,*. — UmviuiTm in the Ktumach, 

with iiMUH-a ill lliL* moTuiujr. and tustiti);; di^appeiin iilWr breakfiiKt laAcr 

luanv diiy-' l,'. — llcflviiic« lu the pit of tl>o i^toiimL-h 86 from a l-fid, mnking 

rwpiriitiiiii diRii'ult, rt-'licvrd by dcvp breathing, but aggravated by riirryiiig 

even a »Ji;^til wt^igbt,'. — Hi-anhurn aUtr some <Tui'taliiini<,\ — Siitldi-ii diaw- 

ing juaiii in the [>il of the Niiimaeb from lime to lime,'. — [90.] I'nn^imi in 

the vpip*?tric n.f;i9U n^itb <>ppn.-t<i*iii-t.- of ihc brcutli. and »vu»ttion as if on 

deep tin-albinfj iIk- brviitb witu arn-stL-d thi-n-, togcthL-r wilb a niuRb voite, 

vhieh » only tmnsii'iitly relteved bv freijuent liaMking; the pre^sive pain 

Uaggraval*<l by the eliglilc«t food.V — Sensitive, dull eilicking jii-it below 

th« pit uf the- ftoiimrh, itear Ihn t-iimform cartilngt, nliieb voiitiuuc^ nil u 

simple j>ttin,'.—/'fli«l'fi/ ur»/A*ny trmoitinn in ihf ^omarh iiJtirn^ on enlintf, llie 

ft«a pajiM'j' into it, tu if it had to furf* iU iiMtij through nijiiiiiM. *orv fthr^^^, — 

£vcD whcu lasting :mic ixU a sore pniu in tbc itotuach for Htvcntl days 

tugeiber,'. — Sore pain in the pitofihr ttomaelt, on external pressure and on 

breathing < flrst day},', — The pnwsive, sore eetisatinn and gimwing in [he 

»U>mnch are nto»t aovere when litaiuliug and watking, a^ uUu tsbcu titling 

boot: when lying ou the buck, wii beudiug furward. or wlii-n pi\-7i?iLig un 

the »tumacli witli the haude. ebe feeU only the painful prtnssure. not (he 


Abdomrn. — Prcwive pain on a t^mall spot in the right lif pochondriac 
rcgimi itnly hIicii breathing lespeeially nhfii bn-athinj:; deep), the plaee la 
paiidul Ut nreswjre (second day i,^^ii^>^b<lr\■gmi,^ — Itnrbnryi^nii i alter two 
I»our»),*. — Kunibliiig aud grumbling in tlic uMomcn,*.— [lOO-l Severe 
fumbling and gui^ling in ibe ubduineu.'. — Ciurgling in tbe nhdotncn on 
Boviug iU SeuMiiiun of niucti fiuid, allhuugh »be had drunk ntithiiig (ia 
Ibe at\eni<K>D),'. — Unplea<>ant »en£«tii)U in tlie tipper nbd<tni«ti, as before 
Tomiting,". — ^^ent«Iion in ab<lonii:n »« if diurrbiui would ensiif, with cbilli- 
Iww,'. — ^inchine in tho iipiwr |w>riif>n of thw left siile of tlw alHlomon, in a 
siiiall xfMit jimt neluw the lefl hypuobuiidriniti, Increased by preagure with 
the fingers (after c{uurtcr of an hourV.~(iriping pain extenning ibmugh 
the whole abd'Miicn fruiii above downward,'.— Sudden, violent, pinehiag 
jwin in the region of the tmiisveive ndon, tut from tlntu» pn^sm-d fitn-ibly 
through it,'. — VioltiOt pain a^ from diarrhoea, drawing, Ihtc and tlicfc, 
through tUu whole alxluiui.'n ; relieved for a abort time by a loud rumbling 



■lie iibdo- 
th(-' lower 

in the bowelit,*. — Some ludden, Bhnm tititcht^s in the right flide uf 
nitn whr(!li make hor cry imt,'. — biidilL'ii, couslriotive ]uiin ii> 
ubdumuu above ihe |>ul>ie, wlilrb is vrursi.' l>y pnroxyanis; it grudually die- 
■ppearH !nf\iT 'U'l^ iHtiiuiai),*. — Budileiily n vmlciit iitilch IVum Uie right 
groin iiit^ llif iilxtonien, mi thnt rhn staru,'. 

Stoof, — (UO.] Fr(}r|ucnt dMirc for stmM, althougli iih<> got!* no more 
frcqiK'ntly limn iisuullr.iiiid lliv ;>ii,-<Mt^f llit^n 'is nntunil,'. — Urfrinff tu«tool. 
with vi<>li>ut rwiti In Uil- alHluiiii-n. its il' lliu iiitL>slint» wtrru spn'ful out, then 
Ktoft sl<M>i followed by tckpwmI urging (iilior luic hour],'. — r'rrfjucnt urjinj 
h HooU "'''t p'llnj'vl iWiiKy in the iumhif rtyioii, anil crte|iiiig voUliieM wver 
tlie hdad mid kIoh^ tlie thighs a* it* ilyHenttT^, and Oirri a lutfi nt'ttA nt iJtort 
ittiervaU; rMUtiiiiting (tain in the loinji with rrnewnl urgiuij tniiliuif\ — lu- 
Tolunlttry Mtuolis'- — fv>rt gminilnr stinil iritliont iitiy ilitHciiIty,'. — -Sloiil wft, 
fiiiallv biCDmitiK like diurrhiuM,'. — Hidf lirjuiij stool [ulHcr two tiuunj, fol- 
Xovn'A by coiifttiiiatioii.*. 

Ufiittiffi OryaiiH. — Inrreamfl disclmrge of urine,*. — H« is obliged 
to pibw clwir, walt-ry urine trL-i(iienlly, tboui^b oiily a little tit a time, . — 
Freqiiutit and <.'i>{iioii* uriniiting in ihv nuiniiiig. fiutting. witbiiut liiiviiig 
dniuk HtiyibiiiL'.'. — [ISO-] Wlii>ii n|)p(!litc imjiiiiviNl biuI ihinrt Idwphw!, 
tbe iiriuftiy Mcrction bccnmc very counidismblc,'.— Almowt connileto iiienn- 
tiuonc? of uriuc and fWwi,* — Clear nud abundant uriui!.', — During twenty- 
four hiiun> the nrini! beld agreul deal of muvua inauvpeuMou, but uobarjrta 
WAX fnuii't on itniily^i.i,*. 

Sejcuul Oi'ffitns, — Rt-d. eroded, moist, buniiog, hot spot between the 
»eruUirii acid ibr tliigb,'. — Profnw mwiiit of tl»; wnmini,. — A I'uriiierly 
BWulL'ii viiididyiiiifl *w*-](s aiiow very violciilly,'. — Diminijihwl M>xual do- 
flirc,*. — Mcn»tfu«lioo is soitifwlmt nioro profiiw?, and coiitiinn'^ li>tiK<;r than 
UDliiil, but irt iii>l «cri>nipiitiicJ by the usual piiin uurativc iirtioiii,. 

ICifHjtimfttry A/tjHi rntmi. — I're^'iun' juiii below ihe larynx, which 
docx not nflt-ct Hwallowing ( after ibrco bour»i,'. — Voi™ mughon aooounl of 
tuugh initcu^ wlii<.-li ci>ii?tniitly <:otiu(.-t« in lliv i'uuc<» uud litryux for wvcnl 
days togL'tlivr; on hawking hi- raiM-s but liltlt), niid jiiaVi.-H bin vnico rU-iir 
(or but a short liniL','. — [130.] Vuiw oxliiiL-l,'. — K<.i*|i)rii[i<iii vt-ry isMgblly 
atr^led,'. — ite9pinttioD gradually more and more cnioftmiwcd,'. — U(»pira- 
tion iiii|U'rfcct and ?erv frrqurnt; respiratory pound almost impcrfeptible,*. 

Ctieittt — Pr^witiVB ncaviniiw Bcro« the chest, increased on inspimtion, 
whii'J) give* & ftioking ]»iin bi'low the oiid of tlie stcnium (nftor half an 
hour)('. — lU'biiig oQ Inc t'liiVE,'. — Trunsicnt atit«h in tbv right pidtf of ihi- 
cliCKt. between the iiixth and seventh rtbit.*. 

Heart ttiul Piifse. — Dull, dwp Houiida of tbe heart,". — I'uW 126- 
130, wry tuimll and vt-ry fre<|ueiit,". — Pulse slower tliau noriiial by sixty- 
fivi^ bcjiih,', — [140.] I'liW remained pretty regular, but noinbly nlackpiied 
("iK imtlend of 70). i In *iaiiUtr fauft* iia* been oIh^tvmI to liill lo '2.1.",) — 
Mnrk>'-il, but vtrv i«hiirl-lii>iitig, irrcgiihirity of ]>iiIm). on »ho orcHj-ion,'. 

A't'c/c and ittirii* — l*m*ivc, icuaive piiiu of tbe lufi side of the neck 
during aud niulion,*. — \\\cv ihe firal vomiting, the muscular rtlaxa- 
tion ntfeclL'J the posteHtir niui4.-lei3 of the trunk ; h*? was too prn^itmied to 
reuiaiu in Wxn Hrm-vhair, and had to go to bed,'. — i:H!iiaalioii of lieut iu the 
back,*. — Anxinn* "tnMitum, with ilitinjiiifiirt ttnd rtttlrtnirw in the tumbtir 
region litx nnjiinf lo aiooi; riiliL'Vi.-<l traiiifietillv by thv pninige of Hatua or 
eruc'tatiouft of air; at l«*t, wvornl stiiols follow at abort intervals,'. — A 
throbbing, grumbling acnsiillon in the timall of the hack,'. 



remitfes fn Oeneral. — Scarcely nhlc U» «i( up in an nnn- 
Amat ; extreme miit>culur rrlnxntion in «vcnr limb (aKpr fiflcpti tiotmi.— 
A trannienl utitrh on tbu left thoultler-bliidc, mkI on the outer Ride nf Uic 
ri(rt>t ihijiliA 

U/tper Ejrtrctntttes. — Hoiivioess of llie left arm, it 'us moviii vriiJi 
(liffit-ullY: the jihoiiliier nlout- >*nii9 to ACl ; (lie IihikI niitl r»rfarni are 
pMntly/n] (hftur pl-vcii liiiiir> i,'.— {150.] S*'ti*itivi' ilrauiii;; iti nil (he txMii'S 
of tlio ri^hi anw,'. — A wiridon, triin*icnt,piii'-liingT»nii> nn iJic left ►hoiilder- 
blade (aAer halfan lioiir),'.— I'liiiifiil ilicgine in ine Intl shoiilderiMine,'. — 
la the bonee of the rtu;lit arm a sensitive jinin at » hnmll fpol,*. — Pnin, h!> 
if iKAh-A in the tiiiilillo nf led hiinienii','. — 'rrniiMeiit, painful dniwiiijr in 
Uicleflfiircarni.iisifin the Ixitti-, during n-^lnniliuotiuii (alter one iiud a lialf 
bniire),'. — BruiMHl puiti, warsc by paruxyMtis, im ilie hiir-k of the furearm, 
m if iu the l>oDe(ulier niaiiy dave),'. — Kliychniiuul tniteliing in the cx- 
|«riial condyle of the wrist,'. — Twitching in the inner et»ndy]e of the wrisl 
in »loK, wsvclike [Miroxysm? in the mnrnint; wlimi lying in l)ed,'. — Cnu»]»- 
likr, prewive (win in llie riKhl writ-l, extending fidni within outwanl taAer 
three and a half honr*),'. — 1*60.] TiMirinjf »i llie wrirt-joint, (-xtrndinK to 
the tipe of the finjTiTs,'. — Burn int^-emw ling on ihu biicK of the hand und 
fin^rs during the day, only tnnnm-ntly ivlicvwl by scrBteliin^.'. — Violent. 
soibII KtiieheH in the lowest joint of tJie Ivll index tinger, during m-^t and 
ointion (tttUir nine mid a half hours),*. 

Lotrer RelreiiiiticH. — (living way of llie righl leg, then of llie left 
lep (nrter eight hour*),*, — Tearing exti^uding down the leg, mort pninfiil, 
ftnd lft«t« longest in the knee#, and al^ in the mher joints, the naU"', the 
hips, ant) tbn anklt^'.^lntcrniitling ti'-arinc from altovi- donnwanln, in 
the right nates.'.— Tearing in the external and anteni)r Hide of the iliigli, 
extending downnnnl iindir the skin, iiit Jhr an the knee uhen walking fatter 
KTeu bouraj/. — I'aiuful aching ou the inner ;<id« of the lell kuve on rieiu(( 
and putting (he leg forward in walking < after many lioun),'. — I'rcasive 
mia in the luA knoe, more townrda the inner side when fitting ; on extend- 
ing the foot, il beconves a dull, nretwive eenMition,*. — .Sharp ftitcbea in the 
iUDer aide of the left knee, Miilden, so that the t>UiTif>,'. — [170.) Violent 
Hilrliea thn>ugh th^ left kne« on going up:;alnir», they I«.-ive a kiud of nalu- 
fa] fiaralvKiH in it,*. — A foi'ling of wcafine^it in (he Iv^ ; jerk* in the (oot,'. 
— Ii-eliug lUt of n t-old air just along the leg n* lir aa the eoiidrlce,'. — 
th^imiiy jmiit down fkt aJtole (eft Ivy,^. — Teariuft t-xlending from tJie knee 
downward under the Hkin, when walking (alter seven houn»>,*.— .Sensitive 
drawing in a .-(nail place in the left tibia taller ihree-qnarlerdof an hour),*. 
— Drawing |tain in Ihe left sole,'. 

fieu*'ratiti€S. — Li« oo bis back in bed, deprivwl of voluntary mo* 
tion,". — The jianilvrt* extend! nt^ndly from above downwards, affecting first 
ihe nbdoiuinal mu.H'iGf, next thtf^: wlueh have their inccrtiiinf^ in the elip^t, 
iben those of the ncek, and lastly, the -tphinctent of the lilnddpr .ind ree- 
mm,*. — <trent fatigue; he detirei to lie or to sit constiuirlv,'- — 1^80.] The 
muvrular RTlaxatiou la«t«d twenty-four houn>, then gra<fuallr, but <|uilo 
rapidly diniinishi'd, following the same conrw as when it came nn. In leM 
than twenty huure after thu first slight ntuvenient« of feet and hnnd.«, he 
wn« able to hold himself in a chair, and sit up in bed, and could eoou take 
a few steps oo the floi>rof hiji room,', — OeriernI debility intler three iir four 
bouw).*. — Alarming debility faftertwohoum),'. — IiiereA.*i-d WfaknfM^, could 
Marwiy lait out liin luft arm u> ring the bell,". — Lo** of vigor and 
power; WDcn Etaudiag, Ihe kuce« give way; the apioB puiuis eepeciallria. 


tbo lumW rt^oD. as if he bad Ukeo « \iJog ride ; b« f«eU DDComrorUible 
in the whole Iwdr. and dairaaooiiiUtlllf Ui »it.tir mhtr li*'; xuuM ihiImt 
walk than aland.'. — After aaiitig, depr cp w f d. wc«k, ut>c"(D>nrul>U, with 
cotwtaat ilcMre fwr »towt, and au aaxiuiu Ma-atioii tu ihc lumbar njciwUt 
•hen at tml.'. — Inability lo cuu<j;Ii, to pxp«ctoratc, U) articulaie wora» of 
rnorv (ban two arllabln (tiwinj; tu iBilum m ifXiHratiiia i, iir u> lift thu h(«d 
fr^n) lli« pillow*. — ^Tb« general fyttcta ri-ioaiued I«vbl<.' for intire ilmn a 
month ; tb« HiMrolu ration of tbe tiaHKs asd emacialiuii Iiut<^ Ntill Ioi>p>r. 
and aWp dWI not betxini« mund atKl nfndUae ontil I'i]^! nr ira wnrka had 
«laiM«<l,'. — Di^atb in alhitit twclva houn after talEiiifj; tJi» potann, wiih 
unuisturbcl ioK^llect, and without bavins eiirmJ fmoi his vupiov pua- 
lan*. — ludBMrribnhle tualnise infUr ihrw or Aiur hount.*' — [Uv-l Dm*- 
iu^ iji th« whole budv, ihiw here, Dnw there. eamaally iu (he joinu. . — l>all 
pfiwure ae if bruit>e«l, «lowly iDcr<^iL•iin^' and aecnaaing, btr« and thcivi. in 
avuiail i-pot,'. — The whole body fwU bruiaed. with wearioew aad bmvi- 
Bb« iif the limb*.'. — Tb« eyrapCotns fUttring. drawing, ihmlifaiog), id the 
baad aud the Hmhs niiixwr niiiiv on the l4>n. ride,'. 

AA'/i(. — Eruption ul acne pirnplee on tlie diaal, ibey diaappcftr tn a few 
days'- — Pu-otules no the left middle linj^r, with a tore pain t>u tuurbiiig,'.— 
Fine MMisitive atit4:ba hen aod therv in theskiu,'. — Iiimk-mblo eiBwIiiw 
in th« whwle bodjr. ctpeoally oo the b*ek. bip#. \tf^ aoklcv, tbc b«ok lU* 
the Iwt and fingien, wakr» him at ni)Hit. keepe him comOanlij acnucbing. 
whirh, however, only inuifienilr rvlieiiw. after lfarv« nigbtt in iiirmwiiiii. 
— Crmgiimj ami bnmitty ttetJii-MHek^, ken awd thert, ofUa «add«n in a 
BiBall(>puC:>hetiix>oipellMlloaeimtdiaiNl Tab,al(buujth tt<ia(«iM<refin«,'. 
— Fodtng u if the bead and Gux were eorercd wiib paitliBicfit,*. — 18O0.1 
Very dijMgreeable fbnuieatwn and priekiii|rniid«r tbe akin of tbe bead aod 

Sitep an*l lirenmtt. — Krieqaent Tawninjt. whereby tbe erw bcrome 
loffMCu.'. — Yawoioe, stn^tehing. and sleepOMM,'.— OTerpqwcciag sleepi- 
Mii;*. — ^b« cannot help fiilliDg asleep in the aftemooa, and node eontiun- 
allr,'. — Wearied wiib aleep in tbe fnresouo,'. — Although be vaa wry timl 
and f^ivcvf OD going to Iml, ret tbe firai ^Wp wiu vrry aneaqr aod fre- 
OMSllj inurmutnl, he ■•■tke ffTqaeatly witbowt caiu*,*. — 8he wakae wmmw 
fni|MBUy at aight ihao umi«1 : «he Mcm» too bot. ibr<>we uff tbe eoveriac; 
her leet ache aa if ehe had Mood fur a long time durinx the day ; tbi» dis- 
appears after risiiic aod WHlkiog about,'. — Id the uomiDe when wakiog he 
doM ant lee) refrvmed ; the limbs arc tired *a if bruised ; be fteU better, 
lunrerrr. after nn«g,*. — Cooftiscd dreatws rwileaf elerp. frraoeni waking, 
awl a gmt faiifue. t>o that be soon fiilb aahni anUa,'.— {tlO.] ConruMxl, 
«MBoiiigled dn«at»,'. — \'i%'ijl, Mrange itrvam«.\— Preama of dead peraDiia 
(itbowewr dots not ftiKhtm liitn , nith cnuraiuriags ia(Jeep(ftr«( mghlV* 
Prrr-r* — Hkin cnot,*. — cikin cml. even culd aed rather ■oMt,*-— i^in 
«ald and cnTHwd with pnvfbie awcat,*. — CbillioaB, Mptnially ia the am* 
with faaar-lle4i, and yawaing^ in reptaied aitaeka,'. — Shirenng e b i l liiw ai 
ia tbe bead, with doll teaeion in the aialar bone as if tbrrr wo«M be Boa»_ 
leak in the bee, s» if the hairs tiaod on •ad.'.^Oiillinem and 
estaad 4e«a duoach tbe whole body, in nfeaiod aitsek^ with cold bai 
{alWr aeiVB baara)?. — CbtlUnteB ia the fonnooa, eoMaeaa rvia; in the pit 
of the RUMBacfa wiib painful uri juu te. to that it aeeMa if the bain were drawn 
l^ether ; it tk«a exieiid« »lowly duwa the anaa and Icgi into (be fret.'. — 
[UO.] Hiori atudu of ihivering, with qaiek fladwa of neat, i»>vtly in the 
back : tbe cbilHaca eecBs to extend froia the faoe, in wbacb there is a feel- 



ing nrietwion (nfl^r oro bnur),*. — After t<i>cat«I cliitliiieMt extending: from 
th* pit of iht' HliMiiiidi, ihe wlmk htxly iM'ei-iniej' w«ni\ except ihc feel, 
whk-li rctiiaincil c-uiJ ; ii\<:r ud minuU>^,chilImoiw agniii,'. — FlUf^lK'^tof litat 
ovcT ibc nliiile bcKlT. followed by exhaustion. m> llmt tin- huuds sink duwu; 
liw (aw niid hands h«H, the rest of tlie body told,', 

Coittlitionx. — Afgravition. — (JJominff), After rising, h«ad»vlie in 
Inp, elf.; w)ien liiKtinf;, beaviniWH in vUinmcli, t?tc. ; nlieii lyiii); in bed, 
twiU'hiug in «'«oilyK> of wrisl. — (Furrnaon). Chillinow. — {Afifruotm), Ai 4 
oVIoc-k, iwin iti Mviiutal hone, — ( On nnfmi/i'itf; <(r>iini). Siitclitit ihnm^h 
kiive. — ( \yJirn i/rcui/ttiitf^, Puin iii rijjht by|>oeIiondriftc rctjion. — ', Curri/inij 
a wriifkt). HeaviiK'Mi in pit of Htomarh, ric. — | ^Voiri ro/J drinlfj, Tuoth 
|ttta«. — {AJter etttiitg), lJrfpre««wl, et<r.— < The slight fxi fond), Va.'m in (fitt^aa- 
Iric rejjioo, — { Itmpiraiinn), H«iviliefB aiTOsa chest. — {On vtuviiig the hadi/), 
Vcrti({t>. — ( frrtsurr with finijrr*), Pindiirig in iiptwr Hbdnnitn. — ! iiuiMNg 
hr>td\, Paia in (Virvlii-iid. — < On riniui/ nwi puHiutj tfij fvrwtini in nti/tini/). 
Aching in left ktiev. — (H'hm rilling], ¥u'iii in li-I't kmw. — *A'i/(t>y /iwi/J, 
Hc-aviues9 in the etoiuucli ; preirhive i^ii?4itiuu and gnawing in $l<fTiiii<>li, — 
lOn Amoliuif tvimrro). PiiiigeJil la.'ite in ibrnnt. — Ki:itandiug), Prcs^ivL' iteiisa- 
tion umt gnawing in Atoinarh.— (.7<iuM], Stitch iu niaatoid prmnu.— 
(TotKAing ^iyattri/! rrai»M], Ntkiisen in stomach. — (Turning head), tititeh 
in maMuid pntceaa. — ( n'aliing), tiuusai in »toiniifli ; prtwivu stnuutiou uud 
gniiring in *t»n>avh ; tearing in thigh ; tearing fruni kn«« duwnwurds. 

AltteliorntiOlu — (ifommCT) After ritiing, tirw! fe4!ling in limba. — 
{BfH-liny hadwurd), IlearlDuati lu stomach. — (Jicudintf fvrwurd ), Gnawing 
in ^lomiKrh.' — yA/iT ArcHi/iw/i, iri-avt»e»» in wtomadi, elc, diMi])pear». — 
llt"p bre'ilhiug i, IIuLvini«*i tn pil of »^innifteh- — ( Kr>ifh%f.i(in* nfnir), Aitx- 
i^tiA i^iifiJion, vfi:, ia limtbar rrtfion.—i L<ti'>y on liack ), tjiuiv/'mji in Mutn- 
ach. — -■ Pntitxgr of jtittiu), Anxioiu sensation, clc, in litwhar ret/ion. — I I'ree*- 
ing ti-itA hnnd). (iriitwintr in stiimncli not ftlU — \A}lfT rising and walHng 
about}, Aching in fe^'i di:iappear». — iSittiiig ered), H«a%'ines8 in BUmuivh. — 
(Oh tto9piHg ), Paiu in forvhvad dieappuara. 


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JlliHft. — Eiitofioiii*. Slight delirium and •itnpejaction at night, an 
in fcvtr,'. — 111" imaniiio hi- walk* on hi* knoes iRustt,". — ^^'hildreii do not 
dnire lu piay,'. — Lat'hryinu.'V nl ni^'ht.'. — Sud uiid fciirful : he hu.t ilI] 
kiudn af &ad thunghtti about Wis (utum elati^, uitd thinks tbnt lio it 1u«t en> 
limly: in the eveniiij^ (iiUer ihiriy-fivp dsiysi,'. — 0ejoL-lfd; lii> dot-B not 
Wtob to vncak,'. — Suddenly becom(.-t< dejected in the evening,'.— IXjectiuu 
and itrvtui of men.'", ['in Acrofnhiiis children ti-ealed hy IJaryift,] — Ex* 
in-invly dcspuodfni and depn-»ted ; the believes thai she must die: cries 
(wveBlb to tenth day),'. — [10.] IX-ipondciil mid anxion*,'. — Aiixioua; 
evenings in bed ; nhc IccIb obliged to open her tlnthcs,'. — (Jniit fear and 
euwardice.'.^-tireat eunui and ill-humor,',— Peevish niid (juarrelsome,'. — 

TOt. II.—* 


(StMiit liiiitior liwvnuM miwhievoiixness,'. — *Oreat irreMltitum about tmatt 
(tiinit*: Af iiMiifj* fit thiiii ihr mp of coffee, then again not; doa not know 
ii'Aitf Af nhitlt t'li,', — littfttert, Intheiuoriiiue.on waking he feels stupid,', 
-i'liiiilrcri BH' iiiitttontivi' when i^liidyiiig/. — ^tVant of memory (after six- 
t»vu lunin'\'.--[80.] *(irfiil forgfft'Mhif«»,ro thai he does not huyw what he 
AiM jiutt MHtlrii («rttT Iwonly-wveii ilay!<),'. 

lifrttl, -Coit/'HHtoH ViMrf VerilffO. Confusion in the head wheo Bit- 
liuii: irnwi-:' nffiu iho oikhi «ir garter twenty days),". — Confusion and heavi- 
lii>s!> in tlu^ litwt in the evening, with sleepinesj; the head ooiutantly falls 
ri>r\M)nl : nl (he :<itnio lime lie is fretful and tired (after forty-dix days),*. — 
IViliu^K' in tilt' hend : i.Mntti.<ion in the head, in the ninmiug on waking, and 
ill iho whole foix'mton laf^er twenty-seven days','. — Vertig"),*, — Vertigo uQ 
I'i-iii^ up from sto<i|iin^,'. — Venigi>. s<> that he does not know where De is 
wlu'h walking along a little iwth.*. — Vertigo, with headache on stooping 
viifier twenty-five days^,'. — \ ertigo, with nausea on stooping.'. — Vertigo, 
K.I thai ewrything r^vms to Itirn amund suddenly ou raising the armiafWr 
twelve davs^.'. — [SO.^ Vertigx» in ihe morning atier rising, everytbiog turns 
arotuid. tttlh a taint, n»ti.^^>iis sen^iion in the stomach ' eighth to eleveDth 
day'.'. — I>ir,7.ines5 in the hrad. i>o that he must pit and bold it still, with 
n!i««^a.'.~f»rM**m/ SfnMatioHM. Humming in the head, as of boiling 
water iatV*r tweMiy-«'v<>n da>"s ■.'. — When the rait^s herself, it iieetiu as if 
her ht>«d w.Hild tumble about.*, — Feeling as if the brain were loose; it 
aivms to fall here and there when moving the bead after fvirty-five dayr),*. 
— In the morning on waking, first beaviue^e. tbeo afit-r rising, beat io tbe 
head, with coldm^is in the hands asii foet.'. — Htadac-Le fri>u> walking.'. — 
Hea'iai'he in the evening, with whi<-h every noi^ie. esfaeciaJiy the fauoian 
voiiV, biirts the brain very much .afw-r five day> ..', — IHsi^udiag pain in 
the head and ni>se,'. — Headache. a.< if the head were pinched togeihtr.*. — 
Severe sticking in ihe whole head, incnta.-'iiijr and dw-rea-ang aflcr three 
d«x> ..', — 1*0.1 Slicking in the head comt* on immt<dtalely fn-m the wannlii 
^^f a stove,'. — Violent Miichi-s in the brain. «iiii bcai and crawling in tbe 
bead alViT tiflrt-n days. y,'-. — On stamjiiug wiih ihe leel, a ohMkiug in tbe 
brain : great nish of h)om^ li- Th< h«!nd : ii leeU a.- if the blood sUigaated 
ihtrc, and could noi cin'ulaic lafier i wcniy-scveii dayr ,.'. — Iiching. (peep- 
ing hiTi-- and ihcnc in ibc head, which disBp}M»TV on scmiching.'. — Fkt T t- 
fittt^ finti 7V*mf>/<'j<I t'li sro<i)ting. a seiisauou u.- ii cvenahisg wunld 
fall lorwnM in the ion-h(»d after fixiecn day- .'. — I'revive }iaiu in tbe 
forehc«d Inim wiihin oniward iwciflh day „■. — ^I'reiwun , wiih IttaiT'iueflB in 
the right yidc ot the ion-head.-. — Violeni. dull triiciiet in ilit luft IroDlal 
eminen.'c. nn stooping whi-n washing.'. — Severe ihrobiiinc in the fortdiead, 
de<'p ill ihc brain iiii siooping afi.c.r thirry tiay>..'. — Teitsive nensatioii in 
the whole skiii of llic forehead, ii seciih- loi' ligii; ; nficT a meal.'. — [M.3 
K bnrning siiich in iht righi leniplt .". — I*Hli stiI(■il(■^ aiwvt tht right tein{ile. 
in ihc moniinc when vawning.. — I'nkatinr "1 teniinir-.'^. — IVrfftJT mmti 
fnvif^tlts. rressiirc it: ih< hrniii tMmeaili tin ven ex. exi ending towank 
ihi' fvvipnu on waking f'nuii slei'p, wiili stif)n<^^ o: ii» ni*ek. . — Ttairiug oo 
the vcTti\. ■.■■■• /'.-fitOM'i ntiriritir ith tin vrriij-.^riii-i, cj-ffiin- tiinmpi, flir itiito/e 
hfvi'l. whrtiri^T in otmnir- t'l. thr •itiii/. — Tension, witti buminc in a small KftOt 
on the left (Virietai bone after one hour..*. — IViiifn. «i|uetiziiig together of 
the head frum Iwili sidr*. then tenrinc in a -snitil, sivi: on the left parietal 
b<iiio. and aliorwant in ll« Ictt side of ihi^ oceiiHi;.' — Fini' leariug is a 
Dmall spot on the right pHrietiil Itone. deep 11. tix iiom. . — Tearing, willi 
twitching ni ahnri intnrx-ak.. deop in tiie iimin. ImmicbiIi iIh' rigiii ear, im- 



nediateW renewed by tnochin^,*. — [60.] Sticking in th« nidw of the bond, 
ftbo »fl«r diDuvr and id lliv evening, wlit-ii it u> most itcrcrc iu llic Jcfi vid«,'. 
— Dull c^lik'lira ia liic IcH side uf the licJid, vxtutidiuR from ihp OLvripul to the 
Troiiul ciiiin^iKV, ur ultvrniit^ly h<^n< or lb«n>,*.^ — ^Tlirulibing, wtih sUckiii^ 
in iho left tide ot'the h«nd (After «?v«d day?),*,^PaiL, as it tbe hairs were 
pulird up on n small apot on tbe right pari«ial htJiip,*, — Occiput and 
MxtCTtov, Rhctimntic piiin in the ocr^iput, with swelling in the filamls of 
tbe neck,'. — Teariiij^ in thp left side of the occiput, relieved by hendine 
Ui« Iirad bnckwunl?,'. — TliDibbius lu tliv ucciput, L-xtL'tidiiig to tiw rrutitui 
cmiDvucv: iu thu fvi-iiing i^after nvtr days i.'. — An old tumor liiciiiTlo pain- 
Ion (to tbe st-nlp bet^'omes liirgt>r, and beting tu psiii mi if uleemtiii^, when 
touched,'. — The hairs fiall out when combing (after four days),*. — Crawling 
a? from anifl over the whole Hralp ; in the evening,'. 

EifeJt. — In Oetterttl. [70.] Theeyeftarenwollen iu lliemoniinB,'. — 
lUHJitrau of tbe wliile of thv eye and laehrymaiiou,'. — Kc(lnet<.<> of ihcu-bito 
of the ere, nud a whit*- pimpic upou the cj-e near llic corneal.'. — Wctikncaa 
of the cTcn, espct-inlly in the cveuiitg bv candlt-light : durinz the day. s 
HoikI is twfore the left eye; by eaudleliglit, a glimmer *, — Violent pain.* in 
ihe left ey«. and extending thei'ice over the tempi*! inlotlie ear laftcr twenty 
btnira),'. — Bunting in the eyes on exerting vision.'. — Dry beat, and preji- 
Mr« in lite eyes,*. — Prt^siin' in Ixtth eyt*. with ilehing a* from diwt,'. — 
IMing «/■ fAo «yM,'. — Tenrinp in the eye*,'. — [80.] Itelitrp, burning; prw- 
eurc. MirencA. and drynca.- in the eye*.'. — Orhtt, ttfOtr, atitlJAtlM, 
ScuiUtiuu. ns if a burning r<park |Miwed from the upper niai;giu of the riiiht 
orbit to ibe root of the no*?,'". — t-harp drawing over the left eye, extending 
from the hum; toward.-< the leniplc ; iu the evening, *.--^W(.-lling of the lide 
iit the nioniing.'. — Inflaineil nxlnew of the evciidit iutenialir.'. — Mutter 
i'»tiTn«Ily ou tbe lids^, «^|K'HalIy in ihe innrnwi)!,'. — A};L(liiliQHtiou of the 
rvw.'. — Tho eye* arc difficnll to oiicn in tbe, morning,' .^The eyes close in 
the evening in the twilighi.'. — Twilchina; tearing in the rigbi. upper lid,'. — 
[90.] A stiteh Uirough the left upper lid,'. — Itching on the hui'der of the 
upper lid,'. — 8tiM in tbe left intiTnal angle of the eye,*. — Agghitiiiation 
of the eyes in the exlrmal cuiithi at niglit,'.~~]tiimii)g in the eyen in tbe 
ionercnnifat.wilh profuse lacbrymation.'. — PnwRure iu the cxtcruuieunthua, 
as if a grain of sand were in it,'. — Twiti-hing-sticking iu tbe external ean- 
ihua,*. — liaUn (intt VMon* The eyeballH are painful,*. — Frequent ob- 
MTuraiion of vidion,'. — After a meal » gauze cunifs before tlieeye*",'. — [IOC] 
'SfiuKitioK aro/ ymuf hrfort thr rvf*, in thr marntui/ »nfi nfit-r a mntl,^.~ 
Spark* befon- ihe eveji in the dnrlc,'. — 8|)arki> of fire hefott^ the eyes, and 
tiering iu tbcni,'.— I'bc candlelight ia eneirclcd by a halo with minbon 
minw.'. — Black spot liefore the eyca (after twenty-four hours),'. — Double 

Ear.t,—Ej(ternnf <ittfl Suhjective. "The fland belowthe right 
ear ia swollen and painful to touch.'. — Tearing Inliind the rigltt car,'. — 
Crawling pain io the boui« in front of the right ear.'. — Boring iu thu right 
earao violent that she must cry out.'.^llO.J *lha\eing [mm in lh< ^r9,a 
liud of twhiyinff mracJie,'. — At nigbt, fr«)uent drawings in tlie eam,'. — 
Taaring in the left ear, extending outward,'. — *Tfaritiff,tm'th boring iind 
dratriug in (A* 6oNAr in jroni of the rifjht ear,'. — Sticking deep in the left 
«r,'. — iScverc stitches in the car cousluutly tor two days iadcr tweuty-cigbt 
days),'. — Tbrobbing and bard pre»urc after midnight, deep tn the right 
ear, upon which he lay, and, u|>on turuiug to the left aide, in the left ear,'. 
— Crawling and twitching in the left ear,'. — 'Jt^hin^in the rara [.after 



tw«nty-four dmya),'. — Severe itrhitiff in thn left, t?1l^,^ — HetiHttff, [120.] 
SeitiUlmii «s if lianl of lionriiiz,*. — Jlaniticit* aj hmrinyfiriA dai/9*. — 'Scnre 
huzziny in iHe ears, i'm tlir rrmrn^, lii:r a riinjiiigof brUt and a violent wind*. 
— Cnii'Uiug ill buili ours whvii ewglluwiiig,'. — "CntrUtny in one ear on 
twoUviting, lU if it iwrc brc<»l:ing,'.~~CT&ci\Tig hi the ear, »'Ii«d walkioc 
faat, when ewallowing, nneesln^, eu-.,'. — I'mnmn^H in the enra at i)ight>. 
— lie miiiint li(r u|ioii the letl prt, bcrBiino thi-i-o i» n rnirklin^ tn it which 
exiniidii Ui tho right onr, whifli itrvvi^nlii hii^ i>li'i>|)inj; i aftor I'h'vn ilnyti)/. 
— 'A rrvrrl/rrnUon in the car tn Mowing th^ noee viofnttf^^. — UiiiKUi;; in tho 
can*.'- — [130,] Kitigiii); in ihc uars,". — Violi-iil, l«iig-<:i)ntimii:tl riD;;inj; in 
tlio vara,'. — K{)aritij;uii<I buz/iii^ bt'loro tlic vars (mIIit lweDty-Bi(ihi Javd),'. 
— Increased roariog «f the ears; ditficully of hearing (iu BL-verai i,", — 
Bounding in tlie t-arr-, even when breaihing, like a «iiiiidin}£-lmiiiil laAer 
two dn_v«;/, — Siunninj' iioipc in llic cart (.ni'Ttir iwn rtayn),'. — rhrnhhinu in 
ftvtnt uf tho M\ ciir if he lay ii|)<in it,'. — Throbbinji; like a pnl»o in th« 
(kd't.) cur, ii|><>u which he lay at iiiKht,'. 

NosCi — Th« nose wcm* nvolU-n nml iMtcrnally agj^lutinatvc).*. — Tho 
none is sKipiK.'d,'- — [140.1 *Obitliiate dryiieH uf th« m***.',*. — Krw|m'»t but 
traneieul culsrrh, Humi-lint«« t>uly for oik- hour,'. — Continual calarrii, with 
8Ui|i[<vd :iR?t>i>a[ioti in tin; n«i3t' (titlixiith dav).'. — FliK-ui catarrh, which m\y- 
hllyaj>)K-itiYaiidM)on again disnii{K-itri','. — l^liient vninrrh.ftitlin hulh>wi!tM>n 
voiiw and drvooiigli.iii tho morniiig and during tho da5,l)iil nf>t at night,'. 
— Frcqutlil uisi'hargn (if miicui' from the mow,'. — * JJitrAar^v o/ Uiirl.tfflltno 
munn> from the uii»r^. — FrMUJcnt iiiL-liiiaiion tn liluw thf mi*, with dii>i-)iarge 
uf tliii-k miioui, ivh4-rru|mn a cunatiinl itensatidn of drvnfi!» rcniainH ( i-ighth 
day),'. —, im vitilfiil the bniin is :thakt.-n by it; it Ii-avc.-' Ix-hiiid a 
freliug til' diiziiiL's* Uirst diiy i,'. — Krnint-nt snivKing in ni|ii*l p'nwc'*"i")n, in 
thi' L'VL'ning,'. — [ISO.] J'Vrt/KfJjf n'\*r /j/»-<r/iW,'.— Freiintnl and jirofiisL* imw! 
blunting fatWr twenly-fi>ur hmirs),'. — lih-ifding of lli« nuee spvcrsl limoa 
a day lafWr tvventy-fnnr ilay«),'. — Nwo blictiing in tlm innrning when in 
bed, nright rwl bloody'. — The iimw bh-edi* easily when hlnwiag it nr clean- 
ing it,'. — Kvcry time when hbiwing the now a tiireamof bliMKl,'. — The now 
jNiitu ill tho tip and margin,*. — Burning In a small phu% on the tup of the 
noMr, aa tW>m u drup of hot fiit,*. — Crawling on butli mAva of the oosc,'. — 
Tliu Btucll is i-ory svD«itivt•,^ 

l!'<tce,—{lW.'] *J-M-e puffy,'.— *P<rU /■w*.—'Rcdoem of the r»<-<- in the 
4ffKiting iaft<!r twelve dny^),'. — fJrpjit nxiiioa in the fan-, with iiiirnie-red 
lipi),iinrl jwvrie rong«>jiliiin of blood ininie<liaii'ly,'. — Twitcliing in the left 
tide id' the far*,'. — }N>n»ation of .swelling in tin- liwc,'. — Hliarp etitchc« in 
hoL','. — ' Tr.mut feeJiny in (Ac u7io/c ftin of thefacr,'. — Koitgh, red »i)ol on 
the right i:bcrk.*. — Swelling of tbt' k-tV i-hwit and the region behind the 
car, with pain in the tvinptv (aflur thirty duvfli,', — (170.J Cmwling or 
t'rci.'|>ing in the left (,h(*k (liri't dny},'.— Swf^Ili'iig yf the nppt-r lip, with 
burning jiuln,'. — I.uwor liji cnn;ked.'. — Vinii-li?i? on the lower lip,*. — In the 
tnonnng, arter riding, tb« lips are dry,'. — Tin- iiiip'r Viy fwU swollen,*. — 
Burning in a Hnall >-pot on llic ns\ pun i>r the lower lip iatUr wvcni«cn 
(laya).*. — Dry nriiHition in the lips au<l in llic gum ; driitklug doen not re- 
liovn it,*. — Burning, ainariing in thi- Inwer lip,*. — Painful gnawing in the 
iofi niilo of llio lower jnw,'.— [180.1 Teniiion tn the lower jaw exicnda aa 
*••■ aa ihi: nm byoidve,*. — *Ciiitniit rioH- lh« imtrr ym withwtt great pain in 
^<iirf*ivtian,'. — I*rcieiin< under the chin, int-n*a)<cd by touch and 1>r 
i; lh» luwM jaw.'. — ^Twriug iu lb« loww jaw of ihu right wde,'.— A 



atiteh in the middle of tlie lowt-r j&w,'. — Glands on the under jnw are pnin- 

MoHlh. — Teeth anrl fitntiH. (Tootli hwuini??* rauklly hollow,'. ) — A 

>iind tiKttli iH^K^xjtnfu l<xiM-, uitil \m\\w wlion ealiiig un<l lor &»td«> titiii' aftiir- 

Imrds,*. — Al times, an iavolutitnrv challt>riiig i>f the loeili,". — Frequent and 

.'prn/tMT Ittrtiiinti of ihf trrili'. — JIBO.^ Ti:)i>llmrlie, evening ii) bet), no( hy 

day (nnt>r <-i^l)t ilnv)'),'. — Ittiniiii^ (iiiin, now in tlif upper, nnn in llie loir^r 

tr^th of tlic left !>idc, with nootitniilntion of mncli ^nlivn in the mouth ; he 

caitiKil lie ui>nti his side liix-aii&c the tii\c of the ht-iid f'vel? n» if prcwd iu, 

and it thrnlw in the left ear/. — Tensive and st!ckiii(; i>aiii in all (he right 

{iwlh.*. — Boring iu the teeth as if ihcy would he reul aeuoder, if he tnkea 

■•nylliinir c<»Ul or warm iulu the tnoulh,'. — Crawling-huniing iu the lower 

litrwi(aft«rthirly-.''ix days'),'. — A wiisiiive crawling in ihv U[» of theUwlh, 

in the .'i-cniii;^ (iifter sis days),*.^ — Dniiviiif;, jerking, tlimhhinjt l«HilImehe, 

a« ihotijih something- were seated nndcr tho K^etli, cxlcndinp into (he cur 

and thf rifiht tc-mplc,',- — PiLiiifiil gnawing in IIk- rnnts and Kiim of tht liiu-k 

teeth,', — Gnimhling in the hark teetli.'. — Grumhling in a deeared tooth 

^durin^ the day,*.— [200.] Tearing in the bark teeth,'. — A sore, paiuful 

toothachi-: fbv eantiut loucli thi; tt^i-th,'. — TiirL>bhiu|; puin, iviLh grvM nou- 

itttivcuewt in fh« lower hark tet-lh. in the iii'iniing after rising.*. — Ciiiin 

gtruIlpD alxiiil A huHoK toulli/. — The gum hkedH and seems to retract tVutn 

ihe tcelh.', — Toitf/ue, Avwiclc under the tongue,'.— Pointed vcaiclw in 

ihe niifhile of the tongue,'. — I^urning vesirles at the lip of the tongue, of 

loog duration i after Rii day*\'. — Tongne niiieh crmtwi. . — * Tanpui^ ronieti, 

<u if fiticy,'. — [210.3 Hardnei<4 of ii K]iivt in tli<^ miihlle of the t'tngne, with 

burning under tuui-h for ;wrenil davH (after ei;;hUM.-ii dayf).'. — Uryn<u(« of 

ill* tongue in the nioroing, with sensatiun a* of swelling in the throat when 

mllowing,'. — Paiu in the side of the tongue, as from veaielea,'. — ^Tearing 

oc the left bowler of (he tongue, nhich &niarij» and pains a& if sore,'.^ 

'HmnrliHg, liurniuij pain in the tip nf the t<ii\^tir i funrlli diiy),'. — Hawneaa 

^on the toi^tt, in the morning on waking: it' it tiuiehi's the palatp it feeU 

if it were a gmting-iron (after ihirty-nne day*).'. — Mouth, Sn/ii^a^ 

ttnti Timtft * The \rf\iiie mouth brramr* fillfti wifli iufinmeii vciiicU*,€^jitTiaUv 

the jtti/utt itntt the iiuddr of ihr ckret*'. — Ntuch lliii'li niiieua in the immth. , 

— *Miich troiihte with tough phli'ym, which /«m nu fnd; from it the mnuth be- 

tumt4 xx-m dry, and t/iercfrrim a kinJ of thint,\ — InlnU-ralilc i-dor from the 

•nwuth, wliii-li he does not perceive himsi-lf 1 at^er five dny.",!.'. — [220.] Dry- 

DCHi in ihp mouth, in iho morning after rieitig,'. — Muutli is i-tieky,'. — Tbo 

funiith fM-lfl DUfflb in the morrnng (third and fourth days),'. — 8titehca 

in Uie palate, as with needles 1 after nine days),*. — Continual ppiUing of 

mliva for eight days (after thinyeight diiytt),'. — The mouth i» conalantly 

full of water whiefa riiwyi fmm the ^tomaeh (after foiirlwin day*),*. — During 

the morning >lcvp, siiliva rutut out of the mouth,'. — Taste eumpletely hist 

for !M*veniI da>V. — Hweet taste behind the root of the tongue (ttl\er uino 

leeii ihiv"),'.— Mouth hitter and aliniy, with eoiited tongue (sixth day),*. — 

[S30,] Foul, bitter taate and smell in the nioiuti,'. — FqiiI to^tt in tftr moitiA 

n«ry irun-fij'rijr, wiili very coated tongue,'.— ^'^«lly liu^te in the nioulli atid 

thnml in the afternoon,'. — Sour tiute iu the mouth, in the mwruing after 

rilling (aftor forty-eight day* I.'. — -Sour ta^te in the mouth iu the evening,'. 

— Sour tajflc iu the month before eating, not afWr it^'. 

Tliront. — //« Otrnfful. *Takes eold very ea-'sily, and has an inflani- 

I swtian nf the throat in c!onaec)Uf-nee,'.— -Drynf-jw and ik'vpn' nainfiil i^ticking from twilling, in tbv buck part of the left Bide of the throat. 



rnmioonnnd after entinj;,*. — yaimeafVomifituj^nudSt^lHtnttnitH, 

Nh(|3(«i, n* from foul utontnch, in the nioniinj;,'.— Nau.'!<:ii in the; ninrning, 
ftftinfT. with pnlpiluttuD uikI iiriiii-tv,'. — Fn.'qticut >jf' iiiuriis.'. — 
Votnititig lluiil, uulvr huJ cliHlk, fulluwet) by |inN>tniCiuii,*.— *^/ci*/iii^ of 
(TNii'ira* in the MttmatA, icAiVA li'Mtipean afier fnliny^. — [290.] CVild uiiil 
empty fetftiiig la the slomacli,'. — It aeoms lU if the sUimacli liiiii^ Jon-Q 
liNwe,*. — Pain in the ototiiach,'.— Burning in llie reyion of ihr stanmcti in 
Ihe ■fteriKKiii,'. — Feelinj; of replnlion in the nlomnph,'. — Kiilnc-w of the 
(tomAoh, (Ln<>r catiiip, »* if ho hiul cat^n ton mnnh,'. — Ptiin in the ^tAmnch 
w if it wcrr t«>o full bihI tviiw; uriimtin^ ilifiicuU,'. — Hfiisu of U-ni>ion and 
he«viu?« iu pit of «ltimai-li. :u> from Hiituleiicu nui) |)til|jilation,*,— Countriiy 
live pain in the Ftonuuh in the aflerniinri,'. — *Pre»»itre in the Momaeh, aa 
Jrwm a Monc; rtUcffl 6g ei-vetatio»e,'. — [300.] Severe prenture iu the stuiit- 
acli, with tiAUt«it, after vaiinfr bread, tmt after cooked fo<>d, even whrn very 
lilllc, with eolloetino of Miliva in ihe mouth,'. — Prt-jtsiirv niid ehukinj; in 
th<' ri|;ht eidc of the «loinnch, (^xtciidinf; into the chc^t, m if u hurri b>>dy 
prw*t<i upward with ditH(-ulty, from morning lo aflerin>ou,', — Urawing- 
mmag iu ibe pit of the »u>maeh. with a feeling a.i if a liejivy b<jdy were 
lh«r«^on iwroming erect and on suiopiiig (afier seventeen dars),*. — Fine 
■lilcbes thruugh the Htomacli iutCf the spuie,\ — 'UtrmitiiKTK'^ of the pit »/ 
[ft* iktmach: on ttfpping hard he ferit every step pttinjttl in it*. — Ulcerative 
pun iu the ^totimch nhcti |>rL'>^iii;f (ipju i[,'. 

Abdomen,— ItiUMrliOHdria and UmbiUvus, Pre«iv« rain 
in the region of ihe liver, more whrn moving, and Hlitl mon? when toufhiog 
i'..'. — 8hori mieking below the rij;ht hyporhondriuni, without afli'niing rea- 
pimlion (aAcr half an honr),*. — -Violent dull Atitrh in the loft hypochon- 
riutii,'. — Pnitu iu thu abilonivu about and below the navel, which vxtenil 
rnwanl into the thigh ; niih violent jmiu oit the left side from the {xitutof 
the hip, exleiidiug forward, and pain in the region uf llie right groin (alter 
lhr«e dayn >,'. — {310.] Pain? iu the abdinien ao rioleut that the navel la r«- 
imt-ted. Hnd he \* obliged to rroueh ; in the eveuiiit:,'. — Pindiing around the 
navel, more in Mlting than uheu moving,'. — I'iiirliing anmrid the navel on 
ihe iilighto«t motion made at night when lying down, and by d.iy when sit- 
liug: luffiogi- uf flatus rvlicvf;> tliu nuiu, ami iteea;>u> enLJn^ly when walkiug 
(alWr tweiity-wven day«».'. — Sudden stiichea below the navel (after four 
<lav»t,'. — J« Gfin^t'Ht. Fuhie^^of the abdomen (after nineleeu days*.'. — 
^Diden'niii ot Iht <ib<iomri\'. — * Painful diAetMOiiol (he aKdomtn,* , — Hlird, 
lillH abdomen,'. — Otleui-i^'e flatus.'. — •( On- turmmj in hrd. il teri'w iif ij 
&>« if.teMina Jrlt from vnf tide fa the other)'. — [320.] After a ct)»1omat7 
vallc, pain id the abdomen, followed by an cxhuualing night-»w«Mt (fifth 
ilay'i,'. — On aecount of pains in the bowclx he cannot sleep at night ; when- 
ever he move* a little, the palni: returti (after twentv-Feven day»i,'.^ — ^Ten- 
Kion of thr uMoinen, with j>enKilivenei» of the ahiluniuial walln when Nturh- 
hI,*. — A fueling iu the abdouicu ae if iiuiutrthtug in it were swulleu,'. — Mmiy 
troublai iu the abdomen from flatulence, whereby the ba^morrhuidH protrude, 
with pain when hitting,'. — Fe«'ling of eontruetioii in a HiHit of Ihe i^tze uf the 
iiaad io the left side of the upper abdomen 'after twi> daytt),'. — Pit:icliiug ia 
thf b<iwel.-", with nausea,'. — Pre«iure in the right Mde of ihe abtlnmen iu the 
morning, alter waking, in bed; ditmppeara after rii«ing,'. — Prisisive [muu in 
l'nrep«irt of the abdomen, aji if exlernnl to the intestine*, in the museic*, 
_ _ [■iaily at evening. iH'^-uming uuendumbic when walking and on niotioti ; 
■peedily relieved when nilting and lying, hut soon reliirning on uallcing 

* er twenty-tour hours),'. — Severe cutting (nain iu the abdonieD wakea 



Iiiru tibovit miclmeht,'. — [330.] Painrul ciittiiig in Ihe abilomen, esp«oi«l' 
aroutid rhc ntivrt, iu tbe rvetting (alWr litU'en *iayn),'. — CiituiiK c«Hc ut 
niglil.'. — Atvure dmwinf- -rut ling, exteinlinjt iifiwim) in ihe Intl mW vf ilie 
upper iiMonieii,'. — Sliu-lii-fl in llic rigUi *\'\it nf tli^ nlMlomi'n wluti hio- 
«oiij:hiii2, wltni tuniiii;; tlic Ixiily, when yawiiint; ihhI bn-iitliingdci-ply. nnt 
wticii walking.'- — A siitch in tho rijiht Mv of' itic ulxloincn, niul. ut the 
wtne time, in Hip »mnll of tht' 1>iii'k mWpT tw.) diiTil,'- — 'rhrohhing here 
«ml llt«re in iht' iiiW\um<jn,'.~Ht/IM^ffftnft'iuin find INftC JteffiOH, 
On nriiitniiii,'. pinchiiijr i" tii« lowi-r l^nwel!".'.— T)ni»iiig ])h'\h clwp in tho 
liiw^T MbJiinivii. ilitnn alnn^ tht* rijzhl fimiii, hjh IVuiu it 'trin^ inl\*^r two 
davrii,'. — Prfp*nro in llio nlwlnnicn, abiivo the piibw, in the inorninf;, in 
befl, whon Iviiig on lltf luick,'.— (Inflanimntion of ii lu>rni»l rin(r i after 
ihrve iliiv*). .)— [340.] A pn'sning oiiLwartl in thr ab(]r>n)inHl ring on mov- 
ing an<l liiirinK «t<Hi),'. — Ciitting in lh<> IowiT jiortinn of tho hnwcU at night, 
■with proKLiretownnU lh« n;ctuai,wilh rcinliug |)uin» In tbo iult«titH«, with 
a fvL'liiig of fiilui'Ni alvivv the pubtv, tut lhuii];li trvcrvlbin); wl>iv itupiHHl 
and the abdonu-u would buwt, when tying out straight; urtfrwanla, siool, 
fir»t hard, knoitv, lli«n li'inid, wiMi much pri>-«ur<^, trith relief of the nnin 
in tlie bowels, fullnvvfd by burning In th<- annn (nftertwo ds)Ti).'. — ttcliing 
in thi> h«-niiiii ring,'. 

Jtertttiii nuft AnttH. — Bticking in (he rprtnm the wholo day, and 
hard -*IijoI,'. — In the auttf, many hwmorrhmdit »f the »hv iff n haul-nut^ 
with Mnnrtitig und slicking pain?,'. — Not only with thf »t«tol, hm also will) 
tirinnlioij, lti« h.-roiorrhoiiU pputnidc,'. — AJUr ihe bIooI, nioixl hemor- 
rhoid^,'. — I'ttwagi* of hloirtl fnmi ihv ami* fixiineiitly, witli 4lii>l^>ii^ii>n of 
the ubdornen,'. — Iliiniini: in ihv nv»f,^. — With tn«- (iinlLinil) !«i«miI. hiiriiing 
in tlio ttiiun,'.— [380.] Itiiiiig in the nnni','. — (^nivrlingin lln" uniw,'.— Pai 
fill Borenraa around tho iitkio, as if ho hnd been cxoiriaUtI (ani-f fl' 
HnyH^*. — 8orv: gmin and burning around Ihe iinuH ti^niirdH evet)ii)g,\ 

StfHtl, — Very freijiient desire for sloid,'.— Urgent dmirf for stiKi! ; she 
cuniiot n-tnin tlm i>t'>al hH-sniu^ it ii fonnnl r»iit nij'idlv,'. — I''re<)iienl Kiiiall 
fitoul;', with fcctiiig uf great rcliiT,*. — Uinrrhivic slvol (6r«t aod thirtieth 
diLr«l,'. — Oitirrhiric utoo), mixed with blow) (in a rhild),'. — Diarrbtrii at 
night, with hiimiorrhoidiil jmIiin,*. — [360.) Diarrhica towanI» nHirning, 
pr«<"c<Jc<l by pain in nhdomen ; later in the day, Buddcniv. yellow sirwd, 
with n)iii'iir< and blaod,', — Hnfl i«loii!, with very nrgpnt dfcire (prt'viudi-ly 
there hud been a liuri) one\ fuHowed by a biiniing and a prt-n^ing niitinder 
in tbe r«'«uiiTi {tir^t nnd M-emiii dny>.),'. — Stotd very hnrd, ditTienIt lu nAA<, 
with puin in the rcetuni and bloody mneuf,'. — Tough stool one day ; liard 
alool, with burning in the amis.', — hight-eolored rtool,'. — I'amage of round 
wnrmf.'.^\ iJOJwagie i>f round worms in ihe stool.'. — .'^iimll pin-worms paas 
with the »to')l (in ati adulti,'.^ — ^Blvud with the etool,*. — Slwl omiu wmo^^ 
tiiiien Tir one day,'. ^^| 

Urtnarif Organti, — [370.] rnereawd punileut cteot,*. — On urinac^l 
ing, burning in the urethm (fifteenth dny),'*, — Aftertlinner, intieb dwire 
to urinate.'. — Urgent <le«ire to itnnate; she ratinot retain the 
pitMe^ BO rapidly.*. — After urinating, renewetl <lesire therefor; afterwards, 
•wry time when walking, a, few drtipn nf nrine poHii ; di>knp]M>an) no silling,'. 
— FrcqUi'Ul pttwage of urine every oliier day (after Iwculy-nine hour»).\ — 
Increased urine: she i\tie» twice every nif^ht to urinate ; pave^ mueh eaeh 
time (allflr iiiniftecn dH\'Hi.*. — .Siddum and seanly urine, with buniiug in 
th« iifetlira (eighth and seveiiloenth days),'. — The urine, clear on |ia«etng, 
douii tivi^nica cluudy (.fli>t<-')>*- — The urine ba& a yellow tvedioient,'. 




Sertial Organit. — (Mrtle.) [380.] Numbneas of the genilal?. for 
tevrrnl miiiUtM (aflt^r twvuly-ei^ht diiysi.'.— ^Sluw iTPCttuu uiiulli au<l 
fcorteeQlh duyel,'. — Erection in itw morning bclbre rUing, wliit^li wrn^ scl- 
don the (.nw I after t«-vfiitet'ti dav-s).'-— Krection all iiiglii (tbirlivth <In]r)i 
(«ecoTMl»ry action).'. — In ll«* evening, HiMltlen eiwtiims, more viiileiit 
Ibfin for a y^ar, will) Hliivv^rin^ nrul mkiIi rlc^^in- ihni ootlion hiisi iieci^Mar}' 
Softer l<n mmntV. — Krcctioae wliilc ridiu^, witb inipt.'ti.iK'«.', — TMik-hiag 
io the jIbd?.'. — Viuleoi itching dq tlic right »idr of tin* M-'rutuni, which he 
cuiool Mjfiiciently M-mlL-h,'. — IStirning in the le^ tmcicle >niU-r itiirteEru 
dftyt)/. — i/wA iti^r^utd te mat ttf tire (fiecoadary action i,\ — [300-1 I*imin- 
iemd mjcuiiI desiru*. — Fails ai^leeti (hiring »>ition. w-ithmit cmi^ion of 
SMDPn (iwmtV'finit diiy >.'.^5PXHftl dt^irv ili^iirppeara th« first day.'. — I In 
enhioH, tfmiiMion t»\it^ plucv tuu Bu»n),^^KlIlilMlon« Id a man liiirly yours 
«U1, filio ae^itr before ha*) thr like,*. — Several ctuimions follow cacb utbcr 
ill rlu^ MieecssiiMi (hi a inarritx) miui), followed by oxhnusliuu luflcr 
Ihiny-tive dnyx),'. — I*niru*e, nightly rininaianti fihortty after ooition (fourth 
lUy),'. — Kmiiuii^n^ io mi old mno lollowcd by a feeling of dr>'neeci in the 
whole body taller ten dm-!'!,'. — (/Vwirt/c. i Dist-liargc of bbxiilv iiuicutt 
from the vagiim. wilb iitixiuiia palpitulioii and rv»ll»wiiL-8s of b^xly. |i:ilii in 
the liinftll of the baek, u'<-aknei^<i amitunting to fainttic^,'.^ — Fuinfiil dmw- 
ingB like tearing:* by jerlc-* in the pinli^nda, mi lliai xhc must cry out, in the 
evening iftftrr fimr dnv'*'.'-— ^400.] Conliiiually increjtKeil ttexual ile»ire in 
women iruralivt- ai-titui i,'. — [iicn-KKtHl (Icviro for oitinn in women, whieh 
i> more violent and lasting i turulivc Aolluii i,'. — Mk'Di>l runt ion appcan two 
davi loo early,'. — ^Meiistmatlon upjieant lo« eiirly and is to«> proiuNe.'. — 
MeiMtruatioQ very scanty,'. — Me nsi rant ion very scanty, lasting only one 
dnv. usually last^ two or three,'. — During menstruation, n prer^nre like 
a (ivnvintsv over the uubiM in every posiliou/. — During tn«n«truatii>ii, cut- 
ting atid griping in tttc l»oweU,', 

Jienph'titory ApparntttM. — Siitehes in Ibc air-paj9age>i (^oeond 
day I,'. — *Jm Ihc I'irvttx a /rc/iHy a» if he iiifpirtd only tmoke (afier twt-uty- 
wea days),*. — [410.] IIo«r»eiiP!» (nfter fonriecn diiysi,'. — Honr»eae.«a, or 
imllier losw of voice (fur several vrecks),'. — (Aiiigb after midnight.'.— Sufib* 
ottive cough,'. — Cough escitcxi by continued t>[)eaking < after thirty-five 
ila)'«>.'. — Dry con^h in the iiioming after n;<ing, followe<l by a ^i'ii;«tiuii 
u if a hard body were falling duvvii in the k\w»i itweuiieth Jay '.'.-—Dry 
tliort congb in the evening,'. — Dry eongh fi>r thnM> day«, eau^-il bv » liek- 
iing lu tbe bnmi'bi and in thn pra,>c<irdinL region, which id relieveil imly at 
nighl. nomeliioei also after dinner,'.— Violent dry onngh in ibe evening, foU 
hiwrd hy weaknov in the hend,', — (.'oiigh with expectoration of mucus,'. — 
[iSO.] Cough, frjni an ii)e««»ftit( irrilAtion, with mncoiis expectoration,'. — 
A loose cough, with ulty, starch-like cxpcetomtion. having Inaleil four 
wevk«,di!lappear^ (cnmlive action %'. — Arreal of hreiithiug, either in cough- 
bj^or not (ninth day),'- 

VfnTHtt — Paiiia in the chest,*. — FulnciU iu the ehcst, and painfiilneua 
ts if hniiaed iu the lcf\ xide,*.— A fulness in the diesl willi short breathing. 
(B|Meiallv on a^riwoding, with elilehes in the chest, eepecrially on iiii^pira- 
liuOi'. — Prewur« and tickling in the cltcht with dry cough, disappears 
(coratiTe action),'. — Siiiche* extctirjing from the chest to the shonhlcr,*.— 
Son; pain in the chest anil on i[, eKicrnnliy,'. — When coughing, a noiij^- 
lion i>f ^orcDCM in tb4> clieitt,'. — [430.] .Sciii^iiiion of Mvcre pAl|ii!ntioii on 
the fbri'part of the chwt,', — Burniut: esternally in the whole bri-a»l. with 
mdnen of the skin,'. — Teuriug and titicking externally la the br«iut« ijeXua 



DiDclooii dftv»),*. — Pitio in tho riftlit riba, with cold liKoda aud foot, aud 
hcnt tiiid re«liti»a of thv chwik* (nller tvro day^).'. — ^Tniuaiuut burutu}; in 
tliv left aide of Uiu cliMt,'.— ^Siiddeii tttickiiig and buriiiug. mi that sW chimI 
out nn ficcount ol' it, d«>p in the Icrt side of the cliMt, in the alVrnftou 
(aflor four diiyHj,'. — TratiHteut HliUtlinft in the rif;ht nidp of the ch«)l. caiispd 
her to cry out, in tlin cv«>iiing < after two davj" (,'. — Slitcheit in the led "iilo 
of the rhiMt (iilVr four liourHj,'. — Small tttilAi>A hi tiie left «i<lcnf the ('he«t 
ou every rv?|>iniliu[i inftor iiiuelccu dnye),\ — A viuluiit »lilvli iu the lefi 
nidi! uf ihe cIimL nn lilUn;; ii lifuvy w<;ii;lit with holh liacxU ' alU'r twenty 
days),*.— [_440.] Thmhlting, witli Ktiekiti); jtaiii in tliv lefl itide of the ehcvit, 
cstoDdiDg upward I'roin ihe oil •)( the stomach,'. — Dull stiich«H under the 
flt«rnimi. deeji in the eh«Ht, tollowed by a bniiwd {laiii si that Apot (,first 

Ilfinrt ami Puine, — Vi<>Ionl, long-lartinji palpitation.*. — At tim«! 
violent pnlpitatiou (during the first fourtocu dtiy»),'. — PnipitJttinn of the 
heart when lying ou the left side,', — Palpitiitiou of the heart, whieh is re- 
Dewed when ihiiikia^ of it, for then it tntikes her imxious, most at midday,'. 
— Pulhc' full and hard,*. 

Nfrk autl Wtch. — •Swelling in the neck, which, al\er a time, extends 
over tlir wlxile liend, »itli re<lnt^«<( and utcenttivo pain in the skin, a ltd 
*ifr'-'il iifllinyaf aUthr gf-miinnf fkin rryion Jor AM-rrnt t/iyf | scvonlh dav),*. 
— t^litlutiu in tlio neck on wnkintc from midday »loep (afler twenty-tour 
lionr.ii,'. — nuring bone pain in the iieirk, which in neither incn'ajie*! nor 
diiniiii»bi>d bv motiun nor hy luuetunf; llhird dav.),'. — [430.] *6everal 
swollen eUntli in the neck and occiput,' .--]>i.<l<K'atiiiK jxiin in the k-fl 
Bli(iiildi;r'Tilmli.*,'. — Ittiruintf in the upper part of the rif;bl slioutdcr-blade,', 
— Dnrain); stitch on the outer bitrdi-r <if ihu xhoulder-blade Ueeoud day),'. 
— Dull Atitches tliroiiyh the left rtboidder-bUdo to front of the cheat (third 
day),*. — Drtiisnd pain between tht; ^houlderA (tifib and tenth days),*. — In 
the morning, oa riiiing, painH li^twtrim I lie Hhouldem, ro that he i:* cjiiite MifT 
therefrom and rjiuiiut turn hiiaiiolf; ntierwartU, they extend into nape of 
neck aud left nhuuldcr, where they arc very violent, Iheu into tlic vertex 
and acrofi8 the (lectonil muselcM into the left nipple.*. — \Veaknc» and 
powurlMi>neK« in the apiuo, it liilU together »heii sitting a long time,'. — 
Great pain in the right side of the back on lying down,'. — Tensive pttiQ 
exkiidiii^ from Uie .npiiii? forward, under th« right rihi« when ri»ing from 
aitlin^, and when ncoopiiig fur forwanl (to lift ftomethioK up\'. — [460.] 
llnrkai'he, nji if he hiul biiu too harfi,'. — ThrobhinR in tho nacK and ecvcr* 
pulNitiou during rest, e»pcdally allcr emotiouublc cxeitemetit (firet day),'. 
— Heaviness in the Hinuil of the btick. and Id the loins, an from taking 
iwld,'. — Pain in thexmall of the back (alter twelve days).'. — Painfid draw- 
ing ill the small of the back, a« if a heavy body broke down (aOer six 
day«),'. — Tcnaivtpain in ihr unutU oj ilu^ Ifirk, worse in the erenini;, w that 
bo could not riM ^in Hitting not bend )iini»e1f backward,'. — Slicking in 
the small of the bark, worm when (fitting than ou motiou (after el«T«6' 
daya),'. — A violent stiteh in the small of the back,'. — A eore pain extetKb- j 
from tho small of the back around the alidompn externally,'.— During . 
metistruatioa, bruised pain in the Rmall of the back,'. — [470.] Uumiiiff in 
a small spot on the left aide of the lumbar vertebne, and at the mmc tioae ' 
iti the lower part of the left stum I dor- blade, wunte when risini^fnim sitlingi 
hotter when walkiug: also at night, to that be can lie upon only one stua 
(Keveuteenlh and nineteenth day),*. — Burning in the loina, which exteuda 
acroifi Uiruugh the abdouiea,'. 



Krtri'tnifteM in General, — Exownw wcsVnea In all t1i« limlw 
in till- aftoniooti, thr-n tuwanla evening; sweat at uiglil ; vomiting; this 
all nit|i[iriirs innunliii}; tn u threeHlay type)/* — 1^^^ f^t> ^^ amiH, etc., 
go tu eltri'p oil Ivinf; iiiiou (llcIll,^ 

Vpper Ejrh'tttii It tes. —Aw\i\>]Kcnck\ngiT) the jihfMtltfer-joint, 
on evcrv moliou of the arm barter di^hlccn days),'. — 'i'lirattbin^', aitmint- 
iog with tearing, now in the IpilKhouUicr, nowr Lciwccn tht FboultlLT-ijliidw, 
■MO at iiij/hl l^nineLM^iilh day i.'.^/m 'Ai* arilltr uitiirr the arm*, /rc^Ufiii jtain 
■A (Af gland*,'. — .Swvliii)^ of tl)^ right ami with pain o1" the axillarv glande,', 
—The arms BIT bra^'v and trcmhliui:.'. — TIik uniiB tall salut'p wiicii Iving 
upon the lablp,'. — (4d0.1 The left sni) falls asteep, alie can only bring ^t lo 
again bv much rubbing, . — Painin tlio bunuof the upper arm aiiif no ulcer 
miul'l lurni/. — T«miun Ii«re aud there in the arm«, always only in n small 
(pot fswsiiid day).'. — Twtifbiiig-tearing in the briid of lh« ri;fht rtttoWf*.—' 
Twitdiing alinu«t lik<> *hud>U-riiig in the bend of the left elliow, extending 
to the ra'xidlc of ibc upjM-'r imd forearm,'. — Pain a." from a blow, abo\*e the 
left elbow,*. — Pain in ttiecIbow,asifbrui,'««l,'. — Parulvlic pain in llir/W/'e- 
arni in the iiKirninfr.dtsarpeanngon nuicinn.niid returning iluriiigrvst,*. — 
Id the left forearm (winful tearingH extending fmm the mtdillc of it to the 
vriet,'. — III ihi- wrii-t &»d in *'ther parts of |be right arm, tension ar draw- 
iDg.'.— [480.3 Drawing in tht^ tefl wri»t, extendiiiir l» thi^ middle of the 
upper mrni,*. — 8uddeu th-aring miin in thewriKt,'. — llull «ticl(ing in the left 
vrwi. reli«v»d by motion,*. — I>i«tend«d vc-itu in th« hand«, with rodnciH 
thereof ( twelfth dayX'. — The hands tremble when writing.'. — I'inebiug 
pain in the hand.^ — Wrenching pain in the back of the hands.". — At fimt 
crawling in the hnudit, ihoit tbcy fall oiileep,'. — Cracking in the joiuteof 
thu thumb and little Gngrr on moving thvni,'. — Drawing in the last joint 
of the thumb and also in the fourth finger, m) violent that It a««ni« mm if the 
finger wtwld be torn off,'. — [6O0.] Dmning jmiu in lliij la$t joint of the 
thumb.'. — Drawing under llio thumb-nail,'. — Drawing id the index-fitiger 
mt if pnnilyz^, with a ^en^alion on toueliing it or bending it as if it were 
pithy. 4«)H'i.'ially at the tip,^ — Stiieh in the last joint of the thuinh, also 
toddenly in the lip of the violin t that il frighlena him,'.— Throb- 
bittg in the middle joinl ofthu middle linger us ofn huiunier,'. — Ulcvrutod 
naif on the led fotirib linger (seeomi day i.'. 

JL*»ti'er Kj^tvemities. — Hip and Thfgh. Tension in the legs 
exteuding up to the bi)», as if all toe teuduua were too blurt ; most severe 
when standing, relii-vi'd when lying (tbiny-«evenlh dayi.'. — Fain in the 
right hip-joini ou walking in the aytta nir,'. — Pinching pain m the right 
hip-joint, as if it wore stiff or wrewed up, it extend* downward nloiig the 
fn>nt of tho thigh,'. — Sudden stitrhes in tho hip-joint, as if it would bo 
vrenehed util, with jiain on walking, as if it would break to pieces.'. — 
[810.] Burning in the nates,'.— Drawing pain in the right nates, as if tlie 
lob wcrv torn off,*. — Violent etitches in the uatut,'. — Hlicking-itebing in 
(he nates,*. — Twitt'hing in tlte thigh above tho right knee,'. — lie drag* the 
legs, eeiiteeially on a^'unding steits, on aet'ount of a sensation of Ianivne«« iu 
the miudle of the thigh,'.^ — < Neidliard t,'. — She said she had painj! in the 
thigh during iiWp,'. — Biiniing in llip heiid of the thigh, a^ if in the bond 
wiien fitting,'.— Drawing down the front tif the thigh as if in the bone, re- 
lievwl when waiking(twentv-*fvt'iith day),'- — A feeling of prejwing-inward 
in the bend of the right thigh,'. — [520.] 8uddcn,dull .^tit-'king on tlieiniit;r 
mriaoe of the thigh which frightened him ( tourth day),'.' — Violent slicking 
iBllic right thigh, BO that he could seareely walk (tuurtb dayj,'. — Tearing 



ill tbi! right th!gh, in th« momiiig sfler rising', rulioved hy the warmth of 
the bod (DiiietMiith Jay},'. — Fnini tlie left Coot, inlernul stJlohes through 
the whole Chilli iliUi llie te»t<'ii, biudvr wulkin^A — Exirfjoive bruiaL>d feel- 
ing 111 thi.' thighs,".— Vii>IeiU bniiwtl jmiii iit the midtUe of the right lUigh, 
whieli af^iTu while «xleiiiU over tti« whnle U%, nnd lahW frttni tUv afternoon 
till towards midnight,*, — A blow in ihit thigh above iht; right kmw when 
atjuiding, sii ihat hi' hidiprcd he woiilil lull forward.'. — Ki44ff., Tjfff, tttui 
Aiihle. Paiii ill kiiwd and leg».*. — Tfuring on the ia*idf of the kiiw. ex- 
tending t(i tlip middle of the tibia, relie%-od when wnllcing, roturiid wlien 
sitting,'. — ('utling-bumiiigiiitlio rirlitkuef-pivii,'.— [530.J lit ihi- rittlilkneu, 
at li[iiiv. \ r»|iiil inotiiHilar)' |)iiitt. liko a <-iittin|r iiith a knil'it, whiHi makes 
lliu k'g lauif,'. — *Stili-}iint/ jiaiii in tlif hire jithtU'. — I Kiiniing tiin-iu'«» in 
the kiitc-jmn ).'. -Twilcliiug in the right calf,', — Wonkuc^ in ihi^ li-g>^ in 
ihp mnriiing, so thai he Nnk» down (l«iilh day),'. — In the lower leg, eM|>c- 
eially in llio right lihia, naralTlin |tain relieved by elevating the leg, as for 
cxnniple, on a Aofa,^ — Teuaiun in the tiUix, in going down a moiintaiti 
Caixleeiiih diivji', — TeCMieii in the tendons ul* the eult' na if thi-v Mi-re lu» 
short iftfteetith dHv l.'.^Tunxion and teuring in thi< legs, r«-lieve>l by walk* 
iug (sixteenth day),'. — Much crum|i in the leg*,'. — [640.] Cramp in c-alve»,', 
— -Cruiii)) in the calfou ittrokhiiig out the leg,', — Drawing Miiu n& if in the 
bonra of the leg. in the evening when titling, waK obliged In Elnnd and 
walk alMtui.'. — Tearing and lenninn in the honeH of the legM, extending 
downward lo the feel, nontewhat ri'lievcd when walking (tift<«nth day"!,*, — 
Cniwlingn ill the Uft calf lu though going to idven. whi'ii silting,'. — Paiti» 
ill the legfi at nigllt, aH if be liaid luki'ii u very Jong nalk or danced too 
mut'h,'-— Pain as Ironi a spriiin in the aukle,'. — I'liiii au from a K)irain in 
the ankle, and oii the back of tlie tout, even when nt rt%it, with i^vcre stick- 
ing, on motion.' .— ^<rc/ and. Toes. Tn>iiihliiig in ihe fern when •landing, 
ao that he ik obliged to take hold of wimething lo prevent falling itenui 
day),'.— WIkii walking iu the oiH'nair, the right foot hwome* eold, and 
thenr ifl a tenHoii in the calf,'. — [660.] I'lieiu-iness in the feet,'. — UnetiHiiem 
ill the fi^el when sitting, U conslnnlJv obliged to move the leg, iti onler tu 
relieve the leusinn in the lliigh, ajicl the ouniingiu the |iuhie region,'. — 
Drawing pain in the I'eut, only when walking,'. — ^Tcariag in the fenl ex- 
tending to lite knee, wnrw on motion,*. — t^iieking deep in the Iwll of the 
right foul,'. — Uleenilive pain in the hall of the font on utejining. twi<oriallT 
ID the morning aft*;r rising,'. — .Slicking in the heel,'. — Uuniing in tne «>Ie* 
ol' llie feet the nliule night, yet he cannot endure anything cool on them,'. 
^-S|ia«niodi(' pain in the iiolwi of the feel,'. — The tnugh ftkin on the sole of 
Uie f>mt pnins an if neiii'itive when walking, like acorn,'. — [060.] Pinehiug 
in Iki^ too on I'lieleliiiig out the foot,'. — Drawing jiain in the toi:-< ''after 
live dav I.'. — Drawing, violenl tearing in the ^i^;hl gnat lou townnU the 
tip,'. — feuring Htid mitehing in the left great toe by the nail, wiUi eonlinued 
eenmlivcnuN^ of thu place, with gn-at frelfulneM thr»t day|,*. — Coriiif niako 
their anponrancR on tJie loea,'. — Pinching pain in the corna,', — SUcking in 
a conj.'. 

Gf-'UCVfltltien, — Trembling throngh the whole bmiy, in the morning 
on risiiiK.'.^AIler dinner, greul inditlenec ami dread of labor,*. — Walking 
in the open nir is tlltti™[t for him ; hut the farther lie walks the easier it 
beeomes,'. — iWO.J A ahort walk falignes him very much ; he is obliged to 
sleep »o«u arterwiirdit,'. — ' Jt'rttrtf, ae with tUfpif t:yt« dnriug the whofi: dvu,'. 
—^jfjier eiitiu't, m tired tliat /iie. tviititnt rni'^s the htwU; n/irt m ho useak to 
mulieatf*. — OiroHt weakness ; cnu mflruely rwiw; henwdf in bed ; if i*lie doe#, 



lli« puW iin[i)«dia(€>Iv iHyoni^s rspiii, jerking, and hnn], iiDd aOcr tievornl 
miuules ri-arccly [itn-tpliblc,*. — Great ^^'ellklleiIi' aitd lassitude of the body, 
K tiiat hf almoixi wiik* down, in the cvi>iiiiij!; »t ft nVluck,'. — When lying, 
ft vniiiifKA, wbieli ^iiiTnlly M^eniK ii kind nl hi^viiiPSA ; is ninst i[iHii|>p»rt- 
ihlt,'. — Fititil rc«liii^ At ni^'ht ; Ae is obiiijed to vniit profiiwlr on the 
felloniu); day; i? rtill uiiuh-uIciI tlii> pmuikI ui;{ht,'. — Uiiti^iiiil aL-tiiitireoen 
i>f all the «eii»e*,', — Feeling "en^mlly »i»k.', — A v*rj' uu[ik-tiirtiiil rc)ax«! 
ooBditkio of the jointly,'. — 1<)S0.] Thv whitlt^ iipjier purl i>l' llii> limly Ici'U 
aumb aii<l stiff,*. — At iiishl evcrvtlitujf rut-ks within him, a» Jii a ship,*. — 
Tight nod t*i»>* feclitig iii llie wfnide body, with anxietv in ihp forenoon,*. 
— FiiirliinB pKwive pnin in iiisiiy placw in the body,*. — Drawing in the 
wh'>tc- Kiwiv, now here, imw llicro (dftcr ?evcQ day*},*. — Umwing, aller- 
mt«ly ill iJiL- nght BJiuuUlcr, in tlw lcg», in the armt, in Uic ocviput, and 
in the eyw, with h«aviiiew« of Uie ncrijmt. great weakneM. and »l<^t<pineffi, 
atffiUDi; dininew,*. — .Sticking as fnini nwdlfs in the whole body.'. — Some- 
times', Milci)t» iu the joint.-,'. — Ftvliii;.' bnilwil over the whole body. And 
TeTV weak (after Iwfiiiy-lour hoiir8>,\ — Fwlinj; brnivi'd over ihe whole 
bm/y, in \h« nioniin;; on waking (cU-vt-iith day \'. — [590.] In iht- mitrnliig 
at 8, »uddvnly leuls as if the cin-idation ccwscd ; a tirtplinj.- in thi" whole 
bailr, FXtPiid.'- into thi? Inn>;uc and lhi> endH of tht- Sagen and tu«», with 
anxiety fiir filtwn niiniit*^ ; then fpoU (tcaihlv lirpd,', 

SA'lll- — IXiMpiHiniilionof the i-kin un thpltark nl'bnth hnndnClwEfiitietfa 
Jay (.'. — DrjHCffl of thr nkin of iht^ haiidi> lik« iiari'hint'iil i lil'lh day ),'. — 
Tlie skin un ihv Imrk of both handi> it rou)rh and drv,*, — Thv nkin uu llie 
tips of Ihtf fitif^Ts iRvomvi ditiptH'd and xeait^s off,'. — Eruption on the right 
efrbf^tw, with u slickin;: pain wneii touched,'. — ^EniptioQs on the eare,', — 
*^atty Uimon, especially about the necfc,'' (Si. CI. t^.). — Piiniilrit in ts- 
rinus platMW. for exainplH. on the arin^, hiji;;, now, np|M>r li|», forehead, etc.,*. 
— Pinipliv on the jiidw i>f the ttenlji,'. — Small pimplen in tin' Jiice like boiU, 
tliflU|;h without M;i»nliun,'. — [600.] A (-liii>ti-r of smnlt, itehing pimpli^, 
with a n>d ham hvluw the left fiirnt^r of tlip mouth,'. — Itching pimples lu 
llie iterk clor* to ihe sculp (third <Iavt,'. — Itching pimplvg on th(? wrist,'. — 
Piinplve un the leet, whicli Aprtud liku lliu iloh,'. — (Tcllerliket ra^h on the 
upper [inn i-f the forehead, with s eeiwiticni ihai is niorehnniiny; ilian il^h- 
Ing.', — >Snall boil# on iht; lorehiwd,*. — A v*Ty uiK-onifortahle uniuU t>oiI ou 
lb* right wing (if ihff n<ife, n«ir the tip,'. — i BoiU on the upper arm i,'. — 
Sniall Imils on the nalw,'. — A wnall wniind boiomi* cn^ilv unhealthy, for 
example, having got a splinter in ihe fiugtr. which was firawa «ul agnin, 
the wound wouht not heal ; it ulreratcd nod ihrtihbed ; l\n- imiu prevented 
(ler slMpiogat night.'. — [6I0.J Burning in many placv» on tbi; skin, now 
here, dow there i!*-ventc('nih day i,*. — iV-verv itcliiiiK over the whole body, 
vfaieh pn>vt-»t» her fileeping for several huurH nt nignL(twei)ty-ninih day),'. 
— Itebuig here and there, which 13 only narlially relieved by seratcbiiig,*. 
—Ilfkiftg here and l/trre ; teratckiiiff ir fmowetl by a riolfnt fniin,". — Bum- 
ing-iifhing, here and lhere,'.^*/(('/i*ii«j uml biting on thf traip, and on the 
leniplc-* (after thini day),'. — Itching, evmiiign in bed, iu»w in iIil' face, now 
in the l«<.-k, now in llii; naud)>,'. — Itching upim the lej\ i>houIdcrdilad<:, with 
tmall pimples after senile hi iig,*. — fkvere ilefiiitr/ iu fAr tliiij/iA.vwn at riigbl 
(eleventh dayt,'. — Violent itching on the Imek day and night, '.^[620.] 
Mucti itching, with eruption upon the bnck,'. — Itehiug ou the email of the 
back and beiwepH the nates; nm^i ^r-ratrh il raw,'. 

fUeoft and iJreanin. — Much yaHiiing, every morning,*. — Frequeiit, 
MTerv vawniug,', — Cireai sleepiness ailcr dinner, every day,'. — Great dJeepi- 


iim in thn onning, M* eyea close invoiuntsrily,'. — Fulle ul«ep Into in the 
»vr»iiit(, Ktitl llivii tlie slwp ia rery resU«tt willi rfrcanis'. — Freqitcnl wak- 
ing at iii^lit, every htfurA^I^ret^iicnt waking at night ; rliNcI ral]» lor its 
paraniM,'.— Ijom of sleep at nif^hl, nn atiCHiint of a iwiiiutioii nf threat h«at,'. 
— [830.] Kr<>iiinf{» in hr*\ |)m lhoup;lit which iihe hail lm<l tlimiif;^ itie 
wliulv liny (liat fiw vrtiilil alr^p very well prcvvnlwl livr ^Itrpitpj; all ui^lil,'. 
— SIiv|>if«i,'. — Starting In th« rvvniug on fallini; aKlt'i-p, aa from fright, bo 
tlinl llu> uliolo IkhIj rioi!« up,'. — li not rt.>frv»lu-tl by aflvrnoun Hlwp. lieavy, 
TmU bruitn-'I ; the lieail is painfully coiiftiwd ; coimtaiit yavnio^ (art*'r four 
hour?),'. — TalkiiiK during Amp lin an oUI man),*. — lirT.nil$» natrly nU 
Htffht,*. — CMiifuMHl ilreamf for wveral nigliLt.M>iliiit in lliRnmrainffowruuag 
it in BuHii! timo before shv c«lliMrtM her ininil,'. — Anrioiu drfoms almo»l rivry 
NijrAf, wf itii rwllwst i)lev|>,'. — Aiixiuu^ tin-ama Kt iiii;Iil, vrilh In'«viiii'w vf the 
liLfid in l.ti« initrnin];.'. — Frigiitt'iil itrciini',',— ^6tO.J Frij'titful drt-aini*. on 
nt^^iinnt of which die wakm iu a aweal,'. — Frightful dreams of lire and 
the lili« mftfP «iglil days),'. 

^Vf'cr. — CtHilitf.ttH, (Ircat »pni«itivcneM to cold fader I wivedays),', — 
Ooustaiit c«>Idnow, an if tiild wattT were danhed over h«r ; wonw iu ihv uncr> 
niwM (wVL-nili to («nth dny ),'. — Kuddcn chill, with goo^flt-ih ; external trolil- 
n«K«; l>rii*Lliiigiif tliu hairv; in lliv forenoiiu,'. — At t) u'vltiu'k lu the «v<.*ning, 
rotilijwv uf till- wliule body, with shivering iNrgiuning In llic fM>l, with brist- 
ling of ihv liuir» (luenliiith day),'. — ClitlTinm8,nilh lliirel in theatU-niitou 
isovcnlh <Uy ),'. — ChiUincn ou going into a nwni from the open air,'. — Shiv- 
ering in the Hrni?, which di.oapiH.'nn' by the wannth of a ^tl>ve,b^t ifi aggm- 
vatiHlbyihe Ifa-'tdmrinfftir; in iheatierntwui,'.— Mildness of ihehand*. with 
itching,'. — i/<f/(/. [660.] Skin hot and dry/. — Alternution^iofhe'al during 
the day iniiith day v> — Tmn?ient butt rrviiuciitlv rti<ing in the hi*ad i ttiurth 
day ','. — ThuHhitle iiighl,rL-stk-!<i' on iKTutint of iiiU'rniil bent (in a child),*. 
— Hful nl nirjhl ami unxiVfy. i>u ihitt he (li)0» iifpt know what to do with him- 
self; lu»t>- till morning on rieiug i^fifth and foiirlcenth days),*. — 8be uinniil 
lie iipmi ihn Irit Hide, on acmHint of orgaMii of l>!iM)d and Tiolent palpita- 
tion, wiili a feeling (li Mtn'neM in thw heart, and great niixiety,'. — lie in 
attAvkc'd with hiMil when eating or drinking,'. — ^Aticr dinner he bty^onies 
very w*nn mid urn'onifortuble, and frvU a i)ri:;<j>un- in tlir right i>ide above 
the flomach.'. — Violent hvat und »wmit in tlie bead, thtu thir»l in thu even- 
ing (eleventh day\'. — Htat toward evening, with little thintt; viident pnl- 
Mliuii extending into the head; on rii^tng, vertigo, even to falling; nent 
the whide niglii, with di.Htnrl>Hl t^leep; next day vnilenl thirxt; {nxirHdown 
whnU- gl««K> ol' uat(-r, with very ihiek, white c^xating on tongue, *. — [6^0.] 
Heat iti the hoad, in the morniiig on rising, and kicking n.* with kniv«» 
lalUr sevcntii-ii diiy»).', — Dry heat of the liit^ in the iilWrnooii i iwellth 
day),'. — Hot band*; fre€)iieni]y <lipB tliem into cold water,*. — CttltI$ieHH 
and HvdI. Alternation of eoldnee? an<l heat townnla evening,', — Chilli- 
Mess in the fiiK-noiui, ■•utldenly iu the evi;ning be l)et.'^nie» t<>.t nana in th« 
whole ImmIt, and the idimit pulsni'M in the head,', — Dry heat the whole night, 
with sleepl(««iii.'»s, and. if ttjie put her bund oiii of Wt\, eobbK-;^, ebilliuew, 
and thinit (twcUlh dny i,'. — >'ow heat, now coldnej*. tho whole titght,*. — 
Cold M-tiNiiion in the right ride of the head, an from ire, and at the name 
time a burning aett«itiou,".-^A burning cold iiensalion iu the foptthead, in 
the forenoon (iteventh day),'. — ley eoldneHa of the feet from afternoon till 
evening, with beat in the whole budy ufUsr tying down l.aeveiitU day),*. — 
[670.] Ucnl and rL-dne»<, fretjuentfy of uue ehi-ek, witli ruldnew of tJte 
utber,'. — tilPcat. Sweat titr t%>voral uigbtj<, attir midnight (MsvGUth day),*. 



— ExhamtinK ninht-^WMt fthirtcontli U«yV. — Profuw; sweat on ihc left 
jide. f^pcrially oo the ht-ad,', — Kwcm on the inner surface of the handn 
and tiugere in the nn(?riiui>n (cipliteetith dar ),*. 

Cotid(tion«. — AggTftTfttioD. — (J/(>rMi»9),0nwakh>f[:, ft^leMupid; on 
mking. coiittiaimi in the hrud : »ll«r rlitii^. vcrli^n : uii wukiiig. hi^nvi- 
ite*:.<-it'..iii hwtd: when yawiiing.ptitchwt above riyhl t«ni|)lf; eye* swnllcn; 
tirelliiig of (he Itds; nmllor on iho lids; pyiw difficiiU to orcn; »fVMitiott 
a» of yati^ btfarc the cyt* ; io bed, ooee-hlcfd ; after rieing, lip* dry ; aflcr 
ruitig. (Mill in Inwer hack teeth : dr^ncM qI' tongue ; on nakicg, rawneHi 
ott th« tongue ; alter rising. (Irj'nem in the nuiulh ; nioiith feels ntimh ; foul 
tofU ; aft«r riaiu^, i>otir la,-<te io moutli ; wlieu Ttwallowiug, fe«liii|{ a» if 
ihnAt :iwulleii : ulU-r wukiii)^, .'«eiiMiti<)ii in the (thnrytix; frvi|iR-iil enictti- 
ticMKn; natMn: fasliiiij, naii^-n ; aftt-r l>ed, pmviire on right side 
of abdomco ; in bed, when lying on buck, pn«xiire in abdomen; niter ris- 
ing, cougb : an rising, pain uetween Fhoulderf'; during writ, pain in fore- 
aiui: alter riaing,teiiring in itiigh : wcnkunw in the legn; nfW rinng, pnin 
in ball of foot; on riiiinji, trembliiig; on vrakinfi, hniimxl feeling all over; 
al 6 o'vluvk, euddcnir, fevltng as if the circulation had eeasod, «(e.; muvh 
yawning: on rising, bent iu hi.-iu).^-<^vr(m(itfni, Cuufustiin in lit-uil : hie* 
cnugli : from mi>niiiig to utleniixui, [tmvurv, etc., in rlf.'hl side uf taortinL'h ; 
li^t feeling in uholp bo<ly; t^uijilen chill ; chilline^; burning cold )-euiA- 
lioo in forelicnd. — < .Vvonl, PalpilaLibn <if hcarl.—i J./Jcj-noonj, Hnliy taste 
in mouth; ronMri^rlioD iu throat; erui'tnlic>n.<i: burning in region ol nloin- 
ach; pain in Mnmneh ; clicking, etc., in eht«t; weakneM in the limbs; 
roldnew; chilliucM; sliiwringn in Uie arms; dry hunt i>f thv fnce; rruoi 
•Atnxwii till evening, ivIdncM of ihe ft-el ; sweat on the linnits. — ( Totmriln 
fmiinjr>, Puin, ete., around anus ; heat, eti.*.; ullenmCiimii uf eiildnera and 
keat- — \,£vcniitg !, H«ni, «tc.; suddenly, become* dejected ; In bed, anxiuuo; 
confuflion, etc., iu hiiad ; headache; sticking in the fide« of the heat]; 
tbmbbing in occiput ; crawling overecalp ; ueakneMi of the eye* ; drawing 
4Prr led cyo ; in the twilight, eytw eloi^ ; buizing in nan ; t'rt'i]tient «neei- 
ing; rrdncea of the face; in hv4, toothache; crawliug in lips of (cctb ; 
nur Uate iamoulh: Htirking in thmut; ut 6 o'clock, tiiirxt; from after- 
Bonn until fur tnio the night, eructations ; jireKsive pain iu lorepart of ab- 
donien; cutting in atxlomeu; euddeo ere4:tiona; dranitigv in tlie pudenda; 
drycvugh ; drr.^hitrt cough ; stitclies in right side of cIk'^jI ; (min iii-»mnll 
of back : wheu sitting, pain in the bone« of the leg; »i H oVIix'k, gr«it 
we»kn«a», etc.; iu Ix-d, itching; bee«>mi!9i Um warm, etc.; »lt&pinc»o; 8 
o'clock, Goldoea all over. — (Ar^Af), Lachrymose; agtllutinution of eyen; 
dnwing in enr ; crMbingf iu eai-s; ou »Iigble^t motion, when lying down, 
pincbing around the navel; cutting eolie; cutting in lower liowoli^; wlifn 
lyiug ouc straight, feeling of fiilni'w above pulfu<i dinrrh>.cni burning ia 
left Tidt; of lunitiur reru-br:e; tlirubbing in left .--tKiuklcr, etc. ; [iuiu> in tin: 
legs; faint fccliug; rveryiliiug rocks wtlhiu hiui : resiles^uesv t'mm hent; 
h»t iriM owj-irtjr; dry heat, etc.; nvw hent, now eoldnew. — (About mi'd- 
ai^l). Chitting pain in abdomen. — [Afier inidni<rAO> Throhbing, etc., in 
ri^tear; oougli ; for wveral nights "weat ; exhuu.-<ting iiweat. — \Totnmls 
morning), Diarrboni. — {Lea4 drafi of air), .Shivering in arnie. — ( WalktHg 
ia open air), Pain in right hip ; riglit foot becuious cold, etc. — ( On tuoma- 
tay'l. Kulii«» in llic chest, — ( On iittnmnff no«r), RcvcrbciBtion iu ear ; btted- 
iiij oi the note,—i When tnvaUuMff deeply}. Stitches in right side of abdo- 
MO, — ( When MiujrAin^li^uAalion of iioreniM? in ehe.'-i. — i On df«txiidfny a 
■wi i f a f n), TeoMoo in tne tibis. — '.After t^uiruT), Sticking iu sides uf hcud; 


wb«a 9tzmz and wmfmc, acarks if rfu^kui^ in tbmax : ffipprmeti enKtk- 
Ct>j0:<: •inn.-ucifjiK *wwci»h, Kdr.; (itwin! to «nn*w : •■r^rr <iiT, gnat akeji- 
Uf:^ -. bw;>jaif» ^"iry "■■fo. «t<-'-^ B^w* satiny , Sinr '**! ia BbWth.— 
I H'AnTK iiir^ii^ , Aoii ^jr «)aw cinu* ^ftKrwai^, «>anii btncb IwnMBW lowr, 
«i:. — it'kjm ftitin^-tr 'iruiitui^i. H>at:. — Ajitr faiiinj . Ibilv. m mo boon, 
#)<ir tni'rra^i'Xitf : Tiijl«:ac bif.'OKiKfa : tiwIiiijE "f nplKuin in iCntnartL ; timL 

— AitffT tnfiny br*nd , Pmtmn ia *t>itaat:h. — ■ Afhrr tmuttumud ■BwAnnrnd, 
Thn boini rn th« b«>-k. «t^. — '>• airrf»«y v>.M»tt , Btirninx id <»to«. — ■ fl»*- 
*ryp; '*/_/iiit«w . P^ii':faiiij£ srximi BaT*"!. — WA^n humnghjing , ^tAn in 
ri;£n: .<i>lK->t'&bil<>iiwn. — 'yn tnjpii-'tfim , :Stitr:h»» in th»* <:&♦>«. — ■ fjniifii»ff 
n hi-irn truiyht witk iiitk hitinii , .'rtib-b in let^ ^il^ 'Y <'fi<>ML — IFVn ^'n^ ', 
W-takn-rrrtK — *M (viit'j -i/nen. . Pain in riafat -rtJ^ •>€' bark. — ■ Vktm. tyimyvm 
•^tr , Thpibbinjf \a (ri>nt •>!' -^t. — Wki-.n fv<ny tn. Irji miitr , Paipfiatioo of 
hMurf- — Ap-KT '1 nb^i/ , T>m>.-ht^ ifeiMiciMa in -kia 'li it^ty^w^i. — ' b>m»y 
wtf^tM^nvitunK . P-»SfH]re '>»•^r piibi-!t; <!attm!E, «C';- in b«>w»ti*; pain in »mall 
•it' tjuvk. — M'lti'ia. , Pain in r»ffion ■)f iiTttr: poimf in tviw^U: pain La ab- 
il'jdifQ ; pr)H*4nx ''lie tit abtlomtnaJ na;e: ifcirkin^ in :in k !*>.•*€(:. : btarii^r in 
th*t i*?*^c. — M'lniitij linw j<tm , Ppttwiun; iiniit*r!:h*; ':hin. — ' '>« trailing furrw/f 
in. hrf'i , InuDfiiiiateiy. pui;^ buriKTtM npitt. ••r.-:. — '^ ntvinfftin 'irm .Jkld- 
'l*:aly. s-iiti^K — <M -rtT^ r-i^i rttutn. . .•rciDrh^?' in Ml <:h»«C-^ WhiU rid' 
iiiy . En^:ti')D«». — ifh-nt riMifj fr'im, ^ttiay , Pain fmtn tfan *ptn<; fxnrsnl^; 
bnrain:; 'in iKtr •i>i«; -it' lumbar wf^ntthrx. — 'M rijitHij fnm, Monp'^y, Vtr- 
ti;"!: -w;(n.-> i» il' hiif h-tnl Witil'f tiimhi*; iibtrUC: i Ira winx, <?&:.. ia pit t^ 
irt"nia":il,^ J^Afr ifr-itirfua,y . \''nlfiU pttia.: pimpim* oa •faijiiIiiKr-hwW. — 

■ If"/i''ii M/tiny , OjOiiwi'/Q ■.>[ h>;aii : pinrhinx ap'unfi nav;! : Aiirkin^ in 
'fma.A '•[' bii<_-k: biiniLnir in btiaii of thi^ : ttmrinit in ia-tiiiit of ka«e le- 
tnnt- '■niwlin;^ ia kft i.-alr': (iii«»!Ha»Mp in th»? rltKC. — IFAjfn mttiitij » iwty 
*i'»Mr , \V.-ikn*?:*», >;ti:., in -fpim*. — D>iruy} tirrp . Plijos in thiicti. — When 
^otriiiij . *'m-kinii in •mr: ^oiwtioo in pharynx.^ Omtiaiuui »p»ddny), 
Ej'.'ir*;!' i;f)i]i£h, — 'yi» 'itiimpin'j frith 'hf tnid . Jrhakrns in the brain. «te. — 

■ ^Umi-i.iitff . TiuMDO in ih** If^/* : mmnixD's in th«i rwt. — ■ 'Jn ^auiioff *» CA« 
jf«B . •■ti'.kin^c oo »<;rwi- — O'triny itin}{ . Pfs-^nif 'iiit in abtiominal rin^. 

— Aj^fr 4'Hii , Niirh >;iDptT •jniftacions: moi>c biemorrboitii'.— 'M .ftedv- 
iii'j . VeniiT): wniwtion a» it'-iT^ryThinswMji'l tali torwanl in thK ti>c«h«ad ; 
<rn>:[i va^hin:;, ^itchiM in r'ranta] •itninKni.t;: 'irawiniE. •ibr.. in pit ■)f sCimb- 
afrii. — ' ti h^n 4rt»pin'j ritr fonr'tT'l/t , Pain trfjin th« *piD»« |i>rwar'^ — ' ^?)» 
•(tr'if.huiij rmt thf. rtHtt . Pin'rhini; in thti &>«». — '>n itrf-ti^kiny 'mi fht! iry. 
Cramp in the •^it'. — Whtn ^m/i'twiiiy J^nrftia-z in biith -iar*: i^rackiin^ 
in 'jne tiiir: lirrDi^ftK, .;f<.'.. in buck part nt' thniat: *tifkinir ia thnwC wifse. 

— EniptTf rfK'tlLittji nij . Smarting pain in thp>ttt : rawnts*. •;&:.. in chnjat. — 
Ajf-rr i>i:nU''j . Si-raping in tbPMit. — */n '•ih'iiy tTiyifun'j mOi or mtrm 

iiU'i mnnth . &jnji:r in the ttwtb. — T'inrli ■■. Ri-iikw* tearinic in brain ; pre*- 
*«ip; iin'ter i;hin ; pain in re-jiun ••( liver; iml'ilentre. etc, — Wh^ni htrntmy 
h'lilif . Stiti.he* in nahr. •i'le ■>(' ab<l»men. — 'M ^iiminrj ia h^l , Internes 
■itrtjm u> tail t') line *nle- — • 'Vw nriinitiiig . Pini.hinir in lower btiweia.^ Oh 
mikiifj . Preiwire in :he i>rain : t'piiu mi't'laT *it?'-p. -tirfriesf* in neck. — ■ fJm 
witkiiiif , Ueaiiache : pain in j.bil>jni>:n be<:*imeT> intolerable: 'irawin^ pain 
in the feet. — ■ Wh/'n •cit/k-ny / , K'nirldiKj in "•ir. — Jr'-r vr/kin-j , Pain 
in abtiumen. — '>>«■ yiiinf info vjHnrm r>jf/m I'rnm 'tp^ti, air . '.'hiJiimw^,— • frvm 
'ntrmfA nf **pe), Immeiliutely, 4ii;kintc in beail '.limes un. — ( WA<r» yam^' 
ill/} . -"kiurhft* in -ttfie of ab<tomen. 

AlHrti»rati*t^. — H'lniinij . Arier risinc, pnswire in wie of abdo- 
aien. — (yiyht . Fluent caLurii (.ybms; 'Ir^ '.■ou^b.^^i tp^n 'dr<, Manr 



fffotplonis disappear; confusion of head pnft>«it off — ( Bauting head back- 
taxrtu). Tearing in oceipat.^ During dinner ),Man\' *ympti}m» m>«iui^] to 
tbite. — {AJirr dinner), I>rycougli. — {AJler itiliiitji,\\'ra.k ftieliuj; in Mom- 
fech diaippcaitv. — (EicvaliHyfry), I'liin iu lower leg. — (L>i(c(«iion*:i, I*r«siurc 
in siomnch: painx iii tlic rhvst. — (Lyini}), I'niii Ju alKlonion ; tension in 
1»gs.^^J/o'i'oM I, Many symptoms di»i[)]x>sir; pain in toreiirtn : Kiicking io 
wriirt. — (On «T«fMi;iy), Itching, etc., io bead <liMpp«*r6. — (Sitting), Piiiu 
in abdomen; iltvire to urin«t« ceaa«8. — (<Sl!«n/fi»])'), Many syrnpluni^. — 
(ITAmi *aaH'iHff},Vatui arutiixl ttavel i-vn»eii: boriiing ud Ivllsidw of lumbar 
vvrtebiw; (Inrning down llitgh ; Iniriu^ on iii^idv of kni^i*; (cnHiuri, «tc, 
in legs ; tcurinf;, ct&, in bones of Ipj;.^, H'armOi of bed), Tearing in right 
thigh. — (_Dry, warn applicaiiont). Pains in die»t. 


Bariam chloride, BaCI^H,0. Preparatiim, Solution of the cjyatals in 
ttttler 1 1 to 10), for tho lowi:r dilutions. 

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by mUtake for epwtni saltjs ; 17. Wolf, Caap. Woch., 18S0, a student took 
Inree leaiipoonful^ 

Jffrid. — Anxiety,"*'*. — Gr^at inKrnal aoxiety, which beads one to- 
gether, ".—t! real anxiety, with rct^-hing,'. 

Head. — Vvriigo.'. — Vertigo; whatever ho- looked at seemed to turn 
ad,'. — Tli« head ia iiff«'U>a,*. — Fccle so heavy in lb» bead that he can 
ly «it up.'. — llcadathe,". 

Sues and Earn. — Eyiw deeply sunken ("after one mid a half hour*).'*. 
— [10.] C'liiai-rh of eyw, ears, nose, , — The eye* become quite aliff, he cannot 
move them,'. — Lxfi vyclid [mmlyzed,". — Dcufaces,". 

^lac*'. — Face pale, with iia au\ioii::i cxprcMnon (niHeT half an hour),"*. — 
F»ce reil,'\ — {spasmodic drawing of uiuecies of lace,". — Sen.<iitive drawing 
iu the miiiwlee i>f tde face,*. 

Mouth atitl Throtif.—ho(mnuee& of llie teelh,'. — Tootbneht-. at first 
bne sticking, then (.iKilcbiug), throbbing, liku tliu beat of the puliH*, espe* 
dally alter Aleeping, and alter midnigbl, nbich compeli; him to sit up in 
bed. but which is neither increa^-d nor diuiiniabed by touching it, nor bv 
biting, nor by cold wnttr,'. — [20.] Coated tongue,*. — ^Toogue and nioulli 
dry. . — OffeiHive #meU from ihu niouthj «* from mcrenry.*. — Swelling of 
the palate,*. — "iwW/iHj of the WtWrjp glaitdi*. — Profuse ealivntiou,'. — Bad 
taste ill the mouth, even tlie fimd lostes hadly,'. — iSwulIowinp iJifEcult,'\ 

Stoinnrll. — I^oMof apwlite,"^ — Nnusen," '*, — [30.] Nausea, immedi- 
ately,'. — Nausea (after half an hour),'*. — Itclchiug,' ". — lacreaaiug and 

VOL. 11. 



InocMHUt, lormriitinj;, iiteflectuut retelling; caniiot l!e.". — luclioalioo to 
voniilinp,* '". — V'riili'ut v(nniitu(;.". — Vioit'iit %-oiiiiliii(; uf slimy, watery 
flulil,". — Viiiiiilii))r of 4'vcrYtliiug laUcii, with «triiigy inui.*u« ioii« aud 
■ bnir hnum,),".— \'umitiri>t of small portions of a auaamtaB looking nud 
tnvtihx »«l»laur»», for six bouiv.'. — Vomiting to thp moroiny *, — [40.f Vii>- 
U'ul vtimillnir. wilb aoxietv,*. — VuiuitiDg and iwiu in the alMlomcn,". — 
Tn>tiMiNt viiti ihc otomiicb,*. — PttiD in llie Momacb,". — WarratJi in ftontach 
irmv ti< i-IkX uiiil hivil,'\ — Cramp in ibv dtumach,'*. — Prcsure in the rHom- 
ai-K.'. — I'nwnn' iii ilie Momarh. and naiti««. willi j^real anziply,*. 

.iMontrn.^V*\a in tbv ah<lom<rti,'. — Cuiitiimiil paio in the abdo- 
ni(-(t,". — [90.] tturuiuc [iaiu» in Utr abdomen,'*. — Vinlrat bumiug ia the 
»MiHiion,*.~Slij;bi rtjic,".— Pinrhing pain in ite pelvic i-aviiy,". 

Stuol. — ltattrhomf'K — CVuiltouvd inarHtrm.*. — Painful diarr1ia>a,'*. — 
Pc\^ib« diarrbiTft, without paio in the b>i«?U. hr tttt boon/. — Li<|iiid 
Aool.'. — S((vl jrrwnish and rtwpjictl.'. — [60.J iHoaX cmted with mucits.'. 

VHnnrjf Or^nm. — Pkiol'al urinaling,*. — IiKTOued Atdn for ari- 
HIImKi*- — Owataot arinatinp ,*. — InvohmlBr^ oriMriag,*. — Tbl'w— d orioe 
(dW twmy-fbar Immw),". — l-rioe bM wlole meHmeat.'. 

SrjCMntOryans^ — Pmioctit qD iw io M at ni;^'. — iDdacn ■MOMma* 

Jtnwfmforir JpfmrtUm* mmd C3k«ar.— Vmm wnk,*'.— {TV-] 

(Vt^b/.— IH^IMM*.'.— Opfmaaia,'. 

fr«<<«Pr MMt Pmbte. mmit Badt.— Bcatinf vC the bean bnyolar, 

Cbw jmrNlv ftrr>frtMt laitar •■• aad a bolf boosj.*. — ISiIm rapid. 
L^-pyU Mft wU ki«rakr."^hi> ia ibi hmdu^. 
B»$t ■■■!■< ■ •■ PiiyH^ W jW hM^ mi trnJ^ TtimWEj of iha 

B W ii ^t ar 'iwaf iW wtl m rf Aa MA(«ftg— aJa UU hmn t." 
—{tU ImW •» caM. iMalTwIX*.— &M^ aai fat panfrarf.".— Pani- 
)l» >»i»tet ia the ara. aipacwOT at a^^V— Tcaaaa ia tW bgK,**.~ 
(^me iik lb* «M»*. 



■MlBiMi aaaa kad* aad 








HelladoDaa, Xt. Kid. order, So\iaac&it. Common itairifa, Deadly 
Nigtiuh&de. ((ifrraaii) ToHLirsclie. Prtpantiian^ Tioclure uf the whole 
|)bitil. wlif II beg^laiiiuj; to fluvrer. 
AMthoritie«,f (\ lo 8.1 fnmt ITalim-nmnn, R, A. M. L,, 1.) ]. HnliDe- 

m&nn ; 2, Btwiir; 3, (.trtiw; 4, Hhg.; 5, F. II ii; li, HMrtiinjf ; 7, Hni. ; 

8. Uln.; 9, Kr.; lf», Ln.; 11, Lr; 12.Mkl.; 13. Kkt. d.j.; 13o. Stf.; 14, 
W. H.; 15, Ackprniann ;t 16, Albrt-clil, poisoning of two lululw nml a lioy 
lir the berrien; IT, Baldioger, imisoiiing of four adit)U;$ It*, Hay lie; J ItJ, 
Flaucber, poiMtnin;^ of five children ; 'If), Biichnve, Bympifiiiw olisi^rvM in 
booping-couuli pulivut^ uflor the ntlniiiil^rrution ot' Iiituc dotst-s of tlit.- 
extract; 21. Burholi, ufiWrifl of iwt^-graiii tUiwa of thw pow<l<?rL'd mot given 
to a boT,u firoplirlactifofliyilniplioljiu; 22, Bti<.-)i'oz, itoisonirigora youug 
bov ; 23, Cttrl, syinptoius prtiduoed bv a dcrcoctiuu of the riM>t lo a elirutitu 
Hinerer rnim-rhciminlir gout: 24, t'ullen, effecUof tlieiitfiL«iuti in ni>iifTerer 
from raiK-pr of the lip^; 2''), De I^iiiiiiy d'Hermnnt, ooiitiiiin^ of nil adtilt; 
•i6, lit Si. Martiu, ]><>i»oni»c of a boy ot" four years ; 27, De Mcui, effect* of 
a fiTt-f^raiiidoscot'thc jwmlored litiv»< in n cuseof tumor of the brcaat; 28, 
Dilteoiu».[KilM>tiing of a mother iiud nix children; 29. Diiinoul Id, poisoning 
of two litt[egirls;S(>, Eb. Gmelin, poiHouiogof an old maa; .'JI, El Cnmcm- 
riui, pcnsouiog of four child reu; 32, Elfeis|iuiM>uiug, buTofoevi-ti jenn? ; ii^, 
Erhnrft,eff«-iof Wrrk's iti » boy of *eveii ; 34, Evers. ].cn«o ofeeroiw ajjo- 
)ilexy, in which Bi-ll. wii*^ jiivfin ; 35, pA'er», ii ;|| SG, Fabor,gi^iioraUtiitenieiit 
of eliWiU of Bell.; 37, (jritnm.poiiKiuiiig of child of three ; 38, Ginelin, Ken- 
eral stalcmciit of poisonous cticcl* ; UU, (itrckfl, poisonJngof child of ft?e; 
40. ft reding, eHectnof Bell, administered to epileptit^and epiiepto-ninniam, 
and in jnundice; i, man, ret. 2!J; iii, woman, k\. 'ia; it, man, j«t. 24; v, 
woman, rot. -3; vi, woman, if t. 20; vii. man, xl. ■!}>>, eiibject to raving iu uod- 
nectioo with his epih'[><y : viil. luan, a:t. 20 ; ix, vtoinan. Hrt. 2-5 ; x. woman, 
XI. 40; x\, youlh of Iii ; xii, man, let. 33, an cpik^ptu-nuiniuc ; xiit, niau, !Cl. 
IK, a [miiancholio-maniac, id whom cpilcpey HUporvcucd ; xiv, womaa, ivt. 
117; XV, woman, kC 3S; xvi, man, iPt. !lA, cpilcpto-maniac; xvii, woman, 
3K.29, epilvplo-maniac; xviii. uonian, iet.32, epilcpto-mnninc; xix, inati.nit. 
23; XX, woman, «l. :J1 ; xxi, man, ret. 34, cpikpto-maniac; xxii, woman, 
Ki. 42, a violent opilcptu-niatiiac, raging uiict couvulacd throughout ; xxili, 
a jouth of 15 ; xxir lo xxi'i. caaea of jauudicu ; 41, CI — eh, effecta of aii 
infusion of Bell, leaves given R& an iujeotiuii fur iai'arcerated hernia; 42, 
HuaotKvt, iK^i-noiiiiig of a young woman ; 43, IleuilinKi eSvcta of grtiia JuiHU 
tj the p-iwderc*! tvares giv«n for the cwk of {H*ntpliigiiA; 44. Hoi*h»l*llfcr, 
rffecta of an iufui^ion in nil adult; 4-% l[ofl'io.iiiii, ^tnti-meiil ofiht' clft-cu of 
eoporifics io general, including opium ; 4(5, Hon^t, poisoning of nn ndnit by 
the in9pi.<aaled juice; 47, Hoycr, poiEouin^ of bo old woman ; 48, Hiifiland :1| 
49, Juste, efloclg of a Kinglo full <loAe, in an adult, given as a prophylactic 
of hydrophobia ; 50, l^mberger, a narrative of the live months' troalment 
of Bonc mammary indurationa by iin tufu?iun of BvlL; dl, Lenlin, eQtH:tft 
in t ca«e of mammary acirthtu ; 52, Lottinger:|{ 53, Muueiti, poi8uniu)r of a, 

f All of Hsbacmann'i kUtliDritl«* are given ; otbert tir« ckrefully Mieetcd. 

\ "Sci Kc««Mibl«k 

j By the b«rrlM andcrsiood alwayc unleu difTcrently atiled. 

I Xot fouDd. 




puppy by tlie juice of the borrie* ; fl4, Manntm. fatal effects of a largo 
qanntity uf lW ji)tcM< niixrd with win« : '>^, Mnrdotf, poisoning nf Hevcral 
Mraune; Sfi, May ;t "abucoUin infaiUibiu," Hahnemnnn in Frapmenta dc 
Vir. ; 57, Mwl, Ch. Wahru. ;t <'»8. Mulbatiii!!, pui^otiiuKofa mnn ; 5U. MtillCT'i 
cflut-UcirBi-'I). (akvii fur augiiiu faticium iua mau of 50: 60. Miincb. «0^cU 
of 4 ti> 14 graiiiH of the jwwdeivcl Riot given na a prophylactip of bvdro- 
[Aobin; Gt, (Hloiinnh, enccla in a case of niainruary pcirrliufi; fi2. iVrto, 
eflt'tijt of ft strong iiiliisioQ ; ('ilj, Hmi, poiwnins ofn man ; R4, Kemcr. eflecU 
of fii!] (l>t>H.v of the pawdered root, in a enaeofmotBiivhol in occurring nt the 
ctimAdono; (tTi, Hauler, i, effect* when taken in fullj doTcloped hydrophobia; 
Oft, HtiutiT, ii. i)ui»uiiin|; of n child; ST, Bauvat^i-eif B8, Schiiffcr. oflvc-ts 
viUvu givt'u lo ciiildn'ii (or pertuwtis ; 6y. Sfhrei-k, fatal poi»ouingof n boy; 
70, 8i<.-tOiua;t 71, !^oUunud«^, poimnine in an adult; ^2, TimD)crmann;t 
7!I, Vitht, un uociunt of the general ellects of tin- leavti* and U-rries; 74, 
Wagwr. |H)iiii>iiiiig of two ola women and fome cbildnMi ; 7o, Wosserberg, 
proving ou hii«*i<U; 7ti. Weinmnnii, effects of H4'il.. cited bv Umelin; 77, 
Wot3ih'r;t (*, Wtiiihoiil ;f 71), Wicni*, puiaonin^- of an adult ; 80, \Vic<lo- 
maiin, cfteelB when Rivtu frt-cly to chililrcu for houpiug-coujcb ; 81. Zicjilcrrt' 
82, Ray: B3, Ware; 84, WMIs; 85, Sirure: i.86 to 140 fn.m Heii<^ke*« 
r£Miin(!, Horn. v. j. Sch., vol. 10 » ; 80, Burlcucr, *ffecti of 8 j^rammes of the 
extract ; 87, ('oinmuille. took half of nti infii^inn of 3 gmmmes of berb 
Bell.; 88, Kraiik, proving (from A. II. Z.. Z2) of the In dtl., 10 lo 50 
drom; 89, ibid., |>n>viag of a (dilution of thi? exlmci; 90. ibid., pr>viiig by a 

^rl.Dt. 23, with SO drops of the let dil. ; ill. Kluky, provini.'s by 12 pcr- 

■rpiut^, with llu' exlract, ^ grain to 1 dr. dw« ; !)2. rurkinir, proving with 
SO ilro|is (if an aqueuUH dilution of the extract ; ff!t, Scheldt weiler, took a 
piece iif thv extract ; !>4, SchlojiKer, efiecti of a small dty^e of the extract; 
Vo, ibid., fffn-li* of .Jlo gr. of the extract applied to the eve ; (96 and 97 
omitted I; iW. Wiiltf. vffvcls uf 4 grains of the ilruxJ root; J)9, Wa»crberg, 
eHbclDof pilhol R>>tl. extract; 100, Boulduc, iMtiwning oreevciml cbildren; 
lOI, Buchuer, ehnioii.' puitM>uiug uf u mau ; 103, Buchncr, poisoniog'of a 
girl. al. •^; lO^l, I.ipp. DiMen.. [wboniug of children; 104,('affiireHi, eflecti 
of n rlyxter of herb. Hell.; l05.CoaCy, effects of a liniment of B4>ll. ext. and 
a clyMer of Bolt. ext. for a periixlio pain in the bowcU ; lOU, Fink, poiMtn- 
iug by borri*!::', man, aA. 19: 107, Frank, poisoniug uf an old man; 108, 
ihid., puisuuinguf nil old wnmau; 100, ibid., puaooingof a yuunc man and 

-frouan; 110, Fritiie, poi«uiiing of a ehild ; 111, (ienmu, poisoning of sev- 
eral iwrwiu ; 112, ibid. ; li:t, Gi>ld.<«hmidt, {Miaooio^ of a boy ; 114, Oaul- 
tierde Claubry, poi»(Miing of Mildiers; Un, ibiil., poi«osing of a family by 
au iiifofion of herb. Ik41.; llfi, Ilirsehinan, p)tt.-u>ning of a c4iild ; 117, 

•Jolly, poieouiog of a nun by 46 grains of B^ll.; 1 18, Ki'tttlcr, potMning of 
two Doys; 119, Koch, puiMtning of a bur; I'JO. Kramer, poisoning of n 
boy : 121, Kurti, poisoniug of two children ; 122, Ijiblie. puiwniag of a 
man, 2<l veart old, by an iafitsi<m of herb. Bell.; 12^t, Laurant, poiaonine 
uf a bvy W SOgruinaof ext.; 124, ibid., poiwoisgof a diild, 1) yean aid. 
by 10 graiiui of exL; 125, L)e<lt>eck. poimniog of a boy ; 126, Helloa. 
misoDing of two chtldiuii; 127, Piutml. |»ut^)ning uf wveritl children ; 128, 
Ro«eobcrg, puitoaiug of a nmn; 129. Stlzb., .Me<i. Chir. Ztg., poiMDing of 
R man by a clyster of S iiuartA of a decoction ; 130, r^ilrr, poisoning of a 
boy ; l^i, Tetcbetnacber, poisoniug of two woo>eo : 132, ibid.. poiioaiDg uf 
two girls; 1S3, ilud., uf u woman; 134, ibid., of two cfaildreo ; 135, Trap«n- 

t Not foaad. 



sn. ]>oitonin]; of b man ; 136, Vcjennck. pi)i:<<>iiing of & man ; V.)l, Wcnxvl 
IIiitK-r, iNiiooning of it tioy ; I'M, (-iiru-llu il. 8aul(^, ijuisoniii;; uf two chil- 
li roii ; 139, thiJ., of a iiiau ; 140, Zubri, fntni Kiiruur Wurt. Carr. B!., 
poieufling of two adulu nnd five diiidren ; ( l-ll to 17U are Uiett from JiolK'f 
ritumt J. d. t. Soe. Ool. l Afui. 3In1.), 4. 402, u:kcrf n^erenca are j'umijiheiil, 
Inti no a«taiU). (On miWijiieiU criucal rer^arcti, most of theiie itilililioiinl 
iiut)ioritt(># given bjr liolh Kavc bp«i found to rofer to the 00001* of Boll, 
when given to luiticnU ; thvj arc thcrcfurc omitted, (bough the Eiilnc<]iioiit 
numbering could not be clmii^ed witliout gtvnl trouble.) HT" to 2\'A are 
taitn frvvi HttgUei't monograph oh Jlelf., Uiikn, Mat. Med., Part III.') 
177, IIu^lic«, case ii. poisotiing of a cliild wiiK ^ (o 12 grains ot'crxt.; 179, 
Huglitd, lii.Dr. Oray.cflectaoT 8 lo lO^min^ of ex I. nti »«in 17^, potMuiug 
of ui adult b)- half nil ouii«« of lii:|. Rell.; IJ^O, poiiM>uing of >i bov b}- exi.; 
181, ditto; 182, ditto; 183, ditto; IM, poii^oaingof ii child of four by ber- 
riuB ; 18i**, poiAoaiog of u lady by a dr. of rxt. ; 186, poiHoning of six per- 
•003 ; 187. ditto of ten persons ; 188, cflbcls of Brii. plaster to an abraded 
furface; ISU, poii<»ning of seveu porsons by berries; lUO, poiRoiiiiig of a 
boTof 14 ; 191, puiitouing of n man i>f 75 bv c-xl.; VXl, iDi»<;vlliuicoiis; Vd'i, 
poiaooing of ii nmu ; lit4, c-fli-ct^s, from Ilark-y; Ut'>, 8chiieller, proviiigii 
with 1 ti> 41 gniiuH uf ext.; 196, Aii>tie; 197, Clirii«tisoii : l!t8, Heiupel ; 
199. Horiog, poifiooiug by 2.5grftinBofext>; 200,Orfila; 201,Pereira; W2, 
Taylor ; iiflii. Trouseeau et Pidoux ; 204, Lniicel, 1H44, efiwrie of ex I. lo fore- 
head ; 205, Lancet. l^-W. effects of 3 grain* of ext.; 20fl. B. J. of Horn., 
poisAiiiDg of a bov ; 207, T«>tto, poisoning of girls by deraet, of lcaT««; 208, 
Aldridgc; 209, X^ullvr. u DumlH:r of cLildreu treated with the cxt., for 
cboreo: 210. Loud. Med. Ilcc.. 1873; cfleeu of ) gr. of cxt„ three times a 
tlav, for 12 days, for diabeles iosiplduE ; 211, lioeeker, Beilraye ; 212, I^ey, 
in XanMl, 1M4; 213, Sjobrufl'; (214 to 241. additional iiruviii^*, and tfctrHed 
pauoning ca«a); 214, Ilering, .lymptoms fnun Arrliiv, 13, 2, 131; 215, 
Hbuat. proving of the I'nh dil.; 2It). L. B. WclU,proviug», N. Y. SuHom. 
MaI. Soc. Tran»., 10, 12!). Miw F. B., i<-[. 22, took 4th dil.; 217, ibid., Um 
C E. C a-l. 19. took 4Hi dil.; 218, Dr. Seliciik, ibi*i., took 10 U> 30 drops 
Tliuct.. rt-(»caied for several days ; 219, Itobinson, proviiigs with the £()Olli 
" 3Ulh, B. .1. of Horn,, 25; 220, Voigt, in Kmnnmrinni, is;i.'i, poisntiing 
ofa wotoao by a tmppoiiilory of the ext.; 221. Goldicliniidt, Ouap. Woeh., 
1838, ^isoiiiiig of a boy; 222. VieRlier. Jouni. de Montjxrilier. 1844; 
poiMiDiu^of a girl by infusion of the Iwiviw; 223, Evaiis, Br. Med. Jouni., 
1B61, poi^niug of a girl, icl. 9; 224, Wiiodinan, Med. Journ. and Gaz., 
18ti4 ; a man, u^L 24, to<jk tvro oz. ofa liniment composed of ext. of Bell., 
glycerin ami water; 22.'*, A*"pr«i, Xa> Sperimenlale, 1870, imj^ning of a 
wtunan by a clT«ti>r of Bxt.; 2'Iti. K<iIU't. Wicti, Med. Woeh., 18G5, poigou- 
JBgoftwo boy»; 227, Smith, K. P. K.. N. A. J. of Hom., 14,563; poison- 
ing by au int'u»ion of Bdl. leiives ; 228, ibid., poisoning by leaApoonfnl 
duKS of Tildens ext.; 229, Dufresne. Bib. Horn. d. Geneve, 1, 322; 230, 
Hanh, X. Am. J. of ]Ioni., 4, 122, poisoning by 17 grains of cxC; 231, 
Hollier, Pharm. J., lt>, 649. |)ui?ODing by dtcoclion of Belt, roots; 232, ff. 
Am. J. of ITnin., 1, 182. iMjiMiiiDg of four women by the herb in brandy ; 
333, Joiim. lioixlom., 1834, {Kiisoning of two children bv 12 and 24 grains 
of ext.; 234, liirrchel's ZeiL fur Hum., 12. It!. pt:iii>nuing of a boy ; 235, 
A. H. Z., 85, 17-'i, pouoning of neven jiewonn by eating beaux cooked in a 
diiih that had contained Bell, ext.; 2^{f>, Ounrda, (^uart. Horn. Joum., I, 
482. «yinplonu otVer 12 grains of the cxL taken tor slccplcsiocw ; 237, 
dchleisBU-her, cffecU of tbc root of Bell, mixed with the food, nttcmpt to 



iHwn, Z- r. Horn- Kl., 1, 213 ; 238, Tnnlieii, Ktude mir empois., *ffwts 
lli'll, iilnf<t«r; 2'UI, iliiil., |Mii»(itiii)g by ii)t\c<h>ii nfthv l<;avv4>, ihive persou^; 
240, iuiil.. iK)if>>>iiiii^ of II iniiii iVdm eiilliig witlnmt wuhiufr hit IisimIs, after 
ctigning IMl, rtvili:: 241, MHi*fnr1itii. pruviiig nilh tbo 6" (Ftnckol. 

IVffUi.— £jtU»rfoaA. ICflfie, and ^UrV. 'Anyer.prw^ing ev<n 
h panxtftma of tom-ui^iiT ruffe"*. — *Stui foaaM movt in hrr M m a prrfeei 
ragr,'*. — *tia^: thtboydoe* n»l itjiow Ai*parMifa.t^-f Itajr*: liPiiijurusliim- 
•ufrniK] irtliORMiltil Ik'iiUhIkvhI liinil," (rawTii. — 'Hekil at u.'Aalfrrr etiiof 

tit^ore him,". — 'iDclinatiDD to bite those aroand them.'. — [He trii»> (u biin 
thiMO slamlin^ iiIvmiI him, Kt uifflii J," <,C'iim< iH t. — *In*ieati nf rating vlint 
A« hait nittni f'tr, hr bit the ii«km/ph avniii in (iro, ^nwvil tiiL* plnlc, ami 

>cn>wlnl hikI b'lirkoil Uko m iioi:.".— Sh9 Btt«apt«d to 'bitt ftod ttrike her 
kthtsdaatt. broke iato fits cf lau{;hter. and (n4>li«d ber toetlt The bead 
wu hot. the face red. the look wUd and fierce."*. — [10.1 f^'^^'i''^ ^ 
bite thou ahont him, and to tear ererythin^ about hin to pieeeal.* — 
*Ia«Uiiatlon tn Mw tnrpkiag about them to pieces,". — *8he teara ber 

uig^htdrMI Uld Mdot]lM,*.'^He tenm cvervihing iittnut him. Mtes and 
apiu]*. — [He rtrikcBhiM fii<«in(h his fist*],** ifiue I'i*. — Tbrv^tnmmeTwl 
Mit violeol laui^niaitc."— •IPMT.""-— •Bagiof Tioleat ftry.'.— 'Pwioui 
delihun."*".— 'Farj; she palled at the hair of the bystaBden.'^.^SO.] 
"rhf ti>i\-ibU>adiDiui)itrati<.i» »f iJuttl anLiiinii*' niAki"^ liir fiiri"ti«,", — *{l''urj, 
•aTA yWit^^'n^ ^nntA <iim/ C4MI iWMorw).'*.--* Soch fary < with buraicf heat of 
tt* b«d7 uid open. st«riiir< and inmoTable tyta that »he bad to be held 
OWltmly. l««t sbe tboalo attack some oi» : and when thu held, lo that 
ibVMBld not inoTe,th« spat eontinuaUyat tbauabontber.'^.— Jf/inJa. 
Maun, iu which the patimt ^fm» oftco tttt atfm.mmg and aboatM; thm 
n^ain wit and bit.**. — MaaJnfas; in hia cxoeedii^f nstraMMM be juBped on 
«be tabV b«ti. and stovt.'* — Violent madnoi: the <UUmi ■eimlAwl 
tbfSMelvea with their naiU.^".— Ineanitr.'*.— lunuitr. with wiooa MCiett- 
klMMM,**, — Hv is bcsiile hiouvtf, nim. talks norb abuat dofs; aad £i> am 
ami Qk* iwdt.*.— */«Kn»9: ditf itrifptd t iU— fc ei ^M^Arf m^ n iMr 
tkirU, nut 9td JMim At ilr*m i» knad dajlifk, j ri imf^ m j ,4mmamf,hit§k 
imf^ mU ultrrimf m4 dM^ wmmm aim r d Itiafih".— (^J Cxmif M>, witb 
|p<tM bqvaciqr or nbsohna fpcMnlasnaa^ or with nliam hiT 
MMae sesMns. and i^wa|wf behartM,*'. — "£^ Ik Amh 


»nAM;«M«Ma«i wvni iatw the ieUl t» Wtffc, U ktaht ; sMOlcr 
«««*!■•» the «neihefiHelhehnanl»4aMaBl««eep: aaatter. with es- 
eiial tiagiagrcwt npta the plllawn.nad e en tlawJ Ih* ftnthew abosi the 
vani and etnet : anaihee <nni aakvd u An n a ii j h b ocn ■» cnnw the ne*,^. 
'—•Tkt 111 ■ij—i »^ iMrfiiiw ■WT ■nrww'—nifc ■■tii ■ Mifcrf ty fc^ imfkJM 
imdgriUmf^ikt'imtlk: Ihtkwlwna haC tha Aot n4 On lankwiU 
tt^ iCnri«s : ^«c&r mde. nrf •«7 frsNMi ; noilB <llnfii< : ^n srfiarian af 
the t*<t and h«n4 niiUj pvlMtec; p«kn (Ul. ^fd. mod freqwDU*".— 

»w dBi twfaih ihinp. bwv her cWm^ polled aMcn MM «f the L 
•btw thi« al At tail 111 br*.— fle tank n pine «f Wnnd ftr a i 
thiwn ii te nwnv, hntfhinc ytahmOraad inniiian dhaat iW 
BSdbnim paAnm: shn Mb nAw thoK ahoBl bar; anw . 
now ihn actt an tf ahn wnw waebiBg or caao dig BHaev. *r n> if < 
drinking,".— (Htf cIub the tan-fcl. wnf> An hn«i u' either «d 
abiacr mKok hMCn Amw fin* thn fipn^- <C^ SO.— fiSftn dnpn the 
hnafa Winidai oner tbn bewl, v^ a ehoil^ nrr 
tbnaaeawi i^ mid in nR w^y {C^t Sfy— * A < 

t JhdeaptTS. I«Mdtt~ 



ied e!/G>A— Delirium. * Delirium.**.— [40.] Delirium 

I chilli, wiiliiti an Iiour),**. — Coiitiiiiit.-d li^^Iiriiirii.'*'',— ^CoTi.--t«m 

(iplirirtm.'*. — *RamIt(iHi] d^iirium," »•""" ". — [Jle musiiiL'; raving; liulir- 
iuni, with ilimtoitu of iho foiiw:*,'*', — Delirium, rctiiruing oy poroKyam*.".f 
-~*i)eiirimm, either otniinuoas or recurritig in pantxiifmn, mirlJi/ii/ at Jtrft, 
hit mtbrntpuatiy ehanginy to fuiy.'". — Deliriiirn ; she fjiv upon oop wtle, the 
head befit forwiinl, nntl ihe knees drawn up, gcjttiruliitin}^ vinlently, and 
uunauring uniiiteltigible word*,"*. — • l-Vrjf drUriatus; s/tc wotUd pfreu<t that 
there wnr rrry /torrid motiftim a/t over ihe room, flaring at Act, .—Wild ly 
dttliriniw, but quite ftntAslic, ilnio>:t liv»li>riL-al, lauj'liiug, (.-rvin^, uiid not 
•t all CAnsHoUK,***. — [AO.^ Dunng the delirium, loiirt Acrcntning, cries, and 
lau^hiiie,***. — *DdiriiiiH ; the boy jumped out of bed, talked a great deal. 

itu« iitifl^, and ojtm laughed : cfni.iriiiiixtir.-jt m»ij« rnlirrfy ijunf ; hi did not rrt^ 
tfnisf ki* fMtrenU,'^\ — l)i>lirinrn ; I lie rhild i* vc'r^■ ivjiiIcjw, lalk* cf^ntiiiicdly, 
mo?, jiini)K*, laii^lia C<:>nvul:!ivcly ; facv |)urpli;; putso ■irrrkTUti.'d ; the look 
vrry much rbun^-d : lie liiis tirvcr i artcr one hour i,"'. — 'In the evening he 
wu Mixed with such violent delirium that it reqnired throo men to con- 
Bite him. His face wat livid; hit cyci injected end protndin^. the 
pupils strongly diluted ; the carotid arteries pulsating moat violently ; a 
fnll, hard, and frequent puUe, with loia of power to iwallow.'". — The 
cifliriitm wii* (if a luiiiy, rcj-tlewf, vivid phanieKr, lint generally rather 
plcasine than utbcmi^u. The puticnU appeared to think they were pureiiitig 
iheir oidioary nccti|uitioD» ; oac hny appeared eager in flying a kite, 
Buother pulled tables and ehairit abimt, thinking be viai working in a conU 
pit, and a woman appearorl U> be rviuarknbty hutv with bi;t honschuld 
duties. AH their n)oveRK-ui» were of a quick exeiiccl obamoier. strikiu(;Iy 
rcKrablinp delirium treuiiruii,"'. — Th(! delirium was attended with phan- 
ta«ms, and in ibiB r«ptct reeembied Uiat cau»d by «leohot, but ihe mind 
did not run mi cuts, ratx, and niiirr. as in the caw nf drunkards. Rome- 
limes the phaniai^mii apjieare^l lo Xk in the air, and vari<iu> allempU were 
made to catfh them or cbfi-^e tboin with the hniiilii; at ollK^r tim<^ tbey 
were supposed to be <>u ihv bed. L>nv pulic-ut (a wumnn ) fancied tbv i^hct-ta 
were CTivend «ilb cucumbLTs.'", — ills delirium would now be of a merry, 
now of a quurrvlsomc ebiirueter; Bum(;time« lie would Aee ti^'Urcs which he 
tried to catch, etc.,"'. — The slight delirium that tbilowed the avtiuu of the 
narrotin waa of a stninge, yet not uiiplfapanl. kind. The intellecliiul oi>- 
entiona nl timei* were very vivid. Thouglits eame and went, and ludi- 
erois and fnnta.«ti<^ Miwtnolo^ were nlwar« nppermoet in my mind. I was 
VOOMMUs that my Lauguagu and t^vatieulationa wcr: cxlravugnnl, yet I had 
nrirherthc powi-r nor will to do otherwise than I did; and, notwit)i$;lnuding 
my bodily malaisi^, roy mind was in a state of dftlighlfiil exhilaration,'". — 
StiecomplaiDedtit«tol''*aeen»atirtnof raadutswiii her brain," then euddenly 
l<ttt Ihe |M>wer of speaking and swalluwing, and i'v\] into a oomutuae »tnto. 
The head wa» beat forward on the ehi-«l, eyeis cluM^d, brfutliing heavy and 
itorlorou^, pupil' widely dilnlul, bandt) and feet oold, ptil^ eeareely per- 
etpliblu, jaws firmly fixed. After rousing, appeared cinwcious when (-itoken 
to, but could not aiiHwer. Soponwe thniugliotil. the day, i^peerh gmaiially 
returning, {."^eeond ilay.) Hiw paitsed n rentleja night, it/f^w fifing tiiuMi 
iidurftfd hy Jriifhiful dreamt ; complain* of irdfuiie pitin in fhf hcod, 'jitd oaiff 

it /trU rnormouily large ; great intoleraaoe of light and noise. At 

'tODU, iirry dtUriotu, and would pfrmitt that therf Krre horrid vionitert all ovrr 
lie room ttaring at her, (Third day.) llend much relieved after leecbiug. 

t Mvt found. 



uttMt iim •yu*m. 4iftriw (8b Mdk, hamvnw. ife 

|«iM 6Mf*nm, ■titfrtug villi btU/jrv ; iW Ur ■ wm i J ««r ""e^ 

IrtWMimf by « r-w^fMjF Adirtum^^. — At timm hm m mtSmmm, at limm m 
«w»w.f> rttfkfU ohm MMlioMd. mhI btrnou* WimidS^,i—&m m«im« 

Ilk* <«)• iiJUy^^-^WiMfUi (■lk.'"'*<CWitftt.— Cwllwliiiii I I cfcat- 
lofiifu Nn*! Iai«|t)il»r faflpr half an hour),*". — Snedi load. AfeMaadad.*. 
— 1 7tf I { * !*■'.u,i^imy: <>««*yw1- < (:«iw 1 1 ,>— Blwiyfca u i M iii iilW mod 
ra|iMlly. i«lliii>ir u'^iMpftM-,'.— H|ie«M iu bp>keo bchIc w w apd c hl iri w wl y .**. 
•'* t/^f mimi tni» iliaontiTtd, to thai tftrrrk dut nat mraftmd to timimkt, 
HMf llumght Ih «<■<*««■, Mtf Mtttm la Ike objt^ prftnil,*'. — H»r b«tghtHMcl nrt 
itfliiilwl Oiiiiy trtfiijucTM u|> iH^fore h«r a tnuUitudv of brotitifut itin^,*. — 
'Hit >tiiy'» Ikiii'jp wiu wry «-livv, bnt hn pawitl ijiitckly From oao iil«a le 
HiiolliiT I lltf>y wnn* iiiiwtly of a livifly cboTaPirr, rvlatln^ to his playw,'*.— 
MiiMiM'liiitil'iti* niMl twiiirM»i'Hi of inmtl.". — IlAlIucinaliotis. wilh wUgo,'". 
lliilIiii'iiiflliittiN, Willi LTiiit rr-iitlntineM : nhi-iliil nittknow the hvstatidcn: 
•hi' liiiiKliitil mil,*". — 'Ih ituagintffi he mm thiitfft nvt prmmi, . — [M.] 
(lrtt|H-il I'lir (ItlitKit wliliili ilid itot «xl*l,*". — Ilo imnictDM ho hm* binlfl iIt- 
lii|t tiir nii-iiiiuli (li« t'liiiiiiivv. iiikI wihIim to follow tlitto by tlic «ini« 
nilllr,*". [tK/irinu* htii ttjtiui]*, a* if liny llXDannf^^ ahout Aimi],". — Tmlks 
nCvvitlvM Iii'Ihh liillic nHim ; witb full iHil*!-,". — Ili>li)nkeil Mboiit; hi- talki^d 
Itlhiiil ml"'" imkI mIut (/iirj[wv/(.»v(/ nniinalc uliirli ho wiw,**, — Vinioiw of 
Wiilvw, tint;*, ittniil*. niul lirv,'". — Al tlii- lu'i);lit of tlie iMiiwiiiiitK. the 
Wiilitnii nn* In n *inlfi vrry rliwly n»riiihliii}! thiit m> oftim m-cii iti ■Icliriuni 
iMilm'itB K\<ti«i\ti (prtsir ftm |iMiii(<-d mi hvr omniwtanoo, and Hbo ro* 
•|tmii|t>l |o III! <]U<<*lluiw by )Ktti)liujC with a trrmbline finger to ewanotof 
liiii'buiii bnAa(«, which mIii' liKarmt were wrainbliag all oTcr ihr walU, bvda, 
|»l)l.< .>!■ . r iltp «lll^lll ilVtini ,% irniiit* iMrd %» a Miiipoftitor)-;,"*. — Faoded 
hf ' Hiiil HiiiitMl* in th«> firr,°". — Ho imaKibos b« tee* ghttfls afid 

v*i I*".— lla iKM^MM be M ritlu^ oo SB OX, OT snfne mich^H 

llto HI ) It WWM lo bcr tluM km mm b tnaapareot. inil u •po^H 

M (n o ' "1 rrkt lie M«rt f» hoMNw haaan pferrtbis^ h buni- 

tn< ttfi ii«u'~ \iVwp :tl vt'~l'7<'V ** ^*^ "> *^ ecMtiog, U appean 
)M btw «i tl' M ««*» fltiatuw any with bta nwc4; t** iwlngi id mto- 

»<»«<<« b<^ tmvt»r4. tiMBMMiriy aftar l^wf 4a«B. Ikat W wm ioaling 
(• bi« )w«4; Un4> mmI itt^jrfyTlibr^ aast bmmk apfaratlr veil, but 
WMMHciMM^M ml vIm* b*«M aftM a ■■»» mt braad W 

IMMkt taWM MMMailKf . WI^|BM 4ML VM aOMOM fliKpala laH ad 




ujcbt the had been drinkiu^,^. — State of intoxicatinn, with (Iiritirl»c<l 
3U niul dilii(-ult iij>e«oli; lie imagiiic-s tlial he ramiut moTe Wis tuugue 
ar five hours),*. — As if drunk, imnuKlifltely aftt-r a m««l,'. — Directly 
after ft inMil,a& if iatuxicat^d (aAer ttix iiikI a ltiiirii<jur> i,". — Intuxiration 
immediatety nA«r Jnnkiiig lUv It^xl^itinnlily of iK-er,'. — Grcnt vxcileiiipnt : 
iio^v he fillip, nuwM-old'', uliilt- ihi- liiikli?' art' in cimi'iant iiiulion,'". — Vnri- 
otH gceticulalioiif),". — [Shu makcA |)n-|'nfi tor rclurniiig lioniv]," ( Case 
21V"~A tAilor was poiMoiioiI with » licllndoniia iiijtrtidD, and for fiftwa 
bniirs, th'Uiffb fi|HHv)ile^s »u>l iiiiu'nMiblt' tn psleroal objeuts, ni^iit through 
all the ciMtomarv operation! of lii^ trade with great viTacilT, and niovtd 
Lis lips as if in cuawnutiun,"'. — l^^'^*] ^I<^ |)t-rtorm« luvlii-li riilicuiuiia 
tricks ^afWr one to ei^bl hours),'. — Tbe s]K>L>eb vas nioru ttiL-ulivrviit ia llie 
eTenioff,", — [Nightly deltriuni, wlufli is ubHeiit duriiij' Ibe day]," (Case 
7). — [Incubercul raviiit'^ at night; dtiriiig (be day lie in in fus right 
Diindj,** (Cue 16), — The rieliriiiiti ccilsc:* nfler a meal*. — Talkaiive- 
noW"," ■*. — Cun^tttiit iiniiiKfUigiblA talking,*". — ^Garrulity; Im rotmloftl/u 
tWM ff^olifh and abturd langunift, at vhick he ojitn tau^hg aioud ; K'Aen <wi- 
drtMod hr turtut $oHtird Ihe tprnicr, but doeJi nat aninfcr corra'jionfiiiigli/ 
(after half an hour),'*'. — Oreat garrulitr, with a silly unnienniuL; smile aud 
iBUgb,"^. — tJamility, nnlikt his uniinl (norwl, with sqiiintinf; and extremely 
rtopidcxprcwion,'*'. — J}€»treJ*atitl Aversion h. [120.] Takes pleasure 
only ill vdluptiioiu id«a»,"\ — lucliiiatiuii tu viulfiii cxt-rcuft- and rapid 
travi'lliiig-,"*. — Foudoms (or gaoRi! uf ubantv, "\ — Iaivo of »<<^rittiik-. aver- 
ciott lo Booiely, and diKlikc Ut wnvcrfationj^'.^Drcad of iKdimdc, of 
gliQBta and thieves,*'^. — Not incliiinl t» talk ; he drsire.') wditiide and riuict ; 
eveiy noiw and the vbiU of othots aro diim^nM'ahle tn him,'. — She abhor- 
red all Ii<)iii(l8, and acted frightfully, bit ihn jaw.4 tightly logcthor, and 
ravrd eo that ehc was uhligt-d to be tied duvrn. . — Aversion In nil tluid^ 
K that sha demeaued hen»elf friglilfully at the sight of them,". — Abhor- 
Teocv of all liquids; he would erreaiu violently ae soon aa a epoon or gltuw 
itnining li<)uid wa.'< brought to bitt lipe, would conruleiivoly set his teeth 
ptber, and, if funt'd lo snalbiM .■*i)ine, violent general convulsionj would 
iiatfly ooinir,'". — jttoodx. The cxiircsvioii and arlioji* dt:-not<'d un- 
CMDOlon cboi'rfiiltic^-; with ino'-^^^int it<-iie<-l>^ talking;,'''". — [130.] Merry 
cfBtioew,*'. — In the cvriiing, iht boy was unc-oiDmonly HtcIv and L-hcfr- 
liil; he laughed, norearaetl, Hang, and <iuarrelle<] in » loud vtiice, but rery 
toon became siek, and voniitej,'".— Ijni-Mtraiuetl and exuberant mirth; 
incline*) lo uiutrrol witliutit niu^'. and ditipOM'd lo laugb iti nu aDiioying 
mauovr.*. — Vvtv niinhful int>0(t ; hi* lit iuclinod li> niiig and nlti»tl(- I'iii the 
evening, al\or ibirtii-n hotmi,'*. — Oroat inirthfuhieii^ ailtT yupfxr; the 
viul powerd were iucrcaaed lo uu extraordinary degree for n quarter of au 
hour, after wbinh ciime dri>nsiii«w,". — Frequent lnughl«r,"' (CiLte o). — 
Loiiid laughter," *•* ".—^'-inislanl loud laiighteT,". — Iiivoliiiitarv, a1inn»t 
loud, laiigbter, witbo«l having any Ismghahlo ibuiiglita," — Sliijiifl laughter 
and merry delirium.™. — [140.J rfhc huigba o long time with bcnM-'ir,*" 
(Caae 'i >. — Cuutinual laughter, wlierebv the subjects juu)|ted high up. from 
emotions of wild Joy, danced, made tlie moat remarkable getitieulalionit, 
and perfonned diuereut lu'^lioiii^ of the body with the rrcalcst rapidity and 
dexterity (af^r one hour),'". — [She breaks out into loud laughter, .-iiig!", 
and luUftx^i tliinga near borJ.'tCib^e 17>.— [Luugbiug and >i;iiigiiig, Mie 
touches objects around her the whole day],** i C-aw 22), — iSiiigiiit;". — Ho 
KOga sad warbles," — Singing and loud uilkiiig in sleep,'. — [ Weejiinr/X". — 
Vuy excited mood; she is readily brought to weep/. — Violent weeping. 



whitnp«r*m;t, and howling without oatiBo, iirpoinpAni«<) wiili liinnrousnew, 
itituiilly wiljiiii tvrelvR Imiirs,'. — Tl^O-) Wpepiiig anil extrcntf? ill-hiinif>r «n 
nwiikinf! wit of slwp,'. — In thn inurvaU frva fmiii Hpcunu, she utters ihe 
nu«t violfot ffrif*, iw ifuhfl vh\t*' ftuffVirinp j^reat pain,". — l>cjwt<?d, clo*|M>n<J- 
ciit,''.t — rthf in so anxiouH um) {■oiirii.'^J thnl »Iie fi-iim eh« ia nliout to di«,''. 
— Aaxk-ly and inquietude. *•. — Vt-rr iinxtous and tlinoron*,". — 'fly Jaji, 
greal mtrteUj ; i^e Kom ho ptaee ttntftchere; it tfemtd to her ait if lAe muni fife 
mMjf,'. — '/liuTiWy, ajuflKiJt, /cCTiiWi'iff, e»iutaut rf^iewnt*!; groiUKf, i-rivs, 
sod wecfiioz, eswi-ially in the ullernouii and al tiit^lit."'. — Atixidy duritig 
the iRen)«j<,**. — Mucli uiiii4-ty, fullowe^l in an hour by jK-ni)iimtiuii,*'. — 
[160.] [n hor mrtmftntary lucid int«rvnN bHp ortm)dainA of intolerable aji* 
f^mMi, Mil that *hD wi«)i« tn die,". — In wallcinj; in thr npcn air, (ihe 'm over- 
whclmrd wiih trarr^l RnKiiiMh ; nhe is wenrv of life, and indineii Ut drown 
horwir,'.— [.Shi! Iji?p* th« hystaDders U> kill ntirj," (Owe 2*2).— Tcariiil tim- 
idity.'. — Tirnid niitflru^t.'. — Cuwardic«, dii^truiiil, euopicion, iucliiiatiou to 
run away."'. — He Blarta in afTrti^ht v<.-ry nMidlly. i-Mpcciilly whcti any una 
noproaches him,".— K vents whivh hud \»ivn prvviuusly aulioipalMl with 
plea»ur^ anpcarod to him in an anxiou« lit^ht; he thought thorn fearful 
and drfadlul,". — 'Tinioroiia inuinitT: he is afraid of an imat^iiinry blnck 
dog. of llie gallows, t-lr. ; more io ibe firat twplv*" hour* than afUrwardp.'. 
— On aceinf! a drink which waa oRbred him. he l>erani<t ^vry r«»lk««, tho 
Kttfticulatioiia and rolling of the cyoe b«t'amc luon; viok-iil, and (ho fa<.t! at- 
flUmed an exprvMiun of ({real fear,'", — [170.1 Hw ft-nn'd ihnL death vhb 
nvuT,". — [Sfio u 40 atiriatu and conftued thai »he Jeurt thg \* ahani to ifte},". 
— [She tfiw trt strangle herwif, ao^ begs th« byjlauders to kill her, becauw 
she brlicvt^ that em? will certainly aio],* (Cose 'H). — [He tric^ to e»- 
oape],". — Kc escaped, under nomo pn-W-xI, into the open Hold,". — *Extrrme 
{rrHnhtlitif /if Mitiji'i','", — The merest trifle provoke* and irritates him ; ha 
i« diwaiiatiod witn everylhiajr,"'. — Exceedingly irritablu and wapiti vo hu- 
mor, with iiielination tn uttnr ahuuve language! and to Mrike,'". — Fretful- 
ncMi; nothing wemed ri^ht to him ; he wmi vexed with hinuolf/. — lie wait 
fretful about thi.t and that,'. — [180.] Extrvmely moToae and »criou;F,*. — 
Biteiit ill-hiimnrt (Al\«r t-i^ht hours): on the two folluwiug daya he wait io 
hi* wontitl m'tod ; the day aller that, however, hii ill-humor reluroed,'.— 
Whiiiiii;; ill-humnr about triflef, with headache u if a stone were pmeiag 
the forrhc*it<l,'. — Want of rhtwrfiil new, ill-hutnor, inclined to nothing,'. — 
Kxtremr ilUhumor alter sleep; hi* hitm thiim> around him,". — He U verv 
raxily madi' an^ry, even about trille)i,' — Violent r|narrel«onioiii»!i(i, which 
cannol hr nppeasod,'. — At time* he i» delirious, ut lime* he aoswcn^ rijrhtly 
when i)iirstii>Ded,and bemoans himself.". — \t one time he uttcni ridiculoiui 
noiiMfnsr, iii another he talkd nilianally,'. — After the talkativrnexs, dumb- 
nt»»,*.— flOO.l Hourly allernatiou of weeping and ftv'lful humor,'.— At 
\Tliii'li then pamed into iraftatient and vehement howling 
artvr one hour),'. — Sighing, alteruating with jumping 
". — (irfEininf^, nlu-riiatin|; with buniU of taugiiler, »on^, and 
[At oii<- time he hurriedly Kniapa at ihoine ntandiiig near, at 
;iri> Imrk in fi-ar],". — DUinrliriation and indiflerenee to evety- 
I -lit netivilT of mind and b4)dy,". — Ajmth y ; nothing oiwild tnoKf 
> on her ; wftt r iKHne days there Iiuc4:i-««U u very M;nitili%*e, fr«l- 
[1 «hrrli nothin)* ^vco her plea*tl^,^'. — Extreme indifliTewet' for 
vo takirn h«r life without afleeting her,*. — Intellect^ 


•■til' i-utHil 

t N«l fMind. 



'.ffht, *Riroxy«n n/ cfrrhrai er-ilt/ilion, mih abundaner of irfnw and 
\rrti/ty /tmUistir unit mcwArrr «/,"*, — HU unconimon livelineee and 
f ihuiight, nnd the iihscnw of hw oustftiwarv hywu-hondrinc 
iied rcniaikiiblc to himiHilf and ihc phvuiciaii,^". — [200.] *JIe 
mote mpldiii and /tortiVu,"*. — IMeiitaf ennfiuton]*. — ]tlniital cnnfusiDll, to 
iktt he knpw not whetlirr he was dreaming or HWnkt',". — Confusion of 
miod : hv imaf;iD<-d hiiiuH.^lt' rich, offuer of a large house, etc. (ttller a 
quarter of an hour),'*. — C'unfusioit of mind, };eiicrHl Lrt'iiibling, trnaftent 
h«it of face (after hull' an hour),'**. — Coi]fu«ioii of niiud, vtitli fliL-kcriiig 
Iwfbr* the *)-(*,'", — Confu&ioB of the Beu^ee; sleepy, yel awake, he imag- 
in«» he is (irpaniiiie,". — ThoiightA became dinturbetl aixl cunfiiscd,'*'. — 
Talkt^ confiHwdly,*'. — Spcwh alow aiid conftise*!,"*. — 1210.1 Dworilered 
conapUiuKiK'jw.*'. — First ihis oflpurreii to htm, and then thiil. lu* couiri not 
tltiuk ia ail onk-Hv muuiicr, nod forgot immvdiiitcly whatever he thought 
or TWid nlKiut.". — His maonor of vxprc^ion is inrnmplcl<;: s|teerh very 
diffiCTjIt,"*. — He sal lost. »s one iu n dream,', — Heedleswie^s and froqiipnt 
abeeuce of mind,'". — Mental weakness,**. — Weakiiciii' of ihi; miuil and 
uiemory."'. — I/ote of underpin n ding mid iiipiiiwry,'". — il'tuitRlity,'*. — Jrr»- 
(totmliiy, stnpidii v.*". — [220.] Jjoijs of the thinking faculty ; one i» tttuiiid, 
and liku an iiliol,'". — Tiiwllcclual ob^ctiralion,*", — Obtiifi-iietiii uf souse, ,■ — 
ImpAtrcd uaderfitandiug for some vfccksi^.-^JCtitirc disappcsraaco uf intel- 
ligence.'"'', — He does not eeem to know where he is,".— He paid no atten- 
tion to those about him, in fact, iteemed iineouscioiis of thi?ir iir(«encf ; only 
DOW ud thea, when addressed in a loud voic«, he itlai-c<l nl tW «}Knkcr for 
aa iuTitant. like one suddenly roused from u «ouud tieup. Tlie fucv van a 
liuW tlu^hislianer eight hours).'"'. — Ditiincliuattou to utl kinds of ujfntul ex> 
erlioD,'. — AvenHiin and inpapneily for all work, ami t'ppeciallr forall eflbris 
»f thought,"'. — 3fctnQI'if, nienior)' (aftfr tweJity-lour hount),'. — 
[230.} He renienil)em things long oygone*. — He reniemners thingi^ which 
happened three vears aj!o,". — Tcraponiry rptum of the Iiwl mi^mory^CC'iiM 
5). — Diminiehcd memory,'. — Loss of memory.''^ — I'orKLH fulness of what 
had taken place,"'. — His memory, for two «r three days after, wa« ven' de- 
ftrtire,'**. — Memoir very poorfortno or throe days: he reniemhered nol'hing 
which took place aher the doctor canic."". — Very weak memory ; ho R-rgcts 
in a moment what he wa.o about lo do. mid cauiiut rt-cLtlleit anytliing,'. — 
Absence of niiml ; he if>apt to do \\\* biiMnt«< wj-oiiji;, and furgvis thiugs which 
be had jixst intended to do.'*. — [MO.] Dutiug the headache, difappcaranue 
of tlic ihoufEhts: the forgets what ehc ba.H just thought, and cannot recol- 
lect herself.', — He did not know hi* own relations," — The boy does not rec- 
iKiuze his parents.'". — TilfteuMfftfitty. Insen^ihilily. lost* of cntisicioiis- 
Sw,'*"*"' •". — Inseiiaibility to all external objceis,'". — luscutibility, 
Itttliog brcalliio);. and convulsive inovL-mentK in the face and hand?,". — 
Rniirv ini^n*il>ility, stiffneM of the lower limbs, extreme di.iteusion of the 
BUpcrRcial bloiHlvesfieb, with strangely red, swollen rounteniKn-e, very full 
and rapid puW, and exce-i.*ivc sweat,''. — CwinplL'tc los* of eoutf^•i«^l^ne*«,"*. 
— C«n.tcionsnfss di.<-:ipi>car8 ; he no longer recoguiics hit- surroundings, and 
btgioji t" mve (alUT half an hour),"*. — Low of the scnseB," " *" (atlor two 
boorB),*"*. — [L>»* of the scnBCf. with convulsione of the limbs],'". — [260.] 
[Lun of con«iou3noss and convulsions of the arm, at night].*" (Case 14). — ■ 
SmaelesfiDPNi, as in intoxication, and a kind of active delirium,'"'. — After 
a tittle time, loss of consciousnes.^, with .itertorouit re*piTfttion.". — He lay 
fcnr dayfl without lakiug any uourighmeot, motionless. Hkc a dead ncison ; 
he coulii nwi be roused, . — Lethargic, apoplectic condition ; for a day and 



ft Qi)clit \iify \Ay wiihoul unr motion of the Htnbfl; if pincbed by tb« bj^ 
sUiiiilcm, ilu-y oiM<iii-tl their cyce, but uttcrctl no siHtnd,". — The patieat'^ 
inimner wiu nptiplertic, and wvrrc pngorgPHH^nt of tlie vensela niu present 
Thin Mats of jwrtial citmn vta allcriiiilixT by pamsyi^iiu of uuumtrol l&bh 
teudeocT Ut niuUnii uiid n|H<l BUtoinuLic mnvcniciit, ultciidiil with coavulr^ 
sive I;iiij;!ilcr. No wrll-ninrktHl convulsiuus mudv tlicir appearaocc, rI- 
tliiittuh, during tlic britf iutcrrala of dwp, a alight hu1kuIiii« of ()■<■ iniiiclesi 
iif (br (mM and cxlrvniitiefl was uoleil. — A wrt of cuma. *ilb fmiiH, wt»ftkA 
uneqiMl pulse," — * Gimnttue tottditiott, <rith minify in ihr. Utroal, wry red 
fate^ iHtaMt pitp!/», eonmlmoHl O^ fAr upper rMr^mllirt, vny Hot jikin, tcith 
r^t tpiiU «N neet aad dkaly amafnrriA puUf i»ft<T half &n lumrt,**. — 
»dousii«.~ — [WO.l Slii 

Stupi>r Mnd loiB of conmousneas,* 

Sligbt stupor or Icthuivy, . — 

fcrsUlcnt ftupor (after fire and a half £oont,*. — fetapor, wilh violent 
convuisioos of the exlreraitiea,'^. — Ktiipdartkia," " " * — Wfll-niurked 
etAt« i»f »lupe£»clioo,*. — Vtry Rneat ttupf^Ktioa.**. — Profriund rtapefiw- 
\\\ta, wbloh, at UacBt b intrmipteJ by a Uuitl acxtaia. betrajine great 
anxivtr."*. — SupeStrtion and nrtigo, Irota «OMlioa of tbi bcad/^. — Uo 
ItM aa'if tltip«fi«d; nulio]^ in t^ throat; (vitdliMi of &«• uid hamb 
(«ftv lulf u hovr).*',— Siape£uttM : iIm kit tm ieiN w ii v bmuae nM- 
MH. aad Mnicfc »ba(tt bvr IbrribiT- (after Cwr hoorvl.**- 

AmiI.— OH^/teirfoM nnH Vrrttffo. [.S70.] Ttw wboW boul femiid< 
(Uwl for auv aaya,*^.— BvwibkRd fecUM io tbc ^tmi.'^^-ContmeA and 
md4M iMvt <after Cn MlaaiMX".— Oi2riM oT the hM< osymolMf ty 
■>i—<1,*.-rii«ftw(i« af IW lieitaa»i»Tinit.>t<fll awwaa wJkiDg; 
tf«a wImb fcBemd. b nutat iwtJhwIy «• vaIUm (alUr ft«« mm- 
■te9\'.— la the maiw. be CMB^hiM of B—fiMi af UieheMl; with »• 
mocdtoarr g3tmSa,.—CuaSmmm mi tk« bead, m is iti| » tiii iotoxKB- 
tina, milk fMaUnwUj MKiM wa f JaUoa,*^— Ciiuftwiaii «f tlw hmi, «tili 
clow&MwaaJ IMiaraf iMt*«mAaa,M (rmi laakiac labeecaaad driokii^ 
niriiN-' -Hind eoalbwi. «itli BM ta fimfcMi^-^ rir«^* » • " * * ^. 
-{»0-] irtijrn ■« ifilreef Yrn^^. iwjniMitili fiirtirrln 
aund. ef«rrtki*| t«n»snM*l (tAtt tkic* W«a>.*. — r«rt£f«, m t/ffMy- 
Ifcuf e«nwU U • dn^ (after ow bwr >:.—• FaHf : i tffumn Ukimmaif 

^*^*hny-, ■ f^aiyaiiilrfgCrMy,-. 

— iufcrii bm jii um mi 

vaalial tka saiaa kw 

:— \' 



-Twt^ aaU yaia 

'-— r« 


'.— V< 

k-tuia. it ■ 



', I««mg a few iiiinut«i (mtter twelve hoiini),'.— Vertiginoun fwliog,'*. 
— A v<Ttigv-)iki> Mnmlton of reeling in the vhnlc hwid while Htling,'.--H6 
ftttrmptctl to gr-t out uf bod with a recliug, ilninkfii mcittuu ; Lis spt-uch 
mas Intek am) iDOiftiui^t,'*'.— H« reclMl iu wulking, h^lJ un by thu walls, 
eatnplaincd of niii^uUti and verligu, »ii(l (illt>ii spuke irrstiutmlly like u 
<lniiik«ii msn,". — ^'trtiginouaetaggcring,***'". — Tbe first effect wa.iverliji;o, 
iDcrtBHtig Id »iich nn ext^'nt an to retiHer It iniptH»ibIc to wnik wiltiiiUl 
tUegvrinjr,*^. — He ^tiijrgen when walking like n dniiikfti iiinn,*"'. — On 
rwng in ibc nioroiog, she eUjtgcred nbont a» if druuk,'' ". — t^ho it>»o earlv 
tmm licr ttwl. and staggered to nnd fro like one ititoxiait«l," (i'jutc 14), . 
— [310.] While WHikiiig, he slagfi^red ami *]x>]ie itente\v«f}\ an if ilniiik,"*. 
— It swm* a* thoii|fh even-ibiiig about bim vas itirnUig round,'". — Fwliuir 
Kifhv wni* turning round like a ball, and as it' Maltsiugfrom rigJit tu k-ft, , 
— Tuniing round in live !ie«d. vi-nigowilli naiw-a, a« »ft<'r turning (juickly 
in m circle, or lu oti waking rmm the morning »]c('p »i\ifr » night uf ravel- 
ling,*. — Such violeol liirtiiii^ in the ho«d llmt he was unablo iv di^linguifli 
obji-ris, iniich Ira be Ecrvicrohle in his ttccupntion,*". — Turning in the 
head, and HI tlit> mnie time a Bitnilar tuniias in the Krobicuhi!! cordis; 
tSitT ririing tip it became »» bad in >^-alkiDg, that she cnuld no longer di»- 
ti&guich anrlliiug; evt:r>-tiiing vaiikiili«dfruiu before bereyis,*. — Hwimmiiig 
ofuie head, aa in a state uf iniuxicnliui),"'. — DimneM (aller five hounit, . 
— ^DiainttB vith aenmlion at i/u bourii uvrp bffvrf Aer fortkrad,^. — Seniuf 
tioo nmeUinea ofdiutaeM, eomctimes like the vibrsttou uf a peoilultmi, in 
the head.**.— /» OenrrrU. [320.] *Sirelli„g of ihc had ;'*•'.—• Ilrad 
tWoOett to doubtr Ht »ue*, — '(fre^il mvUiug of the head and mdue** nrrr tAe 
irMe bodff (iu two h<>y*;',*'.— Tivinhling «f the hrrail and liiJiU*,°*. — Un- 
tKadine» of the heiid and hand?,'. — " Throwing the head hilhcr and thither, 
rvTH to akuking: then again, eonvulaive bending forwards «f head ami 
trunk,"*. — [Violent ehuking of ihe head],'", i Cqm.> 6. . — [Violent sbiikiag of 
the bvaij. frothiug from tbe mouth »Dd lose of conw;i*iuao«es],** (C»e H). — 
[After biit-nugli, »lii!ht co«Tii1»nns of hend and limlHi, followed by nausea 
•imI laBsilude],**. — * Her head m drauit fntckmirdg: lAe bvrt* drrp tiUo tkepii- 
hte ot niffht*. — Unoonecioii^ly, he uftcu eerntchc» his bend and rube bis 
Done,'*. — [380.] A kind of ccrebml a[)opIrxy M-ized on« of them, cniming 
her to fall dtiwn insenwible.*". — DeterminaLinn of blood to the head ; red 
ebeek*,". — *Bush of blood to the bond : pultaiion of the cerebral arteriM, 
ud a throbbing io tbe interior of th« head lurt^r lire minutes),*'.— '^ron; 
rua/t ofbfofd to Ihr hctii, \rllh brnliuij in the Innptrt, and burning in the 
fi/ei,. — *C^tge»tion ofbtooii to thf. hr«d, trith dmi'jrr of apoplexy,-'*.^ Can- 
y<»tMHofbh«dt9lh«h«ad,vith bicodtiigof the Doeo and extreme dulne^,***, 
— A thepttenl died comatose twelve hours at^er ealint; the bc-rrien. Al the 
■niony the h]ooclve««lt of the hend were goiv(-d,"^. — Khullition <if ilio 
blooo toward' the h4>iid, without inlomal beat of liie hend ; wht'ii he leaned 
tbe bead backward!> it n|>peared to him as if the blixrd rushctl into it,'. — 
*Qtnfimon as if intoxioitfd,"****^'*. — Cunfuaiou of the head «^ though 
ftoBi much brandy and tobacco,*, — [340.] Confused head ami intoxienlion, 
u from wirje-drinfelDg, with bloated, red countenance,". — Dui-ing a sviddt-u 
rteor. gr^at confusion of tbe heed and flight, reil eyes and ^»olk-n face, 
«mch is covered with very gmnll. irnvi'lBriy »hn{i(sl, dark-w-d f]MU. pepa- 
eially on the forebeatl,** {(^ase 111). — Constant conftuinn of ihc head and 
drowaitieni (after four hour*),*.— Confitftioo of the bearl. with ewclling of \be 
glands in the nane of the neck (^after nix hours),*.— -Dull, uneasy .«eii«al)on 
all over the head (after half an nourl,"'.^8en9e of dulncsi) and turning in 



An baail ; ibr Mt better in the opea air, worse in m room (after qoarter o{ 
Ml (Mar )."*.— DuliMoe of th«b«Ad.vitb fiitigued. toqml, bentted mUh."*. 
~W«niKai (»f the li««it; inability to raise the bcM after stoo^ag,*. — 
Mtuiil hr^vf ( wpond (Ur i."*. — Heaw, preRniDj* ferltng in wbole bead (after 
«v» ami K hair hwp<)A— [3fiO.] rfcaxi heavy all ibr (fim dajr),«— He 
frrU h'm "Iioli; hcail heavy, as if from intoxicatioa.^. — Hi* whole head 
HmU n hcaTv that he seenu about lo lall asleep; he « not ditptMed to do 
aaythinv,'. — Head felt heavy on riaiog iu momine (after eight and a half 
bniin),"\— On ftovyimg, Ibe blood mounts to the bead, wbkli bMoaaa 
heavy M if giildy.'.— Peeling of heavtneM and flaetaatias la ibc bead, aa 
if there «a«a res«e] uf w»ti>r in il.*". — Heaviuen of the head aod rattn),'**. 
— Wetjtht in ibc hc*d a* though he would fidi,". — Wei^t ea the bead, 
with dull rhootinsn 'after fourteen houi«),*'. — '/ne/ioofm fo &wa tMe head 
nymtut mtm^iny hard and n>M.**^.— [360.1 Headache.**.— Heaifau!he all 
day ( MVTiod dav },'". — SHcIn headapbe,*", — [Violent hendarbel," i in Bereml 
caiM»).— *V«rT iat«nM headaeha,™.— Paiu in the bead vhiftinic to the 
mpnlie,** (Cue 8). — The pniu-t in the eye« are rorreapondingly ftU in the 
bead, and often i*\*eii in Uiehnirt,*'*. — Violent dull headache (eoon after ),". 
— Headache as if the hntia were numb.'. — C'oniplain; of intenn pain in tb« 
bead, and My» that it ^U cnormoufly laree. . — [370.1 Headarhr, with 
eoafimoa arid dulneM of the ■en*es,'*.^*A(ndaeAi', wiiA duxinm*, nt/^m- 
wai0i by itaapiny, and, if relieved, ironediately repradneed oa noUoD," — 

* VialoU kiaadaeke, eAie|(jr in the vrMal rMiien, mtk nthtm ^tkt qm iiNd 
jbev Rafter one hour)." . — Violent headache, and fiseling oT praanre la the 
tnm, which were much injected,"*. — *Pain in iht heaaamt fjrbaUt. uAt'db 
jtk'uifthirtinyfromthrirtvtift*,"'. — Headache, irilb tnneicDI Uindoea,". 
— Violent paiiLi in the head, with swelliog of the Mte^ heat m ibe Skp, and 
hchryinntiofi (after three^lMUiefs of an hour).". — Headorhe and M«ari* 
mmt, the face r«d,"*. — Heaoadie and irmt lawitiide on anakine,'. — Stupe- 
Aring headache, wiih paiuful lamludc, had li-mper, nnd inclitialiuu lo lie 
down,*".— [380. J HeadaL-hir. with huruin;; miliary eruption over ihe whole 
bod V,'".— 'Die hea^larfae U wrjr« after dinner and in ifae evetiinu;."*. — Ths 

pftii* lo lh« bead aT« anraTated by noiM, motieii, when monsg^ the 
eye*, by abocks : contact, the lend rzertion, and £a Uu opft* <iir.'*^.--<.\)n- 
liuuuu!^ disirii»iiiu of the whole brain,**. — fVsaatiua of vwelling and extra- 
orilinary exjMimion in the brain,*". — * Th^ ftttiny in tkt ktad «c» thai o/ 
viattHt coH^Mion, a fvU, leaf, oad thraUimff «Ue «f lie wnfArnf etMcia, 
idetilieaJlif tie name *ea«at>oa at tmtMie predmetd 6m a fiyafnrg Ihnmti round 
thf nffk,a>td imf^my the reimm «/ tiu maum eirvulali»n,^. — * Violenl jn^s*- 
inji in the wk^U head from intiUn oidiMrdif, ai if it mmid bunt taftvr ihrcc 
hour*).*. — *HfMiachca$ if the nihtrvt of the aroU icvtv heing tarn ajim, and 
df \fa Uvrr urre keiHy applied, Kkerthy the kead wnM /ortrri onutdT,**.— 

• /i| t/ir iijirn iiir, titr t^n-iiion nf burtiin'j tn thr hrad it rtry riiJrnl, ftOd be 

il afraid to congh on aocoont of the iaereaae of pais it caisca i alVr vUtvf. 
and n hiilf to four houri>),'. — Headaebe, as if ihe head were K-reved to- 
>;elh<.''r on h«th «de«, and thereby laedered narrower,'. — [390.] Peeling nf 
EurnitiR and swelling tu the cranial booee."*. — Buminf; in the bmin, with 
wf)*Htiuo K* if the bones of the h«d bad bccocue mft. and futlcu aiart,*". — 
lliimiii^, pn^wive, laiicinntin^, painful, or erampy pains in the hrad, chiefly 
iu thv li-rthi-nd, nlouK the orbital vauli, at the' nape of the oeck, aud oil 
^e ri]cht tide of ibe oead,**. — Boring and prawng headache during the 
day, tn dillurent pbtMn; tn the vveniaf. shooting,*. — '/nmnoitf drvitn'iijr and 
txpviviive pain in tW AMd, ati/ewMUia; in \t r«k«d 9r WKOftd in ajfrkiny 



p,'.— Opprwwive pain in the heitil f mother nnil rhitil. lliirri day"),*".— 
^nMition of liiinl |irf*siirt- ovrr ilir wlnjli- hrnil,"^^Pres>tire in Uie head, 
BOW liere, bow there, which oecnptes each time large areas,'. — DriiHiiit;- 
proeive ht-wluchc*. — 'Pressive headache, especially in the forehead i ultcr 
Iwo davs)/. — [400.J '/'rewiirp deep in lln: brain oi'er Ihe ivfiuU httiii. dtiriug 
and after \ivlking in the optn air,'. — 'Painful preitlire ia the head, espe- 
eiall; in the lower part of the forehead directly above the noso. latoler- 
able on sUppinjp or trcadiog,". — IV-wiin- nml pnUiiliou in tliu Eiiad. itrli 
inoxtly ill ilu' f-tn-licml uiiii oytfl>iDW>*,"'. — l^iiix-mHtiii;; ht'inlui-lu-, (.'uiii^iug 
vcrtipj, luid cxU'ii'liii); to iho «yM,"*. — Culliiis-tt»riii),' patii ia tl»c titao, 
whicb tnovra nlMmL from one [«rt to aoMhvr,^.~^Sl/tltbiiig thrntigh tkt htiid,tu 
ifmlJtadouhle-fttgeilin{/B,intlt«eifniiig'. — *'I7irfei'ioleiilrei'erv»(atulhntuoh 
lh< hmti, from Hi^ forrhfod to the tieeipul, whereapoQ &11 previotis headachs 
nddwly disappear*. '".^fiiinrul ^liu'jtin^ in tht-nli'tU' htiiiLt^spct'ially in 
tho fiin-li«nl."». — Tt-rrilili! In'ailaf.'hi'. m»nl(.- li|> ()f dull or jirvMive iliiMLiDfO>, 
wliirh durt liirmi}>h lliy bruin frwin all ^I'Jm,'. — Thrnliljiiipii in tiif he!iJ,"°. — 
[410.1 ViolcoL [hiulibiiig of tlie braiu,"'.— "Violent throbbing in the brain 
from Dchind forwards, and towards both sides : tho throbbing ends on the 
lorfaoe in paiofol shooting*,". — Tti robbing fiF'iiMitiori. wliicli for a xliori 
lime altcnintrd IhMwik^u ili>> hc-ad and cht^i. \U- c-umpart-d il lo ibo inyvc- 
mcnt of a |x'ii(lultini (uftcr Imlf nn hoiin."'. — I*nt»ilin^ bmdnchc, with 

!>r»*ure at veni^x.^. — 'Jerking headache, which becomes extremely vie* 
BBt on walking quickly or on going rapidly upstairs, and where at every 
stop there is a jolt downwards, as if a weight were in the occiput 'iifUr 
forty-fight Iioiirflj.", — .Slmck* and Iialiiii<iii^r neiont inn in ibr IkhJ. iii-uliy 
when wslkini; f».*l iiml lioinj; ^lj^^l:lirK,''■, — Fivliu;; in ibo bniiii lu ol' llie 
t<irB«)iin^ of ^•aX<:w'.— t\tl'eliead. Coufiwioti of ilic head nbuut the fore- 
bead, and ai limn II reminder of vcrtij^) (nlWr half «it liour).**. — (Mnudi- 
aeia in tbc foivhead, a* if an iipprv.-wive elourl moved to and frfi, ovpociuUy 
under the frontal htiiiP,*. — A jtciLaation ^xtcrnnlly, na of CDiitntelion of tlio 
DUscluof the furi'lK-ud aud eyi?,'". — [4^.J Cold M.-ii»[iLi<iu in tliu bruiti, iiL 
ih*f middlu of till- forx-ltmtd.'.'— *Hc was frequently obliged to stand still 
in WAlktng, from the violence of the pain in the forehead ; nt every step 
It seemed as if the brain rote and fell in the forehead; th.o pain was 
amdiorated by pressing strongly on the part (atier >ix liiiys),'. — Dull. 
IVootal headache on the Itil *idr.'" — * Hfudnchi- ofmtf tlir urbilt, a* ij the 
hnin tifTt {wnprt*ite4, •» thut /m? mvi* obHy^l to elwe the cyfc,'- — Vlulout 
aam|iy paiu in thv frutital cmiiiciicc, wbiuh (.-xteiids down over the zyp>nta 
to ihe lower jaw,". — Early in tbw morniuj?, be:iJi»che, as if Hotuetliiug in 
the forehead over the vy«hr»W8 tuiiik down und biiuk'niil l)io o)>i:!nin^ of 
tfc« eye» (after tour buurt)},". — *Iitinii(/ [ttiin tmdrr Ihr riyhl JrwitalnniMUcr, 
rarlv in t)te umrning. itovti »Ji*r «y(/'i<iy.\— Urawiiig in llie bi^ad lowiirds llio 
futraead, as if the brain wndld dibia-,'". — * limwinrj j>ain in ihe jrontnt boue 
uful in tht nape oj the tirct, bvtli tt'hen ut rtM und dvriiiy m(itiuii,\- — (iiiawiug 
iiain externally in the fmnlnl em tnencev%". — [430. | Oppn-ivivo fnuiliil 
Iieadaclie,''.^*/^ti( in Moopiug juru'ftrdt, tu if evfriiihiiitj niuild iMiu^ at Ote 
forekfttd,"*. — A w«i)tltt at ibc lop of ihe fon'ht,-iid, wbi«li caa-rt's vi'rli^, 
and a. eean as if intoxicjiti-d iaflvr fourtueii <Iuyi>),'.^Pirfw>ivv puin behind 
uk) above tbe ejrebrow)i in ibe forehf^ad,'". — *Heailaclie.iv» i/tlie brain 
mvM bs pretofd out, in Ifie forehead ,Jiut a6ove the orhitt, whieh prevent* the 

rbcitiv vpaied, and ohfiefct Attn lo lie down (wilti exceasive coutracttuD of 
pupiU and very weak voicfl), (bIUt five ami tneniy-fonr lioiire),'. — 
Violuai pn!«ii\'e jMiin in tliu left fronlni eminen<:«, from witliiu outwards,'. 



— *TennvepreMureinlheriyfiln(UofVtc/or«h€adJ.^)^TeMiTe rain bdow 
the rtjjbl frontal eoiineiKX-, wlik-)i rauti uL-c-itnics the pQlire lorehead Tafter 
t«n Riinutca), decmanM at inturvali?, but unJy to tvturn with gmiK-r vio- 
lence/. — Prtsnive i«iin iinfl<^r tKo frontal cniineiicw. won afttr Mukiiig, on 
rising.'. — Hend&rlitt ahm-a ilie eym only, like a wdgbt in ilie livnd, «arl}' 
ou wnkin);; wlien loiirhing iho i>ye he ii.H>lit pain,'. — [440.] * HeattofJif, lu 
(fa ibntf 'terr prr*evt<i thf JoreJtett^, reiifved by hjf'mg the head dotCH, atid 
gtoapiitj/. «ri(Jt ai/atfj pHf)Uii. and tehiniiir/ ill humor about trifirt (after throe 
bourn),*. — *Nntmtioa om ifthn brain vernprttied tovarda tiie/vnhead, tehitJi 
dtKppearfd dirteit^ on b«ndi«y Oif hmd a titiie baehtarda (atUr one and a 
qtinricr limir* i.'. — 'Presaive pain in the forehead, ao aerere daring mation 
ULBt it caused him to close hia eyea ; i:'ii>irr in liiiii,'/; he iiii» MOjtd tt> lin 
down, rtpon vAirk iV diMppenrejl; it rritirnM immflviUty on rxnng, for two 
tlaya, and uvm not ugjrwtdtd by e'ttiny or driiifimn ; but at toon ae m hvuC 
Into the opru air. the / srfm&i t» bt prrvrd in o» ij'a k/tary Monr fay 
on U; on tbn third day, thn pain (liMinpearcd entirely, whito b<< van sitiing 
in llic PK>m,'. — Sharp iih<f>nin^ in hnth fnmtal cmin<'o««, fn)m within 
outwurfls lullcr two hours),".— Tcuriiij'^liuixiiipv in thojienii ovcrlhc ri^ht 
orbil,', — Kioij sbuuting, buruiny |isiu in ihc (en fronial eminence (nftxr a 
quurtor of an hour;.,'. — Severe »h<iutiii)i; in tho riglit frontal eminence, iu- 
creaaod by bf^iidJiii; I'lirviard^ amclii>ratrd by prowura {after five miit- 
ute«>,'*'. — Tvnriiiy in the forflicad.', — Tearing in the forehead, externally.'. 
— Violt-nt (Miin* nf a tfarinj; ohararter in the anterior pnrt of the liwid,*. — 
[4S0.] l{uriiinj>-ti''arin;f )<Ain in tho lotl frontal oniiii«nc« (after fotir bounn},*. 
— Sintutf i»iili«Blii)ii of tbf bluoJviiMelB in tbu furchcud, and pain lut if the 
baii«« in-re liflwl up.'. — Teiiiptrn. Soverv jmin tbruu)^h ttrnpltti,"', — At 
3 I'.u., Hli^hl heaJaehe iti letl temple (fleeoud day),*". — Craniplike oom- 
preaiiioM at the li^nipli-o and riireiifiui,"*. — Oiilt, darliufr pain in ri^ht lem- 
|»b>, afriTciiit; tin- t-yo (afU-r fivM niiiiiitex),*'". — *A drtiti^i;r-<t<nrii in tke 
templfA niid in ihf riijht orbit,\ — Dmwing nnd prewivo pain* in iho right 
temple, «iih ciiip«iti'"i m if it would bur»(,"\— Ciilliitj; (mwure in iho 
temples, fri)in wltliiit iiiuwnriiH, whii'h iucrcuifui iu violence, Aprcads thn)Ugh 
tlie brain, nnd thi-nt pasws into a strong ihrubbiug, coustjuit iu all \n»\- 
Uon»,". — A prpsaiv* fowling of woight from the rcntre of the brain towards 
the tcniplt-t<, with diminution of lu-uri»g in both fan*,". — [460.J *iVauiM 
tMiiN iH the riyht U-tnponil rrytou, tvhicii on mtftporting the hfttd teith ike hand 
tiur«^fj> lo a *rii»e of buri>liny, and extend* into the right frontnl eminenai 
(afUir eight hours},'. — Tvarnig prewuro in the right temple, and in the 
vertex, which 4-xlpiid< in %'nriou.s dirpcLions,'. — Violent pres.«ure iu the left 
t«<iinple, from withuiii iuuiird*, Hliicli sprcndx ilju'lf over tlio eniin> nnlerior 
ball •'( lli<^ brain, on thai xido whore tho Ih-iuI i.-> itonporii'il hv thei hand 
(al\(:r thn-L^-'junru-rs of au houry,'. — *Stabbiitg as it with a knife, from 
one temple to the other,*. — Prumive xhuotings in the l«tnp]e!', tmm within 
out wan I.-,". — * yioffiit shooting pmn in the right temple, fur a quarter of an 
hour (nfkr Iwvnty-five hours),''*. — Dull ^botfting ui the left Ivniplu, fnmi 
within onlwanl»,". — Thrubbiog and hiyitiiigof u-ropk'*.'*. — Vertcjc ami 
l*arit'fafM, ('mmiiy paio, [Mi^^ing off rajiidiy, in the riybt ?idi.- of tbu 
vertex lAtU-r ek-viii hours),". — PresMng in the riglit vertts, shifVing to the 
left uikI ihfii b-irlc iiKuin to the right.". — [470.] TentiTC pressure is the 
left Tertez and in the forehead <alU'r iwenty-foiir houn*),'. — 'Headache in 
the MTtet, a kind »/tvi*ting, tometime» alto digging, ««metime» ttaring; the 
poin betame mwh more viotcnt on f,rtemai prt«fure; tha »kuO aermed to be 
firtte thin, OM if it mit/i/ be preaied through*.— Tearing pain in the right 



Mrter, incrcnmd b; movement,'. — 81i|;ht lateral h(>iutnrhp (third HaT).**\ — 
'Ctud in left parietal boat-, cstvniJiiig to ihi; U-mplwt (uftL-r iiw lioun),"', — 
.flNkJachc ill left pariutal bouc. iucreusiu^^ uiid (.'KU'ittliog to riglil tvinplc 
•IqiHSiJbny mi mites),'". — In sfauut llirvL'-fiuurt^rs ot no fiuur uAur rieiug, 
ud after stin-ing nrouud quito bmklr. the rijjbt eidc of the hoad ach«S, 
but witbuul lliat hi^vy fri^lin^ (after iiitic and a quarter hours),"*, — Draw- 
ing jMtio in the riglit siiU^ uf the head, and at thi- sntm^ tiin*' in the rj^ht 
ami, whpD nt r«M. after Hiiiiier,*. — 'luoessant, dull, presiive pain on one 
•r other tide of Uie head (ulU-r fivL- iind iwL-iity-tVmr lii>ur« i,'.— ViolL-ut 
]»v&>ur\- fnim withlli ouitrunln. in llitr uhok- left half of tlic brain, csiki^'jh lly 
vktleal in the furebead Rafter two uiiU u halfhotin)),'. — [480.] Seitsaiiuu as 
if a b«r of iruu was proasing on ifao bead in the dinKrlivii of the eant, with 
bardnen of bt-ari ti^,"'. — Dariitig juiiii under left iiarietal bone (after four 
houfs)"'. — '.VAiir/j euuimj jmti i» 'A*- riyhl iiiih aj thr hrit'l,jrom Oififrotttal 
It Ihe tretipiUtl wgion.btetmtittg g«}\nrai, and at Intt Artilmg in Ifjt pnrtritil 
htme,*''. — *StMiinga \a the rigfU &idc of (A« UeaJ, ae if urilh a tiee-atged knife, 
mAkA Hextart/eil in the front of the heaJ, then Tii Ikr vertex, (Acti iii (he occi- 
put, to thai the eatinol tie on either nde*. — Tlirobbing Hcheii ill the {mrietal 
regtwu, lasting' nearly two huui-» (after five aitd a bal? huure),"'. — Occiput 
attti Ejrternal, Oceijiltal hfadaehe,"*. — *.Simmflon of mrit/hl, xcUh nV 
Uni pre»ii»g, in ihr oeeij/nl i>ftvr two atid a half liuiintj/. — Throbbing [jdm- 
fiire in th« l^fi side of the omput (after five hours),'. — A rutting paiu in 
lh« hcail la tlic left of the (jociplul pn>tubcrancc,'. — In the evcnnig, Bome 
■erere sitalw iii the occiput, ininnediati-iy behind the ear, ranlil an liclitning, 
*•> that beivnid lm\-c cried out (after sis daya),'. — ^[490.] ,S>mc dull nhoot^ 
in tbf left «dc »( iJic ocvipul,"'.^Ni«lo?itiw r^-.<vitiblii)g jmall cxotilose:?, at 
acrcral ptncvs ou iheht'ad,'". — Kruptiuii of liiinl iind v ry »cii»ilivt.- iitnipjt-a 
on the scalp,'*'. — Crusty hurpetic eruptiuni^, scnloi and ulu'er:;, on the 
hairy »caJp,'". — Sensation as it liie hair on the lop of the head were being 

EulIeJ (au«r three anil a hnll' bourn),"'. — Pain exiernallY in the whole 
end, r<M>mbl)ng that whirh ivmains !» the- inl>e^'uiiie]it after hi rori^ nHifKbig 
and pulling at tlie hair,". — *The bead externally is so sensUive that the 
leut eoiktaot, eTen tlie pressure of the hair, ^res Iter pain,',— ^^urcni-H 
of n>otx of hair."^. — Crauipy pain on ihv st-nip, with fcfling «» if the hair 
ims being plucked out,'". — Raw paiu on tbuKculp, as if it had been burnt,"*. 
— [AOO.J The hair of the head, whi(.-b was previously naturallv electric, is 
Id no lunger (atW twenty-four liuiira}.'. — Falling nlT of the Itair, cbteflv 
armiud the head,'". — Haini whirh become diucolured, btvnk easily aud fall 

EyeH, — In General, rufty anpcnnincc about the erwi,*". — Dtack 
circle around the eyes, a» if one hun received a blow.'". — Kyes inflained, 
red. aud bloodnhot, oven to the iris,*". — • Thf. njft are injtamfd, and hitvi: a 
ui/d fxftrfnoii,'". — Inflammalton of the cyca ; the eoujutictiva is covered 
with red Tessels, with sbootioK paiu : iJie uyes wulcr.'.— tnlliimmalioii of the 
eyw; swidliog of the veins of tbi- sclerotica, with a tickling i^cuNilion,'.^ 
lofiammatton of IJie eye«; the cornea is dimmed, and the lid^ arc swollen 
(after five minatea),**. — [510.] The look is tuomcnhat dim, unrertain, un- 
Xeady, a* in ajnaurosis, without hix tmiTering in the le^'ti from that (li»- 
eaw,'**. — *J'Ae tym are wry auimated, teith fully dilnted pupiU,'*. — Bold 
look.*. — 'Uad d Haring expreteioH (for thrcu da>'p),"'. — *Tk^ ey« had a 
tlarintf look,* * '*, — Staring eyes, — Though he U blind, the eyes are open,". 
— IVoiruJintr eyes Rafter one hour),'". — Kyes protruding,'^. — 'The flyaa 
in projecting ' and iparkling,".— [520.] *Pn>trttdin$!, fparkliny, fwmut 

VOL. U.--8 



ryrjt: sruntrl Inm witlimit «iprftB»on.dul!. tml filmy."'. — * Tttr ey^x prvtrud- 
inj, ytarinq,an(t iMn//^ tiw>*>n»i6/r /o /iyAil«(lcr fmir |imirs>,'"-^*iVo'"iJni 
4W, im/A •JtV'iM f'»f i/> nAvr ^ix ttmirii,".— *Tbe e7ei protmdiDg; paptU 
Ulftted: with a sUring look,'".~"7'Ao eyea are prr>truiliny. «hiniuy. the 
jtupiU ttUalrtl, anil foutpLtel^ intetmbU to ligki (ftfler four buurB>.'". — The 
«y<4 pri>tru*)injc v^ry mwli, iromovable, Mmetiioa u if awinniiDg in U>kn, 
with (lilatcil pupil,"*. — Evw cltwxi (after mx hour»>,'*. — Eyei half cimed, 
tlin-iit'titn}; 'aftvr one liour),'". — Ey*» irero (:1ilt*riiif;, fixed,". — KjTM 
M«rkli»j;, IixhI, ^liltpriDfr, nvl promiiicul (ae^Mu) day),*^. — YellovDoagft 
IIk- "tiitc of (he eyce,*.— [$30.] In the tDormnc, th« wbit« of the •wB 
Ptn-nkt-(l nith ml. withprewTe pain,'. — Yellowi»nhueof thoaduxxioft. ■— 
Bluii'ti M-lt-nitira (io the ■opnr).™.— [The eyes are red, gltUerinr (giumj), 
•ftd mm ah<)ut in the bea<i],". — Mqcoiu mcnibraiK ofnyt* and lids deeply 
iajerlrd, and much swoDcji taftrr six boore).". — Hjuuiiing.^. — StraQia- 
ntM.**.— (The pyw arv dtstortcdl.** <Ctae 6 ). — *Tlw eytt beooiM dtatorted, 
irith r«4B«n Ud nrdlmg ef UW H/et,'.—»Spamu «r 1A« ejier, dulvrtiny 
lAflM*. — [MO.] Eya spamudically tunied up. and tbowtti^ oair the 
^hiie*."*. — The eye* toni ffisMnadicalty roaod and ntUDd,". — Roliiox of 
ihe ryvbelU (fiw three dav«\,". — ^Tlie eye*, vhwh protnide from ihcir 
wckete, nil aroood,'".— " tkt eyt$ en m toiulmml mttiem, lie pt^nU ce- 
Inmrfy diitttJ,"'. — Eyes sad haods arc in amttmalk ipninwirfic nwiMO.*. — 
Eyes altenndely fixed end Terr rooyeble.*. S oaie tuaet the eyn rolled 
wil-lly aKtat, at tithen tbey vere immoTable, fixed on one point,"*- — Prw- 
mn rmiu orer ricfat eye.*. — Tbe vn» tiie reiT flooo on nndi a jt ,*. — (690.] 
•Br* *rt; Mta Bonded witk ■ aeMt </ irfmtm ■ad^ffMf,'".— 
•th y i m ^ UW aya <th« BOfi, iIm nooth. end the pdkn^^t—' f'''^»9 ^ 
hmr wim f d ff ww n leCk mm^ ■■!« iiiahni ahonelehr in the one or the 
other .after mvm himia)r.~-*Bmm mmi harmtmf m dm cyn,' iGase 1 
VwT fiwqaentlr ifpesMd if— fiie mt hat in thn evn, and a« if the 
#n«^ in tau^*— -IMUbS if hHl in Ihe eyH; it laai M i^ (kyvv 
iieiidid ifm kti i^par.'.— While enttaY in the eM nic. n eeaantu 

theey>— dJM^kfcfa n i I ii.nftw—enn: nt the 

the tjM, «>a|M vith eeeM ikWac; Mb. bevrrer, eeate 
vWndMCvnanfcmwMdininanW.— InMlaoUtnarainffand drr>Ma> 
iW rnK^,-im^ fl^Tie «f hwM^ nn< w 
frem Mnd nr pmer."". — Hit erw 

ta a^nk."- — Dnviv pua i 
in tkema as if wy 
a fnia nf MiBd.*'(QBe i.~A 
■iW Willi Wd gel if the^* 

I ■ the Wnl*. gh— ti 

«beT WM Ml W^Mnd : the na el 


H the e*ci^< 

whJ ue fnida,' 
ihe cfv. saof 
fii^Mtf hard 








bowl; in nililitioa to wlikb tberc is a pain wliicli jire^sce dowa from tb« 
inchcad iulo the (-ym.'. — Dnriiiig [xiin iii niid ik'At t)i« urbit of (he left 
«rt and ufar the veilebrfll pxirvmityul' t]i« uigbtb Hb(«nor four bours),"'. 
—A confuted preiwui* comes in ib^ right orbit, and alt«rnat«ly ebjfts into 
the folvltead aud bark again.*. — Pren&ing pain in the npper pnrt nf the 
■ocket of the eyw (^aA^r four and oDe>qiiar(er bntire),'". — Dilalrd eyelid?; 
fTC« wide own,'. — *Tkc lid* wUtf oprti ; tyr* Mniny and protniflhiy.'". — 
[080.] The lids nrv wide o{jod, the vyvt [irutrudiug liir from tbctr Hjckcle, 
nillin^r. Mjuiiilin;;, uud almuitt ia$i-ii!>ibli.- to extcnml iiiii)rnHs!(]nii."*.^Botlt 
c^lids luniid,"*".— Swullfu lid», which tire ulccmted aud li!ear«l,"*. — ^'JKbt 
swelltog of th« lower eyelids (aft*r four and one-aiiarltr houn*),*". — The 
palbvbne of ihe lefl eye nere niifry. and redder than llii>!<e uam on tbo 
right side; and tli« upper )fti ltd wa^ jmilaiisfd, a» in ptosis, . — A livid, 
lMd-4y>lorcd spot upon tbo eyelids cotitm-stod horribly wilh'th« dcnthliico 

Eicai-«B of the face I id the wpor),*". — Tarsal edgcB o{ lids injected,"*. — 
i» on the upper lidii,''', — Frt-quent jaclilatiun of the eyelids, . — Twitch- 
ing and convulsions of the Uds,"'.^d90.] An ineeseant ouivering (ami 
blinkiDgl uf both eyelids.'*. — Quivering of the left upper lia, and a slight 
burning in ibe outer cuiillitts, with diUliKi pupil.'',". — An incncwut Inm* 
bling and quivL-niig of Lht.* right ii)>[>or eyelid, continuing ibo wliole day, 
and at last oecominj; painfull,*. — Spafmoiiio and iiivolnntary clocitrc of the 
Itds, even when the cveii are shut, a-i if a bright light wa.» shining on thpm,"*. 
— Heavinew of the litlji ("^), (tsppcially of the right iij>|jer lid,". — Ileavi- 
DMB of the lid», with a feeling as if a .iticky ma.<.^ n*cr\i lyiii)^ tiPlK'tx^n them 
sad tbe boll, nbii'h compcla rubbing;; pu|>ils diluted; (^^jofuHiou of ihtt 
liead.aDd drowsincsstalVT two uitd onc-lmlf hiiinrs).*'. — Tlin^ltbitig pain iu 
ibe loner eyelid townrda the iiiULT canthne, with grcnt intiiiiumaturrtnell- 
tog at thai point, and much lach ry niation, for bnlf an hour (after thirty- 
two houra),". — The internal canthuf of the left eye is very nainful.cveii to 
a slight touch,'. — Itching »hiH>t.« in the internal i-Antht, whiai riibbinjr oiilji 
temiKimrily rrmovra (after one hour), ".—.Swelling and siippiimtive inHnm- 
mation of the left caninculn luvhryniali^, at Grat with burning, ancrwarda 
vithprrsing pain, for thruc duya (after fonr dnyj),". — [600.] ^Int/iemom- 
ituf tke Mm art eompleUly aa^ittinatKl' ". — Trembling niucuii before the 
left ere, 90 that ehe must rub it frequently,". — *Laehripnafio}i,". — Flow of 
totr^ which wein lo bum the lid^"\ — Involtintary lachrvniaiion,'. — *l/irh- 
lymtdion , n'ith tjrfiit phoiophtibia : ait lii/ht in hilultrahlr."^. — * Tottil al»,rnrY. nf 
loAr^alioH.imd ffloCi9M cjthr '■if^'f,iiit^i>Hftlmtk a ien»e of drynfM nmi iXip'- 
not; titeeoHJunfiimlrai^Uj\ilt\/'inj'-ctcd,''\ — Cotljiinrtti'a and Haft. 
Coojaoctivat wc inject^ with bluoii,'"'. — ^(.'«njuncliva injccud, bluish."". — 
The conjunctiva of the ball U injected with blut.-ii) blnoii,'" '". — [610.] The 
conjunctiva red, the litU heavy, the eyeii eliinin):, aud «£< if t<winmiiiig iu 
IMUB (after five niiuutes),". — '77« mnjuiictiva mi, (Itc pvpit iihks/i diiattd; 
ink Jtan'njf,'".— • Tunica evnjunclhyt highly injfeted, and the whole rye promt- 
iteni and pr^erttaturalltt brUti'inl,'^. — The vessels of the conjunctiva and 
the whilt of the eye are eowgef'ted with blood, the piinilh dilated, nnd the 
ball is generally tnnitd upward (after two hoHni>,'°. — Kyeballs iiniia,riira!ljr 
prnnioeot (after »ix lumr*),*". — ^PlyritalU red und prominent,'", — I'impUs 
tad ulcen 00 the (.'oro€«,"^ — The eyeball ha» a conatjiut trembling mo- 
don,'**. — * The nufatm oT the iaU becatite quite dry. wkith caueeit a very disa- 
yreeatle and uneamfortabte Mtuation, u-liich wiUd iwt be relUred hi winking 
tr efniintitd ehainy 0/ (A« tycs (after one hour),". — Pain in eyetJalla,"'. — 



[630.] Pain in tlic cvclmlts. intolcraocc of lis'il, uud ouiijiiotlivul iiiflnni- 
mutinti. folIowpH l>y diluted pupils iiuil lom of siglit pemtniiefilly,"', — When 
iihe cln^ed tlio ereitiU prceai^'epain dfwpin the eyeball,'^, — I*liptlit, *Thr 
optic liiMk ^jrmliinl'rpcnit^ in lutl,iiHd the rrlinai aiiericf and vvitu tnurJi en- 
tarffrtt, thr iviim mitfl tnart'-illij m I'fruni oiwt (Irachin of cxtrmrl). lafttr iin 
hour Htid n linIC).'".— •Dilated papili (iiuiiHj- I'vt^rr i>mv*>r(.— 'DUaUliim 
of the pnpUlfancr three uuil oul- ImlfhourKi,**. — *Scxt to lUt iuflucucc on 
the Htciilnlion, the most promiiinit effect of the ncttnii nf Ik-llndonna con- 
«isU in dilnlutioQ of the pupiU,'**. — PupiU parlinllr dilfttw3,'*, — Considcr- 
ablo dilBtntion of the pupils (afttr six h<iurs),™. — I'l'ipils stnmglv dilated,"*. 
— Great diliilatioii of pupils.'"'".— [630.] I'nuiU rnnarhibti/ 'dUntrd,^\— 
Tl)» pupils uiiruiiLUiuulvdihitud.iN) lliat ilif irisM-rutuiw nliiiii»t a lin«(sftrT 
ftevon houn),'", «lo. — JCxtrcniu dihiiution of thu pupils,". — Extrpme diU- 
UtioD of the pupiU (from the application of a fre«h IWlladonna leaf to no 
ulwr WloK ihf eye*,". — The pupiLi extreincly diln<»l, nm at all wnfiliTO 
to li((lit, whili" viMon seemed tt» be totally [twl (at^er four hours),"". — TJiIh- 
tAtion of the piipiU, psppciatly lh<» ri(;ht (after fivp miiuit<'s\*. — The right 
pupil sliuni* II vury lurgt* cirruiitr tlilatutiuii.*'. — Curiiiilt-te dilutuliou of ibe 
pupil uf the riglii ore, and bliudneM for llircv wih-Ils I fruin ii^cctiug lh« 
juioc uf the pliLut into the er«). Iknzics. — Iti the >>opor, the pupiiB paralyii- 
cally dilated.'".— •DUftUd, immovable pupUi." ".—[640.] r»piU ditated. 
in*fnsihte,'^, — Thr. fiuju't dilauH nud iiumovnhU, ihp eye totally deToid of 
expnwiiflo ."^. — Dilntation of the pupil, with wi^km>s> of Right (nfter ooe 
hour),*". — Dilnlntiun of the piipiU, with l>rc«by<>pin,**. — Pupils atrottgly 
dilated, nod contmcling im^M.-rivirtly,"*.— Widi-ly ditntvd uud Miiiicliiuoe 
contraet^d [>[iplU,"'. — * Cttiilrtuicit ftHpiU (after ten luinuica).' <after uim 
aud a half houra)," (nder two and a balf bnurei,". — The diluted jtupiU 
becoino numewhat nmnller nRer wvcral liouiv, but tli^ inglit wa.t low coa- 
tracted ibnii ttie Icrt laftcr five niimitrm," — Very contracted pupilH the 
whole day, which first beaia l» dilate in the evening,"*. — Excneivc cna- 
tmction of tho piipiln, witn hWKtaehc.V — [640.] !ride« iMetuibte to tight,°*. 
— Pupils iiiBiusdili-, uikI cxtri'inely dllaLcu (after ha hour-),"*. — l'/«/oil. 
Visiou dislurlR'd,'"'. — L>iMurl)ed vision and ball uei nut ions,"*. — DiaturbutiL-e 
of tbuvixuiit poWLT nud pretibyopin,witb dilated wimlB," — Iniperfeet »t};hl, 
object* ajipi^ariiig white to hiiu,"*. — Weak or feeble viaiow,"'. — Eyea were 
somewhat wenk. or object* were »eei» an if lUroHgh nln>«. not obscured,"*'. — 
Wonknees of vixion increawd, without any dilniniiou of the piipil?,""*.— 
WcftkoeM and mn>iont lot* of sight, with widely dilated pupil*, ae in 
ainauroMfl,"*. — [660.] Uruat failure of eight."", — [tjreal oljBCunitioti of 
•igbt],*— Obseuratiou uf sight from dilated pupils,". — Oil nriliiig, he must 
clo«e tb« eye wbu^e pupil in more dilated, in onler to see the lineo plaiuijr 
(after a quarter of an hourj,"*". — Ohdcuralion of «iglit, with extremely 
dilatetl n(i|itU,'* (Cnt« 20). — OhM-iiniiiou of vi'ioii. mi that be could not 
diNtin;;uuh eurmtiiMiiiig objects; dilated pupilx/". — C^^inplete ohiteumtioii 
nf vist'in. M> that «he could (tot walk nlone without runntUK agaiut every- 
itiii: the eyii> look as if quite amaurotic."*. — Dulneos oi mgbt for three 
"(('use 17). — Sight and bearing quite dull; he did not aiiawer to 
lling (alter four hours i,'". — Dulne^t uf dight, with trenddiug of ail 
- (Caae t ■. — [670.] Kxtniut; diinm-w of aight,".— IWninKH ami 
»f ■igbl,"'.— y>nniirM €l xi^ht «r ocfiw/ WtWitrM." *'•'*"• "■.— 
«u bliiidiMM, with (lizKiiiaB,bMdaehe, and weaknew of the 
iBWs of eight, dryneu of the oioulb, and p4tiu in the abdo- 



atOi**.'t' — Dimnc??! of ri^^t alteniitlin); with crampK in thu liaticla anil fret, 
clooiliue»nf till! Iii-ati, iitid )a.<sit(i<lr of tlie ]imlKf,*°(CiUfc 18 [. — Indisliuct- 
■en of visina nas tavsl cuinpliiitiL'*) of n Iieti the pupils were of tiieir uiiLu- 
nl site, and wei* coiitraclinj; frcolv umicr (he stimulus of light,"*. — The 
imp&irefl vi.-ii(iH of Relln<Ii>i>iia in i-liU-fly ur entirely pre^byopin. tii two 
a*M, magnify- inf' pliu«e« enahleil the ^ubjet^'t Lu r««i with eaw,"*. — Long- 
(ightcdncH (prwivnpift) Hit in old agf,**. — Pnvbyopin ; h« can nnly n^iid 
larjfe type"*. — [66O.J Distant (tbjcfrt* npEK-ar c]f«rer tlmu ncur onv*. witli 
dilatrcl pii|HU,**. — H« can m-c distinctly only quite ili>itnut objccta mid com- 
pletely parallel ravi, lu thit»>e of ft Ktiir in the heaveim (after injeeting tlie 
jflioe of Bt-lUdnniia iiit*) the ajts)"**. — A foeliiig m if he could see notli- 
lag, and yet he saw when he tried to we something, ntrd Htraiued tils eyes 
for the purpow,**. — The vi>ual |>ower appeared altnom lu«t,l»iiL if the boy*« 
•tl«ation wai aroiinyl lit n^co^iiiz'sl the.poreonft about him, but only fi>r a 
frw moineDl!, at^vr which he rcuirni-d to tbc land of dreamo ; be tiuagiued 
be «iw a number of dif^reiit objects, flies, binls.fisheji, horwn, soldienselc, 
with which he was constantly btisy,"". — Vi.-inn as if through a fop, the lids 
besTy.Mid in IIk' eye? wn-iiti'tii as if llioy protruded from their aockcts,*, 
— DarluiceB before the fVi-^N wbili- lot^kin);, itt the inomiiig,"". — In niidiue, 
b« can diiMvni untbiiig in tli« bonk but (he white iiiar)i;iD which surrounds 
the awa of black letter-press,* — The sight of the right eye had bewtine 
rather clearer, but that of the left eye more iinpaireil, the upper lid mare 
tornejied and prolapsed, the conjunctiva more va«rular, and raided above 
the mar^a of the trantmarent cornea, which in a few dnyt b^vnnie nfiaqiic, 
and a eiaall uuautity of n purifonii fluid had iiccutuu luted in iho anterior 
cbamber of the rye.'"*. — viaiou tx not present in the left eye, the lid of 
wliicb is drooping;, inflamed, and ven,' painful when touchetl,'". — -Slie says, 
"c*a see distinctly for a moment only, And then my face becomes horribly 
distorted" 'after twenty-eight hotir8),"°. — [890,1 lie see,-* nothing close at 
hand; at a diuiance everytliing appearo double,'*'. — Vinioii al tinier 
timeg only i>h«<-nre<l. with exct-saiveiy dilnliNlnnd quite immorablcpupili^'*. 
— I<Ott of eiKbt at suojet."'. — Whilu- walking in the open uir, and in bright 
litrlit, vision waa weaker than in a roam, or in the ilark,". — Transient blirnl- 
neiM, with headachi-," (Caw !"),— BlindiM**,"". — He awakes blind,*'.— 
tfueb notable blindness wn^ ^ib^erred, lh»t «he could not read ordinary 
print,*. — CMiipIetc blindiu-^."', — [700.1 lie was quite blind, and stared 
facantly,"". — ^The eyelid* did not cbwe wlieji (he hand wan pas».-d suddenly 
bvfora them. He had c\-identlv* U»^t the iMiwer of vision, altnough he stared 
Gxedtv at ubjecte as if he saw tbeni,"*. — [BlindneH; the pnjpil of the right 
ere is extremely dtlaiMl and inea|table of contraction},'* (Case U). — The 
nmal power is altogether lost (in a state of 8tupor(,(Brter four honi*),'". — 
Vi»ioa »o completely lo«t tluit even tbi- briirhteri ligbt eanuot be diatio> 
pai*hed.*". — Retina ijuitc Insensible lolhe intVuence of strong daylight.'". — 
[Photophobia ; he avoids looking at the light],*.— Her room was darkened 
(light wa* imeodurable),'*. — She seee objects inverted,*'.— '■/>i)>/<7>ia (after 
MX boun ),■•.— [710.] Hhuhlt i-i*i.ii,*» **•".— Ofrjecit are tern donhlr,** " "•. 
— Objecta appeared double, and ttiey aeemed to revolve and nin back- 
wards,'".—* (/bjteft apj>rnr dimhle, tipjide down, or crooked, "*. — ' AVwy iihjfet 
im Utt nxm, both rf>al and tpvHr'tl, had o doubfe, or at /eorf a dim onUitte, 
owino to ihr rrlrrmr ifitatation of tkr ptipilji.'*. — [Objects are seen manifold 
aadoarlc],". — ^The sight (e,jr,,ofletten!j is multiplied, not clear, atid irn-gu> 

t Not r«uad. 



Iftp f rifUr f>np lii>iir>,".— lUincI ing by lamplight wnn diffleiilt; the tidl 
Uiiii|it'(t lilllxT mill lliitlwr.*— Li'iu-m Hwim wliilw rwnling,'**. — Evvuin;^ 
111 (mm), nil rcailiii^ im uatiiil, llin k'ltora llow<>i1 our iulo llic oilier, si> that it 
wii* iilloHv im|"iwit)k' ri>r Mm tn read*. — [7S0.] Ohjccw seem to trcmblo 
■ nil Mi'liitfllnlr, lu if viowi'i] llinntgh n mist,"*. — llluiionii of vision; nv 
cvi»rvthin(( rtinfiiiw'd. iim if thmutili ii fop; or smoke,**. — Aft«r vertigo cnnw 
Dii (W' tt(l>!i-li<ii) ol' thv cymight, ovcrr ohject erowicig dial, as th<*ut;h n 
rioiiit w'l-n- ht'twtTii tlii> r^'o and it ; it<>m<!tim» onjeola apmarvd douhU-, rdJ 
|)ti>u>c<l iK-t'ori' lUv t<ro Willi nil iiiidtiUtiiig niDtioti. I ooaerved thiit hy a 
flMiiK t'llorl »f thf will II wiiiwMitrntiim iiC the iicrrous power, ihis ixinily- 
niii nr Iho [vtiiin (T) might for a niomrtil be eonibatcd, but only tn n>liini 
with tiivnlrr iwvprity wfhni thiT mciitnl effort bad been stirccmlrd far tt« cor- 
mi|Mindiii|> rDhixntion. Tho [hi[i)1<i were immovably diiatpd,'". — ^WiUicHit 

S;lutwo« he could 8w the Mtrn largnr than ustiial ; he mw tdiarpiT niLh iba 
od eye tliui nilh iho right, wliicb wtu not tho anx m tbo nonoal state,*. 
— On neeinff himselt' In a g1n«», he aKM^rt#(l that he Mjuinted badlr, and 
IhnI both errbiill* were lanwti u»w»r»U llio ooec,"*.— On rrading.thetcttcn 
nWiip, |>artlr Hlie gold, nnrtiy like bluo Ajjf, and trt-mbli'^.". — 'ETerytbinp 
ha looks al'iMmt red."\ — *A lar^ halo appears ronnd the flame of the 
oandl*. party<oolor«d. the ni predominatiDg : at tiauM Um turht ucna as 
If broken np into rayt,". — * ThfjUiitKe of a eandb mpean muirritdhya ao/- 
erad Aij/», or »tr<.l<.-b(v4 out ftod is lost in long raye. . — All culofs appear to 
him revcned : ilu- black »Iove Menu wblte. rrti obTf^u of a pale yellow, 
the buniini; lijtht liri1)iaiil in all ndiin'. etc,,** — [730. J Mist before the 
er**,".— *H« MM sparks before the ejet,".— */«tr^^ hri'jitt ^trin br/vtr 
Mr rjie%,', — l*Hr *>« iq)Crt4, a» tff rtMtricUy, brfon the ei/et, emcriaiai on 
iNM't'Hff (Afw].". — " t)ce»uioaat jUaJin vf tiglu brf»rt tkt lyes,*"- — nben lay- 
titg h<-r band ti|>->n her nwolli^n fhir\i nbe Hta ian»M bmore ber erm, aod 
the air m-ciiui to Iht liWc a foK-tut>t,*.— She seei Ja tbo eetliu^; of ifie room 
a white Niar as larffe as a plate : and mcrtim it. fmoi liA to right, light, f>U> 
\<ery c'liMtiU seem nassitiir; ufteiiiimm and is Tariuusplacea,*.— *(%rani:^Mu» 
<MlVer MX h<>ur)>),**.-'Muacae rnliuoit**. flaiMs wkd «park« befon tbe eyw,"*. 
— In the morning on going oai taUwt U)l aj(.), luark poiMs and etripea 
hetxire tbo «y«i, whk^ anon db^HMwana mm Muni (no tnre of then 
fn tb^ ai\i-rn>ta^n\"'.— [TIOl] VHtaa « i m fm»i t» a btgh degree; ther ooo- 
autiiily ntdenvirrnl to gtm5p tsnciad ■n r ranodi ig ofc ^w i. «■ yawpna. Madea 
f<( ens*, baodkw, eirj**.— \'ifiac»; be net Mily daHtKVMfed aniiaall, 
khiN; mt«, ettiL,'*. — He stared now Kniflil heSvn him, nvm araand, and 
ac w naatd onl that be »« mt^ asioc. dop. rmt^ and laiva Uaek aaawah 
(alw^T* «nlr dart obyects^ tm tbc walU. fcmiiure.etc. Tbeae dark tmmm 
laawd lh«F iMMnft. AboM tbw tia* tba badr, aaBesalljr Um eold «xtnna»- 
Ura, h«BM lo (traw vum. bit btebeOMM Hvc^ and nd, tbe qw vjra- 



ctoMls briitbt, M tp wewTC cfj*? aad wMMi^HaBi; tbe lipa dty'; apteA 

mm atMt. bM attiraialian Jbdact : Ua 

la«««W\ a«d drv. It «as rerr d i^ w i l l Mdraw bb 

IWii* hw vet all-tnUiaat limna : fae 

coMMit : Vn limhe«at» ia ceMlaM mml6om ; fa* 

<«4«t*d btttwe^ia^ ifcinsay ianae 

phvneian'* rletbaa,**.— NotUnf onU rid Ml 

ifiMral cm^roaebtsi, I' lr mi — aH awer ib* 

ba WW an ibe 


wwwion of — — — ■* 




noietuic «xiid<s from the can, for twcutj AajB.*. — Bln'diDg from tlic 
CBW,**. — nSO.] Violent presauru on the mmtuiil process below the «Mr.'. — 
Incbive tbrasts tbrouxh the maetoid prot-css bplow the ear {til\er twelve 
houre).**. — Behini) tbeleflfar the munclen aro painl'iil as far an the tbroat, 
■9 if they weiv viol^ully pras^d upnn, and a f>imilar [tain aUn in the iniui- 
clw lil'ilu- fi>ri?Iiea(i,'. — Pretwing U-arinj; iK^liiiid ihp rij»ht «nr (nrtcr linlf an 
hour)/. — Slight uittitiR pain Lfliind tbc care (nlU-r fit\y minut*-*},'". — 
Tairiug preasuroiu thf lower halTof the cnrlilaee of the riKhlmr.'. — Tenring 
psit) on ihe posterior siiie of the eartilii;;e of tlie k-ll ear,". — Ontwing paiu 
froiu the cars iato the nnpcof the ueck,'. — A tntDsieiit shoot darttf from the 
ear to the cliiii (ofter oue hour),". — Gn-at liability to bo ctild, aiwl to be 
Klltt:ted a» from chilhlnine in the ear«,"\ — [760.] SeiiMtion of honl. with 
drummiiij; in the eflrs,"'. — Kurnine in the oatv, niUi dcarness,"\ — Fiuchini; 
in the caRi, fin^l in tho n^ht, then lu tbu left, imntcdintcly uficr biocough,*. 
— Blight earache (after three and one-third hours l,"'.^10uraebc, accom- 
nulled with great h€adaehe,''^ — Otalgia in the \e(l eBr(ailer five days),*. — 
Botioi; pain close to the right ear,*. — A disagreeable pressure iu the liieatu?. 
Bit if CKie were boriug in it with the finger, '^ — Feeling in tbe exU;rnul mca- 
lu«, a» if M>ine ooe prewwd upm il". — Teuring^ i>xteriialiy in the right «ir, 
trwn befrire luLekw»nl)-.'.~'[770.] *Teaiing tQ tbe int«rhal and external 
Mr. is a downward direction.'. — Tenriii|^'|)nir) in the right external car, and 
tlie whole of the right !<ide of ihc fare downMartls C^fter iweniy-fniir hours),'. 
— A T«fy diaagrennhle fiwliiip in tho right car, ne if it wmild he foreibly 
torn out of the bend,*. — Pain in llic cars and tciupli», as if they were being 
■llernalely lorn out and pressed in, ultcniuting with a similar imiu in the 
orbits.'. — ShootingB in the exleninl meatus,''. — ShootingH in tnc internal 
ear, with hardnesa of bearing on thai aide,',— Shootings in the internal ear, 
during fnielationa from thi^ xtomach, having the tanle of the ingeeta (after 
twelve liourp),'. — * Acute thruiiA in thf. internal enr, with piufhitiy, like ntr- 
iwA*-." — Puiiwtioo in the caw, with increased )thnriin^"*i of bearing,"'. — 
Ilearlnff. [Increased scurilivcowa of boaring],". — [780.] * Vcrif $eniitive 
la loud foncf, he ftartM rrrry ii'wic,'". — Harrtnes of bearing,*". — [Difficult 
bearing),'* (Case 2S),t — Deafness, ua if a skin wore drawn over Ine ears,'. 
— Attacks of deaffaesa, from congestion of hlowl, chiefly in the evening,"*. — 
He could neither hear nor ti|H-nk iitniuly,"'. — Tolal loas of htruriug and 
speech (after four lioun),"^. — What wti» «iid U> bim »oiindi.-d like a htiio- 
ning nnia',".— •-iVowa in ttte «lr«,'^^Kingiug in the cars,'". — [790.] 
Bia^nz iu the cars (morning aft«r takiugi.™*.— Occasionally dlitu rbancea 
gf hearing, a.4 singing in the cars,'". — In the morning, immediately aller 
waking, a dottering and bubbling before the ears,'.— He fancier he; hoam 
diMaot voices, or the warbling of bird.^,'". — Whistling and vocal murmurs 
k tbc ears, with prcssive distctuive pains an if something iuaJJc was trj-ing 
to enlarge the cavity.'". — Jioaring iVi the earr, vtrtiffo, and dull eolie," 
(Caae 9 ). — ^Roaritig or riugina in the- ears,". — 'jtoarillff, tingliag, and hum- 
tang in the cur*,'". — Remarkable roaririy t« the ear/i, and at the same time 
Bickering before the eyes, especially tho left, mt that he va« obliged to rub 
tliem fre^inently, with twitHiing of the letl iippor lid (afU^ five niinutm),". 
— FirM, a din lu of ltunipct« and kettledrums in iho car*, and as of the 
nitbins of wind, immediately ; afterwards a humming and buz<iing, wor»e 
lAtsi Htting, belter when standing and tying, still better when walking,'. 

Hfose,— Objective and l>i»rhat'g€M. [800.] 'Tipofth^notsred, 

t ImmedlBleijr after a uvcro epileptic paroxyun. 


awoUtu, anii finning,^*, — ^•SitAiwi rcrfwcw in i/i* lip oflhc tutte, with a hum- 
iiig feiuolioH,". — Rt^iiess of the Bchnvideruui njembrajie,". — [Very coldi 
iioee],** {Ci\m 12).t — Clccr<, cnisu, and fi«surci iu llie nwtrila nut) at ihs 
border of llie noec,*". — Tlic muoua in the nwlrils dried to ciust^,"'.— The 
boy often hores his nose,'". — FrcqiiiMit BiicoKiiig,*".— Paroxysms of sneen- 
intt,'*. — *Freijiient drv meezing. with tifkling, enpfcialhi itt ihe kff noKtrii,"^, 
—^810.] (^orvM, with dlichar^ of clear and whitish muous,"*.— Fluent, 
coryxit, »ii (file »\de of the uosc. and from ouc nostril ualr,'. — Cor^uL mlh\ 
ofl^iMivc Nuell iu the iicisc-, nn if of hcrri[ig-[Mcklc, fHjM-niillv wHl'ii tjlovrinf | 
the noK,\ — I4(iw «tuRiug iu th« iioec, now v&ter fl<ivr« from it,'. — Lenl 
uoBtril somtwIiHt muUt, followed by eiiccring nud coilcclion of mucus ia] 
the nose, thrnat, and air-jt&SMigeA (uiird dar),™. — The right nostril some- 
what jitupped, followed hy snePKing, and afterwards a slight coryzii,'"-— 
•J/hctw mund ivith blotnl A/oupji,'*.— I>ischarge of clotted blood wh«n blow- 
iag the aoM-,"^. — iJlovdiug of tliu nui« imnKHJintvly, the whole uiglil, early 
iu the moraiiig,'.~~^I^'uorrhHg(; through thu nose and inoiilh i whwii throw- 
ing up tho lierrles, from tlio opuratiou of iii) emeliL'),'*. — [820.1 * Vfryjre- 
mient cyietarU, icit/t pu/fitticc pain« in Uic h^^d, e^prciall*/ «i n\ght when in 
bed, nnd mi ■wakhuj in </if wiwiiw*)'."*. — SennatiOHH, "Ihyneu of the noie 
and lipt, (Aw latter vfri/ rfifi,'".^Drynca> nf nn^nl oavity, with doll fVonlal 
headache,'**, — * Dryness of th^ Sehu'^Ui'^fiiin mfmhrane, and ofthn tyet, with 
a bunting seiu-tlion in them and in tho iid*!". — Drj'iiGS!' and obslnttlioii of 
the nu«e, for Huveral wetks,^. — *SeiiMtfi(m of lirtintiw of (he SrJiiieiderian 
vwinbmne (aflt'r oiio lumr),", — ^The left nwtril U very painful and rliiewl 
up by iiialter in the morniuK,"'. — Sensation as if tii« oose were full of 
htoofl, and on the point of bleeding,'". — Cramp at the root of the nose,'*. — 
Dniwiiij;; prtiiis iti llie now, with sc-n.<iitioii as if it was lunted up towards 
tlic forelK-ad,'".— [830.] Painful dmwinp over thut left half of the no**,'. — 
Preasiag pain in the bones of tho none,'. — Prwsurc, stitches, and pulsations 
in the Most^"^ — Fiue atitchea in the tip of the nose, the whole night, bo- 
giouiii^ in tlie eveuing,'. — Fine dhootm^ below the uoee (after naif an 
hour),' . — Bruised pain in tho bonea and cartilages of the no;*,"*. — Above] 
the, win;^ of the nose, |inin ns if bruised <jn touching the pari.'. — Snmltt 
*Oreat seniitiveneas of smell ; (lir fiiintnt odor, fnfitvinlUj thnt of tobacco, u 
tinAwn-nA/p,"*. — O/Jiiction tm M-miiivt^ ; the *niell of tobaciTO nnd mat \t, in- 
lolcrubic tu him {allcr ouc hour),'. — Uamplior is toathtome,'. — [840.] Ol-i 
factorr organs insirujtibic [o the strontrrat stimulants (after six hours),"''.— 
Bread smelb I.'), and taflteasour,' *. — Smell like mtten eggs before the nose, 
for a quarWr of aa hour (atUr four boure),". — Smell of rotten eggs, and of 
freeh tisJi, before the nose,"'. 

Fact, — Objeettve, Stnpid expression,*". — Rather stupefied expros- 
lion,'*. — The exprwiiiori of the face is i^tupid HStonidhmonl, tho eyo ii lif*- 
li»e (after ten hourej,"°. — Counteiinuce anxious but TacsDt,'°*.-~ExprcsBioai] 
was lively, denoiinor joy and astonishment,*'*. — ICxtrcmely haggard (aos, 
expressive of uneasiiips-s and anxiety,"*. — [850.] The fane k sunken, and 
eoveiiHl with a cold chiiucuy sweat,"*. — The features are di^figurvd. nud on 
expiration the iioy puffs as if liol,'", — Countenance |)ale,™.— PulenBes of"] 
the fnce,^, — [Sudden pnleucse of tli« fa<.-«, lasting some lime]," (Cuao 16),1 
— Palvncifx of tho face, with increased appuute,*' (Caw 5). — PalcneM i 
Uie face, with thirst,** (Case 5}.S — The child was pnlo, <M)ld, and as if in ft 

t Continiiini; dnrinj; unvcn Any* nf rmtiiia. 

X !^i)cli tuddoti ptitlor la nut uncommou In epileptic*. 

{ Nut round. 



ftintingcoudiliori,'*. — Pale, vclIow.cortliYcouiplcsion.''^ — .In udO iced com- 
plexion,"*. — [860-1 ThfhnbilualcopiKTy facuof theold man became violet, 
and the cOBJunctira buibi wa^ injiviM] wiih bluiHli blood, "\ — Rbiiiih recl- 
B«M of tac*,**. — Bluieb-red taw, with j^n-M lieal of the l)odv, every cvcu- 
ing," — ^The pale face becomra ttuddenly red.'". — [Frf/jiiem L-xctwjivi- piilc- 
MM oC t]ie fao«, endd^nl}' changing tu rf<!iie«8, witb roM I'hwkw iind hut 
fon'h«i<l].** tOwc ID.f — Vnmontea redtifM ojtke /aw,*". — *Greftt redneu 
of the £ftoe i niWr two hoow),'*. — RvmarkabU redneu af ike (ace (aflor one 
houri.". — *r«oe extremely red,*". — Blnod-red couDlniai'ire.". — [870.] 
'Olowing red. hot face i after half »n hour (."'V — 'Olowiog redness In the 
&c«, with violent inexpreseiblo pains in the head,'**. — F«cc dirty-n-d.'". 
— Semrlfl rwim-T.'s of ibu tiiiv uii'l <'ln^t diiriti^ slw|>,*'.— *y'Af /urr u'<ik trry 
ml, mlb a ft'tring fooit,"*.— Fiiee rod ; eyes »liiniiig, mid oovni u> Ite KH'im- 
mtag in tears (atl*r (wo and a half hourfl),".—- Vety rfd fatf, u-ith ^mtrat 
lemrmift and great rfMltMitcM, tltir, however, Haa foon followed by |>n]eiiera 
«f th« face and l«»illlde,'°. — lifKlnr** atid Itrtit of thf fatvr, trilh tjreiit ifiinl,'" 
(Owe 14). — Wry r«J, hot fft*'p, with ifV <>oldnf*i of li\c limlfc.,"*. — •Faoe 
Ted and hot, and face, neck, and chest mnoh ■woll«a,'**.— [680.] 'Great 
redneea and heat in the face, without sweat (uIUt tnfuiy-lour to thuty 
hoHrB),", — • Thf June uim »-ct/ and Oirgid,'". — /f«i, jiwlttn fofv,". — 1{M and 
twilmjan {after two hoiiTHi,'".--Trie face was red and swollen, but the 
.of the budy pale,". — The fact' red ami distended, the look disturbed 
tbreawotng.'* '* — Thr /aer ^vrlrt (mil «»«(7f». especially about the 
eyw,*". — [Rod, sK'ollen fai-e, with xuiring eyes],". — Thd fiicp of n n^iiiilly 
pale and lean man i« uncomniouly red an^ swollen ; tbc bent ih geueral 
and Hirung. tbe pulse full and niiiid, with excewive nwcnt (after half an 
hour),*". — Red »pot8 like A^arlatina, and piirplB blotrhcti like hruiMs on 
tlie fcce.'". — [880.] Th*r« appeared on tW fii<:c, ct-iK-ciully on tbc left 
chfiek, along nitk incnraitcd bent, red irregular pntcnvs of tbc site of a 
crowu pioc», wbieh diiappeared and ufiaiii n^turned ,'**. — L>nrk-re«l spots in 
his fiMw, reterabling the rash of scarlet frvt-r; with full pulyi',™, — [The skin 
of Um face is thickened an if an eruption would break out],**. — Tenite 
and rough skin of the face,"*. — FacwfuirnfwrinklpM.'".— 'Swollen face.'* 
— Fare ^wiiUen (after «x hours),". — Knee grenlly iwollcn (nftor »x 
llOW*^". — Hie fact ICM ao mutA mco/ltn and nil at (fiiile to tkiiige hit luiiai 
l^jnaraitee. His dac^btcr remarked thnt ihc writikk-s of old ngc bad din- 
■ppeared, and he M^meti raneb fatter thsn usual,'". — Swelling of the (ace, 
(BpeciallT of the |ipp,**.l— [900.] En-^iii^clatouB swelling of the face,*". — 
Pace full and I1u.«lied; aniendwent wa» indicttt«d by a Jiiiiinuttuii of heat 
aud fu1ne«a of faoe. and by returning a>ni*ciou*ncw, . — PiiffV. fltifhiHl. and 
notlled face,'".— • Tumefaction and redness of the faoe and 'lips,'".— 'rAe 
_|iiee ta much ntoUcn and hot,". — ' Gfftt n<vl/int/ oj Ihcjucc, and i*«(oi^r hfit, 
trhieA at fiiN« esiend* otwr i/te uJiolt- ttodi/,". — Fnee swollen, eyes dim, and 
paptls dilated {after t«n hours),"", — Hard, large swelling in ihp faw near 
ibe nwe and ere, with swelling also of tlio pnrotid gland on tbc oppo«ilQ 
ride, of 6rc da>V duration." (Case ISJl. — The mnaolwt of the luce sbciw a 
rfBurkabtv niobility lafler one bourl.'". — *Spai!ms in tlie fare,'*. — [910.] 
*8pumodia aetion i>f the nmtoles of the face,'**. — Aheruating coutortiou 
of the muscJft* of the face,"'. — ('onvidsionii of llie facial nmscle;*, with 
ridieulous mucions of every description, '". — C-onyuUiTe motiou of the miw- 

Occtirring diirini; ■ •uei^Miion of opiloptic pMroxyuas. 
1b eoaa«clioB wiUi S. 867. 



olw nf ihp Ipfl tii^c ftfttio fnrf, ntpncinllvorih© If>ft porner of tlift motilli.'"*, 
— 'Convnhire movement of the facial tnoseles, with dietortion of the 
montllt'". — I>i»>Uirl<xl rciitiiri-»,".t~~'^''i<^ ^'*^*^ >" ilUli^iKul by rimvub<iuui 
and swelling, '", — [.Slw! tliBtorlJ) thefnc-ial iiiiiM-leshi)rribly.Hlk-li!i lli« toDgue 
far oiK, {.-InckH with the tongue, auJ reu.'lie>t even to vuniiliiig, by purox- 
yainal." (C^e 13], — Twilcliiii}t» of lace and liaiidn (art«r ImJf au lnJur)."'. 
— •T'AiT mu«r/rt of/tt*fntv.jnttiM, ami limbti u-rrr. ayilated by toHntttiirr twitch- 
tBjM (fnun ilio lmv<»i,"", — [920.] Chnvuhive ptny of (h« Jueiat nii-^tt. v-Uh 
ffriiidoti/i./lhr trrtf',nii<\M I im<'^«l retelling an<l cxiondingofilio limbs,'". — 
ScmtntiitHH. Nuiiiliiif.'>.i of tliL- faci-,'"'. — U ap])oarH to him ii» if hi* (ac« 
had iK-conu' awhIU-ii (iiHur three h«ura)."*, — Rharp paiuin Uielacinl iMots, 
wilh M.'iis:iti(iii as il'thoy were Hwolleii,*". — XeiirBlf(ic pains vsti^iiding from 
ibe U-iii])W tu th<: lower jnw, mid acromiMiiied witli iiul^ative and |m'd:<iv« 
pniiM in i1k> h«l(l/'^ — Vhevka tnul Ltpn, tlioeka vcrr rwl. . — Th« 
oli(M<ki< |)iiri)iv-rvd iuflor cue hour)/". — Kf><lni>8« of Lbc che<>Ka ; llie face is 
liirgid. wilh general hcol (after two and a half houre),**. — On awaVinp in 
the ninniliij;, n flmall, hltii^i-rrd rm\ on tin- K-D ehock, which jzrndually in- 
crvajten in »\w, until llie hItiiHii-ren swidHng uceupieii the whole cheek, ex- 
ce«iiv(^lyH;j(jravaIwl by movement; after tiomodayH the othc<rcli(>ek dwelled, 
and the i'wcllin^r lawted eight dny»,*. — (-vTvllinj; oT the dieuk willi buroiDa 
[>ain,*.— -[SSO.J ri»elliDg, MOruPtinii'soruiK.' i'hi-ek,aoniclimuior llii; other, , 
-^Swelliiiff uf tliu leil uneek iienr th<> im»e and eye, which came uu in the 
oisht, in<-n:a»cd llio uex( day, with hoat, and lasted five days,** (Case 13V — 
•/VewMiy Ifloi" Ifir riffht tyjonui,'. — *A U-arlng nnd drainiuf Miiif Ihr rltfht 
ijryQiiuiialVriiimrU^rof iin hutir},'. — I'liu'liin^ prrtwiiroon llio let^ i:ygi>nin,". 
— Th* lip, and wpfcially tlic upiwr ono, orack in the middlOi in »tiwiinff 
and cnuBhiug,'. — I-,i|» nilarKrd, chapiH-d, fnll of phlyctcna',"*. — "Or«fti 
iWeUing of the apper lip; it feel* teme on opening the month,'. — Ali«(u«s 
nriho iip]iror lip, i'nii<iii^' iiimijI'iiI ftwellin;;, with I'l-ver, hendaehe, nrid luw of 
ap[H'litt', riiJidK in Tn-c diwhiiryi: uf puc," — Spiii-nnMiif luovenieuta of tho 
Ii|w,'*. — 1^940.] 'A nvui t^ffrml tci'M >i *nr>/w«ir luutjh Jor ueart , aJUr IMia- 
donna poitoninif,^". — */>ry, biirnmg, rtonUen, atui haiilmtu /i/w,' . — At the 
outer edge of the lip«,ft btiruin;; ]Htin,flDd email vwiclM (after twenty-four 
boure)."**. — * The lipit, mucoiia mrmbntiif of the mouth, fatucK, and note, nry 
hot finii rfrji,**. — Drawing in the upiwr lip, with iiulMptjuent red nwelling.". — 
tfaWHatul C'httl. Jnwn firmly rloaed,*'. — I^nkjnw,'".— * TA* jawt are 
doaeil coHVHUiiflii.atvi jvry difficulUo opm,^'*. — Bhi-cluvedlier toelbBo firiul)^ 
that it bucnme iioceamry to break out a toolli in order to pour (lnid.« doira 
her tbnKit,", — *On tiitemjjfitij to pour down liijuid, Manie einmire o/ the 
iMVth, and Tfgurgitalion of (hf iiijuid (after four hours),"'. — [OW.] *Tke 
foiftT J'lw in fireMfd aiariittiiY/i/ mjtiimt the vpner. vith a fra /ace, and a 
pfeu/iftr jrfrtWno looi,*'*, — *C«Bi'i(/iiM<r rlimng aj ihf jii\r», nnd contnetion of 
the MUM'l** ofUufatf and MxtnttHilif* ; n*xl day, iim'ifaMt of eotwalnM mew- 
tmetUa, icith redruw of the face, and prof%i»e p<-r«piralion : t/reat riyidU^ dovn 
lAe tftttir"*.^*She elenehrd hur UrOt to-jrthfr, «o thisl grtiA force tould not 
oprn themi**), vith atarUngn in all ihe limbt atui ehiUiiitM,^. — Cmtnp and 
Cftuiiirtwtion of [lie jnws,"*. — Slie feel* as if her lower jaw were drami back* 

Tsrils ; it hnrbt lirr much to advance it, nnd bithiK cauHes «xoemve pain," 

„ of J 

kct of the innxillary joiiitfafter one hour),". — *Shoet- 
ding front Ihe tupurwr vtcuri/ln into the inientat ear'. — 'iSAoohn^ 

'•king {u» i>f a hen) a\nug the under edge 
I»{n th» Bockct 


the lower jaw,". — Fine 

f Hut found. 




9»d Uiuwn fifths towef Jaui, in the tiirffUnn of the «!«,". — On masticating, 
a riolvot eliuulinK in tlie rigbt maxillary j»iiit. extending into (be car, 
ffhicb coDtiuues for some time shcr he has Gni-ihed. tliiiuj^li it tlien mlher 
Rwmblea « drawing or pt]llin);,''r — [960.] "Fine tearing on the inner 
Borfic* of tlio corner of the left lower jaw. in the left tonsil and behind 
tlio latter, unaffected by coatact ; the tearing is more violent during dcgln- 
ttlion.'. — A Dialling, giJOniuiK lie £«uAaiiuii iu ilie cltin,'. — ijliari' aUuulingb in 
Ihe chin,". 

3touth.— Teeth and Gtnnn. Te«h tuni veUow and dway,"'. — 
^QCtii^ii tt^ihf hollow K-oth with the lohgiic oaii»e« hltXMJ lo tiow iVoirt llicm, 
iiitliwut]jaiu,'*. — Grindingol'thftwlh."', — Violent KrimliDg of llicleclli,"', — 
[Grinding of tli« teelli, with copious saliva ruiiniug from \\w nioulli],'* 
(Case 6 ). — [Griiidiny of tho teeth and spasm of i he right arm],* i Case 20 ). — 
[Gna^hine nf the teclli, with much fn>l]i fnim the uioulli.fnicllin}: like bad 
(^gs].- (i V«c *22).— [970.] The front tc-elli «re as if too long.'.— Th.^ child 
mmptniniH) of grt-Jit piiin in hU tcoth (after foriv-<iighl hcmr^f},"*. — An 
indcfinile slight pttin in both upper muhllc iucijont, rapidly running 

ratlier dnwing ihnu shooting,'. — Uuplea^iint KCusulion. lu if her teeth 
would be furoed out of her bead,*". — A druuing in ih^ anterior moUra of 
\\k ripht up|>cr^uw. renialuiug nnchnii^cd uudvr all (.■trciiai?taiRt.'s.',— [980.] 
Dall drawing in the up^er right row of teeth, through the whole night; 
iht piiin would not penult sleep; thir puiiil'ul part was soniewliiit .swollen 
(wiiJi burniog pain), and fell hoi to the umeli ; aomeiimes, painful jerkinga 
in the l*cih,'.— Toothache, a ."harp drawing from the cnr down to the hollow 
tooth of tilt- upjn-r javr. wherein the jialn iK-cointa Imring, t-a.'«ier while uktlug, 
more violent aJlerwnrdx. never eiitin-Iy wii.-ing during the dny, Uil nio»l 
vioh^t at night, ami completely preventing plwp fnfier drinking wiflee, 
til* j-ain bocomca a dull jerking nt>tl l«>riiig ),"*.— Tearing pain in a lower 
hollow f^Miih and in a Bound molar adjoining; the pain beromrsi^xrn>).sive 
&oni oontaet with air or food laHer four hours),'. — A h'noiihooliiig |»iin iu 
one of tbc upper hollow inolanf during the vholc day. in consequence of 
vhich be cuu hurdly sleep at night, followed by vwvlliiig of the elteek,'. — 
He wakes up after midnight witb violent tearing (Vj m the teeth.'. — Ou 
ftdmiasioa of the open air, n Eteady puin iu the teeth, a simple tootbaehe, 
like a Borenew,*. — T<x>tlmrhe in the evouing afWr lying down, aiul during 
mental oecupation, a dull rain in the nerve of the fang of the tooth, 
aluoML a« if it were v-otv, and, nhpn wor$R, like a eontiuuni cutting,'. — The 
teeth arc paioful in biting annhiug, ns if the rooli were ulcoratcd luid 
would break «bort off.'. — A-vcral very painful jerkiitgs or bubbling in the 
nerveg of the fangs of one or more teeth,', — Toolhiielie, woree in the even- 
ing, at night, alter eating, in the open air, and bj any contact,''^ — [990.] 
Tue loottMche does not oonie on duriugn meal, but iu iht- first few minutca 
alter; it iucreawa gradually to a high degree, and a« gi-Hduiilly diminishes; 
it does not follow driakiog,'. — Con^tiint inoliimtioii to juuiH the lungue ovor 
the tMtli, in order tn relieve the iKiins.^'.^Freiiueul, bleeding of the 
puns,**. — ^The gum bleeiLi near to a hollow tooth (after six day*),'*. — 
Vende in the gum below one of the front incth, witb juiin oa if it wero 
bumi,'. — ExtTcmdy tuinful swelling of the gum* i>n the right ^ido, with 
fcver *nd aeose of chill,"* (Casu 20). — Heat iu the gums, witb itching and 



tbrolibiiig,'. — Tli« gum, on bc!ng touohwl, pitns ns IT u1c«nC«d,'. — Bcraplng 
and Bcmlchtng in tlie gtiias, uiiaffiwtcd l)y «xt«nial iiiflu<mco8,*'. — PiiUa- 
tiuD hikI paiii &« from an ab»c«ea to the ^urD», wbicb arc ioflftmod iind 
ewwUen,"*.— [1000.] ItHiing of the giira» (nftrr half an hour),".— Ex- 
tn^in^t^ ti'ouiilc^oiiie ilrliinf^ in tW guuit>, with pain in the throat,".^ 
TOHffUft Tli« tiinfriie is whit«-oosl«d (after n quarter of nn hour),". — 
Tongiic roVL-n.lI with w tenitriou!< white (YMtiii^, which oiiinnofriii tthrrae,**. 
— The inujjiic iit white-oMilvil; njipelilp very slight.*.— Wiiilish.vellowith. or 
gmvifh coating on llie longiio, *. — {The tiMigiie i^ eovored with s qiinniitr 
<.i|' teimvi<j<ii4 v«;ilowirtli-wliile raucus]," — The vtwsela bcnenth the tongtioarti 
hliiii^h, iiikI inj<M'U>(l with hhmd,"*. — Triji[;tip nilher ilaik, hut moisi ^ftcr 
twt^ntv-ci^lii hr>rir»),"*. — The tongue and palate daricred; ahe compUins 
of dimness of the throat, and of difBcolt swallowing [after hull' an 
hour).'"'. — [1010.] Kurrnl toiiKiic."", — The toiijiin.' is iiiobt utid whitc- 
cnatotl,'**. — Tongue rather ini>i«t. rosv red.'". — • Tke piipillce on the tou^ue 
are (if a den> rai eolor, inlawed ank mueh /tyrolUn (^lilter thre« days),""- — 
Cradccd. vrhile-cuatetl toDgiie, with much How of ealiva,*. — Tite tongue 
h «u-Qlk-u (itfter six hours), '•*, — Thi- swullvii ton^i« u DrtaecH rinse oe- 
liind the luvrcr iii(.'i«>n<,'*. — The kwoII«ii tuii^uv pruj^-cts ucyond the liw, 
ftod is lurnod, now here, now there,"*. — Craiiiue at the ba«c ol" tongu** (after 
fourteen hour*),*". — • Trc»\MiHg o/ tht tongue, . — [1020.] Stnmmtrinj; of the 
tnngue,*. — Tongue Iteavy, Ihiek, and as if paralrred.'". — Impaired mobility 

of the tongue; coiiMnuent inifM^led speech and difficull swallowing," 

Tuiiguc fta if iNmlyzvO ; drv uiid cracki'^l,'*. — Touguv fvlt pamlvtcd ; diffi- 
culty in articulating,'*. — A^4»icl» and smatt lAirning piiDpr<4 on the 
lougue,"*. — 'Dryne« of the tongue,"*.— *7>>My«i^ parrM'ed*'. — Tht- t<iiiguc 
drv. as ifoovcrcd with a crtiat,"^. — Tongue dir, cf a yeHow-brown color, . — 
[1030.] 'The ionytte hung dtyfrirm Mr tttild n mrmth, and was mmUm tAifi ; 
it MVM ncarcf/ii poMiblt to tjrt win*- drop* nf mi/i- i;ifo (Ar mouth (after ten 
hfnirf ,"*.—* Tthsii/r dry, fr^y-kM, di^i-uH to vdi'-',"'.— •Dryness of the 
toagw and throat, becoiiimg lo great ai to interfere with ■peecb,'".— 
Ilv iii>ticL-<l thai his tongue and ihroitt were extremely dry, and that hia 
tungue wnt roveri'il uitli a white clanimy fur, which he eould |)ull titf iu 
fltriiig». lie drank iwitto water, which sc<iue<l eveo to increase the eenee 
nf drynean of thr tongue,''. — Tongue, mouth, and fauc(» devnid oP tnoiaUire, 
as if cher had heeu compomi of hurot ith<M^tentlier. The secretion* of 
the glnni)« of the mouth, and the miivn, were entirely «uroendcd. A 
draught of water, iustead of giving relief, seemed only tu increuee the 
uuctuuufi riaiiiiuy state of the muenus membrane,"*. — A feeling aji if the 
touguo lav deeper iu the muutb than u>iual, and so the buoeiil raviiv wan 
more 6paciou9.*> — The toujfiie foflo tut if asleep, lilUeaa, anti fiirr«d ' iii the 
miirninK),*. — Foeling of coldueitA and dryii«i8 of ihe anterior half nf tlie 
longuo,*. — TIh' whole roiigne lit jtainfiil, e»pecially to the touch,"*, — Feeling 
in (he tip of (ho tongue, tL* if there were a vesicle on il, which CAU)t<xl a 
burDiuK pain uti beiug toiiehed, for two dayn,'. — [1040.] hi the middle of 
the l<>ugue, which U coaled white, a severe smuriiiig pain, as if fnim a 
vericlatafter three dim f,"V—,l/o«i/t in Qctti'tnl. Slimy mouih, with 
tlie (eeliuK au if a hud vmcll ennie fK'ni hi.* mouth ai> ivheu itie Ktuuiiich le 
di-'onlinnl,'.— Slimy mouth in the morning on waking, with preuive 
headaehe. both of abort duration.'.— Its w plat'ce in the buceal cavity and 
• the palate,"*. — Dad eniell from the mouth, eapecially in the momiug 
when faating,*". — The mouth ia drawn on one side hy spasms,**. — [The 



riglit corner of tli« oioutb is ilranD outward],** (Cbm lU.t — CoDvulaive 
chewing und foAm Trom tim luuutli,'". — \_l\iraivtic ivfaliics$ of Uie intrrnal 
perU of fhe wwurtj,".— 'DryneM in tlie mouth,'"'.— [1060.] 'iiryiifiw 0/ 
rt« wtotith Inftcr a quarter of mn hour),*' '"■ — 'DrtjU'-t* tj mouth (^Micond 
'i»y)i'^. — */>rv«e« i» (A*' miom/A, uViicA 1* filmo/i Sfytnui rfliej,''. — On chew- 
ing dry bread, he oouM ik>1 cnlleci it to a maxfi,*', — CoiiMniit spitting, 
without ejei^Liiij; saliva,'". — Andiiy iii tl)« inoutK, 11^ if thv> mucoun mem- 
bnme hud Ixh-q ruiuovcd by i«>nic puuKtnt "^r corrueivc eutMlni](.'\;,*^. — 
BcuNiliuEi uf gri'uL Jrvitrnt ut'lht month, wltb very irnlahU- tt'mjKr: at tlie 
sauiv limu, the iniiuth ami tliruat look moist,' "*. — 8«iiiialion of gnul Jr^-- 
DCS ID tbe mouth ; there wmA n v«ry Utile t«nacioua miicus on th« tongue, 
and tbe lipa were hot ami i»eele4 oH'.'- — *Dnjnr«i in the inonlh, Kith 
hitnrf,""".— */>ry. hwrHi»«/tiioM/A. ii'iV/» j^rent fAiVrf,"*. — [1080.] *I>ryDe«a 
of moatli and throat,*". — Hii* nmuih and faucc« at thi« time {to u»o the 

^. of an attcuduut) were me dry m a chip,"'. — * Dfyncu of the month 
md pharmx, mth a »etue of co)tttrictioN of tkc throat (after one hour)."'. — 
Drynva 111 tbe moiilb ; he hIIx at table and vhews hia food, without being 
able 10 swallow it; Iheihrtflil fell a-'jifconalricted (nlUr half an liour),'".^ 
'Ih^Nm t>f Ike lehoitf inner liiiitig of (ke chiel, Iftc tituipie, which tooh as if 

Jwm/. thr Tvo/ofthr nwwth. tinil ihejtharyn^"*'^^. — * Great itrynefs of mtmtn 

liawf pharynx, ttHh Mtrof,". — • 7V«iiMcjm>ia«, mntinutd drynem of th^i moxttk, 

Jipt. ati J throat, vciiha rialcnl longing for <iri}ii;btU not taliffitd by drink,^^, — 

*t\elinij of iliyiifju tn lk« mouth tiiid (hrtml ; etpreittili) trottUo'timc on ulltriipt- 

uiy (u »utillott,".—'l>ryn9M of the mouth and Mroat.' with difficult swallow- 
lag,'". — * /IrC'cv'j'irt tlrt/nrrji ■•! the tnoiith ami Umat, f/'rcffZ/y lI'C fcnyic; 
p-itietit ennm/t tuxilloK'.'*. — [1070.] DryiWM 111 ihf moutli mul thriKil, willi 
a fti:rnj>ing tt<.-n»ittioii In llit- Niirti-, and didicuU gwallowiiij;.'".— Dryiios* of 
the niMitli and throat, with difficulty in ewaLlowiiig ; water Jid Dot ]t»f* 
down t^tu^ilr ; with frequent expecturutii>a of muoiu? frura ihc pharvnx," '*". — 
'Dryifrjw, bvrnintf atia terupln^ in the mouth and throat,*^.^-*Jiur»ing in 
Ou m»uM,'".— Sensation as if the whole nmulh va» hunit ami full of 
phlvctviuv,"*, — Hval and dryness of the muulh aixl pliuryiix, with tljint 
nud nausea,'". — 'Scmmtion of henl and dripirf* in the mouth viid phiiTgHX, 
rrteiirfiny to the utomarh ; the epiifogtrir rrrfion vfit pahtfid imd fwolieii, with 
Kiutitnt thiret,*°. — 8oreueee on the inside of the cheek ; the mouth of the 
mlivary duct in as if emdedi'. — Kaw ft^ltng ai lite cornerH of the mouth, ad 
iflh*y would ulcerale,"". — Salifa. Saliviuiim,'. — [1080.] Almiidanl hiH- 
Talion,". — The saliva in hiT ihnmt naia tliit'kini'il, ii'iiacimu, white, iinil 
clinKiDg (o the tongue like glue, so thnl fhu tfut obli(;Gd to put iniinctiiiug 
fluid into her moutb,'°. — Tcnucioui ^liva bungH in long slringa from the 
mouth ,*• (("sM 20), — Viscid saliva, nliicli adheres to the tongue and esc-unea 
IB stringy fiMRi from the mouth,'". — Tenacious niucuein ibc mouth ("j with 
seoMtionof dryiif^.i'j liitnginj; in Iwag etrini^frutii liw niuuth,*, — Follow- 
log tbe miu III thf fun-lit-ad. an increase of »aliva lu ibe luuutlj : mucunnbo 
tfoTkftod in the upper part of tbe tlinMt, whicli wiw niiwd b\ hawking,"'. — 
Ue baa much muous in tbe mouth, ettpcciully in the monting afUr rUing, 
anmetinies of a putnd tu^te,'. — 'i[i» mouth U full of mucu.« in the morning: 
he ha» to wnsh it out from time t» tinic: it du^ipjieiirNal^r a tneal,'.^ — 
AccumulnlJou of nalvr iu the moulb in the evcniii); for half an hour,'. — 
^Thid, irAcliaA vuicus acnimulattjt iit (he mvutf, and throat, iiith eviudtml 
indiHatioii t« hcnei aitti nraliuir,"'. — [1090.J Fuiun from the mouth, '*.— 

t Sec note t«S. 17$. 



Bloody foAin iwiies copioi»Iy from the moath (Rbnnly Ix^fiiro dcatli).'*.^ 
(Blooay fonm from iKc month, ronvulinotu of tlio hpiid, nnd gnanhiog of Xii9 
luelli, frum iiiomiii); till tiooii],** (Ciue 'Z2)- — Titste, IiuijiiJ tusic iu ibe 
muulh,'. — HIijflil swM'ti^b tautc in ihe inutitb,'. — Wf»k, nrumHtic tA*l*,". — 
IMsguHtinj; tnt^te in tlie numth. willi cloaii tonsil?,'. — DiiMigiveabW, umu^oui 
tuate in ttio moutli aaU vmpty eructation?,'*. — <!larDm7 \Mst«, with white- 
coated tnneiie, uikI Bpnue of eraptini^s in rtoraiiHi,*'. — Rlimy tante iD the 
moutfa,'.— rappy« in the mdiirh, wiili whiu' furred tongue fthren hniin 
•ftcrono-qu»rtei- jirAin'i,"*.^[1100.] i^nlt ^iiri«li lootc in the moulli,"*. — 
He hud u lA«tc iti lUr. muuth ]ikv wjitr niiK-,".— Uitlcr tiutr. or taste 
of blood, iii)d »iiiietimi!fl a Bliiny uiid Dnuwuui taste In ibe moiitb,"*.— 
Spoilod tnsle iu the moiith," (CW 8).— Putrid taste roniBi ap out of the 
fiiOces, ercQ when ««ting aod driuking, allliou^'li food and driok bavc 
their proper tasic.". — Putrid Ia»w> in tno mimth aftrr thv has eaten.' ". — 
Kxtriiorditinry lft«to of the wiliva,". — At time* OTeryihing enteii tnntm 
8alt,"'\ — Snit tAilc of food, lu if crcmhinj; hod hcoo Mlt«d (after twenty- 
five b(Hir«),'^. — 'At tbo cominoacement uf u luml food bnn ila pru[)cr taj<tr, 
but all at onoe everything appeani to her U> taetu loo salt or dixaj^rwably 
iiwipid, with a feGliti^ in ibe throat as iT she should vomit what she had 
takwD,*".— (1110.] Iu the ercDinji; the bread and butter, or at leut the 
laftt of ii, tiutol very »our, and he ceoerally cx|M?rien<:ed morvur less heart- 
burn aHerwAril^, u'liieh continiied for two hour* (on eight eTeniags in 
euMweion ) (after four d«y»),'. — Broth whioh had b*cn takco appeared wur 
and left a scratrhing sensalion in Ihe throat," — (Bitter toeto ol the hn-ad 
niid apple* in the evening).', — Loss of taste,", — Spe€Ch. 8|»o».'li rapid. 
interrupted,'". — S|jee<'h slow, impeded,*", — Paralytic weakoeds of the orj^nH 
of speech,'. — Stamim-ring vrvaknem of the on^nv of fueeeii, with full con- 
BL'ioiisiiCffl,'. — .Stuiiimvring i»|)eeeh," ". — He stnmmen> like om- intnxicaied,*. 
— fllSO.] Iiidiiilinet wixivrh; si uttering."', — TUev utter badly ftrlteulated, 
confuHxl touiidp,'". — Difficult articulntion,*", — S^pccch became nture and 
more difficult,™, — Diffirull f-ixweh, ditTiculi hreatniitg, and great lannlitde; 
nl^erwanl^ anxiety,'. — Speet-hleMnew,'*.— DumbDHP,". — She «tiddeuh* Imt 
the power of fpeakinj; and jtu-allowing and fell into a coniuto»c slate (after 
one honr ;,***. 

Tttront. — In Oenrral, * The i»iw«>«^ manhmtr.from the poMrrinr 
ttlirii of the pafate aa far ilium «w ivuM frr wtm, «iu of a Heep erimmn atlor, 
tmii the IiiujhU t^rrr much en/'iryd,"'. — Redness nf tlie throat, and bnming 
along the whole alimentary canal,'". — [1130.1 Aphtbou-H itifliiiiinmlion nf 
the tlinutl,"". — A great <li>al of nineuo aeciminliKni in the ihroal, interrupt- 
ing rr-Kpirntion, and giving ri*c to constant hawking,'".— ^)mo mucus in 
the up)K*rpart of tbi' llinwit, with n general t>en:«tion sw ifa eatarrh of the 
thnuLI and Ihuers would develop: the ar<!bes of the pulale, lonniU, and |io»- 
lertor wnll of ibe phitrynr were swollen and tnHamed (repealed in different 
provrrel, fsevenlh day i,'". — *A* «>on iu> thr Uitvat began tv Jni ivre, there 
MVMO (jrrat rjprr;,,i-it\iin '>f tiijUt murun^. — Ruining of a tiimntiiy of phlegm 
from ilie thnuu i.Tin-r ihrei-<|imrler» of an hour).". — Spitiin;; olbkn"! from 
•*"• •hmai,'", — In hrr nnconM-iou^oe^, she frc<i«ently p«il her (inger deep 
]«r Uiniat, ^rrAicbed ot her gams, and nreesed her throat with both 
.•*. — The thmnl is swollen intemallr,",T — 'Drynrm in the throfd,'"'^. 
flHortbroat (mother and ehild.wiihin an hour),".— [1140}. *Oreat 
if ti» throat," "'.— •£K«wi«« JrytWKofthe fArwi^*.— Drvu«w of 

f Hot fouod. 



the throat, without difEcuIly in awBllovrin^ or Bpcnkiof: (sftcr snc hour),**. 
^*DrtfUfM and huraittff of throat,*". — Piilii in ihc throat,"". — At finil, he 
(OinplRinec) i>f pain in the lliniHl,"". — Pain ia the thrnut and c-uliL','*<(Jlwe 
6j. — *Se»totion of hr*il anJ '/rymrw in the fhtoat (lifter five liiimites),"*. — 
*UU iMroai hreame hot and t/rj/,*". — * Violait hurniiuj in the throat (Ihc 
mouUi at tb« saiiio time bfing iiiilurully iiioiM), which u »a( at all nlieved 
^ drinking, l»tt m Ay u liHtr *iiy«ir, though onti) for a mowCTif,*.— •BwrHtwj 
mo/, yrral dryne^, and rotighneM in the throat, . — ^Sentatiott a« ij a laryc 
tumor *m» graaung in fhf throat and rtoppr.d it ii/j,"'. — [IISO.] &n»atioH of 
tanttrietion t'n (Anwf (nftcr fivo houiN I,'". — HU tliront sud Iuiioq* liill con- 
rtnctcd oti nccvuul uf the too j^rent Orvness vf the inoulh ; there wa« uot 
a particlr uf mueu» thurL*. nni] only luudemic ihimt, yet lie (miild sunlluw 
the milk he was drinViiip."*. — Vi/mlrirfiim i4 liir Ikrwit vilh rhoi-iiiif ftnMi' 

tion.'". * — Daring deg^atition. Feeling in the throAt as if it were too narrow, 
«r draws together ; uif sothiag would pan properly (aHer twn lioura),'". 
— Piunrii) <^)(ii>triutioii in the ihn>al, wliicli exicitdcil to tlie >h]mncli, with 
bunting »n<l violent ihiivt,"*. — A nrpssii't! ^pnaaLioa in the thniat, in the 
jgpft of the toiuilK (&c%'cutb day), "• — fsuiuethiug <w:mod to bur to riec up 
uK^B-thc nbdomcu and to press on the ihniut. nitli n.-lchiii|{. htit withmit 
in»e of nnuwa or voniitiiij;."*, — Shmitings in the thmat on the left side, 
alike between end dtiriiig llie acta of deglutition*. — */l tioltitt thooUug jiain 
in the thmai or mnJhiuing and hrralUiiig,"*. — Sorenete of thixmt (alter five 
hour*>."'. — [1160.] ThroAla Htlle (^i)i'e{nfter rciwling aloud one hour),"'. — 
*.%wv»«w fTffitdiiig from Ihrent to «mi-* (morniiif; utter lakiiip).". — 'Frit 
freat formfMf in th*'t}troat,\chichioQki'd rcrif red about thf. tonsils and palate,^. 
^-* Jlr j'f/t grrnl t^rrnf** in thr throat, which lookfd very red about the totmln 
and jintatr. The rnircnrM eatmdtd to the ears,'". — *iSoTe thrnat, which in- 
crm»e* nfrg hour ; Awt, trraping, ttarrou-ing, audffniing oftorvntte*. — Sore 
lliroat ; during deglutition, Arrupiuj:: in the K>fl jjuiale and eeomtio)) \w if 
tlw part liud been rubbed Rire,'. — For « wi*k altervru r>Ii« be liad «>re 
throat, diffieuhy of HwuUowing to a great degree, wilh eunsiderAblc rcdnefv! 
of the mucniis membrane of the mouth and taucee ; the toneiU elighliy 
nrolleo (from nnedoseof gr. 4i oflheext.)."*. — Htimeticklincnowand tben 
io the Ihmat (after ten days I.".— ToMw*7«, J-^lueettp fitifl I*Jtarf/HJC. 
'Tontite in/ainrd,™. — lu ibe tbroat, ioBommntiou of tbv tuusils, r^bich 
loppunilc afCiT four diiy». during wliich time he CAUiiot »walluw a drop,*" 
(Oaae 25). — [U70.} Iiiflamnmtiou and siA-elling of the louitiU, and of tbc 
e&tire throat,*". — .Small pimplet and ub»ee»>ufl on (be loiisilH,"*. — Cramp 
ezteixling frrmi right toneil to the top of the phurynx (after fonrtefii 
honi?).'". — liifl.inimaiion of the fauee*,".— TeiiaeiouM murmin the faueec,'* 
(Cai»e 6). — Throwing np of blood, BeeniiOKly proceeding from the raiicef!,''.t 
— 'DrT&ese of the faacce, eauting ejvm^re di^cuHy of eu'^iiloiiing, and al- 
trralion of ibv voice,'". — *Aboat the fanoes the aensatioD of drTnesB was 
BlOft diltresaing. It inda<vd a roiuriant attcmut al defflufilion, and fiiuifitf 
uritcd nifforatiite tpatm^ ofthefaHtei arut glotttn, renenied al tv<rif attempt to 
nra^v.'^.— Buruiug tfeuMtion in the fBueesC'"). every lime ."he look n 
iam,". — Long-laaling burning pain in the fnuees; fuoa And drinks burn 

t It ciultd ia d««th. Aim after dcntli iWd fluwifrum Ihts none, moulh, Hiid 
Mn (tT lhv*e who have bean pDitonod by Bi-ltndonna; thej hnva a lilnchUli-viol«t 
ho*, •i(h«r ia thu (men only or on on* itde oT tho body, or Avi^r the wbnlo tiurr&ec, «r 
thcH piru are covered with gxngreDout *|)0U ; the o|ili]ormli luwla off t!»*\\y, tba 
■bdomrn bcntinm inSatKl, kfiiI (lulrpfaolion sott In lotnolimot willitn twtlve houm, 
u £b. Gmelin and f atwr have alatcd. 



like b rami): ,".—[1180.] Sovero s^unn of dio pliniynx (aftAr six lioun),*'*. 
— DryucM vf tlic pUflryiix,". — Sliyhl buraiii(u eensftlion in tli« upper Mrt 
of the [.ihnn-iix ; miut frcqui-ntlyflwallon-; tlii» was ruthcr more tliffiiTult tuau 
usual, HH if the. [iliar)'DX were s]iii.mnucli(rally ctinHlnctei); tliia lMt«l fi>r 
•ome time And mturat-d nl ititcrvitli) isixtJi my)*". — Coustriotiiiu of ibe 
pliurvDx,"^. — Circal cuii^lrictioii uf Uie [>liAryiix,*'.t — Great voaMrictiou uT 
the ]i1ian-rix from dryness of die }utrt,*'. — Seiiffllioo ol' ootistrictioR in 
pliiiryiii:, st [hu aitno time llic tliniat UseU very dry, and in aeiiuilly dcsti- 
lut«of inoiaturf,"*. — t'liinful iiarrowiug ood cuutncUun of tli« pharynx; 
wlicii niTfuirinK to ewalkiw it fwls team and stictchcc), even nfacn notbiug 
U anitllDHetl; duiiitg actUHl rleglutitioii it in not more itaiiifiil, the feelins ut 
the &uc«!i IwitiK nurrt>w<4l itdeiramouiitH to [laiii (nftor .iixiy htmni),". — 'Aotp 
thrttal, nlwotni^/e in ilie pffir^njr, und jiatii tw Jrvm an iMcrnal ttctlting, only 
frllftitritiyi!riilitl!iii}u,aiiii itfum turiiimj thr /tend mitnii : litncitv u-Jtrn/fti- 
xnijlhr tuJe ')} l/it wrlr, but nirl trhm <it rflvr in »]>eakinfj^.~~€E>ntplniffHH 
tltUt UcffhititiOH, * Vuiitnitiioti of the trKOfthnfftf, UiHiny a •h'^-t tiuie 
but ireutiriitly rcearriitg, more duriufj dri/lnlilutn ifuin iiftterrn, ftod fgllowcd 

«aoB time by a scrapiug- aentation in toe r«gioo of the apigLottla, at if th« 
latt«r were raw aud aore, '".— [llSO.j Cunsuuit urgiua aod wuiitin}; Ui 
An-allotr ; it was us if lie would choke if he di.l not swallow,'. — The throat 
is iHiiiirtil during (k-(.'lutttioii and i>x|>oi.'toraUoii, n wnsation of awelliog, 
mure OR thv k-ft i>idt;,*. — L<?wnllc>wiiig cnuReil n promtre [«iu in ihc pu^teriur 
porLJon of liic (kiii-tf*,'". — 'Imjutlrd diylutititm,*, aod iimny olhom. — *T)iffi- 
niA MealloH'ins,'* "^^'*"' •"".—* If i^ftU and pninftU dt$iatitwn,".—*Ex- 
traaety tliffieult and painful deglvtUton,'** — DrsphuKia (" on nt^rouut of want 
of moiHlurt! of the iimub''),'". — * OniytoUh diJfieiUty aaii by ettnttmaty laktnQ 
liAuidn U he able (o awaltou) *otid foodf'. — *lle rwaUom wU^ ii:i7/i (Af gtMlenl 
dt^lenity, <t'id ran oh/u yrl the very smaUvA iptnutity of it down," — ^1800.] 
Dt'ifiiililiuii vi-ry dilht'iill. ttu that of itriuk, lukeii t-vcu in the sntallot 
quniility, only a {»rt troulil iviii'li the stutimch ; the ruet was thrown nut 
tgti'in forcibly, with general siusnt* (aiVcrout hnur"),'". — *At JirH, Ik /iwhed 
awuy a glajtn of fUi/arcd water ; whrn, on bttng coaxed, he aitempled to drinli 
it, oii/fi tifrw ilrup' paMfd dawn, thr. reti toan fortrd out oftlte itMutH by tpa^ 
modie efiutnietion oj thi iniimcU^ of diglutilion,. — Painltsts iiiahility to swal- 
Jvw.'.^Hi^ tliriMit wim coutmctutl h) that he could not snulluw,'*. — U« 
chovri'd his food nriilmut bi*iug iLblc tcj ^hhIIuw it, hccnusi! his tSrual sranied 
to him coutnic-tL'd,'\ — He cannot swalluw on accoinit of the drvncaa in lb« 
nitfUlS, thb I'auccB, aud the iiu^,". — A onalaiit but uiisuccec^rul attempt at 
deglutition nii.0 observed, aiid at en-ry rem^nul of tin; iittempl tli« niiiiii'les 
of the till i»it and tihiii ynx would b? thrown into vii)le[iiit|><i«ii>odio HOtioti,"\ 
— HJCternnt, rainiiil sw^iliitfr of the ^nhiuaxlllary f;liiu<l», a}(k> of thoM 
of thi5 nL-ck und tnipu of the neck/'*. — Htrmig pul«iuiun.t of the cnrotid."".— 
"Shootingi in tbe parotid gland,'.— [12 10. J ' Violent ihootiny in the rioht 
parotid, f.ria>ding into Hu- external ear, where it beevtna eramplite, and tnen 
dimppcarK {atixr tno hoiin) ; i' rclarM ayaiti. tfie fvUowiny day, aUo at fUt 
tame hour.*. 

Stomach. — Ap/fftlte, UnuHtural Hpuctite; he wuuu to ent nil ibe 
time and ri'lishe* evcrjtliine,''\ — Violent tuun^iu^ for food, aiid greedy 
swallowing of it,'". — Derided hunger, but no inrlinatinn fur any one kind 
of food,'. — Hfl IS iteized with a deitire for thii or that, but he has no reliab 
if be eats it,', — Appetite for thin broth, and for broad luid butter, but for 



oothiiig d(c,". — Appetite vcrj- much dimini«lic<J," ". — Dimiimlcd appctiw, 
animal food i» cspc-ciully (Iisnjcri-cablc to him,", — Low of ainwlite,'". — 
Coiupli'le loaa of iip)»eiiie,".| — [1220.] Lobk of appetite ill trif iiiorniiig. 
with disgiut for all finni, *s]ierinllr meat nnd arid*,"'. — Loss of appe- 
tite, nit li ittiTeu^eii thii-st,"'. — Luk^ "f iipjietit*, wjlli feeling uf em|>tiii<!ea 
anil litmger ; if lie twgiiw id eat, lie rclMies llie fwid. ntul eal3 us iiwiul,'. — 
Want of appotit*,"".— Wnrii (.fjiripwiU', with hoadachf.** (.C'ajfc 10).— He 
•t« without appctito cr ia^ia; >>i«fll(i>vtriig wn$ soDicHltnt difficult on accxtuiit 
of dryncnn in moutb nud tbruut. nith n fLtlin^ of fulncw in the abdumcn; 
renmicd griping nrmind the niivi^l, as if )i« were obliged to go to stool; 
relieved after piLiuiine wind," — All his apnotite goes away after amflklng 
tabut-co,'. — N« am»t.-tile ; h« loallit'd ovt^rytliiug.'. — Aversion to food," ". — 
ATersiou to fooil, In.'^tiiig a long linn-.'. — [1230.] [Entire nvvrfiiuu to all 
kinds of foiHl nud drink, witli l'r('r|iicin, wi'iik pul»*o]," (disc Ifi). — Rfjniji- 
D«nc« 10 nci(h,\^Thif!*t, " (Jrtytt (lirtt,"'. — 'AR-tiom ee^kitiyjor ttrink,". 
— "Kxeejorivf Ihirri ji>r cold iwifcr (after four hours),". — Uxcc»ivf thirst, 
with prelVri?nre for polil water,'", — Conaiderable thirst for cold drinkM, 
without liciU ( alUriieren lioura),". — Desire todrink from large ve^uoU and a 
^Tvut dwlul atimi','". — KxlrfUirly troubltwjiiie tiiln-t,". — Violent lliirst,'*. 
— [1240.J Violent thifjii (iifti;r due lioiir).'". — Violent tliiret, which he u 
uiiablo to ntisfV oo aLi'Oum of inability to sivallun,"". — Un>»t. t\nT»[ mid 
diffictilc swallowing,'*. — E)tc««ive thit*i ; r<'|Kiitc<i vomiting, after thu had 
drunk with large tn-allnK«,"". — [Great thiiirt, frequent micturilion. copioua 
Bweat]," (Case 22). — Unquenchnble thirat, wiiti uncommonly hIow pulse 
(after Icii houra),"". — De-«ipe for Wveragwi, nitliout appetite for drinltiug; 
hcwnrcely put the drinkiug-v*e»«l to l)ii< mouth before eettiug it down 
neain (after eight Iiouk),". — Tormi-nt«d with buriilng thiRit and bf«t in 
all parts; nhn ornvvd driukfroiii time to time, but n.'[)etled it when vflV-rLi],". 
— Aversion to milk, which she gencndly and very readily drinks; it ap- 
pears to licr to have a huith^omc, very di^jigrccahle wnell, and (bitter, 
•uurinh) tante, which dinapiJcars, however, after continuing to driiik,"".^ 
Mo«t BBLnniiihiiig thint in the evening, with* watery- tiii«Le, though all lii]uid.H 
arc lonihMtme to licr,*. — [1290.] Grwil thiint during the ea(am(-itia,*°. — 
After ik long sleep, violent tbin«t." lCit« ISh. — AlUr iho swenting at first 
induced hatf dimiiiiiflied. the tbin-t inereii^Hl, and ibv appetite lell ufl',** 
(Case 10). — ^ThirsL very *lighl, notwithstanding the penernl heat,'". — No 
thlnrt,"'"'. — No de«irc for drinks; ali?ence ot thirel,''. — 'Avrr/iirin fc» aft 
JluifU, ao that the behaves j'rlghtj'ti/lif lit the niaht af them. Thr fomhte admiaf*' 

^^ tratlon nffiuid medieiui' mnJceg ker furious, , — ( oflee in diitagroeablc lo her,'. 

^B — KepuKiittuct to betr,'. — Efuctations and JIfccouf/fl, Liiff^Hual 

^^^^^neiS nation to rrttetate. UatJ-^ifijiravtit . inrvmpUlf crtirffi/ifjJic.'.^LlZBO.] 
^^HS9llgbt enictution,"*.— Preijuent eruetatiuiis fnim tiie st omii eh, '°.— Sobbing 
^^F^rnetationa ; a epasmeompoM-d partly of eructation and nartlr of hiccough, . 
^^1 — ^Taeleless eraclation and flatulence in the bowels, with tmnEient stitchea 
^V tit the If'ft hrea»t ; the following night he anoke at 1 o'clock, on account 
^H of diiiteR^ion &hd griping in the hypoga<itrie zone, with trouhlesi>m(? nnuwn ; 
^^ paniog wind rvliev(.il (^atier &ve miitutea),'*- — }Cnict<ition» la^lin}; of the 
iDgealu,'. — Sour rruclutiouit.^^— BuniiDg, sour vrtieliitiun», during whif'h u 
currflsive acid moixture came into the motith, with n kind of utmngling,'^. 
— Frequent bitter eructfllious,"*, — Bitter eri'ciations after a meal,'. — Putrid 
enictauoQB," (Caae 8).— {1870.] Eructations and vertigo,*" (Caee 15). — 

t la connoctton with S. 9Sa 

TOL. n.— 7 



Eructations with wnnt of nppetite," (Ca«e 17). — Several ttUacka of violent 
hkcoiigh,'", — Violent hiccoiiglt, which jerked her up, after wliiHi she bft- 
cjkme deaf until the next altark.'. — Frn((iicnt n|KiHnin(iio liicnjughsi. which go 
on evwi lo siifil>catii"in,"*.— [Hiccough with conviiUinn, allernatelv of IMl 
left Arm (in<l right log, fi^llowc-d hy viitlont thirft. with rednnu nnd hent of ^ 
the hcnd],". (Cwaa l4).— Violeiil hiccouKh iil'uut midniKhl," {Ca« 61. — 
[Uiocoiigii at night, with imifusctwciit].*" (Caw 14), — AVf««rrt. Spieaoi- 
ishnciM hIUt breakfast,'. — NausM,"". — [1280.] Ffellng of Natuea (after two 
and a half houra},"'. — Ifansea in the itomaeh,'. — Xausca witliout Tomit- 
iug,'". — Frei|WeQt attacks of nitij."i'a in lh« forenoon (alter oeveuty-two 
houre),*. — Naa§ea, with eenKitinn of fulne«» iii t)i« throat; nattee* gradu* 
ally eimugp* lo buruinj; (after three and Hvo^^ixth hourw),"'. — NauMn and 
eriictatioos, wilh ta:t«of tbGin;^tu,"^ — Nausea aod painiu the Etomacb,**. 
— The influt-nrt; of luvdicinnl dosca on the iiilostinal spcrptionw is uoi very 
marked, but whun giveu by the mnuth and in large doses, RetlndnntiA in- 

3uciitly oamesf nauxen, and in poitronous doees vomitiog, an<) sometinaea 
inrrliuMi,'**. — NauHea and iiiclinatioti to vomit (after sis liowre),*' "". — 
Nausea Hurl d i«<i)o«iiiun to voiiiii,"*. — [1290.] NaiutMi aud desiiw to vomit 
(mother and cliifd within nn hour),'*'. — NituHC-unnd ineliiintiun to vomit, but 
entire tnabilily to vomit,". — Nuu»>a and incHiiatioD lo vomit, ollcn bcfwrt 
eating,"^ — ( lo rounhinj;, tliR ototnach turns, as if vomitiuK would come on, 
ftven when It is empty),'.— Dis|iosition to vomit when walking in the open 
air,'. — Naw.-*ea, inelioation lo vomit, and aut-h violent thirst thnt they were 
obtijred lo drink nu excessive i]uaiitit>y oi' wnier,". — Nauseii and iiiclinutioa 
to vomit, iu llie throat (itot in the »n-ohicti!ti» nmllsl.with oiTa.-iiuiial bitter 
eructiLtiuiiK, iu Lhi) evening."*. — IixtfTeciiifil dispo4>iliun to vomit; empty 
retching,* *. — Inclination to vomit ; uiisncw-asfnl retching ; he caonot rorait ; 
inexci lability of the Flonmch,'*. — Loathing with inclination to vomit, espe- 
cially when lie would eat". — [1300.1 Fiycjuent loathing and retching," 
(Ooae '■l).— VomHtnrj. Vomitinn.^* "* '^.— Vamitin'} (aft^r thirty mio- 
ules),"'.^Esawiv>:; voniilinjr,'*. — \oniitiua; (after six lioin?), followiH) ini- 
mvdialely by ^Iwp for ^evcnirboiir*,". — Threw iivr fuod up within half 
aw hour nftur entiiig (soon afU-r lakingl,™. — ■ Vomiting of undigested fijod, 
which hu<l l>ecn taken twelve hours belore,". — Vomiting of wliitish watery 
Hiilwtancft*,'". — He ollrn npat out or vomited mucus,*". — ■Vomiting of mucua 
after noon," (Ca-iie .i").— [1310.] Vomiting of biln and muena,". — Vomiting 
of UiJp, with much «trainin(r, tremblinj; of ihn limbs, cold iiweal, etc.,"*. — 
Vuniilini; of a large qiniiitity of <lurk hlui.-*h-rcd iluid '!eoiilaini»g the ber- 
ries), followed by loss of L'on«-Iou>iut?(« and (leliriu'ii.^.-^Vomiting, in the 
evetuiiig,*" (Case 5). — Vomiting, which iillen oceurs iu the evening or at 
night, . — Violent vomiting of food, often mthout iiauMA or atrainiii^ 
eajweiallyat^er iiienlfl,"'*— Vomiting aftnr drinking milk, followed by alight 
amelioi'alioii,'*.— P'owi»(i/iy nfter eating or dnnkiitg Cuoennd day),"'.— Vom- 
iting and profuse sweat,*". — Vomiting, verligo, and flujihes of heat,". — 
Vomiting, with tiiarrhnai, vcrtiiro, and cramp',"*. — [1320.] Diilieulty in 
exciting vomiting,'" "*"*. — He did not vomit after foiirtceu grains nf tartar 
emetif, and did not even feel nau>ieated by it,'". — StOfnarh, Inflamma- 
tJoD of the filomach (post-mortem),". — Region of E^loinach in distended btil 
painlftw,'". — The pit of the titoraarli ntid hypogastric r,onc were swollen and 
lense,'".— .\fter lying down in the evening in lied, di]>tendecl e|>iga)itriuin, 
with lenjiive pain in tho Aloinnch,'. — lie layvpan hin mlmnarh, with the head 
rtatiug on the hunds and raised up,"*. — It i» aa if there were something in 
ihe pit of the otomiu-h, which always makes him cough,'. — Feeling of cmp- 



tn tV dtoninch (ihree lioinii,«fler gr. J),"*. — Dlslrew in the stoniflch 
(after lhnM>-()u«n«K of an Jintir),"*, — [^30.] I'tiiii in tlie stoinncti (Iwo 
case*),"'. — Shflrp paia wvcr llic storoach Waller four and a half hours),"'. — 
Vinlriit stoiiini-liiichc, liLHtiiig s short time,'". — Szvcrc piiin in storancb 
^motlier and cliiM. within an hnurl,'*, — Pain in i lomat-b, with slight uausea 
(hmneiliriU'lv),'". — " Ejrtruciatinr} paim about iKe pit of the liomaeh^*. — ''At 
mil^, pcriorlinil jviinn ul Uie }iit <rj thr- riainneh, vith Irrmor,'. — *Jluni!iiff in 
tie rfoworA," ". — Itiirniiig of ili*^ .■•(ijrimcli. cverv time she took a (Io!*e,'',t — 
S.'ii«nlion »» if thi>n> wvrc burning; liol ha\U in the »iti»imo)i,and «)incthi])g 
. aad ami comwivc in tbc pylorus.'".— [1340.] UurnioK puia «t the orifico 
l^tbc Momarh". — Buniiiij; iu thu stomarh and a-^tphasuii, willi desire to 
'Tomit.*". — Hoartbuni (when smtiking); a scraping, burniug, smarting sen- 
Mikin remains Iod^ an«r, at the commenoement of th*! throat aud upper 
part uf the lar^'nx (aft^r two h<iurs),'. — After eating, the nlomnrli and ab- 
douea feel ^wutlcn and opprencd,"*. — Wliile wiilking, fn'iim-ntly ii i^qui-vx- 
tog \a the M-ruhioulu» cordis, a sort of crampy Hen^ttiot), which i>btigc» hira 
to draw a deep breath,'. — C'nimp pains id atoniach aud bnu'cle ( luotlier and 
(Aild. within an hour),'".^ — After eating a very little food, a pccuiiar cnn- 
Iroctive H>niiation in thi* stoniarh,". — .Snjism In the slomRcli, iikc cramp,". 
— Long-loiiting tpasm of tlieetoniach, always dnriiig the midday mpni, , — 
t?pik<mu(lic prc^urv on the Ktoinadi,". — [1360.] A preasurc in l\m pil uf 
tWriuuiaL' larl [n)awiug,'.^"^or<//»r(JWMirm llie >fomach nJftT eathiffi'), 
and alno lator,'. — LiLntrosu as if caui>«d by mdij^ti^m (after tuenty itiiD- 
Bteo),*"*. — Violent pressure at the pit of tlie atoniach, felt only in ualking; 
it force* him to movenlowly (after fnrty-cight hours).".— Violent prr*ure 

■ in the «tooiarh, with inrlinmion to vomil, . — Senrntion of a bar pressing 

■ on the etomnoh and prtccordial n>gion, with orarapy and ooiilraolivc i>Ain», 
often with int-liunliuu lo vomit, lit-nilm-hi-, cpiataxis, trumbliii;; of the limbs, 
and great wi-afcnew,**. — BhootingM iit ih* pit of tht; fitomncli,' *, — • Vwlcnt 
Aootxuy nstting pnin in the pit ofllu^ ftrjinairh, jorciug 0110 lo bend the body 
hfieJcwardti, and lo hvld one's Irrealfi,'. — I'indiing right acTa'*9 ihe epigaatriiirn 
and downwards as if in the colon,". — */?<-jiwh of gComarh KnigititM to tmieh,^. 
— (1360.J Puinfulnces of the cpignslric Ktinc to touch,'"'. — PiilHalion^, unvu- 
noces, and fcoling of iDHaumntioii in the jtomachi^'.—Paiulcss thrubbiug 
juid herilin^' at. iht- pit of thi- fiiimiich,'. 

Abtlotiten, — Jfi/fMfhfitnlvla. Fulnewi below the short ribs when 

steeping; fiiirifiw al the pit of the iitomaeh and darkneas br-f-trn the eyea 

(after four iltiys),'.^ — ^Thw ulidon)(;n is Il'Ii«.- round the riljs,", — When prest- 

tn^ on ihe epigaytrinni, pitin »!• if thv hyjuchondrin were btiiig pmsed 

(Hij^', — {tcllndonoa increa«ti tht w.i(Ttflion of hiio,'".— Swollen, painful 

lii-er, nrcscutinf^ sWt'tlingH like alMceases,"^. — Ueaviuces and pul«ilioas in 

_ iJwlierwlic regiun. wilh »en.-aiiou of Dwelling in that part, and liarlination 

HiD ledn to the left aidn and to draw up the right shoulder,'". — t'ranip? of 

fie liver, involving tbc Ae*.t and excUing imroxyjims of eoagh and wifTo- 

dlirtii,*". — [1370.) Piilaativc |Hiii»». with anxiety at the liver, extending to 

Ifwepigftiitriiin),"*. — Pinching laterally in the abdomen, in the he|>alic r» 

Ei'm w (lint in attcnipliiiK ^** "** from his ecat, he could not for pain,*. — 

Duil ahootiiigs iu the right side of the abdomen near the falae ribe,"*. — 

SesMtion of inllamraalion aud Jiwellingof the spleen.'". — Sharp p4iin iti the 

iplenic region (afliT.-ix houra)."'.— PuT«!itive,erainpy,«ud deepscated paing 

in the iwrion <if the spleen,"'.— tmW/fcn( llcgiotu A constriction 

t Seo S. 1078. 



oftha bcllv ill tlie uiiibilimi rogiuii, lu ifa Lull or luinji wer* forming, ".- 
*Al<}n'jwilh thf r^/iifittioii of di^cnfivH of the aidometi, eoHftrieiive win Mnw 
the uminlictu, whU-A. cmna in jerk*, aiidjorrrji one to lean /orwird (Kid daxible 
(nfUr lour buunt),'. — Homu nWer u «tool. a [«ntiive fteiiMatioii Iielow the imriil 
f»r only a rcw momenta (itecnixl dav)."'- — >Sqiiccuin]; nud r'tawins iirmiiid 
ttiu ummliciiM, »•> tluit lie wikt obliuvif tu btiotl rorwurd?,'. — [1380. J A »<|ulx-£- 
ing bogethur m tliu iiiubilii;al n^ioii, muru in lliu inidillv iil' tli<; ilnv uuJ tu 
the aftsrauoii/. — Al\or cAling, viulciic j>iiiL-tiitig 1k.>1»w ilio umbilicui^ iin* 
ro&diatvly uinlor tbe alxlom'iiiul walls (after two and a liiilf houn;,*. — 
Griping abnul the \\a\A {aStxr quarter or an hour),'". — Dull .huiIm, &» wllh 
II kniftt, ill thn letl side lielow (hi! umblliuuH/. — Vioh-iii Malw, an with a 
blunt kiiilV, hottvoeii (he right hip and the uiiihitii'U;< {at^r twelve hoiirt),^ 
— Frum tliv rvgioii uf tlic navel, n>iii)d the Il-0 hij) us tiaraa the luiiibur 
vertehnc, a xliuuling slab, a« if iii uiie [IiruM. which ti'riiiiiiiiU'd with i^rcat 
[miiiriilu«eeiii the l»lti?r rogiuu (aflor itirue-ciimrtLTsof mi hour),'. — lluliinfr 
Bbuotiiiin in the uiiil>iUc'Ui>, wluch disappeor t>u rubbing it (after uuc hour),". 
— In Gt'llt'llllt IiiAaniiiiuUoa of tlic; U|>))er part of the alxloRieii (pcmt- 
inorteinj,"". — AlHlomeii wiiiicnhat distended, "'. — I>IiiU>iidc<l, yet neither 
hanl »or painful ahdomea," — Distensinii of the abdomen, with ri>llinK or 

Srunibliug o( tiiu iuUtttuie^ ou the Wtt I'idu,"'. — Aflcr a cuuliaed oiutioii, 
tstension of lb« Bbdumen and huitt of livnd," (Case 14 ). — DuLvusiou uf tbe 
ttbdomen, aud tniti»K'nl »aini> iu iho ubdomL'i),". — The nbd»iiiL>u is ineteor- 
ical W diftlciiilcd, the di»par»giii [tunhod forcibly u^tHanls (ulVr live liuum),"*. 
— Meteurisni,'" "*"*'". — Great luftenriMnus, ,— Sletoni-'ni of the U'lly, 
with coii<tti|>ation, in one Rase aub-nidiug aiul n'curriiig with the ileliriiini, . 
— rUwMjncled, hnrcl aUlomen],**. — Thcahdutnen iliiitendedand very hard,*". 
— ^loBntninutory i^wvlling of Uic abdomtMi,"*. — [1390.] HnvlliuK of nbd»v 
men, formation of llalult.-iice, and piu<.-liitig iu umbilirul rfglon,"*. — Swell- 
iiig of tlio belly, and ujihtluc iu iJie tbroBl,'". — The ubdumuti i^wolleii, the 
piilm: Miiull uiiil iti:<i\i'i;ul,^". ^* Tuiiit faction of tfte abdomen, ^hioh waa TCIT 
tender to tbe touch, i^mHtipation and weak piiLiet"*. — (Kxtniunlinitr)' mid 
|iroc«riuitiiral itithititm of the abdmiieii, aiUr death;,'*. — Iiillatiuu of tbu 
abdomcu, m by a ma^it of water around the bowol^, (vpwiully in the utn* 
bilica) region, whieli becomes p^unlilleIlt,"^ — A druwiug-in of iht- abdumcn, 
with iiremive jniiu (iu lying),*. — Violeul recurring rumbling in the alido- 
tnca, . — Loud rumbling in the abdomen, as If cverylhiug there were jum- 
bled ti>p.->y-hirvv <after half au li<>ur),'\ — A rumbling and piuchiiig iu the 
bt'lly,"". — (140tf.] Rorborygmi and ilattileiia'. wliicli extend from the 
abdomen evon into Un- Hi'tuiaili, uilli hnniin;; and uro^ive itaiua in the 
WBKordial n-gion,'". — I>i«'hAri;i' of luwch wind,".— \ ery frcjucut ommiou 
almtMt inmlorous lluluf-,' '°. — Flatulence without amvll, and woietimea 
viiig a putrid ikIot,*". — Wind in the bowels, taslelew enioution. and 
oy t<i atwil, but which ainuuntetl lo little,". — With the desire for stooi, 
* ill the abdomen a^ if diarthu»i would let iu, with internal heat 
.bdMNiCD (afWr one hour),". — l*uin iu tbe belly,"'. — Violent |)ain ia 
•i-n,™ "*.— •i'Vr/iNy iff htttt in ihr abdomen a» if from a /tot trwii,"*. 
h«il in the buwels, cbcet, and faec,'".— (IttO.] 'Htat in th« 
aety), in the citeet and in i/ie /act; with olntructioii of tbe 
'jta In the aWowiTO."-! — 'Huniiny, compreuion, and jiiHrhiny 
ttbiiyiny Mm lo bend double,"^. — Seiuation of fulncM iu the 
*lly wjuu after a atoul ineveulh day),"'. — 'Colic, ^laemodio 

f 2(ot found. 


ifrtuinn from Ihe thfM tttdfi-pin th/< nhdoiHm, vhiQh Ao&i not pprmil the body 
to lie moved iti th<; K-ast (after half iin hour),'. — The nbdomcu waa ralhor 
comraeUfl,"". — I'iurhiiig in the intestines,', — VioleDl pinching cleeji iu the 
aMiHnen, whieh hccnmeA mueh ninn> violent on drawing one^lf iu, and in 
bendinK the upper part of lb« b«>dv to ibe lefl side (after six hours),*,— In 
the evening, a!wav,< severe pinchings in the abdomen, followed braeoft 
motion,'* — Pinching eolic, wIiercb_Y he ia obliged to nit with his body bent 
donble, wlh itiefPertiial nrpn;; to dinrrhira, nnd ?.uhM>qii('nt vomiting,'.^ 

S420.J All extremely severe gripine iu the right sidi! of the lit'lly. ftlso, 
nrn vliuotings fmm thence to iht- rijtht aide of the chwi, as far as the 
axilla,'*.— 'Co/if, a* if a gpot in the abdotnen xrvre *fited trith the nniU, a 
griping, eiutching, elauvig,'. — Colic,". — Continiinl colic," t^Caae 1 i.^-t'olica 
and (Tftmiw ill Ihe ahdornen and in the loins, with inahilily lo keeprtill,"*. 
—[Colic, constipatifin, dinre«i<, with eructation!* and incliantton to vomil].** 
{V*tiif 12V — Very m-vcpc colic, wiih nffi'ctinn of the homl anil pnralvtiR 
vMtkticas of the entire right side of the Iwdy,"". — [Ci>lie, cunstination, 
diurciM^, with eniclations and inclination to voniit],*", — Colic and leunir- 
rhuja,** (C-a-w H), — (Arter drinking milk, colic, a few shoota).'. — [1430.] 
C^dic a.^ from a heavy weight preying, only when walking and standing, 
diKiiipcaring every time he fiils down.'. — A dull, irritable drawing in the 
whole eircimiferenceof thepelvift; ihi* pain isaliernaiety felt in the nacram 
and the im pubis,'. — Prnwing in lh« abdomen a» from flntuleJicc, rumhling 
and pawAnre of win<l,". — UrawinR pains in the nlidunic^^n, with cold fwt, . 
— Ucavv. dull, hearing-down pain in the abdomen and pelvis; (symptom 
rL>peale({ fvvernl times, and very similar Lo what prover BuUerod at every 
perioil), (after two and tliree-<|uarler hour*),*". — Prea&nre in the abdomen 
as fnim a Mone, with pains in the loin(*,*'{Caae IftJ. — PreHsure. dicing, 
rntting, and Milcbitig rn the abdoinen."*, — Stitching anil burning ni the 
nbdomeD, as aleo in the hvnoehondrin and loin^,'". — Fine mieking, na of 
ounilcw twodlw, from wildiu outward, in whole abdominal and thoracic 
cavities,"'. — /l-^jttine in the nbdomen in the evening, a few houra before 
ifoiiig to bed,!,'. — [1440.] In the morning in bed, in the lefY ^ide of tho 
Dtdly on which be i» (ptiellv lying, a preasive cuttine, whieh disappears as 
poon as he liee on the other pidi-,".— 11,30 a.m.. fimrp prirkiii}^ pain in 
abdomen ^loi-ond dav)."'. — 'Irongdasting painfutness of the whole abdo- 
men, Bi if it were all sore and raw (iiftfr ono hLiir)/".— All whowdl wgus 
of tcudente«« when pNwed even slightly on the abdomen, particularly over 
the ovarian region.'", — Kaw |«iin» in ine bowels, as if thty were Imrnt or 
s(7rai>ed,"V — *Exce)iiTe ttnderuets of the abdomen, which cannot bear 
th» al^hteat toneh,"*. — IlypOfftitttrfutn tttttt Itinf Jtrrffon. The 
bynoga.''lric mne ii* sunken iu.r-ot'l.and nnwlicn' pninful.'". — In tiiu evening, 
feeling of fulnex* in the bypnga-^lric /.one, very wliiio-eurtteil longiif, want of 
npiwliti*. elighl griping tn the iKjwelit. rumbling, and feeling of «i.*eiimula- 
tion of fliitulcDOC, which, however, will not paw ofT,"".— Drawings in tbo 
hypogastric region on the right .^idc over the horiionlal ramus of the inibis, 
tx-'ca-i'-ned by wind, which also paR.«od away,". — [Pressure very low down in 
thoabdnmen, asfrom a heavy weight]." (Cusey8).t— [1450.] 'Violent cat- 
ting presiure in the hypofastxlum, now here, now there ( after one hour),'. 

— *[iii tlir aioruinij. itjirtiunn'j, 'm if ctrriifiiin'j vyiulil 6f fiffreil out hunriig the 
organ* of gemtntion, with i{i«iention ofihr nMumm; after the jurcwi'wj, the 
aodomett ronirneied, tituf thii xtas followed &y a ducfiarge of while mueutfrwa 



(A« ttayina),*, — •/» (A»i morning, immniiaU/t/ ajt^ tjfHiny otd 0/ bM, e 
lentiwi, prwaing pain in th^ tchoir oftlir. hijpngtjfti-Uim, hut r4ptt:i»Uy in the 
reman of f^r o^* pubii' .- it apprara a* ij lAr hvpo^ittrium < rarfiy titr. epiya»- 
iriVJO), wre ^pagmodieaUi/ eanMrietf<l, mwfitmfa an ij it uvre liintendnt (o/- 
Uwwjh not rtoUy to) ; paina wMch graduaUj/ inrmuf u»d gra'lutH'j c/rcrow* 
(ftlU'r twenty-lwiir lioiira'l,*. — *ln tie hypO'jtMtrium, imawtlmlrfii brlow the 

crmUof the ilia, aa if a nliarp body were pratntdlng llierp," — Snclliiig 
the inguinnl glandM,"*. — Fine shootings in ihe left groin,". — Severe bIic 
ing» in tlie iiiguiual glaniLs'. — In eittin^ wilti the trunk bL'nt furwAnN 
foeliiig iti tim right groin a» if n lianl imily prrs^ul ouMi-nnls."*.— [2460.] 
Ill iho rifilit HT\>in, ai thi.f iii^uiiml r'wf;, iiisiuiu); wilh the Irunk Iwut fui^ 
v&rdt, a tccliHj; a^ if n bnrti Itody [>ro«ded from wlthia outWA^l]^ witliotit 
the part fcrliuK han! to tliu touch (atWr e'lx days),". 

Jtechtni nttd Ahum. — IL-emorrhnidnl flow for fwvoral dnjf*,'.- 
HsMnorHiiiitlnt ilixrliari;c of (IcvompoHod blood, cviin when Dot m rIooI,'**.— 
KisuHO of ruiinli|iiititin,"*. — 'Sqtuxaut'j, ronstrirtht pain in the UfiscrmoA Ml 
tfetiiif-f, nllcnt'ilelij with dvU *hout» or JcrJtJi nj Ihe rtirfrtion of lAe periueuva 
(iilVr lliirty-six hours),'. — Coiilrattive |»aiii in Ui« cHrtuiu, ttieu ulcer»^^ 
(-iv« pniu in the cpi^futrium ; thereupon rapid cvnctiatiou of mucous dia^^f 
rhiFA; Wily, trnaimuf,'. — PreMiig in tUo rvKliiiii towards tlic uniw.''.-^^^ 
*A fort of tpwnnu*, a rttnxtaiit prating ami urginij touvints thr anuit aiut 
grniInU, altn-iuiiinj wilh painful a»itra'<tion^ of Ihf aniu (nA^r twolvo 
Iiouni),'. — Di»tiiict, mpid, Bcvuro Hh(>oliii^ la the rectum, durinj; «tool 
(lifter thnjo lioura'i,'. — lUw fei'liiig wilh burning and corwirictivc pttinii iu 
lite rectum,'". — [1470.1 Vtiluptuom tickling in the lower jwrt of the rec- 
tum,'. — ItcUiag 111 the lower part of the reciuiu,'. — Violeut.suddoo.jminfol 
itching in the rectum and aniiti,'. — Pn>l»j»sii'* atii during st<«>l."'. — Itiioler- 
able ilfliiiig nt tlie Hnii«,"\ — Violent ilt-liing, ntxl at tliv mme tiiiifi eon- 
Mrictivt.' »eiMiiioii in th(« nnu«,*. — Il«]iii)g at the anua uxteriutlly, whuii 
walking in the opvn atr,'. — Itching and uointurD at tiio aiKis aail pvri- 

Stool. — ITrgi-iil int'lination to go to iitool,"*. — ('oniitant dRiin; for atool,'. 
— [1480.] i'ri/inr/ (0 tlool, whiirh ii> thinner ihmi ttKuat, btU /^a**M in proper 
quantity '.'—Vrtiutfi to stoul and colic, ". — *Frratirrii ixrijimj to tloott mtnaut 
maU, tir irilho rrry aeantt/mi'l htird ertirniiiiim , . ~* Fnvjuent urging to tltiol 
4onifliinejt iutfffftiuil, and with fcfK-jrirjii^,"'.— Jnofrectual Urging t" sto<>], fo 
lowed liy Vtiluitiiig,*. — *Slritinin</ tontoot ; thr rvarwdum i* unrlovlArttli/ tiia 
rhair, hnt ivry lill/i- in viudett, and unniedtnlrli/ ajlrr follittm mtich-itiercat 
tlratMinff (afliT ihro^" houw),"". — Kiwi, a nofl diarrhirio Mool; tai 

/, lioncvcr, frcqueiil diain; fur ntuoUuf which little or nothing cnnm,". 

!i|Ucnl cviiniHtiou!'.'". — Diarrliajn."'. — At liiiira, dinrrhiric cvac-ua- 

t,**.— fI490.] When tukt^l by the nmuth in poieonuus ilotieN, Belladonna 

' tiuc* di 11 rrhoMi ,'**.— -Cop ioufl nntl frequent etoole,"*.' — Very fro- 

' >4nA[; one evacuation is hanily iiiii»he(l before an iirgfing is 

'" — S«mll. loose 8tooli», wiiK sharp. *iiU'hing jiftin alKive the 

iiu luid ihrc«-<]u»rt«r hoiiM),"', — StiKtl* olUii with i-wcafi 

<JWi^*. — I-'rcqucnl thin Pilitub with toncsmus; fri>)iicnt desire 

Hnr hiiti 10 go every qiiiirtcr of an hour iiifter forty-eight 

it'Ty Btooirt, immediately after pntfuse sweat], ".^ 

,>iii'ldvd with small white Qi>ck£.yritb coUoj, crauii 



eh itnd limbs, chills, licndarlip, dobUity, tiiid restlewiioSB,"*. — 
*. gw^ni^h dinrrlitK^n laft«r niiiofocii hoiire),*". — DiarrlKsa with 
<larlc il'u><:baivt» (M-mnd uight)."*. — [1500.] Diurrhuni. iuclioaliuii to voinil, 
muil pnasuns at the stomach,"' (Cbm 14». — Diarrhu«, wkli preaturc at tbe 
Btoinach, burning in the abdomen, and inclination to vomit,''\ — [Involua- 
Uty p«(*ftgo of fteofia],"" (Case 22). — Small, rapid, involuntary ovacua- 
iionfc'.—Lighl-colored, rapid, nndtitvolumary St ofil,'". — iHmlant^rif emcua- 
turn, ttvtporary ytmiyntoj the tfthinfttr ani,'*. — Unusrunlly diminutive Mool, 
•inly T«rY small eneuatiotu rc«uU«<i for ftcvcra) daj^,''- — Stool itomcwhat 
Ins conststont ihan muiil. mid colored greenish ; this grccuisli color of the 
fteetB was obser^'ed during the wlmle lime of rhe pnivinj*,'". — I's'Ppy MooU 
intxcti wttli muciu,'. — Soft, vello wish, grccni-sh, brownish, or whiligfi bIooIb,"*. 
— [ldlO.J Passage is coii.-ii^cnibly Imrdi-r itmi iiion.' scanty than usual,*. — 
Stool aj* whili» as chalk,''.t — A cvj>touit, fluid, greenisb evacuation.'". — 
Gmiiulur, yellow, M-imi^whiit niucoUHttlO')!,'. — [Ureciiieli stooll,'" (Caw 25).^ 
—[<.»««" Viool, with profuse urine, and also wiih sweat],*' (Case 24).§ — 
Green stool, ^a^cc4 enveloped In reddish mucus (seventh day),'". — *A'/twiy ajwl 
btofxlg diarrhtric ii(oo/*,"*.— Stools liavB h very sour »niell,*. — Dist-harce of 
awandes and lumbnci, with stool,"*. — [1020.] Torpid state of the boweis,"". 
— KvncuHlioii slow and dry (nftcr one hnur\". — Dclnycil and difBcult, 
allho«gbM»ft»tool8.'^—TAf;j<i*i™i^fwprrw7jN'%rrfarfl(«/;" ''•'■*'•''*•'* '*''". 
— .SupprvRiiuu of fuiccti and urine, with profuiiNj liWGut,^'. — She disvliar^ed 
oeither fscc«s nor urine, but sweated extraordinarily,"". — [CoDBtipatioii],**. 
— Constipation,'". — (.VnKlipalioo, witli colic, uueasinew, aud burning in the 

Vritutt'ji Ot^fans,— lilttilileff Kidnei/e^ ami Urethra. 

The bladder half iwralywMt,". — [1530.] Hi.'i liladiicr was full of urine on 
idmiMiOD {after uiue hours),'". — Pain in the regiun of the bladder; deBin; 
10 uriuato ; only n few drofM of urine were evacuated by the catheter,"". — 
Burniug ia the bl&dder, with frequent uritiutioii, t?p«cinlly nt ui>;lit,''^ — 
.Seimitton of turiiiuK aud twisting in tli« Madder, a* if from a Ini^worm, 
vitlioiii d«irc to niictiiniic,'. — *Tfnrjn!nuo/ the bUulder,^. — *Dull prett- 
I'jtj in the I'efieat rcjww during the rtij/i','. — J^cpbritic colic, often accom- 
panied with VQnitting."\ — Painful oenjiation on urinating ant) evacuaiion, 
IbrBome time,'".— Irritation in the urinary passages, the neck of 
the bladder, with iitrangtirT, and pa«>fl(;e of dark, bloody urine, with great 
beat; w&rlct rolnet<tf of skin, the whole body, [kiIbIu, and phnrjnx (after 
one hour).'". — Burning in the urc^lhra and violeul urging to urinate, with- 
out being able to psas any,"". — [1540.] A long stilch lu the urethra, which 
atnueui.'^d iu the bulb aud extended In tlie urilice, in walking (after three 
irsi.'. — lietween the acts of micturition, dull «hooling:i In the urethra 
lehind ilift giant, especiallyduring movi-nneut.', — IfawjminM la theurflhra, 
irith di^harg« of a few drops of thick, yollriwiirh mucui;, aud sometimes 
of blood,"*. — Titillatiou in the urctlind canal, with fcirling a? if a eouud 
vaa being turned round in it,"'. — Z'l'inritfon. No inrlinatinn to juiaa 
water, ^. — Frequent deairo to urinate,'". — * ['enj frei/ii^nt rfmrs to uri^iate, 
ewn if Qnlrf « /rw Jtw^ Iwtd atvumutattd .".—'I- rctntcnt t/wn'rc to urinate, 
tml tAe urine roirM i« mnnrktitilt/ xnuiUt/iujnlUla!, allfiovffh of a naturai 
estor,'*"". — Urging to urinau>, but can uiily do bo drop by drop,"*. — Fro- 
^oent call to pa«e water, which yet could only be done after a great effort 

f Vol found. 

I tJce note lo lut 3. 

X Iteturn of bite to (tool ; curatlrs vfTtct. 



itixl ifuttatnn. Tbe unnc wtu Dortnal, and micturition caowd oo pa 
[ISfiOj Viulcnt iirgenry tn iiTiimte, llic iirirp, however, paaoed ftiilv" wilH 
iliflicitltv, in ft Hninli «lri>jim.". — Two hniim latpr. bo ww aflbcte<) Willi ex- 
treme ilrHiro to niiftiimlc, tlinii^h hn prtiild |xtw only « few dn>|M« of pcr^ 
feclly i-fllorli'ss urioo. Fruiii tlii:* tiiix.- lill \iv. liMt cnuacioiistioB Im dcaira 
to pfljw urine was coiiiluiiL; wluTi'vcr ho coiitd r«tire he did so, but imjc- 
c«otl<'<) ill es|Mllin^ from tliv bladder, with c-uUHidenible eflbrt, oiilv a few 
dro|>8 <tC eulorlea* fluid,'". — Fre'i^ueiil uriDfttitig,'". — Frequent micturition, 
oluiiiruttni) of vhion, and ihirni in the mnrninc." (Cftse 14). — Mui-b urio- 
ating,**. — ^mo urinfl paxscd ttilter an eneinm) for the ftr»l time (atXer i\ur- 
Utea hours); twonty-faitr hourfi nflo r thiii orine excreted copioiislv,"*. — 
Urine more copioui^ than thu drink laktu would vrarmal,*'. — Diuresis,*. — 
(BetlndonnA iijodf-rd, in the Irucat k-umt of the word, a diuretic, and mon 
pnwi'H'til, jHThap^ than auv other wo noaaees.) — One atlier (ncX rclattw t« 
the t.-iri.'cl.-< 'if Ik-lladouna V worthy of Dftt«, Tit., it« IrcRittidiMu diuretic 
iwwcr. 1 biive ub»;rvi-d that it docH not ^enm to rearh llic kiilncyi' until 
It has been »)nie tiini' in the Htoninch, luid bus cxerti-d ile !>]torific iufluettea 
up»n the brain. But its power over ibo twrctiou of urine is Miy gnat. 
1 ani confident I pasH^, in tlic courw nf an hour, thn^ pintA of urine, ac* 
companii.'^t with n slight strangury at the nwk i>f ibf b ladder ,"*.^-£15flO.J 
The diiirotic ctIi^^•t of the ilnig now (iillpr two and thrw hrtura) h^zan to 
hv experienced, tb(^ {Kitient evticuuliiiK an eiKirniuua quantity nf limpid 
uriue. . — [Frequent niietiiritioii of profuse uriijc"].**, — Frequent and copi- 
ous emiE»ioti of nriu« (atUr one hour),'". — Frequent cooiou* eniimon of 
pale, diluted, watery urine,". — Frequent, rather M-anly, discharge of thick, 
reddieJi-bmwn,irtriei«('ent urine,*". — [Diuri«i.sntnighl.wilh profuM.'twcat],'*. 
— [r>iur«si», with the apiienranee ot' roenMruaii^tn],*". — EiuiHiion of urine 
iacrwsed, and mo«tly involiininrv,"*- — "H* cannot retain his urine,'. — lu- 
Toluntar; micturition 'in three cliildren},'*, — {U70.] Involunlnry emiBtioo 
of nrine (in three cblldrrn i.'". — IJnvoluular^ rmiMioa of urim; trmpomiy 
pimUgmt of the nrtk of ike blnilder'],'*. — Tho urine continued to flow invoK 
untarily without interruption, and was like clear spring-water, without 
aniell. Wheu one alteniptt^-d to enteh the urine in a chamber, the patient 
tuok ibe vcvsel, ari<l held it uff with one band outside the beil, nhite with 
tfae other he hold hi« poni«, and continued to urinate,'". — rne>.>ii!^-ioua 
emiaBion of urine while in a titii]tor,"°. — 'tlU ttrine atapftl from him liuriny 
dttp tierp in t\»« datftime,^. — Inrolunliiry urinJition, otWn nt iiii^bt and 
during sleep,*"*. — After nrinatinj;, cold sweat all over the body,"*- — 7"^* 
Mrint bcfamc mere tcani^, and fMuwd with cxcrtiua (alUr one "hour),". — 
•J>irainM/l«/ urine,**. — ItcjunrknbledintiaulioDiu the nrinarr excretion.*"*. 
— [IMO.] 'The uriaeunt teottty for the firat Ut*Hly-foHr htnin,"*. — Anuria in 
two ea«e,"*. — Excretion of urine now mcrea«d, now dimiuithed,". — UiiB* 
culty in uriiiatinic,**.— It ladder full and distended: ihe urine flows mIowIj 
and shiggiablv inmugb tho catheter."*. — iM-huria for twenlr-four faoura; 
lor fix days aAer this the secretion did not exceed six ounces in the twenty- 
four hours, very bi^h -colored, and apparently very (hick (oa twelfth dar 
of taking iiitedialf a gmin of extract three timn a day for diabetes iunipi* 
das),"*. — Vioh'iit stmn^ury lowanlii the rlose,'". — Violctit vtnmjEor)', with 
bloody micluriliou ieascof p-iiponing by 46)i;raiDeortfac ex trwrt >,*".— Could 
neither urinate uor diacharj^ atool,*'^. — He puaed do uriDe, and the bladder 
was evaetialetl hv the catheter, the quantitir being acaotT. and stnincW nm- 
woniacal,'".— [liWO.l R.|eniion of urine.*""'"*.— [•EVtention of orine, 
which onljpauea drop by drop],". — Ketention of urine almost iuvarir 




»ly ownn during th© «ctiOD of a full dose of BcJlaiJonnn. niirl (Jy^iiriii 
very oft«n fiillow;'. We mav cDTOuraee a patient to make prDluiiRrd efiorte 
to Bum urine wbpii fullj iin<lt>r the iuflueuc-R of the dmg. nnt) lie will fiiher 
bil Altogether, or ouly paw ■> r<^w drnchmi', nnO thi.-i not in little jprk^whirh 
iudicste cpa^ni, but iu w«iik driblets. Indv<-d, llic abevtico of @)>iiem ta 
readily dcwmiincd. If a Aill-sixi'J flL'xibte t-mhtter be [ffi!«cd itniK-r tli<>» 
clnnimstauces, it meals with no opposiiiuu.bul ))ilh&(« tvudily into the bind* 
der. and the utrine flows tu shiftgiehly as from the blftdd«r of a pnticut 
sfliii^trd viih bciniplc^ia,'**. — Itetctition of urine; oflrn ho would take the 
cliaiuber witliMit micccm; be ran tnurh about, could aot lie <)(iiet for & 
aiinui<>, iind hud twitching of tho fncini niuaclM C^ftor a f)URrter of ad 
lioiir).'^. — Supprcauoa of arinc, eomutimrf v'llh couetipatiun, wimctimcj 
with diAtrhtL-u."*. — SoppresHionof urim'aiid stool, for ten houre,', — fJftfl-em 
EouASiot) of a quKDtily of watery nnno, with ewpat.". — Frequent dl«ohnr^ 
of palft, watery urine, with copious aweat,"*. — Whitish urine,'. — lirignt- 
yellow, rlear urine (afWr four ho«r»).'. — [1600.] [('Ii-ar. Jeninn-mloreil 
arinej.*, — GoIden-ycUnw urine.'. — [}V//(Hr, turhiit urinr^.^\ — L'rine with 
graoiiah rofl«etioD»C'". — Wati-r ih-^p red. with n lijjbt fwdiinent,*". — Rtoad' 
mbmt uruw," — t'rinr. dart.aod incrauwd,". — Kmisfion of dark, bloody 
urioe (After ont- hour),'", — Bolladonnn inrrejiscA tbi- vrsical niucua in lh« 
urine,"". — Urine with a white, thick seiliniciitt after twt^lvchoun^),'. — [1610.] 
*Tht: tiriw: bemnet turbid file yfaM, uilh a rtdditJi tedimeHt,^. — ^Thick, yel- 
Inwi^h-red. bricbduiil eedimeuc iu the urine,". — Diachargo of gravel with 
th* urin*"."'. 

Sejcital Orffans. — (Mah), Red pimplM And growths ]tk« *mt\{ 
eODilylomala on thp penifl,"'. — A wift, pninlr«s tumnr on the glan^^ — ■ 
Fie<)ueDl erpclioiw,". — Frequent inroluntary erertionii and iiiToluntary 
MniaiCMis of urine,"*. — WenkneKt niid n^tnxatioii nf the f^nitaU (from one 
AB<lMveD-eighlbsgnin),'". — [rritatiou of the genital un;iin^ in boy«, which 
V)u inanifest«4l hy conAtant crcctionit, am) by Mrizing the nicnibcr with the 
Ihuu]»,"*. — ImmivlintelyaAerurinnling, :i8tiiiirtin^[Kiiti in theoutvr edgvol 
the prepuce,'. — [1630.J Heat and rcJneaa of tho penis, with constant semi- 
crcrtion,"'. — In the fore|inrl nf the elanj. an itching titillnfion rftnembling 
B flea-bite,*.— ^^iiARt ion a#i if mnsra by an Accumulation of wnim in the 
•cfotum,"*. — I ntlnmmatory swelling nf th<? t/wticlcs,"*, — Drnwirg nnd 
lanciuAting pain? in the spermatic rnni? and tu'ticlra,'". — During micturi* 
tiaa, drawing in the »pcroi.itic c«nl.'. — Ikfore fulling asleep In hi-d in the 
MVuing, a tearing upwanlx iu the left apermatie cord, repeatwl n few 
lim**,''. — Violent shootinj.'s in the icMicIt*. which are drown upwards 
(after ten, eighteen, and thirty hours),". — Increased sexual dft'ire, , — Tii- 
difleronre in the night to the distinction of the sexes ; do lascivJuui^, luftfiil 
thoughts will enter h\» head ; th« ecxuaI desire in th« imagination is %* if 
extinct,". — [1630.] Entire loss of ecxunl desim,"'. — Discharge of profftalic 
iuicc,"*, — Discharge of prostatic j»i<^ from a relaxed penin,'. — Nocturnal 
jmllatinns,"*, — NoelurDal emirsion of iienien, during relaxation of the 
pioia,*. — N^oclumAl emission of femon without lascivious dreanta (tlic Rrst 
■ight),". — Feebl*, but abundant, cjnculnlion of wMntn,'". — (FrmaU), *At 
ttrry Mep riolfut lhooUnrf» in tfie ifiiilrit region, nn !{ in ihf inl/n-wii 'ktu/U 
argaru (after FJxtMQ hours),"*.— 'Badly ameliiiig hemorrhage ft-em the 
Itbnu,". — 'Btimiug, preMiitre, nneatiiifM unit uright in the lUeriae re- 
jion.".— [1640.] Craniiw of the womb, with feeling m if it wan gmwing 
Dtnow,***. — Itefore the men«c9, utcritve colic with weakness of sight,"*. — 
*Svming in tfu ovarian rtgimt,'*^. — Lcucorrhuia and colic,"" (Case 14), — 



Fliwli-t'ulored or inillcy IcuoorriMEa, wiih « gr^ni ilcnl of polit'."*, — M 
trorrhagia of light dolled blood,"*.— '[Metrorrhngia. the blood havii 
a bad B]ii«ll|.*''-*A violent pretiing: and argiog tovards the aexM 
OrgaiU, aa if eT«rythillg would fall out there ; iroror on iriUlng icni ami (/A 
^mlkiug. bettrr on tUtiidinff and sitting ered (after tuti houm |."".| — BriiiRiDc 
on of the calamenia,'. — Increaseil menBce {curative effwt),**. — fl600.] 
* Inorrlimtte men^rual diwhurgr vuiif iKrur mddruly in Sfmalta,^^. — (ireatcr 
flow of iho itiGDi«c8, with relnnliuion lil! the ihirtv-secuml, thirty-^ixtli, and 
fi»i-|y-i'iL'lnli ilav,*". -(.'ill II III I' 111 II !i]>]ii-«i' I'liii' iI:ivm Iim Nimri,'.— *MemeB tOO 

toon and very "pr«fa»e, of thiclc, decompoBed, dark-red blwd,"-.— Mcujks 
aometirucM dcliiycd, or of piilu blood,"*. — Durios the cntamcnia, great 
tliint," iCmsc 14). — During themeiiBCs, fever, painl'ul lowilude, colic, pnini 
in the limho, weaknetuand iadinatioato remain lying down,"*. — Increased 
sexual dmire Id women, eepc«inlly before llie mi.-ii9e« iiiid iu ihc evening; 
abwiioc of (Itiatre. uud evcti nveniun lo an crnbrni.v. in the iiiurning,"'. 

Jtenfyh'ritory Appnratmi.—lMrf/nj'.Traeheafamljii'on' 
Chi. Catarrh, or cough with coryra.'. -ClaUtirh, with eouuh. cnTy/jk, and 
the head and eye;* xovcrcly aJiccted,'". — [1660-1 A Ercnt deal of icoacioiu 
mueUB in thn krynx tiiul nasal fViiine,"*. — *Thf dryrum ejlmd* into tha 
tarynJt, fu'Wini) iha voi>v. htuh/, and afitn induriny dry ntigh,*** **. — 
*PaiaiU drynoia in laryiut, get nri'iA an UHconaiferafdc itver^ioti to aU 
rfriVU'*,*". — Th'-'sciiflibilily of the liii'viix w.'wso mitcli iiupuinxl niiil dcgliili- 
tioii H) tiupt^rfoi'tly jHii-forrneil, ibnt. on iiitro<luciiig a warm infusion of 
colft't? iiitu lb*- [liiUent'tt month, ihc liiiiiiil collected about ttic Itirvux, and 
bifl lcnluri>.'< booimf^ nlaniiingly turgid in <;on9cquence of tinpedtitl rcspini- 
tjon."*. — Kvi^ry i iixpi ration caii»cH irrilation with dry coach,'.— Pain under 
Inrynx, with liiecoujjh, after eating (tnmi onfi and *cvcn-<iighth»(rniin),'". — 
'fteuatioa aa if the larynx was inflamed and awoUen, with xiiuring 
breath ill);, and danger of Bullbcation,"^ — -Sccnetiou of a (urmt d«il of watery 
]>hk-ctii,"*. — •.Sn/wafwn as if »om« one eontirietfd hi* lanpue,*". — Sou»«tiwn 
as if lh<> larynx waa narrowed and toro.'". — [1670.] Spasmodic movement 
of the larynx a* If it wa» being lioil up"*. — Sensation of ulreralion and 
bleeilint; of llic larynx."*. — " Vinlrnt lempittrj in larynx exeitci a dry oou^h,", 
— "ISMittg Olid inrttinyin thf lari/ux mtfi iHvlrnt par<u»f»mi ttfcouyh,'**. — 
*In l/ie evaiing, ajffr lying dotnt in lied, lieiiing-ilching »en»aiioii it* Ihe bad 
part of the tou of ihf. hrt/ux, eauainff a dru, giiart cough, ii7iicA }ie cohwA 
*¥ppre»i,'. — 'I he upij^-r jiurt uf th« Irachca is aHected ; no cougha up a sub- 
stance iN>einb)iii^ old t-ntHrrhnl inucu», of a punilent appearance (in tho 
inoroinfrin U-iI iniil after rising). (after sixteen Jn»ur*i.'. — Noiwand rattling 
in the bmni-biiil iuIk'^j, wiili inwoMiliititr," — Voice, "AW and then, 
whiU fp^aiing, (Ai iwico, urkirit fnid Ittrn Wfak, heeonif* «udd*»lv loud and 
cfoir,"*. — The vmce became bo nbarp and clpar that her own fntmT did Dot 
IcDOW it (natumlly wtniRwhat hunkv).™. — *I('mgh, haartt wico.'. — [1S80.] 
*■ f'fftcK htarM) and wiok*'*. — *Hoarte, roQjfh voiea, with drmuaa in tk* 
thrtMt, the. tirid of WdVA «ke acrrumtely lamlcd in I/k larynx: tho Md U> MU^ 
Jnquent/y, tttut meaUow ofien ; iMm nealiowing, the romplained of pain in 
the laryiu,''. — Hoante, dull, shrill, nbiatling, ua^al voice ,"*. — * IToartentM,^. 
— •HoaTMOeilf after six [loun ,"'.—* lh">if-i>^Mant^uvliHgtAaph/>nia,'^. — 
*BoanenDBa. which waa especially noticed when crying,"". — Tin.' voice 
iieeins c!liBn;>eii, iiml ^li^titly u]ipmsjiPil,"^— Tlie voii» is changed, soft and 
lioawe,"*, — rjpwikiuK u very ditticult lor him ; he apeak^ in a piping lone 

t Lying, riUiog.C. D. 



oProlce,'.— (1690.] Voice weak,**.— Temponiry lonof tpeoch (aphonia),". 
— Almost outiiplotf apliimia,'", — •J/>/M>n»a, or tonfiued aeunda vttered wUh 
iain,^.-~CoU!ih and ExitettorattoH. Rawnett* and (lrvit«m in the 
upper pmrt of tin' Inniix trxdies a coiigli ". — Cough, holluw nm^ ecraping,'. 
— Coogh, with loM of brpAlh, noUv iii>>pirjLi<>ti. fiiof red niid ^nriilltMi as in 
boc^iog-coufrb,"'. — Cough, <«|ic«iftl]y in tho aflorndoit, ot iirKht in bcil, arvd 
diinri>; (•kxp.'". — Croupy cough (two boysi,'". — A sort of i-roupv LMUjjh,"*. 
— [1700.] * Gtt^h, in'lA a bloody (arfc in the mou/A,'. — Cough, wilh learing 
MoaatiuD ID the cb<«t, atvd painful shurks at the nape of the neck and io 
the abtlumen,*'*. — Coueh. witli prickings lu if with Deedlen, in the side 
ubdrr the left ril» (alter »ix K«un»t.". — llanl fit of cutigliin^, ait if gonie* 
thing had "goiio tlw wrun^ wny,""'. — >; AttAvku of cui)ji;liiiiK, whi<.-h cod 
with tnttVQg),'. — AllAck of coujihing, followed by heot.*. — 'Cnugh com- 
nenm to the rvraiag (iLliout 10 o'clock ), ojk/ occur* cmy quarter of tai A«ur 
or a^entr in three or four fitt at a titne^. — Night-cough, Mhieh frwjuently 
avalcea h«r out of slf^ep, af\er which, however, nhc falU aiilecp again 
dirwtly.*. — Cough aftrr eating Qiiil great ihip^t," (Cum; 12). — *Vioieid 
roat/h aiiriiiy fJfrp, viUi ^!mliii{i «/ thr Urtfi*. — [IHO.] *Bfjore eaeit attaek 
Mrouykm^ the ehUil ii quiet, imf unmeiUiilely before theemigh rome$ on, Ae 
b^HM to try*. — During c<iii(;)iiDg, the child stminH much and ia fretfnl,'. — ■ 
*Ihy rough, w/trrfb;/ Ote throat m iii-my>f </."•. — *^k(trt, dry, natty, rjKumodic, 
or «■/«■ hollow and hoarse cough. ■'\ — Vii>U-ni, dry eough as if a foreign 
body had lodgci in the Inrvux, wiih coryzft (ftftfir three hours),". — Attnck 
of coughing a;< if vnc had iiihulud dust : he is iiwukeiied by it at night, with 
narou» expeclorstiuu.*. — (Fur i^venil days in HueL'«s»ioii, about iioou, 
riok-ot rongb, with expectoretioa of mut-h icuacioua inueuH]," {Case 22). — • 
MuctM io tnc air-paseageA expectorated by coughing uud hawking,"'. — 
Expectoration of viwid and whiti>h imicu.'*,"*. — Phlegm, csijeeially in llie 
m»niing,'".^[1720,] At linies* expeetonition of hlacktsli, thick niiieiD*,'*'. — 
In th(! uioming, ulu-ii coughing, exjicclAratioii of bl-wtdy mucuV. — Spitting 
("f hlootl."*. — Hitnioptv^is of clear, biighl-rcd blood, rarely coiigulBtca 
tud black,"'. — I£fMplr€ltto7l. Respiration 14 oAcn sighing, without ap- 
naicntly being otherwise diltictiU (arter eiaihl hours),'* — [fiighB],".!- — 
Stertorous r«e|>iraut>a i after a ciuartcrurao huur),". — Tiie breulhiug heavy 
and sterinrous,'". — Ropinitory murmur vesitrular, thougli wiilnjut mt- 
iling,"*. — The brt-aibing was Hcrlorouji, nnil the ri*pirali>ry Miund^, ba^tiiy 
exnniincd over the anterior part of the chest, were modilicd by rik-*,'". — 

tL730.] Respiration deep, at tiracs yawning laltcr seven hoursi.'". — Tho 
fvath is hot; respiralioo accelerated (^nfter half iin hour),"* '" '",— 
* Rrtj'imtioH rapid and tomewhat opprtMi-d,"'. — Rei>piratiuii irregiihir atit) 
verj' rapid,*"*. — Rc«>piration by ji-rKS, groaning, ttfcelcratw!,"*. — Violent, 
hhort, hurried, anxious Tt»piratiua (after eighteen hourv),*^. — Respiration 
retardedrat times whittling,'".— No difiereiictt is observed in tho rate of 
respiration, even during the inaxinium acceleration of the poW,"". — ^Res- 
pinuioo short and hasiT,^°*.^Rcspiration short, hurricitl, wtmetimcs very 
oppreMed."". — [1740.] Shortness of breath, anxiety and suHiJcwtive fits, 
espedally at night and in (he attcnioon,'". — 'SHorinm of brtaih after 
dritil-in^ coffee in the afternoon (after threu days),*. — Intermittent trvn thing 
in the night, io aleepiog and waking; inspiration nud expiration tngi-iher 
Itit onJv half as lung as the puuxe beforu the next inspiration ; expirntimi 
OOCurrea by fita and atart^, and was louder tlian iuspiratlou ; iuEpiratiou 
fatfted ooly a little looger than expiration,'. — At times he breathed, at 

f Intmodifttcly before d<«lh. 



tima he iippeared to have drawD his last bpe«(.!i, Burh BtUclcA reourriiw 
foar times in a qimrter of an hour,"'. — Re^nimtioii anxiatti, aiid atteudm 
with tlie hraion ptrululoiifl wiind of cmiip, . — llt^mrntitiii Uboriouit ami 
occasioiiallv Mcrloroiw (|»o?t-niorU'm : cmnj^wiion of ilii> Ihdk*),'". — Diffi- 
cull nwpimliun,". — ^Brtath hot, re^timlioH d^fituU,'". — Very difficult 

ChPMt,—ln Oenerai, Inflamoiation of the tungs,"*.— [17S0.1 Kn- 
got^raoiit and ahftceasca of the breasW,"*. — ' Er}/*ipffatatu twkltng of the 
6r«wto,*".^The breasts auddeoly liecwme flamd and Hat, or elfUi infiiimHl 
and MVulleii, with inrrM»ed ftccretiou of milk,"*. — Burning in the client, 
will) t>i>u«iiciiin Aft if the langf wen> swelling up and ititlii:in}r ilii.- thorax,**, 
— Humiii^ and drawing paintt in th? niiiplns, mp«ciulli' thv rtslit,*". — Vio- 
lent crtn«lri«t)<in &cto*« thv chest, m if it w<to bcine proaaed inwards from 
both fiidw (after ci^rht ho«n»).*, — In the eveainir in Dea,!Hirh a rot>»triciion 
in the chvat, which did not pain off" on (Toii;i;hiiig for tlie purpnM>, ihat he 
ciiuld Willi difficulty dm w in hia hr»ilh, just aa if the macua in lh<> larynx 
plfvi-iilt'd h'trn.nrcompiiiiicd hyii himiiitg in llie chest (nfli-reixty hutira),'. 
— * Ti'jhlni-t.t tif ihf rh/^xt.''\ — *Opi>Tt«»ion nf tke ctifnt,". — OpprcaHion if the 
cIh^I and diflindl hrviillitn^, e»>iK-HiillT vrUtm wiilkiutr andin the eveniae 
ia bc»I, with lilbilniit mucous and often crepitant rile, . — fl760.] Exoeeii- 
ing weight and rtpprcasinn nf the wholf chest, "'. — *f\ttnfitl prruvre in tJu 
t^Mt, tjinuivtg itita (A* iodt,'". — 'I'mnhv pain in itui ehuH attd ftrfKWii Ibf. 
thffuidcrt,' . — ['rvtMine pain iti l)i<3 ohcM with shorlncii^ of br«>flth,and at tho 
eamv liinr hctwueii tfiu I'Ciiiiukc, in wiilkinf; and nitLiiif;,*. — Aeute pmsinE 
in tlic n^ioii uf the tixtli true rib frtmi within oiilwiinls (afW a quarter of 
an hour),'*, — Stitc'heii und pulsatioiifl in thct chesl,'". — In walking, fiao 
tftitchu below the clavii-lo fmrn Ui?fi>re backwanld (after four days),"*.— 
3 P.M., stilche* in cheat and jii^l holuw right nxilla (swcond day),' . — Fine 
eliootin}^ pain in the ohest,*^ i_CWr* II and ]8), — Shooting, diMppcAring 
quiclcly. like «tab« with a blunt knif<>, h<-lovt: lh« last (wo Hcit>, clo«c to tho 
xiphoid CTiitilnEc. and above the false ribs (afU-r eight intnut«»).\ — [1770.] 
Berapin^. digging, and of^en lancinating pains in the cheat, with constant 
inclinatioit to emigh, often without the ability,'". — Groat inrjniotude and 
beating in the cheat,'.— t9ff*l*ftl(m. Pain iit ikmal cxtrc-uiity of fifth rib 
(sfterlL'tw than one hour),'". — 8hjir]i. cninipiiig pwiii JM>t hi-low lh« ex* 
tromily uf iho «teniuni, gradiinlly cxti-ndiiig tu tin- pit of th(^ Htoniacli and 
upward to the slcmuni, and over the cardiac n-gion {af^c-r nine houw),"'. 
— An acute pressing pain in the sternum directly above the xiphoid cartt- 
lage.'. — Stitenai in the Mernum in eonghing and yawning,'. — Shooting, 
pinching jiainn in the chc^il, on both nideii of ihi' upper pnrt nf the stoninni, , 
— A iK'nling pniu under the otcmitm above the iscrohiculus cordis,*. — 
Sftlen. r.iiuM m<ire in the iefl than right eide of the chest,*". — 'Burning in 
the right cAf«f,*. — [17B0.] Prcwing in the right che«t, which caUM» nuxiety,'. 
^Freeatng Hi)ueczing pain in the left and right sided of tho cheat,*. — A. 
pronine pain below the right nipple,*. — Intermittent, pressing cutting iu 
the right aido of the rhc»t. unafliTted by either inspiration or expiration 
(after throe hours),". — In tho right cide of the chwt, a deeply |>enetrating 
Bud conelunt ntitch, unufTccti-d by the breath ing,". — Viae etitcbca iu the 
left side of the chest fn>m the Hleniutn towanls the axilla, more violeuL 
during niotiuii, utialTectwI by the brenthiiig,". — In the right side of the 
chci^t, 6tttcl)tM her* and ihcre below tht- skin, in s\>iwe mca.-ure cxtcmal,*, — 
Btitches in the side uf the cheat under the right arm. which hinder the 



I bnattiiog. towards evening,*, — (PrewiTf? ahoolingpainintlieleA .tide uniJer 
[the rihi»>,'. — Coiuinnt prcssive ttlinoliiig in ihn cartilsgc-j of the left ribs, 
f|nor« violont, kdcI cli(in|2rin(; into an almost burning M>nsiition, durinff cxpi- 
[iBliou (after tlirt'L' hoiirsi.'. — [1790.] A cormdiuK ^uuwin^ pniu bt-UL-ntli 
lilt- mrtUagvM of tli« luitt ribs uii the riKJit #idu (alter twu )iuiira|,'. 

Heart nnd Pttlse. — l*i'a'ctfi'tliuni and Heart. Gn-at anxiety 
about lilt |)r*a>nJi»,".— PnwiiniiiU anxiety duriiiir llie caumeuift,"'. — After 
dinner aott iiujiper, pmronlial anxiecy, hcmlnrne, rednenta of face, and 
liiltr ta«i« ill till) inoMili,'* (,Ca»e 14). — Anicieljr was noiieed altoui tlio 
]ii:art, * )M>culi&r lr(>ubIi<»ot»e ectutntioo frum tiiu« to lime, like tliat untiof^ 
wilb an iutcrniittiti)E puW; ia fact the puW did iniemiit ul timi-;^ (aftt-r 
one lidur),", — Prwsurc ill the cardiac r«?gi(iu, which arresW the breathing, 
&ud cnuMf^ ft souse <)f Biixii^lr,'. — .St'ns^atiou of cariiiae oppreeaion iti the 
icrobiciilus conlis ; ^h^; wiild mtt liri:'ul!iu priiperiy ; tliereiipiin naii8ea, ri»- 
iug lip iu lli« throiit HI" If :>liv would vuiiiit ; and t>u op[)r<»ion and iiuusea 
BllfrDSt«d every «'v<» intniiu^ (after a <(unniT of nu lionrj.'y — Tlt« nc- 
tioQ gf the heart was fci-bii.' i after two Iiours i,"". — ^Tlic action of [h« heart 
was leeble, and the puUutiunH nf the rudia) artery were 116 in ibc niiuutc. 
Rf alar, and weak (^after tw<) liuurs),"", — Weak but fre<)uent heat of the 
heart (aftor a quarter of an bour),'^. — [1800.] Beat of heart and pul^ 
nuoller and jwnicnhat vunlructcil.bul nul ucrvkrutcd,'". — 8turl» and trcin- 
bline uf the heart, nhicli fveU lar^jf and heavy ."^ — When »lic gi)e» ii]»tair8 
tbe heart clucku; a sort urpa!i)ilMliun,''*.^Viuloiit beat in ji^ of ibti hcnrt,™. 
— Bcaliug and |>alpitati"U of llie heart, with grvat oppreiMion of tbc chcet,'^. 
— Violent palpitation,''*. — Viident pnlpilation, and aeiive, acci'leraleii 
putw,"'. — I'alpilalii)n of the lieart, will) puli-ntion of the (carotid and leni- 
ponU art«ri(^, heat and rc^lne^ of face; generally with congt^tion to the 
neu), and lever taftera iiuartcr of an bour),*', — l Dnring n^al, [julpilutiuu, 
witli leeliDg w if ibe coociisHun extended tu the throat, mure \iidcnt dur- 
tDemoTemetit.utid with diliii-ult, *low respirBtioii ),*. — l*iilMe. Very fecblo 
fSut (nfWr uue bour),'~. — [1610. J I'ulie very f«ekle and aluoet count- 
!(»,*•. — Pulwc scartx'ly itfreeplibk-,'". — Ful«r small, eoniraelfd, not lu !« 
tooBted,'* '".— rnlrt- full, and wlijiblly acwlemu-d,"*. — *FoIl, freijueat 
palj«. .VwroiW by tcu fccci/c,*.— 'Palae fall and quick (90 to 100), (after 
Hxboura),". — *lSil*«JuH,abf\\t riM."*.— Pulse si r()ntr.lVi(|ucnt,"'.—Klr(>np, 
nipid [)ul5e,"'. — 'Pulse nrnch increased in force and fteqneacy.'",— [1880.] 
Verr araall, quick pulse,'. — Piil&e small, eonipresncd, niiil very quick U-0 
[to 130.1, (after »ix hour»;,'*. — Puli>e rogulnr, aiuall.aud Itil*,"*. — PnUe rery 
eble. and quick,*^. — Pul<* extremely aceeli'rated,'^. — Ai-celerated puW, 
or saiajl, eumeiiinvs full and i-luw, or »mnl] nud slow, or hard and 
UB»e?'*.— Pulee SOteeeond day),"'.— I'tilw 80 to fO.und r<-gukr,".— PuIbc 
90(«cund day),".— PuW 100,"".— [1830.] Pnlso 110,'^.— Pulse 120 lo 
130,"". — Pulw very *low nnd full, . — Large, full, slow pulse.'. — Very 
amaU, alow pnUo,'. — TIk> puW was solt, and slower than usual,". — I'ulse 
mak and fIow,*". — Pulec cxin-mely (<lovt,hlifuriit,au(I irruKular,'". — Puloc 
Mnk frum 60 to 75 per minute * after ten ininiitMf."*. — Puli^ TO, fei'ble, 
and eompnwible,'".— {1840.1 Pulse tiU (after live and h half bouiit),"'.— 
Fkilse 37, radial artery full, liaid, and firm to tbe touch, with entire iticcD- 
tabiliir; a vein \ma^ opeoed in ihe arm, llie blood, which flowed etowly, 
was (urk and thick,"'. — Pnlec irrogiilnr; one Htrun;; bent in quickly ful- 
lowed by four or five weak ones (after half an hour},'"*. — Pulse small and 
intemiitling,"*. — Pulse coutracteil, very accelerated, often iut<:rinittingC>kU«r 
lerpu hours),"'. 



JVrrfr and Tiach: — ..VcrA*. ^Stcfltini; of (hit fflrrndt on the UJl ndr 0/ 
(j^ RMJt, at whii-li upui ho hI«ii froquiMilIv outnnlairi«ora biimitig juiin,"*. — 
*SKcliii%y vj ihe glandt in Iht nape 0/ the tucli, with clomltucas 01 thf liMd 

(after six dayn).'. — '/iillaniNMfiori atul «(d«Wh« of tke ylan<U 0/ (Af neek and 
of tiu batM of Oie fAroo/,"'. — 'tiweitin^ and utiffaeu uf the tieft and turpe of 
ike neek, t*jKS!'ml\y on the left >id«, wiili crimpy pAii» at the leoKt move- 
raeot.*''. — Drawing fwiiu nml j>n»<tiiT nl thu iia{>cof the iieck,**'. — [1890.] 
Pressive piiin exteniallj iu tho iii'i'L, wht'ii biinng tlio hcaj bactcvranli 
■nd when toiurhing the luirt,'. — *J« mutjhiny, a riotral preMtntj pain in Ihe 
tvmt9ftlte nfxl; tu if U irou/j t>r«ik (ftftcr tlir««RtHl u Im If hours ),*. — ^h«fp 

Eain Dclwren the laiat ccrviml and linit donuil rertoliric (after lour nml & 
alf iKMirvi,'". — .Senmtinii ns if the nafu^ nf the nevk wn.* slrurk ivitli a. 
bamnicr,'". — Dnck in fieneraf. Weakne** of tho (pino, with heavi- 
Dea» of the hvad. kq'J -touiiiii^ w«lk,"*.— {rlitfnow of thf mtiMrlM of UiO 
back and lower extremities preTriits iiim from silling up in hnl, nr rai«in)c 
hinuelf upright ; ifBnpport^d, he i^ able to Klan<I 011 htH feet, but u tinablo 
lo tuyvc ihvin or to walk," — Rheumatic pain in the Hack," (Caw 16). — 
Burning »eiiMti<»ii, a« if the spinal marrow was on fire,*— <Tnnnps in llie 
bat'k stitl Hiv^t,'". — Crnniplike pr«Mive aenmlion in ihe middle of the 
spinal columit, nhich become* ten^ire wl)«n he attempts to straightRn the 
back {after half an hour),*. — [I860.] DurinK llic nieaeca, n cramplike 
tearing, now here and ihera in the hack, now in the arms,'- — Pain aa 
irdii^oeat<>d in the right lide of the back and thesptnal column,'. — '*GNaw- 
in'j in Ihr fpitwi co/winn, *rHh ani'jh,^. — Pnnire pain at the I«ft of the 
spina) column, under the fiil'^ HIk*,*. — Stabbioga a» if wilh a knife fiv>m 
witlioui intrar^ls in the wru-bn*,'. — Stiooting and giinwing [Kiin in the 
spinal ooUmn,'. — J>ortt<tl, rniuftil 8tiflin>«ebctw«ii tho wapula- ami in 
tn4> nHp« of thn ncrk when lumiiiK the bead and neck to and fru, iu the 
tnoniing (after cixleen hours),'.— Di-iteri-'ive and rheumatic pains, with feel- 
iug oJ'dulocalion between the xhonlder-btndoii,"*. — fain between the neapulie, 
as from avlmin,'.^ — Cnutip-p«iiti, almost like pinching, between Uie rijcht 
acapnia auil the epinal cotuiiin,". — [1870.] Viuleut drawing alun;; tbe«ittne 
between ihetvspulRi, iu the evening,'. — Dmwin?, cutting juiin beliiiid right 
ahuulder-bladc,"'. — Preaaive patn under the left ecapula, more towftrd« tbo 
outer tide,'. — Drawing preeaure between thii right scapula and the Aiiinnl 
ooluina,'. — Fine sbootlDgs in the right scapula/'. — Repi>tite«l electric iboota 
flrom th« l*ft ivapnia to the right (after one hour),". — Jjttmbar, Burn- 
it^ and weakuen in the luius; he walks with difficulty and bent ovvr,''^ — 
fipaamodic aeiuatifin iu the left lumbar region,'. — Cranipa aiid pressure in 
the loino, extending into the bladder and groinft, with iiicliuatiun to bend 
over and equat,'**.--C'nimp6 and paiiM oi'dislocatiou in the loine and bade* 
with painful stitToeas of tlieae part*,*". — [1880.] Sharp uli^ht (nin in left 
loin, jii«i above imhium (after ten ininute»V"-~^ '""''> |i? P*i'> ■'■ "s)*^ Xoin, 
and in lower extremity of the iternam (after fifty minutoa),*". — Intensdy 
painftil aeoNilion of cramp in the Iu mlw-Micnil rv^ioo and the coL-cyx: he 
can only nit for a short time, and whileeitting becomes quite vtiET and unable 
to rise again for pain ; be caunoi eveu lie down well ; he often wakes at niglit 
beoauee of it, and baa to turn on the olber side b«caaH' uf the violeorc of 
ibe pain ; he cannot lie at all on tlie back ; he i« reliefnl chiefly by atamU 
bigaud walking slowly about, but heoinnoi walk fa»t (fur eight days),'*. 

Extremities 4n General,— Object it*e<. The bloolvewcla of the 
limbe aredieleoded, especially theartcrieti iu tho neck pulmte, ea that when 
tlie tower jaw w opeoed it strike* againxt the upper one at erery beat, and 



tbuB KivflB rim Ui a ilight chattcnnE of the teeth ; at the f-amfl time wnrmlh 
and feeling of wamiln in the whole hotJy, more eH|wriallv in the head.'. — 
Swrllinjrof the injure<l arm and foot," — l^xirynf nil ihfl liniW fiLflcr n 
quarter ufau hour),". — TrvinblioKof the limbs."" '". — Tn-iablingand lusxi- 
lailc of tht limbs," (Case I). — Trembling of ihc limbs; tollcriug gnit, with 
nbiug lip of otic li>g, n£ if huhud to luwndahill ; wboreforc hefullB down, 
and is unable to rise again without aid,^".— Tbe limbi} are in a cou^iant 
tremble; if a Itmb wan lifted it would again fall powerleee,"*. — [1690. j 
Trembling in all the limb^, inahiliij In walk, diiftended veins r>v(*p the 
wholo body, and diaigreeable (wna> of irritation in the Ihnmt, for scvonil 
dayt.'*. — [With suddi-u outcries thv buiids and ft-ct Iremblc]," iCaao I). — 
Eiliwuiities uonslaiitly in motion, L-ajxidully the hiiuds, for he i^i conHtanlly 
busy trj'ing to catL-h brilliantly colorifd, gliilt<riu^, fierj- hallucinations,'",— 
The limbs are Ju constttat motion, even without interruption, during the 
whole night,"'. — *ffe tlowfy mow« Ute extrcmilM upuiir<if, fmuhdnff : Ihm, 
wifA oTftttrr fortt, he fArow* than dotimu-ar<W^. — The ext reinitJi-^ nuiild often 
inruluntarily norfonn the inoliong [woiiliar to ihc daily diiliw of the iudi- 
vidual,'". — • /ici/cAiny* o/ the limbf,''\ — (i'aiuful) twitchings in the arine; 
rooR' in the right than in tbc Itft Icc.'^.— (-'oniorllous of the extrrroitips,"". 
— Alternate Ftrange distortions of the limbs, and oomplete immobility,". — 
[1900.] CoDvuUiom of the limbs,"*. — * ConvuUivc ipwtwimte of (he limbt^, 
—All the limbs are in conruLive motiou,*". — *€oavakive momr-ttUiry aitfn- 
lion of the iimb« on nwkiag out of «/ir*y,'. — [Spagmodic stretfhing of the 
Ihnbi, with contortious of tb« eyo*]," (.Caw 1'2), — Convulsive twiKihiug, 
IvroiiWt aod moving of the upper and lower limbs,"'. — Bpaems of all the 
limbs, . — [Spasms uf the limbs, with hiccougli]," (Case I4>. — Numcrotw 
ciBni|ia, ipasiiia, agitatinti, and ooniortion of ihe limbs,'". — SeflnatJong, 
•Eeminem •/" (A« hands and /«rt,'.~[1910.] [Lojuaudt of (/<r ttmftd].".— 
Laaritnde of the liiabs". — Induleucc in all the limba, and i[idis]K>3itiou lo 
work,*. — In course of timt' the extn-iiiilifs bi-eonie w> fLfhle, and ulmnst 
lame, that he could noitber stand upnghl nor miBO- his haucU,"'. — Pnmlytie 
wcakouv of all llie muscles of Ihe upper and lower extremities taller six 
*l*y»j.'- — I'aralvtie weakness, and fet-liiig of pnnilysw in the litnlw, or on 
one aide of the body,"*. — .All the limits >;eein paralyzod (after »ix hours),". 
— [Pamlysis of the right arm and right leg]," (Cnsc llj.t— ^^liUucss of nil 
^e limb^ under the semblaocti of a feeling of Imeitudt;,'. — Frequent stilT- 
SMB and imniobilttv of the limbs ; fur iustinice, he was nut able to stir his 
1»ft fout,'^. — [1820.] Great uiiea^iu^nis in nil the limbs, so that he did not 
know where to put himi^lf,'. — Burning, pnlrttitivp, lancinating, pn^se^ive, 
crampv, or tearing pains in the limbs, "\ — Like gnawing of niaJiy anl8 in* 
leraaJIr in Ihe bi>nR« of nnn and thigh erecping from above downwtird,"*. 
— Pulling, jtrks, and shocks iu the limbV". 

Upper KxtremititH.—In (fetwrah Swelling of the arm,"*. — 
Bed or <hirk swellings on the arms and hands,'". — Trcnibling of the arms 
on ihe slightest motion,'*. — [He rai-'jes the right arm involuiitnrily, and 
vithout hw knonle^lge, above bis head]," (Case 22). — She«lly 
ipvtched out her arms and bauds, as if sli« would seixc minetbing,*". — His 
upper limbs move m if aflticted with ehor«ii,**. — [1930.] The arm* nnd 
bauds were in continual conlortiont^,". — Convulsive shaking of the arm, as 
from excoHsivc shuddering,'. — .lerking and norvona trembling of the arms 
and hands,"'. — [Coneussive .ipasma of the arms],** (Case 1 ). — -[Spasm of the 

t Sec aot« b9 S. 69f. 



mfat nmt, with irrindins of the tM>th1,** (C^m 30). — CimmfM unA ipum 
orthc •rtcu and nantlA, . — On cRtiri^', ni^ wottld ttfltn pii| bi* bud lastMil 
of tbc »}KN>n into liii> 0uu»; »ncii, alwi, hr miu uniibiu to fiii<l bU moatb 
witb ibr ep'wii. timj wout<J niu it iilui)g>i<l«-,"*. — H^-nst- of gr«it lawiilude ta 
tlia arms, but Htill inom in tbp )iaii<li^.aa if ebv mii'^l M Ibem Iisd;^ •lawn,'^. 
— HesviiKn la both arne,', — A bntvinem aoJ jmralylic f««lipf iii tbe 
upper extremities, apeclallr in tb«> left anti,". — 1Iearii>nM of the TelV arm. 
relicreil by vcue^ection,*' (C*«e 23j. — [1940.] Stilfinw, go tbal »Jie OMiId 
not bend rl, in the rtght arm, upon wbioli the bml ant lain, at 3 a.m., witb A 
facing a« if it wcrv aburtcr tbiui the uthrr, luid witb a tcnrin^ |taiii 
tbemn."*. — A 'lense of i stretching and twitting in the Dpp«r extreau- 
ties.".— Paraljrtio drawing pre«iiire. with wealmets. in the right upper 
aad foreftTB <uiU-rfijiir dny^ t,\— Shoulder and Ann. I'»iiiriilrncli- 

iilg of otii' <if ibc left axillarv ^lauih likfttr five bi^uryj,'. — Shooting pret- 
nre en the top of the left ikoulder (.alWr ibroc hounj.*. — ^t)»rj> u-aring 
pain tiodor and in rit:ht annpit i tbird day).*". — Jerking in the shouldrtv, 
with Hamburg aud htavincm of the arms."'. — [.Sposni of the right arm, 
with grinding of tbe leeth],"*. — Inrlination to work the arm*, a.^ if per- 
forming gymuajftio exert-ises,"*. — Weakueai as uf paralviu, first in the 
right upper ami, aft«rwarUa alao in tbe fore«rni (aftvr viglit huuni),". — 
[U5O0 [T'amly^td of the right arm]," (Caw ll).t— [Tbe arm feels numb 
Aud jaiiiful],". — [Rheumatic pain in the right artn, with tense of forniK.'n- 
lioD ; on the folli>wing day *piUm of the eiuQO nrm],'* (Case l\). — Spraio- 
tng aiid contUHx) pain in the arme,*". — She cninplaJocd of a very painfiil 
cramp in the left arm and in the bai^k, which in tbe evening extended to 

the thigh," (.Case 6j Crampjrnnd tearing painti in the arma, Mtartiog from 

tbe iboiiklen and stopping al the eJbom, . — Dr&winj; pain iu tbe tuitide 
of the lell upper ami, . — A drawing downward* in the mnaclea of the right 
up|N!r ann, nhieh, when it liml reached the region of iJn elbow, twiicbed 
upwards again to the axilla, and there ceaeed K>r awhile,*.— Drawing palii 
in left arm nmr inaertioo of dcltoiil muacle, reltovfnl by pnwure (after 
fire honrv I,"'. — Parslyttc tearing prewnrc in tht anterior lurface of the 
1^ npper am (aft«r five dav^ t.'.— [1980.] Paralytic pressure in the left 
apper arm. with paralytic feeling and WMkneti of the whole of the left 
azm,'.— A vii>k-iit flalibiit^ [>4iiij, iia with u (iluni knife, h«.-!uK the head uf 
the humerus, from within oui«BtdiS,'.^Teariog pain iu tbe humerus,'*. — 
Bruiaedpain in (h« upper arms (after six haan),**.— Elbow f Forenrtn^ 
and Wrist, A rumbling in iho bend of the left elbow, as if water or 
•oaie heavy liquid w<,'re running tlirougb the vein*.*. — (.When moving or 
Itwching tbe clbuw it pniun a^t if liiimt;,', — Faralylio drawing pain in the 
elbow, and in thv Qugvre of the leA hand,'. — CulttnK {Niia in tnti interior 
of the left elbow-joint when walking,". — Sharp it|iooling> exleroally in the 
left elbuW'juinl (after B^vcuty-iMo houi«),". — Twiti-hiug of the tenduns and 
sauries on the inner aide ot the forearm (after four honM),*" '•, — [1970.] 
Fceliug nf slight wamuh along the bark of the right forearm, «• of a{)- 
pruaehing DnrabiMwi,aDd a flight pAralvlii? feeling along the anterior tibial 
nerve (in a few mooieotx),'". — Dull acting id the nnaclea of the foreanp 
(after half an hoar),*', — Tearing in the flexor enrface of the left forearm, 
at>d in the jnlm of (he hand and sole of fuoi,*. — Sharp pain Bboodng 
from the wriiit along (he coune nf tbe ulnar norve to the elbuw-jnint (after 
half an hour;,"'. — Acute and tender pain in the radios of the tdt ana* 

t Sot note to S. Ml. 



anylliiiiie nithout droppiag it inini 
hoar),".— Constant mntina of haiiita 

ir pronntor ()uadraliu mtiscleA. (Tbis rain liaa been present at in- 
ienf«U l'i>r years, (hciigli nol for a few nionllw), (after half an hour),"'. — 
Culting-lntriii^ in lli« lower innficle)! n{ tmtl) tbrenrriiftA — Fine tilioulincs 
in ihff MX fnrvATtn (nftpr twi-tiiv-fiuir iHinr*),". — DiiH idiootingH in tftc 
middle i>f tho inner forcami, whitli gniduiiIlT intTcaw, tind nt k<iiglli bc- 
nimf vcr>- violent.'. — 11.30 a.m., dwll. thruliljinK pnin nlunff tlit rnitial 
nervp of ripht nnn fseoowl davt,""- — Biiniing-lli robbing in ilio k'ft fnre- 
onn, near ttlecrnn^-a ninre, nnJ prislPrifr ridge cjf mdiux, ajj^ravalvd by 
Uiiii'h nti<1 light pntfnure; llii.^ K-n.'^nlittn rrpeat^^d il^clf olHii ilnriii}; the 
day ; in the evening n j^iniilar |iiiin appean-d al the bft!>e el" the liCHftulA, 
nrar iJic anple ; (hin spot np]vur« lo iif* wnmier, nnd tiUa vnm- nn pros- 
fun,". — [1980.] Hp is not ablt- to turn llic liitnd «i*ily nmi I'rLi-ly im it* 
Hxb ia» «beu dmppinjj; into a ^las»); hr can only turn it by Jerk-s; ii is as 
if there were a lU-fipieucy of synovial flnid in llie carptis; this imppded 
nvtioii, however, i.-« {lainK-ivi tafter four boiirs),'. — Paralylic tearing in th« 
oirpal lutneH.'. — Hands ami FhtgcfH. dwelling wf the luuid;'.". — 
GiTBt ■uelliiig (if the liaiid.". — kSwelUng and •'tiffnew i>f the joint* of the 
handi","*. — The liand« swell and beof>me dry; he could not l«kc hold of 

ininicdintvlv (after lliree-qunrun* of an 
1§ aiid hiijttrs,"'. — The hands were in 
cotistani motioo, the Ixiv playwl with hb fingera, pulled and jerked at the 
TOVprtnj;, and pnutihed at various imnfcinary ijUjettj?,'". — Feelin^r uf stifl- 
»«• in the right Iiiiiid and thv tiiigtr* ; Aw t'^innut Ijeiid theiu,"*. — Dry sen- 
Mtioii in the pslin» of the lianM!^, wliii-li felt uucoiuiiiinitr iimooth (after 
one h'luri". — 11890.] Pain in the bones of the hands »s if they were 

inded,"'. — Di^'IfK-nting |«iii in the joints of the hands, "*. — Traiing pres- 

» in thp nielararpnl bniie* imd lln' timt joint nf the left index fitiger,'. — 
Shiiolin^-tcurin;: in the melaearpnl brtnes of the led liand,*.— Sharp xhoot- 
iii}p! in the nK-tacar(>al buuve of the ihumblaftcr onv hmir),".-— >Sli^ht i>ore- 
0^ of the hands (aftiT ten duysi.**". — Soreness of the hands on pn>?u re.'*'. 
— Tlie auterior joint of the middle (in;;<>r ipi a< if siitf and jtaiiiful uu bend- 
ing; a iiirnple pain I? »orc>,'.— Fainfnl drawing in th« posterior joint of 
Ui* left middle finger, as if in the perioeteum,'. — The lipn of the fingenj 
r>f the !el^ hand are jmiufnl, a* if they had iM-eu jammed.*, — [2000.1 Tf«r- 
inii-i'iKtini* in tbo nnivi.ien of th*» rinhi little Hnper.*. — Paralytic tearing 
is the middle joint of tlie right index finger, -.-^Duriii).'- i^cniTul eh ill, 
ahooiiiijpK in the tips of tjie itUKer:« frt)m Ih-Iow upMard,-*, e.spL'einIly when 
srafmnv,'. — Pain in the tip of the middle finger, as if Rjnie fureigii body 
lad Imfgtxl iti it iitid prixiiioed ulceration ; the ^jaiii ie grentor when louH- 
ing the juirL.". — PulMitive or iiiiriiitm imiiis on the linger tips, as if Ihey 
bad \ivK\\ fMnL'ihly piiir-hi><| rjr struck. . 

Loit'fr JCjrt'fi'm It iefi,—In G*^iet'af. Five or tnx spasm* of th« 
tnuwL-W of ihe liinhr, trunk, and lane,^. — Treiuhling in the legs,'". — A sort 
ofMreK-liing: he i» dhligeri Hi extend the lens ( after eleven days I,' .—Weak- 
ni» of Icjtti,'". — lliK h^jis fail hioi,'". — [2010.] He »penied to exereise very 
ltul« control over the lower vxtreniitii'^, and to have very little power lu 
them. It wan elenr he inu.*t have falWn to the ground bad he been lef\' 
without BUpttort. On being led about bi>tli legs drugg<e<l, but neither onu 
W'jre ihaa the other (after eiglit hours),"", — It waa eome days before she 
wta able to walk, even with the a.'AistJiiirc of a pemnn on each side, nf her; 
tiiin inability to walk did not nriwe fnmi weiikiiess, hui nhe «]ipeared to 
little Iwl nil pow4T of e< in trolling the netion of hi-r h'lp,"*. — PowerlessnekH 
of Ibe lower liiiihe, ^q that ehc muet lie down, with nausea, trembling, 

»0t. II.—* 



anxiety, aud vertigo,". — Tempfflmry parah*sb of the loirer limb*,*. t — [iV 
rafif^it oj Ote Itricer ejiremiitct, hyeifier uiOi Ote. neck of Mr bladder, ttnd tic 
$pltincter «mi].* — Stumbliu^, ulieti wallcirig,*". — Totu^riiiggail,"*"'. — ^Tlie 
gait iu iiksufure, tottoriiig; suttidtug \» unirvruiii (iifli-r one Imur),""*.— 
ota(JKi.riu^,™.— .\ drawing hcaTiuus \a the leg*,'. — (2030.] Painful wim- 
lion iif iic»viiif.<M in tht nght leg. «Ucn laying il over the left < after four 
houMj,*. — An uuploa.'uinC scnH&lioti in the joinU of the low^r pxtrcmilies, 
pttiticulnrly iu the know, as if thoy wouUI giro way, espwiuHv when 
W'ulkiii;;. anil whun 'finwy^ <luwu stnir^,'. — Rip and Tftifftt. ruin in 
the It'tl hip, with limpiag."' iCttsc 20), — W'lu'ii Iviiifj; uiwju htr nyhl hip. 
fthu fix^l^ a jHiiu in ht>r Icfl; hut when >^ht^' lii^s iijHm luo puiul\il hip, uU- 
unen4<inE») sub^tle^ inftcr eight or nine iluyii),'. — Neur&l^ic |nud$ in tb« 
hip-s urninH, thigLs, and knei-n, cumins on in |iaroxv.-imi, and sggrtiTaErd'] 
in the nlh'rnivDii and at night, by contuet and exen'i»>,"'\ — Oruiony paiiu^ 
with Mitfiic^, ill tho hip and ham, rapeciallv nn the left &idc,'". — Panilylie 
tvu:*iiiu, while walking, lu the hii>-ju)nl4,H«if th»y wem di<>liia)tcd.". — Tlim 
or four viul«nt tluHits in llio right liip, wht'D ut n-«L uuil i» mntiuii,'^. — 
HcnvitR'iM iu thv lhif;hs, cvou wliilu siting.'. — ExoeA^ivv lu-avintMH ituH 
GtitTrnhm in the thighs vrhilc wttlkiug,', — [2030.] Id walking, bcAviue«e of 
the thighn anti Legn, with sLiifiicfu of the knvc-joinbt (alWr twelve hotin),". 
— -{InnrvasfHl heaviness of the thigh and leg (with diHchnrge of yelloK 
inucu» from thA nosp, with increa.*ed thiret)},'" (CaiW' Wj-J — At night, he 
full n pnin iu u Hinnll f\Ml on the letl, thigli, ht'twefn thi^ knit: iiud inHrhun- 
ter, wbit-li ehnug^il lu a hurning-thrubhiiig ii<.>xt Jay ; on cIom; i-xaniiuo' 
tiuD, a slight iTysipvlatoii!- rt*diK'M< wjui fotitnl, whii-h, lionvvcr, »>un dbap- 
peared,*'.--Onirtip pain in the gluUei rnuscli.-*, with tcnei'^n, oo bcodiug the 
tiwly forwanl.'*,". — Paralytic druning in tlic right tliigh and leg.'. — A pain 
drawing from witiiiii outwards on a Hinnll niput on the inner mde of the \vi\ 
thigh (at^or Mtc. hour),*. — A knife-siah in the middle of the thigh, more 
tuwurd.i ihi: pii,>t(;ri()r sidi', iuiiii-.-diiiUly itflor ti 1 1 n, ii I, ^— Cutting tllMtS iB 

the external matcles of the right thigh, just above the knee, only wbeo 
littlng (^utW two Iiours Hud a half I,*.— <.'u(tiug twitchiiig-U'aring in tli« 
poat«riur muscles of the tell thigh wlicu fitting Uftvr Ihree-quai-ters of un 
nourj,". — Siirt pain on the inntr side of the iliigh,', — [2040.] J'niu in (A* 
thirjli-t and leg*, as if they were bruised all over, and as if thej were 
rotten; fine snooting and gnawing along the shafts of the bones, with 
violent tearing in the joints ; the pain graduAUy rises from the t&ntl 
joints to the hips, obliges bim, while sitting, continually to move and 
shift the feet, and becomes milder when walking i hIUt four huun^),". — 
The iscliia feel nore ; it seems to her tis if tiht; had no de«b on tbcui ; oovcr- 
theloNj i^he hii-i niun:: (.oinfiirl in fitting on something hnrd than on a fmfi 
seat*. — iriiitl pn^M^iire in the middle of the anterior Kiirliioe of the right 
thigh,'. — X HnetiiiUiiig throbbing pnin in the upper and inner part of the 
Icil ihiglt mtWr twuity-niuv liours^,'. — JCnefM, A twitihiug in the bcud 
of the right knee <aller n. tiiiuru'ruf un hour:'.'". — A lnil«:hiiig iu the bcud 
of iht' kui>e, GXtcnditig upwsirdi- into \\w iiiiwclae of the thigh,'. — [ Treamr 
of tAf *Jw.r*],'*.^Viident pain in the knee,'"^. — Crnmplike pain in the right 
knee, near the jiatelia Inwanls ihn outvr side, when citting,'.- — Cramp pain 
io both ktiec-iointJt, particnlarly about tht; patellie ; nUv could not walk a|>> 
stniri,"*. — [SbSO.] hi^ueoxiag and prce«lng jinin is the bend of the riglit 

f SoeSi. 1&0S, 1671. 

i Onljr All BKigravatiun of the ■yniptomit the had before Ikki lining BvlladuaDa. 



knee.*. — Ii> u-atkitig. llic oulcr liaiititlnng of ihe led Vniie-joint (wU ligbt, 
ami an if (<m> tthort : it atllcnintm nith n i^iiiillHr rn^'iii^aiioii in l)\ii irirMTlmm- 
flriup, but that in llic outer u»c it more iiittiirt,". — I'it:«»i%'fi fhootiO}! ia 
iIjc rijtht nalclla, wliilt! siujiiji iiiftrr tlircc aud ouc-lialf lmiii>i\'. — Dull 
f.hiw)Ls in the bend of tlie left knee (after a (jimrtpr of bii hour),'. — Prirk- 
injp hclnw live left pntolln, wlwii Billing/. — Shooting tearing thrnu};h the 
Irft kur«, iinil n cmuliuj; uii thi- It'ft sv\v ; at ihc fituw lime tiiuriiii; in lufi 
hiitut, ill til** unner ihinl of thf mvlaosrjvil bone uf the liltk- fiiifriT."'. — 
V«rr rautii biil)lilii)f, a» nf wiitcr, lu iho furepnrt of lli« luft kncv, when 
silting (iininwiiftiely),".— Tiiigliiig-(|UivcriiiK pcm^alion over the right ku«e 
when fliltinfi (after n rjunrter of an lioiiri,'. — JjfyH, Nervous feeling in 
tlip )egt«,with inrlination to keep them nil the lime in niotinn, cspeoinlJy at 
nizht in bwl,"*. — .\rtcr lying ft ?hort timo {n quarter of nn hmiri Ml n »in- 
E:ijlnr scuMition ill the le^^, a kind of nuiiibDVw criiwliiig over tlie Ic^s; 
riglil \v^ aSn'ted fiivt."*. — [S060.j Ormt wt-akiicss iu ihi^ le^ ; Iiiitlitis a 
King lime (after half an hour),™. — Pamlytif la^-situde in bolli Ivpi bejuw 
iW kn€e <") in gning iipptkin?,"'. — Trfniulouf hravint^' of the leg;*,'. — 
II>'nvine3«. Irenibling. ami pnralytic wcakn*^** of the lrg«,"'. — UntiiniinitD 
iC-Diion in rhe mius<'I« of tlii> h-g, cjijict'iatly in the calf, whi'ri> ho »\m\ ftcls 
,#on of crnwliug,"*, — tM'DMtion lik* a "growing pain" in \\u- right h'jr. a 
ling of ^liflbeas combincil with hi-a^'ini'?!'.'. — CmntjM in iht legs."*. — An 
DD-rvixmloiiMfnMiliun.ii^lhotigh livHunhl bv!ipi»<j witha crampin thei'ulf,'*. 
— Drawing OB (lie left tiliia ne;if the kniec". — Pr^twuri* in (he lopepart nf 

ilirleft tibia, «hen htaii.tiii^,'.— [2070,1 T«aruig prc8*nrcin thcmiddk of 
tlie ioside of the leg, uninBuenced by motion or contact, '.~Shiir|i »hi>ut- 
ingti in ibe left «ilf. mining up from iho lower [inrt.'*. — IJoring or tearing 
»ti>Mtt« iu iho K-D-io Achillis,'. — 'iVaring pain io the tibia.', — Tonritig ia th« 
Itfl ralf. fntiuvntly nx-urring.'". — A biirning-imring in the li^ upwartls 
tlirMugh th« inner surfaw of the patella,'. — Dull tearing in the le^zs,'. — 
Pnwiii^.tearing j>ain in the right tihia, with sensation of prcAiing oiiundei' 
Ihervin i«fter loiir hiriit>),". — Tlie slighti-^t ci>nta>t niake.-< llie ktg^ IV-vl vts if 
llKywerc Wing .-icmloheti,"*. — A sciwaiiifH in tin- Icgsdrawing fntin butow 
npwarvU.a-' of emwiing exl(-niiilly,liiil iitifrnftlly iw of iiinuni(-nihl« uhoot- 
iojp'.". — [2080-5 "^ «»*«lion in thi- kg as if it wcn.- jnmiDtd, and a «)»>- 
iButiuQ (dull u-aringi ami stir therein, (•«iiuc!iilly nt iiigbt, nlipvetl bv lel- 
ling ibe leg hang down lafter ten houw;.. — Atllclf. t'oot, fl»(l l^oetl. 
U'bilo- walking iu rha o|jen air, tension in the right lanial joint,'. — 8wi.lU 
iiijC of ihi- fi^it.'. — Swelling of the iVi'l. e.-iitvially iu tlie evening, "'. — When 
vBlltiiig In- n>i»<i' np liii! ftrt m if be Merc i<ti-ppiiig over » high olwtatle,*". 
—In walking, hv lillfi hit- ft-el iij' if be vitiA step over things lying in his 
««y ; iikt; a ilriinkeii poraon.'* ".— Ninijbnejrs of feet and legu,"'. — Orca- 
tiunnl la«iliidc of the feel, with drawing pain therein,'. — Sharp pain at 
the \m» of the Rrsit meintai'!^) bone of the right foot (alter four Innire),*". 
— Tlie JWot WB« no painful that fbe had r^i koep iho limb hoH/onlally ex- 
trjidnt nnd imniovahh-.'^.t — [8090.] Ciitling-d rawing al a tiiinW b]vA in 
till- ftvi, which extends from helow iijiwanU, lir»t ihruiigh the legv and 
thigtifi, afterwanla through the (imall of the baek up to tlie (dtotdders,'- — 
A »of< of pAinlesfl drawing or erceinug from Ihe ht:el lo the toec, around 
the bon«st (after ihirty hours),'. — Wlnle walking orbeniling the fuol to- 
pr. )uiin in iIm- nii-t'atjir«il bonis an if (ti«Ii>eate'l.'. — Tearing pain in the 
ktarvnl b-.iK: of the gitat toe,'. — Dull shoots in the dot^uin of the left 

t la coaatction wilh S. 'J&DS. 



foot wlicn fitting; extcrniil preft^iire (lue* not aflvct tlicm,'*. — Whnn trenil- 
ing u|iini the lolt liml, iMiiiliil sliwiiiny* dart up to the knee (aftt'r iliirty- 
ctglil liDiim,". — (*ri'e)»iiii; in iho imi <'nim bclitw upuard^ (itlV^r twetitv 
htpui*^),'. — Vmq, Ri if bruii>etl, in tlic Imll of tbc hc(-l, when ir^udjn^ on it, . 
— A hiiUbtiii); ill the font, lis whtni wiiUT U dropped ihen-in [Jider firty-l'-rtir 
hour*).'. — Bunihij; in the soles of the feet, ua if he wiis wnlkiag on finj,"'. 
— [2100.] Btiniin;; and (ligj-ing in the F*>led of the feet,'. — Tensioti in the 
Mill* uf UK rii-'hl trtl, in the rtr^itiii nf ihi' heel, changing iiilt) a teu^siTe 
|ire<4iire; nhiii pn^isiii]^ iipmi th<^ jmrl this piiin i]t^i)[it>iLr< for sunie time 
(rtfti-r u (|unrUT iiC un hnur i,'.^ — <'i-iuiip in llie wile of Uie li'ot, iii ihu even- 
ing when in bi^i, ulieii dm«iii(; np Ihy l4iii.'+!<,V — lioriiij;, 'liKKiw^ |ia'U in 
the soles of the feet (nf(er M-veriil Ui)iir((),', — Dmwiug jnia in bolbtir nf 
right tiinl (after forty minutes j."'. — < While walking) tearing tn llie »nW of 
the lell trtot, with oeeiiaional shivoiingH, for a *nmr[er of »a hour,'-. — 8hooi- 
ilig [win iu llie boltr:* <jf ibt ft-el (after hwlf an hour),'* 

Generalitic-t.—ObJecfivc. In bed, be lay on bk Iwllr, the h«ad 
bcnl baekwardu and tlio nhin renting nu ihe hitiiJ, without M'CiniiiK lu Uikc 
uiiy liwtiee of what urns dwne or wiiJ iu the room,'". — Tlio whole IkmJ}- wa* 
swollen and red". — Increased turgor of the wliole bodv; burniiiii heat nf 
the skin; extremely reilface; hasty motiociof the hand.*,^". — [2U0.J r>ejilii 
ensueil, and a iniiver^il gangrene throngb the wliole body, whieh in u short 
time hecamt- black thr<> Helmut, and n> tiaeeid that the caticle adhereil lo 
the »urgi''Hi'.' haiid.'*,'\ — Distent ion of ih«snperfii:ial veins of tho b'jiiy, witb 
iusatinhle ihir*i..". — [Tliv head and the riv^l of the hody draHii iiuii*- over 
back«iirda t'uvani* the M^ j«ide,*o (bat he could twt walk]," ^ Case U)t. — 
Sudden indaininatiuni'.". — Trnnfitory inflaininationji ' |dilojrose!i),Bnd rather 
difSmlt hreathiiig,"' (Ciute 4>. — Apopleetie eonditlun I alWr epilentle mn- 
vuUiiHw),", — (After death, nipid i»e[nie ehan|ce occursj,'**, — (fielladootu 
a|i[ieara to aH'ect more powerfidly the tk-.\or tiurlaoc and librotu luem- 
bniue»; ibe Ifft. half of the body nxn-c than the right),"*. — .\ll motiuiu 
OR' performed with (jrwit ba*le, . — All her motions nnd action* wero ud- 
Moady and un certain,'". — [2120.] In mngtof the owtw the power of the will 
over the mitselra was ao far dlaonlrrcd that tho miii'eulnr movciuentA were 
ioracnhat irregular, cauiting a kind of siaggerliig or jerkings,'* — The 
vrbotti hudy is in ron§tant moveiUQiit hither and thither, aa In phnrea,". — 
luee.'i^aut niovenicniji of the body, ftspeeially of the anna,'*. — Mu^Im in 

cuuauiiil luotion, partly allt 

lenmte i-oiitnictiuti^ of .siii'fle luusrW, partly AH* 
tomatic motions Martinjpi of the liiulw, bttinj* motion, ejirpliology."*.— 
Trenior,** •* ". — .Spa^niodie Iwitchings for ^oine dfty»(vt grain:? etlractt,"". — 
Stibaiiititfl tcndinuin,". — KulK^ultua tendininn and carpbologia,". — When 
the ra«diciue biun been gi^-en in gradiially iuereasinp doses there u imliMi)' 
tus; when a liingb' large d-we has been given ooruulBiooi occur,'". — Fiv« 
or six liinus coiiviiUive eutebiug!- of lite vxlrcinitivs, face, and trunk, sueb. 
be »ay!>, us animals have when bitten bv venom ou? aerpi^nls (aU«r five 
hounsj,"*. — [2130.] Oceii-ional jai-lilalion,^. — Freijueut hu<1 atmo<t uuin- 
t^rruptod r<pa«tiiodic jactitation?, 6onietinio« »o violent ii^ to make it nec«»- 
mry to prevent him from being rolled, or partly thrown, otit of bed. The 
nii>vcinent:< of the Hmh!, were of a changing character, now himulaliug 
cliomi, now by-stericn, and, atU^r a little while, tetanus, avea tn opiiithntg> 
uob,"*". — CouvuUious," — ^^t^ouK convuUivns and very Ivud mvin^fs,", — 
*tt»itiW«w»wi; dutoriious of aU i/ic in if or/rc.'* *•*•'. — ^Tbo couvulitiou i«preiul 

f S.>c avic to S. 844. 



le bfwlr, him) inwluced ^-nrioiw iVijrlilAil i-onlortioiis l'Bft«r six 
iMiUrH),"", — ' Hi^t^iiifii eonriilKiAfu aad h'lrrihlf lywwiiw, i'/rjirfiull<ij of fhf fi/:x<iT 
mMtctr*,". — * Viitiriit r»nnil«*inv ; iliiitorlioii rij the fittiltii ami ri/r^^'". — Alter- 
iintr Mninjjy ilUtortiomt of tht- limb*, iinr) <iimplin<» inimi>liility.''. — Cduvh)- 
tiioju. wilh mi>»t lii((tiT(His p«uirf>i, ami uliiiilinj^, Hri^;iiijr. .iiul oryini;, nil 
toC<-lhcr."*. — [2140.] FM<iiiciitcoiivul!-ion>;.<iftoii ttltcniiiiiii;; witli n tJirow- 
ilijC hitlicr aiid lliitbcr nf ttiP cxtrciiiilirsi,'* — Ttic t'oiiviilflintiK <!UI not 
!iluiny< apl>par in llip «inie (legi-w ; ihey wciiild H)l4-rnati>lv slnrkt'ti, t-vcD 
Miift fiir a lime, ■nd pehirn npiiii {nfter one hour),'", — [Artor hicoiiijih, 
flight riniviiUinm of hniit utiil limlH, followed l)v iiniiM^ nml lH>^iliHl(-i,"' 
'C'«<w> 14 X — Exwsxivo iiiMiomi^, siiniilatiiif; triit- <>[iik'i»j- .". — 'Epileptic con- 
TuUiovs,*'. — E|>i)vjitironii vjiiirtniK, witlioul ok'Dchiii^ nf vlu- thuInl^l^,"^^ — 
'KotirjiHf Cimr%tWif$it, fitltotiy^dl h^ an •rpttjJtftie f^iidilton,'*.- — I(F]>caU'd Con- 
vuUidii!! mid horrihtfi ^[wunii-s. rspcciftllv of the flexor niuscles,". — TctaJiim, 
vith (nirvanirc of the bixk limkuarJ or forwaitl. and m:)inetim<« lo oi»e 
(id*,"*. — Itiqoi«ildp,". — [ZtSO.] •fjViwif inr]ttitiutif ; *A<* Mnnot lymain 
wfatfil tony in one ji/nre ; it ilrivrK her about,*. — 'Bwtilu inijiiirfutlc ; fie tnts 
tAtigot enHMlantlif to More Ifir irhott^ kodij lo imd Jro, anti (4jierifilUj thv hnnd* 
mnH jert ; he fnnnni tiny Irmg in tnitf pojtilton ; now he ti'V, koip A^ jritt, now 
h^ ttanti^, *o lliul he ui attfirtt! fh'iinjtng his pwrture tit «nc loai/ or an'^hrr^. — 
IncrsHiiit innvt'iiient of llii* ImmIy, especially of llie amis, with iiiiallercd 
niilw-,", — Ki'StU'^ iiiifii,". — [Ifr letiU-eii rounfi nmi nmnt( in n eirrlfl.— 
fexlrnrtrdiniiry iv*l!ft«^iio*«,". — R^J.^Il^*lU^** i* marked rf-iiiilt f.f llif action 
nf Bt'll.-itliiiiiia ill mawivL- doses,"*, — (treat reatlewiioss; ihcr lK)dy in thrown 
DOW to one side, now to tlie otiier; now the rliert U Riis«i], and now liie 
ahdnmeii."'. — Great reatlo^iiess, eBpeeiaily of the hands,***. — Great restless- 
ucse; he ihixiwa hi;' liaiidj about ; ptillsi at the ci>veriiij:, and search** with 
Iii» finger*. *.* after indiH'l^l'.nfUr five httnrs),"*. — [2160.] " Grmf yf«llrji»nr*» ; 
iht heal ahmd bet leith hanii* miil feel, to fhn! foree Imd In If lun'i'/ in rettmin 
h^**. — tteMUMne*» : every manefit he wished to get out of bed, ^uf \vovld 
tknt Jail hntk ih yrm/ pTnrir»lian."'. — " HrMlranie** at night : grintling of the 
tetth, nini HON' tiftd then coimihiont (aflrr len houra ),"*.— Active movement 
ben* and there in hM,". — * lUM/eja toMing about in owf,'". — The hoythrowa 
hiwM'lf about the htil, nneonwiou*,'**. — <jrfnt restlewntw ; th« girl threw 
hrrwlf ultoiit on the li*il. wilh ii «inloiiic Mnile."*. — *Grfut Te/(tle*fnrM ; 
tbe boy wished to escupe, umt fmil to he /.-•■yt un iti» murh b^j fnrve; nt the 
tipif he lirrtl'ifird >i vigor mi'l ttrmr/fh Jar beyond hin "ye" , — Constant 
'VIHviDe)« and n;;it»tinn; itmhility In MiMain a canvenwtioii, or to rtay iu 
one phiop.'". — Wa-i generally r*-stlew and uiininiiagpahle, refu'iing to hii- 
fwur, OT to swallow, or lo he examiiK-d; (»p|)enr«i profoundly inloxicated 
(afier ooc hour),'**. — [2170.] Iti'Slli'wni.*?, wrarinc-*.-, Iiyiioeliuiidriuc mif 
lown*»,"*.— He was rwllpw in the fxinrim.'. ami would not Mc down for au 
bstant ; his handti were in eotixtuni niutiun ; he tCL-inotl a^ if hu^y moving 
fO(u« li^ht objects Occaaiottally he raised hi^ feet all«mi\lcty eonke dis- 
tance from (he ground, a.'* if ascending stairs, lie niove*l ht^ month iiices- 
fanilT. oTidenily with the idea that he was talkins; biit tlie «nniidii he 
nltc^dwtwinarliMdatcandaitog^th^riminteingible,"*. — StiJf'lienHaiui 
PttfftltfKfHm Htiffncffi of the wlude body," — Gencnil or jmrtiul ?ua*- 
motlii.' rigidity of the body,"^. — SliHiiera "if body, whereby the hea<l is 
^vn baekwards, and the body ngilaied by Eingle jerkin, ]iko elet^-lric 
thocki*,'*". — Ou p.'ttiii(f up and attempting to itlaiid, fell paralyoLil ; could 
walk with difBcuIty,"*. — [ParalvHs, now in one, now in another part],** 



(Ciwo ID.t — [The K'ft sWe, wpecriilly iho «rni, i-^ ctmiplelelr pftralyzcd]," 
(CiiHO ll).t — OiiL- hour after l)« li»<) Itmt the iiowcr uP anii'uUtinii. and 

fnofCDtwl the )i(>iK^nil ii|i|icunitiL-p of a pemmi »ei)M-il vt'ilh ftlii;ht )iiirulyii<!». 
[« WM qiiU^ uniihic f^ hIuik) or vmlk, niiil hi>i liml>]^ wore in a Htiiu- of 
InnMir ami a);italion. llr hcrainc coltl, uml iii^ariy approatrhing a statv of 
biMHwibility : tlie I'vcv hml a nild, vnniut iippi-amiirL- ; the rc*pinitii>n van 
liilmrioim am) n<-f(uii<Mmlly'<t4>rI(>rou». AftprthrTOhouraraore thu lomi>eni- 
Iviw of ih« hi>|y Ini'l iufix'iwe'i, tnw swolleu, »oi itkaeusibiltty nu'rv; c»tuplct«, 
!No iictivv ik-1iriiim ivn:< tiiaitilWeJ.hut I'ruiit Uio geiienl apix-Hmnif of Ui« 
vyi> ami rcaliii-i'!*, tin doubt that |)orutiiir •Ivmii^-iuent ex'iHttxI. »uLxlii«d 
[Mriiiilly l>y lUi- pi-oAitiro em the cpMmtl or^ti, to m more uoarlj' to ap- 
prtKich ihn eUnnii-trr of ajtoph-ST. lie diiM wvmlcm hnura after takinj* 
tlw poimn. Tlu> niut-niortcii) nsaniiiiatum :>l)oir(>d thn pfetcnce of gmtt 
f<nn|{i>HtiiMi i)f tho nmiii, partinilarly at ttm liase, ami of the mMalla oli- 
L'lihiitn, tMpf tlior with (»ii??<lcnibli.M acrou:' ? i i.-ffiL-ii^ti,"". — DebtHtf/ atttl 
MriitfiiriN*. l^ti^uor and aiMttby,*". — [^2180.] Lussiiiulu of ihiikI aud 
body.'.— l-*w'li"h'. iiiiI<jlein*o. avrr»i(i[i to all fXcn'bo and otfiijiatinn,"*.^ 
IV'Viouf to tho cftiam<-»i«, laa»iindc, colic, want of appetite, and dimt>M« 
of eight," (I'aw I" I. — FwUng of w«iarrn<*s fnr nii hour or two in the after- 
noou (fitst day>,''*. — Failure of slmiglb,*'. — Failure of Htrength : grrat 
wmkixm.' '"•.— IJo fulU down without boing nbto to nam hiroi^f.^. — AH 
li«r rtronfftli gaeaiii aa iuAtoot,'". — \Ve«kno«*,*. — Gotwnil debility.". — 
(SIAO.] Wfakneai oC tli« bnlr.".— Muscular wmkncM. atmtjot boiilcring 
on wmtlj-Bis.", — I*anilytic woa\iivra of all ihi* mu«r!f«, evptvially of the 
fi<ot,'. — So nMik that he tv>ulit oot walk iu a r>wm without kanine agaitut 
th* walt,"^.— <^('in'ral wf.ikn«^ aoH audi pttelmlion that tlw pri coi^~ 
iN'<anvlv stand,'*. — Frwiuently rwarriog Mori atiark» of ^mt weako* __ 
rin- ft>A* a* if too beaVT, and a> if drairn rfawn, n that An would Rink to- 
iri-tht-r,'.— liival wMtkncH o( the IcA ti^t, txanhowm of iho IcH lacc aad 
arm, and a prirklinK R«)«t)on in tbo aune paru < fruni applicatioQ of tlie 
pxiract to the f(»fvh««d;,'*. — WmIuum, with tottuing nil : ihi> knt-n f»el 
an If lb«r wuuM ^v* war: be OMBot mlfc,*.— Ocmim feelioe of wcak- 
MMi, like A tkraituung fii^ and iB>bi^7 lo itaad nright. .— CSpat-ral 
WMkno*. nek fwluif. and aiaubT,".-— {8300.] Stau of poMniticin (aftfr 
rix bonr*).".~<ln>«t pnvtnuioB,^. — (inai [wtf tirw,wtth iatatml bum- 
inf!^".— IVnrfratioa of Ftron^. with MrvooMMi^*.— FWistiu fita»**.— 
Aii»t-k« nf fainama,*.!— Altacka of tnmftj*. — Otmer^U Seuml' 
htHtjf. Ka mlU i ri — af Urn pm eni jwibil itr. with t b taer < k l»aw andagrfe- 
ablcbtM^r— "OrMt irnUb&ijuidi^nMua^tMMC^f tteMKM*: ha 
tuMm aai saall* crcrytbiag son BCKblr : tib* wmm of lute, of a^kt, 
aal (T imximg ia hmmm. mat tkt m&aA a wm9 cufly ■ o n *, and the 
tkMwkti man a«tfv*(after tkiw bottnV **.— *SuMnic Mrvaaa exctU- 
WSXf, vitk fxitlM MHOQiST if aU tka rngtm; Ikt iMrt amM. the 

ft» if is fraat abra. Tbts i u h wi n mJ to aeear «fcaw*cr bar bair waa f»> 
iHtvrtI nvm bvr Ckoe. ai- wben I fch ber pdae (after t it w wm baa»h'**> — 
•fUm^ jr^ iHti mm ^' iteafa'a to aJT 1 1 iili < *— (E ntMi ii. aewitiTeiiaa to 
tb« n4d air}.*.— Cb^pktv aawthMJa af tW wbab bedf for amwml daya 
(aAM a >|vu«rf- of aa bMu-V* — Ufa* iKMiriag acHMt oiMaeiawBMl 
»Aer ibtrtT boanV a rwaarkablt asMbaME^ «sa«*ng ovorall t>arti of 
UM* tiank Bad «xtmak>a». antamd aiUliaai, aal f^aiMBd far vfcsal 

t 9lwftM%*&flM. 

5<4 £*«»«. 



m. No pain could he cxciti'tl wliilc this fondition continued, by forci- 
bly pinching Ibe skin of ibe t'oreheail. or of other jntrU: iind ulUiough nil 
uan^unl sensation mis perceived by ib« paliont iil tU(> moment, he could 
mil frith bi» ercM nTencd from the 0{>eration pninl out the precise opot i4iil>- 
jectwl In Willi predion .''•, — Genrrnt Smitatloni*. Ih* »fiv*rti f/nv-itv 
Sim,'*. — Pniii^ in ii)l t)ii.> joiiiu.xii'l n |K-i-iilmr fi'oliii;; as if thtx* jiaiuB, with 
R cold MnfatioD, rittitiniiL'd to ^iiuw ax feir lu ibv U\n of the tiuRcr^ dud 
tM»,'*. — In llw t%-ciiiiig she utu-iiiptcd to strplrh hcfsclf, hot was unnblr to 
lin «> for i«iin.*. — Od turning iu Iwd. whole ev»lcm began to I'wl bad,™. — 
CMinarilr, when » nnin had renrhcd it» highcf^ decree, it disap^wared 
niiidcDlv. itnd int-tnntly there aroee in iln «lf«d a [miii in ^oine other place.'. 
— [2220.] Krtt)iieni rnii»pe on the right «de of llie Nidy, from ilie clavi- 
ele lo the rv-iiiim of the sidccii,"*. — Cramp* and wonkiU'»!. with chullition 
of blood in tnc hi-«d,°'. — Boriiij: ;>uiu in tlio plaudv,'. — I>i;;;;ing pains in 
llie joinf. ami burning pains in tht- boiin>. witli jm-ut wcakni'w.' . — (The 
jiiirtri wUpp.* the shouting pain had been were exlremely tender to touch),', 
— Piilpitatiuu and ticklinj: in the nuiwlR?,'".— '.4 b^^tUng of the arteries of 
the hmii mid oi qU parl« oj the bwlii, in the inoritiiitf uti imKintf*. — 8he was 
much anmiYvd by a cunsunt «ert»atiu» of trenibliii<; in all the muM-les of 
(he b««iy,'*'"*. 

Skiit* — Gtrttetttf Amrearfiiire* Cold, painful. Inn^-laetingnodoBi- 
tJe» and swclliiiss (■'t'CTniniriy n scenndan-iffcrl'i,', — DisteiiHion of ihe cuta- 
neous vein.",'. — (2230.] Skin appeared white like a .«Iatue (unnatural t,*".^ 
Yfllowi^h olor of the skin,'". — 'S\iv/lin^, hi'at, nnd rc</(i>;w of ffi' j^kiri,"*. 
— Intiamtnation of thf Mirface ul' ibr wbiile liody.". — 'Hie tiditk'd parts 
are nuirb dif'iKM^d lo takv mi a pliti'j^inoiioiif, erv»ipii'lfttiiti«, and guogrfmiiis 
phanicUT,'". — Ery!?ijiel!itou^ iiillnniniatioii, wliii'h np[K'an(, diwijipeani and 
muni^ Irf^Hrnily on the face, aiid Hinictimcc on the chrat and »ip|>li»,'". 
— •Rwlnese of tlie whole body **>, with quick pnUe,".— •Redness of the 
whole bodjr. with quick pulse,".— The skin ml ; »iiperfirial veins swollen,"*. 
— f^Iiiii n.-*i, with frtily cliirht fcrer,"*.— f 2240.] Fare, chost, and extremi- 
ties extremely rwl."*. — [Redue:« and swirll \ng of" tho atlwtcd imrtiou.'s].". — 
In the f;irl, ^it'ral scarlet ^.HIueM^'*'. — 'Bedneii, like tcariatina, of the 
«Dtir« tarfaoe of the bod^ (after i:ix houn^j,"*. — ^Scarlet redn«s8 of the 
■UiffcM of the whole body, t*pfci<iUy of the face, vUh mnrkfti ncii'm af ihe 
brain,". — * A *^r!rt rfliinui tutUlniftf sjiread otvr l/ie hrxitj, r/qirrinf/ij thr fnee 
and limh.; iftVA vAiVA npjtrnrfif heat and exnltufion of nil thf fanttHfj ; *\\\\ 
Dithoot thirrt,'". — Scarlet suH'umn of the skin iu young cliUdivDaiidlhnitc 
who bare a di-liratc (•kin. Ucucnilly, nolbiu^inorc than a temporary- blitKh, 
but in rare cnijcs, and in perw>iis who arc liable to vaKCtilar irritatinn of 
the akin, the redneaa remains, and hs. d i^ippearanee La attendeil with xtight 
rmwbnea and deflipinniation,'. — 'Starld rediirfji of nkin '>f ftcf and ntrk, 
jWwanl, OH thf feeoud day. btf prfiin^ ojf of the rulirk,*^. — Sfiirlet red- 
new of tbe &oe and chiwt during idecp, . — BIotch<» ami )>rowth^ on the 
rkln, like eugillalions otchyinoew. and boils,"*. — [8260.] hijiimrd rrd 
jnitJir* of the siin, and irrrrfufarly-tbapcd Knrtef. upofs orrr the bodtj (afWr 
iixt««>ti boars),'.— ^pota and red piinideH at the nape of the neck and 
bnck,"*. — [Blood-red spot^ over the whole body, eapeeially in the face, on 
ibe throat, and <^:he<t]. . — The i<kin u^ ihe wlioJu budy,e:>)>cctHlly the chott. 
b Blotted smrlct. without bc»t of the bead, or ini'n-aM.-d tem|ii.-rature of 
the oodr,'*', — Dnrk-rwi^earb't i^pot* oTcr tho whole boiiy. with ^niall, quick 
I«il«*. tightuew of the chest, an exii'ting ottigih nnich inrrea-»iti in violence, 

delirium, excited incmor}', rubbing of the nose, and dilated jiiipilii,"*.^ — Choat 



ttn<l belly arc covcrod will) ^mnll, rvH, iium«whAt olcvtlcd, patnlras 
frequciilly diMtppt'sriiiE, and then mulilcnly rr-apptHtriti];;, villi )^iionU red* 
ntim of ifie »kiii,". — Tho chmt and tliiglis lire Hpriiikled over wtlb very 
Mnnll ilurlc-r<'<l ii{i4>t:<, of irmf^lnr ultape and hiiec, if^laac 19). — Tlie barlu 
of bfttli hands urc voremL with miiuII red vpala, wliicti <)UA|i[>i-itr Attain 
•peolily.'*. — Dark-nt) >|m>u uu tlir lti»'. rcaeiiibllii|{ tlniiw- of m-iirlL-L IVver, 
with full jHilso,**. — Th» fkiii is ruuffli, and rhiiins («sily,"^— [2260.] Skio 
vory easily wouiidod; it wcms to be bnrncd nnd ejtcoriiitcd hy ooiiUk-I with 
the'ligliuwl ganiitiit,'". — _Erif/j/ /««-«, Drff. Small. Iianl, flidM-manwiua 
■ Iiimor*,"". — A preat iiiaiir rDiinHluni^ or Mack imn-s in llie iikin."\— 
■f>y/wiiia o/ lUt-iM,"*. — Krylli(-nia and biiriiint; itotiiii^; nf lh« viih'a,'". — 
[linl, Jicri/y <-nti>tion on (hr Ivm-r pirU of the hoilg lu f-ir oa Ihr abdomen],'", 
— *.S>irArf rrufttton (tint dttTl.**. — *lCruf)tio» litr Karlatimi all ttvrr fan- and 
hodij lalVT six hours),**, — *The eruption, irhii^t ranlU cJtukrlf/ enoui/k Uuii 
irbirK dftrnHrritrs ttitrlitiwt, A<m hecn Mtllef^ fcy uttntftviu ofrwnvfw,**.— 
* TKr Jfur, titijttr r-rircutiltri, anil Intni rxhihifnl a itiffiutt ntarlti rfflorreeence, 
tluddril leilfi itutummiUe pnpil/ir, trry elo*ffy rr»rmhliutj thr- roA of nrnrla- 
tina, Thf i-nuifinH Urntinatrd abruptly of Ihti vruiU andjUxurt cj ikr ViiffhM, 
tke rrM «;■ ihc tiodif rdainiNg the naturai color. TAe «bin mu lut awi d/y,'". 
— [S870.] ficar!atiim-Iike vruption on tlif faot and neck, oot od the trunk 
orMirrniitics,'**, — .St-arlet eruption ou the armw ninl leps ( io several eases j,'*. 
— CulaiR-ous cruplioii reeetnbltug iot»alitt,'*.—*EnipHo)nliit; ro*enh and 
atarlnlina, wUli ftirr, tore throat, nntgh, headache, rfc.'". — R«] nr whitish 
miliary eruplionfi, likf neltle-ra^h, «ilh huruiii); itching,'". — Jkliliarr and 
m«a»ly onipticiiiK, ax aUo pii»tulc«, a« of Mnall-pos, on ihie fae*.','". — Vapu- 
lar eruptkin rrarmhlinK lieJi^n djrrrtu, oqweinllr rm the handis'*'. — Papular 
praption on f\uv. and iuninclwi.'*. — t^tnall, tiale-red papula in the corner* 
of the mouth, with seti.'iibilitj ; thoy Kooa diaappair without iiut>puruliii)r.\ 
— Bfl, huniinir, aud wry •.ibstiiMtt; pimples, erpecially on the torelioad,***. 
— (8S80.] I'iuiplea am) ulcen uii the lip*,*'\ — A H'hi(e>lipped pimple under 
the left v'tne of the uu^^. without uaiii.'. — Small, red, and very hiirniiig 

Eimplea on wc tip of the ik«c,"*. — Stnall. inlenwiy itching pimplf* mi the 
!ge'*\ — At the root of the noae, two small red di'vation;, which feel paiu- 
foTss ir.*ubriiUDeou»lyiilc«Tat«],oaly wbeo touehcdtAAcmixteendayB),". 
—MtiMf Putttitlar, n«rf UtcerfltedU Blisleni, a» from hunirt, on 
variMM fmrU of the body.***, — BliaUir oo Um fini^-r, with painful influiiima- 
UoBt,". — Eruption on the akta of bulla*, which emit a quantity of limpid 
or otcamy lymph ; aud ihen-with »ueh iuteuN.' jmiu that the paiivnt, ihiMigh 
accuMomed to i>uS«nDg,oanDol refrain firom latneotations andlrar*. Wh«i 
on the fiiol. it b so painful that she haa to keep the liitiU horiionlally ex* 
traded and uotknileiM,**. — Biilla*, whieii cuiIt barvt open, on the palmar 
Blriaeo of ih« foot, and oD the lihia.". — [Paia'ful boils on Uie «tt-rnunil,**.f 
— [8890.] Uoil U[H>u iIk' tbould-.t.'.— Boils oo tk»cmlve» and tliidis,*". — 
PlutoliK and Mtnio aiuall ulci-ra."*. — Pustulniu pimplo, with swelling aod 
redness of the Mirmundine parlx,'*'.— Sawll, red, paislOK pu-tul«« appear 
oQ the t«mple, at the right cocimv of the ooatb, tad oo th« chin ; when 
scratched, htoody fcrum exodea (aAcr thirteen buora),". — (>n the skin or 
tbe> (uee a tdisfat pitaptr exaotbema brok« out. which ■D|ipufaied ilowly, 
and drKd up in a fcw daTs,**. — PiMtnlea at ih^ harden of the lip^ with 
Mnartijiff pain,' *.— A small piutule oo the upper lip. with crcepiog setMa- 
tkio white untouched, hut contact pmdaecs an itching sbuotinj; therein,'. — 



tnlM break ont on the oheek ajid nose, wliicb rapidly fill with ptis. 
btoome Dovered with a oroat,'. — rustulci^ a|:t)i<«r o-a the iiii|>i.- •>{ tlic m-ck 
oait <in llip iinn.«, quickly till willi i>u». iiud tit^coinc rovcrt'd with n rriiat,'. 
—[£300.] The hiM'k, specially iti the s«ipiiUr rpnii'a, is mverc<J wilh 
larp' red puntulpii; liie whf>le skin looks red, and numrU as if snrc when 
Wiivhf'i, but ill the li(w of lh« piiplukn there ib fiiu- ohoolini: 'afU-r leo 
day*).". — [A pU!iult'hrE;:ikii>)j' out riose to ihecmilof iht-rt^ht iiuli x liii|^r, 
SHU fitiiuing a iiuamiiy uf humor].** iOiw- l-i). — Kriipti<iii likv Ntriatl-[mx, 
wilh tendency to invade the bmin and wucoiw m<mbmiK-*,"*,~Hcrp« nod 
niutiileff, espixiallT on ihc face, ulccraline and bK-ciiuig tasily,'".^ — Bura- 
iDg uWn, which bleed very easily.'". — I'lcem and crusts on the pintin> of 
ihe ear?,"*. — Painful uloci^'linn oil the side of the naitrils where the latter 
uuttc with the uuner tip,'. — Tli« misCnl.'' aud the crirtK-r^ of the li|w are 
iiWratod. but neiluvr iltb uor paiu.'. — In the t-onn'r of the inntilb uti ulcer 
with nd cdgft and i'orrwsiv^> ilohiii);,'. — Comer* of the muurh ulrcrnif, 
ji»t al tbo coiuiui^^ure of the lips, with uiuommonly *cvtr« tcjiriiiji raxus 
mundaboul,cvcn when tmmoved and imtouihni,'. — SptiHttfiuits. |2ol0.] 
ScmalioD of piiirhin;; in a prwit many plane* on the »kiii,"'.-^[Prirkling 
biting fienMtion in the wliole skin, pspecinlly oil the sdh** of iho fcetl,". — • 
Plramiil pritrkllii^', tis uf vvuriiii<, lu nil the wirvf of the t<kiii,'^'. — In the 
vmniii; in b«.il, itching priekin^pi. like fleii-uitw. hvrv and then* oti iho 
■kill.'. — Itching liliiig^iiiu^ ou the seapulie, indiu'iug him to tcmtoh, uhcrehy 
jl ifi rclicvefl,".— ik-ii^tions of forniication,** (Case 14). — lutolerable ilth- 
nf the whole biKly,'", — filching in the whole l)o«lv. and an eruption of 
flpot.i like tien-hites] ("afWr four hours),**. — Crawling itching ovor tho 
whole boHy, fugitive', now here, now there,". — Tearing itehiiif; hero nnd 
there, tapei'ially lifker lying down at nigh I in betl ; afler rubbing, ihi-re 
only retuaius lt>uriug pain, but this in a greater degree,'. — [2320.] Frtuufut 
icmiching of various part* of the liody,s])eeta)Iy the Dtick and chesl,'". — 
iScrapiug itfhing of the forehead (uUeroiiw Ji-jurj,". — (A titillating itching 
oo toe left scapula J,'", — During the tirsi i'vw drty.*, ini-asifinsl creeping-itching 
of the nkin of the li'-r* and back,'". — Violent itching of the fe«i/. — Biting 
itching ill the fitt and tin-ir dorsu.'. — A creeping upwnnld in the left ami, a» 
whi-n a fly walks along the skin, wliich frecjucut nibbing diws not rcinovc.'. 
Slrep atifl TireiutiH. — S!veithteK». Freijuent yawning,".— Fre- 
queiii <tBHiiinj;,a.4 if he had nut iflept enough (after two hours aud a hall'),". 
— Fre<)ueul Viinning, liiid tl»eii ebivvringn over tl»^ body, but which i>nly 
eoarnc iilong the exti*rtial ^urfacf of the nkin. in ihc evening.*. — [2330.] 
Caminnal yawning,'". — Yawning like that of iiit iulosicaled |H.Twin.*\ — 
[He Vflwncd tkn<I retched until the face wae blue; while one hand was 
aln'tcheti nbuve the head, the other, unmanageable, kept striking the ab- 
doBieu]," (Ca«e \'A). — During the entamenia, yawning aud chills eoursing 
along the back,** iCaw! 14). — '*Grr.rU ineiinafion. to »l^ep,"* ■". — Drowtnnera 
[ftfler half an hour).'. — Druw^iincs (after about four houra aud a half),**. 
—Great drow^intaa,*'.— Notable druwHueas tmmcdiat«lv on waking,'. — 
lovincible rlrou'^inais, cuiieciallv lowanb evening ; he fallfi asleep in i-jiito 
tf biniM-)f, wherever he liappeui< to be,"'. — [8340.] Towanij evening, even 
tf twilight, droKi'ineM with yawning: but in llie nioniing lie fwin at if he 
pd not «lept enough,'. — Uncommon druw^inc^s and diilnovt of intclleci,"*, 
~rMue*<, often with vertigo and yawni«g,''^— Coutiiioed Hrow^inc!^ 
. . nrc to atrctcl) the limlx', from S to II r.ii. I nlU-r eleven honr*").". — 
DrnwfinfM full of im|nietude,".— Dmw»ilne») or conmloBe sleep, with start- 
ii^ awake full of terror,"*. — .Sleepineita ; the girl closed her eyea for several 



M'cittiils, ihon itldurlv hAlf-t)iK'nixl Ihcrm CRAin, n» if farriblr nwiatinfr slrap 
{»tip.T fimr hdura),'''. — In tnr nmriiiiiK nUi-r riBiiijf. uDcnmniuii sli'i-piuc)*, 
althiyu};!) Ike lirid ulcpt wi>l) duriu); the dI^Iu: hImi, ou nllumptiug to nwlt 
iKe IcKmm run toKorhor.T — Soiniinlciit oMKliliod.*',— Grwil tmfliiiulL'ni.'e,'*. 
— [8330. j [i/uif<^ prof'niwi f'/mn'it'^if'j, 'vilh tulmtUiu tenJinuui, pttle^ <^d 
fact aw! nt!d luimU, rtnit Itnrtl. kjikiU, iiipul /itJsei},'*. — Sliinilur,'^. — I jf lliar^C 
ilumbcr,"*. — Fitut' pn)rDiitK[ Iu(liiir;rit' uliimbtT, wUIi pold I'mv mid linmU.*". 
^Tht" itijifht Bleep WAti fillet ninl iinlirnki-ii, with iiWiMiiL ilr^-iuii".'". — In 
ttic iiii>riiiii)r IiP it) iinubli* (o rnii!w> ]iimK-If Trom ftRt-p; on avtakinj; Up is 
very iiiiifli 'JiiI of hiimiir,'*. — -In *iiim nf thi- |«itipnb* iJic di-liniim sulwidnl 
IDto R Morc i>f ^Ifi-p, iitti'riilri) u'itti pl('ii->nnt iln'niii.i, wliiirh provokt'i) laui(h- 
tcr,'* — SliH'p lit iii^lit, wil'i ilrtiint^ which iiv raiiiKit riiiiitrmhi.T: he lell 
ulcvp uarlttT thun u^uiil, uud awnkc L'Arlivr nut uiircrrt-tcltuil. hill simio re- 
lajHcl intii thu husitiiik- ot' thu litnbti vouliiniAllv tinvL'tit it ollior tiinw,'. 
— Pri>fouii<l wlcop.". — I)*ep sleep for twentr-fmir hoiiw," — [3360.) Vw- 
deep itIiH'p.'. — V«rY .-^uiiiid slwp wiili miu;U iliviiiiiinjrt until towardn morn' 
irig ( aftwr fiv* lUvi- >.'. — 'She xlef-p* miwh, Hnrl if thi* rmi^h avraki^ hsr sliu 
fhlU luWp u^ftin dirtx-tly, nml rol in the iiK^rnini; xlie U Jfiddy luirf tired,*. 
— Hinivy sleep, with »t«rl« nnd jorka of the linih»,criBf,:!in^inK,caniplaitiU, 
etx;,."'. — Atporwto coiidilii»D,'*.— Hnponiw. Httipid i-ondiium, frmn vrhicli the 
ohitd could nin 1k> wiikciicd, with rouvnlsioo* of the fiu-ial niu«;li«,"". — 
HofMT (nl1or the coiiVu)-iitmi«),"'.— Thi-y lay la a toporoM condiiiirti, vn(\i 
Tiul«iit cuiiviilniDiin of lilt; i'Xtn.'iiiicit»i ; tliu head was very hot, tht- fiicc rctl, 
tlip eyes proinidiiiij."*. — Sopur. lmiux, or lethargy iMunny AdluiVK tlie de- 
Itriuni ; imd <>onio(iuioj the d<>liriuni r«tunis as the sopor (jr** ofT,"*. — It 
M onlv aller nimliTnl*' mndinnal drtur* that «r« witniv! F>npi>rifio effect*; 
aft<'r lar^pir <lii«i>si, inwinnia niid dcltriuni occur,'.— [231^0.] ('rtiakiu)! »nA 
mnaiiini; in 4|i>t<|>,'. — During hi^ Atupnficd alrap, hfi ojion^ hi.« eyes, looks 
abuul hiiti wildly, uiid r^]n|»M.v4 intu utortoroiia sluiubor,". — I>uriiif{ eloep, 
tuadi-ncy lo bury llm hwid iti the pilli)w, and draw up the Ir^."'. — After ft 
Buod iiiglil's sivep, lliu boy awnkc i-arly, luuked wild mid Htariii};. and hia 
lower extr\-iiii(ie» wcn> an if pm-ntvz^l, m thai h« coiild neiOter stand nor 
walk."*. — <)ii waking, fntiKiii'.htynfai'hp. and agiirravattmi of nil iho pair*","*. 
— Sfcpfttt'Mitu ejtM. ' JJf MiirSK up (M Ml ii^ri'jhl. itHil niinifn,*. — *He Start* 
as in sffri^lit ani awaksi, when be is joit falling asleep,'. — *In the oven- 
in?, freq^aent starting aa in affright, when jait on the point of falling 

aueop ; ihr ftrl kvjv jrrlitil nfintrd* iitiil thr }fii{ {on«iri/».*'. — *She started 

BS in affright, in otherwise quiet sleep, feeling as if she were falling 
deep down, which caosed her to shudder violently, "•.—Hi-avy. diTtnrl»o't 
ulei'ii, with st'TMniiK ivsjiiniiitiii.'". — 12390.) Sltiji vi-ry li^ht", — 'Sleep 
rertl9»i,-", — 'Very restiMS ilMp,". — Wakeful from re«t!.-^*ne*'."'. — 'At 
night, the bays became ntUeM, ipoke irrattoooUy, and eoald with diffi- 
ealty be kept in bed.'".— Willi ro^tlenncM, he woke ffDin the noon plwp, 
»cn<nni>><l, and xturiipnt hi* CtTt,'".— •Raffeiw flrrp, vith arlire ilrmm*,**.— 
'SJ>i/i rrtHfj*. tiijtitrhni fit/ ilrritiiu null irrttinunl tuti-in'j."'.— l.'neatif iJreu 

hfftrr ni/inight; the child toisct ftbont, kiebs, and inazreli in its Blwp,'. 
■; III' riw* at ui^ht.and walk.-i up and down in deep ihon|;ht],"'(Ca»e 18). 
1390.) Frt>qiient nwaking^ nt ni|;ht out of sleep, as if be had slont 
llCbffin^ uighl},". — Fret)ueut awaking out of sleep, and tlioiigh n« 

T n Uiiti side and now uu lliat. ?till he finib art rent, and cannot 

iignin,". — \Vakiiiu up tuu earlv, oH^n with iiinhtlity to gu to 

:i,:.iii|,"'. — *Stf awitw w tM nujht/nJt of /r!jhi ami fear ; it apftmrtd 

<i ij there mts aomttkin^ under tAf bed vhUJt made a noise; $ke /elt 



l^krtit p» aunlhiy}. — Wnkmg direotly after mMiiV'lit in % nvreat. he 
.lUinnt (T" to bIci'P a^niii ; mid (lie swrtu t-nrit inii<-> dwriii^ iho wilting; hi^ir*,'. 
— Hi'W(ikc»omof *!«■» thrcctimcsabout midDii^lit: he raiiic»him«clf lliroc 
dmrs tn viimil.wiili nild sweat na rrnni ni»xiii'"li.l»ut in vnin,'. — 'Contiifuit 
bit if\rffr<?tnnl ejfortii in ohtain itlee//.", — *tSfi-i^)!r*i'uc'tii''' '". — ^^]E■<'|t!i?Sl^neF« 
lor wveml dnvr,". — SI«?i>losenpi« for WT<rBl iiiglidi,"*.— {8400.] Slwjv 
l(w iiiilil I o'clock, not rfi'llcM; tbi-i>.->li';il till t>.^OA.M.; row tiiiret'nsilKil, '. 
— Ni^iliily ^Wple-eiiics*. with rvstI*Miir«s nml tigitalion,"*. — Slivj)[.n'YerH"Nl 
hv Aii<!tii]ili,'. — Niglitlr dlwplwairn-wi owiti;; to nitgiiUli, with ilntuiii); pains 
in all the liinU,*. — itc f^antiot sWp at ni};)it ; n fancy that he has nr<ma 
nnae\nx huaiticss hinders him frrnii sipcpmj:.'. — T>rc*miH. He tlrtiims 
immi'tliHtelT fin fnllitig aslwp,'. — Slept well, rxoi?pl d rpaminp,'". — Sho 
ilreams nirnv than iLiiial, hut poappfully, nixl nhmii hoiioehold affiiirs,"*. — 
ViYid drvnm.s wliirli, huwever, lie t-oulil not remieinber.". — Sleep full uf 
(Irvaoi^ ; *\w wiu oc-cupiii) with a ^tvM iiunilicr ol' pociule ; »\\^ vtitihed to 
g»t away, but cimld not/. — [2410.') Dr*«m6 of performing CTrmuaslk* ex- 
crciwf, of walking, niiming, and lidinjj in a rarriagf,'". — Tie had cvory 
nijcht drx'amn nhic-h much fati^'iied h!» mind, and wa« prmtralpd in the 
DitjrniiiKwhcn h4>oii^ht to have ^"ot up.". — * Anriou* ami fri(/ht/ui itrranu.'^K 
— [Hr i» eorutanlly aiaiktit out fif t/ti-p by ff^^rjiil dn'nn* nn4 ivmi'MWftunl,*'. 
— He b disliirlM^I b>- frightful vicionn whitn lHni[i<; aslw[i,"'\ — Frightful 
ilrranis viridiv R-un'nib«n'd.'. — Frifjht in dnrTtmirif;. in cofi-tequeiiw uf 
which he uwaR(>^withitMr«at on the forohead nnd »t tlio pit of tho EtoinaHi.'. 
— He wa? ooiielaiitlr awak«d out of sleep by fri^litful dreanw and convul- 
KOH!'.".— Sleep intolerable, on arronnt of greatly inrreased pnin» nnd 
frighlfiil iipe»ms,'. — lie dreams of liniip'r fi^m fire, and iiwnkm in miiMs 
»j«eu<'f,'. — [&430.1 Drranw of biiltKv, tin*, nnd of being piirvuod by 
pBiil.-s'". — At night, vciT Btnjit'EwI flecji. iiiixioiu:* dn-aiiitt about murdiTura 
ami i!ir«ct*n>blH>ra ; hu licnni himnelf ^houtiii^ loudly onei', but did nut 
tlvTMipun com* Co \\k sciiwe,**. — Slwp disturbed by miaemWe phantoms,"". 
Fever.— ChUUneiiM. Tempemture of the Vkin very low,"'.— Skin 
at Bi>( aatural, allrrwants cold,*". — On ilie emi^iiiion of a great ijinuitily of 
nnne, and duriiifr inerejLied a|>polit(>, he was <|iii|o cold to tht? tniieli,'".— 
Coldn*-^ of the whole hi.dy,"*.—t^oml inuni* cold, or p<iM acconipaniC'd 
with )(nrlial hi-Ht. oAen nith uau^Ri. flow of uriiii:. dimncTs uf »ighl,draw- 
inir and j>niii* in the limb;!,'". — Imniediatelyat^er meals, excvsnive eoldneiw, 
with giiai>hing of th« toeth, and trembling of the limbs while lyitie. He 
Mou fill jijlecp; on waking, wa-* iiioderali^ly wariii.lind dllak-d pujt>li>,aud 
rvw shininj;, protrndins, or. if •wimniin^ in l*wi^; ifdne» of the (nw,*. — 
Ilandsi anti feel i\dd.™. — [2430.) HniiiU ami fi-ot lM.'cornL' very mid."*. — 
At limoa, ciildnt** of th* bando, wilU otherwise norniiil k'mpcrnture of llie 
»kin,"*. — Quickly |ui»iiig feeling of roldiiess in the rig lit liip-joiiit 'af\cr one 
bfHin.". — Tlie lowtr extremitii«i are cold and rigid, wilhout Iwing lame,'*. 
~~'Ftrt iee-rold : «tn tcnnvtyb^ tenrtnM (after one hour i,". — C'-oId feot, with 
bloated, red fat*, and flow of blooii to the lii-ad.'.— C'liilliur**,*. — C'hilli- 
^tm »i\A nhuilderiitg, wilJi goow^skiu, c-veu near lo the warm Anvv 'after 
hour).". — Cbilliiu'*;, uptfcially in the arms, with giMwc-flo^h, in undrtiw- 
iip; at ibe eaiin; Itmc, rcdneea and bent of the car* and noeo.'.— Febrile 
chillitic*><. with tine nhnoliiig pains in the rhcal,'" (Cnw 10.+ — [2440.] A 
?loIt<ut rhill wizps her in lite Imek or serohiciilus conlU, or in both arms at 
[lie stamc time, and spreads iiActf frotii thence all over the body,'. — Unusual 

t &e S. eid. 



oliill iifier hatliiiii;,'". — Shuddering during etool,'. — SU^lit »h iiddi-riiin. witb 
obi^ciimliiiii "f vwioii, liuiiK-iIialol^v ader norni."' fCjuw D.^Thc liody. nl 
fiwt ci>ld, licmnii? wunii i»fi«*r linir hourm,"**. — Uvai of the bkii) uhi-nmt- 
lUK with fliilU, bill willuxil ivvcr,"*. — Fcvit, wtlli ulk-runl« i-n!<iiii:-« lUid 
tiLiit, or fliiTcriii^ li)lli)WL\i bv hMil,i-»jM*<-iiillr in the nt^rniooii and iil iiisl>l. 
oiiL'tf ur Iwii-u n ilay. urnviTy twn djiy*,''\— I'cvor; fi'lirik- I'liill in llie lunrn- 
iiig, Mldwed by wli(;tit hMt,'". — IVvor ; cbivoriiij5 ovt-r lln* biwly i" 'Iif nfter- 
lUhiii, Hiii'bci' i)t' hcAt,'.— Fuvcr; cuddt'ii ul[t'rii:itii>ii.i of bciil mid cbill biith 
wilbiiiit tliior, villi *1iH>|>itii>H ill ttiv daytiuip lnl^(>r twrlvtr boursi.". — 
[2490.] Xniki'k^ ff (f\t'T j'rfaiifutly rmirrtii(/ (iiiriii'i the ilajt: lli** xbiikiii); 
chilU aix! r«illy«>.-<i by ({"^iH-inl iiwit ami :>«i.-iil over tliv wK«lc Lmty, H-ilb<Hit 
tbinlviltiiTiii tin." coldnr lln; hoi flii^v.'.^'Srtvral alluckKo/fnTr h> mit '/ay, 
duTtnij tvhieit thi: knt gtiiijf Joffituvii thr eoftt u<i'M/n a Jew mitiHttJ io hat/ an 

mIoh of 

p ID 

hour ajirr, nlv»'i/* vilhotd Ifiird in either 4teiqf, nnil mMtfi/ wllh tymftuia 
the hfiuff^, — Towiii'dii tvciiing, fovpr; oonviiUivc Hliiicldeniig UIV liim u 
litR hell ; l.wn hotiry iitW, bi-iil ntid i^iivrnl AWf>nt, witlioul Miin't eillier dur- 
iii]f ()m' nbuildcriii^ orllio liciit,'. — Fuvfir; thrilU of Hiitlioow niiiiiin|{ over 
thu whole body (»6ci <>nu hour); fvur houK uflcr, JV-cliiig uf ht-nt, aikI 
nctniil heal, f.'fpcciully in ibc fattv, — Fi-rcr; iit iiinht ft-brik chill, nu*'' 
wH.tU'd (juickly by h«at nl" body, wilb fri'tiuoiit mictiiritioii and lavfinnlL* of 
the liii)l>8; on Ibt; rollc^win^ ni};lit two atlnrki) i>r thv ^me kind, with ver- 
tigo anil lliirtit." (iUw 1 1. — Fi-vcr ; chill in tbe evctiicit; in biil, then heat ; 
the chill com iiHiii-cd iii tli« wicnitn, »i]trv'jul ilMf over \\w l«irk, nnd down 
»jj;iiin iivor tim llii(;h<,*. — Ki'vt-r; in ibo cvi-iiing vrhiU^ sho v>~im undn->uiitig, 
slij^dil i-hi]liuif« oviT the bmly, tiiea btut in tin- whole of the left *idc of 
iJic biiily,', — Fever; diirinj; inu external cnMiie.*!! of the body. «n intrroftl 
burtiinp Item,'. — lli>ad MOiictimei iep eold, snnietimra Imrn'iiip hot,"*. — 
*Temporatar« of the boad very much increased, tjj lh>: rc^f »{ flir htt/iy 
(/(miMiVu./.'".— [2480.1 FiKt;boi.extRiiiitiiv. loIiI.'".— //ffr/. SkinUoi,*" 
— lluniini; nkiii,'". — Thi: bwiij tmmiivj hi4 dhr firf.'K\\\\ bitiixit nilne-i» of 
Bkin,'".— "The skin hot, dry, searlet. eji>«tial]y ititenae on the faoe and 
ear»,"^.-~*Tetaperature of skiu very much raised ; skiascarlet, CT-iiecUlly 
on ihe fiici* and itiiEcrior ball" uf iriiok (nfier half an btitir.i."'. — "7f'"yjrm- 
itirrt (if tkin inr-r^iMftl.ftiPr red, piifitr inw/c/rifn/, ipilh jtiiMc/wu lalklng, and 
MUfinij a6vu( u* tf-lrunf:,"^ '". — Febrile dieturbamx*," ". — [Febnk' -ymp- 
toma uvery ulber dayl." — Fcvtr after eueh duse,". — [2470.] Muniinj; aflvr 
t«kin>;. had fi-v(<r wiiboiil [liirHl."*. — [liurninijfoi'er(K»iiuchii),(ii{tvt twelve 
houmj],", — Kvt'iiiii); fi-pfr,".! — Fev«r, with ))bnula.-tic-ii ; tho boy tolked 
abmii rriiniiml^ whom he .-(■cnicd to cite ; licannc mvnicd iliill,'". — Int^nw, 
oryni|K'lai<iiM fi'ver, tK-eoniimiiied with inflHnii'd onellinpt. |iit«<ing even into 
gonjjnitii','. — ( Kever; firxt |iiilrid lii>to in ibc mouth, tlieii bent of lli« fnoe 
ntidhaufls: thu ]Ktin itieniwe-n after the diN(|ijniiraii(v of the In-at i.'. — 
"iolr.iU hnU,".—*Iiui,iiiiit". —'Burning: heat within and withont,". 
^'tierntii huniintj.". — [I&180.J Iturntn^ heal ; the dlMlciKb-d veins lie lik« 
' thu nkii), with loud doliriuin and violunt twiti'hin^ (atV'r half au 
^linraing heat of the ho'lif, viilk rj'tmne ttiiftriieian of the tHiirHl' 

*lt,ftnilfuriotui JrfSriiim.",'—* Buriiinif /iciff ovtrlhr whole hntfy; 

Oy reti ; jiufsr fufi, <jiiifk, nnd e.rhvme/i/ frequent,"*, — Dry. hiiro- 

<mlly wilh nwelling of the reiUHi strong piilnttjoafl of tbo ar- 

ninl iinlRiies^ uf tJic fnce, intense lliimt, eK|HXTiiilly for ctdd 

noM, deUriiim, faollHh bi'lmvior, freniy, jmpuUc to beat aud 

t Not found. 



lull,"*. — Burning hpRt in tho bmiii, and EiniultAMuti!'!)' ia ilia solot of the 
fwt,"*. — Bllruill^ ill hcuO, |>nlatc, aud &ucc»; feet ice-ewld,"*. — Biiruiiig 
botl over I lie fin-r, wictiout tliirsl (aftpr ten hours'),". — Senpiilinn t>f liiirii- 
llig iMvt ill tli4? wlinlfl fiiot', nilliixit rcdnpx* nf oli<H>k? or tliir«l, with iiiDii- 
(nitcly wftrm IhkIv hiiH onld fwl (iittor fi>iir huuri*),". — [Kvorv "lay, after 
tfac niitldny mca), ;;ru«t buit of thtr Itinly, i^pii-ially of the; Ix-ud, wi tlint 
ibc fac*> fnim limi^ tu iinio ii" wry n-il]." iCiiw 12). — After driukiDg biwr, 
iutcnml lieat,". — [2490.1 Grwii liput uiid rviliiesw of \\k chfekH.". — Heat 
all ov«r the iH^ly. with bfuiati n.'daei>;« uf the wIk'Ic surfaoe,". — * GVwJ A'xif, 
durff)Mioii of ihr mi/if/icinl lew/i of l/ir fiutiif, nnd iii»%fwMc. thirM". — */ir- 
fffmre Unit, ilitii-mlnl vein*. inmUnhlv thini, wilh uiixlrly imi! tmnhlittg 
(after half ail liinir),™. — Hcnt in ihr hniid, 4'xUrn.'\ny |»>rrciilil>tc (after 
ftqtnincr of an liour),"". — 'Eeat and redneu of the lind only,'. - -^ Iltnt 
mul ptilMition ill lf>e hfatf. irllh ti'rtiiiii/ i/t' llit ei/rii,''^. — "The head aod 
&e* not, the latt«r >om«whiit pulTy.'^.— 'Head fiot; face red ; eyes pro- 
tndin^; pnpiU dilat«d, look (taring',"'.— Every (lay, lur twclvo iluv?. 
atmiit nowii, HtitliWii licnl of liejid ami rt-<liii'M« uf face, willi cou-siflerafJIe 
obi^tnK-tiuii of vwiiHi and yrcal thiivt, laming uii Imur,"' (Caw 14).— [2500.] 
H«al of the h«nd alt«rnatinp willi dinrriifta.*' iCare 14). — Soiieatiou of 
creeping heat in the face iiiidcr ilic skin (after a <)uartcr nf an hoiir.i,".^ 
Sensation of heal in the fawwlthmit cxlernal redneiw,". — .Hoat in ths facw 
Ili9 whule day, an if wine had driven the bhxid tn the h<!ad (after Iwolvo 
hours),'. — On the faoi.', cttrti an tiic(\-«?« of lu-al thai it arluully uriowcil, 
b«:anie brotvui^li-n-d, aud tiirsid,'"*. — lUrtt and Uimbhiiig iu the liuT, wilh 
CORg^troD lo tho head/". — <_fri-«t iuifiital fiwU alwut tlic Wfjiou of the 
rtomach /'.^General dry heat in the cxirfitnties of the feet aud hands, 
wilh ihlrrtUflfmiw and [mleness nflhc facf. lasting twelve hours,'. — (In the 
wi'uing. heat iu the hnndn and fi'el, hut not iu llie arms and ihich.*),'.— 
Heal, crspeeially in tho fi'ct,'. — [2310.] (Jreat heat (imnn'diately),Tollnwi»d 
by very prvifuiH; swraj,"' ! C'lipe lio'i. — (.Irt-nt hi-al vf llj« bi«ly; uxeuedinjjly 
viokut and nitiid j)ulsutiou9 of llie artericfl, i'>itt-ciiilly in the leinpo™! n- 
giou, u'ilh vunlui^ioi) of the head nud )rniliR'<.|Ueut {irofu^^e sweat,'^iCas« 24). 
— Ucflt from below upwards; a sweat ae of aiiguiih breaking out upon her, 
flilluned by nau^'ra, with terrible anxteiy. the ranpe of uam^ea deArendtng 
lower nud lower.*. — The skin i* hiirninp hnr, nnd jiailinlly eovcred Hirh 
■wpat (afti^r i>u« hour),'".— *S«nsatton of heat, witn aotua'l heat in the 
wliole body, but parlictilarly in the face, which was red and covered vith 
nreat, with oonJfuiion of the headtaiVr fumr liour*).'.— .S'irrrt/. The 
geui'ml i-trM-u of liL-lladonna on the eireulatiou pn'<tiii^[)o^e to ^ttveatin;!,'". 
— Iiicnascd I ram pi rat ion,". — .Sweat (uller >»m\: hours),"'. — Gf nigral swt-al, 
»ndd(-nlv ixvurrinjf and a? tjnukly diNippeaniijc.". — Pei>|»inniuti which 
FUitii- \i\« linen y^-llinv,"'.— [4520.] Co[iiini»i sMval."*. — Pn>fim- ^woat,"' 
(Cbk* 6), — [Very priifiiso, long-eon tinned sweat, slaiiiiuf; the linen dnrkl,"* 
{Oi#c IK). — rrofa=c vweai, e=pcrially at uiyhl,*'. — ProruBC nij;ht-!.w«it 
uhirh do»t* not Meaken.".— ProfiL-^^ .tweat at ni^ht, ftomelirii(y oidy on cmv- 
efrdpurtji,'". — ProfiKfi ^woal, wilh diuresis,*' ""i, (JtrM*) '21 and 2'J;. — ProfusH 
CoM *w«l of the haudf,'.— Violent ^wentiii}i evi-ry nljiht."'. — Sweat in the 
morning,*'. — [2530.] [Sweat all over fnim iinir in the nl\eru<>nn till mid* 
iii^ht, ihcii ifleep while vwealing],**. — Miuhl-itweut {'), wliieh smells like 
^mHtntig born!.'. — Ho sweats over the wliole body at tiie Icaet exercise, 
in«a4ly ott the face, down the mK<e. Wliile walking in a strong wind, aud 
w t>wfalin}{, colic \t indured,'. — Sweat durinjr the sleep,". — [Sweat ever the 
irhoii' bcly durinj} *leepj,". — ^^'hc hair i:* very ot^n moi^t with pewpini. 



tion,"*. — Fr«|iioi)t mid [iroftiw! ncnpinttion of tlio fa«»,*^*. — V<Ai 
the fiiuc, d-iJix'iaily nfturciitiuK. *• — iFcvt-r; alU'r tlic cliill fell 

'. — (^Id fWi'ar OB 
quite Wull 
ft>r u ftw huui-», llicii swL-atuiK in lli« fiiL-f, [miiii# (?). and fi»l (? J Inrfurp ili« 
heat viime uii; iiu !i)(!i'|) (hiriujc itie hm stugv; «lig!il bL>«<)nfhe u-itli lli« 
sn«et til llie tacf.bul none in the cold ftrtjje or in the lioll,'. — Swvut of tin* 
ff«[, vritliiiiit wuniilh, iii ^iiiint-,'. — [S540.J Siff^uiig of the gunitul (irgiin* 
ill llii'i iiiglil,'. — Skill of ilie wKoIi' IhmIv renmrknldy dry.'^, — Hkiii ijnrniul 
iui««[i*iibk- tiiflcr six huHhif,*", — Hklu ilry iun! ))nniiiie Inlk'r «ix lumw.,". 
— The f^kii] wiu dry nuil burning, tiiid lac putac ejnall, vctry, hAnI, anil cx- 
Ireiiirly frptnieiil." 

Coruiition.t. — Aggravation. — ( J/»rwfn*?'), When gelling nn, venif^a; 
on rifinj^, head liPftvy ; tjifly, hwidiK-ht'; early, soon atler wuiting^, pain 
under I'ruiiCiil crniiieiKT-;< : ^nm i\\\vt vrnkin}^, oa n:^iii<;. [min iiiuh-r t'mtiiiU 
cmlticuit.'K; Mirlr, uu wnkiii^'. litrHdnchi* above eve«: in ulxint a ijnaru-r nf 
an buiif ulit^r ri^iti|r, nn<l tidcr tilirnn^ uliuni. «ido uf head ui'bMl ; Mhilc nf 
eye elroukcd with red, Ktc; darkuow hvforc cyts; oti Kiiiii^ out. blnck 
jM>iiit'*, eUr., before py<!»; iinmcditilcly af^cr vraking, fiutuiring, etc., before 
tlie erM ; bleeding of the now; on xvakinH, eiiisiasLi, etc. ; lonjru*' feeln 
fial«i>[t, etc.; on vakiajf. Blimy month ; bad amelt Iroin mouih; after riju 
in;;, /iitictM (n mijuSh ; luw of ii|>{K.-[ili', i-tr. ; in beil.ciitlin;; in l>e]ly ; piv»*- 
in;; iDwitrds g«nvnitiv«.- orgtiiis. etc.: iniiiK-<liati^ly al^vr getting out of Ited, 
pain in bypoga-itrinm ; frcqiicnt intcliiritton, cu\\ in IkxI and uHer rii-iiig, 

Iihle^in; when coiinhiri^', cxjioiHorntion of IdiHwIy niticu^; when turaiii|j^ 
icad U) mid fm, stiffiin"* btMween M-apuhi;. etc, ; bi-atUig of arteries uf lienil, 
etc.; aller ri^iiip, sleepin«w, eu?. ; febrile ehill ; MVeat.— ( Aoi-rtioon i, AUavIc* 
of nft>i.»cii. — [Abniil jiooftJiC-ough, eu-. — (Aoon), Jvjiiew.iiig infrMher in mo- 
bilii-ul rfgioii, — (-'l/?er/(tif>»), Pnins in ^jLTionil ; Buxit.-ty, etc, ; wtiitf walkiii}; 
ill c)|>eii uir, seiitiation uf liMit blonin^ itgniiul v\i.f, VDinitin;; of niufii^; 
squeezing to^retlicr in umbilitriil n-giou ; con;;!i ; t^bortiit.'ST 'tf brviith ; ailvr 
drinking o>ffoe, BboTtnesi of brctUb ; j>aiue in \i\\*», etc.; foclinj; of wenri- 
iift**; .^hiidilering, etc; fever; shivering. — (Ttncird* certiing^, Hiiti-be.* in 
ebtift; dronninew, etc. ; fever, elr. — t/."fi't»f/>. Violent deliniini; f|x*«-'Ii 
iiicobercni; lively, elo.; mirlliful mood; hondaohc; !»litehe.* Ihrnu^hhftad; 
I'tiU'hi.'e ill occiput; in bed, uu n»dii>^, lettert^ run toL'vtbvr; attacks »f 
deaTueM; fitie bluiiili-red, etc.; nf^er ryJiig down, tooiiiiK-hL-; Ioollui'.'hu; 
aceuiunlatiuti of tvater in (he moutli ; biHir ta«ti> of broad, etc.; Hirtoiii«tiiii^ 
tbii'bl ; uauaca, etc.; voiuitiuu:; iiiuchiiig in ubdotueii. etc.; a few h'Xtrs 
before ^>iii^ (o l)cd, cutting in abdomen ; ft^eliiig of fiilnr»4 in liy|MiKn»tric 
xoiie. etc.; befon- lalliti]^ asleep in bt^l, leariiii^ in !i|>i!riiiatic eiml ; Hvxual 
desire; ntU'r lyin;; ditwii iti hocl, licklinj;, ete., in hm'iix ; about 10 o'clock, 
cmigh conimciK-cs; in bc^I, t'onatrictioti, etc., in chust; tu bed, o{i{)rw«tun 
of cliest, etc.; dniwing along the spine; #nidlin^ of fevt ; in bt^l, wbta 
drawing up kneis, cninip in xule of fool; in bed, itchine pricking on ihu 
«kiD; yawuiiig, etc.; in bed, cbill, etc.; while uiidro^^iiig, sliuht cfaillt- 
iK'SH.cic.; bfiit III liiiml.".— ;At'f//(?i, Pnina in general; tries In mtc thoee 
about htm ; eliipi' liHiids to^-iher over the beJtd.eie.; (h-Iinum; raving; 
anxiviy, etc.; ]o«* of pon«oioii.<iu"-'«<, ■■[*■.; nn iiirniii^ in bed, veitigo; in 
bed, cpist«xi», etc. : toothache; drawill|r in upp«I t««th; toothache; liic- 
rough, cti'.; vomitiuK; biiminR iu bluddcr, etc. ; prewiny >u vesical n-Bioii; 
diuremj; in bod, pouffh; sb»rtno!^ of breath, etc.; intenuittcnl brciitliing; 
paiiiD iu hi[>«, etc.; jmin in thigh; in bed, nervous feeling in l<^; scnea- 
liou in ley as if jatnnieil ; TMlttMiiirM, etc.; in IkhI, after lying down, itcli- 
ing ; fijvcr ; febrile cliill, etc. ; /mi/iwe mfid : jiiveat of the genitaU ; 5 to 



]1 P.U., dmmiDM*, pir.; 4 p.u. till luidnifihlTsn^f&t all over — {Bifjorf mid' 
liiyA/^ UiicBKyrkH^it. — •^Af/vut MiJntyhti, Hii't'uUf:ti ; wnki'v thnx tinii-p, etc. 
—yAfier iwiViiif/Alt, Titiniif; in llii< U*vlli. — \ Utriy other (/awi.l'Vbrile »yiup- 
loiuK. — (7n ojren air\ Paine ii> ))vuil ; burvliug ttiifaiiou lu tit^iitl ; puiii in 
fbr«bewt; touthaolii^,— i On admumon oj ofxn air), Paiu id le«tli. — { )y<tik- 
Mj; >n u^KTH utr>, Aiigiib'li.elc.; preiuure in biaiii ; wenknc:^ ol' virion : di»- 
[Ktfiliun lo vnniit; itvhjng at ibc nniift: ti>ii«ion in tnrml juiolg. — i On »»• 
ttndtug dairif),ii\tT>ckt,^tc.,in hfnil ; lit-nrt oliicki'; liii»i*itii<ic in U-jp. — {()n 
atccntiin</ ttMrn rtiiiiJly,, Jerking headache, — i After bathiny), I'nuMiat 
(4iill. — '.AJier driuitu'j hfrc}. Iiilcniiil lii'iil. — i,.Br»i/iHjf/i»nc«ir(/«i,Sl]wiliug 
ia rronial uniiii*u<v. — {HentiSti'j Ut<nf b-iehnirdfi), Paiii in iiwk. — I liemlinff 
upfrer frnrt of Mif to Itft tidi-], PiiH-tiiitg ill aMomcn. — ( HVicii Ixtidinifj'vH 
toyrthrr }. Pain in inrtiiUrtal ijont-s. — < In hittnif am/thinij}. 'IVili |intiittil. — 
{hlffwinij niwi. (MTi-nsivt; snioll in iioso, — l,-)jVr hrmkjwt), iHWUMwi'vAxarm. 
— (,CW<f air), Wine iti faw.— ( Ctild iuttliiug), Pain* iu g«nenil. — {Cauttitt), 
Fkins in Kt'ncral ; puin» in head ; tcH>tliu('nv; iniius io bip?, cU\: itching- 
ihootiiigin pustule nil lip. — {Contaet teilhairor/rMd t.Vam in lowi-r twlh.elc. 
— < Cantradieti'iu I, Paiiii in gptHTul. — I, tViwjAiwjrj, Pain in bead ; nt^rlicsin 
:>U^niHiu ; mtK'ti ^imiuiii^, ttf. — ( When trying), lluarectio^ — {^JJtiriug dc^ 
hitkitiH }. testing ia corner of jaw; d»)oiiiig» in pliaryus, etc. — (DrMmd- 
utjf u A)Y/i, .Stni>^ition in juiuu ol' luwerexlrwniities. — (^^ftn-rfiJiiKTi, Htad- 
arhc ; whon at n«t, pain in ^ide of head ; precordial n»xi<>lj. — {Ih-au-tny 
oitetrtj ini. Pinching in nlxlmnrn. — \Aftcr calinj), Toalhaehe; pulrid tattte 
in ukiulIi : pin(!liiii;;l)t^I»w unibiliciui : [min nmler larynx ; cuugli, etc.; cold 
nc«al t>n faee. — i A>rf«Ar), Pain« inlii]M,eto. — tJCztrtion), Paiiiji in ^ncral ; 
(winp in hi-ad. — i Onrint/ ex}iir>ition),i^\tm)t\ug iLcartilugo^ of riba. — ( H'Aen 
UrUiiij tidt of uevk). Sliooliugs iu phurrux.vtc. — ( When grtirjiini/i. During 
chiK, ^li'x)iin|f^ ill tiii|r«i'-l>|)t^ — ' Grenl heat), Piiiiii^ in i^ncral. — ifn briyUl 
ii^ht), Weakiieea wf vision, — (After a wftth, Ab if drunk; in a I'pw Ditn- 
uio*, t<H>itiadie; hitler crurlaliuiis; \oniiling of fi>i>d ; immediately, slah 
iu the thigh ; ('■>ldnt^9^«, eU^.^-i Durmg mtddaif mml), 8itii>ni of the ^lomncb. 
— iA/Ur midday mcWt, Kvery day, h<'at of body. — \,Kffon', mm^*], Utcr- 
iue culic.vtc; ecxual dotire; laNiludc, vtc. — [Duriitg me-nw^}. Anxivly ; 
ihirrt ; fcver.etc,; pncrardiul anxiety; tearing in bsek. etc.; yawning, etc. 
— iDuriny menlai owN^Jnf iV/« ), Tootliaehe. — iAfler driiilriug mUt), Vumit- 
iug; cfdic. — i .V'tiif'tn, ConftaliOB of hOftd; vcnij^o; lieiidacbe; paine in 
liwid ; paiii in forehead ; jfiin in riffht trrtrx; »tvelling on cheek ; lictu'een 
■*-tj> of niii-turttion. iflKxiiings iu ur^llm; xtitclie« in cbe«t ; ]Kil|>itaiiou, 
He. ; trembling of arm*. — i After a onfined iuotloit ), Distention of the aiv 
dntni'O, etc. — iMoriuff tyrt), Paintf in bi-ad ; rpark* brfore nrii.—(Noue), 
fuas ill hfatL—iC/mnye iif jwHwu), Vertigo, — t/Vcwfiire), TIeadai-he in 
vertex. — ( JAffhl prttAnure r, Throbbing in foreann, etc. — {Pr^Knurf on fjyigij»- 
(nioiii, Puiti as if bypx-bvudria wvre bein^ prc-scd out. — ', Too jfviom/cd 
rr^u*^'. I*aina in ifL'tierut. — (^« nWrnyJ. Piiiii iu fi)n.-head rvtuni.*. — |mV 
iiii/fmu Wit), P»iii iu crwt* of ilia.— >;.Si7/i'n;/i, Itwling M'li^atiuu in head; 
hunmiing, «t<r., in t.-ai¥; etilfue^ in back ; shoots in muclet of thigh ; pain 
in knt^; ^hfxiiing in patella; prickings bc]ow patella; bubbling in knee. 

.—iSitttHff hful), t\f»'i>iy^vl jrriinff in ^roln ; piysi-iiig tuwards nexunl 
iiui; iihoau in donjini of lnot, — {JJuring M{fff>),l_'»itgh; vi^iiont eoiigh, 

^Hc. ; KarK't reduce of fact', etc.: i^vreat. — { Afler titefi), Paine iu jjeiieral ; 
ilbbumur. — {Afier a long ileep}, Thirst. — (iLiilluiKJiRj;), C!uli(:; pn-w^re in 
furviMM uf tibia. — {Stej/fuji^), Prwaure in head; Hhootings iu genital region. 
— \hurin<f *fw<>, Shoutings iu rectiim. — (, Jji«r **«/), Teiwive wneation 



IicIdw utiV(f\ : »«n»fi of fiilncf* in nlxionifii). — ( fFlifn MoapUtij\ Blwttt mounte 
to liend ; fiilneu below short rib!>, cti\; pain in (flotcj mu»4;lca — (Ajirf*up- 
pi-.r'it Mirtlifiilne--«; prtcL-orxlial nnxictv, cli:.~\Snpfioriing hmd wiOi hand), 
Pjiiii in ii^m|fi)rnl region.- — 'Change of temprfitare), I'ainii in i»,ce.^-{AfUr 
itmfikiH^ itibiuvn), Ijiih^ of nmHitite.— { Toneh \, Fuin in nct^k ; (liVobbiDg in 
furcnnn, clc, ; pniii in inldclle tingCr-tip. — ( IWwiing), Prcwurc in hcaa. — 
( When <rmdinii an {■'Jl/nat), ^lumtings ii|) lo the knot*. — [ When irrndtng on 
hrei), I'aiti ill liaU of' hoel. — \0i% turning in betl), Wiiole nyelcni licgiiii to 
feol hail 1. — (I'M Uirntny kfid nsiin/f], Hho^itinpt in pli&ryiix, etc. — {Afirr 
ctimiinttiiH of nival), Thiret ; appetite Ml oU". — ( tt'/iU/j tiriitiitiiif), I)raw- 
jiiif ill i'ltei'inalio cords, — i AJirr urinaling), i'o\d RWeiil all ovor; iniini^Ii- 
nti'ty, iHiiii ill ecig*" of prf>|iiii». — t Oh M'aKnj), Wcppiiip, etc.; rniiviil»ive 
vxtuiii^iun of ifiv linilia ; iiitigiiv, «t«. — ( iVuikiny'), Confusioa of hum! ; ver- 
tigo : L'oliL' ; alilcli in iin-tlim ; pres.-*)ng luwurd^ nexiiiil ur^iinit ; oppn.'nioa 
of chest, I'lc, ; sliicliL-s bt'low chivicUi; »(rn«iitii>n iti joinU of luwi-r i^xtrenii- 
ties; teiiftion iti hip-jnriiis ; hoavinoi^jCtc., in thighs; bnin^trin^' foeU tifflit, 
etc.; piiiii ill tiiolatiirrial lianee; tf-ariiig in left Hole. — {ifitl/:wff rfuirktv}, 
Jerkiag headache. ^ — ( IfViiVr WfJking in a strong UHiut itnd tiirtiting). Colic 
— ((.yutnye of ti^fntluT), I'aiuH in (^npral. — {In tt wind), l^iiu i« geii(>ral; 
p«iiis in fiitft, — ( Y'liciiing), Stitcli'-'s in !<l<fmuin. 

/i-niPllofflHotlt — i On bcHttinn hmrl bnrhmriU), SrnKtilioti in hraiil 
diiuippuiirs. — i After ronfintiiny to iirink). Bad Kiut'l), etv., of milk 'lisap 
pi-ais^ — ( On hfrfinninif to ml), Reliirn of apptito. — ( H7ii7« «i/(ii'/j,Tf)Oth- 
lU'hc. — {Ptuvhi.y f\afu}'-\icr.'\, Didleiittion of nypogartlrium, etc. — (I.rltiny Irtj 
hanij (/uir.'ii.), Jitiniiii^d .*rnsaiioii in I<-g*. — {Ijiitjiuif hf.ntl r/mi'»), rieadnche- — 
( On It/iny tlaum \, I'niii in fore!n'ad ili^p[H']in ; liiiininiDtf, etc., in oars. — 
I On lyiny </n rtyftl i*tW(ri, Cutliiit( id belly di?appci\n>. — iAji^r a mfoi). De- 
lirium ceiutt*. — (I'liMiut) truvjur: uvrr kdh), Toolbafhc.^-f/'rwwrci, Slioot- 
ing til froiHiiI emiiiencL's ; pnin in IcA iinn ; Ivusioii in ikiIc of iav\.—iSf'n»g 
prMgiirf), Pain in forehead. — iPfsmhiif c^^ iipHirr<f), Burning in eyos, etc. 
— (On i-ubftiirtjt, Itrliing .thootinjTf- in iiinliiliciiH dL-jtppuir. — [•'5t'Ui»j).Paill 
in forehead, — { On "itllnij ri'trnH). Colic d i.^app^ar^. — {Hitliny frrt<t).\*rv»^\n\i 
lnwunt> so<(unl iirgnni. — t.Vf'mdi'iijl, HnniEiiiii);, pie,, in oar*; pn^r'sin^-out 
fe«[tng in hypogo^triiim; prcifsiiiu townrd^ ^xiitil i>r};an#; cmmp in Inmho- 
Aicral rL'sioii, ettv — iStnnpinif], Hrttdachc. — (i'lrjnr). Burning ir; throat (Jbr 
u momenli. — i irffMtHjf), pfiimniiiiy, L'tc, in ean; crump in lunil>o«acntl 
region, etc. ; braited pain in thighi. etc 


B. perenI^^ L. A'l/. order, Compoail». iVjonrafiofl, Tincture of the 
whole plant nhen in flower. 

AntAoriti/. Dr. Thiiiaasi, Br. Journ. of Itotn., 16, ^'25 ; proving nf tbR 
linctil«>, '/odrop Ao"'-* repffttod f^r f.inrtiN'n dnys; of lh<> Sd dilution; 
cfTfL'ta of cxU-'miil Mppltnitioii of llic tincture. »iid of thrwlng the tlowen!* 

Uetnt. — A little giildiiittw in t!)o head at time* (after two vru«ks\ ifrom 
llie tincluro). — Headache extending from occiput to sinciput (alter tnfo 
weekii), (from llie tintture). — Braiii feeln us though ouiitrncted in Ui« froit- 
Inl rp^ion I after two wei'ks), f from tlie tincture). 

Stomtifh. —\Wt\i of HpiK-itle <efter two weeks), (from the tiooture). 
— Sli^ilit miuii^lo (lifter two «.,'t-li#), I from thft tincture). 

Utiper KjptrtniUirtt.^Vmn in iuucr tvAv uf right fon-arm, ne of a 



i5?Hopiui; (rtfter tw(i wt-eka), I from tlii? linclnre). — Pniii m inner fliile 
of left fon-'ariu, »b oT a boil devi'iu|iiiig faft«r tw« w«:k(*>, (from llie tiut- 
mrc>. — Psiii ill mlHiiU- Cutset nf li-fi IidikI, n^ of a gntlii-ritig. for n short 
linM* only (ofttr two wi-ek^i, ifpniii llii" limliire). 

ifffitl. — IK-vclvjiriunt of n >minll boil lufKr five houi*), (fmm cxUTnill 

Bi)plimtiuu of (iucturc . — Hiuall b'>il iit the hiikIu of the inferior iimxilln, 

nght side (iift«*r <'lu-wiiig (lie Howff^rf >, — Painful jiimplw a little behiiiJ the 

an^e of left iulerior maxilla i.^\ dilulionj, (after third Jayj. — I-iii^e boil 

vD back of neck. coniinciK-iu); wilh a ituti, aching |«iii, wmie diflicullY »ii<l 

rbnu0e<] (iiiin iti ke<-|>iiiK th«^ heiitl enct; bi>^n a» & i-li^hi |>iiii|>le. niUi 

nUBitng (iHiii ill the likiii, iRenti*>ing uiiiil, in t>ix days' time, It »ibi very 

•fcrpge. of n dark, fiery, i>«rule color, nn<l very *ore, huriiiiig and aching 

}«iiu ID it ; arcompamcd v\m headache pstenduig fnim occiput to Rinctnul, 

^m uT a cvld, aching I'hiiTncier: bmtii an though cotitneted in froDlat ri^iun, 

^B ttiuintw, etc. (after iwn wci'lu), (^fmni the tiiieturR). 


Formula, Cfi^. Prepara- 

■rrodnct uf diplillatiou from Pctrolettm. 
TilicHirc with alcohol. 

Atii/iorilti. Itr. J. Ilfltcr Smiih, N. E. Mtil. Gaz.. 1«70. (Synipioms 
from a norkiiian iu a rubber factory, who tot week? had his hamU anil 
anno dailv hnthcd In beaxJnc, and drntik watrr impregnated with it.) 

Jiiltti. — Weeping at trifles, nnd despairing of recovery. — Extremely 
iniUiMe and faulifiitdiup. 

Ht^u/t — .Si-vrrc dartiDC pains in occimit, from below upwani, recurring 
in inroxyHai'', a^^ravutetl by muliou, mid 4Wp«^'iully by rii<ing xfter sitting. 

Eyff*, — C'ould not tnru eyes ujtwiinl or to one $ide without i;ievere ach- 
inrftlKl throbbing. — Conjiincliva appeared eomevlial conge*tcd. — A great 
vliiie hand M-euitit lo appear lo liim, in the darknri^s coming oui>prcnd 
(•ivani IiIn fair; <-Hn>iiig biin in terror to «on?ani for the trntchnr. 

FfifC, — Oca*i<'ijaI voddcn piiHint; up <'f the M\ oh(-ck and of tho cnlf 
iif tbr left Ifj;. a» thiw^h tht; [Kirt? wi-rc filled with air, going off" iu a few 
konr*. an«l reiuming again. 

Muulh. — Te*-ili covi-rwl withBordi«{diiring typhoid eondiltoni, — Sore- 
ni-n>, undrefi?ati'>uuf loo^i'utna in thc^ tapper inci»on^ — [10.] Tongue iiarvlied 
antl liniwii I during lypliotd niiididon'i. — Painful, round, whili* iilcfr* in 
iliv mouth, e«]keeially on the inside of Ihu ehoeke. — Hut and very otIi?n«ive 

Uttmttu'h. — Kntirv Io» of appetite— <^raving for Ictnoni" and cider. — 
TiTriMe ihifst (during typhoid condition), — Extreme thirtt for lee-waier, 
wfL-fifHl «itb a nip, hui wanting it again direelly. 

Abtlomett, — Cuutiaual ^on.-u<w lo pnst^ure in the abdominal walli<. — 
Hcnt, and grinding, wearing jtaiiiit in the lower purl of the buwoU, nurse 

K befiirr •■IimiI*. 

^ttl**ot uml .1 )l t/rt.— Several times an hour, & stool, smelling of bco- 
w>e, or Icnd-ciiliircil nium.^ miXfd with bright blood, arronipanietrby some 
irutMnim, and followed by thmbhing in the iirtiiM and rocCnm, and laneinat- 
inB pniti* from K'i'iw npwjinln.eoaiiiiuiiig about five minuter. These stooli^ 
tnllnn<-il him with diminishing M.-vcritT about ten days, prci^T^iug their 
(liar»"'l<'ri^tiin In ihf I;i^t. 

I'riiitiry Ot'{/4His. — [20.j PrestuDg pain iu the bladder. — Afltir 

*oi. 11 — 9 



poffiing uritic, throbbing nud smurtiug in the ntck of the bladder aod Ib 
the urpthrn for scTcml niiaul«. — Dark, nflRtisivc uriou. — $ctliineat in ihe 
uritK> liko r(>d Hand. 

Jtenpft'tttori/ AppnrfitHH, Cheat, ami Pulse, — Every few 
dap, ci'iiiinual tliy, Imckiii^ cmi^h. — C'UiKiiiunl Hirent:^ sikI ncbiug ia ibe 
cUviculnr rejjioni-, — ^Piil't- wiry, averaging % |ier iniiiiiU!. 

RffvM find Extt'eintttetl. — CVnliitiiid n(rlnn>; nnA ihmhbiny in \)\t 
liimbar rc^tuiMUutk Wur*^- by u full inTipiraiiDa. — KxtrciiiG irrilatiuii of itc 
kidricv.s.^'antiiHiLiI surctH-w* and ntrliinu in the musclca of tlu- iip|«er ariii». 

Generitltttett. — [30.] Wa-fLpd. piillid.and exhaiislMl. — fmitrnl pros- 
tration.— At one time ha sanlt very l/iw, apprnaching a tTpboid oonditirm. 
— CDm[ilAlii<;d of n neu^itioii uf fiilliu^ through the bud and Uoor ^during 
tvphoiil (unililiiini. 

Sleep fliul Jfrennui. — For ihroo nights, before tli« gweatiug bcKao,' 
oomplctc imomniii, with iiuplcufiADt thought; cnmdiag lh« niiud, aaj wide- 
open eyes, before which photo|mic illu»i(>ii<i floated oonliiiiially. 

Fevfit'. — Chills .wiKeci remote parts and paAM>d toward ihe head, Criiiii 
the tbumbti tu the uittow^ and from them to tlie iihoulrlem, and from the 
ainall iif thu Iwk to the shuiiUler< itntl vvrtvx. — Cutd c<)(npn!a»» vame off 
attiarniiig ill a f<rw iiiinnle«, Miiielliii^ of bciisitii*, aud tilaiiwd a deep yellow, 
which euiild only be ivmovi"d by long cxjjiwure lo tho sun, — Fnr eeren 
uiehu, copious, general, wann swcal, toward roorniug, very cxbatieting, 
tbUoneditii w^veral sufreeding mornings by perspiration onlyon ibv- breni't, 
Qu tlif «iiie not lain iipin, and in the asitla>. 

C'w »<<l7 1 «;iJ*.— Aggravation. — i Tmmrd morniny), .Sweat. — {Fult in. 
gpiniiioit), Aching, etc., in tnniliar region.— (iV'j( ion), Puios in occiput. — 
(_Iiiaiitt/ afier xiltiitff), l*ain^ in occipiil. — I Brjfore »imtl), Hest, Kt«., in Kiwer 
bowels. — {Titrniiuj rt/fs nimytnl or (« one ghie). AfWmg, etc., id ejros.— 
(,Afivr urinatiny), Throbbing, etc., in neck of bladder. 


Ritrft-b«ll2ijie ( " casenee of mirhane," or " artificial " nil of hitter al- 
mond)*}. Formiili, (',(H,NO,, Prepared hy hpating Benzitl with Nitric 
and; th« oilyOnid formed iswa^ihed and rectitieil ; it ii> niiitcibk'with Alco- 
hol, htl» no odor uf bitlcr nlinuud?, and is wry ]rai(M)uoiii>. 

Autharttiet. l.Tniulieh. Wien Mud. PresM.-, 11. 13. two ciiists jioisoocd bir 
taking atiuuclialf H lliiinblfrn) : 2, Biihrdt, ArL'biv f Doutsch. Heilk.. ISTt, 

FoLM)uod bv drinking nboiil six drop in rouie liquor; ■i, Lethoby, London 
[■ifp. Kep., IWi.'i. J. K, spaiierrd mine on bin cloihm, so that he inhalnl 
tho ttiniiTi : 4, Ibid., O. O. took a little in bin mouth hy niifxake; he imme- 
diatt-lv fipit it ont iind riniHtd hi." inonih with water; 5, [hiii., H. A. took a 
little in hi» mouth to n^inove the i<nii*Ilof tobnceo; 6, Ibid., u wuinun cooknl 
some fowl ill u cup which bud roiuaini'd Nitio-liuDitol; 7. Kn-HM-r, Wurt. 
com BI..S7iA. H.Z-^M. B., !«, 48); H, Kiefkho], D»'Ule<.-b. KI..1868; 
9, Schenk, Z«it. f. Oer. Med., IWHi). a pr«giiant girl {ioieon«d herself; 10, 
Midler, ihiil., a young lunii took n tea!t|iix)nfiil in water; II, Hoibig, 
Denl>''Iii'. Mil. Atr... H, 1873, several wijiliers drunlc *imie from a flask. 

3Iintl. — Kxtrt'nie mental exciiemeni iiilVr two lionr«),'. — luuhility to 
think (.Muni-ctiilly,'. — UniotiMrious (after u tiiinrter of an hour),'*. — t'uvoD* 
Meiuus, wild leaden rolur. livid lipB. tmMli^nitcIy wnrra skin, and w«-ak, 
irrvgulnr pulse,'. — laicMjnM-iousi, with livid face, pnqtte lip«, dilnlt'd pupils, 



slon, diflii'ull, am) w-nrwly [wreepliWc rwpinition, *nil (iejilli,*, — Lw« of 
c«i»e<'ioiisiiM«,'.^Loss of cvn9ck>umo««, fell fr.>iii h*T chflir 'after liftif nn 
hoori,'. — Loce of conwiousiicm for Iwfiity-fmir hoiir!«.*. — (.?i»matnsc somo 
hoorj,', — [I'^O f'oraplpie cnma. wliirh iip{)«nroil BuiJ^lentj'.'.— Profouad 
(ornn, with livid, ])iirp!c fare, clfiWHl eyes, iiKKteraUly dilated piinil.'', cold 
(kib.difHriiil. .-low r(?<iiinitiuH, puW Mnall.flow or ticveleraU-d, irrt-^ular,*. 

Head. — JVrtiV/o.' ". — Vertigo nnd IieiidiK'Iie,'. — neaflnrhp,', — H«i)sa> 
Uoti 'if fxrinii'iili'iti undor c)il> u-uIu. ur »*■ if t)io hair wit« limtliug u]i,'. 

Ei/f^ and Earn. — Tht while of the cv< had a livid look, vcmcIs 
gnailr t>iitni>£ed, pupili much dilnted, insensible to the light.'. — Strabia- 
iiius.". — Stariiiaeyw,'. — LidTlosed,'. — '[iO.] Greal injection of the (.'onjuno- 
livB bulbi,".— Kyehallit roll from rijrht to left rnnatniitly,'. — EyAalU 
rDiiiilunlly rull on thvir vertical nxw,. — Ttie vvi'I-hIIi* phimeii a coiiataut 
turning iimnnl and milw-anJ in a alon' reffiilar moliuii.nilh the vi«unl ax«8 
nerfei-llv imrallcl,', — KyfUilU »i^mvd Ku\i\TffLt\*.— }*upiU iHinteit,", etc. — 
rupiU <)ilatcd, eluggi-!i,'. — Violoat roaring lu the- tare, aud wmnde,'. 

Ftirff. — Ex HI .stiijiid,'. — Stupid ex prirwion of fare lalWr fnor 
Wirs;.*. — [30.] He luokcd stupid nml sick (iiftor lour hoursl,'. — Face 
pntfi', ,«wcillc'fl, and had a itlnxM Inok,*. — Cyanotic fact*,'. — F«r(> (cyanotic 
'fourth hour),'. — Fai-e bluf,'. — Blun- <-oIor iii tht- faix: (iifl«r twenty luiu- 
utm I.".— Face blut aud iMde.', — Fac* hlui^h-gniy, stiuktu.".— Face red.'. 
— Facu r«d, with purple h|)s and fold i-kiii i aftiT two huMPs),'. — [40.] Tris- 
niii«,'. — Trismus and tetamis,". — Lipe of a dark blue color,", 

JUotith, — Tongue a hil<-, somewhat swollen,'. — Tonjfue ihirk and soft,*. 
— Mmnh ficiicrhfsl.". — Mupiiiia metabntoe of lifs and raoulh livid and 
*woU*n.*. — Stamaif-rinj; i-iH-och,'. 

fUonttrrh ami Ahttomfn, — Burning in thnwit and stomach.'. — 
XauBt-a I alU-r (our hours).'. — [50.] Inclined lo v<nnit,'. — Vomiting.'. — Vom- 
iling (.after half an hour),'. — Vomiting while unconatwus,'. — Vomituil 
what he had t«t«u (uUer four houre),'.— Paia* in tlie abdomen,'. 

HeMpirntof!/ Apjutratua. — Sighing rct'piralion,'. — ne-«pirflti<>n 
mtllini*. fn-ipH-iitly iiiiiTiiiplvd,". — Itf»pirnnon roj.'iilnr.wniiewhnt dillicult; 
(laatiM-uliali'jn. mo<-L'ii7 nik'« in the large bronchi,'', — lU-api ration ithort and 
rapid (aftL-r ihrcr hour- ,'. -[60.] Kcapiration exceedingly slow, so that it 
frequently wt-m* to optw*-,'. — Inspiration and pulse continued to become 
slower until the [wtit^nt diwi.V — Respiration very i-uperticial and slow,', — 
Dv^'iiaiKa (afltr Iwu houn),^ — Rc»piratiou di^cult, catching, and aocck-r- 

f'heHf. — Opprcwtton of iho ehoBl,*, — Severe oppre^iou of cht*!,'. 

Jleui't anfi PhIhc, — ^Ucarl exceedingly irregular (after two hours),'. 
—1^1 pi tali' in (after half an hour j,'.^ The hcail brat 120 a minute ; caro- 
tid aud li>ni|wiral arteries pulsating,*. — [70.] Pulse small, rapid,'. — PuIm 
KW, Vifry weak, and irr?^Iar,'. — PnUe I.'IO, "ii'p-iik, and inti>nniltiiig (after 
t*« buure),*. — I'uUc full ami .-"low,*. — I'uW scartfly iK-rctplibli-,". 

yeek. — Stiff neck ,'. — Stiffne» of the ueek, trismus, and fibrillar twitch- 
ingB in the tna^»eler niugcle?,'. 

Ejttretnitirs, — TwitchiuRs in the hands and feet,'. — Twitchings iu 
anius', — Arinft H|xi.-uiiKli<.7LlIy Hfxi-d,'.^[80.] Anns epasmtnliadly flexed, 
wmeliim^ <*xie»d(.'d,', — Ann* Kjiowniodieally flexed al (irhl, uftL-rwards re- 
IwrJ,", — KingiT nails eoi'>rcd blne,"- 

OmrrtiHtiVS, — tiuit tottering and unw^rtain, aa if intoxicated,*.— 
lotuilng gait, and tendency to fall.". — He walked like a drunken tnui, 
fUggeriiig bert aud there,*. — Violent convulsioua,'. — CouTulMutiM parox]^ 



mal,'. — CVinvulnioTi!) and Ihm nt' rikiiAciouiint^w ; the licrui «iii>k upnii llic 
Bliuutilcr; inirjilv li))j<, hikI t'lvDvlutl Iwlli ; thi> vyva l'Iom-iI tpixlli liour),', — 
Ctiroilic ommpA aiid LelaiiiiB,". — (OO.J Tutaiik- i-tiiivuldionif. relii-vpil for s 
few miuiitc<s bv dflslieB of euld walcr, iiiiil fullimwl liy dwp cunm,*. — Te- 
tanic epwDQs of the flexor ruiUi-U-e, cxf^cciallr of (he upper extroniities mid 
of the iwasllfalort-,*. — FtiiiHTn-fw,'. — Sinking, . — Was obfigciJ lo tie Anven on 
account nf exhnu^lioii (atWr hall' an hoIlrJ,^ — f^ymptoniB come suddooly, 
iwvcrul Jn>iiP* iiftftr lAkinff,*. 

SkiUt — Till- skill. tn|M.riiillv llic fucv iLiid utxV. al»« of Itic vxtrt-mUicH, 
wu» liviil,*, — .Skill bluia}i-i;r»v.'. — Skin dryaixl e^'anulic, lips blue." — Irri* 
liibiliiy of llii-' sliiii coinpR'tt'lv Itiel.". 

Sh'i'iKtnd /VtfrtWiw.— LlOO] Sleepinose,'.— Complains of Bleepiiwi* 
(ftfur Irnir liDiin*),'. 

t'ercr. — Skiii imM.", — 8wt-ui im tin* forcliffiul and face,". 

Conflltivu, — At»enornrton,—{P<uhiHg «/d miler), Tetanic 


Benzoin aoiil. C,n,.CO,OH. Obtained, \ty nublinuili'in, from Rnm bon- 
wiiii, or iirlifioinlly fniiii M-voral nrumatii: hydi-oparUmi. J'tvparatiim }'<rr 
IMC, Tiucluri' ur IrltunitJ'on. 

Autktirilic*. 1, Dr. Jluiii.'s, Tmiis. Am. Iiisl., vol. i (arnipU'iiis obtainMl 
fr<mi liinisL'If uiitl olliere, tick and wflli, witli tjii^ lal to the loili potency; 
2, Dr. Liiijiou, ibid, itouk of ah alcoliolif aolution j j^r. to J i>«., Ur* drop* 
every iimriiiiig ntul evt-niiig for e<;vtral iliiy^i; U. Ki'!Ii*r. Am, Xrai. Pmrn, 
p. 70otcxiiiiiiiip<l tbo (*tf(vl of fMidv diimw upon llio iiriiiiM; 4. Ntiiw^r, ibid. 
I^lnok 80 (irw. of llic 2<I irit. nl ouo dneto); Ti, IVtro/, Itiill. d. 1, one. mwl. 
hoiu. do L'url>, 5, (10 {\\w oriKiiiul nroviii);): 6, lliuiir. fn>iii Hciitig, Am. 
Arzti. Pnif'n (cflcct.'^ of h dniclmi duily, un bour ufter diuuur, on a pvreon 
liaviii^ urllirilii; iiodfw oh tho fiiipuiw, uu-.l.t 

MlmU — The- nii;id in iudinc-d to dwi.>lt upon unpl^Ofanl lli)ux«. If lio 
BawftiiYoiie wlic»waf> di-formed it made biii»4niddtT,° '. — ^xidiK'se,'. — Stnae 
of BnxVtv," '. — S(,iiiwJ of iiiixiolv wliilv Hwitaliug,\ — Aotiviiy of mind while 
at wofk,nlii)riTAi-d# nnxir'ty,\ — i[« wiu miu-h i^urpri^d ilmi, wliilo wrtlinc, 
be uniitltHl wnnU vvt.-ry inonioiit, wlittili never wim ibo rniw before (sixui 
Bud !ti*VL-otli ibiy."),'. — < imiat*iL' t-u]idilii>ii. 'Ilinch, Mi?d. Zuil. liiiNil.) 

/frfff/.— <'i'[ifOfli<ni of tlie titnd,". — Confusion of Uio hi^d, ami ultwpi- 
wcifn*. — LIO.] Vcrlip'. milking biin fvarful of falling videuii^:, tii>ua)lr in 
llie uflJ'nlooll,^ — Kxi'itt^'ioi'iil tiiid liglniu-na of ibi.* bi-nd. hIii-ii snit-ziiit; io 
iJie miti'iiiii;^,*. — Sfiii^iilioii Ji* if tbiTi' w*«n' «if in th*- livud,'. — Tin.*d fu^linu 
in till' hi-iid, im from nigbt-witli-hjng/. — Stti^iatioii of ooldnvM in lb« li«ad, . 
— SciiMiaiu of simkiii;; In the buuil,'. — Tlii' lii-Ad-sympInmA are generally 
aceoctifictiiJed with drpn-n-tion, Itutailud^'.iiiid lox* of ap]ielit»',*.— A lltr ineu- 
tal (•molioii.4, Iiciidaobc,'. — Tin- )t<>iui-:iym[)toiii-'> an- wowc during nwl, mtitrti 
pcriodiciiUy. nml iiru ofli-ji iiC(.'oiii|Kiuicd with pniiia in tlic «lomai:1i,uau»ca, 
gH^giii'^, nitd I'nid bun<l»,\ — i'liiu mid tit-al in ihi; ur){iiD» of rvvcn.-ni'c and 
itrninL-tiK,'. — [20.j Pn^aiiuro upon iIh> nbolv upiK'r part of tlii? bt>ad and on 
U>a spinal L^oltiiuu, as if it were pren^ed togcUier like au eluMic body, m 



that he ttrcti^tml hita«4>1f iiivnlunlnrilyantl lienl fonrant. This HMMtnlinn, 
withiiot lioiiip [Miinfiii, pMHuo"* t'llromo «nsk-ty, twa days in uticws'^ioii in 
the fun-mxtn. wlulr rittiiip.*. — KWtiniiilii' pniii dii thi; oul^-iilc of the licmi.*. 
— Fnrmicati'jti in tlip T'lrelit^d.'. — HnnI tlinilibiD<i; of the temjmral arter- 
ies,'. — I*ain in the U-niplt**, in ihu region of tho or2«n nf eonslnictivenpfs,'. 
— Pnin in (be l<-lt leRi[itc,'. — Ilnnimerin^ pain in the tcm[>)«8,o1>li^in^- him 
(D !»«• ilowii,*, — TearitiK \a'n\ in lh« verirx,*. — Internal pain nnil bniii-wl 
(ff)inn ill till' i^i<1f» iif (lit.' hcnd,'. — llehing of the hsiry sealp,'. 

Eyeft, — [30.) Di*ir<-** in thv ftye*, iw frrtm want of *lc*i>,*, — Dnrtiinj: 
brat in the eye?.'. — Buniin); hmt in the li<l,«.'. — Itching in tnc outtr, nnd 
(ben in the inner, angle of the rijjht t-ye.'. — -TIirDbbiiig in the eyeballs.'. 

JSttfft, — Swelling nchimi the ears, whieh Beems tomicli theneriosieum,*. 
— i^rtlii): in the «ir,*. — Itching in the left ear,'. — Pufliiig in tne eiir? from 
jmWtii^n of tliP temi>on)l arlerio','. — When nwatlowin);, niji-H- in llie ean*.', 
—{40.] Srn^ation iu the ear' like a soiiikI of confnwii voiow, especially 
•lieu i^itjiHowin-; or when wnlkinp in the oiicti air,*, 

.Vo^r.^Ueffiii-sii n( the angles of (he noste.'. — I'ain in the nsKil bonw,'. 
— Irrilaliun in the Irrt iioi^iril.Mich as preppies meezlnfr, vet without being 
ible to sntvio,'. — Sneering ami h€iaT«eiic««,'.^-A eoM in th« hand readily 
uccuT? fr-jm exjewurt' to cold ; is rcnew«l every day,*. — Epiataxi:s^ — Pres- 
sure ui the root of the iioip,*. — H«ii»itivenc** of the tiosc,*. — Itching of llie 
•epliini of the tioee,'. — [SO.] Pimiiiiitinnof the f«iiw of smell,*. — It Mcnicd 
to him that be emelled dust, cabl>age. or tK>mcthin$r etinkin^,\ 

ftjrr. — C'ircnmsrrihed rednewi of the fare,*. — Numb fwling in the face.*. 
— Burning heat uf llie fad',*. — numingheatftnoiilyone-half of theface.*.^ 
Tension in one »ido of the fnce,'. — Fre^ive sensoiion in the fiioe,'. — Tram- 
ijl of the lip"A — Itrhing of the ehiu,*. 

"'oHih. — 1^60.] Involnntary biling of tb« lower lip at dinner, oii two 
t»ive tlaytt,'. — Stilehes in a right lower hollow molar,'. — Slight entl-tnj^ 
pain tu the leclh,'. — Slow jtrking in a right upper molar,'. — Tne Seiuoic 
oil lia« lie»-ii given for li<ilhache,°, (.\.)— The resin ha? been aied as a 
efcewing-fjum in Imithaehe.^. iSthnwIer.) — Kxlramive (ileerfttion.* of the 
tongue, with dceply-<hitppe<l or fungoid «irfa<x*.'. — Velvety corttinK "" tf** 
tnngue/.t — ToBirne wltli « whllr muciius cont in the moniiug,'. — To«[^o of 
a «lij!lilly bhiisb color.'. — [70.] Soreness on the hack imrt of the tongue.'. 
— .Sorenwof die baek \mrX of the tongue, felt mo^t wnile .ii wallowing,'. — 
ScDHitton of t<i>n'm-:v and rawnin* at the ro(>t of the tongue nnd ou the 
palate,'. — An utn/nited tumor in the left t-ide of llie moutn. upon the soft 
nanmin^ire nf the jaws, bidiind the Iii«t molar teolli,*^ '. — Heat around ibe 
luciuth/. — Aftor-tastcof thefiwl,'. — tSlightly acid mucue,*. — Taste of Mood,*, 
— ^The brrail tastes flraoky,', — Flat, soapy tafte afler drltikiiig water,*. — 
[80.] SftttY taste of fond,'. — Hitler ta^le. with pm»ure at tlie stomach and 
(metntioit, . — Bitter tiutic on drinking eoflt'e or milk,*. 

Utt^Mtt. — t'ollectkinof mueus in the throat,*. — The thyroid eland feels 
TOollen.*,-^^n«ition of swelling or of coiitraelion in tlie thrunt. . — It fiyls 
u if there were little lumps in the pit of the thnint, as if ftKxl wen.' stick- 
ing ibvn.'. < Fr. Hii.imaiiit.) — Angina faucioin nu<l angina toiiFtillnri», with 
the ehii '■ nriiie." '. — Heat in the fproplmgns, a* from arid enii'la- 

tioB!!,'.- - :i of h<?at nnd w>raleliii)): in the a^ophngiis nnd ihroat. 

(P*reira.>— [80.] Extromclr unpleowinl «'?atehiiig in the throat. (lich- 

f In butb cft'rt iltere wm noi the twsi suspicion of sypliUitic ■0'oclioni la both 
euH9 bieh-uu1*>rc<1, slnMig-MNDlUng urine,'. 



inniin, Phys. CkiraW.] — Dtfficulljr iu tiwikllowiDg,'. — Jtioorepl«(e swall 

Stomttch. — Increased appettic in the eveuing/. — Lnai of apf 

mornirig*.*. — In the evciiiii)j,thiri«l with «]r«nin<ws,*. — Singulm?,'. — Nniil 
rooriiiiigis'.~Naii.Hpa, with g3ig>tiiiK; with tlisturlmiiccn nhoiit ihe h«ul,*.-^ 
Naiiwri, with liuitliiiig, ami roni)(«i)I malaise,'. — [lOO.] Vomiting of a taity 
iiLbE(lnnco,'.~Hillrr vimiitiiig/. — With prpj^naiit wonii'n, f^lric dcirtlQa«- 
mcub whvri nMi-titliiig a Lc-iichl.'. — S«u»atioii uf wariutli in tbo skmuicn,*. 
— Burning in Uic sluiuu/')]. ( !loni}jberjp.T.) — Prcwiire in the atoinach and 
eruclaCiotiH*. — FaligtiLid hy tlio pn>»un' uf ihc clolhra on tho «)]jtga8triiiin,^ 

Abdotnen, — lo tlie region of the liver, constant, fiu«, nut violent 
Btitching, midwfij in the upper portion thcn'of ; it wcms to be supprftciat, 
andio not increaaet) by pr6iburo(,wveuth day),'.— Ohntriiniraiof th«^liv«r,\ 
(H(Jiiigb<.Tj{er.) — (^ittinj; uhoiit lhi> navvl, reli(>T4>(l by tituol,*. — [UO.j Uo- 
oommou dii^cliarR« of wind dowuward iu thL> rttkruoon atid f:vouiuk' of fint 
day,'. — I'ftin ia lIil- ]uft lidi- of tbc ahdoiucu. imrawlialcly butow the ahorC 
rim,'. — SriiMaiiuii uf hent througbuut the abdomcti,'. — ^Tearing bellyadie,'. 
— Tensive [tain in the groina,*. , 

Stool and AnuH. — Cuntractinn of the exlremity of the recturo.'J 
SlitcUing iu the reclwiii,*. — SlightJy elevated, round ^uifarn, of a warllil 
nppfiimnE'C, and circular form, varyiof; in rliamolt^r from half nn inob tn 
nu iacb nnd n buif, n( places runuiiifir iutu each oLbor, utArly covered both 
udcM and the hnttom of the miU-iu aai, and caiiaea tnuch ftionrtiiig and 

aareDGHB of the 
prerious itae of 

part, »vith stroiig-sceated and biyhlv-cohired urine" 
O'paivu tor chancre),'. — Fine MitchiiiK in the anu;, 

oil (he 

eroniii^ of fimt day/. — Fonnicaltun nl the aniift,*. — [120.] UrginKto 8U«I, 
with iitcllVi'tiinl H(^aininf.^^ — Bitwi-l" frei'Iv open, with extnionliiiHry pr«e- 
siiri- to '(.loI/.-'Diarrhtra of children ; iHe discharge ii oopioni, watery, 
elear-fiolored. very fetid ; the urine at the tame time ia uncommonly doep- 
red. and the orinona odor very ttrong < \n very nmny raM-.-* ciiratirc, or at 
leiLit r(-li.^viri([>.'". — * l'n,ih>) i^i>t>l,\ — •Fetid, watery. whit« atoola, very 
ooptoiu and exhaaatinp, in infaitti, the urine being of very deep-red 
color," '.—Putrid. b!((o<ly islool.'. — lu^uHicicui etoiil,'. 

Urlnnrj/ OrpaiiJ*.— V«sic«l catarrh,*. [0. Bird.) — trriubilily of 

the hlaiMcr. Too frequent deeire to evacuate the bladder, the urine nor 

mal iu iippcaraure," '. — Gleol,°. {Ilonigbcrger.) — [130.1 VJrinc at first ia- 

creaMctl iu c]uantily only, and not in fn>i{tiency. In a lew dayn urination 

became (■ictvii'din^ly freipit-ut, Kitii »triiii^ pn^iig and diseharge of a dear 

uriuu. Urini' of uti aromatic odor and saliuc UisU:, the odor loug rctaiucd ,' 

moat in the fomnoon,'. — Urine more L-omuus, [<onienhaL turbid, utherwin 

of a nataral color and odor. After tbo ijnily um> of a drachm after dinner, 

DO Beoxoic acid wa^ found in the urine, traoes of urea, and oulv mere 

tnicvp of Hippiiric acid.*. — Euiir«»i» noctiinm nf Hiildren, whom ^ilnim 

lailwl,", (.Young.) — Dwrease of llio quantity' of urine,*. — Urine arnmalic.', 

— *yrjui i(ri;ir, filh j/mfnji*iu n/m. [C. Hg.) — Urine of a very repulaiw 

idOt, oj a rtinngcaiie eaior, brOWniah, c/oiirftf, of an ali-Qline rcaclton ; effer- 

mA'Uj trith hydnxUorit: arid; vkile.fioeciJrut tfdimcnt in the urine immo- 

Uifylif t{ftfir iU pfumtje, fORniiiling of the phrmphnte and carbonate of tims, 

.jUh^iU vriiy neut. Tliv pHli<^nt was pale, Iniifuid, with n aoQae of weakttoH 

\o\x\t. (Fartiuhar.) — Thick urine,*. — Bloody uriue,'. — llol, ecaldittg 

•f a dr«|).red color, nnd dtruiig odor, canting bo imich ^mlTcrini; in 

tlini ihiit ffioi pcrfonnod but ouce a day," '. — Morbid cnudition 

ino, ae in persona with caJculua or gouty diatheaia,'^ iSin), with 



QDCKdons of (irate of aiunioain,**. (NeidkanJ.") — [MO.] 'Urine highly 
mIotmI, Mmvlimeii of thf rohr tf hnmtty ; the nrinoaa odor exceedingl]^ 
itroaB.** '. — Uriuc uftho fttwvi; ciiaractcr.of a specific {rravilVfirwiU-r than 
llut of healthy uriiic; iMMcd into the same rctaiiia its phirc Mnv 
die bealthy urine without admixture, aiHl, though of n %ery dee[vre<l color, 
dcpraiu nil seilimenr," '. — Dart: rfdflitJi-browh urine, of grcaiep sjiecific 
jtmvtly tlmu ntirmiit, vilh an at-iii n^actiuu, even after wiiiv week?; al ihc 
suuv liiiR' nidriy fli-cling imiii* <lee[) iu the rL'jjioii of ihcr bl>d<k-r, nut whea 
urinaliii);, but at other liiuef^ ; aIm wtlli <)c|xo-il of ttiiic()ii» gniiiuk-^, and, 
vhi-o standing, bMuinine, in a fw dayis covered with a thick, tilmycru^t," 
<oiM>-inciiticlh graio of mo utidilutcd add). (C Hg.) — ^A grauuliir kind of 
tDncu^ mixed with iiboAphalcs, in the i«diiuenl of the urine,". (Garrud.) — 
AfKirdit Dfl roliof vhcre thore are phMj>hate« in the itedimenL (G. Bird.) — 
ARvj tliirtr-two Kniiiii> uf pure m-nzoie acid, taktrn iu the eveuing Ijcforc 

Sling to ste«p, the moruiufT uriuc ri»L't(.-d iiuL->.>iumun1j scid, eveu after 
'iug evapurated, and standing twelvu huun, whereupon nnlv the usual 
tedtmeoi of earthy i>alte preeeDte<i il««lf. The Uric; acid anil urea were 
botb contained therein, a|i|<arvntiy in normal ijiiHniity,*. — A scrujklr, lakeii 
an hour after » mcnl. unw i'lillnwi-d, in M>nie hniiri, hy five or vix nunees of 
urine; on adding Hydn<<' neld to thi» nii ntnndant preeipilate of 
Hi^^urie acid appiartd, but no traec of Urie acid. I I'n-.l — Out- of the 
ten adda which niaiiifpdlly iiicfFai^c the acidity of (he urine, i,Lehmano.)— 
lui-rvai'^s the acid o( the urine and makefi it Blijihtiy irritant. (GarroiL) — 
N»rt the oric acid but the urea <ltNi|>|ieiir% |(jnrnjd,)^150.] Dark or 
hi^ily colored oflenfiivo urine, <|utte |>ecnliar < aner !<n[ii)ri-?)NL-d i>yiihili« and 
pioorrltcpa. In manv cases)," '.t — In case»( with an excvea of line acrid ia 
ih* urine, the urine become* normal after the nsc »f Bcnsoie aeid,". (G. 
Bird.) — Jirvcr saw anything so effwiual ; the lirinc was clear nilcr the first 
diAc, and in two days was entirety free trom mucnu.<i de|io!(its; the iriiln- 
hihty of the hluddcr was diroinished, and in four dnr^ the patient eould be 
left t<» hiniM-U'.". ifxxlen.) 

Sejrttftl OvffoHH, — 3tnte. Pninfulnestt of the gvuitaU.*,— PreBeore 
M th« gvuilab. — Kaw pain of the (^'nitalri,'.^^marting of the frtenutu 
pmputii,'. — A thrilliuj;, almost painful soneatiou on the left hide of the 
iHans peni», extending into ihv nn>thni, so lievere nii to nrcai«ii>n starting, 
fodit^ in a u^usaiiun iif tickling and ilrhing,'. — lu-hin;^ on the ^Inns,'. — 
itching in the juleiis bohiud the niroiia glnndiji,'.— JVMirt/c. [160.] Men- 
struation too l-a^l¥.^ — Itflardwl iiieu!>truutiuu,\ — Wtuknt^ss aOcr the 
laeiM**,'. — To'i Idi^'-liistlu},' loL'hiit,'. 

Rerrjiiruttirt/ Al'pflfOtUJi. — Copious seeretion of mncuB in the 
bn)l)cbi,\ — Slight transitory hosreeueee and Lhrice-re]»eu(et) Miet-^ing, ia the 
iwiniing, wii]i a iileaMuC excitement and lightnew (Leichllgkcit) of the 
httu\. which, togetlier will) its mure muid diMp[H?araiiee, dit^tinguiFrhed it 
from the more ordinarv *vmptonw of taking cold, of the provor, '.^Rather 
in<.TMi*«l than dimiuiahc<) the cough. CPcrcira.) — When the fumes of Ben- 
nin atone an- produced ihev oecasion a cough. (SchriprfBr. .\ meiwhnli.) 
— Violent cough from inharing the funiee. (Pereira.) — Prodnefd nn ex- 
kau.<ting cough ia healthy |>er»<>u.H (the flowvtv). (Mitl. Zvit. Kuwlund^) — 
[170.] Given for a tonnciiting, lijfht congh, every |H»wdcr produced a vio> 
lent euugh, then extraordinary uenkiK-f.'i, i^witit, and ii slsie of eonia ltt*t- 
in^ an hour; at thi; «amctiut«thc likia i« jxilcr and cooler; the pul^ weaker 

f The gonorrhMi wu, in oiMt ouot, Mipprauod by Uitli. capdv. 



and Ices frAqiiAiit; rrtmiration tinrmnl (from the nublinuttHi hvi naf. pvri^ 
fi<njeer«), (Iliscli, in ^icU. Zvit. Hus?)., 15, 18>32.) — Cuugli evviiis pru^lticttl 
by sonii'ihiug acrid or <ln' in tliir fliost,'. — Cou^l' nftcr a slinlil cold,'. — 
Slight hacking eougli, dirvclly after riitiDg (secuud day),'- — ('uugti (>xeited 
by inapt ration. *.—Ti'oublo*jiue, ouuatAnt, dry, Iiackiri); «ou^h, after eup- 
pretsea gonorrlKtra,'.— rVtugh, follutvttd br fxnectorntiim nf grei^iiHli niut'iLS*. 
— Tlie n^pinitioii al times »omewlial wliiniling 'swMiid day >,'. — liifBruliy 
of brnntliiuff on awRUiiig,*. — Asilinia, wiiU iiilhniKuatiiry rli(^uninti>- «iib- 
plttiiits," '. 

f7/tc«f»— [180.] Burning m ibc nipples.*, — SeiiHiuin of Bwplliiig in lli« 
nininmary gliuid», also in lliu thyroid gland.'. — Murbid ^ilaliun in Uin 
eUisi,'.— .Si'iise of ruu):liuei<^ in iho chesl.'. — Painhil starting iu llic cbeal,'. 
— .•*(?nc«tion of dwelling in ibe trhistl,'. — Can H-arccly benr lUv nnwun- uf 
rbilbiiig oa ilic rhfM.''. — A cutting M^ii^nttint in llw <l»'"l,*, — Fin*', sHgbt 
^litcliot' in ibe iniddle uf the i.-hei| U-vt-ning of ibn liiM day ^,*.— Pain siiin«- 
liiuca in ihi; uiiddlu of tlii.' brvuat; u kind of ntiU-bing (tcoxid duyV- — 
[190,] In tlic fvtning iii bwi, sonic what of Hiitdiiiig in ibe (.-huNt, especially 
on brcaditug dw-ply Ctintt liay).', — It is said l<» fundsb the great««t relief 
in di^>aiws of the c-ncst; redii'fws the obstniction of the pulmonary t«*9oI*, 
and |>n>mot^ exi)o»"lon»liiin,°. (LewLsV Mat. Mfd.) — In lite lasl prriwl of 
»iiDple piieunioina. when? grent weaknesa pi-evail*,". (ScbnMjar.i — TypbuM 
pneuinnnin; ii«tli(Miic nlTo'Clions of ibe ohcwl, iScbri'gar.l — Antlicuii; pneu- 
monia of a young mnu ; atUr tbt- »treiigtli had ^utlk dutly, the diflirulty 
of brnilbiiig iiumi.-'L'd every hour till it utlained a fearful degree,". (,(Jold- 
K'hmidl.j — Pain in the leftside. (Tlonigberger.) — i*ain aboui the Utird rib 
on the right side, midway betu-Acn the .itt-rniim nnd the liido; ini-rixiae^l by 
rpniiiralion,'. — Deep punelnitiiijj iiain In the jioi'lcrior purt of the Icfi ,-idc 
about rhe sixlli rib (womil duy I,'. — Pain in ihv left iiide about tli« sixth 
rib, inon:'fl>^i'il by dt-ep inl^pirlltil>n,alld liv betiding the body to either Fiide,'. 
— Pre«*iiit- on ill* ribi'.\ — [200.] fititchuig m the right eida of the cUwl,*. 
— Weak fetling in the prajeordial region.''. 

Heart aint I*$iftn'. — Undulating beating of tho liearl/. — InWnntt- 
leni beats of tbi> heart,'.— Palpilation of the heart with tw^mMitig,'. — Pal- 
pitation of ihc htiart nhile lolting, al«o uller drin)iing,^ — vVwakos aficr 
uiidniglil, with palpitation of the hi-ail; every nioruing ul '2 nVloek. nitli 
httil and hard piit^e. Thmbliing uf the tt-'iiipura) arlenm prevents hi.igf>t> 
ting U> Dieep again,'.— ^Vakcf aHer nddiiigbt. witli viuk'Ut pul^atiou of the 
heart and lempi>nilarterieACpiilKiiioii IKl in ihr niintite), without exteroal 
lioat, and I'nnnut fall a.-<Ieep ngniii. In tUo. irinnnng, the luugtio cov(*rc<l 
with a (vbite innecku^ eoiil ; mmu- iiaiiscii and total loit^ of appetite. Hat] 
calin pvaeliw in Ibv oveiiiug. In the ahenioon, at four oVWk. nil llicea 
syinptuin* bad viiniahed (fourth day i,", — ■I'ain t» the ri'yion of the liearl,'.-^ 
The \aun- change their plaee inet!--anilv and snddenlv, but are the n)o«l 
Con<titnt in llie peijion of tli« l]«arl,'. — [SilO.] PuL-v* full,*. — i/c irojtrc rfny 
moniinff nhniit "2 u rUifk frxiin Mrimrj iiilrniiti Itciit. awl a Itard, bi'tiii'lhiif. but 
iiiil (jiiiekeiied putue, no iliai lii! mu(iL lie awake u|>ou hie back, boeausc the 
pulsation of the tenijw.ral itrteriivi noiind^ like puffing in bis ears, and pre- 
vents him ftx>in going U» sleep again ( In;^ting eight nceka),'. — AccclerniDd 
pulse (lir<>(, second, tind third dnyat.', — Pnlse slow.'. — Pulse idower and 
VLvikcr ifrom ihe tubliituiUd but not pnrijicd finxoeTa), (,lliseh, in Med. 
Z?il. Bowl.) 

Neck and liacle, — Stifllies.'* of the neclc. btil only on one wde,*. — 
PrcMure in ilie nape of the- u•>ek,^ — Violent itcliiug iu the uape of the 



Kck.*. — Pdin in Ih* ri^lit »i<\f of iHe back, between the tenlli liorsnl ver- 
tAn AUil thu sidt.','. — l*rvK*un- U|X(U the spinal culiiriiu,'. — [SSO.] Hut 
huniin;! fiaiii in lell kidiiev. with (Imnii)^ uIr-ii »loopii>;.'.°. i Nviiilmnl.) — 
[Kill fKiin ill (l)e regiin of tlio kidneys,'. — Snre |iiiiii in wgion of left ki<l- 
wy,", <Nei<Hiar<l. I — Nt'|ihrilir rolin,^. (Willinm^on, i — !^DFe of t-olilncm 
fl[ lhii mmiiiiA — SUTliiig in tlio K)in.s'-— Stiffness in the toin}<, with pain» 
ia ilw lii^liii'v*,'. , Nf-i'IlmriLj 

Krtreii4itiei* (ti tifiieraf, — Nodc« on thu joints of Uje upper trnd 
)i«L-r fxtrcmilii-n, knitkin^^ iiml tni'-kin;^ im niotltui,'. — In Iwlh wriMs. he- 
tmwn ibv niv'tiirarpal buiicv. atiuii<laiit p^Kv de|)usit<(, ani] i>tti<]Iii)^ of the 
d)v>w-3oint». Tln-'«iiklo, al(«, i«no( fn-ci 1 dnuHm dailv forsii mniithfl),'". 
— ()|il, jiiiulY ronci*(ionrt.°. t Xii'lhrtrd.) — [230.] Traniig nnd fiiip Milch- 
iBg in v.iritm* [inri)- nf ihe lini !>».*. 

Vpper KxtremHieH. — S.'ii*fition of swelling under the nxillR-,'. — 
Ti.'nriiiK'lKirtiilJj in the Ik'IH-'i' of the umi.\ — Fine or severe ?titcb< 
10^ uu ihir uulcr surfucL- nf the ri|;hl urm : nftL-mnrds iiu the left nrin. inner 
lurGicw («v<^uing of finit dn}M,', — Tearing billow, it) (he right nidius.*. — 
Tearing at Uie outer turfaee of both wrbts.aa if iu the bimesdhird day',', 
— (,Vih! hand^.'. — CuM liaiidoivilh head -ymimim*.'. — A kind of ilrliin^ in 
llie ]ial ii> of llif ri^rln hand, with %\\^\\l Imi wm tearing in tlie n|)]w-r meta- 
rar|>ai j(>iiit«i of lh<' liitli' Jind ring fingfri^ levoiiiny of fir*t ciayi.'. — The 
Bnctrw ure as if iiHollcn ; a ring K-comc too smaU (seeoiid duyl,'. — [840.] 
The fiujjent retnnin Homcnhnt swollen: ihtrtwith teiiring and nnu slilc-hiiiK 
ill %-arii'iis pHrfi of the Uuih':, especiallv in froiil at the nu>iRiiiisal joint of 
tbf riyhl treat lof ifotirth to wveiilh dny:<),*. — Pain in the finger joints of 
Ihe ri^rhi hand,'.— Pflralyiic|«irt of the tingen'/, — Tnirinjr in tin- meUiear^ 
nil ji-int of tl>e let) ihiiinb.'. — ^Tearing <]e«-p in the U|)|R-r joints of the l«ft 
liiih-x finjur fiiO'~.ind liiiyi,'. 

Lfiwer Ejrt rem i tied, — I.aa'itudo in the lower extreraitiM,*.— Bon- 
vati'M) a» if the lower limbs were tightly bmidagpJ,*.— Pain in the right 
hip,*. — Gnawing pain in the leil hip, then in the thigh, next in the knees, 
then in the lor#,'. — Putu iii the loll hiji, iu the kuec, and (he toc^ «t the 
nme linio; the woT>t tii the hn-!' ; letiviiig the toe:*, it svuts il.telf in the 
mtieeles of the ealf, and then iu ihi< knee. Af^er teavini; the»(- parts it 

I tho anterior 

aji]*eflrs in the right thigh nnil nnklc,'. — [250.] Tearing pain in i 

surtiice of the thi<;h,*. — 'Sirrfiing nf thr right hire, vil/i jmin <u> tif ute^ra- 

litm a^ thrvhalf Ir^.trilK jtnin* i» thr iiiltiryt," . iNeidbanl.) — * Vntrking in 

Ik^ irtu^jnint*. — 'Sfnutft nf ilrijuef in thf liirr-joint,' . — i'aiu in Ihe rtykl 
htre,' *, — Pain in the left knee.'. — T'liit in boih knert^. — Drawing jwiii in 
the knees after drinking wii»c.\ — Palu in the ga-Mrocueniii,'. — Shiirp pain 
in the lefl ankle diiHti't the time it siipporlH the weight of the Uxly while 
walking,'. — [860.1 When eupinirtiiig a, slighl part of the weight of the 
Iwiy upon liie Irit foot, wvere pain in Ihe leiimi Achillia, close to the m 
calcw/. — Pain ill the riyht teiKto Aeliillirt and in the region of the beort at 
lJie«aiiK' lime. At^er leaving the right, the |min np[keai« in tlie left tendo 
Achitli;*,'. — Numhni^ in the toe*,*. — Pnin in the toe*,', — Paiu iu the larvc 
joiot» of the great toe. with slight tnraefaelion and reilnea*,', — Iu the aniiill 
(ore of the right foot, espeejally in the middle joitit^, u kind of <ife|> wnM* 
tire tcArin^; i>iib^ueullY.iD the right knee, the ln«t ioiul of the ini'iae«t> 
pal Ihiiie niid of the lel^ llmuib, nnd iu the radiu* of the ri^it forcnrnt. HA 
(Wci3U(I day).'. — Deep. i>enii»tont li-mring In the lowe^it joint of ibe ^rrnl 
Iw ri<N\>jid dayl,*.— TVhWhjuh'/ iiHtefii»g, ir^-nr>«//y in Ihe mtifatarml fmm^ 
^ the right great loe*. — flitch pariing pcrpendicularlj upwtiril throngn th« 



ri^lit gnal loo, foIUiwvd by a buruiiig, wliivk iii(.-rca7^ grsilunlly to a stilcli ; 
iipix-iiriii;; aftcrwunltt in ibv lt.-ll gn-at Loe, from whit^li it vniitslies witli a 
tlirillii]^ »t.'tii'ii(iiiii. in iliu miiruiii|r while Iviiig (tuwii U'i|;litii dtiv >,*. 

Ge II era tit it'H.— Ktmi:\ii\^ (the reeiiii, (iwilipowlcr.)— [2V0.I Trum- 
lilin;;, with piLl]Hlu[ioti of the bcart,*.^* WWfW/ww uiiJ /tiwifurft'/.^Kxtrcnic 
weak new, sweat, and cniuatose condition. I'lliwli., in Med. Zoil. Kuasl. ^--A 
pnin puKiM frtjin the right hniHl, and np|ii'jirs in ttio left arm, extend? dovra<^ 
wanU into the ctboir, and iicxt uppciirs iu Ilie region of titc heiirl ; hu 
ill the ri^liL lhi;:h uurl tuikli-.'.^ — PurifiLTS the- b[(M>d, and is ut*^ in vuluttnirv 
potions.' I tiiKturv of ihe floHcrej. I SL-hra-der.)— .Sj|diilitiL' rhminniti^ni." . 

Shiu, — Kru|Hion of rwl anaU on lln? finjiPrv,*- — Itching on vanoiw 

1iai't> of tlic body and oxtremitieK, yielding riilhur an agreeable Ceding uo 
leiiii; scrairbtii, bul K'avinjr a burning,'. 

Sleep and Dreamn.^f^\^pine^, with duliic$s of tho head,'. — SWp 
tolerably sonnd ; sonu-nhnt diiinirbed by droiias the first day; the follow- 
iug day goud,*. — [280.] !>«:]> tK-up.', — Hturtiug un from Bleep.'. 

Feter. — Ilorriuilalioo beforestool,'. — Ciki], pHli^sIcin, with nwest, weal _ 
nesB, and conm. (Ilisch., in 3Ied. Zeit. Kiiasl.) — CoJdness of thw baok,'. — ■' 
Coldu4»s in Iho knees,'. — Fetiliii;; of culdneES iu the knee^i, as if blowu upon 
by K cold wind (ninth day),'. — Cold fi*l,'. — VioWnl internal heat on ivali- 
ing,'. — Ileal during the coryai/. — [.280.] Sense of beat in [he ii>*ophngu«.' ; 
in the Moniaoh,'; in Uio l><*Uy,'. — Hcnt, nilb e«('«t/; heat, with eold in 
Uic head,*; with nightly |tulpitalioii of the hwirt,', — (.'itidncite, wilh fi.'eliug 
of h«al,*.-— Cold««»», then Ileal and sweat.*. — tienlle. nnivensil i*xhalation 
fniui tho nkin (evening of the first diiyj,'. — Slight sweu.1 afler tlie di&iip- 
pearauec of llie other syQipttjinis'. — Subfle^jaentlv a vetv copioui^ perspira- 
tion. [I<i:-htnnnii.) — The rry!*taU prodnce swejLl in syphili.s nilh very great 
iM'nelii, <*i>i'i'iftlly when inixvd wilh (inaiaenm. (ScbnMder.i — <7opiiiD> 
nigbl-s'wciit, atWr taking :12 gruiiiM, in the evening ; tht> lir*l night, not th« 
foilo^ving, frDiu repeated doses,'. — S*w«*t, wilh Jinxii-ly.*. — [300.] Sweat, 
with ilchiu>','. — .Sweat while eating; whll« walking,'. — ri«-eiitof the feet,'. 
— Sweat, with arouiatte odor,', — Cold sweat on ibe bend,*. — C'old aweat t>D 
the face,'. — Cold sweat o« tlie factf, with heat,'. — Cold eweal ou the feel.*, 
— Kxbalaiion from the efcin l«a aciive than before, while n drachm was 
taken every dny fov i-\x nioniliK.". 

<'OMf/»7i«H«.— Aggravation. — {Murniar)), On waking, head «ymp- 
touis occur ; when ^u<Tc^ing, excitement, etc., of head ; wbitu eoul on touguc j 
loss of appetite; nausea; direetlynlUT rising, cough ; on Hukiug.difliculiy 
of bn'alniiig; while lying down, stiieh through great toe.ele,; on waking, 
heal. — I /(jf«i(^oii),Wliile silting, pressure en head. etc, ; uriDarrsymjptoias. 
— { Aji'1-noim I, Vertigo. — ( lAtiitnij ), Syniptonia of au!*e; tliirsl., et*r. ; in bed, 
espi-eiiilly oij lnvnihing deeply, siiioh in ehe»l. — {Ajtfr midnight i^l a.m., 
WNki.>;<, wilh pnlpiuttioii ; wnlie*, with heat, etc. — (AVrt7/'/«y),CoIil in h«nl 
renewed.— I OfitH oiV), Kye symptoms. — { When rcftlkiiiy in o/irN nir), .Sen- 
Mtiun of voieea in car. — l Erponure to lirauijhl tij mr 1, Head ^yni|)toin». — 
( When ateemting a iieiej/it), In pregnant wunien, gaalric disLurlwiuem. — 
{Uendiny body to either side), Pmd iu left side. — 0''A<rJt Mmting 'M»e}r 
TT««k-.*yniptom,'*. — i On tlriiiking coffer), Bitter taste. — (/Winy ooryaa), 
ITeat. — iAjler ilnntiny), Palpilation.— ( H7n7«t ea/inj^). Sweat. — {AJIrr 
ment/il amnion), Htiful-Hymptum* occur. — {Jfrn/tiratioK}, Kxeites coagh. — 
(On dn'riX'i'wj mi'M';, Hitler taetc. — {On nwving ajter /uny «i((in(/), Trunk- 
sjrmptumB. — {IWiodici, Head-symptonia. — (^Itiadttig bv artificial Utjhi), E>*o- 
BjiuptumK. — {^Jtetpindion), I'ain in side, — {Jicsl), Ileou-sy inptuDU. — ( White 



tilling'), PuIpiMtion. — (B^jore rf*o/>, HotTi|>il«lion. — ( H"'— •■...w.»~«(»\ 
Nuiw iu cars; H-ii£»iioii of vtuora in ear; HortriMfw nf l< n- 

iNjr III bed ut ni^ht'i, Truiik-Hrm|ili)ms. — (Vnnivrrtntf mu-r-; .. in—'i - '■•r 
UMOP. — ( When itfriM-jrif/), Siiimnch-symptomft; ry<^*yiiinton»«; •wmH - 1" 
Jritiiin'j vitrr}. Flat lanU:. — {Ajicr <lr\»l:inij niiiei, jSiin in km-r*. 

.-1 tneltortttion , — ( Evrniny ). lucraisi-d u|i|M.'li(o. — (. ^_ft"- i^itina\, 
MouUi ami tlinxil ttviiipUmiti, — > t'rietion), }^ym\ttiimf nf lli< i f-'j*- 

Untal hitit), 8vintilon» of the &<■«. — {Pftfturt), ^ympU>mt •>! - 

(AJler ttool), Outtmg abuut the n«%Tl. 


Alltaloii], derive*] fmm the room oF BorWrui vul;;. and O-alonhn {'('VtKmx 
lus nilmatus) ; C'nH„X(\ Pf^itamlioit, Triliiniliop. 

Atlh»rily. HcrlK-rj;»r. Buchirer'a Rq>crt. f. <l. rborn. (.from WibmfrS; 
took fiiijr ^mtud in tbv muriiii));. 

Stomach afut Abdomen. — Eructatiotta. — Cuttii^Mid nmiMlni^ 
in sMf'Tutt. 

Htool nn<l Aims. — Paitilft« desire for stool. — CVifdoot Said «»ii«i. 
with pains in ahilxmiin. — Tliiii vi-ucimtiuii, n'uh^tut i«ia. 

GffMffraf <!/«». —W«afc, sick feeling. 


Berberi)? ruli^'arv, Liiin. iVlif. ordtr, Bcrberidawm, ft 
lUrtHTrj". l(Jfriiiiiii> Sgnierfhtrn. (French) Le Vmsziar. 
'Hurtqn' of tilt' hark of the root. 

Autlinrilir*. Symptotud uot designated ar« frooi B^ 
^ruiium, 1, l^l-l), ohiaintH) &a follows: tuok, hiBseltlaij 
an ouiiiv of tlic root, ant^T four ilttyt! u tliin] infuaoa itf ttip ^imr- 
!*j*ii fmm *iT to two ounces ; the sccood prov«r. a glotil a!«»n«»rJ-a< 
»L1X, took iufusions of mx drnchmfl ot the rooi: tlit 
XL 35. took infusioajt and powdcml baric of ••" 
mole tcarhor, Inan nni) phlegm mir, icwik - 
vaut irirl, icL 19, took llio miiiii'.''^ I>r. Hi^^. in w ' w * i 
\mw aIm) niad« doniv dL^K-rimi-nta with 

'^ 'ii-iii her^ )k-ciius(> I tiki net iodudi- isitli^i 

illy tbo«« tvhich did not cotacidt: wiitr 
IheeeproTiugii are now for ilir first 
n* CoH'iwb: 6, Tbe fonrtli provet UMik a 

!. U. IS, took rcpcAtcd dnw o! ' ' 
'■d), took the Fame; 9, A crrt.i 
. Wittuuu. ii'l. 60. hculthT. louk mme^mm^t 
-.aJ di!JtM.'tii>n, with di&eiill sfati^Bqi^BH 
Id AetiMttioti if (<he idovqi, < 
111) momiDg nbt-ti rUiitg. sihI- 
A, with fn-ai foar and fnjitit'fii 
«l«fp; m iho twili^r «acw> ' 
nalanil. — C}ui of hniDar; Ai 

-f TImm I«« |tro*ing« *r« not i 



She cxpvri(yucct» accrtdla ill-will, n Rpiritorinlrcpiditv. — Very frttfwl.pwv- 
bli uiuiid, vvvo bccuiuiiig n liialliii>g of lifv. KpiiisrKHbIc mdHnctidly and 
dixiiirliiiiititJii to »ii)(>nk. ntiioli fhe van in ni) vriiy uvon-oiiiv, with niiii>t, nnt 
(hiMi'Ehtl''neiinl IniijjingC'^cond and thiifl d«ya). — Iin1itK.'reiil,*l<'p«i««d 
moovl, with 8lij;hl imcn'st in the outer wurhl. di-iiiciinatinn lo ivnrb, ronfo- 
Mou. — Iiiiliffi'n-iit. ()iiip|., I'von ii|>»iliWi(' nioiid at linicit. — Ci)ni«>mplHlioD of 
noccmiry ni<-nlnl uurk hrconii'n dilHoiill, nixl tiU'crifi llio hi>nd \i-ty much, 
c«]>ovinIly ill UiL- uioniiu),'. — [lO.j I >uriuK idcuIaI work. cxU-nml ucourrciicvt 
MuilycnuBC dtnturbaniv. uHunlly iintiuticed ; hu euiily lostas tiiu cuouixtlot), 
becomw fretful, and mwt ecaw? work. 

Hefiit.— CoufHAtfm ttutt Jert({/o. Ci>nf»iKion of the head, as if 
coryia iM'iild fitlliiw. — Trn.'«iv(-pr*s*ivr <'i'id(i^inii »(' thi; whiile head, as if 
H i-ai) wfrt" dtrtwii over it. And an if it vruiild lif <Ii-«wn (iiinnwurd from be- 
hitjtl («vi>ral limr-fi). — Conftifioiiund dizziiK** in tin' hmd (iift«r tw«ihoiiiw). 
— Cuiirtiflioii, hcnviiiCNi of the head, often also wiib ptf«siiru in llic fore* 
liciid.iiiid i;rciit jtmstmtionnnd frotfidiieiu; ['hillincMi.Bomt-limca uilh «li};lit 
hviil hi-tWL-eii ihe nll»(>k«i of phillino^s ; ihu ciiinmiMifwH in lh{> iiioriiin]^ 
after «nkii>^', coiittntio:* till nltvr niidiliky, when it is fwlloww) by «o in- 
cri'a^-it nnriHth, (7<|ii.-ritd)y in the lu-ad, wilh syniptDiiiK of ao ini|)ciidiog 
coryxn, i^s|H.a<iiilly mciii*ltin' uf the no<v ami <[(W'/iii;r, which, hom-vur, ^f* 
no t'arllicr; tliwo ntt.ifks niv ro|K'iiti>d dTirinn the limp pioviiij;, nml «(rg™- 
valimiH alwavf lingin wilh thciii. — Fr-eliii^ of^iiitoxiaition in iIil- head (iiftcr 
twii tn ihrwliuum).— • Vfrliifli ami tliztintM> i^f fAr Afiirf (aftrr half nil hour). 
V<>rti}{o on Mlnopiiift (liist iliiy). — Vorlif*') on iTiilkiii(;, mi that she nlmoot 
fell, with fainlii>h wviikiK-!^ (tiKhkfiilb davl.— Wrlin" iid M'U»atioii of 
faiutiup. with jjrtiit nt.'iik»os(lftith diiy). — [20.] Dnriiii; nilhcrhHrd work, 
uiili frvquciil Mooniiijf niid c-xcTlion of tin- :irni!<, a whirlin}; vc-rtigo ou 
ri«irig tij>. 90 thnt ^ne mint turn from left In rif.'ht iind fonnird, arvd with 
dilTit-idtv ktvyt!' crvct ; will) nltm-ks of faintiitw, pr«i«iiv« frontal hi>adaobe; 
t'olhtuvil hy iliilliiip**! in tlie Iwrk and in llic occiput, an in thn nddot 
wiiitt-r ; for Imlf an hour ( foriv-finiMh ilayl. — ^Phifuftf in the hmd (fin* 
day). — Iletitl In Orttet'rtf. Fajling of cmptinw*, iind KlooniiocM in 
the lipad rL-pcalwIly. — I-Vp ling of hparinom m Inc bciid. — HMivy. premive 
h«idHoh(>, with gruat wi^rincss and pmsiration (thin) d«v\'. — '.1 JefUna 
in the head w ij it H-crt ix^'jminy I'injtr 'ftflirr nn hour and a hnlf). — Fwel- 
iug of Hilni-^ iu thv hcail. Vf|ir<-iully iii th«- fDn-hvad UOcr two to throe 
houni). — *A in'jfj/ uritrtiti/xt in the whole lieoil (after iiiiM? houi>>. — Tmirtive 
»(inii«lioii In llic ht-fld (nOi^r iiiiu- hount). — Hi'udarh<> »« if l\tt> #kiill would 
btiM; on t^tooping, a ftcnNiiiuii tv* if Fomt'thiiig tlxTok in tho bend, and as 
if everything would comn out nt th« firchoad (fimt dayi/. — [30.] D»\\, 

fpiVMivo, sti<*king hi'ndachc (after nine hours). — I'vp^ive |»ain in the whole 
iciuli after uti hour niid a half). — l*n.'"*ivc hL'adac!n.',ej*|K'ciftlIy in lhi« fore- 
hftid. lint nleo cxtL-iidiiig tonnnin tlui vertex (iiftir thn-r lioum), — Prcsstve 
hmdaclxj, ffiufeially in tlio ftiii.-tii>Bd. ilh if it would brut«i_' ibe brad, or aim 
Oh if it Would Ix-' jirc'SM'*! down hya heavyweight (second dar),'. — Prewive 
headache, with heavint-^-* and confiij»ion of the nend, esfn'cialiy in the rnorti- 
itig hoiini during [hp fiwt (lay*, attd retnnilny; afterwards at time!". — * Tnnr- 
ingpaiH in tftr nehftl'- hf^tii, now hiT«, vow thfrf. m thej'orfhfa't, in thrtrmpin 
(ftcnutnlly ri'iumiug ibc first weeks). — Forehead-, **ltipid seiiMilioii in 
the (orthcad uifter biilf ati Imur, and after ten houra';. — On ntuopiug, a 
painful n-nsHlion in tbf fnreliend and in the eyen. a« if th« brain w*re heavy 
and it'll forward (after t^n hours). — Prefwive headache, na if the forehead 
vudid prot-s out i.tir»t day),*. — Pn-saure in the fordicad for Bcrcral day* to- 



^her. — {W.'\ An Mitwnnl-prffl^ine hoadachn in i\w fi>rchcnd find temples 
(niiiUi <Ia\ >.— Pn'ssive-wiisivc lii^dai-lie in ilie frnvhwifl, tpi»ij>lv», ami eyps 
{after tliruf hmirn, nnd t"r»'i]in*iiiJv Istvr). — Pn'jwivc livndnclio, imw nvt^r ilio 
fve*. oww iu tho tV»iiEul villi uiu't^, m>w iii the ttmplcs, uuw iu other pluLx-s 
in the fi>ri-hi-u<l isvvciiti'L-nth <liiy;. — A prcmiirc in the ii|ti}<.T piirt uf the 
right fmtital n-cioii 'sevinlh diiy). — I'rassiviNl w irijnii}; tciiKiv« [min in thi> 
r»rvh<«<l 8cvemrtitni» refK-altd (iiiriiifr th« firet days, raupcd and incrcaawl 
by KiHipiiif!, Witnr in Iht* <)|H;n air i a.- iihipI nf the hcjtd i^rnipioiiifi are gen- 
iraliy '.^-f^lickiiij; hi'ndacht- inlcnmlly in th* fiiivhemi (aticr nine hiuiiDi). — 
^rkiii^ ti'nnn); lii'iiihicho in thi- fi irt^-hciid and K'nijik^, j^otiifLtiiK^ tii>liii}r 
Vlly bi»if a miuutc, ^imcliiucs ecvcnil niinutwf, riin-ly loiiper. — Stirkiug 

'^n in the lorc'livail aud in the Icmplrs, now very fine, now very severe; 
ttMnm riititiniiuus, b«i mlhcr eominp nnd going in paroxysms, generally 
eewnog $uddetily. — Hmdaehe in the tV>reht-tifl,A( irking, paroxy-mml.lajitliiig 
ene-Kuf to Ihrc* niinntrs. esjwcialty t<huvttiig i*odiieiiiy thmu^l^ the fiiitra- 
nrbital rr^ion lafter hall" an hour and t<-u honm, and freqin?nl)y^. — Stiek* 
ing, shooting, or hIm twJK-hiug i>r fulling |Hiin, nt MV(>m.l p(>inti< iu the left 
frvulal rcgion,abniit an ineh ahovc the niartcin of the '>rbit, extending out* 
ward and upward (after three hours j. — [50.] Vinlcnt stitches iti the right 
liirehi-fld extending ontuard to the side ( fitili da%). — Stiteliing pain and jerk- 
ing in the l"or\>hend,al^ iu the MjjjK'r pnrt vf tlie li<;nd vfheu iitn<i|iing';»it^er 
niiM- houn?). — T^Hiptes, *A peetilutr iytfil trumtiim in Iht riijhUempIr \ti\ia 
hundreil »inl eighth dsy i. — Tensive prftwive jiaiu in th<_' left (fm[ik'. — Vtv»- 
wvft |wiin in the right temple extending forward to the fve, »■ if in ihc 
bone, with slitehes 4iooting into the iorehcad (third ami Htlii daysi. — I'rce- 
alve pain In llie right (eniple, as if it were thirk, or wotihi he prewiwl out, 

"^■Mreitte*] hy toueh >.afier lialf an hour;. — Onll stitehc-s in the right tem- 
ples '«n«r two boim uud II hnlf,l. — i'ierciug stiti-hes iu the left tctnplo 
(Mcoiid dnr). — A i<litch fruiu without inwurd in the right leinplutnilcr tnu 
bull rs ).— Jerking slitehe^ in the right Ivinple extending into the right l'VC. 
then i>liooting iuio the vertex (after lour hours). — [60.] "I witching, tearing 
psine nt ttiue» in the temples (Sn<l day),*. — Slight tearing iu th« temples 
am! forehead (wventh d»y). — Slight lran»ienl tearing in the right templa 
and tho right eiieek (aflur twelve hfnirj, niid frt:ii]nently aUo attenvurdi'). — 
Pitl'ietftln, Occiput, aiKl Kjtrterual. Single stilchw in the left (miHc- 
tol ri^^iiiu. — TwiriiiK iwun iu the lel\ piiriirta! eminence; it piiin« Btmiewhul 
OB loueh. — Pu'wive-teiihive [win in the oeeiput, as if the senlp wen; t(n> 
(mail and the hraiu too large (^et-ond day). — Tearing in the left (K-eipilul 
regiou-^Tearin;^ pain in (he left uccipital region iijr two days in suc«**ion, 
Iwiting «M?ver«l hnnri': and reliiniing it exteml* iipwarrl from the throat 
and neek to tliis plnic i lueiiiy-^'ixih diivl. — The inU'gt]nieiil.-> of the h«id 
aud lucv ferl puffy autl teiMc iaftcr two Itours and a half ;.^Tcii.*ivc eciisa- 
liun iu ihe «cnl[j and the skin of the fiice.iui if ihc head were swollen ; the 
BOiIp i* difficult to move (first and seroiiil day).— [70.] A tensive numb 
iien>«tioQ of the skin of the h«id and fat-o taltt-r llirc* and f'>ur h^mra). — 
Smarting or corrosive i«eiii:Qitiuu in the skin of the head and fitee, dow 
here, ituu there, aggnivuted hy rubbing; sometimes, anvrnnnbt n red spot 
xnrv. — <_orr<Mive itching or Elieking in the t-kiii uf the head aud face, in 
lima plai-ra, rc|)eate<)l v. — llrhiiig belotv the hair, rhiefly in Ihe occipital 
li^iitn, cither simple or hiling or biiriung, a.'Oioriated with tine MilcheA. fue- 
((iiently with a M'tiMitiou of warnilli in the >^kiii. nnwlly in the oveiiing, 
au*iog (crntohiug. by which it diiiippcan^ for a nooinciit, but h)oh reap- 
)xand iu other place?, auaictiiucs lusting ouly a i'cn uiinuteH, sometimes 



nevcnil limirs (iliirly-sixth, M>v«i)ty-fiflh, nioetjr-thtrd, ami otis btmc 
aiii) ^I'veiitli •]uye( etc.). 

Etfc«, — lii Geuefaf- In nuMit of tlie nroTPTB the eyw secnwH to ' 
doc|>, viK'irpltnl by Mtu- or (liriv-jfray riiifff lor n long liniP-^The oye vnt 
cxwwivcly iuhI iiniloritily rcA (^tK'oml (ioyj,', — InHnmruntion t>\' l\w d 
became en mui-li vonc in tlic nrtcriiiion thiit It xt liki- wiml I havi- cx|n 
eaoecl frmu Inrge dutws (secorirl <lnyi,'. — TIio eyes feel very <Ir\" f»t'tiili 
diiy),', — I>ryut*e in tim cyLtt nlmotil cihhiiiii(Iv, — Dryneas nml liiting or 
bunting, iiIh> iKiiuctinic- an itcliin^' sett.->nlt<»i in the t-yev, frt-iiueutly nleu 
with a iVcliiiff im iT niiixl wori> beiniH^ii tlic Ihla aihI thv eye, at iJnira vritli 
A ulighl n-ilii<?N> of l\\» eonjuiii-tivn. af ilic lii) ninl even of iho ImiH ; ihU 
«y(«|>t*>m ftki not only «|i[icnr very cnrly. «n the (iwl *»r one of ih«' fir« 
d«y», but ilIko hi?lr*l ihmujjhmi t iirnrly (he whole jiroving, with iincrmU- 
sionp. — [80.] A tWIiiig nf Htiiriifm ill tlic I'Tes, with itnigging ( fimt itnd 
Heconil clays). — Bubbling Hi>iiFiuti(in iu the riu;hl eye laaliog a quarter of 
an hour {cluveiitU <lay).~'A bubblinjt avuMititiu iu the kft eye, tmn?i«i)t 
(nUitt fiiiir huiin, an<l nlnn iii the: evt'iiitiy uf third day), — Paiiifiihi<'M< of 
thi- I'yw (.wciiuil d8y).t — I'aiii in tht* yvw, iw nftcr rryiiiK- — A t>oitU'nrhnt 
]>aiuru1 «ctiwition on b<'t;i(itiiiie to read or write (Mvcnth day}.- — A n-mA- 
tton in the cyca at if (licy wore cnld, a* when one jroca into llic cold air, 
with Bfjnie laehrvmalioti nii elnning them tM>ventleih day), — Biimiiig in tb« 
eyflB, I'njiu 12 oVlot-k iliret day.),', — Btiruiog Betutation with dryin^KS and 
rvdnew in the eyt-^, with fonif nintter in the canlhi (wvciiti'eiilh dtiy I. — 
ViuIi'tJt hiiriiiti>: ill tlio i-Vf-H which wen* very [iHinfiil, (swjcially on tnuving 
tlicui (•iirijiirt dny).'. — [90.] Uiirnin^ in the vyv* iit 3 uelotrk iii the aUvx* 
Doon, and at thi- »nmc tiino ft i>t.-n)>atioii nn if fiiii J were in ihiTO ; Ihcy con> 
tiniinl to gctwoi>c iinlil *hi! went lo Hlot^p; the Ii-lt eye wum worKc than the 
right ((list il«y),'°. — Vinlpiil burning and flryne« in the eye* with a dim 
loi>k to thi'in; great rediii'-v nl' the conjiinrtivn of llip lidit, and ii dim, in- 
dietiiict U>uk, a«> if thfre were ii tni.->t birfurv thu ■.•y<.'^, in the iiwmiiig after 
riisin};, (or wvi-ml hours (sixty-third ilav i. — Trouhlra with the eyesincrciuwcl 
towanlh altci-uuon, »ii>l L'(^|K'L'ially iu \\\e t^vpnitig; the Dyes burn like Are 
ftud ore very drj' (third day>,'.— I*rt«urc in the eye* (after wveu Uotir»), 
— PresflUro in the eyes, iw i1 he hnd rripd n hmg time. — Prwssure arul hiim- 
iDg in ihi- eye* i nfUr two houif).— rn^Miiro in bulb even, and nnin on mov- 
ing them, le!i» during rcmt, n<-com|»knii'd by heat and burning in tbein (snc- 
oud ilay),', — Scnwilnin in the vsve n» if they were forciii <iiil («x\>nd to 
(uurtli clay), — Hlickinjr in llie eye, niutnly euniiog from other |<iirt;>, na draw 
itigfroni the tiiK'head cjr from tbo lviii])le»> into the eyes, ur rising in the v 
ami ^p^(:adillj; hence to the for^h^ad ; uiKUally «uijden shooting etitoh(». _ 
A dig^in^-Kicking i>nin hunting Acverat minuttt*, hcgitiuing deep iu the eye 
and exieiidiiig cibUijiidy aeni** the nii<ldle of the iiiiper oruiut iiinrgtn 
upward and niiiwui-d into the forchiiid, fir>t in the rigrii, and noon iifK-r iu 
lh« leH eyeinevi-nteL-iirh day), — [100.] Si;venii jtiercing )>titchev in the eyes, 
—Four oiiic-hei' nhiMtt fnjni the ey« cmtviard iniu tliu forehi-iid, 'o vinleot 
that she U IVightent'd 'tieveiileeiJlli chiy I. — A sliglil, Mumeliin*?^ M.>nHiliv« 
learitig in tlie eye:-. — Thmbbiiig in ihe loft eye, for a short time (.alWr tliroe 
hniint). — Kxtcrtinl Partri. Iti-hing iti the lyehrows, burning, biting or 
utioking, fr(-(|Ueiitlv n'turtiing, Muni'tinuii with lliio burning, or burning— 

itching stick iog.—^GnBivo sticking pniu ovor ibe right urbil Cninlh d(iy).— 


f HiMi of tliH I'jri! trciiibiM Bi»ni ti> he ii|;i;ritvBifd In the opna air ; metioo of th« 
i-y«a itgifritVHirft tli« pnin. 



Biliog. ftoe ettckinf;. And itohing rain in l\w inarj^iiiji nf th«< orbiu, in r.hc 
akio. ttpecially iu llic Jiiitcr cittilliuv. — Ti-nriii;; piiin lu the upper mitrfpn 
of (he left (irbit. exU'iiding tonnnJa lli« forelK-ml (third daj'). — Tearing 

Sill iu the inaer angle or the right orbit, exlemiing tuuiinliH Uie nose huu 
■chcad (fifteenth daT). — Tearing in the bone in the margin nf the orbits, 
e^cisllj the hiwer margin, frninentlT fxl^nding into the orhilnl I'nvilr; 
Kiini>tiine» it only hepn-'* <i^ l^in urh<>n touched (twenty-ninth dny, r< aro.) 
— [110.] Tcarin^^ in the nntor oidt^ nf tUe \oft orbit, with tendeney to iniin- 
rrmatiuD. — Bt-wml 9tiU'hi.-i< t'n>m tlH: li-ft urbitJil murjfiu shool miii'kly to 
ific right froulal cmiucucL- [nftt-r half an huur and tt-n hnura), — Tnilchiiig 
in the regioD of the right upjMrr orbitul tnnrpiii (ycvond day ). — Tlie evL>li<L4 
became noucli iiiHnm^ and ?w.>!kn, capeciiilly the lelt (fourth ami fifUi 
day^^/. — The eyi;lids an- ntl nn tin; iiiiK-r iHurfiu-e, and the margin euvered 
«ilh a white fVaiihy tluid (firxl day i,*. — In the inorninjz after rii»iiig. a fine 
vchii^ EutHitane« on th«dry mHifriim of the lid". — The left ct" wsw 
agjrlutiDalLtl in the morning (second day),'". — Twilching in the lids whcii 
rmding hy Inuipli^hl. seldom by davlight. — Hmviness in the lids un mo- 
tiou. — A feeling in the ej-es as if tfiere were tno drr>t» of eidil waler be- 
tween the mar^itts i>f the lidi#, or between the )i<l^ anil the evehalU. — [ISO.] 
In the inner angle of llie left e\t n t(.'oling a* if a fureijjn binly were in it ; 
ihe laehrynitd i-arunele M.>emc<d siiuinevrhnl iiifiNuied : (he (ijiijnnelivii iu the 
inner oanthn? won verr <lry. — in (he moreiing, aller rising, ii dli'-lty M^fim- 
tion in the margin of t}ie Hil*. — Seiicalion of drynew iti the liils if they arc 
elowrd (aAer two hoursi. — Fine hunnng or biting at different BtnntI itpota 
on iho lid. — PiiiL'hing-twiring iiiiin in the eyelids i-iixiy-third day). — Tear- 
ing ilrawiup* ami tningv{< in tht- lii]^. — Fine sticking, a very iHini^ilive pain 
nn the Ijonler of ihi- lid iijiper lid rather t*>wiirds the uuter |Hirl, ii-t from 
■ nee<)le, Iu<4iing one-half mintile Ivvice in tiieee^iun : il then K-euuieo a 
buniiiig. ^Biting pain hencnili the right lower lid. — Tejiring in the upper 
lida. — Tearing in the lower lid of llie left eye. — [130,] (.rnwling-biting 
scnmiion on the nmr^in of the right lower lid rejieatedly, iKHoniing a 
twitching, biibhiiiig tteuAtlion in the lid, several times rrjx-att'd in n i]niirter 
of uu hour. — Itching in llie lids, at timt-e btirnin;;. biting or fine utiekiiig, 
«l<lam smaniug. — tlehing tn the euiilhi ; nt times biting ur stielting. — The 
mnjunetiTa nf the margin of ihe licU i^ verv red, and aUo the 9elen>tio 
JMC'ind day),'.— Wrt/f ftud Visiou, Painliil tearing in the left eyeball, 
iaiennitieiil, extendini; ihtiliniiily frnin nbvive duwnwani and ouiwanl. Ia.-l- 
iiig two iniitiitei'. — Al tiine^ the vision i:i »otiiewhiu dim : if -eemn Itetler 
Bemr than ftir. — The eyor bei-omo dim and felt a* though nhc should won 
goto sleep (first day ','*. — SenMlivene» of the eyes to bright sunlight at 
times, tbiMtgh not ver*- gri^t. — I>;iyliglil blinded her more than lamplight 
(BPTond dnyv- — If flfie wishes to loot al anything fine, .ihe if* otilififd to 
hitM her hand before her eye? to shield iheiu from ihe daylight, and Mill 
xnon' frum the lamplight, uhieli blind:* hi.-r (third day l,*.^140.] If ?he 
«xert tbe eye* iu wwing, it beeumcs bhiek bet'iure [hem (thin) dayj,'. — ii\iv 
ytiM tKrt able to sew, becaiiee everything wcmcd to run together ^second 

£lr/rj(. — Belnw and behind the right ear, a i*mall Nffelling of the 9ne of 
m hniel-nut, not very |>ainful, apparently a swollen cnlaaeitun gland (rouith 
to eleventh day). — On the left cxteruul ear, near the heud iu the skin, a 
pimple of the wie of a millct-fteed. nniiiful to touch ; it diMippmrs after 
«x or seven days (fortieth day V — (Jreat heat in (lie left outer ear, then 
after vue and a halt' hours great culdnes* ef the MUtie and ef the templee 



(After t'ifi^hl huure). — Tcii«iv4'. violent Mitphiii^-prmriiig fain, with sticking 
ill Ihv n;;ht ear, ae if cunivdii iig were diuc'iut: in tlie «ftr, l^ta lialf a min- 
ute in tl)<^ crnniii^ (wi't^iilcciitli itav). — drawing pain in iW eaht, riMliiig 
in wveral miu-Jiisi luting sevenii miniitm, frefiuenilv during llie dnjr 
(eigfiu><>nth dnv). — Pr(i«iV4> pAiii with Miu-hesi in ine ri>;hl car, lu if iinme- 
tliint; ivciT ilifijjiiig iti il. Itt-'^lni;; hnlt* a luiiiutc in tlic m'ctiinc (K^vrnt(.■cnlh 
day). — Prp»iiii].'-!> licking [uiin Htiirb< fmni llii* «idi> of tilt- thnnl tirlnw llio 
juw, (]iii(-klv piK^'r'i iitit of ihi- cur wtlli it slifflil orepvere Btilfh, esjK^-ially 
upon (he Itft eidv (clovc-ntli diiy% — .V ['ivrciniJ-Qtickiii^' jinio iu tli« nglit 
car, in nlnw fiiit<'Iici(, as il'n iHiwcrlul iiiiiiiiitl wi-n; in llir fiir aiHt iiiiiiig vi'ith 
a lliii'k Mint;, in the nArnKxm ut 5 (iVh>i-k for a i|(iiirler i>rnn lioitr (m>vi>ii- 
tccnlh dftv).— [lAO.J A Idii); jcrklike slitHi in tho ri);ht «ir, &• if it mine 
»ut tliruti^li lilt: ilnim, wlicn nt work, wliili- fitting, oa if a nail vrtrv funMl 
thrtHiffh, cirfl'* iC a living, ulini^int^ niiimal vivtv in llie rar, m vinlenl and 
surprising lliat she eUirlit up mid iiividuntarily gnup* the ear, uiili fine 
digutiig slildiQs bvtwecii the pains, with a eetiMl'uia an if the ear ncrv full 
aaudniggeil donnwani, luting fri>ni ton minnb!» to a quarter of an htnir 
(«vpnth nnd fifleeuth day*, a* aliw at other linivsi. — Toarirf^-i-ticktnt; in 
the icitcmMl <>ar», ilirmnting with the wmr t>ympf>ni« in othtr pariA of the 
beail (eleventh day, and frctiui-ntlyi. — Umvring stitches deep In the ri|;ht 
ear from below upward, tailing about Iwetity secnmhi. — Ten.*ire viuleot 
stitches in the right ear I'mru uitnout inwart).— ^Sevetmt alitchoa in the right 
ear («ec<iDd day}. — M'fderate preMve atitchoi iu slow MusiUve jcrk« dvep 
in the right ear for a minute, repeated after a qtiarter uf an hour ; theUt 
after bit If an huur, tearing iu the antitntguf for half a niinuto ' twenty-filth 
day). — About fift«cn btibblin'- *tiii.-hei* in the left car from without inward, 
at la«t a continued Ktlchiii^'. then chiin<,'iiig loprE^sure, then a stopped 
scusalinn for half a tniiiuie iMxty-fifth dayt. — ^Two stiifhe*. as with tine 
ttinm--!, in the left ear (alter three hount). — Prewi^'e, paiiile** thmbbing 
aud wbixcing in the left, Kldcin iu the ri^diC car. in <|uic'klv fidl'ining 
diocki-, two to fifteen in numbi-r, u.-< if the air or the niii;; uf a linl t>trucK 
agftimt the drum, with a feeling of dryiivw uiid eolducM in the vat. very 
fVequcatly repeated thirtieth, iTiinr-«e'eond, fortieth, and oik hundred aiicl 
first days). — Fearing in the bone beliind the left ear.— [160.] A ^ligbt tear- 
ing in the external ear*.— Tearing in one or the other iutemal ear, mostlj 
only fur a short tin>c, now severe, now flight. — Itching in the outer cars, 
oov simple, now biting, or burning, or Micking, with fitie )<titch«s und ia- 
ere — e J eeuMtiou of warmth : at timt^ nl:*<i Heveral iiiitiplm ou the outer csr> 
•^Ringing iu the right ear, loiig«*onliuued, b^iuniu^ deep, then lieeitmiug 
higher, sevenil time* duritig the day, and fur (creral dayi to'4:etherithirtietli 
and tliinv-eerond day). 

XoMe. — The niMt and eyes are rnoist, as if a eorria would eume on (aft«r 
eight honiv). — Profuc fliient catarrh < AeveiiteLHilh day). — TA^ mueviu 
mcMbntHf of lAc nose teamed in mut of fA-r prmrrt dry, wllh litlte Ji^cfutryt ,' 
iu ouc pmver, however, at a later time, a eur^'oi. wbiob ia«tc*l several miu> 
ules, appeared iu the loll tiustril, and appareullv involved al«o the ftvntal 
and maxillary einufic«; iu the bcgioniog, a yeflow, burut-»nielling water, 
afterward purulent, sometiDies wbitK>h,ai tiraea yellowii'h or greenish niuciir, 
alfo of a hunit smell and caste, was blown from the now and hawked up^ 
fltpecoally in the morning, though not a large ()iiantity. — In the morning, 
on raiog, she lose* ■ It* drope of elear btixKl fruni the left no-tril. wbieli 
bad never belbro betx notivrd (niuth day i. — At about G o'clock in the 
nomii^ Bome drape of clear blood aiv disL-hurged from the left uustri). 



fttllaued bj a preoelng pain in (he lefl temple fxieaAme foTwar^ la the eye 
(uinlh liny). — *Iityiirx* of tkr. not, a»d a i^piiAiit ion a> if »ho, wuiilil liave a 
rnlftrrti, with frofjuenl riiettxiii}; (^>m»<'oii(1 <liiy),'. — 1.^70.] liilinf; };iinwiiig 
Kusaliuii nl the tip of the nose— Cmwllu^ in the IcR ntutiil vviy Kn^itivc, 
u if »h*; viuul<l snt-i-zv, which »hu did cidL du (tirsL d&y>. — Krixiiicut crawl- 
ing, lilting. i>r icrhiiig in the iio!itril». — Iifhing in the skiu of th« iioee, at 
litut--i hurntiig,bitini[,or Biie stickiug; abo tine burning or ilcIiiBg ^til-cliee, 
at tiiHfv oomi' piniplit:! nrin' upon it. 

fVice. — In Griieraff and Cfieehs, '/We cxfircmim nj lit fur* 

(in |K-t>utiii niutrh utllt'lid In' lli>^ drii);), ii f'ir/y yrajfith hob, nunicn rlirrk*, 

derpiy i-cxUed ei/ce, mirntuifltd by blnitfi or blackith-tp-ay ctrcitx ; trry gicktg 

crpir*non Jar a long (iW. — A dark rtfl, vt-ry puictul, nnull spot ajipeant, 

following a tnioMeut wuMlioii of Mildnuw; it soon eiilurgt», nud hy and by 

cxlemls over th« whole raof, with a aeueation of gr«at heal ; thi» ^ympCou 

repeated 80%'erul liiiif? in one aficmuon (fifth day). — A ftelitjg lu if culd 

dropit uf raiu «[Miit«r«d iii the face on goiim rmrii the Iioum- iuio thu opea 

str,awv«ml tiDi«w(t)Cvwutioth Avky,f^»tq.). — A chilly, tt«riug])uin in a amall 

•)D the left, check. — PrcsEivc [uiiu, wmctimcs altcrQuliiig with titiriug, 

llhc left upper jaw. — Sticking cold sensation in a Mrnall spot on thn iell 

ek, — [ISv.J Tearing, prt>ssivi> pain in the lelt ch«ek Wne, p^pec-ially in 

tW malar fu^^s (t«iilli da^'^ — Tenriiig, etirkiug pains iu butU che4.'k-bi)UCi« 

JiftoeDtfa day, ci k^.k — Tt.-anii^, sticking paiu iu lh« ri^^lit ohcok.^ItuDtJiiK 

bjr JerfcD into thu ivinpliai, lasting for si.-v«rnl miiuilc^ (atV-r two and n lialf 

hours).— (x'vun^ tearing iu \\\v \»i^\vni>T jioriiun of the left choek-Wno in 

three violcut jcrka from below upwards. — Tearing puiua iu the right unper 

jaw, extending fnim the angle in front of the ear into the temple. — ^Aeliing 

preying jerk in the riglit cheek, as if one hnci reeeived ii liox (in iho ear 

(thirty-third day). — Hp» and VltitU A btui?h-red color on the inner 

eidu of the lower lip. — Ou the iuner cide of the luwer lip towards the angle,. 

dull rvd, somewhat btuish t\>»t about the sise of a t^niall hvun.—' Diyneta 

. «^ the lip*. — Iu Ihc morning afWr rising and also during the day, a sticky 

feting on the nunrgin wf the lipe. — [190.J Fine buruiug in several inuall 

places iu the iipjier lip. — Burning in the outer margiuii of the lip^ Rir half 

B minute, frtijuentlr nii^n inngiT, n^ if ihi-y had Ix^cn eovcred with jwpper- 

water, or were «wi>l1vu, svverat tiuivs. — Uuniiug ^eufuliun iu the upper lip, 

in the rit;ht corner of the mouth, us fruui pepper, with a bulibliuR m-uiw- 

tiou and a drawing<towuwanl feeling iti it (twenty -second Jiiyj. — In the 

right half of the lower lip a pretuive-pinehiiig pain, as if it were pinched 

with the fingi'is for .several minuli^ — Fine fliitehes in the margin of the 

li)M: jumeiinie^ itdiing, Minieti nK-ti burning. — On the lel\ side of the ttpjier 

lij) a iwiu-hiog, bubbling «en«niioti, »* if Mirnetbing vvtv jumping on it for 

Gcwral miautes. — Slight tearing \a the Icll tide of the upper lip, with iK>roc 

buruiug and tingling. ^ — Fine. |>ain less, quick throbbing in the upwr lipinst 

over the right cy)rner of the mouth, for half a minute. — Itehiai; in the lip*, 

which disappears on nibhitig, but »o&n retitro}; sometimee biting or bum- 

iag. — Cold l>uTning ^nfuliori on the left side of the chin. — [200.] On the 

margin uf the horiiontul nimus of the right lower jaw, about the middle, 

■ pnxHive puiu iu the hune,a8 if the plaee wer« »i]uoewd lugelher with two 

6agei8 (fifiy-fourth day). — A burning Htiteh in the loft liido of tho chin. — 

lUu in the lower margin of the left lovrer jaw, near and ju.^L in front of 

the angle for linlf nn inch, only noii<H^d when touohing it, feuliug a.4 if one 

bwl received a blow on ihii^ #piit, f'lr Several days in succcaiiion (furty-^ixtb. 

U fiftjr-flecoiHl day). — PrcaeLVv-slieking paiu in the juwa, especially iu Uio: 

TOL. tt — 10 



lotv<'r, iliiHiig thn 'lay an<] kIm) in tli<> ni|>lit (tliirtt^nlli flay). — Jerking 
elilcluw ill the auelv of tin- lc(\ Inner jtLw, tlimtiuie-liitiu); cxtvutliii|r id the 
row of tcoth oi) tlm Iuw(.t jaw uiid ihi- h&ck tveili fur Imlf a miautu, as if 
this pum wt'rfi Iiweeiied frt»m llie Iwih, op »s if they were raised up. 

Month.— Teeth and Gumn. Pull AcWmv; in titfi hack leetb of ilii.- 
\t\\ ii[)|nr jaw. a* if tliflv were loo lime, — Slow <liggiM;r paiu in n riglii 
ii|i|H*r iiK'i«>r in llio runt, aw if it were donudetl rniiii ilw jnim, fi>T tevtrm] 
inintiii-* [ci^^lili'i'iith dnyi. — A drawiiij;, bubhliii^ jiaiit prtwwi downminU 
ill thL> lir»t iigi^MT iiicifore of ila- li'fV eiilv, with u MMiiMitinn oa if the Icvlli 
were t'Xoiii?iliiigl_v w.'D!titiv« to tlie loucli, wt-rt- too long or bluni. aud an if 
•uiiiL'tliiiij; houvy liiiii^ u|)<iii (Iii'm ; alU'r u fuw daya u tunnll boil in ibe 
giiiii over thiMii. — Tearing in llio Icrt iipwr incLsorn, ext^ndin^ to the suoo- 
riwr maxillary lun)i> (for a i)iiiirterof an liour). — Fni|ii«il piiTcint^t^iitciiM 
in tlio let-ih of thi> ri^lit •'idi* of tJin lower jnw, as it* ouv of tliem werv 
oariikiui, u'ith a Konnilioii a« if tlio te<>tli wero too lar^ or blunt, wiih 
Kn-at ncnHlivL-iiiiw to tlit- coUl air, iiaiK-cially with tMirins: and clicking 
in ihtt lovrur jaw, in 1)10 aAfnioot) and at tu^\it for wvvml lionn in aii(x.-c*- 
etou (t4>nlh day). — [SIO.J Several fiUtcbeti ia tJie two anterior lower back 
tvclh of the right iiido, fulto>rc4 by a eenaaliou 110 if ihcy were Uki Iuiik 
(aft«T two huurH]. — Tearing pntii in the back teeth of thi^i left upjicr iaw 
(teiilli day). — Tearing in thi^ two hack teolh of tli« k>fi iippvr iaw for half 
nil lioiif, then exloiidiii^ To other fiaHit of lh« tavc. — A M-raping-^'nawing 
pniti iu ihc whole hjh of tin- Iwu-k tt-L-th of the lower jaw nf the left .'iile, 
nn if 111 the roots or ui-cks of (he lot-lh ^eighteenth day>. — Dirty red *em« 
on [he (iiiin of se^'erul of (he fiwnl Leelh of [he upper jaw.ltsw on Uie lowiT 
jaw and on the back teeth. — On tJK- gum of the upper nivt nevenil small 
white piniiOc-t : ihe !«iimlle»( i.-* of the oize of a grape-ntil. the lar^-t>t of a 
flnx-M-H, either nmiid or tlatlened, |iaintc!«», lasU ^-venil wM-ks. — Above 
tlio iwu Hp|H-r Itaek te<-lh nf ihv IctY iii'tv a fow imiill piK^ttilen, (vhi<-li be- 
come ulram and continue fni- n loiij;; linn-. — Slight iIidiil;!! ni)[ir-e<I bleiiliiig 
nf the glim aevvral times. — Hiouth lit tienv.rnl, HnflVH, ami Taiittf. 
A painliil white vesicle in the furvpart of the right iiide of tbi> tip of lk« 
toiigiu-. — On the ri^lit side of the lip of the tongue two red pimplts as 
largi- (ut a pnppy-Kn-tl titiiiig violtntly. wjwcinlly on toueh : the (breiiurt of 
tho tongue nx-iueil stifl' and llilek ) forty hwciii id and forty-thin) <layH).-~ 
[SSO.] Micking-bnmtii^ iK'itfiation in several email points* on the left side 
of the ton^ie, uh from fine neetlle-iiolnt.i; painfulm^aa of the toneue Ui 
toiteli and inoltcHi : no vesjclea rinible (eighth, ninth, thirtT-eigbtn, iukI 
thirty -ninth dny*}. — Some line alilchea iu the tonj»ue,0!ii|ioriiilly in the riRhl 
t>idv iKriiiiid dny). — Nivu:k^^iiu> nirtnltic »mell from the mouth for a long 
time. — DrynTM ami sti(.'ky MMiatiou in the mouth of oil (hi- pravem. — Dr)*- 
netui in the month, bul still mon.' in the fuiieoti, vane iu iho iuorniii|; alltiF 
rifing, with a pocoliar nticky nonxation, rawaem of the niocous membraoe, 
white tonpie, dtiniatFhol ^-(-rftion nf »aliva, *ot a tluJ:i/ frothy mtih'a tike 
mllon : M^lrUini with thirst and heat : Ioki nf la^te xr not (piili? |MTf«-cl Iiulc ; 
tlit>( condition iit«nme«hal ri-liovM by eat in 1; and drinkiii(>, Imt it netnmt; 
after vatiiig, the taat« U FomowhalHOur. — ^Thc motilh and throat foul sticky, 
pasty, and as if burnt f ihird dny ).*. — A cold sctuatiou in the left comer of 
the mouth. — Smarling-huniiiii; ou the mouth and on the chin, aometimni 
like ft formication. — Stiokv saliva. — Insipid, nauseous Uet« ariaea from liie 
alum neb likr heartburn (aAeronc tothrvc hours t. — [2S0.] A •crapiog-bum- 
ing ia«te in tb« mouth anil throat like hearilMirn ( finuday). — Loiif;-c<>ntinued 
bitter vcraping-btirniiif; taato of the KerlM>ri« root, iMpocially in the pal»(e, 
of Uirce pcnoa* ; in one pcnon it wvtncd as if it came up into the throat : 



Ai could Dot get free i'rom U oanTiy tbc whvU of tlic first duv. — Twtc tu 
b!l(or OS gull i.iiftli diiv^. — BittL-r UHfU: in tbc muulh ut S u'ctuck iu llic 

(I day 

gull fur Imir 

momitig <M<coi]( 

time after CAEiog l«i)jhlh da-y).— bitter and eoiir taste tor tbro* hnure alter 
lairing, and the whole dar.— Frecjuent taste of blood, especialiy in tbe 
momiiig, Mimelinifv aliki in the atternooD. 

ThrtHtt. — Ari'liw iif the |uilato, iivuin, Iniisils, ami pharynx aw sorao- 
what h-hI leL-CDiid uud third days t. — DryiK-i^ in the tbrunt, uiid pruMuru iu 
thi- buck t»irt tii' ihc palal« and pharyux 'uAlt l-Il-vch huurs/. — la tbu 
uptwr tMirl oj' the right »idi> of ihv thrual, Juni WOdw tbv aiiglu of lht> jaw, 
a aig)i|;iog-6ti<;king paia extendi into the ear and out again ^seventh day). — 
f>aiartiii^pnini>(ilhf throat, (specially ou ihcii^htiHide; nrralrhiii^ increased 
it, and caused a large, red, hot »piil l,iiinety-nflh dayi.— [240,] .Serajting 
is tbc throat (after lour hourx). — Scraping iwnwtioii in xYic- Ihrtml a* if it 
ttcro »oiucwhat ravr, as if \\k would be uttikckvd with cuUirrb (twelfth day), 
— Srtapioff suosatioQ in the ihrout as in c-uniiai-nciDg aiigiuu. so that she ia 
obliged to DBwk and raise fn^iueiitly, wlUiout auy diflicuUv iu snuUuwiuu, 
for several hours (after four houraj. — Scrapin;^ sendatiou lu the throat m 
tie oiornins (second day). — KcTraping !«iiiiati<iti iu llie lliroat in the morn- 
ing on waktiig, ax if ih« ihmat would become i>ore, which conlinuefl until 
the ihrviat iH'xHxnvf nioiKlt'iKKl. — Ktiraping M>n«nlioti in the throat in the vxli-udi! into ihc pharynx, stomach, and air-possugis (third day). 
— Bcniping in lliroat greatly rrlicvwl by driukiiig wiiUr,'. — f?<:rap'mg su'tt- 
Hi in ihe throat, especially iu the mi>rniiig uller risiug, uearly (-very 
for several ueek», Mtuotimefl with pain in one »ide of it. — Pain in Iho 
tonsil rauM^ and iDcrraeed bv .s|ieaktng. and al^o by Nwiilhming, wiiji 
a MeuMttioQ a* if the *ee<i of a fruu were sticking in the ilinjac ; tin- tonsils 
sad ilio aroh of the |uiIftto «if thin mAc are wonu-whai n-^i and rather sensi- 
tive to prcasurc. b« arv ulsu the ui;ighboriug purt« uf tlic- throat Iu motion 
(fifth tu st-vcuili and sevaitccnLb daya). — (,L'otuplclclydevcli)p«l inflamiim- 
liou of the tousils, areh of the palate, uvula, pharynx, with bright, fiery 
redueKv, and »\>> llitig ; rensatioD a« if there were a lump iu one side of the 
ihroat ' (tainful aiitlhett.'' of the neck aa from a blit-ler; grt-at Iiunniei)e8a, in 
ibe morning a di^-htirge ut' niurh thick, yi>1tuw, gelatinous niucti« ; violent 
iiftinp, mon- on i.*n)pty fiwaMowing; dryne^t^, eoraping, mwnv^, and htirning 
tu tho throat, »itiii)Ul tliirel, cxLcndiug down into the pharynx nod air- 
pWBages: liinguf while, »ticky; *j>«/i«i tticlig lilcc «»<j;mi((/«; the trmihlea 
uui viotently only two days, but for eight dnyi^ iIktv reniniiu^ a st-it!>atioii ns 
of a plug iu tilt throat, and for eeveral weeka rawnew, dryuesc*, and 9cru|>- 
ia^ in the lliruiit; HI last catarrh (eleventh and ciglilccntli days in two 

ff'Bt'ttfntlc/i. — [2dO,] IncreoAcd appetite (second day). — Inerta^ed ap)>e- 
tite (after a liHig-cotitinucd um.' of the tiucLurc of the Berheris rimt, by a 
Kirl »ufleriug frooi weaknewiof ihi' !-toniach,and loss of nppelilei,''. — Grfat 
appetite (lir»i day;. — Very gomi apjietile, almost canine huiig<-r {(liurth 
Jay J. — Very good iippetile (ulU-r five tu sis hours); lucreasid »]>pctitc iu 
ibe evcaitig (ttrpt ilay). — Hunger wilhoul uppelite (third duyj. — Loss of 
appetite, with a bilious, bitter taste (^vlevuulh day). — ^Alnawt oumjiluto waul 

i Thi« ooAilUi^n itp[4'fir«d in two troTniMt ju»t »t the limi.' wh*ii «n fnllu«iotii wh« 
r»pi>g liere, tdikli 1 did n-n eonaii(<T HKMt-ialpH witli thiii anginit. Ii inn)' Lu, h<.w- 
Mer, that lbi« altack wu depcatlunt lu il& inimtiur <Ieve]a])nii.'nL upon lliu circuiii. 



of liuiii^r itnil iippctil« ; fiioil ho;* almost no t««te fwTCntconth and twentT- 
lirst (hiVft). — \o rwil Iiuii(;lt, niipctilf. or t«»to (Rnt (liiy). — Sever* Uiirrt 
waVv fiL'P Hcvpnil tiiiK* «l iiiulii (firni nifilit*,'. — [260.] Intfr«ii*«i iJiim 
Willi •Irv mouth, especially '\a ihtr afternoon, Hcldom in liic morning, in »cv- 
fral j)n»iii». — * Enifintinnt (srmii aftpp taking the tlrilff). — Knirtalifili* fn."- 
qiicnilynln^nmtinfi with ynwoirifr'sftpr nn hour niid n hnlf}. — ^Kmrtations 
wilfi-r'i't >»iil I'iftc yr unrlt (iiti li'nir aOtr tnkin}; the (lrii(r. oti'l iil^" scverml 
linu-!' iiftdnmrdif iluniij; tiret ilav).— Two honra nftcr titkin}; rrci|iiciil Itil- 
ioiit vnirtiitiixis I liidtiuj: iiwiily niilf uii liutiit.— Fn-i^utiil vnictiilion^ aod 

fri|)iii(iti ill the Hbilumeii, rt'i uf wiml, witlmiil iui<>4ing any (firwl day),".— 
lircniiph Tor nearly a qniirler oC an lumr [wtvriitwnlh davi. — Tmn«icnl 
iiiiii.T}i (nl'ipr one hoiirl. — Naiispa limlin^ on*- hour (iifter half an hour*.— 
Nmis*-!! miiltjiialniiwlinoti's hcfiirf hrrakliitjl.dimpppnriiif; nflprwowls(Hecinid 
day). — [870.J Nau^en nftc-r liiiiiicr; i^lio Ihoti^lit she wmild be obliged to 
V(»niit I lir^t day ),". — Fwdirip of disfomtort and nauswi (aftfr three hours). 
— *" Iffdrtf'iiru (»oi)ii after UKiii^; it). — Aftor raling. u pretwivi* setkMitioD io 
tbp rpicntitric rcginii ue if it were diifieiidc'I, eveiiniffs till 9 o'eI<»ek (sixij- 
firTt dav I,*.— Pressure In the region of the Atomach five hours after ealiug 
(seventli clay").— A dtieking pain in the ivgion of the xtoninrh for half an 
hour and nt \ijno* nftrrwanls, ihon^b retiiniinu plii^liicr (seventh day i.— A 
violent t-tirkiiii;, biiruiii^, ix-culiai' pain in the Floniach, like hciirlbiini, 
thoj);li inuch more violent, it also cxleuda iipwar<l iuto the pharynx (eighth 
and twi'tity-lir^t duv). 

Ablioiiien.—lif/pfK'honfh'tn. Twiee. a Imhhlrng senpatiod betow 
tlie tip lit' (be false ribh, in ilie foiv]itirtoii the rirhi. hide, in iiiiit-ksueecwion: 
severe Iiitlhhl in^Ren.iat ion, n* ifoiiei-bodk n bntllenf water. ora»i('oneforreil 
nirinto the fle*iii,oii iho externnl honJerof ihorieht ^hotilder-blnde near the 
axilla (ninety-nevculli dayl, — 'lit tfir fivy-frh'nt'inac Ttgivn.Nr<tr the border tj 
the/alec rib«,nboiit thrrr inrhtnj'rvm tht tinea alba, vioienl eiiekint} }tuiM for a 
tfuiirtcr 0/ an fiour, itifrmfeit fry preuitrt, ertettdlng aerwe into Ifte rtyion iff 
Ihf rfomorA ; it ajipared first wlien walking ; walking hIuwIv dul not reliirve 
it (after a (jiinrter of au h'lnrl.fnlso iioiieeii t'ri)m llie oih dilution 1. — Prea- 
stire in the jore[mri of the rijfht hyrxM-tunidriimi.eiitendiny inuanl into the 
bonier of tbe tsilse rilw (forty-»i!tUi day\ — [280.] rr«*iir«> in the region 
uf the liver, oil the mar);iii of the fal^^e ribf. about ibrev iuehe? froOI tllQ 
liuea iilliii, Iilk|5 a qnm-tcr of 1111 lintir (third day I. — On the hortler of the 
fiiln- ril>!' of llic ritthl side, ubout two and a half inebes (mm the liaea alba. 
tb"rty-MS to forty cueeewive linruiii}: slileliiiH at intervaU of four (o ei};ht 
I- luineiceiilli day). — *.Sf iViifiy/yrcwiiPp jwiVi in tfir riyio/i of (fir /iver, 
■'d hif jirfjvurr. mrrfvjKittdiii^ to thr rrijlon nf thf ijiill-Niuliler. on a 
rmall ^wt : Um* threw houm, tbi>i]gh nui eontimioUH (tieeond hour and 
/^•t-iii. iillv uftL'nvaid»,cven until forlv-sixlh duyl. — *.StieL-iny jfain.iwt vrry 
. I'n the re</ion of ihr ffnil-!if<i'lilrr, for A^trnil iiiiiitilea < after nine 
''irliuii ("tin I'ji the nvion 0/ the QfiU-ibuider for a *bori lime, in* 
after an hour and a half ).^l>rawing-tearing [xito 
..X fii!:<e rilh> in the let^ hypoehnadriiirn on incitimitou; 
'•(hiiip were torn loiw- at llie atTeeleil 9\>»\. — Pnrwiive pain 
1 lii-ti<)nin» extendi: baeknardor dowiiM'ard. — Ti-ftring-Dtirk- 
t"L-i'-o of the left hypoehondriuai, in front (forty-sixth and 
fitiMfirtm, Sliy;bt gripings arnniid llic navel (after 
lilteiil [Klin pn>s.<iiiij; t'rnm witlitn outnnrd in tbe left 
dwint nn inch fmni the navel, an if something living 
' It the »]»'! of a half dullur, luatiug from two to tbnc 



■inutce rtwvnty-eeonnd day). — [SSO.*] Ciitling-ilrawini' pain in tlic left side 

oC lliL- Davel in h spot of ihe mi.v of ii c|Uarter itf a <l>)l]ur. ext^nilinn deep 

inwutO, lor u miiiiilft violt^nl, then mtiiitiiiiii^ dull for alioiil ivrn niiaiitee. 

— •/*««« tw iJic rcifiQtt about Ihrtc inch<^f tit fAc id<le if Ific Huvcl, c»rr<epond' 

rajr til a plnct tu front of t/ic lidnrti/^, ami rathrr to ttie grile. mntUif tticknip, 

wniflinK-* <liill,&umiliniLwGiic. or uL'-u biiniliig 'irgiiawitiij;, usiiiiUy uuly in 

OIH- Ei'lo.^Motii in bolU «itl&3; iisimllvoonliued to a ^mnlt plarp or a point, 

BOtnctiiitfti preMivc wlit-h it if iimre diflii.-cii, fur the iimst part aj.'K'"*^'"'''^ 

tKiljrbv (Iwp pt««*iirf, >eld<ifii, ilieii violfiil.but returning m-iir!_v every Jay, 

rn>i|iu>a(ly coDiiiitiin); for hours, wiiii iii(iiiH>itt}i.ry iriteniiissioiw, uIu-h eou- 

Ituuiitg uuly n »hurt titui.*, ofim actemling h t/ie lumbar rctfio't or to the 

yrui>M,Mc lirvr, the »plrcn,or tbr nfomarh. — riuiierficla] tcurilig-alickillg paiu 

iu thi- led side of the navel. — Ttvis^ting paiu in the region of thf? tiitvcl, ia 

a place ai; lar^ as the palm of the hniid, for a ihn minute* {atler uiue 

botin), — A feu- fiiit-, sharp, licep ftik-lten at the lell »ii]e uf the iiiivel. — 

Fine i4ttche« iti tb« right sidt* of llie the siilv of llie iiavrl but 

Minewhat abuvo it, for a niiiiulv. — At lime», lwitif;iu^ nruuitii uiiH ahuvo 

tlic uavvl, in llic Icll &i<lc of the ub<loiui:u (fii^t ilay.l. — Jil OvtlCftUw 

FfiTtneautiDn in the ahilomt^u, (»)ierially in the region of the colon, nith 

pcreeptible motion of the intestine, aiiil uioviiig ol" niml ilirvi davf. — Loud 

rauibliu^ Oilier nine bourej. — Fri-'pitul ruiublint» iu the alidoriK'u, ta 

thai they i-aii be hiunt extttniHlly ifdlh day^ — [300.1 On-nt ruruhhiit; iu 

ihft boweU folloued by ihf juiwage uf llatus ^after two fioui*). — ^Slrglil ruiii- 

blin^^ and loovings iu tho nhikunon, fullowtNj by tbi^ pii>tf^gt^t of i-unie tinlits 

taftcr eight houra).— FrfjUcnt passage of copious, tcldmu oflcofivc, flatus, 

usually preceded hy paial€» gripiagM, at timcM M'ith a .sensation of uannth 

in the auu»; all the provers (first, liecond, and ihinl days^. — Moviiigii iu 

the nUlomeo, an though a atool would corue suou ; it docA not luko pliLce 

(eccniKl <Uy). — Feeling of luuviiigd in liie int<.'«llu(.-9, not piiiuful.ouou after 

taking it. Wrilhiugs iu tiio rvgiou of the i^totnaeh tafter half au Uuur>. — 

Slight paiu in tliv ubtloDien, lactiug tlve niiuuuw lafUT half an hour). — 

Pain iuUic abdunieu, iu the morning, in bed (ficcoud day),".— \ ioleiit huni- 

iD^ pain under the »kin, and extending iiitu it, in the left itide of tlir abdo- 

■WD, about fuur inchest from the navel, iu a iipi>t about au inch and a lialf 

in diameter, looting half an hour (iiiuely-fk/urtb day ,i. — TMingiug, cuii- 

luictiujg M-UMttioii in thu nulls of the ubdouuri, lu^tiii^ llvtt lo eight niiu 

MM.— Twin ^' in g, cuustrictivo tK-'Ui-ulion in the upjier part of the lelt liide of 

lie aI>iloniei),t'!^|>eciHtlT in llie left hyiKJchoiidriuiu acrifw luwardM llieuiivtd, 

Ibr a few njiniiU¥. — [310.1 ('olio-like pain in the regi»ti btlnw ihc navel, of 

tbort duration (third anuMiiitb days i. — TraDsieiil enliiky p.iin in ibe nb* 

(loni<>D (tiwlday). — A I timw, grijtings in the nb<h>iiieii i )^i-iMiid diiy ). — Slight 

griping and eouetrittioue iu the iutej<tiuetf (eixty -seventh hour ■. — I'uiulua 

EfriptugB in the abdomen, fulloaed hy the pasmge of flatus liificr two 

IfiourB;. — Aching, itivsiiug seiiMatiou iu the n-giou .tf ibt- lelt dtscending 

■CidoD (after eight Iivnre). — Uiving ^nd moving iu the abdonieu before iho 

tool (eecood and third dar^). — WritbingB in the ubdomea (after one hour). — 

k'iolcm ciitlings in tJie andonieji, lasting f!jr ttvo or thi-ee niiikuti:^. rejieated 

Xmn ur three Umcg (tcventh day). — Cutting pain in the nbdumon Mtvcml 

t-intvd iu ibv afternooD, as if diurrhtca woulu come on; it lasted till lh« 

lest day, when there waa diurrhira once in tlic mnnilng and aHcruooii 

^fourth clay J,*. — [320.J Cuttiug-i>tieki[ig pain in the aMornea, at tinieji. lor 

[•everal minutes '^lenth day).— Cutting-jerking jmin about an inch and a 

from thti liuca alba, au inch abuvi; the uavel, ejtieudiug iu ?low dmw- 



m m nA <)aja).^THMm niviog to nUnt in ibit nbbII t4 Am ImHc ud^ antu 
(flni Wttyr. — i9tnol tn ib« morning, tritb pnwmre buH psin <fbtrH HarL — 
8(M>1 paMrm vmIjt t^fint. Myxiod, rdiI thin) dajn). — A MtufiKtorr toH afaiol 
piaHi iBalljr 'after • wmrm infimon of half an wjdob 0/ Um B af D cr fa root) 
fUw Bi*xl m'rrai»(). MauI at fim. Mineiihal hard, ihca toft Clwratf houn 
ftlW • xecoD*! warni infiutoo of Ibe Miiiff root). In tbe inoruiite of the 
W(wr>rl Hflv n rimllnr atoni Caftrr a ttim) inriiaion nf the ■une). — Easj, 00- 
|N»uii, iiut<ir«l. TKtt liarrl Mmil in ihf irvniin};, whirb w noc ■aoallr ibe caw 
(flrrt ilayj.— I-laAy.wfl, proftnw rtool in the inoniinK'ppcnofl ami ihiH day*, 
in two |HM>»iiH ).— <'uraotu, N)A rIooI in tfao fVL^niiie, at au iiriuiual lime, 
(iiinn hiiim after lakiiijf an ini'iHJun of thv rrxit. fullniri^ in LurPDhr huun 
by niiiillicr nimilnr nne.i — < '-njiitHi', soft dt'iul, folIuMc^ fiir hnlf au hour by 
H |ir«^iv«-tcii)>ir«- »-tii>alion in llio small of the hack »ii>J rectum < twiMity- 
Totif lionni nl\vT Inking rniR-liairdniHini i>f the iiowilere^l hark ufthf mot), 
— 4 ^niiiiKitt, Mift atnol nt an onuwial liiiii> in tKi> nfUTniMin : thn Dext raoro* 
iiiK tncn< fVillowi'fl the ordinary <'vitoiiiiti'>n, prtNNHhil hy much premre in 
the •tanl) of llir hack nuil atitM 'vi|;hl huunt iiftt-T two sfruplts of tlicr root)* 
— A IiHUw iniivfuiPDl thrw« tir four lium n ilttv. wild cutting paiiu (pighttl 
to t*n(h dayiFf*. — [300.) Tliree wifV hIooU, uauslly Aw had only one on wo, 
with icn-nt iirKlUK 'third dar). — Three ci>j.iou», thick, poaty' «vactmtion« 
(«Ji, tFiirtocn, and twpnty-«x Itoiirw afti*r onc-hnlf drachm of ihi* powdered 
burk «jf i1h< ntot). Ilanl ninol 'third diivf.- — Dinrrliwic Hool withoot rut- 
UoK iwln (woiihd diiy),'". — Dinrrhfcn twieo (fir«l dny),*, — Fully developed 
dinrrlxi-ii, rmiKiiitinK of ("wr iiiw"ty, yi'llowifh «vncu»tioii», tht- fir-l tix. tho 
lant ti'U lioiir*, aHcr inking the t]ni^, with riimhlin^ wiihout cuttit)^!<. much 
jMiMuiiCc (if wind, lit limiw !iiiiuc> niuiM'ti, much thirst, hvnt in the laoe and 
ctHiAuiloii uf ilto 1h-u'I, with iiicrvaMHl »i>[>otilii iu the «veniaE (a(Wr a d«- 
roctiiiii of tlin-o iind ■mi'-half dniclimn of |]ii> rout 1, — Stoorw^nlY. thin- 
rurmwl, hut nut Iinnl ifiOli day). — St'inl vomily mid rather hnrd (noventh 
day),— Stool •eoiiiv. huni, or «li«» (•.((>. thiii-forim'd, delay«d (fifif^r thnw 
dayii. IV«qiUMd]y iilWrwarde. in wvrml jKi)jili'),t — The next niortiing tho 
uatial iivnciiiition M<>>aiMt h&nK'r, not <n)[i;onfi (sixth hoar), thvo it more co- 
pituiH, nollor Htont tafttT ten hmimt, aiWrwunlit a prufiitie, pHMy (.•vaeuatjou 
l»f\K'r twnly-l^iur hourf), atriiiii (aflur Lvrenty-livc houn), and ajniin (after 
twriiiy-oiKhi hnun). prwwlctl bv wvero pre»>nre, f«[)«t:ially wlili tho flret 
rvtuniniioiiK (ftfWr tnn gmina n\ \i<'r\>rT'm'i. — Stool hardidi and in trniRH 
qiiatiltlv (f-'Wrth day>, — [400.] Ptmil firm, bard liko shocp dunjj, with 
much, /htiueiuly inciTt-rinnl, urving (ninth day). — Aftrr the rttwl a com- 
fortahtn H-Dutiitii nt' rvVwt. — 'A tony-«onttnu^ muation after the i^out, <u 
ii »n» kttd Jtut AivN to Moot, or at if o«« hant jtui rttom-ed from n pain in 
Ue iiii*w ((irnt ti) Ihinl diiy^. — Sriunlioii afti-rthe vloid as if ooe mu»t MOD 
g» nffMiii, with [K'nvjitihlc m<tv(>ni<.'nt nf thf iiiti.'»l!nt<t>(firKtaudM!Condday). 
^*QNU«ip«l»M (ninth day^.— No ^ool (Mcond d»y :'. 

VHHmy OrffaHH^—KfflMfU* and Jiinftder. 'A stickjuj- 
ttni^K. or uffffUg-lMriB| pftia in ■■• or tk« «tk«r kidaoy re^oas. a* if 
jl Kvrr tHpuurntmf, mffranlrti bf dtvp frmnn. — Dtaviitt puo in the Ivn 
Udmy nuton. — ■ Twimf, ftitmUmj pain i* tite rifht hdmff. — * Tmriuf 

t Ptw MmII dfM* tba rtMl MMM tm W iHanM. 

mcil»>«a M*ta tost wM »« M*;, hww— I 

Biftw **m will V* MwwMil tmt iW foMKiMs •*<t ^r larg* la—, fcll awi* fcy m i*- 

I cvUnM. I Vmn M •ibn to Jnds* 
' MmI k tiM iwiJarynUi. Tm db- 
dkM w^^« n ^M aim awiatil diarrWM. 






rcyioa of hoth kldneifx *»« aflrr rifinrf in the m<irn\ 
Und* sitifuntf* and /oncard. bnih upu*trtl antl iliiimiu'vr'i, m thai the vhofe 
rtyitmofthr tnwJ: hrUcfrn the tltornx itnd ihn fifirWi» iifftrUil. If thf MiMjied 
tit^ Idv^r part of the fiack ftft »(ifr, ami it itn* wi(A tlr^ffieuttu (fi'il the <vHid 
dami up »ii aceoiml of thu pitiiitu/ *tiffiie«ii. T/ii» tearing wan itotitvtl rrm 
HArii fitting, mcr^ *M'eTP fhnn liilien Munding; ivnt rr/i'wcfl in Iht afiemoon 
(aM-ond day),'. — [410.) HuM»Iiiig sensation in llie leA ki'liiey tvj:ioii, ?x- 
taxiiii): acnt'<* into llie iibiiwiu'ii uml intu (he bIftfJder 1 tfiuli ilnyXf — IJiirn- 
iiit-itrliinL', Uiitnji-^innrltiif; ^Miii in tlie regiiin of llif l>lii(l<)i^>r. — 'Bnrnio^ 
pun in the bladder, iM>mrlitnej vhen it !.* fntl, mimriimfsi tpfii^t rmplxf, rx^n 
tffr.r urinating, for Ktvrat timtJi, frtyfueutfif ulto in Oir moniiiig hrforr uriual- 
inff for tkf firrt limr. — *Afltr nrinaliitg, a tenfatiott in thr tiivMrr an if one 
nuM jw again mnn, or nit if tame vrine rrmained behind. — Pinrhinji eon- 
rtritiJve Miin in tlit nrgivu i>f tlie bla(I<li^r. — Prt-s-iv* pincliing pniu in one 
or til* ullitr side of llip n-giou of llie bltiddcr ; on pnK."iirf wtum it llitre 
winiMimri ariR'- burninjr in tlie un-tlira,, — * Drawing-«ticlring pain 
in one or the other aide of the bladder, extending down into the female 
urethra, oft«n ariiiag in the Imnbar reg^ion, aad extending along the 
coorM ofthenrcter*. — Prps»ivppaiuin ihp region of tliphhi.Mpr whon filled. 
snd also when pmptv, nnd nflcr uriiinliii^, very frf^im^ntly nnd cniitinuoiis 
in t)ir\'« provcrs. — • rr&fcnf c(UiH'j-tti\«ivr pain detpJy <«//«( in the hft tide 
of Ihr bUidder. at toA becoming a Miciciiig oftfiqitcift in (/(<■ fnii'ilr uiftlirti. at 
\f in it* orifiet. twiinija fetr minut^x (Iwonly-fitlh dtiy), — 'Paini^il cottinga 
in the left side of the region of the bladder extead'into the nrethra, com- 
ing fron the lofl kidney along tlie couiec of the ureter i [liiiitt^'iiiili lUy). 

—^420.] * Cilltirnj I'limlrirliiv piiin in iff /cAk/i/.t, >fiiiii'timi-» vn lo-n liill. *>ine« 
timM when not lull. H>m<'iiin(h* iitimr-(ii<i[i>Iy sirti-r cviii^iintiiig it,— •Violent 
sticking pain in the bladder extending from the kidneys, only )nvrcn!<cil 
by Btvcrv prcwiiire aftor lialf nii himr, witlioiit dcsin- to urlnatf (.•icvculh 
dav).— Tea rill jr-st if king pain in the region of the liJaddQr,pspcciolIyon the 
left aide.^ust above the symphysis anu extending into it, then passing into 
the left side of th« pemi<, or hIm rciuruitig liighi-r up. — Violent rtilcnc? in 
tip bladder, wbioh compel ont- t>t urinate. — Swvoral Btltebi-s in tbe rpgiou 
of the bladder, cithiT wIk'ii the bladder la fnll or n^or nritiutiiig, and ulra 
al other tiuiue (forty-eighth day). — As many an forty Btitcbefl in ihn blad- 
der, pulsfliki', above ihp last beroniiiip a jsliglil •^lirkiiig pain, 
/astiii^ a shoH time; returnio^ in a less dogreo during llie next dny, wlicn 
the bfad<kT i? not vcn,' fill] ifiilyuinth and Rixticth days?. — Vretfira. 
'Jinrnini/ in ihv iirr/Ani. — 'Ititniiny pain In Itie fcmnlc urethra ituriuf/ and 
nfi^r uriualinij, though mori* »t other tiine* (siio^'L'Ulb day, and vorv otlou at 
Other tim<W. — ^Burning in th^ vrethm^ usually nion." to^vrards the anterior, 
e^tnctimce also more [wxiteriorlv, or ahng ihr u-holc length of il, often cwn- 
t-inuing for several hour», for the mo'it part more on oae .*ide, usually vrhcti 
ajot nrinatiiif:!, but sometimes al^io when iiriaaiing and Koon tifttTwnrd>. — 
T'he morbid uritw secins warmer than ujiial when urinaliug. — [430.] Smart- 
sn^-biiniin^ M-u^tion in the k-fl side of the urethra, with inlcrfurrent hub- 
l)hng-like siiucka. — Motneiitarreoiistrietive paiu in the posterior portion of 
»hv urethra. — Pressure when urioating (after two hours). — f'utting pain in 
~*he urethra, freqtiently niorc upon one side, — *Cidtiity pnin In ilie urclJira, 

^ Tho njmpintn* in the rr^on of ihp liidney wore weme wlicn ntnopint; nnd when 
Immiag erect, in ilttlng, aod aUo lu lying than wlion (lamjiiig, tliuugb nut 



ftflcr unimlinft mid niso At otiier tim« (nftcr two lioure. and frcqucDtly> 
SUkIiI Btickiiijiiulhc iirvthnt (uAcr oinlu huur»,ni»d fn-ijuoiillv). — *Sticiittg 
JI4IIN 11 iJif /eiHuU Hri-thra Stghining in 'Ac Moiider, wMiiuliiiim iii ihu middle, 
Boinctinio* on one nklo. — Stickini; miti in the female urethra, as if « thwrn 
wen* siickitii: inlii it. — Sensitive Blickiiii; (lain in the iirrtlirn, exlPiiding into 
tlio l)l:iit<ltT ) lliini day). — Jerking si irking <>pn.>ntii>ii in the female iirellira. 
willi tk >i{uum<Mlio canttrirtivn wnanlion tV>r iipvenil Horondii, — [440.] Stvornl 
»titvlt(.-K iti ihouivtiim. — Suinrtiug cuiiatrictivc jiuiu in thcuri-tlirn. — Siuart- 
iiijl in lliu urt'thm aftor coition, onco cvl'u i sousilivt- puin In it during 
i^Hi'iilaliun of Bt'raeti. — Smariiiif; puiii in llie unjilim iiud the glaiut,cliiL'fly 
tvwardn thv ToH-i^rt niid upon one side, or oxtcndinr into the hiaxider, re- 
turning frt-iiupiitly ami fr>nlinuing s longtime; riim-r the iirclhra pnina 
nn^ niii«<^l tir aggmvaU-d bv motiiMi. — Smarting>biting peiin in the urethra, 
IVrqueiilly with n M)ii>nti«» of n)rx''ni>*i, oustv when not urinating, «nm<>timN 
tmo^ii'Til, Kimc'iiiiKi* contiiinuu->, chk-fly in tho forcpiirt, but fifiuctiiucs uLkp 
extvndlni; bofkwnrdif Into ihu bhuhlL-r or nLTtum, frc<)u<iinly inorL' puin un 
one ude. — Itiibhliug Mnsalion in the poatenor |«ortiou of (he urvtbra when 
»itUug. — C'niwling xeo^tiuu in the poelerior portion of the male urethra 
(for two minute*). — Itching along tlm unHhra. — Cmwiing-ilrhing |iain in 
the tin'ihra II lew tinieti nhen nol nrinaling, when the bladder i« not full. — 
Mirfin'itioit ami Vt'flie. Vn^ure m nrinale lafter three houniij. — 
[440.] Lx(x>»ivf Jcsin.' to urinate, ca|>ccially in the morning immcdi> 
att'ly Ht\er ri«iiij;.--S}iiii>timL-s dimintfhrd. lujnielimea iuerpoM-d didL-hargu 
of urine; when ini'rwised ihe urine is crimmonlv' a clear, light wnier, or 
itliglilly tinged, depoc-iu only ft f>light ^iment of mucus, when .Hcaaty it 
attiallr deiiO!*ii«i a Milinient ; the former i» the raoe in the iM-ginning and 
during ihi* afngmv-aiiiunMhe latter during the n^^ction uf the nxiliiitte; at 
timw, howi'Vfr. iinoMHirreut eondition* arwe 'in all pfiver*. ) — ' Pa/r, yllutr 
wn'fK. eilk<r With ft iHght tnoiparcBt ^latiDou tedime&t whieh doM 
not depoiit. or a turbid. Bacculent. claylike, copious, mncaas •«diiimt 
Rix«d witlk a vlilte. or wUtlah-gray. and I&ter a redliilL ataly Mdimmt 
— Thi- rl«ir, salumled, yello«i»h, thick urine has a de»-idM ap|)earanc« of 
the yellow of ihe Berberi* roat.MkUiin remaining dear, but depoMtitig ■ 
oiiimw Mtlinfflt durinj; tha ■ggiaTKtiuiw nf lb« proriog, and UMially in 
the beginning; gettrrally vvrfaona or MM»eUna«a lawr bMoming Mp*mt«d, 
floocttleiil, or like mealy water, *atM( iUp«$iltmf« m mu ii K aiM ana nuahh 
/«lv •nfuantT, vith itAile-yraytJi, iiAite, «r JiHfrtmiA,«r rtJ graivibr tan- 
Mfaf, wiih yellowish-red efrOab u|»b the boltam sad Mm at the gluiL — 
*Vrim* irvfltl-yrtlmw, wilk a fryvM wmttmt ttJimrmt, bill ma not ctouilr 
(•moul (lay'i/. — Dai^ dirl]r. wiae-yvlhiw urine, which coonaoaly svpatratra 
and ikpn aitt • mploM ndiwcot, a> in the prvvinaa tmm, or oaly gdatitMiu 
iltk«A. — OreoaMi mA9*, ekftr, or ja«l tiaged, in tha bmnaiag aocaewhat 
tathHl, d*(Maitiac tmly tcmm aiiicaa, b«t t eoaio i ag doo^, bat Mily MMom 
teUim.—* Imtamm ^my rrd ihwh, wUdi Hka the Ian sctMtatea aad da- 
B>MiUB.lhie£ aedinMH, aeMoca w— initigwiehaiufiil and heeMBitifr menlv 
thie):.— •BlMdfW tn^W. whiek ipMd^ Imwm InhU ui d^^o«ito a 
IliidE *WMi aad bri^t red walj "" 
a f ii y rHaimimf it* Ucctirmd niar, wU 
pmeves. — I^ria^ coo w Jaawow from Mw 



I tha aM^a 

iwnait^ aad daaiahU^ «ilh 

My k imagm to variam imft^ h aar h« mrm 

• latUd 

n At kiinrya < m oae 

the urine has for a 

ia the urioe rsr^t 

ftaaw; rvea on ib» «anM 

; paiaa ia the l«ta> 



nuil bKlii^yB fnx]ii(>nllv i»rrom[inur ihe morbid urinp, though Dot altvaj^; 
u-tittlly llie urine («n«i) lir^l in tlit; iiii>riiing afl^r ribiii); m cloady. 

Srjrufif OiffnuM. — ilnfe — PrntM. DerWH frf-Iirg nf wfnkocwi 
in the gfiiiinl* »Ucr I'lilimi. — A m'iim' nf \\cakni*ii and low uf irriinbilitj 
»f llif oTUTiia! miilf j:oi»i(fil» iiliof iiriiin(irij',nnd ati*o ai*r tiiiiw. — 1h» 
ppni? M^'iii!' fimiL'wIiul t>lir)vrll<-d ntid nlniftL-d. — Krujucut i^reclioiii! (fiftt 
cayi. — ^Thp miu'oiH nifml>ram> ul' iIh' jjeni* ewins to be drj-.— Ctild >enMl> 
liua ill iho prviMitv jiDd glaus ut timeH, aUo will) a Homowhiit numb sputrs- 
tttfo. — A piiicbiiiff i-viK^lrivlivc |miri extvutU dovruit'ard^ rrotn tfac niOD* 
vrturix alongibe dur-uiiinflht' neoin. — Bevenilrtilrliesiiillio fclnnii.^ — Piiio 
•tilrhin^ iiaiu in tbc pi-riig {fur naif a niinulp). — [470.] Fine Rriirliing in 
lb* [><>ii» »n the forc(>(irt, — Smartinf^ pnin* in tin- nnti*H«r portion of Ibft 
left f'liie of Ibc pciiie coming fnim the tirrthru. — Siiinrling |uiiii iu the Ii>ft 
»ide of lhi> peniii. tnorv extc'niiillv, cbiellr iu the forepart of tbe niiicuiu 
membrane uf the glann, aod in the part Miiud ibb )i|iut, whi'ii MalLinjr 
and nflervrardp, abo aAdr coitimi (une Iiuiidr^d and eighth, one htiiidr«a 
and twclAh, and one hundred and Iwcnty-senmd day^, etc."*. — Smitrling- 

biimiii)> |min in llio citromi gUodiii Smart ing-biirniii(; |>niii in the left 

(ridf i-if tho peiiiojMpctfially in th* coronn p^landi*. — Smartinj:-I>uniiii(j p«in 
ID iIk- npjicr port uf the ri;;hl sidr i>f thu penis'. — SmartinK-hurniuj; iti'b- 
Inc [mtn iu the prepu**. — Srrofum nitil Tenttelen, Sexunl T)e- 
atrt'J*. Seuaation of foldnpas, liylil tearing iii iho lel^ i^ide of the tt(.-n>lum. 
— Smarting, tMUfft riding iwiu in lh«; left luwvr pi)rli'>n(>f the strolum, laat- 
ing »i3t lo fight niiiiutm -nrheii wnlking. — .'^>rp jmin in the scrotum, e*pe- 
dalif in the side*, ni<«t frwiiietitlv on tlic left. — [480.] Itehing in the «;«>• 
turn, either »mple, or burning, or with fitio etil(>ho«, at time* Hmarliiig or 
cmwlic);. — Burning pain in one or llie other U-^lirle, H-ldom in both, ue if 
tbey would swell.— -Const rietive pain in the testicles and in the spermatK! 
rvni. with etwlnirtion of the .4cn>(nm, na if it would lie drawn np a^rainHt 
lii« abtloiticn ; tliu H-n>lnm \f i^hnvellctl and roUl, with prt-^iiivv ptiu in the 
leotirle*. — Drawirip-prwwive piiin in one or the ollior tt>ltc!e, •fhliim in 
both at the imiiie lime, ^inmctitni-s^^'ndiii); up the sfK-nnntif I'ord. — Pre^ 
nre paio in both tolidf-?, K>nictime$ in onlv oik. somctinictf for only • 
»iiurt time, or fur wveral hoiirn. — Cuitiiig-Altrltiiig pnin, at limes reryscn- 
(tiltve. in the tentiolni, at tiimiit in only one, nt times in both toj^tlier. — 
Sintfle or several jiiiK'lies in one or the olhor ic^Jiiele (fortieth, fisty-lhinl, 
ao<l niiMfly-lin>l daris, t'tc ). — l^iiiarlint; or smurtint^-hiinnng pain iu tbo tc»- 
tirW, at tiinev in only cue, at tinien in both. — Cmwlinf^ p:iio in the imU 
dei, ui^uallv in only one fmuet nf the paiiK in the extonial cvnilaU an] 
caaiaod n«<l nggrnvnlcd by luolion), — *Soji p"fj»/ nefUlng of (w Icfl tper- 
tiuafkr atrtt, enftrriiillu iu tltr ttmyr porliou, Kvemlfimeti }eftm waliing, tri'/A nt 
time* drawiH^. kyrnina, or martini^, or tftrring pni*tf, at lime* aim u-hrn ail- 
tmg, vilk pain fxirndiny down into (Ar t^Hiflf*, r*pteiaify the fjiidiiiymit. — 
[490.] * Ifriiting puin in the uprrxiwiic eon! of the ri-jht^frrquently of the 
Itfi ride, alenttintf doica into the le*tiefcg, or Hp Into ihft abdominni ring.— 
StilrhiuK pain in llie spormalie noni of nue or the other side. — Several fiue 
ttitcheit in the spermatic oinl. — Btnurting pain in one or (he other epcr- 
matir i-nnl, itt one time in the n-(:ioii uf the iilMlntnirial ring, at another be- 
hind it, 0.1 nuolber more l^'nenth it, of)en I'xlending inlu tlie teotii-lef- — 
'Smnrtiiiij-hurjiiti^ piiin in the «prnnilir tnrti, ifiM Hfrrral atUphrt, now on 
our, iww rm ihr other tide. — Twinging j«in in one or the oiIkt cjiertnatic 
rtird. only at the nbdoiniunl ring. or nUo extending rlunn to the ti»ti(-)es.— 
Uiminiidied aesual desire iu twith sexe«; the ejunilatittu of semen duriag 



mtUliiit in iiiiiiilly [»<> luxiii, niiiJ llie dcitire is wcnk iind ptiaM* boad ttwaj 
In nonifii orgium in ilrlnvi-tl, Miiiutitn€a aKK)ciatal with ciitLing or ftii-kiiig 

IHiiii. — ICniiwiuii nt nt^lit, which ia u^unlljr very solilum. — Ffinftle, 
'iiiohiiiK c'rtiwlrir[iv<> [utiii in the rc|jion of the mnnt v*ni>rw nmi tlie blad- 
di'r,n>ii]ftiinr9i only nil line oitlc, Bomeliimr*Mhrn full, nomctimcsBftc-rfiiiplT- 
\\i\l th" blaiiih'f, iiiiiiiniliKU'ly, »v ii lim^ timr aftiTwarJ*. — Tcnriiifi |Hiiii in 
iho iiioiiR Vfiit'ri" nmiiiift i'mm tlic iiigiiiiml rc^jimi. — [500.] TKiii(riii>;-lt>arv 
iilU (ii <mij .ir lilt* fillii:r N<io of the tii'.-ii? vvm.'ri.s surriotimw also lit t>ii« 
wtiuin n-^iitii, vcrv l'n-<|iii'iitly.— Ituriiiiin, !tchiii>;. iir hiiiin^:, al«i hiniirtiog 
M'limliiiii ill ih"' imni"' vt'iicri". — Siii[iL-lii]K-it<:hiii}; iiiiiii in ilitf nnnw vi-iiiri*. 
— 'SffnRation of burning and sorenexi io the vagina, frequently very ud> 

lltlTAi rfiffitiifif in thr niitiri'ir fMrlitiu, rvfit rjrtcniltiiij (n thr- hibuf, nslui- 
liii((^> iiiily nil [>ni' *w\c, hilt frf>(|iiontly aU) in the iipfMr pari in t\iv n^ioii 
of llio orilirc nf the un'tlira, •lAnii CAiiiinuing a loiij; time (tuviUy-vi);hth 
nml tliirty-tiixlli dayii. I'tc. }. — lii uuc eidu ut' ihc va^iiiH, (»|>«<:ially in the 
1pI\. fliir, ur ncalc, ur iiKurp, or dull, ur viultiit Mit^'Uca, nuineiinies like 
lieixllm, Icii til tKuiitv ill Hiic«v«ioii, tuiiigiiip, or htiniiii;!, lwi»tiitt( or Ions 
ilniwn <>ul, and Imviiii; the |>arl (wiiiful. fxt«nding from within oiiiwarJ, 
at liiiicM Piidittc in ttir nrcthm. olleii apijcarii));; e<i t^uddciilT aud violcnlly 
that ahn i* fnulilriitit : thi' va^'iim, during nn cxamiaatiDo, is vcrvacnsilive 
Dk-hcti IniiohtHl viith Iho (inf><>r < ihiriii'lh, forly-tini, f<iny-ihi[\), liflv-ninlli. 
hihI »ixly-lin>t da^ii, I'tcA— Hiuailinc fwin in thv va^'iiin, ununlly only upon 
aac •id^^, wniotimra cimlitimtux. — Mt-ui'lruBtioii apiRara as iiMinl two dara 
(iKi MHiii, bnt lasts ulitv two davH; villi it aud afterwuitls vioK-nt [juin \u 
tho hai't and Kiitix. 'tXiH scojiiJ (im« il appean two days too ttmn, willi 
|Miiii» ill ihi^ hiu-k.aml Insla only one day aiM a balf. — In'th« fotirth ruluru 
tiiriulniiiliiiii np}H-«r\'<l un« ilay too eooo, tA« cfiacAaryf kku grayi*ft mtiau, 
tAi'it ilofiji, MUMiy. Th« fitUi period nmilled enUnI; ; oa the sixth M>mu 
walrrr \t\wi jnuwd : tKem vtttU tke eiyhtk o^ih jfrayuA oiWiM ; /or wuf 
rfajM /mTMHi fat tt malatl Innny in tit limit. vi/A anrre jtuin in thr b\>tk ; 
HI llnin on only ODB riile, vilb a feeline as if bruisvd, b« if euppiinttjiir, 
a)n*oft lik« lal>ur paiiw, so tbat at timed we could not lie upon it, ciijNM-iiiiry 
«1 nt);ht, Mimrtiniaa alto pain io oar hip-booe ; dragciug |iaia in the- tliijilu, 
«xtNidiD|; iuio the oalvw, onrnally io the vetiu of tM Ug, which arv ip* 
ifcivd wiih btiHkl ; alw Mun in the Innbar r^ioa ; oac* id tlw evening in 
W. ti*i*-^ itieiimf m tkt i^ tiJt ^ A0 lUiwni Im fimftri frnW«A jr»m 
At mmmL uttmio^ m hmg ititeAm mI» Ac Ufi •I-U wf Om ra^aa . fnlful, 
dndW IwBMod; gnatcl««elka; asutas pain Ia tk» Tafiu. Itaming'. 
TklMlMliUiMnMMUtkaUM: pr«MV« teaarc pkin in tbc apper 
nna ua Ao nMer. cxMarfiac ap inu> lL« neck. — ^MeoMraatton appcan aC 
tka cartwaiary tiaia »mA aaraalljr. bat on tba thM iWj it re— r», and m- 
apfNu* M IM tAk dar. but aMi« Uk» Uoadr sator; aeeaaHsuiied vilh 
Snat avakMua aad nuiciit dcmwiac. atkktB^ taafechr^McnrtniatitfC 
aMMUsM tksrifhttiae; iba Mcvod dayit itaora Bka Unodj water; on 
tkM tbtM MM dcofM or ^A kkwd ia«: •■ iW faarth a ^waga oT d'u- 

«Jm* w I MMniSk iIma awtbiag »ttfw; datiaf tbc int davt 4rag|^iig pain in 
tiU Liai>ili.. aavtfW pain ~ta tbe aaHll «f ibc hark. aM Tin Wat. drniopBe, 
■WMtafc^Kniaab— iWba m Ibe rwht lata, «idi a fcJiag of &iaxiie«.— 
fSMi) WnaaaMMB a f fmw al lb» fwbt tiaa, I*' w M^ i w i rfj, doea oo< 
arkth* waal war; at Jrrt it pala. aa^ iBliiil by a fa-bath; 

W*»b»iwd iW iftb iWt. wkik it 





lent luiriDs; in the whol^ boHv, oipc^-inlly nti the ]cH tide ; pftinful rttstcoNoo 
cl tile aboomeii (fourth nnd filili HuyR), violent pain in lht> kiihietft, »\so 

fltilchn ill the chtSL ; rtry tiirtly loctlc ; violetil, buntling headache oiil v <lur> 

tufc the tint daj^ 

R&tipiraloru Atiparttfti/t aitfl Vhcnt,~Vo(ce, and Cheat 

^^l (ieitertil, ll'iur»«.*ii(?<«. wiili piiiii or ii)lliimimtli(iii of rht- tuui'il!!. — Op- 
jitvktiui) !>!' the i-ht^l, uiipcHriii)^ )n.'vi-nil tiiiKw, ciriR-i'iiilly ul uighl uith 
■violent fluent ciirj'TJi. — Tf-ariitg in the left ppclomi miiiirie^ exteiiHiiig lo- 
witrti') their in^erLioii in the arm. — Drawing, tearing imtii in ihe nutlH »t'the 
elie»l, Miinetimes relifv«l liyslretrhiiig or bv exerting the inii.'cies, — 'Violeiil, 
Niil<if-n,etiltin^, <yiiiN(riHivo pnin in front ot'thfr mklille [lortinn of tht- chest, 
estentliug duwn tu the nhfloiofo. fu Ihut Aw \* ubti^'c^l t» Ijciid <h)tible fur 
hnlf n mitiuit' (tweiiiy-first day t. — Kinirlc jIhw ctitche* lieix'iiiiil tlien^ in tbf 
cbm esteiidin;^ iiiwnn]. — Hiic-king |unii in thi> iiiitL-rior middle region of 
the ehewl aggravaleH by deep breathing, together vnth a eh«rt ilrv CQiigl) 
(lwcniy-fir?ii flny ). — It neems raw in the ches; ay in cnmrrh, and an fmbitual 
oreAiiionftl expt-eioraiioii from llie rhet^t it) iiicreiLaed [niH-ond u> i>)xth du}*). 
— {^raping t^iiMHiiun in the ch^-st («tfonri day I. — [830.1 Hcmpinp, *erntch- 
\n% «eii»ati<)n of mwii»« and Hornnww in the chtaU — nitlftn of Vhfttt, 
PaiD ni-ar the \vH mnmmary ghind, deep, internnlly. cxlniding outwanl 
xnd ilowiiwiird through the nianiiniini' gland iu iilwul ten htiiehec leighth 
^y). — A peeiiliur iten^atlon of c<tldneHi in the right side of ihe cheat lor a 
^^mrt liiiif Uinu biiiulrtii nnd ninth ilav). — Tearing, buriiitig ptiiii in the 
loYter Iwirder of the h-fl |K-i-l«r«li* mnjur fxteorliiiir toward* iliiearin, — T^n- 
»iv<' drawing pain in the left sidf of tlu'ch<'»it nmretowanU the hack i ihirty- 
tighth day f. — Htitkiri;;, drawing ia the Jctt t^iJp of the chot ou the lower 
and iiuler part, estendlng from the left liyniK'hoiidnum tnwardh the hack 
tnti ■hunting baeb nnd fitrih (>evenieenth uilv). — Frv^iro pain in the tell 
ride of lh« cheet a^ if K'tween the nminmiiry ginud nud tlii: vriill of the 
tIic?i. must nevere behind the nipple, i-xTemliu}; fruni within ouiwiird intu 
the nininiuary gUitib so that the niid'lle of the wtuMitioii \» in ihu uipple, 
with a tecling a? if ihc gland were awulleo (MXt)'-titth and eighty-eigblh 
day^). — A bubbling preeeive patn in the region of the left (leetoralifl major 
fcr balf a ntinuie iu the evening in bed, roniing from deep in the chnat, 
with tension in this rvgion and soroewbat impeded re.*pirntiiin ^forty-third 
day). — -Stickiug pain in the letl niainniury glnud (iiiiilh duv), — t^lieklug 
below the left inaniTniiry ^Iniid tovtard? the heart. — L^80.] 'leuring, stick- 
ing pain extending aroiiiul ihe right cide of the eheet in (he forepart i,(orly- 
eixtb day '. — Tearing, etiekiog pain, extending from tlie right side of the 
cbf-!-t tiear the -hrinlder-hlnch- up ici itie aim and mating il.<c'f in the mu^elf^ 
' the tuner -iili^ i\\ (be Hp(>er arm for two ininnie* (tw-venteeiith day). — A 
ileh in the right cUviclc ftil'iielh d»y ). — A pcnei rilling utileh in tlie right 
tluvielc I M;veniy-thirJ day I. — Pulsi^^like Btitehing in the right clavicle onc- 
ihiid of n minute i fifty-first day).— Single stjlcheji in the right sideoflheehest 
from mitbout iiiuant (tbrty-tillh duy >, — ^several bunting i-titelieiii as from 
wa:^|■» ill the rc^gioii -jf the right cUvivIe (eighty-eighth day J. — Home burn- 
ing )>titeht-^ iu the left side of the clier^t near the nipple. — ^Thrt* dec]i, violent 
huruiug «litciK« below thu right clavicle erow>ing hurizonully into the first 
n\»e d^venly-sevenlh day). — Long drawing Milchef, leaving pain in the 
region of lliu (aire ribo of the left side from below, ~[640,] Tearing pain iu 
tile doi>:il side of the left wall of the client, nomeuliiit N-low the lilumlcUr- 
hlade. — Tt-nring in the right >idc of ilie elieMi chirtty in ihe forepart, Mtnic- 
titna nUu iu the Ehoulder-blado between it uud the fpiuc, two duye iu euc* 



of huriiier iintl npi»et!le ; footi Kb* nItiKwit no taste f?e?enteeolli and twenly- 
firsi iiin>)- — N" I"!-*! Itiiiigor, aiiju'ltir, or iiisto (first <iny)- — Scvpto iliiwl 
wuk(^ her suvcrftl lime* «t aignt ifii>l iiielit','. — [360.] J ncrcjitfd tliirvl 
with drj' moiitii. fporiiiliy in thv aftcrnocui, w.-ldt»ni iii the moriiiii];. in sev- 
eral persitiis. — ' Eriicfaiiona (soon nfier taking the drtiff), — Erucuii lonti frv- 
(juoiiilyallerimling with mwning'nfter iin Imur aufi aliiilO. — * Enietniions 
u'it/tniit h<fi (oitle vr /"wtl (an h<>iir ui'ter lukiu^ the drug, and air*) pcvcral 
lime* iiHt-nvanN d\iriiig Hrct day).— Twu liniin* after Inking frcqiioiil Idl- 
ii>it8 onif-iaiious (lasting iicjii'ly "hiilf uti li'Hir),— Frt'nufiil cniclirtiutw nod 

?ri|»iiip» in the Abdomen, as of wiu<l, without pA«*injj; iiny ifir>l iliiy},". — 
lifcough for nearly ii quarter of an hour ff»evcincieiilh day). — ^Tmiwicnl 
nausea (sftpr onf hour). — Nausea lasting one honr (after half an houn. — 
Naii!iea and (junlniiBlinoiis hrfore brpakfiwi, diHippenring ulU-rward-t (sewiml 
day). — I270.J NaiiMja aHer diniic-r; sin- Ihoii^ht wlie wituld be obliged to 
vomii f nni day ),". — Feeling of discomfort and tiaiisca (after three hours). 
— '*llffirthurn (stKHi after taking it), — After i-nlii)g, a [trcwive ttentiHlion in 
the ppiga*irif rcijion n« if it wcr« distciidcd, eveniujiP! till 9 o'clock (sixty- 
first day )i'. — Pressure in the n-piou of Ihe st(>tnach fire hoare aflcr eatio;: 
(scveiifli day). — A stiekinp piiin in ihr region of the stomach for half an 
hour and at times af^crwardn, ihmigh rptnrning wlighter (.soviuih day;. — A 
viulent ttiicking, burning, |)eculiar pain in ilie .-•tuaiacU, liki.' )i<-»rtbum, 
thongli niudi mure riuleut, it ulno exlcuds upward into the pharynx (eighth 
and liverity-first Hnv). 

Abftoinen. — itj/Jtocfiniult'fft. Twieo, n bnhbliog f;cni^altrvn Iwlow 
tlir: li[i ui (iii^ fal^e ritvH, in llir fmvpnrl. nn tlic right mdcin quick Mierfw-inR; 
Revert' liibhli lie -'^O'^ti'jn, as if (inpsh-tiik abt'llienf water, or a» if oiiefi»rc«l 
nirinto lb« flesh, on this cxicninl burdiT of the right Mhf>iildor-tiIa<l(^ near lh« 
axilla (ninoly-ccventh day^. — "/n (hv hijpwh'ux'irinc rfai^n.ur^rtfu^h'fntcrof 
thej'a/«f rib«. iili'jiit Mrw inchex from the Uiiai nthn.vivlmt Mtrkiiui iMitti for i» 
(juiirfer of nn hour, incrfurivl 6g fireegitr'^, ritntdiaij arrww into the retfion nf 
the ttomneh ; it appeared first whou walking; milking slowlvdid not relieve 
it (after a (i«artrr of an h<iiir)/ nUo nolieod from the -'ith dtlutioD). — Pf»- 
BUre ill the forepart of the right hypoehondrium, exlrnding inward into the 
border ot the litlse rihs (forty-sixth day). — [2ft0.] Pressure in the region 
of the liver, on the miirgin of Mk- faW ril», nboul llin-c inchc* from Iho 
liiieiL alba, liiste « ([nnrter of an hniir (ihird day*. — On (hi.- Iwirdur nf tlic 
falw riliK uf ihu right Mde. nbnul two und n half inches fruni llie linca nihu, 
thir(T-HX to forty snccessive biiniing stilfhei- at inttrvals of four to eigbl 
Beeonde (nirieti-enth day>. — *Stirhlii<j jimf^hf pain in Ihr rr/jion of the lirer, 
inrrniKni htf prrjniiirf, rorrtvpniulhitf to thr rfji»n of the ffnU-ltMifrr, on a 
nnnlt »pot ; lajits ihrro himw, tiongli not eiiniinuuiH '.seeond honr and 
fii't|uciitly afivrward!, evfii until (brtv-^ixlh duy). — '■SHrkiug pt^iu.tmi trry 
jienffrathiy, in (Ar rcjfi'on of tlx 'jiill-hbiddcr.for n:vfnt( vituutcf (after niue 
boiir«t, — 'Stirkhiff pain inth^ rtgwii of the yufl-Uatlder for a sliorf time, in- 
(TTi-'aj^ by prei;!;ur«' (after an hour and a half). — nravrin^-tearing naiu 
below the lipc of the falnc rili?4 in llic lell hy}i»ehotidrinin on iuf pimiion ; 
it feels no if something were torn loose nt the aflerted spot. — Pri>«ive pniu 
in the lert hypoehondriiim extends bnekward or downward. — Tearing-stiek- 
itlg pain in Ihe regif.n of the left hypdelmndriiitn, in front (forty -aixih attd 
(brly-eight day* I. — UinbiUcuit, Hiiglil griping!' nDviud ihf navel (ufter 
eight liouf^i. — Iniemittlenl pnin preK>irig t'roni within outward in the lell 
ride of llio abdutneii, about iin iiu-h fn^ni the navel, ab if eometbing livin|{ 
were in llic ^pot, about tJie «iw of a half dollar, lasting fruiu two tu tbruc 



miuuice flwoity-itwoiid day). — [890.1 OuttiuK-drawma pain in the left side 
of tlie navel iu u s[x>t uf ihv s'lm oi' n t|uarter of a iliniar, extending dw|) 
liiwurj, I'ur a minute violent, tht-'n cuntinuins; dull for ulviut two miiiutc-ii. 
— •i*u*'»i IM Itit: ix</iuH uLoiit llirf^ incJtej' iu tftc. bm/p aj the tiuivt, fimrjiowl- 
inff to a place iajrimt of (Air kuineyi'. unil mtkfr tu the side. nuift!ii niickiuij, 
M>ni«tinies dull.noauaiiiicv iiiio, or nl»o Imniiii^ ur giiuuiiij;, ut^unfly only in 
one ^ido, »oldum in bolli HidcHi uxiiaIIv tviifint-il lu a, «itinll |>Iii<'i.- or u jtuint, 
MJUH-liiiira prf«(ivc when it is niom ditrustil, for the muat |mrt u>:^ruvutfcl 
ooly liy deep pressure, seldom, then viuk-iil. hul returning aeiirlyevt^ry day, 
(iV()uikntly MiDlinuiog for hour^, with iiKimt-niary interraiAHiuiw, .,lu-ii vxiH' 
tinuiu)^ ouly a shwrl timft, <jfttn eM^mliuy h t/it lumbar rtyion or to Mc 
ffrmns, the liver, ihr ^ftlrfu, or iJtv Wofn/jrA.— Suiierllcijil Kfiiriii^-xickiiig j.'«iu 
in tilt? k-n «iile of llit' iinvd. — Ttvictini: |i:iiu lu llnu rL';;ioii uf llio mivol, iii 
a plaoo A.« Inr^o oi ihc {xalm of the lixnd, fur a fow luititiU'ft {nf\c-r itine 
liourx). — A ivvt lini*, Hluirp, deep atiLchca ut the left aide i»f llio imvel.— 
Fine Htiti-lint iu the right iiide of the the m\*^ at thi> navel hut 
somewhat slH>ve it, for a minut«. — At liniea, Iwinciiig aruuiid and ahuve 
the navtl. in tlie left itidv ul" liie ahduiin;u (liiol day).— J*t General* 
Fermentatiiin in the ubdocncn, t-.-pe«-ially iu the region of the culou. with 
perceplible molinii of llio ini(^tiih>,niid niMvinp of uiud (lii>t day). — Loud 
rumhlinf[4 (alU-r iiiito huiinil,~rr<-<tiii.-iit niiuhtiii^^ in the nhdonu-n, so 
that ihcy con he heanl cstcnmlly (filth dayj. — [SOO.] (ia'Bl rumblirifc iu 
the bowels folloHeil by llie (tasMige of flatUM i after two hii(ini). — Sllyhl luni- 
blingHaud niovings in ilit? abdomen, followed by the juiKsagy of riunie llatus 
(after eight hour*).— Frfqueiil passage of copi<iiin. E<ddom ollctwive, tlalut-. 
usually preceded by paiidw^ j;ri((iiigw, at litm-,-. «ii.h a ^enftaiioii of warttitb 
iu the anus; nil the pmvorM ifir*t, seiMjinl, and third days). — M"viii<^i in 
the nlxhontn, a-j lh-iiij{h a i«toi>l uoiild come i<uon ; it doi.^!i not take plitoo 
(eecoiid day). — Feeling of m'lvitigs iu llio iutestiuut, not pniaful.Mion after 
taliiuj; it. WrilhiugH iu the rcjiion of the stomach (after half aa huur). — 
Sliebt paiu iu the abdomen, lasting tive minutes (after half an knur). — 
^lu in the abdvmen, iu the mornins, in bed (second day/,'. — Violent burn- 
ing pain under the r^kiii, and extending iiilo it, in the IcH iiide of the abdir- 
inen. altuut four tni*lies front the uavel, iu a »piU aU^ut au inch and a half 
in diameter, Itu'tiuj; lialf an hour (ninety -fuurth day}. — TKiiiKiuiJ, cou- 
Uric'tiuj: seuHtttoti in the walls of the ubdonirii. lastiuK live lo ei^lit miu 
utea. — Twioging, countiidivc sensation in the npjH-r pari of the left side of 
the ■b<lunieo,espeeial]v-in the lellhypuehoiidnuoiaeru&-) lowarduthe navel, 
for s few niuutee. — fuO.] Colic-like pain in the region belon Ilio navel, vt' 
short duration (tiiir^ and sixth daynj. — Tmii.-<ieiii cotieky puiii iu the ab> 
ilomen (first day ), — At tiuie>',gri pings in ibe ahdonien (*en>ud day i. — i^liijhl 
gripiug and eonrtrietion* in the inie-'tiiuaf (^ixty-wvenih hour.i. — I'ainkisi 
eripiufpi iu the abdomen, followed by llie paj^aa^c uf Uatut lafler tna 
buum). — Aehinj,'. prva*i«g seusjitiou lU the region of the left deseendiiij; 
oolou (.aAer eight hours), — Urjjing and moviug in tJie ahdomeu before ilia 
St«ol( second andlliird daT«). — Writhiagi^iu the abdomen .aUer one hour), — 
VioloDL cuttings la tlie atidomen, laptiiig for two ur three, niiimtt-^, re)K-atvd 
two or three limes (Mveath day'), — Cuttinu pain iu the ubduiiieu i<evcml 
tiiBWi in the afternoon, aa if dinrrhwa woitld came on ; it ladled till ilie 
next day, ivbcu there wax diarrhoea uucc in the uomini; and afteruoon 
(fourth day),". — [320.] Cultiug -sticking pain in llie nbdumeu, at times, for 
M'Venil miuutes (teuth day).— C.'uiling-jerking jHiin about an iueh iind a 
half from llie liueu alba, an inch above the navel, extend iiig iu ?iowdraw- 



in firODt. or to the region of the hipt. mtnetlwfs nr»n in {httpinennti rrlrf, 

iny tloifM iv the etiutll of the hack, und the regrion of the bladder aad groioi ; 

totitrtitimiinii, niniuilvie* <luU ; Iftr. Mirkiutf Minirlimra rJifmU from Uir ynjion 
oj Ihr. kiihuif* Mraiffhl forward iitlo the atnlomfn, at timrf uith a DUmb, 
paralyzed, hroised sensation ; frftjuenft^ reluming and lotting n long time, 
— A riiik-iiL atllcli br^iiiiiiii^ ill llic liimbur |>i)rtiuii of lhc»tiiiiL-nod uxk'ud- 
ioE outwurd iicruss ilii.' \v\\ kitiiUar ri-giuii (fiinyHevvmli diiv)- — 'ti»mt 
MtliAai in one or lln- olltrr hunbiir rrgiim, nmria/lff in Ihe rryi/iii of l/u 
kiilncf*, nt lijr\tt fine, "I fi'irifd ilull, at fiiti« aji if u nuii >Kre n/iV/-r"ny in, and 
M riiilrnt iiitii auiiiini llml il ria/i/* l/ir Inyal/i ; fram itithnut intfytrtl. — * iturniit 
ttileJu-M, itinijlr <ir trrrrnl in nuivrMiun, in ikr rr'jiou of ttif lain* nnil iiiin/y*,' 

i'i]|i>olik<- !tii(fhi-i* at ahnrl or lonjr iiit«r\'iil< rrom wiihi>nt iiiwiinJ in une 
thi' iillicr liinibiir iiti<l kiilncy rcj^ntii. — Klight stiiiLTlinal trxrlri^ in our or 
thi' other lumlmr region. — 'Ttarhiff or tmrintf-ttirlinff pain in thr region of 
Ikt foitu <iNil kninei/ii, imiiiiflv nmre upon one gi'le, fri-rjuriifli/ iil Ihf fxmr lime 

in Hk- 'i'i"/f <'J ihv. IfKh. as if the Kgion were cniihed of bruised, with a 
feeling of Bti'fihesB. so that it was difBoult for her to rise from sittiog, 
to thill, thr hiimiji mutt itMiM rinini/; mimriiiiir* ii/wi inmtlving ihr iii/i. l/ir mitcji, 
and ihr iipprr and pfMrnor jmrtioH of tht fxtrtmilift, at times also with a 
•Muation of numbness. — Duuliling «cnfulioii in tbv lumbar rrgttiu uxiallj^ 
on oiiljTdiie Bilk', sotuL-lImm luHling H fthort titav.Bonictimmm'vrnil minuia^ 
mure when lying nnJ wlien rmna from sitting. — [600.] *A frrtint} y 
watPil/t in <ht I'tWfr pari <if tJie b'lcf; itnJ in Uif undJi of f/t? bach, <m if lAc 
tuinl'ir rrtjioii iirrr. ntltrp, r-if^itdiug down iniii Ihc mcrum, Uir hip*, und the 
Ulterior porlian of tbf ihiijh*. — lliiritiii^-ilulitiiK in llitf lowor purtiuii «f tlie 
biwV.—Sacvat JtCftivil. Buniinj; pnin in ilie Bncnim, mostly with t«i)- 
flitiii and pre«fiirt. — l)niwiiig iiiiin in the annnini, iihtmlly oiM--idMl. or 
pnM«iii|j, or CeHfing, or iiUernatiiig ihcn^vi'uli.—'* Prt-Mlvffm^irr or j-rruing 
tmtation in the *aemm, deep, ii.ternnl, when tewre, leilfi .» feeling nt if IM 
bvHC votdd b' forced it'undtr. t'lViiHiillv with » k-i-liiigurhi-»vinnf<, wiirtntli, 
or tiuiiit)i)L'S9, vT biimn^, nstiitlly irii>rt' iiKlici-d in llit niurniiig in bt-d tm- 
mediutfly on i.iitki<i^, worse when sitting and lying. },i'nur«lly L-oniiuuiDg 
a long time, tVcqucntly rcturuiug, K>[ni'ttuic« rtliovtxi ur removed by & oiool 
or ptk3i4i)^of ftatnii; ponicliin(« utxin onlyoDoinitlp, inrrvafHMl hvH(tH>|iiiig. — 
Digging |>re«»urf,or t*inring-«lifkiiig pain in ibe tHU^rum. — A (kill tivlD^ing 
Stiti'li (il)Ii<iiii>ly from without inwnnl mid dowiiHiird, in xhc li.'f\ Ndo ol'the 
Hicriini, in the lUDruiii^. iu bed, on vi-nkiu)^, nn-oiapanii-t] by jinswurc. — 
Twinging |miu in the Mii'ruin niib desiiv fur »tuoi lou llu' Aral davH).— 
8uperli4.'ml (touring iwiiii in iho shltumi, frffjueutly np«n only uub bmI«. — 
Tutriug or k-Hring-dlicking p&in in tlic sAcrum, at liiiies onljr on one skle. — 
[610.] Uniined and paralyu-d finding in ttic ttacriini, an after uimr('ii:>iuiiied 
fuiij^ >liii)[iiiig. olWn in tho innriiitig. )nimi>iUHt«>ly on Kiiking, nxiflly worse 
nhvii titling tux) lying ihnn wln^n wulking, very frr4|ii«iit nnd lasting.— 
Itching in u\K nt<:runi, buniing, biting, or with line etilidies. — Tenring jwin 
in ihe ngion uf tht-- left luber inebii, — Teiiring pntti in the right tiilwr 
iiti'liii, exit-ndiiij^ tiiruurd to tht^ right fiidu uf tlic uturux, for Beverol niiniilM 
wbvn sitlitig.—lliibblJng ^euNillou bekm tbi* IuIkt i^tdiii, extending inwunl 
Rud dowuHun), ne if u wuim na ktrgv But the finger vteru forcing its way 

Vtept'r Exti'€miU€».—Shoultfer, Puin in Ihe left ahoulder, 
e«[ict-ially ^w.\t in tlic jnint in front, an if in the ht-ad of llie humi^rus, ns if 
the \n\xi* <kKr« swnllt^n, rliiefly when moving tbt^ urmji Imrlmtinl, alwnyg 
iioti^'i'd on prv^ure fori»evorBl hiiiir* i^fiftb dayj. Pain iu the left shntikltrr 



l^aiwJ poRlmurly, aa if llie ami lim! Jieen etraiiirrl or wreiicIiM 

tthirty-3*.-«>iKl «lay), — .1 rheunuitie, fjirrrilf/tif-litt- piiu itt (he rh/it eh'ttiMrr 

ok' Mime Milchr* orrr Iftc trfl eye*. — .Siii>*'rfirial tensive (Imwiuyii in tbe 

rfmuldcif. — Ti'(iri»j:-sti«-kinjr pain in the slimilrfen*. — Btirniti);->lir'kin;{ in 

tlitni^n tif llu' ri^lit iiviKniion.oxli'iiilirt;! into it i ono Iiiii)dr(;ii nn<l ^rviiiuti 

wr1.-^[6S0.] iluhlilinR-Iikc (lijiKiiij; pniii and ii livint; ninvrniunl in lliv 

fori'iuirt of ihe right sliiHiMer-juiiit. pxtenial to nnd suniewlisit litluw tbe 

haiu »>f lljff htitnerua. — Teariu^-Htii-king paiii along llii' Ijonlt-r of the 

riglil blioulili^r, nnd Ihen exlt'iidiiig tjuickly dutvii l)a- uul«r t>i(le of the- arm 

wmI 4-ndin;r in n fine i«liti-h in the ti[i of tne little liiiyer, — Tenring pain in 

ilie fhuiilder-juint, c*|i«i(illy in the forepnit, — Ti?nriii(* in llie leH shoulder 

^tending ncroM llu- whole f-houHcr-hlndc nnd ddwn the hu<-k, oi<|ic-oitdiy 

Ml uiutittn ; it c-nnLinue<) f'L-vcml diiys (cixth <Iiiy).*. — 11-1111112?, iKRiniiing 

tltrnp the liorder of the U-t\ shuuldfr, extentling ii]> on the i-ide of tht u«:k 

and throat as far ns the It'fl sido of lliv ofi'ij)itul n-gion, wht-re it bt'L-onns 

»«iil<-d i Ibrty-Mxlh Nn<) forty-stventli d»y 1. — Otirra-ivf [•iiiaiiing xen^Hlion oil 

ihf U'il ?h<>uIiliT. — I'nin in llie riL'hl i-honlder as if it wonid >ii|i|>iirate, — 

lliihl)iingdik«.' !-fii»»<ioii iu Ihe rigtit t:hoiilder. chtetly in the fiire|)iii't, not 

pniiirol.a^ if i^nicthiog living; ncro in it nad wuuM bor<- 111° way out, M^vcrQ 

a fi'w iiiinulMi ^H*vecith anti fifiM-nth ilavs i- — vli'f/l. Wiiiknew ami a par- 

alrzietl Iwlinc in the arms, heeoining [uiinful on cxenion after aonic violent 

esen-iw of inc arnt):, nnd n [minl'iil sensation in the muscles for wi'cral 

dny:>, »|H-i'iallv on nioliui), thuii|;h aU'i At olhvr liine», euu^cd or inerta^etl 

by timvun.'.— Itiiniing )wtii on the inner tiide of the lefl iiiiiht ami two 

iuencti btduw llio joint, »u|)errieial in the «kin or jiiitl under i(, nith i^onin 

prc»ure at intervals of tvro or three «-eoutl*, whereby the paiu bwniies 

«fir>e / tnentj-fixlh diiy). — [630.] Tensivo pain in thv nuiM-li-n of the rij:ht 

ii|>ppr arm, — I'rewive pain in the armji, t-Hpeciiillv in the thielt ninsele* of 

till! ^huii1der>!, in iht> inner inniM'l(>4, nnd aUo on the inner Mdii of the npjior 

■nn, liTM of the forearm. — DniM'in); Ivii^ive »-ii>nlion in llie arm;' nl tinier 

tn'lh fdiifht leuriiii;, olU-n with a IV-«.-ling of henvineM^ und hwf ni |M>»'cr in 

liirm. — Violent prcr«ive- 1 endive pain in iho left njiper iirni, uboul the niid- 

dlv vf llie forvjuirt and ^nmewliat itiwarxl on llie bouc, a» if soinethin^ 

•touM )if mm hniM-, h> ihnL it i." tmrp. as far lut ihe bone, for ivo iiiiniite:^ 

(fifty-«*veiiih (biyj. — Driiwitig {Ukin in the outer nidc ut" tlie left u]iper nrin. 

■^— Dniwinj; luiin in tbe otilui- jwtrl of the upper arm ejctending <Iiiwii to the 

'>!t»o«,-joini < thirty-fifth day |.— Furi-ibte prewive |»iin in the ini<ldlt and on- 

tin* oat«?r anterior side of the left, up|>er arm iu tbe vicinity of tbe bimc?, 

*vith o heavy?ensati<>n,solbalshe must let the arm bang down for a minnle, 

fVdlowt^l by bnivinc^, wbieh cf^iitinuco a long time. — Slicking piitii in the 

l.hirk ri»*--h of the left ii|>[»crnrm in frmit, ihnv inches below tlie joiui.^Pivc 

^ttti_-liiw in <}uiek f-ueoeK-iuii oti tbe inner )-ide of the right upjH^r ami. ju;<t 

Vwlow the axilJn, with burning bctwc*u the stitchc* nod afterward*. — J^ix 

•=hnrii slitt^ic* on the inner side of tbe left upper arm. just bflow tbe asDIa,. 

«ui if a line sjitintcr were tbniM deep into tbe bone, ending in a long-^lrawQ 

wtiK'h. — A Ixirning j>titch, exienial in the middle nf ihe right wpper nrni.- — 

^640.] Uiiming mlileh in tbi; ihiek tle^li uf the right upper arm. — Tearing 

jo ibtf anterior poriioii of tbe left iip]ier arm. — Ttiiring puin iu the i)iii!<ele,s 

>f tbe inner side of the right upper arm for hnlf a. miuute. — Slight tearing 

■15 if uud«r Ibo skin in the outer eide of the left u}>i>er arm to the middle 

<for r(Harter of a mimilel- — Tearin;: in the u])i>i^r and inner portion of the 

left iip(«>r arm for half a ininute, with Imniing. — Tewring piiin furn minute 

«3<vp in the Ikone, extending from lh« middle of the inner and anteriur jwr- 

rot,. 11.-11 



tion up the k'ft iipiwr nrm down over the elbow-joint, in the nulim to II 
wrist ntitl tlic iiiiKV !<i<k- «f the: hack nr (lit; toL-tiicaqtUK, tm that slii.-, Iwiiijir 
itttiiikixl during; a siniK'nliat nnliiouK work, U obligiMl to allow the anii to 
hiiri^ ilnvrii ami incline towanbi the left ^iie, with a feeling of lieuviiR-HS mid 
swelling ill the arm ijorty-fuurlh duv). — Druwini:-I«,itring pain in lliv left 
arm at tlie iii»ertion of the |»«-tum( muaelm. — Drawiii}.' Miekinx-lcoring 
Wlow the ri^il ^liiHilder'Joiui, on the inner and pOKleriur fjde ol' Iht^ ui>per 
nriti, in n l)Ue« ta the floiti nhout two iaohc» long, for it quarter of an nour 
(tweoiT-omtli d»y). — Tw« pna»ivc teariiigs io the ontt-r iiiid.ll« parti«q of 
thv rtglit upper arm, exteiirtiDg to the bone. — rnssire aoil di^'inu t(.-uriiig 
in lliL' b^»ni* of ihe left upwr arm, behind the b«lly of ibe hicivn, fnun with* 
out iuwnr<l, for ai> inch m kii^lb, laeiing twcU'v tecntHL--. — [&50.] Iq iko 
•iiteriur r«-;:iou of lUe righl u|i)K-r »nn, ju.^i U-low the flhoulder-joint, serentl 
painful, ji-rkiii}:-! ike, di^^itt^ leariii^s ilit-ii in the Uoiie, uii a surface of alinut 
an inch and a half I niiicty-tirvt day i.— 1' i>ur babhliii^-like tc«nng>> in the 
miiM-lL9 i'l'lhc iunersidc of the IcK upper arm, trxtrfiiTinK from wilhiii iiut- 
wanl. at inten-aU of a few iieeoada (ooe hundred and Lv(euir-6r!>t duyj,— 
Bubbling ^Oitatton ui the mu'M^le^ in the miihlle of the ri||;nt uji[wr am 
vXtvudiiiR outwarl >i)>i>vttviilh day <. — BubbliuK iu the f<irL-]orl. uf th« 
right upuer unu, twotadiesLirUiw the t-hoMldt-r-joinl, in nlxnit twenty pulw- 
liom. — Itublilin^ setmtkin in the right ii[ii>L-r ami, thn^v ine-lHiM tx-liiw the 
' itnt, cxteruftl between the tnuu^icA and lo« boiw itircnty-wcond day;.— 
uhbliD;: »eiiMiti<m iu the tliick £eth uf tbe right upper arm, ua goinj; to 
bci)> as if the muM-Iea verv alive, three timea in MiuoMHon (one huwlm) 
and lifth 'lay). — Klbotr. A violent TNtin in the tetidoo of the bie4.-p> at 
ihe bead of the elbow, >uddvuly after lifting or inuvtiic tite oxm. (.vpectaJly 
oo rxleiidiu^ it. lud rvaehiuir dcvp iuin the joint aad forward fur n way 
•l(m(( the RiiliftI »de of the kiivwnu, a^ bImi upwanl along the uuU-r and 
ponerior turfaM of the upper anu. — Burning pain in tb« outer anterior 
part of ibr IpA elbow ume huiidm] and third day i. — Iluniiaj; in thr outer 
anterior purttoo oTtbe toft dbow, not ooly in the *kin but alM> tb-ep in tha 
tln>h and esti«idiB|{ ootwud, Ibr % miaul*. — BnrDioi: pain a^ from n>-tllfa 
to tk« rigbt elbow, betwerti the iderraiKHi to th" iuo<T eotirlyle of Jic 
Vwnrra* ■(« wcoddak — [640.] Ten^\-e wuaatiou in tbi- lli-xor •iirfn<v uf 
t! w. a few tachaa up taw (bfBWt. wtwodfam forwartl. >ia 

«^ . I he am. for • ataan. — A dtrnwhi^ teiiw paJti in ti ,■>> 

ttvQof tbe left dbow-jomt. — Twildiinytrtchwg yia above ib-' ri]cht ellmw 
•xtcoMluig g^trard • few inefaea. — Crawl h t g «i ekil lg poio in the left vlliow. 
— TiVring-AKkiag pain in the forrpart (tf iW rigkl pllow-yiint, n>]weia1iy 
ta the teailuaa d[ t«« ni^ia, canwtd asd IM i iiiw A bt mirfiwD, fur riglu 
mlantn i,twetiiT-wTentli day). — IWrin^Bak InikB rigLt elbow cxlendinf 
oaiwanl. — VmiIhiI bwria;; ni %ht fiokl wnw, pxtaodiug ^Juwly aluii}; the 
ottter border of the uloa. *« ifMOMUap MSmMl tlK booe. aiwl u if it were 
JialeBikd as \ke mmtt itmt, vttb a ferltng of fawkrvev aod JKai-ioean of tJie 
fcl—im, aetcral tilMW ia the day i aeTraly-fiMinb day i. — Drawing-lraring 
fUB in the ri(kt albew dawn ts'ibi lower portka of tba fbnarm. — Smari- 
tm^ pun intke dbw^wisL— Camaave fma m iW sUik tH^tam,— Fore- 
mra^ [8T0-] A Waidulk fw>dEaf ia tfc« iexarMBMaoT ili« IcA f»n- 
ami oD the lawer aad taoer bncdcr af IW nlaa, n« tankn frum Xha vknA, 
B»de«mldy haul. Mt rerr painfkl to umh, alaeH DsC *S all on nifttiQB, 
nut rrd. ooly <vi-vfvd wnL two pnecUalAe ipota an todi Umtg, ant rery 
Ihm, witk horain; eaia in tbe ckia. laiAf watal ^;a, itMS alowlf diai^ 
peari^ {jumi^ w^^ >. — Xaaib ponljMi ^am m tM awanr larliwa of 



tkr Ipft forrarm altout two inrlit-s fmni tlit- wrist. cxtriidiiifT into i(, and on 

aiKtioii to the elbow, de«»p intpniaHy : &lu> U nblignl lo lay iIip iirm cilll 

MRii^bt ; if the liaiid iiaiijfr- iluwii the {miii l<ecrjmea m<>r« violent, an<i tlieii 

lk« funiirni fwls as iC a-Ivcp i iwt-iKywi.-ivdiil <lay>. — A citlfl x-iiniIhui like 

tniriuB in ilie riplil furwirm »n tin* imiHrior nmrjjln <il' ihv rudiiK. — Burn- 

inp |miu ill thp (>ui<.-r i^iJp of ilie Ii>ft ton-iirm. — Huniitig in (he styloid [>rn- 

wss of the right ru'lius ; a rod jFpot nppfim whidi hccitrues larger mi nili- 

biiic ' one hundred and fimt dayi. — Sliglit biiniing pain on the dutcr iHdw 

of ine radiiiH of the left forearm, wme inc-lieii below thp en)ow(«ine hundn-rl 

Btnl R:iurthdar). — Bitirig-huniiii^ [»iiii in the middle of the outereii'le of Iho 

Irft formrni for alxuit live luiniil^Ti. lliL-a lK'Oi.iiiiiiig h pTVAoiw numb rviiMi- 

llmi.— Bh iiif; l*'ariiij'-lHiriiiii{' imin iit the tilimr midi' of llie right foroarm. — 

Piitching «'<>ii*tri<'tivo pain in tln' lowvr estcnml [mrtifiM of the lufl fi)rw(n«, 

— i'refeivc-pinching painlike eramp, in the flexor stiTlarc of the right fore- 

«mi. two inehcs I'nmi ihe Tnrist-joint. for iiboiit ten cecimdA. soon agniii for n 

lonjrpr lime. — [660.] Dmwinj; [min in the left fnrenrrn outward fxtcninl 

Id tlii; Hvxor Mirfucc uIVt exurtinj; it. Ou l<.<i)g-<?outiiiuv<l gni^piii^' with 

ibv ri^ht huiid, pnin in tbu llvxor niu?c;lt-i< tiiu\ hcuviiifm uf the biiiid and 

form nil.— ri^«.<>ive twin in ihv exl«^-UMr eurtace of tbc^ right lun^'anii (one 

bntidred ami sixth uay*. — I'ri'Njstin. in thp Hexor surfiico of the right f'«re- 

arm, two or three inrrhe." from the wript, in a plai-o of the j^ixe nf a ipiarli^r 

of a dollar, as if il exiendwi into the lioiies.— Siiichiiig pain in th«" iniisrles 

of lhf> left forearm hidnw the middle of tli« uliiu. — X Milrh in llic niiD't-leM 

of the li'fl forviirm, flonly |>iMik-lnttiu|{ inward ul<nig ibv radius fur about 

leu pL-t-oudi* ? ffeveiJlL-Puth day ). — Fonr ^titchu) in [|iiick Miew!i-ion ithjiig the 

inaf f Hde of tl)e right foreanii, in Ihe mnei^'lL'^ nnd teiidotis of the iihia, Irom 

sbout ihe miihlle straight downward. — A btirniug I'litch on Ihv donsil pide 

of the forearm, ahuul two iiiHifvt fmni the wri.-l. — A Unniin^ Miirh in the 

riglil Ridiua, two iix-hen from the ivrixl, extending from <vilhi>nt iiiwanl to 

iW booe. — A violent pn^vive burinj; sliteh in the inm*r »idc of the right 

fun-ann, four indict from ihv nri«t, as tf u uiitl uvrv forccti into thi^ Ijotie 

fi'f a miiiiite. not iam-aM.'d by |»re!«iin', — 'IVaring in the left forearm, fnwn 

■itfaiint inward. — [890.] Fine tearing as if iimler the nkin in the flexor 

mrfaoe of the forearm. — Tearing in the right forearm along the inner j^dc 

tf the radius, for half a niinnle. — Tearing in the miir-flw in the (lexnr ?;ir- 

t%ce of the mdiiu', extending from the ellKiw-ji>i«t dowiiwanl. for a iiiinnle. — 

l^ident tearing pHin in lht> right forcami, ehiefly in the ulnar ifiriiuiiiCx- 

Icndint: from the clbuw into ilie vtr']»t, and baek ngain, at the fame time 

I'Xtimdiiig into the |Mietcriiir lower portion of the inUM'lcs of the upper arm, 

with a .'iensatiim of heaviness am) pownrlejwnF-is of the arm, liL-riii^ nenrly 

the wb'de niglit nnd cveu continuinf^ the next morniii;; (>isty-niiitli to 

JWTciilicth liayp). — Prrwivt-lenMve, e-teeiiliiiglT luiinfnl tt-nring, aggniviitcd 

hr rHmxTMnti, in the lel\ fon-iirni from tlie elbow-joint into the ulriii, vfp*" 

r>t>nv in tV* lr<wer ifirtioti, deep as if in the hone, exleinliiig to the biiek of 

the hand ami the middle joint of the fingem, with heavine».H an<l [lowericw- 

ttiT^t of th« arm, a5 if .the coiihl not ntlw it, as if il. were swulh-ii, i-i-iiiniing 

several hotirK in ^uivesjiioii am) In^linj* cneh time from nni.>-hidf to one 

siiinnle, ill iheevouing, uud nl^> iigain tho next moriiiiijj^dorty-fuuiib dnv). 

— Smaning pain on the lieick of the forearm, jucl behind ihe left nnst, 

■tagrmvaletl by rubbing. — Snmrting or smart ing-bumiiig pain in vaiious 

T>w«9 on the torcamt, several times, e«peeiully on the outer side, aggravated 

fcy rubbing: nt tinieii a red h|N)t imiK-flra alter it.^H'Wrt*. Pain in the 

mriA after exerting (h« hand. — ^Tisu^ieiit burning jiaiu in the nrri»t«. — 



Biiniintr puin i* rmm nettles i>ii lliu Inck of tiw left nrint, n^revat 
mltliit)^, Mivcrnl tiini-?, nm-i; vxtvinirip^ ilitwii ItelnL-i-ii liit^ mi;Uii-itrj>»I l>"U«( 
of ihc little iiiu) ring ihif^-nt. — [700] >>mM' !t<'liit>;r- burn tug t>r biliiiy 
stiiclifi iri llic wrists. — GiiiiMiti^ |>nii) in iIk> tijjlit nri^i, i>oitii-linR> t'nr miljr 
u ttiinuti', MjriK'tintt^ for two Imur* i w»v liiiii'lr<.-<l iind lliml iJ;iy |. — Prc-^ivo 
lintii in llii* ri^lu wr!M, rliit'llv on tli« uuUi Mr, iti* uflcr a limtM-, l-xU-ikI- 
iii^' iitlii llu' liunil. — V'iiilcnL ^lickiiif: in tliu riulit Mrint, bf[{iimiitg in (lie 
fun.'iirm Monicwhnl uh'tvc il, ficU'iKlini; il'twri <i<.<ei> (hri>ti;{h lli4> joiut iuln 
tlir iiiidiilu ui' lilt- liBn<], tu^liii); ntrnrly luilf nn nour, nnil ruLuniiuK- — ^ 
burning tliU'h in tlif \vt\ t.'xttrriuil wri^t-lionc, fultownl liy a. ti'i^hl l>iiniing. 
— Sli^lit imti^iciit (ir i.»nliniitHl Uiiriiig in llic vrit^l-joitit. — Tt>»rii>^ lu tKe 
inner fide vf the left wriat extcl><tin^ to ibv l1«Xor eiirlAco »r file riii): fu>i!cr, 
|n.-nt-lnitiiiu (W|) inUi tlic joint of itir liiim), iiiid liiuii ciinliiiiiin^ a ji;rkiu;{- 
jitirkin/. — IWrinj^ iit tin? wnNt, ftlt^^rniiting with ttHiriiig in the )miii)» and 
|)ii|;<^r».— Ct>mk4ivi' Icfiriiig on llii< buck of ihv rijtht wri>t, c-xlenditi^ Irtttn 
UiL- ni(;iu('iir|Mil Ikidv of tht* indvx lin);t:r to ita In.'<t joint. — Mtttntst A 
H-nNitioii HO if ndd drujn of mtn Ti-ll u|iiin ihi- biick i>i ihv liaitd uhcti »lie 
wont fniin I lie Iiiiim> intu Uk* ii|H.'ti nir ^■^■vcnlli <liiy i. — [710.] An ittt-niiiw) 
M.'ri-iit)<>ti ol' wiirnilh in Ihv piilm^ of ibo IiiiikI)^, rrvjiiciilly with ilchint; t>r 
cmwlin^', tin in ('hilhlai»!<. — Kiiniinff |uiin in ihr luck uf ihc rit;l)E hitnd. — 
Sntnftinjr-biirniiig [miii in llu- n-jrion In'tnifii ihr (inirlh iind lifth iiK'tni'iirtiMl 
b(>u«t«< ul' ihi' ri);hL hiind, ii^)rruviit<Hl t-vi'n by h uli^bt liHioh (M>vi'nlr-lhir>l 
dart. — Violiuit [m^cin;; di^pn;; iind hiiinniin^ )Kiin mi ihv h»t;k 'if tbc 
whole (if thv right hiiiid,iin<'iiigin ihi> rifoun iif t hi- lint joint itt'ihi* Kn^^n, 
with u Mftifiiilton uf hQiiviiicf« in IIriii, v% lliiit »li» tiiiiri k'L thi-in hiiii^' iliiwn, 
St !l oVliH-k in the evvning, liltltr imtici'd the nvxl moniiiij; (IVirty-lilih dnjrj. 
— ^<lickin({ piiiii in tlit' miliar Ihinkr of the rlf^ht linnd. — Traring U'lt^iivv 
Hiokin;; in the ri^ht jNilin in Ihc rfftion nl' lhi> tnotiifjir[i«l Ixitii- iil the Utllii 
fili>;4'r, c'XiondinK di'^']! tuwnrd the lilllc Ht:i;i'r (tor i|iiiirttfr of u iiiiniit«j, — 
A M-V(-ri- atitrh in thr piilni i>f the h-ft hiimi, h(-};innin); in tltt: middh-of the 
vrrif-t iiitd fxtciHilrg divji (i> iIil- nitdtlh' of |I»> tKiIni, itn<T exerting rha 
hiind (lurty-t'onrth liiy t. — Sudden t^)ilc)ii-» in tht- Itft palm, cullin!; iiit» it 
froiti lliv outer side, Khmttin^' ba^k and fi>rlh, »<• thut pIx.- invi'lunliirily 9f\w% 
\\\v liiiiid. — A hnrniiifr flitih on the liink of thr t<-tV Imnd lictwot-n th« 
uicUn.-nrptd Ixnurs of ilic index iiinl middle ^u^t-r*, from uidmnt inwiird, 
Cuntinnin;.' to biuii nflcfwiml. — T<iiriti;( in tbo oiiN'r l>all< of the left [vulro. 
— [780. j Ti^iriajj ill the middk- mel.-ii-nr|>nl bontv of the ri);ht hund. mlh 
(jliick [Hilwitiiui- therein. InHjuenily rHnrni^iu in diiigli' iraringi^ — Tenring 
pnin in the outer [HirlioD of tiit' hiurk of the lel^ band, in Lhc> ivgiou of the 
tiiunii and tifib iiieiticurjHil b<>iK',iiiMiu cUauging to« gnawing.— Tuinii); in 
ihu Idl liuiid along l\w nidjiniriukl buuc of llie Mltle Rnt^'r. — .S-uaitire 
lonritii' on llie t-xicnml mnrgin uf tlic riglit haitd, for » minute. exU'ndiug 
fwrwnrd to llic little flngcr.iw that the whole h»nd tstiircct^d. — Wandorifig 
toArinj; in the- back uf tlic hand, fruiiiently extcniliuK into lltn rxirnmr «ii^ 
faco of the ting4>T, frc^jtienily (-uding in Ntitchiw in the lipi nf iho lingoiv. — 
ODiiwin^rmui'titig [uiin on the hnek of the left hand, aggms'alnl by ruh> 
hing. — ^Ti-aring |)itl-»ling jKiin (lei-|i in thu lut^ ftalin in the region of the 
UiL'tacariml bone of (he iiit<Ii)k- fin/«.-r, fur iNjitiv ininutu* (oti^' hundred mid 
aocuiid diiy ). — /'Vflf/crJ*. Slight redntw of the tip of the fingi-r and of ihe 
back of Ilictiivt two phnlttngcf. with ti'o*|Ucut itohiogin thera,A6 alVr flight 
frwJLing, M-vcral tiinif.— Stiglit piiin, with i>liffii«« in ihe Mvond joint of "* 
tlif h'lt index finger, <-hiel1y ou bending it < iii net y- third day). — In ih 
mvinoariMil bone uf ttie litUc fiii^r of thu right hand, tho miiuo luiin oi^h 



nnd ki«lney9 fpmjnently Brrompniiy lln- morl>iiI urine, llinugh not »lwaj-3; 
iitttiiilh' the uriiifi pa.-pO'l fii-!-! iii llic [imniiiif; nftqt r'win\i i.- cIouHy, 

Sejritat OrtfnuH.—Mafe—VettfH, IVcuIe"! ffding of »eftlvn<*8 
in ilio piiiial" iiHiT o"iii<iii. — A m-u^o uf wrnlciMt*" nnd Idji* uf irrilnltilHy 
of thf oxtcntiil niiiK- (p?niiaiM nfior iirii)uhn);,nnil «W M. other litno*. — The 
penis HLi'mn I'otiirirlmt slirivrlini niiH rrlraclccl. — Frcfiiicnl crectioiis 'fiist 
tlay). — The niiitoii!i nipmttnine tif the pcnU wcnia li» I>p dry. — CdM Beneo- 
lion ill the tiK-piion aixi ^'laiiii nt limea, aWi with a ^iU(^>whHl numb eenea- 
liou. — A piiK'hiiij; conjtriftive |iaiii i-xIvikU downwards from the motu 
vriieri» along the ilorsuiti I'f lli<- iH-niN — Ht-veral fliilohfttin I he gldns. — Friie 
i<titchiTi)r iiHiii in \\\y [(eni« i for linIC «. iiiii>itle'). — [470.] Fine «ilfhing in 
the p^iiw in the forcpnrt,— Smiirting pninn in llic anfrior portion of llic 
k'fl side of the poni* coming from the urcthrii,— .Sinnriing pniu iu tlic left 
side €)f the \«m», more extpniiUlt, rhicfly in the furciMrt of tlif rnucoiw 
m«inbraue uf the glanK, and in the pHrl l>ehitKl lhl>^ !<pnl, when walkiuz 
and nft^^nrarda, al^o an«r coition (one hiuidn-d and eighth, one hiiudiva 
and twclflh, and one hiiiidix-d and t«vnly-M>cond days Ptc.l. — Smarliiig- 
biiming pain in (tie nimnu ghiiidii'. — tSrnnrling-liiirning pain in tbf> left 
side of thf! [)Oiit>i. e«j>coinIlvin iIr- nirvinn glaridii-. — Smarliiii;-liiirning pain 
in the upjK'r part of tlic ripht widi; tjf tlit p^■ni^. — ■Smnrting-burniiit ilcli- 
ing [Miin in ilif prcpin-c. — Srrottiin uitil Tent irl I'M, Sentttl De~ 
Hlmit, Hi'ii^inlion nf eoldniys, light. teariDgs in the left side of thy stTotUnO. 
— .Snwrting, C'lJctrirting ptiin in llic le(^ lower purtii>n of the scrotum, last- 
ing nix to eight Tiiinuli-.-< when waiking.— «^ire pain in thr ccroluni, espe- 
cially in the liideK, nnnil friiiuonllyoM ifn- left. — [480.] lU'liing in the wro- 
turo, either simple, or biiriiin^. or wilh lino sliteheH, at linii?« Mnariing or 
orBwIiag. — Bitruing pain in ouc or tlio other tialicle, seldom in both, u» if 
lliPT would swell. — Cooatrictivu jwiu m the tcflticlu and in the spermatic 
rom, wiili foiiirnclion of the ncrotuin, as if it would be druwu np agniimt 
ihp abdomen ; the sorolnm U drivelled and eold, with prcfisivo pain in tfiB 
tertielof, — Dniwing-pres^i ve pain in one or the oilier testiele. seldom !o 
hinh at the Hinie time. ^Dinetinie^ cxleiiding up tlie i-permalic cord. — Pre,*- 
dive pnin in both (i<utiele<'. ta>iiii-liri)(i« in onlv oni>. jiometimeii for only a 
short time, or for several honw. — ('iit1iiig-i:ticfciug pain, at times vcrysen- 
«iljve, in the twticlcs, at times in only otic, at limes in both ingilher. — 
Single orBeveral stitchtBi in one or the other ftwtiele (fortiolh. nJity-ttiird, 
aud ninety-first days, ete.V — Smarting or Mmarling-buniing ijain in the les- 
ticJec, nt lim<a in only one, at time.- in botli.^ — Crawling pain in the leeti- 
elu, UMiallr in only "ne ( itjoft "f the paiii.« in the external genilnb are 
miMnd and nggravated by motion). — *^>}t pxipy nr^limj uf tin- Irft »j>rT- 
nuUit ff'f^i, tvpfciiillif in (Ac tiinyr portion, n^rtrul timf* irhfti uMlkintj, with tit 
h'mm limning. 6nrnnig. or caiartui*;. or Ufiring paint, at thmg nfno whnt ^U• 
tiny, u-ilh pnin exteatliug iloira iiilo the tf*tieh*, efpfriolttf (he rpitliiitjmi*. — 
[490.^ * Itratetng piin i« the ipermatie eord of the rigttt, fretiuenihj of fAe 
}efl tiHt, crtcrnliHy dmcn into the tcjtlidfi, or »p iuto the a^Jomitial tins, — 
Stitrhing pain in the sj»ennatio con! of one t>r the other aide. — Hcvernl fine 
rtitrhe* in tiw si[)eriitaiio eonl. — Smarting pain in oiip or the other lipier- 
matic one lime in the region of the abdominal ring, at nnoltier bc- 
biml it, at another tnore licnmtn it, uHen extending into llic tejiticlo- — 
*&Hitrttnff-inirninff p'lin in Iht spermatic eonl, wUh niTC/vt/ »/iVr/t«. now on 
one, now on Mc othi^ Mr. — Twinging |)Ain in onu or the otiier HpL>rinatio 
cord, only Bl the uhdomiual ring, or also extending down to the le^lioUs. — 
DiiniuihlK>d i«exual desire in I>oth sexe»; the ejaculation of semen during 



the pulm. — Fiae nulaelike stiu-htw in the tip of lh« rigbl ioHox lingvr. Pnin 
with AtifluetH in the e«<-uiiil joint of ihv right middle fiugcr, in tti*.- nmntiiig 
uii wiikinf;, at 6rtt ut^ruviiied by preuBUfv, fi>r a tVw tuiutiiiv. — Biiltl>liiiv 
Hirli'lii-M ill ilie iimor 9u\v itl' (he up of ll>c right thumb, ckvfi iindor tbc liAiF, 
ti« ir xlitMiliiig nut ftiiiti tlw boiip, for n lew m^vjihU t.K?vciity-flr«t dity). — 
Tcuriiif in ihi: bulUof4h<' ibiitnint, — Tfftrine ii,l^n){ tlic innvr fiirCiice i>rthc 
ri(thl tliiiuib. — Home tciirinipt in ibc tinj^T joints — Tuiriiie in the tiM itf 
the fingiin«, «tj>wiallj of the index fuim-r. — Tearinu on ln« ba(?k of thfl 
finpT, now here, n<tw there, L-hieHy in tfie jniit^ — Tearing under \\\o noil 
uflbk.' K'ft thumb, from withriut ini«'un], — {770.J Teuriii^ in ibi.* iiim^r ^id« 
of the joint of tbt; left, imb-x linger wveral liirii-* iliiniig tbt- ibiy, IiL'tini; 
wvcnil iiiiDulM. — Tfnring on ibe inner ^urfii4<^ of ibv tin*! joint uf Iht* rifilil 
imivx tinj^t^^r (nin(^ly-]MiV4-iitb <biv>. — Ti-flriof; in t)io mc-ti>ciir|>ul l>o«e nf tbo 
rii;bt tbiimb bocknani lowanl the nnai. chunxinj; to eight [lenetniting 
Mitchea in the Nime j>luce. — Tennng ill the metacarpal bone of the ring 
Rugnr, lomvwhat nggmvatcd by presaure, for twelve to fifU^n ininate*. — 
Viiib-nt t^'ariii); on tbv light ridi; of llm itidfii liiigtrr, do ibnt aht* alitio?t 
UvtiibUil. uj- if thi> fli'nli wxTf loni loiiov from the twiir. furs ininulf (»«vi'nir- 
Iburtb dnv). — TL<»ritig from the »cci:>nd joint of tbv middlcRni^T uf tbi' right 
h«nd bticltwurd along the tvndotM to iFk' wrist, for Imlf « tiiinole. — lit llm 
lirM |M^rti(in of the right middle Gnt^cr, u tcariuKpuia an if F])ntin«<l, chieHy 
in the tint joint, <9|iecijilly on uiotiim and touch, with •welling of ilw 
parts nhoiit the joiut», mo«tly on the biiek nud in tbit aides, nUj ^>f th« 
pbiiliinx iL'H:lf, with enit-kint,' of tlu> joiiitn on inotiou ( twi-nt r-n'omd to 
Fixiieihday >. — 'LViirin^.tinw slight, now viok'nt. inntiveml tint^vni,i«[K'i-iully 
oil th(i back, fro^iifiLtly with )u>iii(r (itifTiici^M of tbeiti. i^pi-ciiilty in the iwb>x 
niid ring lingc-iv, frc<(Ociitly cbiiiigiitg into oulvtunj Kliooling «titcbe» in lb« 
ttpn of ibe fingi^rs. !«>meljniea loating oidy u few scLondt*. Minietimra for 
wvi-rnl niinnt(».— Ten ring along tbi; metncnnial bmie of tbn loft iiidpx 
fii)g<'r, with pulM^liki! .nilobes cxl^'oding inwnnj in the bom-. — Tonring in th« 
otili-r fido of tlio k-n (hundi, ui> dn;i) a» the bonv, incrciiacd by pn'-ourc, 
with Mone pulmlike >lilcbeB from williout inwiird, uc:ir the joint ^wveuty 
wi'ond day ). — [780.] Touring in ibe ulnur eidi; of lIk' letl thumb a* de«ii aa 
lkcbun«,iucre&Bcd bypreiieure,wilhaluwintcrinittiugpuls«likeHlitchtiBln»iu 
nilboiit inwnrrl near the joint. — Tfwriiig along the nido of the nietiK-arpsI 
liuiio of Ibe right littlp fiiig«>r, forbnif Aniinntr, with nKenwtioD of hpiivinvMi 
' aiid yxiM'or]ciwn<>«fi in th4> outer |>ortion of the b And. — Biimiiig-t«aring in 
the volar eurfaoc of the liral joint of tlit: riglil thuaib, — Dmwiug-loaTiDg iu 
the K.-i'oii(l joint of tli« right index finger and near il. uu ili» back. — A 
hniniulng-tetmng in llm lell thnnib, uiili a feeling a^ if it nvre dL-ttuuded 
and lu-nvy, (or a fi:w minutox, ttcveral linita iu tbv day (tixty-fourtb day). 
— 8inurl)iig-I«*uring pniii in \\w "Ul«'r fturfaiieof llie left indtx tinyi-r. nggra- 
valcd bv robbing, itud ihiinging into a l)uniing pnin.— ^'^rnArling |Hiin on 
tin- bnck i>l' the (iiig<.Tii.^ltiil>bling ecnsatiou iu tbu imll of the right tboinb 
(iiinrii-ciilb dnv). 

JjOH'fi' Fl.rtre-$nttieH.^~In Geiiernl, Great weakneaa of the 
lowvr exlri-mit)<« during n walk, mt that, he i^careely felt them, at if aumb 
(fiftieth diiy). — Sensation uf woiiknt.-.->.-<, and ua if brnirL^I, in the bmcr ex- 
tromiliefl, HomeCline' with huivin(«4 imd tlifl'iK'sM, ntid a imralyzi-d fevling, 
a» aller n long luurfb, or as if the purts ware hlmitied, bh if the uuiK'b'a 
ware too thick, uouallv iu the eofl jiart^, though not wldom aUo lu the 
boots, with \mn, wbU-li ia oninily pxciu.-ii by motion, though not alwaya 
aggravalcil, lb rough nearly the whole period of tbe proving, Mtrnvtituva 




Icul Icarioe; in theuholf' b«dv, t.-sne<.-ially on llie IcIVmiIc; iMiiKlul ilktoiiKion 
of th« abdomen 'fuiirtli and lillli ilny.*), iiVt^f jmiN in l/te kiiincyn, also 
sii((!h«») in the rhcKt ; very sickly look ; viulpui, bimtiiig lic-udflclic only dur- 
ing the Gnt dflVfi. 

Jtrmtiratorv AjtpftrttlHH and Chr^t.— Voice, ami Client 
iti iif-uertil. Iliinrwe-rK-<*, wiih pain or inftammiitum nf llie tmiKils.— 1)|>- 
preiu^ioii fil' lh« chtsi, ai<]i(-«rinp scvoi-bI times, t-sppoinlly at iiij,'lit wilh 
viuleiit flut-ut i-orym. — IVtiriuK in ihi- WH jiti'tiinil iihitIw extcncJitij; to- 
WHrds tlirir iD»-rli<tu lii \\iv ami. — Drawing;, luirinj; jiiiin in llitf wiiDj ot the 
clipj't, »ionii'tim«jrvlitvi'<i liyBlrt'lrhiiigor l>y oxeriitifrttii'inu^'Iet-, — ^Vtolont, 
eudttci). cuttiug, comlriclive pain in from ol" tlic middle porlioD of ihe ch«et, 
pstciKiiiig down to \\w aiwioricn, so llial Ate \f oliiigrti to \wnA dmilik for 
Imlf II minLile I tuenty-finii rlayj.— Single sluvr stitches here mid lliere in the 
chest cxt^iirltng innnrd. — Klicking pain in the Hiilctior miildli^ rpgion of 
the cXiviA »ggriiviir<-<l by ilccp hn-alhiiig, loj^etlicr witli a Avtri dry congh 
Ciweiity-fint day >. — It *wraf run- iu thu v)ic»l lu in ciitanli, and »ii liabilual 
occiu^iuiiill oxpt'i-tnraiivin from llic vhf!^t h iuoivfDiod (i^'i-ioid to ;aixtli day), 
— Scrapiup H;u^tion iu the chcel (second day'. — [^20.] ^^cnlpiIl^, acrait-h- 
ing vriiKitiirii of rawntw and snretiewt in the ehe«L — Siflett uf CheMft 
Pnin near the lelt niamninry [{land, deep, iiiteiiially, extending mitKnrd 
iin<l diinnwanl ihnsii^^h thi> nianniiary ^laiid in nliout ten i«tilcheK (eif^lith 
day). — A {reculiar Fi-i).-ii(ii)ii ol eoldmrj? in Mk- right side of Ilie tdiwl liir a 
abort linn- luiiir hiiudri^^ and ninth day). — Tc-uring. hurniiig |)ain in the 
lower liurdir uf the left pecloraliM iiiajur exicndini' tuwnrdi^ the iiriu. — -Ten- 
sive drawing [Klin iti the leftside i>f tia'cheel niuro towardeihe back (thirty- 
eighth day I, — ^^tii-kini:, dmnin^ in llie left side of the ehest tm the loner 
■nd outer pnrt, esietiiliiig fitjni tlie left, hyporhimdrium townrdu the Imek 
hikI shimtiijg hart and forth iscvvntfenih diiy i.— l*rf*ive ]miii in the left 
sidw nf the v\\vrK m» if bvlwuiii llie mamillary gland and tliv null i>f the 
che*!, muitt severe hL-lnnd the nipple, i-xleinling Imiii nithiu oiilniiid into 
llie tuaiiiuiary glaii'b so ihal llie middle of the »eiiiraiiou is in lliu nipi>l», 
wilh a leeling as if the gland were swollen (sixly-fitlb and eighty eiglith 
dnytii. — A Inihbling prewive pain in the region of the left peetorali^ major 
for half a minute in the evening in bed, roming from deep in the che<it, 
wilh teiiflinn in thiit region and ^onievrhnt impeded respiration ^lort.y-third 
day). — ^>licking pain in the left inaiiiiTiary gland (ninth dnv). — ^tieking 
below the left nianimiiry gland towards ilic heart. — -[630.J Tearing, stick- 
ing puin exieiidiug urDimd the right fide uf the chent in the forepart <fijrly- 
sixtli d«y I, — Tearing, t-lieking pain, extending fmni the right side of the 
chevt near the ^houliier-hbide up to ihe arm and )H-ating iti^'f in the niUH'les 
nf the inner nide of the n[n>er arm fur two minute!* i nevenleenlh day). — A 
fltileh in the right elnvicic ( tiltieth day). — A pi'ncirniiiig .«liieh in the right 
clavicle iM;\-enty-lhird dayl. — Pulseiike stitthiuj; in the right clnviele one- 
third ufnminulLMfifty-firM day). — Single ftitehe^ in ihtr right ?idcof ihe cheat 
frotn without iuwanl (foriy-lilih day ).— -Several huniiug i-litche« as from 
wacjie in the region of the right clavicle (eighty^'ighlh day}. — Some burn- 
ing pliteliesin Ihe left tideuf theehesi near the nipple. — Three deep, violent 
burning slilrhes liehm lite right clnviele crowitig lioriKontally into the firat 
ribd I M'vwil y-¥tve»i U day). — I>ii>k drawing wtitches'. leaving pain in iho 
rtfiiun of the fulw: ribs ol the Idt mdc from below. — [MO.] Tearing pnin in 
tliL- dunial aide of iht left wall of the chcpl, simiewhat Ix-lon the shoulder' 
blade. — Ttariiig iu the right side of the ehest chiefly in ihe forepart, eoiue- 
tJniea aUv iu lh« jhouider-blade be[w*;cB it and the spine, twv tfayi* in eoc- 



cession wttli oppre«siuii of the chtMt. — Drawiug tMriiig pniiis iii the siiln of 
tlifclic^Loliicllv ill l)ie left itjorv tuniirdf) lIm? luiu):, iiloo iii lllel^lK>ul<it>^-blllrl«B 
(furty-scCDixi uayl. — ^I'utsatin^ at lonit mure preiuive aiiit tensive, Uainag 
in the \c(t biilc of thn chect lit^ltiw the axilht oxtcmliu),' U) thn rib-i lor iwii 
minutes.— \Se vera! rather w>n.'<itivc Kiitr)ie« in Uic left i^iile of tite ch«it ex- 
ternally and in tlie low^r jiorti^tii fath-r Icn hour^). — Jiifking, itiWriuittini;, 
Utrl »tiveru :<litchi» in iho Ictl aide aC thu cht^^L, tilmuet as il' «hc n.vutvt:U 
vlvL-lriv ehoL'ktf (i-lvvecith diiv). — Slickir:g, ji-rkitig [Mtiti like cltictric sh'^rki 
«'iii1s (luwiinnnb rmin llic \eft hrcii^t tuto thu furutuirt uf tht' lull hy|»- 
chondriutn and thiii extendi hnckvrtirdti; ihs whole lower part of the left 
iiiJc of the chest and nf tlie abdomen is jiaiiiriil (eiehih und iwclllhOays/.— 
Sometimes a huhldiiig seii^tiun in tlte rij^lit Mat! nf the cheit Homenlut 
beliiw llie middle liwfnty-thint ilay). 

Heart ttml /*M/«e.— l-'rcqucnt pa!pitaLi»o (Iwealy-linl dov).— 
Piilnl'ul twin;;!]!;* .iliti-ht-:* in the ri-ifiuii of the hcurt extending untwaixl itiid 
duwiiwurd (,t»vuiiti>.'lli dsy ).^[550.} I'ulse tlow und wonk ii> tevunil jit-rsuns. 

iV'crfr <iu<l Uftck. — yerh: Cold ftensiiiion in llio left side of iho 
nr^rk ill a nlaie iit' iIil' f-'vi/^ (if a qnarter of il dullar, beriMning a !>li^hl 
huniing.— TenMVe, huruing neiiMation in the uiijier [uirt of the left »id<: 
of the nook with w(irthe!«.~T<'ii»ivi', no: very stiwilivo, |wiii iu Uie neck 
wttli il)K'ii«s><, lasting I'vr fuvcfiil luiuutes, several tiiiic^ — Tiuisivc fe«Uag 
of Bti9uf!» in oiiv or iiuulhcr |>]ik-l- oti tlic buck or side of the iiei-k. — 
On sttHijiing, n drawing pain in the iici^k an if the inusclcfl wi-rv lt*iis<(] 
(ntlor half an hour). — Twiring, pre<»7ive pain in the cords of tho n«;k, 
wor<w on the left tide. — nuruin;^, btickiiifr |>aiii hnlween the ^huutdars (fi^r 
ten minuie.i). — Tearing;, sticking pidn in the li-lY Mide of ihv nL-ck antl 
pcMleriorly in i^liiw jerk« exri?iuiin^ nputird tii Lhe oct^iptit (seventh and 
fij^hth duyH). — Suddun ^litchL-^fhuot rapidly fruiu theMlaidCof iheiK-ck tv 
tlic iniincli» uii the iiiiit^r ^i<le of the upper arm, so that :<Iie U i>tanlnl by 
thi'm ( I we 1 1 ty -first iliiy ].^[S60.] LigliLoiiig-like etilclieK slioot fniin the 
right (davicle u|miir(I on thiit ■iu\e of ihe neck in eix to «iylil jumping- 1 ike, 
1(111^* ptitehrii, ae if line weri"; pierwil with n eharp needle (fnnrth davj. — 
Sliootin^, violent, rnttiii)^ teniriii^ on tlio left >>ide of llie neck in the museles 
near the axiti, tu-Htiug M'veral niiiinli.t<, with pninfnl ^lil1ht»4 of the iiet-k. hi 
that she is ooi able to muve the head (third day 1. — Tviiriug ia I lie left side 
of the nrik fur haU'ii minute ttiRy-Rrat day), — Slinlit tearing in the up{>er 
part of the left side of the neck. — Rheumatic tearing in the left side uf iIk- 
nec-k. — Tyaring iu the right side of the ueek several tiiuea for half u niiiiulv, 
onee nttui with jklih on exLi-riinl jjre-saure ( forty-nix Ih day). — ^iiperticial 
teniive leariiig on tlierightMilc of theiicck.— ifrt^-A".— 7>WI"««/ Itfifitm. 
Jiirit below the 1<-U Nhuulder-blii<lerlioiitnatie [xiirit-xu-iidiiiginto iIk- lumbar 
rCfctoD. — Ou the outer lower niurgin of the nglu-cbouldur-blude and in the 
riba cxternnlly, she nolieed at timet when Kni^iiing it, ii viuh'iil (-onlinued 
raiu, an if the region were swollen, or injected witti hlomUsiippiiniting i fifl^- 
nfth to sixtieth ilays), — Drawiug in iha shoulder-bUdtw and sidt?* of 
cheat in the region of Llie nwtornl ihiim-Um. — [670.] Tearing, ^tiekiIl_ 
{Htiit in the riglit :i>houMcr-hladi- arrov the bnek, il« if the rej^ion nera 
iileemied ( forty-suc<in<l day}. — Di^giuf!, |iiil^t(in;^ Mtitidiei in lhi> re«iou of 
Ihetipof the k-ftj-houldur-oludo, eiciemliiijj opwni-d und oulivani below the 
shoulder, chiefly aloiiu it." inner margin (one hundred and k-uth day i. — 
Teariii|{ iu llie tip of the right sh mil der-h lade (forly-cighlb Uiiv). — Pnwive 
touring in the left slinulder-blade extending to the shoulder, tke left upper 
and autcriut- jiocloral region along the expauaioii of the pectoral tnuactot, 



aad ftUo over tbo furcartn and liaud [fur two iifty)>). — l^i^'^ti^, Blirkin^ 
tCRrioK iu llic tij* of the Itl't aliouldiir-lilndL-. — 'iV-nriuf; [jaiu jiirt bilu« lh« 
spiiiv ul' lliv ri|;;lit si.-npula, exLciutiii^ uiitnard tu li i>lut.-« as Jurgi? ua h»lf 
n dolUr. fint noti(?e4l on touch, nt ten uV-lock in tb<* cvvuinff, iiiid c-outiiuiiiig 
the next day (twenty-eJ^blli riaj"]. — l*rc**ive-tpiisive icariiitr naiii in iLc 
right iihouldcr-blmle exleiimlly, or ratlier siiperiurly. inwnnis ilie .-liouliler, 
exloiidii))^ upnurd iiilii tlia Hi>»h of tho ii|>p<-r nrnianil inlo the Inft ditvicio 
and pi-ct'inil oiufck^; in the- iiittcr it U irrllatiue, as if ii<>ai« muscular tibrci 
were turn ; muvuaii^ut of the itrin i^ pniiitul ami difKcnlt, cuDliDiiiii;: for a 
whole day itweiity-iourlh dny ), — SuJdi-iily whi^ii hiiiiiii^ a(intiii!>t iLv arm 
of a fhiiir a viok^nt dGi?|i!^cale'l jiiUn nt llie tip and :i1ong thv outer border 
of the rij^hl r'hutildcr-hhiije, alai cxtcnditig townnlt- tlio Axill» in l]ic low«r 
ponion of tiif! .•'lioiildtir-joint. inrnlvin^ the whole joini, ncul extending 
down along the inner side of tlip arm lo the olhow : the partK sp«m hniised, 
swollen or suppiimiinu; the »houlder-joint »c(>m» sprained. On raiiijni; the 
nrm tlic M-'usolion extc-uds iuto tlierlicst nud iirnstA the breathing. The 
{win often extends from the right side of (he uerk; it i» ivlivved duriiijg 
rest; pressure nud motion Inereasc or excite it anew; the upper nmi is 

Sniufu), dc«p io the bone, as if thero were iwmetbing livJDg in it; the ti^ooiid 
BT chillint-M ill tht nfiected pari, extending down into the rrj;ion of the 
kidners, with gtirise-ilesh (ihiid to eighth day I.— i^lick ing [laiii Itelweea the 
shou Id er- blades inerenftwi by inapiralion (eleventh day). — Tearing pniii 
betnirt-u the i^houldera (leiith duyk. — [580.] Tearing paiu in the spiue 
betM'oeii ihe t>houlden». — IVarin}^ |»iiu in the hack helwi-«-n the sliuiddur- 
blades, extetidltig towiirdt? ihe lumhar region (after nix houfv). — Fwliiig of 
ooIdnc»6 with a kind of pain!e»« tearing iu the upper ptirt of the ri;;h[ eid« 
of the back (one bundinkhdny). — Tensis-c, hiifliing piiiii in the region of the 
lower durNil vertebra extending toward the lumbar region (spemid day i.— 
A stitch from the lower portion of the dorsiiJ verubra extending through 
the clie»l, .-o tiiut it touk away hc-r bruiith ; it puins some lime allvrwiirdsi 
hrvnthiiig is ou tbiit aetuimt more diflicult (forty-tiflli day). — Fritpient. 
teuriiig uii both sides uf the donul f^plne. — hliliibftv J(eff(ttit. A biirti- 
iii^-teuHTO pain iu the lumbar and eacral rcgjoue. — iJiiruiiig, buruiog-ireh- 
ing, or burning-iligging in otic or the other himbar rcgiim, M'ldont in both, 
»oiiieiim»ta)tio in the Kacral region, generally xupeiiieial or at time.-* deeper, 
biit theo also Ntiekingor gnawing, /r(^«en//y extendinrj oTMtnd (h< atdomtm, 
— ^Tensive stiff feeling iu the luiiiXur regiuu, with a kind of numb petiMition, 
>onietiiiK-J4 ill tht- tiu>riiii)g, ou nnkin^, ulieii lying upon [lie back, with a tie- 
cidwl InuieiK'M^ of tlie body, — l'rt«»ive-ili|rgiiig or gnawing pain in one or 
the other lanibar regions, its if au ulcer would appear. — [MO.] Tearing, 
dragging |Miin in the (^aenim, wtih dmy^'iiig iiiiln in theiiniL-. — 'Prestiva 
or teuive pain in the region of the loins ana kidneys, sometimes on oue 
tide only, somedmes on bath, or frequently acroGE the small of the back, 
a,t time* extradin; downvarda into the posterior portion of the pelvis, 
of the thighs, imd rum to Ihe nilrt/-. with a feeling of stiffness and lame- 
nfiss i/r nwtliitij ill tbr bnck 'wf linvr utrrinil'rf, and a wiiriii M-tiwitiriu in 
the aflW'ied |>»rt», at liini.-s aUo a kind of nunibne«« in them ; the ^cnMitiona 
alternate otlcu io the liimbnr and !>acml rcgione, rontiouiog u long timo 
nnd frequently returning. — 't^kking or ttlcking prtMiny jniin,at ti'vtestlitfhl, 
at limes rwrji tetuilive, in one or the oOter lumbar rtgion, iiou' in a rutati ttpot 
vhrti il it a giuiple ttirkiny, uow in a fitrycf pface, nAeit H w thiefitf //rcMing, 
eitkrr rxtifila Im (A* re^OH vj Hit: kidnrtf^. or nt timrn rrlitiiliinj almtf »r htluw, 
bat especially outward, so that it extends around the side'of the abdomea 



dmiMgh tba ^rfst to Um (■mOa, with ■ btUag M tf tib« kaa* •*!« *Uff u4 
•ifc/ll<v; b«iMiA((, mmI ««p«cmIIt *xt«i>dia( Um koec, ftCKnrsiiw it; Ibo 
LmkImm wrm tm •bort luiatif-6nH day)- — ^TeaaiTe prnMn pun in tba 
riji^t |«telk, aiiid in Uie ti^nwtt mad XtmAna hAiad iL, kfti-r wslkiog.' 
Al Bvlit, « a^gfctng- p r M iire pain amm tbe leA ktiw ■^'•- -^r^t thy). — ' 
Tc«rins-pFr**ir« [mm tu ib« riubt uiUlU atiil in ibr . - Whiad it, 

onMod (IT mnlioo. — Htirking, (Miin rarninp pnin hrlmr tot- mat^D of 
Uft pnh'ilaT vxuttdiBff inward intn th« Juini, whra wsIkiQi*. latctup 
than M lainutti. — HlicKing pain in th^ innor pid« < '' ■' !• 

iuK oiitwNitl iolo ibfl Imtdwitt n{ ibu rvKuiD.— ~ 
rnarKiii (if llift [latotla. wIil-u i;uia^ iiMiain. — Stokiii;; |««iu iUruu([U 
ri|[ltt kiiw-Joiiii, fnim )H'l'ir<! I>a<rkw«ril ben«ilh ilit^ [xiiL'lIii, wti^n walkti 
mt Uint *(<-|>|)ii>u •lif >t)trt/> u]( and u ublijfed to (inv»r tlie f'rol, f.»ur tim 
id *<i<-r«M>iiiii, rftiiniiri;; afifrwHnl Iwicp (^fon^-ninih day), — tn iJir muru-' 
io((, wlicii ilip K'MM flimii otnini, after riniiip; from l>eil. when beiidiojr Ilie 
knvc. It tri<ili-nt iilirkiuic pft'ii junl aIicivo itio iMitollfl, it* frfitn a nail do-i* in- 
wnnlly, mi MiYcirit (nr M^vi-rul linun in KUL'tvmiun thai b)k- i> hiiiii- ; anrrwant>< 
h. chiui^iw III u pnwurpuchiti);). I fil\T-w(.-oiid day>. — [890.] f*hiw sth-kiii); 

flit), iw if H lurjff imil W(<nj I'lirowl iuirtiril in u small HpnL iu the ri^^hl 
not), ill lilt) fiifvitarl tiiair tlie luwer nmi>;iii uf the patella.dw|>ly pi-iictml- 
lii|X, dlMi|i[>i'nni (luring nxt, caiim^I hy mutiiiii.and la«t« iimrlv llmi' hniim. hi'MviiK-iw ill thai cnlvtw. — Dmu'ing-ittioktng )utiii in lh« I<*11 hnlliiit n{ 
thi' ItiiM', <'ilt<iidiii): downward into tho uppor ]ttin of the h>i;,for a tntniil« 
M\i] II IiiiII'l ihr nniia- (uiiii in thir iniu-r viilv of thi; right knco, rather sit- 

tii'rtit'iiil. — rtornc ntiu-lHw shiMH lliii)ii;;h lh(> km-e-joiat. — Stitches in th« 
;iiri>.jiiiiil, iiow ill mil', iu*w in unothL'r |)1a<.-i-, cH|>odall)' on lh«! itinor *id«. 
— Four ••lit<'hn.-* In-low the rijjltt kiiKH-ioiut t>li»otin;.' into llio kiiev iil»li<|m'ly 
tVimi hvlowr tipwnrd hi'iioiiih tho [mulU, nhi'ii wnlkint;. — [ttiniiiij^ xtiti-heg' 
ill frill I iihiivt' llu'h'll kiit><>-iiMn(,Mi thm hi'isfrij;lili>m-il.— Itnlihlinj* stitrh 
ill Ihr r<')[i(iii iiliovr ilic 1f(X kiiif I iiint^lr-fi'urth 'Iny). — KtiMilint; Imi^ 
drawn j>til('hi>K in llic ImdoiiA ut' iho onloraidL' uf thv li-fV j)o[>liirjil iiiKir^, 
flir a few miiiuir«,n1i(>n walkinjc and Mnndin^{M-'V(.-niv-fir9l diiyt. — Oa the 
tntliw *td«) of thi< h-rt kii(K*-}>iiiil nt>ar iho patella, violent paiti shtKiliiif; 
Itackvtnnl into ihv kiHv-juint, niid thivu^li tin; joiiil hi-noith (he |>ntcllu, 
tta if it wi<ro swollen ami inAainnl, whrn iK'iKliiig the kntv, fnmi 4 till U 
in the moriiinjr: thi> |iaiu dii«u|>i.'»r4 ilnrinj* rest in an «tciid(.il pnHtiion. 
— S»'Vvrttl li'ttrin^r" in 'hf knw-joiot* nv-re or lc« Mrere, — [900.1 rvaring 
or lmrine«t!i-ktui: jKiin in the kuct^joial,nto6t fh»|uciillr in the inner side, 
l)iuiiL>h nIko ill tht< onliT anlcrior awl iHHierior ixirlion. aUo frcijiicntlv ux* 
Iwdiiitf into llio ni'i|;hlvmn]! i^arts.— Teitri r); in tlie lendon? of thi> Knc«, 
p«)xviall\ ihi- |xkMi-riur ntn.'H-ltv, when nalkiut; i>t !^tan<ltn<;. — i^m.-irtinc puin 
in lh<> fon'iMirt uf the Ul^ kno? near the ratrlla, twicr- in MiccAviiiin. — Ijt^fftt, 
tilkiking |wiu In th« rigbt 1^ M«r the w««r mrt of the Libia, when wnlk- 
ilt|t,— SoiMtiw iMrinn-etieluag paio ie lb« left le^, on t\w n'viv Wtw«en 
Uw Ul^ and fihula. in Um arttMaor ■■adcB, wpcirially in tVir u^ndoiu, 
tmtwiilMvalt'Xv th« j>>ittt,vXW*cUligdo«a intn tbe rxt^nial nuUlmlmand 
th« uH(>>r tiA* of the ha,irk of Ibt ml, lM(iac»M« than Italf an hour. — 
Buniin)^»lirkittlC jmib in the nuiUI* of tfca \A left aa tbc outrr «idc near 
tkw tibia abiWl ibc middle. Atr atunt tfai«B WBiitaii,MTmi times rvtaroiog. 
-^IWriqg pua along tlM vboJ* ootar M* cf Am n^^ leg, intQ ibe cxter- 
mI Wk»«»fcH maA <i*n ww tW 

■mIc «r ^ kack of tbe foot, Uica 
«W asMMiwi itr«ai«l akag tfaa a«Mr aUc af ^ llrieb.— TeONTc prenive- 
Itaiiif to iIh <m/mr fonim of^ dw Ml Iqg. & ftv mJibi ahM« tha enerul 



exttTtiatly (intl ponteriorly, as jf llie urni hnd licen stminnl np Ktviidit^d 

(lliirty-evcoiid <lay). — A rlicumdlir, fmral^irlike pttiii in ihe riffht iltmiider 

owi/ Kome Mirhtr« ttnrr thf kfl tyt*. — Hii|H.-riidiil t»ii>ivi' ilniMiiip in llie 

'phuiiliti-r*. — Tc.inii;.'oi[ickii»j^ jiuii] in ilie fcliimliU'r*. — linniiii^r-s'iicking in 

tin- rijtitiii of lite ri^;tll inToniion.cxK-mlinp into il (otn- liuiulrcdund w^vt-mh 

(Iiiyl, — [620.] Itiililtlinc-lili*: di^'Kii'S l"''" iiiii) o. living niovniK-iit in llio 

fori'imrt nf ihc right uTioiilder-jiiiiit, pxtcrniil Ui nml sunit-wliat bclnw liic 

l)*-ad iif Ihe hiitneruB. — Tenring-Bticking |miii nimig llie Ixtrdt^r ol' llie 

, H]i:l)I t<lioul<l«r, i)ii<t IIk'u «xt«n<littg (juickly duwii t)ie oul^r aide i>t' llic arm 

tlli»l t'lidiiig in a fiiii? nlilob in tim liji of ilif littli; lin^rir-^Tenriiig paiii in 

[ill* *luniliJi>r-jiiiiit. (*]i<>rtally i» (he fiirpijart. — Ti-ariiijr in ilic lert ^Iwiililer 

[•xirndinf; nerow. l In- whole shouWcr-lilftdc «nii diiWii thr liacli, wpicinliy 

(.oil uotiun ; it contiouvd «cvcru( diiys (sixlh duy},".— TcnriiiK*. iK-ginning 

ahiitp the bordL-r uf iht- U-ft nlmuldcr, fxifiidiug up on llie Mv of iIil- iictfc 

nud ihnmt as iar as tlic left side of the ucfhiiiul a-fjiim, where il beLonioa 

WrttftI ( lorty-sixlli and foriy-eeveiilh day). — C«m)»ivei'miirliti^»cneatit>i) oil 

ihff left ^hlln!d^■r. — Pain in the ri^rhl i^lnadder as if il would ^tijiiinralo. — 

]lnldi]ing-lil;c ^vmatioii ii> iho right )>iinii]d>-r, rhi<-f1y in lltt* rim'|i»rt, nnt 

[■uinrnl. ail if ^imc^tldit^ living wt-rv in it mid ivotiJ'l him- ilK wny ont, r-cvoro 

I A fvw iiiiuutcfi <'H:vctitli and filU-vtith dayfl.— vJ**?rt. Wvakiiwe and a nnr- 

Lalyied tl-i-liuj: in ihc atms. h<ct>niifij; iminl'iil on fxiTU<ni aller Boint; vioU'iit 

lexi'it-ise of llii> arms, and a pwinCul (iL>n<^!tlioti iii the muiiclesfur st'veral 

■ days. fc»|)etiiilly oil iiiolJon, thuu^-h also at other limes, caused or infrcai<ed 

by |trt-p(*tirt'.— Biiniiny ]<aiii mi the inner siile uf tin; Ivfl upiier ami two 

IiiictM^ beU>n the juint. Miin-rfioial in the nkiii or jiiul nnder ii, with ^onin 
prewiire at iiitcrval* nf iwi> or ihrco w-conds, nlicrvhy iho pain iK-coinra 
Worec (tvTcnly*ixth diiy;. — ^630-] Tciiaivc pniii in ihe niustlw^ of the right 
U|>piTarm. — l*rpj#ive imiu in the anim. t-ajiei-iully in ihc thick muK-Ifji nf 
ihu id)ouhk>i>i, in the inner nuiwlL's. and also mi the inner side of the upper 
anil, lesfl of Ihe forearm, — Drawing tetwivi* ivn^ation in the arms at liniea 
vlth nJiehl tcnring. <dieii with a IVi-liii^ of hc-avinciM^ and Iiir> <d' punTr in 
lliem. — ^V'iijlont pre^Ivt.'-leiwive pain in llio lnW up]H-r nnii, about iIh> mid- 
dle nf iUk fiirv|<nrt and Atmcwiial inward on the Ijono. tin if Konii-lhing- 
WoulJ bo lorn Imwe, w» that it is -ore as far i\f the himc, for two niintitca 
(fifty-M-'Vi-olh diiy). — Dranin;f [lain in the mitcrridc nf the left ujipcrarm. 
— Drawing p»in in llie onier part ofthe upjwr arm extending down to ihe 
L«lhuw-joint i thirly-fit>h day \. — Forrible pre-wive pnin in the niiddl>> and on 
llln^ outer unlt-rior f<idi- of ihe left upper arm in the vicitiily of the Imui-, 
Iwilh a hi-axy ^■nj'aliim.xi ihnt i>l]ir iiinpt let llienrni hang down for a niinnU', 
l/ollowrti by hwivini'w, wliifh eontiinny n long tinuv— Hticliiiig pain in ihe 
*|hi*'k fli^h of thv k-ft iip[>cr arm in fronl, thrw; indies below (he j'dut. — Pivo 
tiichcH in (|nirk sncecsiiou on the inner side of the right upper arm, Jtift 
[IhOow llie axilla, with hurtling between the Mitehes and afterwartia, — Six 
lliarp ijtitebefl on the inner xide of tht' left upper arm, juiil helow the axilla^ 
|A» if a liuv- splinter went tbru.-t dt-vp into ibu hone, ending in n long-tlmwa 
'^MilHi. — A burning »tilch, extoninl in the middk- of lln: right ijp)X!r artii.-^ 
[640.] Burning rtiu-h in the thick flmh of the right upper arm. — Tearing 
oii Ibt- nnltrinr piirli..n of the left upper orni. — Tearing pain in the niUKles 
of ibe inner fide of ihe righi upper arm for half a minute. — Slight It'aring 
tBH if under the iikin in the outer .'ide of the lefi upppr arm to the middle 
[for tjuarler of a minute).' — Tenring in ihe upper and inner [uirtioii of ihe 
L'ft ii|)(>er ann for bnlf a minute, with burning. — Teuring pnin forn minute 
Jt.-*-p in lilt; Imiiv. extending from the middle of the inner and unteriur jior- 
roL. II.— 11 


ri tH> ir'--r i!i;i-r pTiIi-ri *it" l^i*? l'.-ii ■■r.'r'. - -.n <-!:aiij!nz to a hiil>- 
l»:i:ij -,:i-.;:: .:i. a- i:' a !■! • - Iv- -I w-r- ih- .;.:.irij :):. ) -r :h- ^kii. .— [MO.] 
S::. liiiij jsi:ii I'lrm wi:i.ln ..^r.nuri J:i rh-r r;_''r'*. '■•i!*'. -i;;!-"!!:!! alcive ihe 
ml ;!;.-. I'-r r'^rv ~- ■ iii-, r.-:'ir:i-.:i_' a:':-r a'» ■u: ;-:; :ir:.-i:^, a:i'I t^mtiiiu- 
iiij a :■;!_' liiii-, t'<:i!y. — S:i. k:;!„* - ,i::. !:; ::i" --.tlv.-, li-tw i-li^lit, 
:;..« ^-v-ri-. .-:ii.-tly 1:1 lii- :;i: ! il.-.i ;rl:._' ;t:.-l :i:'t-r :ri .v. ■:>.< ■;ttiiiuiii<z 'lur- 
!:;_' rt-:. vv.-ii ar;-'!i'_' "i:!i ';t :t. ■::■■:;. :!.■:_•:. - ^! ■:;!. ■■'\-:i ["■■in-irating 
■1- :■■}■,— I)ra«:ij_'-:;.-ki:.,- ;■;!':;. .-x!-:. i:..- ■ :-/.;irl ■-. :•;■- lui-Mlc iif the 
r;_--.- -alr'.T'-r ;- ;i isi:*. ;: -.— t:. ;';.- :-.-r '.■■-': :. ■:' '.'u-- t'.S'H ■-i!f.!ii-ar the 
!:'-;.i, a -!■ ■*. I i*.:::].', -:i a::._' ;a':i. ■■r a : 'a ::j'-. ;■— . — 11 i'iii:;j '-Drni-iive 

?;: kiTLj ri :l -ii-r :.:.-; [•■V-r: .- ■• -' :; -.:' ■' -■ r;.; i.ii.- -f ihf ri(rht 

* .i'.t.—J- .irr.j--; ki^j ;■ tin i:i :■:•: .■;.v:-. -; ■ ■ '..:'.'.:■ '.\ :!:•: ::iM-l!i-. — A few 
or — v- r-a'. -:::■■':-■- ::i -■:■-.--: :;■:;:::■ m'.v— . — B :ni::.^ -ti;';lies in the 
111- ! \'.'- ■>:' •':.■■ '.-:•. -a;:'. — II ::\_* ; :t;:i ■ \ -.'.. .:■ r ar. f :t:i:-riT i^-nidn nf 
l':. ■ ;-:': •■:■.':■. «':,■:; -.i-tiki: _-. — Tiu_-!':._' --:.-.i-i :. >! thv --a'.v.-. a- "f iM'ing 
a.-;,-:-. — "950/ I'-nr-'.-.j ;-;i'-. ::.■: - j'---- ■-. v.-.r: ■:* j^a-T-, .-i»i-<-iaIly in 
:-:v :[.::■;.-.-'•:;■:;::." .\:.:.;;:.j :■.: :'.■ :•■■[■ \- )'.'.'.•.' -t ihr knw. — 
> :■.' -i; ::il :'!:._- v.i!:. ■'■. ;■• r -! i :' •:.- ^ :': -i':'. ■■x!«niliiiir 'I<iwn- 
w.iri :r ■::! ::.■.■ k!.--. — T-:.-..— • r.t-!:!:k- : .i-:_' ;■.':; '■i'i"'' ami ill HIT 
I- r-i :i ■•:' :•:- :'_-:.: .-j;:, -.-:- '.-j"./ a:. :. ■.-. i!,;': _■ ;»: i -:ari lliij 'Hk* liiin- 
■ir--! :i:, i :r.r i Liy .— I'r— !y- : :■.-'._• •■.':. '.:. :':.- '.:: -a'.:', ■xi-ii'liii;: tLt 
lar u!- :':;- :> :.■-. . r -•:V--i'. — ■ !-. — I' :'.'.. [ rr--:.--. ': r;--il l^r.ii in the 
.-^'.v— .— i; :• '■•.'■. ^ ::. ::.- '-:'! -.t':. i ::.-':.. > '.-. — In xhi- ••\iu-r por- 

t! :: : : ■ :i. i i^- ft:.- '.■:: ■-.'.-.' :'.'-_■•.:. r..':;- i:j !«-l "ii*- linn- 
■:: : \i-.i :.::.-]. i.y .— A iv..- -. ;:; - -:■;!_: :■':■ .r. :.:;■!■• A.-liilll'. 
w! . ■;. : r - -.i- :::: ■ ;V- 1- ;:.-■.■■ :..-:'■ r ■ :•• v- r. :i ::; - ■I'-j-n-.-'i'in* ::. n:.'..\ ;ir- nl:;. -: :":!-! :-•. -..'.y i! !^ --• ! ;-ky. ■-x'.-:-t .1. ait-TWanl* 
it:-ky-r><i -;• :- a!' : _■ ::.- :-: ■; :.- : •j.: r.--: v' .-■,: : :. -i r^i-iriLT tlt<- fijot, 
I- — «: ■ : -:■ •• ;:._■ j-- :. :-. ■.■\'..l- '.. a:-, r :t ::-.■ > r !:■■-.■.■!. a::1 ■■:i!y ri-iurn.* 
t. t' ■:' ;i'>. . H •'-. ,1 - ■..■::•.-. :. i- i: -^ - j. v iv-j' : :.::;_• -i;--:! lh>_' f b>I, 
■:;-.i; ;.,t-:- J i;. li r. 7': ".Ta^:--:" :. : ^•■.■ -. -V : ' .: 1: ih- :■-: 'Xti-inl- 
:: _• :;A.iri' : :'..■: -a'.: .:•.': . ", -v : v. k:. • . ■^* :. 1 -■ :.-.i!l :i a- il' tlu' 
;.i:"- ^-^ ■ ■ L-i : :>- . -.:!■. a -■. ■ .- — ■■.- - _— . .;: j ;;i':i : <'rani|) in 
:' ' ■'.: :':'■•' •::-:: .. -j- :.»- r 1: :'•-■::! i;' ■. > ::\:i: -: !ni|H)>- 
:■■■ ; ;■ ■ :' :'■ ~ :-.:■:■ : : ■.■.:--:-,.-- r— :v.- tiii>ililiii;r. 

r : .1,- ■ _■. - :'-,:'. ■:"■'. ".j ::^;~:' .:'■■: ' ■ r :■ / _-. .i » '■ iniisij in llie 

it::" ■ vi :-;-:- : a: ■.- :-■.:-..:■_ '' ■'. -ki. : :.:"':i- — in ilie 

iv- :.': ^ : ■'. • it:'. ; iv ; - ; j ■' -! - a-^- ■- : : ■ tv :. ■■[' :li<- f<»H 
A'':- r ■.:■•• • . ■.■■■. -■*^'!l: J .: :'..■ '.■■'.. ■:■■ '.'. .: ''. ■ .-. ■■:•:■ ■.■,:■ <l -Imc U 
:- : jr :. ^v ■'. ,7-. j :. •. ;i-. ! -^ '■.-. ■ -' ■ • '.'■—.■■''■. :■■ -.-viiiTi^ib 
■■-.y- : * ■ i ; :-i ■- :' ;'.. - v ' . _■ .-: : :' :-. ': .-. \r A a:i-i tilty- 
'.'::' l.iv. ■ y- . , v' ;■ -a .■'.. : ;■--.-. — A" :- - - v. r-. ;u liini-s 
s'._'---.'. ■■ :' ; : ; -A '.'.'.'. .i' :'■■■..: ■ ■ v ■—■ -ivi 'v-;:r:iiiu-«l. 
_I'-:,v:--.-vv. -^ .:' :---:~A -" ■-:..- iii.j aM-l «alk- 

;: ^. :L-. : ..- -a.i->: -:-... - 1: - --.— MO ; I'-. . :.j i-li'ii .t .Iniw- 
•• J-: .;-■■ j; -^ :^ . :■ ■ i .- A '■..-.'.'.'':. :' ' :■ ■ : ' •.-, — "-;:i-kiii;r or 

.Iri % ■ J ,v ::: -- ■ ::::.:.: A -, ' -:■: j :.j :i in tin- left 

: : A -. ■■.':■. : ■.*.!*k'__- ■ - •-. :' ■..--- t ■> r: ;.. In a tt-w jiar- 

■ \v-- >. — ^A :'*-:::'.-- :. ■ , :. -. ■:.- A - ■ ' - — :i -::;_■ -::t<'h in llio 
:■:■ : : i \ .-.'.. -v--y-: -I l.-y — I : - . :: : j_.: :■ :- i:i the loft 
:■ ■ •! A ■■'..'•.•<:'..■:. -:■.:■.: .1 '. i' "j . _• "■ :' ■ '. — i :ir:;.j (tain in the 
: ;. 1 ■ ~ A -.-"J : ■■.~-\-. ■ : : ,.- :■ : ■": j.-'. ;-; I'.iy ■■• iitiiminj 

L ;ir'.;. aV. uy. -t'z.^ s:^:. i::^ i-_ : i.-.:_-. j. . i i'.> -.1'::.^ Tl:*in^. — :»iiiart- 



iii<; PAID on )lic iiiu«r eido of tbe tttii)inc« Acbillu, cxlending upunnl lu 

ill." vu\f. wliik' Mtliti)!. — Atikle, Vivleul pain lielow the ]«ft iuieniHt mnl- 

lc<>lii», wlifii wiilkiiig, with 0weUii)|j ul' ihv iipimeius ami IpikIihu in tliis 

^f»u;ton, exleii^liiig lu \hv itinof poilicn uf llto fiM u« fur lu* lliv ^r*:u\ lov 

(iiiiirtv-firBl till V I, — dilil M'liMiiKiii. will) a kind nt" (miiilo' Icarinj; biliitid 

lli<- Icll exieriml iuall<^iliift ii>iie luirniivd mid fiflli dav t. — [970,1 Itiirniiig 

|igiiii jiKi iilxive llio U'd i-xiiTiinl iiiallcoliifi.^Iliiruiii]; pnin oq i1i<- Icl) ex- 

tcninl umlliolii?.— tiiiiiwini: on the luivimrt of ihc right aiiklr, I'ur tweiiiy 

t-ijiids.— (iuM«iii^' iwiii oti (hi' ixtiTiml niiillcidiiit of ilu* right rimi, m>tti<>- 

'liioeii litMiii;,' luily » It'* neooiids, KoiiU'lime.x hours. — Guawing find >li('kin^ 

ill thv rrc""> M'wvti niul In-hiiid ihe It'll t-xt<'rimt mullvulue t iiiiK-lj-ciglilU 

duy.i. — Viidvni )irt---'?ive luiiii in th<: iiiurr right inttl Ii-(ihi9, fur hull' ii luin- 

utv.— Siiddi-n clicking |»iiii in thv k'H attkic, uhi-ii running, Ibr twt^iitv^oe- 

utMlf, *ct thftt ht* Itix'ii in*; latnc ' fixiy-tliinl daiiM-— i^ticking in the inner 

UwJlMitufi kC Ihc light I'uot, changing t» tw^i viiili-nl f'tilchi-ii wlicii ?tvpj>iii^. 

— 8iirktng iu the iiuivr Mde of the left nnkh- iMiWuding ilie joint <>iitwar<l, 

r»r htilf 11 minute. — Hitiiifi slickiap nn ilut itiiti*rti)r niid 'tiiiiT »it)i^ nt' rhc IH\ 

nmlk-olnei. — [980.] FuWlike Klirkln}: in thv \v\\ vxtvrinil iiialkMluii fmm 

mil hunt iiiwurtl.ftrraix minnii>, in tht-iniirtiiiignhi-iiii'iikitig, rftuntiii};iiU€r 

a (juarttfr uf tin huiir m fiiii^li; i^litcliLf'. — liubbling-Mtitkiitc [luiu in ihp I<>l\ 

iiiloniAl euhIIoJii'-, for five rniniitr», precepted for li^n tninntt'ct hy simple 

Mi«*kiiig, at Ihm chin^'ing to a dull, <fitfn^ed, hriiiMd, or tiunih jxiiui vrilli 

incnnsi-d i^>ii>>»i ion <>t wnrinth mi (he iiim-r fide of ih^ U-^. — Five vinlfiit 

Milrhi'* on \\\v iMivt iitxMi-'iltio uf ihi* rif^hl fitut, rxicndti);' aitohh fmni bc- 

fiwv bucknard (lorti'.th day u — A sliti-hing iu tli« right aukk fn-iu without 

inwan). when Miin<liD(r, — 'tVn pitning, vl-it wrvcrc rtilchcs iu the sintprinr 

irpitin of ihc right uukk-, when milking. — 'Two shivrp Htitditsi on thp right 

exti-riiHl mulkulii^, cxiciidinff inUt the joint, whett wnlking. — ^A kuruiiif; 

ftiti-h tm iht; ouierleft niiillt'iduisi^'kangiiif: u> it hiiriiiiig-^tirking. — A kuru- 

ii)if rtilrh in the aut«rant<?riiir jwrliou of the ri{ilit »iikk%fii1loW(iI Ijyil(.-]|* 

trt);, — Twrt burning «titi'lim tielciw ami in fnitii yf the iuterUHl mnlk'otuH of 

tbf led {'.mX. — Tiiiriiig iu the niikk-s extcudiiig, uow downnaid, now up- 

wnnl. — [9M.J Tmring in ihe inner mnllenkis of ihe left foot df>«M inin the 

hivl. — I'ine leuring in the fon'purt id' Ike lert unkle aerosii to llie inner 

Binllwkw* uiid down to the i>ok of the Iwt. — Viuk-ut tearing in thi* K-rt 

icsimnil niulh_-olu9. exti-uding uptvnrd iiiio the tendont^, for hulf a minute. 

^Tearinj; iu the outer uDterior [lortiun of the lel\ iiukk>, extending tipKUtil 

loto llie leg Jind dnwnuHnl into ihe hack of the fool. — JSeverv teiiring, 

ahm»t ^lieking, from the left external ninlIe*iIiiH upward intn ihe nviehlxir- 

iiijr t>ii(hin>. tor flirty x'eonds. — Tearing in the inner niiil]<-<du:> of the h*ft 

fikil, ehuiigin;: to a hnrnin^.— Tearing in ihe left inner niiilh^olu« fur hitif 

An lii>nr,wilh a i<harp stileh exlvndittg iuntird. — TeU!*ivi' -lea ring puin Upon 

the ton-|iur( of the k-ft ankle. — l}mwiiig-leunn<: paiii in the left estPmnl 

nmlle<dus, exiending forward and doniiTiard. — Tearing, or tearing-teiisive, 

or vtieking pain in llie malk'oli, sehktni lasting; very frequently. — [lOOO.j 

Violent tearing and di{i:^iiig |niii) in (he left external niAUeuliic, exU'mling 

inui thtf little lot-, i$o ihal hn is not ahle t» niDVu the fool, in the evening 

M^heii giHiig to »lee[i, loj^tiiig t^eveni] iiiinuie>^: afterward ^evend idigliler at- 

tiick». — Sewrc pniu when touched, in llie tendons and neighboring portion? 

of the Woe, in the region in front, and soMU-nhat above liolh inullenli, en- 

peeially of the left foot, d ii^'ovcrirtl aecidenlaliy on motion (lifty-niiilh to 

*ixty-!<)Xlh 'Uy* I,— J^omrting pain in the nnkles. — Bnbbling iwitchee from 

the left internal uialkolu» uciua uver tlic joint, ta If sooiething living 



were ni'VTin; in llii'> lAnce. — Sn)flrtin){>ilchiiig p«in on tfa« f'tivpnK ami «hI«* 
of [fat; M\ atti.U: — t'tMtt* t>ii ^trrlaitiiK uul tilt- ivfl tout, [nin iti the f<>r&> 

Iurl u( it. — I'liiii ill die kel, u[imiillr in the Uu», at fniiu i-l)illtlaiii». — 
Itiniing |«iin, il* from nettles, on tlie tmltr btirdwr of lh« left fwrt, — .■**fisa- 
tiun ill ibr Ivlt hi^llow ul' ihe iVntt, ai> if llic- t«ti(tiifl» vtvn- Itnj vlicirl, like ft 
rniiii|>, w)iTrti wnlkitij; anil ^ittiii}!. — Two (>}tar)] i>til<4ic7> iii iIil* wlmlf of itie 
uuUt btink-r of ttiL' riglit tmM fmiii Hitlioiii inwirtl. lltcii,mi ftojij-iii};, ihrpe 
miir«. — [1010.] Five vioii'til *uii'li™ in ih*' niit«r and midill^ (Hirit"!! itlifu' 
Irft fiiot, )»eat-r rating fnini abint- tu thf uiMicr ^idp, ns if ilie liHit hoiiUI Iw 
nailed dnwii, nCier n few niiuulc^ — Tlii*« rrif;hlful Nlit^hi-n ItL-twii-ii tlio 
iiM^iataml l»»iii>rf <>f ihe f»iirtb uiid titlli loei nf ilu' Ic-fi fml, ii» if a nnit 
Wfitr forwil fruoi abxYc tbrough tht fixtl, wlicn rtaudititrffurir-lourlli day). 
— A (rariiit; in ibc imuT tuinlrr tif thr Irfl 1!»«. — JrrkliWr tearing^ in tbf 
outvr butxii^r of the right f<xii, iiivolviim tb? wbule L>xt«fiit »r llie tni-talar>itl 
buD« of iW liule ti>e, lasting mmvsI nidutai, whil« fittiiiy after * walk. — 
Comeivf [ain uii iht- inner bonkr of tbe left fooL — Riiniin^ pain nii the 
oater portion uf ibe ltMt'k4if the right fiMiL^-^^trnuivKhuriiini; on the <iuli-r 
•otcrior ;iidin of the bnek nf the left foot. — On tbo baek of the rii;ht fiKit 
■cruae behtad the firyt joint of tbc four u«tcr toa. te&nve pnin, boi-nming 
•ttektqg no stepping, tar • qauter vT an buur, is tbe maniin^ nn riflin]|[. — 
Potirsnidiw on Um oaleraMfte uf tlw back of ifac right foot, when f-Uxwg, 
learin^ a fwin after dwn (^Cfly-fint day). — Tearmg paia oa the ImicIc nf 
the rijjbt A>^it in the miildle, esteiultBK ts tkc middle loea, when aiiiini;.— 
[iOWLj At (me tine draTin;. at •BuUerteiuin', at an'il)>-- 
in{ Mi tbr boek of the fi*.<t, drawing baek aed f>rtfa, at .< .1 

■nullirr ■MreMi«fe,frr(|aeatlriiHliiK aea rtit<4i in tbc tijK of lUt: t'xss — 
OarroMTa |wn oa tlie oaurt f-'xle td toe b*rk of the left (iaiC — BuliMing 
■ ■MtioB CM Iks hack of tlw left tnt, exiearfng lowardi the little toe. — 
Plus ta a ««n ta Um rMt Mle frafDeatlv, — ^Tiagliug, at time* crawlittg 
nawtioB ct (ranath is tM Mlea,aAea al iW aame time in tbe t«e». and no 
tW hark at tbe faot, u in fin ma iem. — B«raia|; in the nlea of tbr fnt, 
app wial ly io A* cTCUng. — 9t»A i pg b awing pam ia tW aaln of the f<«t 
— A ttitek ia the kA aale jaat bduad the Mraod toe, ohaapag to a flight, 
fiti{«mt. boUilivg jaatiua.— Tea ar iftem will in Miln« in lb*- luilc 
«r tba riRki Ibat, at tlw fini jotat of Ibe ooddle Imv «Wa Maailing, frim 
wiihiat tavard. — ^A piettaag alilck aa the taatr •4e «< ike ri^ht »o\v.— 
nnOL) Til liiiaiij mil lii iiailiaiiai iaaaiil 11 iJi litlii aole bcfalad 
tU joiM aT tke Im tac— CawfiMAba la Ika aJa of iba Ciot and 
•aika haekaf tba iM jaiai af tW IfA ■&«• lata.— VMnt pul'«>ins 
atiti:4m, drefi ia tk» hft aale aea br ftnai tka kerf, fcr manU aitBiilc^ 
6a« aitkcaii uvaid < t a— ty ^antk JayV— TWriaf iw ika aalar bonier uf 
tlw H^l solf^ — ^Ttariag pua ia tke mIb «f tka Wk fcol aad is tk« meta- 
kanal jaiab «f tka loaft.— T«Briag paia ia tke mIw af ika fict. oo« ken 
■ev tken^ AefaeKlr vitk cm«liag wxbm^ aad a — ■»!«! of ipi nawin 
wanatk ilwwin. ta tka wmUta •< rfw a^ arf ike kA fan, laitwr exier- 
aallr, a naia. m aA« WiriiiHf iha Awl— A bBtaaf ««• aata ia dw meer 
aidr of tfcf Ml aak. flliwhi.i ia tke kaljaaf ^fct«. wlinai laniar towre 
tkaa a (em mamm, fti^i—BlT oalv kalf a ■aaam. I*alaitt« idld Ma ia 
tke right kalk H Ike »««.— f»Ri« ia tke !■& ^ «kt btt, bw«Iv of ika 
fiaat lat^aeviliBM oalr ftr kalf ft MaaaBtM tawa* lail^ fcr keai*. vbco 
I k la iM aacieRA.— flMlll SbiUv 1^ '■ tfce kerf,'BOit]7 



floo and whva stcpnin^, often only uotiecd when stepping. — ^T«'aring-f.ticl- 
ing paiti in the be«l, wheu wntkiiig, ememlly on stopping. extending dcop 
inly tlie bonvd, i^tlilom nhcn i^iiiiiif;. — Tingling itariiig-utifking in the right 
hwl, fxletMliiiv^ ilif ]» inli) ihir Imhri-, In^tiiig » fi-w uiiuiilC'-, »*• it" liicre wt-re 
iuinething living in ll. — Pnli'i'likf siiiking jmiii. »>]iiiiiilly im tln> lower 
nrfac« ol the lu-el, iu two to iwonrr !:t itches, ni liin«'>- tiiK', ttr times violoril, 
frocu viithuut invrunl, ut'tcn rlmnsiiiK >ut» sUtclicn ladling a few miuucci-.— 
BiD^li? Ktiichfs in the hpt:!, fs|>ciiii!ly in ihc hnver poriiun, — 'flirce pirrcing 
Mil«hes aeron itiniugli the right hi^'I from wiihoiit innard, when siiinding 
(Otiny-lliirtl 4l«y).— >S(vei» severe :?til< hos froni ihe anterior outer [hjHiod 
vf thi; niHTj;inurtlit! lel't hti-l at intervtiU within five niiiiute.'-,n--> if « i«harp 
iDvtrimiriit uf re thnuL dii'p tliroiif^h lliv vkin, nhvn walking, on stopping, 
so violeiil thni ho niur^t c'lnK down i iiiiioly-lhtnl day). — Jiin'uing-^tJtt-hiiig 
in Ihc inner side "f the left. bed. — 'A ^icn^itivc i-utling slitch in the kll heel, 
dow, orcupviiig half a nnnutp in piissin); thnuigh <M.-VL-ntee»lh duy i. — 
Teuriiig [Win in the he*-]*, ei>|M>eiiilIy when nnlkiiig utid olepping, somctinivs 
also in single Icnrin^, very rre(iuenlly. i>el'lom when lit re-Jt. — [1050.1 fjeo- 
mitnn of i<iip{nir»tiiin in ihe hi^l.o, i-^piTiitlly after luni;i'l<"><^'"g- — 'JSteitt 
A pain, ail if Hpniiiii-<l,iii [he meiutiirsiil juiuts of Ihe t')t'i> of ihe right funl, 
rikI awiiy hm-kunrdii into the mid<lie jHirtioii uf the foot, with u M-nailinu 
K^ if the pnrb' nen^ .-wiillen, for two days, inerca>cd by taking bold uf it 
(oinih dny.t. — Burning iniin in (he lip of the left great toe.— Tniiisieut 
biiniiiig on the haik cif Ilie first jj)inl of thp |pft great i<>p, while silting.— 
l^iggiog pniii in the right great ti>c, ns if it would beeumtr intlanic-d, — 
Tiugliiitc-uigsiug (iiiin in iht; right gn.-iit tue, for u iiiinnie < eighty ■M.-ventll 
day ).— rearing i<licking-diggii]^' [Nitii in the whole tip of the right great 
toe. (nr a minute — .^vere sticking paiu in a eurn in the left £civ>nd toe.— 
Severe sticking from without inwanl and bnekwanl in the gixMit Ua; Wting 
■t liuie» onlv a few minutr!«, at linios for .levcral hours ; it corner uii while 
walking, aiul continues while nt re^t ; with every utep there is a t'liteli (i^ix- 
tieth, seven lY -third, nnd cighly-lifth days, cte.). — Burning or *iu»rtiug-*tick- 
■ uf; uii the Imck of the M.-efind joint of the right oeeond toe lt9eventy-iinft 
dar).- [1060.J Jerklike Mieking in single toes.— Cmwling-i^licking in the 
iTgiit grvnt toe. — Twinging dmwing-^irickiug in the right fourth toe, ex- 
tending bnrkuarda along tlie haek ot the ttie intu the h>irt.^Seiu^iiive jerk- 
mni:-ntii'kiiig in the right greul loe from willmut inwunl, severRi hours ia 
••iti-it-K!>io», wor*e nben walking. — I'libelike Ktirkin;: piun in the gri-at toe», 
at times, iK-iictmtiug inward, at lime* oulwoH. — Stiiohe* iu the tips ni the 
Intv, expeeiully of the grent toes. — Several atitcbes ill the hull of iho left 
poat toe, extending forwani into the toe (one hundred ami seeiind diiy). — 
n the ball of the right great toe, frightful stitches, neuetraling innnrfl as 
frum a [>(.iinti:-<] nail loue hundreii unj tint lUy). — Tbre'c i-titciK-s ibrougb 
the nielHtariqit joint of ihv little toe from above nlowtiWiLrdiforty'dnh day). 
—Eight or ten deeply penetrating slitt-'he*} in the first joint of tlie Jell foiirlh 
toe leighlv-fighth day). — [1070.] Stitehe^, frei|Uenllv rbarp, in the tips of 
the loe», eliicny of the great ti>ei,sim>elime.-i jienetntting inward, sometimes 
oaiwiinl. — Fine burning stitehes on the left great toe, ns from needles^ ex- 
|«nding from tlie hall. — Jerklike severe stitclicj' in the metfttnr>^l joint of 
the right grtiit toi% — I'ul^elike ittitches iu the region of ihe fir»L joint of 
tlie third tue of the left foot, from below upwani, uheii Kitting, for twenty 
Meonds. — A etiteh on the Iwiek of the nietutarsal joint of the left foorlii 
too, extending forward inlo the toos, while ftnndiag I forty-fourth dav). — 
Violeot stitches iu the under siiriaL-e uf the riglil grent toe, wheu wiilViiig, 




thi> |iu]tn. — Fine nulselike stitflii-B iu the tip nf thi> right indox fingi>r. 
nitli slilThL'M* iu Ui« bccmik] joint ol' tliu right mklijli.- fiii^r, iu tUv umrnilig 
oil nuking, iit tlntt n^nivnit'il hy prerenro. fur u fvw miuutttt. — Butil>litie 
B[ik-li(<» ill Uio inner »>il<- (>r ihv- li|i of llic ri^hl tliumb, dtrop uudt^r (tic imil, 
R* if *hootiug «>iU Irom ihc tx.»«, i'or a few second* (scvouty-firet tiar i- — 
Tearing in the balls «f the ihnHil>.«. — Tijinng ahmg llic iiini-r surfarc of'lliu 
rl};ht thutnli. — Home tearings in the tinj^r joint*. — Ttainnjr in the lip* nf 
the ii»j[«i*, »s|H-TiiiIly (tf the in<It'X linger. — TcorinjU oa tho Iwnk tif tho 
liuprr, now liL'rv, nvw thvrv, chii-fly in tnv jniiitf. — Tunriiit; uiidt.-r tho imtl 
of the Uft ihiimli, frnm wiihnni iawurd. — L'^^-] Ttiiriny in tin- iiiuvr cido 
of tho joint of tho k-H indix Kn^'cr tii-\Tml tiint-* iJunnf; ihv dav. lasliii); 
Mr\-fnil ni i an tw.— Tearing (lU the inner suHiiooof ihc tircl joint of the rigbl 
inilt"); lirij:i'r \iiinftj--wvpiilh itav\ — IVaririp in thi? iii€Ui<'ai'j>;il Imnrr of tho 
right ihiiinh hiickwiinl fiwanl the nri.-*!. i-lnutjijiiig to right pi-ni<lrjiting 
fiUlfhcs in the Name placv. — 'I'enriaj^ in tho iDKliicarpnl hunn of th*i ring 
linger, fuiuowhnt u(:t;iiivatt;d by prt-iuure, for Lwulvc to lifUvii miiiutt?. — 
Viult-nt tearing ou thi^ rif^hl s'iiIk of liit* imli-x (ingt.T. su that she uliiiu^t 
Ininibk'i), u* tf the fiLvh ucru loni Iikjh.' from llir Iwtii?, fur a itiii)UtL> (eevifiLv- 
fourlh dav). — Tearing fruin tho eccond iuiDtoflJictiiiddlt-tinifcrof the rifflit 
hand hiK-Kward alon^ the tvndiHis |i> liio wrioti for half a ininn(«. — In the 
lli>l [lorliiiii i)f ihe right midillo fliigcr. u Iraring jtain ao if ftiinune*!, ohiofljr 
ill lhi> first jr>irit, nupmiLlly on niDlimi and tniioh, with awrlUa^ «l' tile 
parte iihoul thu juintif, niwtly on ihu buik and in tlie i>idui>. al»u >A' llio 
phalanx itM;tf, nith Lrarkiug of tho juint.t uii aioliuii (lvM'uly-aii.'i)nd to 
»ixliethdayi. — 'IVariiig, lutw slight, now violL'iit.iii ^veral tiii^'L>r>-, L^iH-ijialty 
uu tho hack, frcquciilly with i^onie (ititTno^ of thciii, ^)>eeially in th<- iixlcx 
anil ring lingcni, fmincully changing into onlvanl nhooiing stitilu-i^ in the 
lilw nf llu" finger*. Bonielinim lasting only a fow MMVinili>. MHiuniiaM for 
H'vi>nil niiiMiU'». — Tearing along iht' niolavarjial t>i.iif ni tlio h-fi iiwlcx 
tiiiKLT, wilh |iiili«L-likv(!tilt'hei> i-xti'mliugin\4iirt] in thf \mik. — Tt-nring in llic 
nuti-r Kidi- of tlic liifl ihuinh, lu dofij a» iIil- Uiue. incn'ascJ by priMuro, 
with aunw |iulMeliki! siitchcs fmni vvithuut ian-ard, n«ir (hv joint (wvvuty- 
we-jud day ). — [780.] Tcanrig in the ulnar side of (he K'ft ihtiaib aa deep u 
thrhoiii-.itK'n.'ased liy |>n>K-im-,wil)i afi-wi[itortniltiiigj>iiliM'likcnI)tche»fnicn 
nithuiit iiiwanl near ch^ joint — Tt-uriag along the vui^ uf ihv iuviiii.-ar|tat 
tiunn nf tl»i rijfhtlittJtt linger, for half a aiiimtf.with a ftcnitAtiiin of hmvini^ 
niid pnw(;rlc»nv« iit the unU.-r |iorlic)U of the hand. — Huriiing-tmriag in 
tlie vohir surface of ihc fimt juinl of ihi; rigUl timtnh. — Druwing-tejiriiig in 
the M't'oiul Joint «f the righl indt'x fingLT and near it. on the buck. — A 
])tiiiiniiag-teari»g in Ihc U-ft thiiaih, with u lec-ling tki if il were di.->tt:ndMt 
and heavy, for a fciv niinnl*:^. nevenil linii.'n in thi- day i^ixly-foiirth day). 
— HnuiTting-tearing pain in thu uuUt ^iiHaLii- uf [lie h-Il indev finf;i:'r, aggni- 
vat>-d bv rnhhiii^, and changing into a biiniiiig jKiin. — Sniarliiig piiin nn 
ttii.* IntiTK of thi- liiigem.— Buhhllng .••eni^ilion in the hall of the right tliniuh 
(uiaeuvnili davj. 

J^nt'Pt' I'lrtreinitiea. — In General. Great weakness of tho 
lower oxtreniitiui during a walk, tn that hi: enirecly felt theai, lu if numb 
(iSnicth day >. — Sensation of weaknejw. and as if hniised. in the lower ci- 
(Kniilies, MiDietiaies with lieavinetH Hinl stilfnvaa, and a paralywd feeling, 
u after a long match, or a^ if lh« parts n-cre ^t^aiaell, na if the muscles 
ttvrc ton thiek. u:*uallv ill the toti ]iu.rtr<, (hough not i»eI(ioni al.'Wi iu ihe 
bon««, uith juiin, wliiai i» easily <>xci«-d by niuliun, though iiut nW»j 
aggravated, through nearly the whole period of the proving, «oni«lir 


worse, sometimes better. — [790.] A focliiig in the lower pxtroniittc!>, ns if 
they were becoming emnciated, wliich retiUy seemed to be the ciine. — Grout 
heaviness, bruised sensation, and lassitude lu the lower limbs, especially in 
the (highs, mostly in ascending stairs, with great weaknewt (fiCty-nrwt day ),'. 
— Drawing- tensive sensation in the lower extremities over a larjje surtUce, 
eomettmes also with slight, rather superficial teanng!>, and a heavy or stitf 
paralyzeil feeling, especially when rising after sitting a long time. — Violent 
bniiscd pain in the whole of the lower extremities, so that he cannot rise 
from his seat without assistance from his hands; the knees feci u)K.<d up 
and appear paralyzed ; he suffers especially along tlie posterior surface, 
from the loins and saeral region downward; the t-alves Icel as if bruii-eil 
sore; pressure and motion increase the pains, especially stooping, for nix- 
teen hours; at last the pain extends downward more into the teet l^thin) 
and fourth days). — Hi ft and T/li{/h. Burning pain in the region of 
the left trochanter, — Pulselike burning stitches, extending fmm the right 
trochanter downward deep inwardly, la.-'trng half a minute. — Slight drnw- 
ing pain in the region of the right trochanter. — Tearing pain in the region 
below the trochanter. — Tearing pain in the hip bones of one side near the 
spine. — Tearing from the posterior border of the hip Ixmes downward and 
inward. — [800.] Creeping cold sensation on the outer wide of the thigh, 
as if quicksilver were niuning on or beneath the skin, sometimes accom|«i- 
nied by tensioD in the muscles, or a ."tit-king sensation, though painleiw, 
mostly when standing, seldom when sitting, at times ending in burning. — 
On the posterior portioD of the left thigh, about five inches from the joint, 
in the morning after risiug, in a sjiot of the size of a ten-cent piece, a s(tn- 
Bation as if it were touched by a cold substance, as by a piece of cold metal, 
or by a cold animal, so that she grasps hold of it in fright; repeated the 
Dext day at noon f forty-thirtl day \ — Transient sf-nsation of warmth on tlio 
outer portion of the left thigh lone hundred and fifth day). — Transient 
sensation of warmth on the posterior lower portion of the left thigh, ex- 
tending down into the upper part of the calf 'one hundred and fourth day). 
— Feeling of warmth ou the posterior upper portion of the thigh fi>r a 
short time. — Burning pain in the left natt*. — Burning pain on tlie inner 
side of the lower portion of the left thigh, agirravate<l hyeven slight touch 
(one hundred and sixth day;. — Burning [jain in the inner anterior side of 
the up[)er part of the right thigh. — Teu-'ion in the muscles in the upjier 
and anterior part of the thigh, when walking, frwjuenily changing into a 
pain. — Tension in the thighs and nates frfim the hip- downwunl, wiih numli- 
ncss, and at times increa,sed warmth. — -[810.] Teiii-ive jialn in one or the 
other bend of the thighs, as if the tendon* were I'm fihort, when walking. 
— Drawing-tensive sensation in the [fsterior muscle's of tbf; ifiigb, — Draw- 
ing-tensive pain in the muscles of the outer side of th': right thigh, out- 
ward and backward, as if a cramp would com'-, — Drai*ing-"'-n>:iv'; jiain in 
the tendons of the thigh, extending downward over the kn'e-<^ip, wlun 
walking, for some minutes. — A pinching senr^iion in the m'j--'l'^ of ih'j 
thigh, especially the flexors, and in the f-alve>. — (tu Tti'iT-. vioh-nt m')ii'in 
than usual pinching in the muscles of the thigh*. — Twi-iv; c'lntnu-ti'iu of 
the muscles of the thigh, especially on the [^'•'teri'^r purfii'-*- and in the 
calves, chiefly when walking. — Drawing jtaiii in th*; nat»r-. — Drawing' fr'/ic 
the small of the back on one or the other -id*; from th'r nan- dovi» ii.y.- 
the thigh. — Drawing pain in the anterior rejrion 'if ih*; \l'^w\•■ \y,i\<- .ira!;ri.~ 
outward into th*? muscles of the thigh. — [820.] Drawing j^jio in the jj->- 
cles of the right thigh, two inches above thekne*:. — I^rawin^; y.i'in froiLUi- 



r«^ionof lliotfoi'liAiit^^nlownwani into the tliigh. — DrnwiDf^ordrnwiob'- 
8ive HtinAiti inn orimiii on the iuiicr ^iderjfiJie ihieh. — Al night wlieti liillin^ 
h) *\w\f, ulii^hl workiii}^, lik* crawlitiiw or (Jmwiiip*. uii th« ouU'r did)- uf 
the \i'.t\ thi(;h,ttst^Tiiliii(> ilowtiivnnl ovor t\w kiiw, ><illum.>il by a rmiuulike 
>mi»itii)it ill the cnW. with Uugliiig in it am) tlie oiitel i-rtdicil riM>t (turty- 
Hcvi^iilh (Iiiy I. — DniKgiag M-riNilinii in the nates and thf njtpnr itmicriot 
[iiirtion »r tliu thigh, iitnrting i'mni the Murniin. — tJnnwing t>n llip outer 
upper porLiou of the left Ihi^jh. — tJimwiiit' juin Mn lli« |t;j'U.Tii>r .-•orliico of 
the Im llii;;h nliuvi.- tho hnlluw nt' ihc- kiitic (ont- hiiiiilri.-'l iintt twenty •:«<»> 
owl ihivi.— -(tiinwiiit; I'rtiisultoii on I Ik- viittir hiw«r rvj^iun of the right Uiigb, 
ftsjH'i- tally wtiii-n wnlking ; i* cAiiwiiil nnil n}y;mfiit«?ii by rubbing {ouv hiin- 
tlrrd il^^^ eiKhdi day i. — BitinK-giia wilier in the onlflr luwpr fiiilo ol' the left 
lliiftli iihovc thn knee ("cightv^-'iRlilIi dar). — Tensive-pressis-e jmin in the 
tliigltH, ealve^, mid knees, Ji» if the mu«.>icj were too nhnrl. — {830.] Stick- 
ing pain, ni^Mllv traiMieut, in the iial«j. — 8ti<.'ki[ig pn)ii,i)ll«u violont, froni 
witliutit iiiwiinl, in thi: midtllc uf the pmierior or luilenor ri*t;ioii of tfao 
ihifih, wry fn.*<inent in roitt atid nli*u aflvr [DtitioD, conlined to a small »)h)I. 
— !tnniiii)<-«ticKing pain in the out'Cr anterior portion of the right tbjgh 
below thu middle, for ii few niinule^. — Traring-ntirking pnin pt-nclraling 
(Imp into tho hniie, in the outer middle re^on of the ri^^ht thi^h, iwvfiral 
tlnuv in .iiU'ccAiion. — Pulticlikp ittickinf; pain in thn pi»iorii>r lownr portion 
of llio right tliiffh, for twu-lh)r<U 'A' u minuto, MlKii-by hu iiiiagiiKw that 
by the litigLT bv nocic'i-d u pulKiition in the iiirt.-cti'il part Ceixly-fuurth day), 
— Btibhliug Ktiokini; [luiu in iIr- iiiiddlu of lliu jMNHeriur portion of ihu li<ft 
thigh. — A "titth in iho iiiniT posi<?nor am) middle portion of the thigh io 
ibe Hwh from wilhunt. iiiward. lonj; flmwn out, when walking, — A i^tilcb 
through the K-fl ihigli, in ihv forTjmrt flumowliai sbuvp tho middlo. from 
within ontwnrii 'iwonty-Hnit day). — A nlitrh in Iho left iiafos nhi-n «tAn<l- 
io^, cxtotidiug docp into the inu^t-lu*. — Thrvi: violent sliLchc» in tht; foro- 
jMirt of ihf [eft thit;h, ubout five inL-hi-n I'roia the kiioe, extending into the 
fliwb, u^ U'ith a uuL'dli', or a!i if lui nuimul elung one, no that, thinking this, 
ono gra^^p^ lh« tiarl in order to find the animul ; <]UaKor of an hour alU-r 
warl», two siitcliw near the km^i. — [B40.] In the (wtsterior nml inner aide 
of the \fi\ thigh, tiix inchejt nbovo the knee, four mitrhes fmm withmit in- 
wiinl, like novoro *lingB from in*i»(>l«, — About thirty luihhling ^litrho'j', Kt 
iulvrvuld of one or Kiwrnl M.-eoLd», in the middle of the lofl ibigb, whereby 
ho ttiiuks he (run t'w\ u llirohhlng with the fingers ; mixtlly a touch t-niiKe* 
eonliuued pnin. — Some Htiteheii in the middle of the lell thigh, external, ex- 
tending upwitrd along it, — >Some hurniiig t^litehc^ in the outer np|>cr ^idc 
of the right thigh. — A hiting stitch iti the iniior and lower |)orlion of the 
left thigh. — \ long-dnvvTii titilih in ihi; imter iKwwrior itide of the mklill« 
of the left thigh, wlu-ti walking («ovonty-fttYh miyf. — I)(t<ip riolunt <*liteh«<9 
ou the iimcr sido of the right thigh, two inehc-i from the kucc, extending 
obllipiely dtunjwiinl in this place to the opposite side, ehieflir when utep- 
piug upon it ; when silting at reiil, rather paroxy.-iniBl, loss jtetuitive stitches 
(one hundred and eighth dny). — PnUating tstiteheu in the mu^vlc^ of tbv 
pusieriur jMirlion of the leil thigh, deep fmm without inward, Innling n 
(piarter of an hour, when walking and sitting (ninety-third day).— Bit^ 
ing piiin in the skin, in a einall i^pot on the inner una upnor wida of the 
led thigh. — (Innwing-hiting Men^iitiim on the outer nntvnor aide of tlie 
left thigh nhoui the middle. — [^8S0.] Tejiring piiin in the thicrk fle-<li of 
the tell thigh, ntHHit thn mithlle of thn fon-iiarl. — Tearing jinin in the 
furepurt of thu thigh fluJ (IowuwupJ over the knee. — Touring jKnia on th« 
itiucr aide of the thigh. — Un the outer aide uf the toft thigh tearing [mtn. 



as If u [icier the *kiu, — A Irarinfr pnin in the lower rmtcr side of tho right 
llti;;!) above the kitt-'c, cxletulitig dowu into thv uiil«>r |>:irt of thv teg timl 
calf. — Tearing or teuri[ii:-ilraH"iiic gijiiii on th« outer or iDoer side of llio 
llii^h. — Tfaring, cir tcaring-siifkirit;. or ilrnw'mK-leiirint' |miii, id ihc imisclfs 
of Mil' jKrftprkir |Hirlii)ii of (he ihijrh, ciiiotly nhoiii the mi<l()lr-. — Traritig 
or lonriiijr-iitiekiiijf pntn in the oxii'njmr in iiiifk-.t of the thiji^h, ofttn nrUiii)^ 
uflcr mutiuii. — IVurin;; [miii in llie <nit(-r f'ulv of thi^ tlii^li, i-'jiiK'tinH's uiily 
En one side, soraelimen ••prL^nd over llie whule tlii<,'h. ri-niilliii{^ uiu! recur- 
ring, fhielty after niolioii. — S<.'vert' leiiritif; jiiiiii in iUl> left ')r ritjht iiiileis, 
vrhea walking. exIeuiliiiL' deep into ihe iiichiuin, for near!)' n uiiiiute, hIhi 
of a )«■» severe kind. — ^[860.] Sevcrfl leariiiK in llir left fcnnir, from the 
trnetiiiDtor rlovn to the kirce-joiiit, iijjj^Tnvnled by [larns j'Hm.", for unarlcr of 
an hour, when laittiiig. — Tofiring pnin in llio lower cxlornal nnd anterior 
portion of tliv ri);ht thi];li,«imflimi'$ nlffu uf tht* U-'l, wlifu nulkin^.ut Iii»t 
chnninng' to n tetiMoti. — Hieiiig-tenrini; puin in tho iiiiior, npper, iiud ante* 
riot region at the left thigh, when walking (ni'i^'y-lhird d«y).^8orc pntu 
in the outer anteiior side ijf the right thigh {cighly-secon<i day). — Soiv pjiin 
ill the hend of the thigh (iiiM<'ty-fin*[. day). — Smnrtini^ pain in the oiiier 
wde nf ih* rijjiit thiph. *oon after, in llm middle of llie foreiinn. — Pr«wive 
pinch iiig-thmhbiiij; jmin in tlio upper niiterior portion of the rii;ht ihig-Ii, 
whfii ifluiidin;; ftiid wnlkiiig. — I'uinli^f buhhliiij; in tht' lower portion of 
the ri;;ht ihigli. as if a »irenni of air na largt* us u linger, ur ii ivorin of ihn 
siinio size, foreed iLnelf through the l]e><li, lasting wvenil minutes (tie venlielli 
*Jay I. — Buhhiing twice in Ihe lower and anterior portion of the right lhigl>. 
Dot far from (he knee. — Ilnhbling tteneation in the muncU-» of ihv right 
thigh in ihe fon-pari. moving liore and the«>, an if sittmothing living were 
crawling tliercin. — [870.] Iliiblding wiiwtion in iho pfi*liTior niid ii|>iK'r 
pijrlion <if llif Icrt tliijih, just hcluw the unlea, for eiic minute, slowly dig- 
ging and working in a spot as large as two hands. — Bubbling sennaljim in 
the forepart of the right thigh, evenings in hed,extemliMg along the thigh, 
with fine iaterniptiroic-, as if n strc-am of water or blood forced its way 
through the flwh fforty-iiret dn\]. — Knee, Great swelling of the veiii'a 
Dear the knee-joinU', in tlw lower ami jioj^terior portion of the upper part 
of the oalven, — A M^nituion a* if wenk, hriiified. and pimilvvi'd in ilie knoea, 
dutiiig and after walking, and on rising after i^ittitig a lung tiiut;. very fre- 
quently. — Uiiing-buniing •w.-ni^atiDti on the inner side uf the ri^bl knee, for 
several seeoniLs, retuniing NJightlysoon afterwanls. — D rawing- hiirniiig pain 
iu the right hollow of the knee, — Tension in the kncc-joini, now in one 
Bide, now in Ihe tbrviiart. wipeeially iu tht; region of Itie patella, now pos- 
teriorly. rhi<^fly in the Irndou:!', as if lliey wt-rv tuo dhort, frei|uentty needin. 
Iianif'd by a wiwilinn of lienviii^n or parsdy^i", e^in'ciiilly no[I<<'<l whon 
nioviug, pottieularly when fI retching, oAcci eau^ed for the ti[>t lime ihenhy. 
.^Violent pioehing pain in the right popliteal space and eall', when ."iliing 
down ill the evening, when King m bed, la.'«ting an hour, after a moderate 
walk (eighty-sixth ilay). — Violent cramp in the left popHleal Bpaoo, when 
elepping or stamping, i-xteiidtiig dow award into the middle of thu calf nn<l 
upward into the (high, while standing: nhi'ii »he doe* not 8tc|] hani it 
18 if«^. aerompanied by tingling and hcafint^ in iho aflceterl purl)^, iiu if 
tlioj" Wfrp enlarged, for two days in siicoes'ion (fifty-niiitb and sixtieth 
Jays), — Drawing puin in (he (latclla, extending downward into the anterior 
Uipjper jwrtioii of the leg, enu.*cd by uatkinir, and also arising of ilnolf. — 
(BqO-I Gnawing pain o» the outer sido of the left knee-pan lonc hiindrod 
and tiiird day;. — Presaivc [Miiu in thu left hollow of llio kui-e, exteDdiug 



tlin>u|j;1i ths joint U> the patelln, v'lth a feclmg (u \t the knee were stiff 
swollvti; beiiiling, nntt eMpwiully extruding ihu kuee, ajnniraia* it; the 
t«ii<)uiiB e(«iu toi> short (tiiuGtv-liret duy). — Tcii»iv« pronive |>aiii in (he 
right |mtollA, and in the Ii;^nient4 itiul U-n<1on« bchiua it, after milking. — 
Al nijfht, n stickinf^-prENoive pain ai'nuM the left knee (thirly-finil djiy'l. — 
TeBrin|;-pri>&->ivo pain in the riffhl patella and in the lif^inenl« hi-hind it, 
cniised bv niutiun. — Stifkiii);, tlivii huniii)^ fiain Iwluw llic iniir;jin oT tho 
Ivft jMlt-Ihi, uxtundin^ iunanl into (ho joint, ithi'ii wnlkiti)^, InKlitig more 
than a iiiiiiute. — 8lii.*Kiiig |Hiin in tho inner F^d** of ihi* right kuec, extend- 
ing iHitwflr'l io(o the tcnduns of thii rvTli<>n. — Slicking pain alKive the 
nnir^in of the patella, when Koiug uiwtain. — ScUkini: |Hiin thT>in(!:li ihe 
right knee-jiiint, from before luiekwara bei>ealh the (lalella, when walking, 
so that ritcppin^ she Aiarls up anti is obliged to Ihvur the foul, four tiim^ 
ill BiK'cewioi). rvlurniiij; aHervianl Iwtw i {iirtv-iitnlh dtiyi. — In the moru' 
iii^. uhen -ho goc^ down i^tairs aOer rU'tu): tnita he<l. whuu W-nding t 
knee, a viohnit Mlii'kiiig |<Ain jn^t nlK>ve iht' mtelln, n» from u nail <l4<ep i 
wttnlly.M ttvtn for MTornl hnun in vueeei^ion that »hc io luine ; iifterMiir< 
it chunge« to a prwmreiaehiug), (fifty -swoud dayj. — [890.] Slow :>tii.-king 
uain, as if a large nail were force*) inward iu a soiall iifH>t in the right 
lenee, in tho fiirejiart near the lower margin of the natelU, deeply pcnetral' 
ilig, tttrtip^jenrs (luring reul, c*a--<rid bv motion, and luitn ik-uHv three honnt, 
with heavineM in the CHlvt>?>. — Drawing-stk-king |«in in the \ef\. boUovr of 
the knee, oxu>nding dovnn-»ni into the upper part of the leg, (or a minnte 
and a half; (h« Mia^ pain in the inner i^ide of the right kuee, rather ."u- 

{►erfieiul. — Some etiteliw shoot lhn>ugh the knee-joint. — Stitrhe^ in iho 
:nee-juinl, now in one, ooir in another placv, eapecmlly »n the inner ^lide. 
— Four ittilehea below the right knee-iniiit ahooting into the kD«« obli'pirly 
iVom Mow upwanl Iteiteath the jialella. when walking. — Hnniing istiirhn* 
in fnint above the h-fik nee-joint. »o that he isfrightaiwl. — Btihhling utilehes 
ill tht> rvgion abovo lite led knee (ninety-f:<nrlh d:iy,i. — Bnblilitig loag- 
drawn •>tilchi>« in the teodona of the onler i>ido of tliv left jJoplileuT f)«oe, 
for n few tuituiter'. nlieu walking and -lnndingi»eTeair-first dayk — On tl>e 
inniT side of the left knivjoitit near the [Kiiella, violent [lain i^hootiiig 
backward into the kiiee-joitil. ami through the joint beuuth the pAtella, 
u if it were awolltii and lulliUueJ. when bcodiug Uie knee, fnun -I till II 
in ihe luoming: the pain dimppean during reM in an exicndcil ptwitinn. 
— Si-veml u-aring^ in the kuoe-joinU more or lew «overe. — £900.] Tcuring 
or icnring-^ticking pain in (he kneo-joiat, moM frequeaily in ihe inner ride, 
tliongb aWt in the outer nntcrior and poitorior porttun, also fre<)nenilv ex- 
tending into the neighboring parts. — Tearing m the tendon* of the ktioo, 
o^)Hviiilly ihv pd-^teriif r iniuelet, wh«i walking or standing, — Kmartiug pain 
in the fore|Kirl of the U-ft knee nearthepntelta, LwiccinHicrOMioQ. — l^rn** 
Alicking pain in tlie riglit leg war tbcVwer part of the tibia, when walk- 
ing. — S'o^ittve learidg^ekiug |iaiu in the left l«g, nn the ^ide hetweoo 
lh<.> tibia and 6bula, iti the exleuM>r niii^lee, eepccially in their tendotia. 
twi>inche3 above the jiint, extending d^wu into the external malltHdiisaud 
the outer Mde of the haek of the foot, huting more than hulf an hour. — 
Bumingntiokiug {uin in thi- middle .-.f the left leg, on lh« outer •iUc near 
tbe tibia about the middle, for alnmt three minute:>.9CTcnil timm returning. 
— Tearing jpain along the whole outer side of the right leg. into the exter* 
nal BullwltM and down over the outer side of the back of the font, theo 
also exteodiog apward aloog the outer »ide of the (high. — ^Teonire prvwive- 
tearing in the outer porttoo uf the left leg, a few incfaeH abore the erterBal 

H4 I 


ninliciiluA between tlic tibia nni) fil>ii1n, with iiitermic^iciiii', nciirly hiilf mi 
hniir.— Bilitie-slingiiig pitin in ilie inidtllp of the outer |Hirliikii of ili<^ right 
le^, cliit'lly uhcit unlkiiiL' kikI xtii tiding. — Ct)iTriiiive [>nin on tlip oiiU^r side 
of iIk- Icl't Ic^. — L^IO.] S.-ii>ulio» of i-olduo^, iiliDAi't tcnriuf;, ou Uifi front 
of lliv (i^ltt libiii. — 'lVani)(;-lL-ii^ivu pnni in tlit- middle nl'tliu libin.i-xUiid- 
iti)^ n|iwiin) lu (he kii«-. — Ti'Uiiivv itcbiiig or jiriwitij; jmia, Bumt'linim uc- 
ronipaiiii'd by btirnin^, or v,-nriii ftvhnff, nr nnrnb M'ii»>itti{>n, iu llio libiii, as 
if the- Imnc muuKI biioiiK- dirlrnilcd, with a bruit-«d nnd heavy ncnrulinn 
in ihc leg, xonu-timi'^ hi.stiiig only » i^hort linio, !«nmci imt.'ii M^vrnil hotirti, a 
few iiiii(!s iiiih u hnbitling iii>nsjiiiiin, uImi M^niPtinin' nlleniBtiii^ with Icitr- 
iuft or :<l>i'king, or A>:i>>(^^iatwi wiih thoiii, when nnlkin^ m>d Aluiidiiij;, though 
nl.'^t n^Uin};^[linllIlULMUslv^t tiiiiL'?', even in I hi- iniiniin;; on wiikiii); in IhkI ; 
rubbint: i-huikw at limes linming in the »kiii of ihe libia. — llnrniug-giKiM- 
ing fiiiin uii the inner iinterior side of tlie ri<;lil libiu below iha knw, whi-u 
wnlkiiiK) ng}:rnvateO by nibWiug. — J^Li^-kiug piiiu iu the tibia, ee|ieriiilly in 
the iiiiildle. Prom witlioiit inwiird, imtatly in ii Hniull snut, wlu-n wnlkiiiK iLod 
fttanding, M>ldQin nhc^n I'itliiig. — Ten ri tig-Mick iug jiam near ihe niiihllR of 
lite k-ll tibia, extending mitwiird. — Tcflriiijz-Ktir'king pain in ibf niiddlr of 
the tibtu, in the bone, in inl«rniittin|r, tvtirij;ing jrrki<, for luoru thun it iiiin- 
tile, a.* if the [teritwUitm wouM be turn louae. — Cuironivv slieking jtain in 
a tnmll t-iwl ill ibe middle of the eriiit of tlie libiu. — A hIu^Ip lititrh in the 
riijilit libia. — Thri'v Dlilche^ in the inner cidu uf t lie left tibin, ubuul the 
luultlle. — [920.] A wvere burning siiirli in llie lower [Kirlioii of the left 
libtn, in the skin an iht- ruili'r fide 4<]iise to the ridge of ihe bone, as if it 
]Mcrfed the bone,!io thai the Htar[«. — Thrt^c fiiu* bnrning »til<-h<« from with* 
onL inwiird, extcriiiilly uenr the left lihin, a fvw inrlii-? iibovc tlu: ankle. — 
Three !<udileii burning Klileheii, jieiietrtilin^ inward, in tbe utiter side of the 
lelt tibiu, iii^ if vbe were psitifully !-luii}jr byiin itiM^rl.M) that i^he fa-larlH(orie 
bundnrdtb dov). — Several fine burning-ilchiug tlitehee on the outer tide 
near tlie middle vif tlie right libiiu — Kiiperlieial Irariiig on the libin, at the 
vide of il. — Single traiiMi-nt (enriiig^ in ihi> tibia. — TeKriiig pain in varioiiR 
plueeH in ibn tibia, imt>«t fff(|nenl in the niiddio, frenneniTr extending iip- 
wnrd into the knve and downward into the nnklv, — Tearing iti lh« Mde» of 
Ibe libin, sumetimeM nuperfieial nud itliglil, ^-<]t^el iniM deep uiid viok-ut. — 
Tearing, at times teariugiitieking jmiii in the libiii, dunn along itft inner 
eiirfaee. with pre^jive, or bruised, or «nrni w?n«ition, or burning, sis if the 
bone Would Ik' pre^.'^il nt^undir, when walking and .■itan'ling.aiitrnlro when 
kitting. — Tingling, very [uiiiiliil ii-:»ri[ig in tlie right, tibni, ii ti-w iiirbp.-i fr«m 
the jfiiut, (xicndinj; upn-iinl, gr»-atly nggruvaled by prfcisure, lusting a few 
niiiiiittv. — [930.] Hiting-ismartiiig puin in the niidtlk- of the right tibia, 
(tgltraTaU.'d by rubbing and motion, uixi c'han;;ing to ii son; |iuiu. — Violent 
scraping pain in (he inner 8ide of the right tibia, t'rnni the inner malleolus 
upwan). — Sniartitig-hurQing pain in the upj^cr part of the rijjht calf, ex- 
tt'nially Ixdou Ihe knee, exiending hiii-kwnrd niLd downnari) over Ihe eulf, 
with a briiii^^l M'tmilioi). — (.'runijilikc pain in the h-fl ea If, when fitting, 
l^r n fi>w miiiutcf, lu if Iho mu^i-lr« were hrui>:4>d Iniuety-first <iay). — Tiii- 
Lcive {Hiin iu tbc culvc, when walking, especially wheti ri«iug after sitting 
[s long time. — C'niniplikc pain in the upper part of the let^ calf, uvtning» 
Lit) going iip>ilairK. — CmnipUke pain in the left calf, in the evening when 
[fwng Ui nle^-p, for 4uarter of an hour. — Crampliko pain in tlie right cnlf, 
prilli M-veral i>titcbt«, for bnlf a ininnte, when walking. — Drawing or draw- 
ling pnin in lli« wdvo?, now bore, iioiv there, uiniiinj only in isolulpd uixits, 
[sf)inecitn(« with a feeling of bviug lu^lcep, lieavinesji, or ilillheii:<. — Sliclcing 



iu llic appor inner pnrtiuu of tho Icfl calf, *»Qa dianpDs to a liiil)- 
bliujr HL-OAiiti'in, iMif n liluoilvcisscl wvn' tliruMtiii;; under ihc 8Kiii. — [MO.] 
Bti(rkiii}j pain from within iiuiwuril iti tli? ri;r|iL cnif, mniwhnt nlinvt? Uio 
nii<l<llo, fur torty «ec'>n<)!>, rcttiriiiii}; afWr flhtxit tou riiiiiiUc«<, mi'l e»nlii>ti- 
iog a Ifiiij^ tinit', but moilcmti'lv.— Si irking pain in iIip calvrw, imw hiigliti 
□nw Mircro, cltii-fly in llie niiiMlp.iltiriii^: xnil aOt^r muli'in.cuniiiiiiiiig iltir* 
infc Tvnt, cvt'ii iiriKJni; tvithmit motion, llnin^h ncldttm, 'iflrti pcni'imting 
dct-'ply. — Drawiiijt-alk'kiiiK puiii, uxIi'IhIidjc otitwanl lo tlic niiili))<' itf tin- 
rijtliL ralf, fur U'n iniiiuu-^. — In tliL< unlrr porlion of Uiv ri};lil mif. nrnr tho 
liuin, a oluw, L'Ultin<j>, »ili(?kiii|j pain, for n f<.'w minuli^— Iturriiiii; coriiHivu 
eiirkiiij; on tho ouior and ixwlcrior portion of llie mtiMIe of ilie rin'ii 
cnlf. — Tea rinc-^li eking pain in ilie calvtw.i'spi'riallvin tin- iiiiiMtn. — A few 
or wvcrnl «>IiI''1i(>n in Micccwuion in (lie calvw. — liumin]; Mti[cliri> in the 
tniildlcr of thi* l^'fl calf. — IHtinc pniii cm llic oiilt mul niilTior portion (if 
tbo left nilf. wIk'm walking;. — Tiii^liii^ M-nentiuii in tlt« calve, »■• of l>oiiig 
Aaloi-p. — [9fi0.] Tivriii;,' ]ibIii iti lliu uilvi* in viiriou* placvs, i^iwiully in 
the iiiidillu, BuiiK'tiiniii (.■xldnliiiK into llie l^-iiJiJ Ai'Iiilli?i or tliv knpc. — 
Superficial tearin)r {Miin on lltc miliar tiii]o of Ilia letV onlf, exiendtltg H<>wn- 
wanl from llie kinH-. — Tensive rnirn)>lik« «-nriii(r in llif upper and inner 
portion of ilio rifjtit calf, cBju-dally wlipii n-alkiii}; and ■landing ("onp hnn- 
fircil and tliird day), — Pretwivc ti-ariiig puiii in tlip k-ft calf, oxlendiii^ m 
far UD llic boiies. Tor ecvcral wiiMndfl. — Dull, prrasivc, iiniifwl piiiii in llie 
cnlviM. — Iliibbliii(* in llm li-ft calf, dwp in tlie iiiiihcIiw. — [n tliu oiiht p<ir- 
tiuu of llie niidillo of thf? k-rt onlf, bnbblin^^s n)orniu}:ii in bL*il loiio Itun- 
drcd and nintb day*.— A lynij'luiliu ^v^•l!i^lJ^ uf ibc k-fl Iciido AcKilli*, 
Vfbicli tor Mime tinn' fivls iiin-vtn, xlill mun-. bowi-vi-r. iii the ilppr«>wirtnfi 
Dciar il, Mliicli uru ntninHt lillvil up, only at first dtixky. [mte-n.''), aut'rwardi 
du^ky-r^^'d »poU alon^ tho Undons; at Rist violent pain on rniMiis the font, 
IcM wlicn htcppint: 11)1011 it, uhivK aflcr a time i-t n-licved, mid only returns 
pi'riiKlically, with a M>n»atinit a* if a h<^vy wfiiflil hung npou ibu font, 
diMippc-iiriii)^ in n horii:ontal |)o«ilion; wlu-n ntn^U'ltin^ out lh« lout cxttfud- 
ini{ iipwtif'l into tliv calf and liollow of the kuoc, with 11 i«;ii!<ation an if llie 
pnn« WL-fL- bruii-L-d ; fm^ni-ntly with pn-'Mivo or j^rumbtin^ [lain ; crnnip in 
tlie suit) of th(-> font if thu fool Imnjn down : at finrt flexion it; nlniixi intfto»* 
mhl<i nn HctMiunt of tho nov^^rity of lln; pain ; MiniotiniM prt-^oivt^ hnlihling, 
or tOMrin^', or frightful itching aggravated by nibbing, nuit hiirning in (lie 
nflt'Ctt'd part*: at one lime defiinaniation nf ihe «kin ; cliillinpiM in llie 
cvcninff of llii^ fourlli day; ^welting uf iho ntii-cli'd ponton of the foot 
afl«r mvlion, and Kwclling of the* livcl, i^<j thnt the arru^lomcd »\\<f it 
loo light, with burning in il, and emnin iu Ihc fool (thirtivtb to wvi-nttrib 
days); dwidwl truoiM of th«? hwt'lling liwl till tbt; two hiit) ami fifty- 
ninlh day, onlv pomewlial jvainfiil to i»re*'ure. — At timffw bcvitp, at timpa 
eliglitpain in tfit! te.ndint-ii .\v)iilli!<,a!< if thi-ybad lieeiiexie^ivolyiitntiiiod. 
— Pit's«ivc'>t<'.n»iv4' pain in )Eic if^ndtnf? A('binii>, when ><Iniiditig and walk* 
ing, and alY*>ru'ardiii; >^eldHini ulien at re4t.-—l^960.] Jli-awing pain or draw* 
ing-t<-ariii}; ill llii; Icndinca Achillis iii the Mimv c^tnditioiis. — Hlicking or 
dniwing j)uin in on<r or tbo tilher Icndo .\rtiiHiit. — .Slicking pain in the left 
tendo Ai'billis, when walkiug; m»re in the iwdterior portion, in a fen- pur- 
oxY^nis. — A fV>w Htit(?hw in the tcudinu* AchilliA. — Burning stitch in the 
left teiidn Acliiltin (seveniy-Uiinl driy). — Iitteriiittting mitene* in the Irft 
t«ndi) Ac'Iiilliii. when siititig and banging llie fuol, — Tearing |>fl)ii in the 
U^nilincii Ai'l)il|is, Kometimi^u< vxtvnditig up into tbn culf, UHunllyotntinuing 
Uvurly all duy, when Dtuuding aad v\-ulking,aud also when sitting. — Smart— 


l«;<i)Ui^, whvii UAlkiiiKi Willi vWrlliiiji; (if tliv lignnieiils au'l U-nOuu'r iu this 
region, cxtciiilin;; to ilii- Jiiiilt jmniiin til tin; fool ae Jiir u» llie gifiii toe 
fiiinuly-tiist iluyi, — CiiUl triifaiioii, with a kim) of pninles* tcnrinjr tichiml 
the IpII extcriinl niulIiiiliiH (titii' liumircil nnii fiOh diiyj. — [970,] Itiiniiiig 
{Miiii ju:*t i>l>i)Vt: tilt: U't't exu-rtial idhIIloIus.^ — ^Diiruiu}: puiii oii lliu JlII rx- 
trnijif ituilk'olii!'. — Oimwtng on llie tiiK-jntrt of ihr riKlit uiikle, for iwtiiiy 
wcuiiiltf. — (jiDiwiii^ (min uii tin' extiTiml iiiuIU'uliis of ilii- riplil tool, sminv 
(iiura luttiiij; only u iVw wvoroU, ^otm*! inic^ hours, — Uuawiii^ aiid ptitkini^ 
ill the rrjiioii above ami IkIuikI the Icl'l fxtcnml ninltoihis ( nincij-ripblli 
liny I. — Violi-iii prt'wive |Miu in tlit- inuer rijjht tualleolkui, lor ball' a min- 
ute. — Stidcleti ttickin;; puin in tlie k'f) u»kl«, when runiiiii);, for lv><-niy>oc- 
uDiU, :>o ihnt he l)i.-<'uiiiu luiiie i t*ixly-tlnril iluyl. — t?ii(.-kui<: iu tliu inner 
ediiIIlhiIih of llic right {VHit.t'liatiglng to tmn vbok-nt i<litchi-a nlit-ii »ti')i|iii))^> 
^.Slivkin^ ill llic tiiiirr side oTiIk* k-ll miklo on bcuiJiiig I ho joint uiKuuril, 
for hiilf n nitiuitf,— IJitiiig »tifkiii([ on the anterior am\ outer eiJe of the left 
mnncolii)'. — {980.1 I'ulst-likc ^lickiii;; in ibe hd external tnallcniuf from 
n-ilhniitinu-nnt, lorsix minuiiii. In the montiii(i nhcuwaknig. returning alter 
a <)iiarter of an hour as Hiigle aiitihe!', — Uiihhli«(f-sti(king jmiii in llie k-ft 
iiiti-riml iiiallooUi^ for five niinutt-n, iirvccilcil for tvii niiuuUi* by i>iiu|i)c 
flk'kiii}!. at t»i>t cliitDgitig Iu t\- ihill, (litru^i-il, liruUt-il. or iniiiib |miii, uilti 
iiK-rvs:^t'«l t'cutulioii ol niirinlli on llu' inner fiik' of ihi* li-(i.^Fiw violtul 
ftilcho* on tbc inner miilUoluc of thi? righi foot, extcinliii(; iicroM frf-m be- 
fore backnani (fortieth <iaT).~ A Jlilching iii the right anklw from »iihoiit 
inwan), nbfu siaKiiing. — Two picniiis, ViTT nrvere siiicbes in the anterior 
r*-(rion of tho right iiiikli;, when walking.— Two .■'harp iliu^hcs on ihs right 
«xterioil miilkoUi^, exlcu'ling into the joiot, \Uk'u vmlkiuL'.— A burning 
Mtilrli oil the outer lutl mallfolus, rhuiigiri); to it buniiii^?LicKing. — A burn- 
ing »titc'li ill thtr uiiLt^r anl«-riiir portion of ibv rijilit iiukle, It>llowe<l by itch* 
jng.'-Two Imniing «titebei! below anil in front of tb« int^nial nmlleoluA of 
ihn left iirx-t.^Tt'iiring in the ankleti extending, now dnwnnanl, now U|r- 
«nrd.--r990.] Tnirinji; in the inm-r tnnHeoliiK of (he left fool down into the 
het'l.— Fine tearing in the I'oivpnrt of the lelt nnklR aero^ to the inner 
innlk-i'lu-r uii<l down Iu lb« ijoU- of lliv li'ot.— VioUrut tearing in the left 
exteninl niiilK-oluK, extending upwnni into the tetiduii». for biilf a iiiiniite. 
— Tiiiring in the ouH-r Hnlvrior juirtiouof ilie lell ankle, extending ujiuatd 
(dIo the leg tind ilowiiwunl i»ii> the bsiek of Ibo fool.— Scv'iv leuriiig, 
aliiKii^t rtieking, from the lell externa) nialU->>lii» upwind into the ncightwr- 
iiig Leiidonr, tor fitrly M.iitndM. — Tearing in the inner nialtemliiA of the left 
fool, eiittiiging to a burning.— Tt-aring in iln' left inner mnllenlus for half 
an hour, with u eharp etileh exkioling iuwurJ. — Teiitiive-tearing pitin upoti 
the lorL'|Nirt of the left Hiikle.^I>r»niiig'ieuniig pain in the U-ll exttrtinl 
in&lleolui>, (.'Xleudiiig forward anil downuanl. — Tearing, or teuring-teu"ive, 
orMieking pain in llie malleoli, mrtdoni lusting; verv frequently- — [1000.] 
Violent tearing aud digging pain i» llie left exieriial nialleolu», extending 
into the little toe, tn that bi' i^ not able id ntove the foot, in the evening 
Hlicn going to fleep, Iiu<ting tKrvenil niiniiloii; aflerwanl several nligbler at* 
tAcki*. — ii^vore p<tiii when loiielied, in the tendons and neigllboring nortioii^ 
of tlic boiH', in the n-gioii ia front, und !><miewhal above liotk innlJeoli, e»* 
peeiully of the left foul, diiieuvered iireideniiilly uii molioii (tiftyninlb to 
bixty-eixtli dayni. — Sitmrting pain in the ankles. — Bubbling t»ileheii frtnii 
llie let^ iutcrnni itmll(;uliu< aenjtia over tbe joint, as if mmethiug living 



were moviag in tliis i>)uce. — Siiinrling-ilcliingpainoti tlicforepnrt nml pMm 
of tbi-k'tl KDklf.'. — rofUr On :<l retcTt Jtig uut thi> It^ll IWt, puiti iii tbo forr- 
■mrt of it. — I'uiii in ibv fnvl, )'«|ie«iHllv' in lli« t<»e!i, its fmni cliillilitiiio. — 
Biirriiug jHtiii, tu from ncltlttt, on ilio u'liter burdvr of the left t'<><tt.— Spiim- 
tUni in tbn leU h'tllow of the fiiot, ue if tlie tctidott? were tor> Klmrt, likf a 
cramp, when uallciiig and sittiiij:. — -Two ^hnrp slitrha" in tlic wbolc <tt' thr 
outer border iiI'liH' right f'tmi frnm u-iihinit iiivranl, tboii,«ii wtcupiii^, ihrf-o 
marc — [1010.) l'iv« violent itildiQ^ in tiie out«r und middle portion of ili<a 
trfV lt>ot, putivtrutiii^ rnini ubuvc tu ihv miiJur ?id(.\ u:< if the fuut viiiitid Iw 
niiiled down, nfWr r Tvw n>iuutv>. — ^I'hn-v fri^^hltul «tiU'hM belwi-t-u llie 
metatarsal boufH uf llie ruurtb tiiid l^ltK tovi- nf tlio li'ft fuol, at) it' a uAtl 
wfi« t'ori'i'd f'lvm sIkivc tliroti^'h llic (imt, when htandinj: d'ortv-HnirtJi <luy i. 
— A tpariiig in the inner btirner of the left iiml. — ■(erklikfl tpariiig^ in iltn 
outer border of lb« right f<Kil, involving the whole i>vii>ril nf tbt* iTii>liiliir>nl 
l>un« cif the little loc, Iik:«r.iug ^eveml minutca, while «itliiijr al^^r n witlk. — 
Corru»ive pain nil thu iiiutrr bordtr uf the left foot. — Uiirtiini,* pniii uu the 
outfr puriioti of ihe bick of the right foot. — C»rr<>sivL> burning on tbi? alitor 
anterior aide of the buvk of the left fuot. — Oa ibe huck uf the nj»bt Kwe 
ficru9d betiiiid tlie first jijiot of the four out«r l0(», Ceasive pttjn, bt;riiiuiug 
sticking <»» stepping, tur a qnarter of an hour, in the mi>n)tiig on ri*i«g.^ 
Four )!tiiehi^ fill the ouit^r >iide nf the Imi'k nf the right foot, when fining, 
li'ttvin^ ji paiu rtttor them Ififly-lirii dnri. — 'IVArlnn jmiti <>n the ha<-k of 
till' ri^'ht limt ill the middk", cxU-tidiug to the iiiiddlt.- torn, wlicii ■ittiiit;. — 
riOdO.J At one time drawing, at unoibi-r U-Tiiiive, hI another stirk iiig-leui^ 
1I1J5 uu the Iwek of the foot, drawing b«L-k au'I forth, al oiie lime le*i, at 
anolbvr mure severe, tmiumillr ending itb a i^titcb iu the ti[» of the toes. — 
Ciirnifiive pniii on the outer side nf llie back nf the letV foni.^ Bubbling 
!('ii!'ali<in on clio buck of the left foot, oxci'iiding lowanlM iho Hille mc— 
I'siin in H (.•oni in ibi^ right foli* fr<.*f|N«?otly. — Tinglifig, nt titiifc" rniwlinif 
iwuKition of waniuli in the en]vt, iilteii uL tbo snim: tinK- iii the tot's, iiud tm 
the back of the fool, a^ lU froxeii ft-ot. — Kiiniing in the iidles of the fevt, 
&ipei?ially ill the evening.— Stickiii^-biiriiiug pain in the solea of tlie fert. 
— A stitch iu the lefVnoIe just behind tbebecund (oe, chau^^iug to a »light. 
freijiK'iil. hiihbling seiiwilion. — Tt'n or fitWen st'iinitive ftlitrhi'M in the sole 
of the riplit fuiii, nt the flr«t joint of the middje toe, when Mnnding, from 
without inwitrd. — A piercing ?titoh on the inner side of the right Bole. — 
[1030.] Two burning stitL-hea pciirtruting iumird iu iht- rijjbl »olc bvbint) 
the joint «(' the fir,<it toe.— (JiHwling-stitehing in the sok' of tb« foot iiiwl 
on the baek of the tirat joint of the left luiildle Uk». — Violent jiulKatiog 
etilL-hef. d*:ep in the left wle not far from the heel, for sevewl miiiutes 
from without, ttiwanl (twenty-nixtli day). — Tearing on the outer Imnler iif 
the right wk-. — ^Twirhtg pniii in the «ole of ihe lelt fool and in the uiem- 
tiiraal joint* of ihc loew. — Tiiiniig pain in the sole* of the feet, now Ut^tf, 
mm- there, frequently with cranliii^ rnotioiif. and u BCiiNition of iuereiiwd 
warmth therein. — In the middle of the sole of tbf leit tool, rallier CXtcr* 
nnlly, a ]>iiin, a.^ ntter briiiniiig the fool, — A burninj; son- laiii tu the inner 
«)<lcof thv left sole. — titilcbeft in Ilio balln of Ihe foet, neldoin lasting iii<>r« 
than a few minutes, freijiiuntlv only half a mintiie. — l'ul»-!ike {■litn.-lics is 
the right ball« of the feci, — Twirtng in tJie l>all« of tin? fi*t, iiioetly of ihf 
great toe, HOinctimeii only for half it minute, nt timc« ln»tlii^ for hour^ when 
walking and aflerwurda, or abo when silting ; vory frcf|u(.-iitl«, ducily nhca 
iitepping, when it in firat nolieed. — [1040.] Sticking piiin in tne heel, moiily 
ill the lon'or Hiirtitcc, extending deep into the homui, most fretjiient on m»- 



tJ»D aotl when Mcpmng', ofteu nnly noticed when ttcppiofr. — ^TearinK-rlick* 
ing pstn in the Iieel, nbeu wnlkiiii,'. eMM-i-iully un sti-]i|)iiip.(>xiL>iidii)K i\vop 
into the bonu^, ;«klom when aittiup. — Tingling icaritig-^iickiiig in tltt^ rij^lit 
beel, exieo<line <leep inli* llie iKnit'ti, Inpiiiig a lew iiiiiiiil«>, an it' iin'ns were 
aHti4>lhing living in it. — PnWUkc siirkiiig [laiii. e!iiif<'ially on (lie Inwer 
fUriiiTO «il Ilie ImK'I, in two to iwi-iit y utilfhcH, jir liiiifs line, nl litiuN vitilnnt, 
fnMH wilhuitt inwunl, often clmnKin^' into stilcliw Iit^titiK r ftw niiauKw. — 
h'iuxlt: ^lil^lliv in llif ho.'!, cwptfial ly in tiii! Idwct jjurlioit. — TlirL-f itii-rfiug 
BtiU-hw lurnxw thnttij^li the ri^Iit hwl Irom vrillioiu iiiwaiil, when siaudiiig 
(tliiny-tliiril ilay ^ — !>ev«n WT«re stitt'lieH front the nuierti»P"iil*r jHirliuu 
uf tlitr nimrginot' thu \vt\. heel at interviile n-illiin five niiniite'-.n-'' if'n sharp 
ilt#truiiwiit werv ihniFt diH-ii ihrougli lli« :<kiii, when walking, on M^jijting, 
to violent that lip niiDil ^iiik <k>wii uiinoly-tliird dny i. — ])(irning«liiet>iiig 
io the inner side (if tliu left lic<.-i. — A ^cu^itive rutting stitch in the left liCvl, 
»low, uecupying half a iniuuie in pa«iiig ihnjugh (wvi-ntrcnth dny^ — 
Tearing fMtin inihe hoelti.papoc-ially uheu Kn Iking and !.tcp|>iug.sutn(!tinies 
iJso iu iiogle l€arin^. very lrei|ueinly, i^eMom wlieii a\ rest. — (lOdO. I Seo- 
f«ti<iii of i»u[>|Hint(i<)ii in llie hee):-, i«|it-4-intly alter lon^; tiiimding. — 2hen, 
A iiaiii. tvt il' e|in(ineil, iu the nn;i)ittin>Hl juint(> uf the liie« of die right I'lK't, 
flinu nwHv haeUnanls rniu llie iiiiddk' fmrtiun uf the foot, with n i^eiksttlion 
ut il' Ibe i»rt* were swollen, for two iliiys, iiicrtaseil l»y taking hnlil of it 
i'niulli dart. — Itiiniing iwin in the tip of the left greal toe. — Tmnsicnt 
liuruiiig oil the back of tne first joint nf llie left great fw, while silling. — 
l>ipging pain in the right great toe, as if il would beeome inllttmeu. — 
TiiigltitH-digj^iiig |>]iin in the right great toe, liir a niiniUe (eighiy-t-eveuth 
<lat I.— Tearing -tickiiig-*ligging [iHtn iti the wliule tin of llie right great 
itiv, for a minute. — .^k-veic sliekiiig |«iin in ii eorn in the k-ft iieeond lue. — 
Severe etieking from without inwaru and bnckwunl lii the grrul lue, lusting 
at limes nnlv a few minut«>, at limes Inr several lioui-» ; It ennies on whil« 
Kalkiiig, atid t.'on tinner while at rei^l; with every step there is a lititeh ln'iX' 
ti«th, »«veuty-1liird, and eighty-fifth day^, etc. ). — Bunting or smarting-^ti ek- 
ing on the )mek of ihe Kcnnd .)uiiit uf the right eecuiid toe i A-veiity-tirst 
tlsv). — [1060.] Jerklike nlickliig in finglu toe«.^-Cn)wling-»liekiiig iti the 
riglit gr«it Uk'. — Tninging dmH-iiig-Kliekiug in the right fourth toe, ex- 
trading biieknafd» along tlie Imek of the toe iiitti the font. — 8cnj^iiive jerk- 
b^-fliekiiig ill the right gn>iii loc fniin wiihnur inward, wvrml hours in 
•iHxnftatiun, W'jrM> when wniking. — l'ul*^Iike utiekiiig [inin in the great toes, 
at titnM pciittnitinK inward, at times outwaM.— Siilcho^ in the tips of th« 
Iocs, e»|jecial!y of the great tin's. — ^^eveml stitthes in the ball of the lcf\ 
great toe, extending forwanl into the toe (,une hundred and i^eeotid duy).-^ 
In ihe hall of the right gn^al toe, frightful ftiteliefl,peuet rating itiu-a'rd aa 
fn^ni n |>oii>led nail leue hiindrol and lirpl day). — Three slitehiv ihrmigh 
Ihe ineUitarNil joint of the little toe from ahove downwanl (fiirly-lillh day). 
— Kiglilorleii ilwjily [K-uclraling »tileht^» iu the first joint of the li-ft fourln 
lo* 4 eighty-eighth day). — [1070.] Stilc-he*, frc<|Uci»t!v *Iiiirp, iti the lifxt of 
the (<"», ehiefly of the great toes, Hometinics peiietmling inward, sometiniefl 
outward.— Pine burning stitches on the left great toe, ais from needles, ex- 
tending from th« ball.— Jerklike iieverc .ititehea in the metatarsal joint of 
the right great toe. — PulnrJike stitehei! in the region of the f\m joint uf 
thti third toe of thu Ief\ foot, from below upward, when jsittiiig. fur ineutv 
seeoud^. — A etiteh un the liaek of the nietaliLrtiul joint of the left fourln 
tue, extending forward iiiln (he tocf, while ^t^mding iforty-fourtb day). — 
Vivk-Dt stitche* iu Uie under surlacc uf the righl great toe, when walking. 



for fiv* or six niinutes, — Tlngimg pain in tlio wijole of the riglit aroai loe,j 
Es if it ivouUl eiw-ell (oiir liumlrcil anil ihirri day). — Cmwliiij; iiiiiriiiiriiiii 
ia the Iuca, siiiiiRtinieN H'illi fine riLiu-li<t.4.— -Cniivliiig in clitt linil nlnlnti^ 
of the four outer IfCt lae». — Tdariii^ iri the iiii-tattirH!il joiitl of uv Hc>.vtni|_ 
luf». — [^1080.] A ICAriajc iu the bull uf tlii; fourtli tuv uf llic riglit fw>t.— ~ 
Bin};!*: lr«riii};s iti ili« to<s*, esjtuciiillj- in iliu joints. — Tearing in the tow, 
(Himt-'liiDL's ilriiwiti};. si>rnL-times Hiicking, MXiietime^ burning in ttin jointE, 
on iht? ^tirriic-e, iiiiu in tlic tina, sfimtftimLW t'ligHi, tromctimra severe. — T<•a^ 
iii^-wrtriii^litn^ pviin in llti! rhinl ani] fuiirth tneu of the ri-^lit r»i>ttH»iii<-tinia~ ' 
willi i-iiijili:- uliii.-ln'ji, Iwsting nearly tIio whdli- rliiy.— Ti-nriiig in nil llu* li 
of tlu- right fiml, uliilr sictiiig.^Hiirniit^ tt.>iirin}; finin in ihe bull of tbi 
liltlo tue. — Viokat t<lickiii>r tearing; iu tlit ri];hl ltciiI loc, fniiu ibn M^no ' 
jiiiiiL ti> tlic tl)i, for one uiitl ii linlf iiiiuiitcs, uhik- Mllintf afWr walkir 
(.t'uny-liiini (lay).^Jerklike |i:':iriiigf= in t.lit' first joint uf the right foiii 
Kje, — Violoiit rwiiti in ilia >m!c-oiuI tite of thu left f«ot, as if it woiiUI auppii- 
I'titc, for Luu niitiiilfvH. — A nciisiliuii in the li|ii« of the great ItK=i, ttf if tlii-y 
liiulbiren |Nktiiliillyhrui.Hi!(l, at times nnlyliyn pre.'^iire n]Hii) thvni, — [1090.] 
In Ihi; wtL'Oinl ami thinJ l<«« of iho rijilit foot aii ulreralive or bniiscl jiain, 
for two tiny*, with inter rtiiiMiioi)* (sixth to Mventh <lrty«). — UiirniiiCi curro- 
«ivu, or ^urt.- iwiti iu lUc Utw, ejiiuL-mlly in the two tu^t iiiid ilic gr^^^t tw, 
BODteiinu^H abo in the ^ei^ond ann thinl toes, even niter a short nnllc, with 
paltj reiliii»-4 of the tou.-'.as alter supcM-fifiul freering; tight hotAa are uiien- 
duniltlt;; tliu oiilt^r bonliir of tlii' fmil frt^piciitly siiH^r- also; the i-kiii be- 
Ivrvi-n ihv Vh.-» i» very |>ninfnl to touch : 9oinetim«i> with itcbiii^-Uiiring 
belwuL-n the tv«9i. 

OeneiUtlities, — Allnck<itf fiiintnc** with *mliii*tj nr^aitme of bli»ml 
after a walk ; swtMit anil hcjit lu the upper Imlf of tJie boily, polilnRW, jiiaU'" 
lie.-** iiiid Mi)iikeniiti«i of the fare, otipression of the chest, shnrrly bufof 
going to sleep ; on lying down in beil rhe shivois ; she sleep.* henvily, li: 
nbiiiit v]iiiiii.-ily mill liiw liaivy dream.- (iit'ty-Hrei iiiiy>— CViiliiiunI, evcD 
aligbl, (Kx.ii]iaiioii IJiti):ne.-i liir x-ery tnni-b, nml !>weiilliri.-ak.^fiui cai<ily. — la 
tliet^veuing Irctiucnlly grent fACi^uc, »o thai ^bucnntiot keepnwuke. — In the 
evening buiI iilWr eupjuir jbc wiw viirv w>n tired, snd »Iie was oblif^yl ttigo to 
bed veryisirly (firatdfiyt,'". — (ireattiitiffue in the evening'; bcg(H.-»tolH>iltiia 
hoim Hiiitner than nniml. nnd falls uitleep iMMmer than u.<nn} \ fimt day).— 
yninllikc wen kiu'.-i!ii wlicn walkiiig,t«litnding,or if ««Iie ri^tes up, with verlieo 
(twelfth and tlitrtventli iltkya I. — Oreut weaknem in ihu limb?, niiil iu Ine 
whole biiity, iiicreiived Ijy milking or luii^ ataintin'^. t-veu alight exeflions 
direct hor very iniidi.— Kvli(in»li'>n even to tn^'iiihling. m thai cbe feaml 
thai ber knees w-mld break duwn ; vertigo oo ri'^ing up when she #t<K>)>ed'l 
(thirteen ill ilay).— [1100.] (idneral pnittraiion, mi that ahe baa ni> dmire lo 
di> Hiiyihiiig, nlWr six t» ten lioiin<.— A eondition ii^ar to fnintitew, alUr 
riding, lollifwed l>y a -ihtirt wnlk,t4o that she inu!<t tie ilown. — CiiM)enU.i 
briii^etl i^iiiisAt inn in tliu whole body, eHpuciall^' in the brvrcr limli>>, ai nflof^ 
grejii I'al igne. — AIUt long atuuplug, alio fcnh tu if bruiswl uu J tinablu to do 
anything liwelrtli <biyt. 

Hkhi,— Gene rut Appeavanre. The skin frequently becowM 

sticky and j-ealw "If, and a. ihin, i)nnvnit<b, fiinerfirial wnrf itp|K-ftnt on iu 
inner innrgin. — Two «rnall red *^[yoU on wwrh nine of the forehead (i^ixiy-IIAb 
diiy ).^-Oii the forepart of the left shonlder, three Hiniill, puiietif>r()i,nii^ltled, 
tliiBky-recl twi\», at tinica soiiirling i>lit;blty (iH.-vcutv-t<*urtb ilav). — Ou ibo 
fonipart of the right shoulder, two dLi»ky-red niotthi) »|hiW nearly euiiflueiit, 
one about a quarter of an iueti, the other abont tive^lburtbs of an ineb liinjf, 



somewhat iwiuful upon f;nu>plii^ i(, lut after n bruii« of tlic i<kin or like 
"TibicM" ilony-fiiunli «liiy),^A |mlB dusky-red. mottled spot aa lurji* 
ad a litiirdoltHr neap tht osionml condyle oC (lie lolt hunit-Tii', nl linitja 
buniiii;; uutl itvliiiig ii.'' if r<)ii;;i-.-tiHl. in the iiii<li]li> of an eltrvnted iioitle- 
nuli-tike »clu — iSmiiH diwky-iwi. |M-lc<-liiaMike. nt timeji uliglnly irrltiiig 
or )itiriiin)j; f|H>U. mi (lu- forciinii, iilx> nt timi--<' on tha htick of llt« hnnd, 
elk-fly iiciU- tlic wrisl mid a ffw iut-lits from il. — [1110.] A pcvvn-ly Miiurt- 
ing »pol an incli and u half long, bright r«l, on ilif itiin-r sido of thf Itft 
tbtufa, abuut five im'h»i fmm thu kuw. luxiiii^ laore iliaii lialf an hour; 
nibniiig a)tgrAvai«di llie pain ; tlto op'it di^ipix-un^ the next day. — Hi'iiff 
tionn. HiiiErlc, ;^-lilom groitiMHl. Btirkiag, tmI, hiirniny-iirliin); or Clicking, 
or (piawing |uiu]>l(«on iIk- dkin. wii^itive lo |iM>si*tire, M«nally wiinmiidi-d 
by H nt] areola, iritli b'rnall lijK ooniuinin;:; jtat. at la^t chxn^dni^ lo IrowD 
iu}b liko liver »jM>ti>. — Sorcrai piniplia uii the li|». — Piiiipl<»ut limc« oa 
tilt? chin. — ^verai pimplmon tin- lliroat. — 8omc pimple in tht'i-kiii of'tho 
eht-*it, nio*t niim4>roii» mi tlie shoiildor-blndtw, — Piiiiplts on the neck, boiimj- 
riaiw U^ddii-d, frcqueiilly in grwii|», e^pei'inlly near ilit- hair. — .Some pimples 
on tliv luick. — .Simo piniplr.< upon Ihf ulionldrrr. — A i>inipli> on the lip of 
iJn- riijlil t'lUw, which Wt aint- nmrh iiit1tiint~ii by nthhinjf. — [1120.] IsolauM 
/Min|>kN on the back of the finLcew, at oriit tirm- urifon the rndiHl nidi' of the 
ri);tit rinj; finder. — Oa tUe ba'.-k of tlic first phahinx of lb« rijiht index 
igpr a jaiiill Miperfifial ptinple as if a wart wouhl furni. — Some pimnlnt 
fi tlip iintt-s. — A fi'v piinpU's on the thigh, — Ua the lelt upj>er arm just 
jD'-'fttb and hvhitid ihi- fhoidder a patch of iiellle-m.*h, twtHhirds of au 
iirh Inn;;, ilfbiii^jcomrwliat, »lli;-r«anl!« dvipniumliii^: i tifty-fiftlnlav).— Aa 
Btvhitig »p<it of uvllK'-nbib on tbo left upper anil, a few itichi>< afiovc the 
«?ltH)w. — A ai-ltle-rash-Uke itching apot on tho Ikii-Ii of (be lell band, i» Iho 
■S'ort^Iia rt, Ifetneen the Mfcoml aail tiiird metacarpal hones. — In tbc hall uF 
B^lic right linnil, ihrev fiipprfieiul .semi-lnia^pari.-at ^niatl vrartf, di»ippuariii|^ 
^ptfU'f Hiine time (one hundrod and Iir«l day ). — .Supertieially, or rather JtiHC 
■ inidcr Ihc I'kiu, n wart a* lanic as a millct-?eed, on the outer snrfai-v of ths 
ibtnl phalanx nt' the ri;;lit miildlc fiti};er, yligblly itcliliig (nnc hnniln-d nuil 
-fifth day).-^!!! the inner rij^ht side of the lowi'r Up, a vesicle a^ Uirf^e a* a 
fiinall pea, becotue-i flatletieil; the next ihiv tno F^nialler otk-4 iirii^o, — [1130.1 
On tin- niormin mrt:ihraii« of ibi! lifu nnd t-hirck^, i^cvcral very painful aim 
Tcry rt'il inilaniril pimplt^. with d<'ep thoit;;li not hmad liiippiiraliuy points 
ill the centrv', — SeiiMittionit. .Siniplo pjiin in the skin in n small spot in 
tlic middle of the outer nnd uatcrior sidu of tlio ri^ht llii^h, for a niiuute; 
afler Ini luinutcf* rmnic biliuj; fltitrhea in the 'iiniL- tilari-. — Cold ^eii^ulion in 
tile skin in a small spot below the right uate?. — >ionieiilary cohl eetisatioD 
in the .-kin on the inner anterior portion of ilie left thigh, as if a few droiis 
of ice-ojld water had hwii pjmlten'd on the ekin (peventy-sixiK dayj. — la 
tke upper and ti>re]tart of tin; right tbigli, a. >iidden i^etii^tion, as if ii cold 
Mtmal a few indie^* lon^, about thu i^ixe of u lixard, lay on thf .nkin.tio tliat 
die hiirrit^ly shook the i-lotbcs lu ord«r to ^t rid of it (^ixty-niotb dsT). 
—i)a the pnstprior lower nurtinii of tbc right thigh, in a small spot, a acnwi- 
tnu n> if the okin louehml some cold metal or ice, or asif udropof icvcold 
r were ^paitnred upon it, lasting a few minnteti while walknig (ninety- 
day). — Momentary t^old i*eniialioii, as if ice-cold water touched the 
sin uu tho outer side of the left leg not far frinn the knee (^.cveniy-toLirMi 
dayj,^A eemation as if cold water were ^pntU^r*'d mi the skin at n t^aiall 
f|«it lh-hi« the left calf, for a few iiiinules,— Cold sctiiation iu u sniall ^pol 
to ibeckio OD the upper outer portion of the icW leg. — Cold aciuutiou above 
TOL. II. — 12 


the left internal malleolus in a spot in tlie akin of the size of a penny. — 
[1140.] Burning pain in front above the middle of the right upper arm in 
the skin (one hundred (ind third day). — Burning pain in the skin of the right 
thumb inward. — Violent burning pain in the skin on and near the tnels- 
carpal bone of the middle finger of the left hand, for a few minutes (seventy- 
first day ), — A violent burniug several times, with itching, that compels her 
to acrnU-h, in the right checK in front of the ear down to the lower jaw 
(fourtli day),'. — Sticking, burning pain in the skin an inch from the right 
side of the navel and somewhat above it, lasting for half a minute.— 
Gnawing pain in the skin in the upper part of the right side of the chest. 
— Gnawing pain in the skin of the wristj?, aggravated by rubbing. — Gnaw- 
ing pain in the skin in the upper anterior portion of the right thigh (oae 
hundred and sixth day). — Gnawing pain in the skin in a small spot in the 
left thigh above the middle of the iurcpart, for a few seconds.— Gnawing 
pain in the skin of the calves, mostly oausetl and aggravated by walking. 
— [1160.] Itching burning-sticking woke her frequently in the night, now 
here, now there, un the extremities and on the trunk, and which often com- 
pelled her to scratch (one and two nights),". — A fine stitch in the skin u 
from nn insect, on the posterior external and upper portion of the left upper 
arm (one hundred and fourth day). — Fine t-titches in the skin in the inner 
surface of ihe last joint of the left index finger. — A burning stitch in the 
skin about two inches to the left of the navel. — Burning stitches in the skin 
of the left side of the abdomen, two inches from the nnvcl, followed by itch- 
ing. — Burning stitch in the skiu in the middle of the right thigh externally 
and posteriorly. — Fine burning-itching stitches in llie skin of the left 
heel. — Two sudden biting stitches in the .*ikin of the flexor surface of the 
left forearm, two inches from the wrist. — Two biting-itching stitches in the 
skill in llio middle of the flexor surface of the right forearm on the rndiiu, 
las-ting for one miimto, becoming a biting-itchiug (eightv-.«eventh day). — 
Sniarliiig here and there in the skin of the cliest. — [1160.] Smarting 
pain ill llic skin in the ])ostcrior portion of the lower and outer side 
of the right thigh, lasting sotne minutes.— Gnawing, burning, sore pain 
in the skin of tlie right poplitcnl space, when walking, for a few minutes 
(ninety-Hcveiith day). — Corrosive sensutiim in the skin in the region of the 
left lower orbital margin. — A feeling of formicaiion on the right side of the 
upper lij). — Violent itching on the externa! surface of the lids and the skin 
of the temples and of the foroheiid, which compels her to scratch, which 
only inonicntarily relieves her; the region about the eye becomes quite red 
in con sci| lie lice (first day),'", — Itching on the chin. — Itching in various 
places of ilie skin of the chest, now in front, now in the sides or in the 
axilla, chiefly in the skin of the sliou1der-btade.B, obliges scratching, but 
thcreupiiii soon disappearing, but readily returning, sometimes biting, or 
with fine stilelics or burning. — Itching in the skin of the neck, though not 
so often a.s in other places. — Itching on the neck, frequefatly burning or 
biting, also corrosive, with fine stitches, which compel scratching and are 
reli.vcd by it, but soon return again. — Itching in the fossa above the left 
clavicle. — [1170.] Itching in the lumbar region, at times burning or biting 
or sticking, as from hairs or fleas. — Itching in the region of the shoulder, 
chiefly on the anterior or posterior border of the axilla, causing scratching, 
sometimes burning, biting, crawling, or fine slicking, in the axilla. — 
Itcliing ill tlie right U|iper arm extcrimlly above the elbow. — Itching, at 
times siinjile, at times burning, or also with fine stitches, in and arouudthe 
elbow, mom on i t^s outer than on its inner side. — Itching in the flexor surface 



of tlic ltd fnrc-smi. — Itching in the flexor surface of the rirht forearni, 
from the elbow lo the miHcilc uf llio fiireariu. — f^imjile or biUn^itt'hiDg 
in tlio wrwli!. — Il<,>hin}( on llic bnc'k of the hand or in th<> piilms, at 
OD« I'miu rim^tk-, ut unotbcr buruiiig or hiliiig or fin« elickiuK 'T cmnl- 
iag, rcltcTuI by riihliiti;;, hut soun returning; in ihc sunK ur nnothirr 

f»}iu:«.— lU'hiiiu in the liugvn, n Klttijik- huriiin^ line slicking, or t>tiu-b- 
ikp. — Itching 111 varictu places on the thigh, eimitti? or bnrninc or with tine 
otitchu;:, or biting IT fineitlttkiii^Tt ('un.'-ingM'rnlc-hin^, by nhiih il dtML|>]Knra 
but (>n>ily returnii. — [1180.] Iicliing on the kiiei^jniiit, now in rii>iit, imw 
bofainiJ, now on one- i^idc, :>iin|ily burning or nci'niiiimnicil by Inn- ^liicht-si.— 
Violent il«biDK iu the skin of llic kucv nmi thiijh in the iitlvruooii, which 
raiiMs Lcr lo scratch thcin. uftcr whitb it soon dimnpcuni, but retunw 
Bg»in <^s«««(l (lay),'. — Violcnl itching in the legs, ni]Hiliv eh«Dgiog plai-es, 
Eonictimte wiilfly extcmte<l, oHod with burning or fine Hlicking, or a eeiiea- 
tiot) of incniWMxl nmnnll). — Itebing iu ibt calves, eoiuetiinea hiiniiiig, biting 
or wiib fiiie«til<;hi«. — Iicbiug in ihe rcgimi of ihe tendine* Achil)i», wime- 
limni buruing. — Jicbing on llw niiklen iiud nmlk'Dli, dimply buniiii); or line 
rtickiug. Eometiraes exteodiDg to the bucks and t^idcs of the feet, nUo bit- 
ing, — Itching od the backs of the fwl.niinplc burning;, biting, or i^tieking. — • 
Itching in the m>Ics, how eiini])le, now biting, now burning or fine slicking. 
— ]|4'hiiig in the lui.-ls. — Itching in the tots,fc-(>witt)ly on th« backn, simple 
burning, cnittliiig. biting or burning. nUo with huu ^tilchesor fiut; slicking 
iu iheiu. — Burning itching pniri about lUv mtddiv of thi.' right u]>]k>t arm, 
in thi^ l<jn-j'urtuudcxt«niaily,l<>rii few niinutiv. — [1190.] Violcnl, tniitiiing 
burning itching on the back of the letl foul, tnicc in bed Wforc going 
lo »]rcp, ntin? abo in ihe day when sitting, aggravated by Kcratching, which 
>hc is cuuipellc^l to do ; t^ho i» obliged to change the [X]c«iiion of the li'et in 
bed c<.>t)i<taut]y ntnl to tvek cold places (tixlietb to sixty-ecevnd dnya), — 
Hiitebing-likc itching on uud behind ihc Icil cxterniil writt. iu the tk'm- — 
Bituig<ttchiug in the rcyion of the elbow extcruully. esjiwialiv somi^what 
above it, relieved by -cmiching, which cuu^e a elighl redness of tiie dkiii. — A 
biting or burning itching in the flexor surface of the lell foreami not fur fioiii 
ibo writ-t. — Biiing-ilching in ibe middle of ihe right leg e3:t*rnally, ii«ir 
the rn:*t of the libin. aggmvnud «iid cndwd by wnlking. — Biting-itching 
pttiu oil the inner anterior portion of ihv left tibiu. — .Siuurting itching [idiii 
in the akiu of the right upper arm in the middle of the outer ]>i>rtioii, 
aggravalctl by rubbing. 

ifice/f a$irf l/refltnn. — Yawning, alternating with enictatione (after 

one and a half lioun^). — Tearing In the kfi tidt.- of tin* ehe?t (alter nine 

fa»aTv). — R«|i«atHl (iltrepini^K' during the day, eapecislly in the niuruing, 

nUo alWrenting. »<) that he ii^ ubligcd to lie i^uwtj. — Hlecn iinu<^uHl]y long, 

till 7 o'clock IU the ludrniiig, with a wcnry and bruiacil i>eii^atitin and a 

j)re»iv-e pain iu iho head, buck and loiuH ifurly-sixlh day). — [1200.] 

Uitheult waking in the morning, when she eniinot rightly recnilect, ciiiinol 

collect her thoughts, and niuiit ex<.'rt all her power to g<t uwalcc (^vcntli 

day). — •Sh« ia niiahle to full a7lcL-p before '2 u'duck in thi: night (twelfih. 

t)ay}.^He wakes frvcjueiitly and very t-ai^ily utiotic 2 Iu 4 o'clock, ennnot 

MD ill spite of Ihe fact thai he is mill very tired, or he fall^ asleep 

It abo wnkci^ again ; with leneiou in Ihe liead, ni^h vf 1iIo<jd In 'it 

L-il«'nieul. — Krccpient waking from iilccp in an uuiimhiI po»i(iun uti 

ihe Ml «dc. — FwNjiicnily rcxtle**! Jeep diiiturhitl by itrhing-buniing or hy 

anxious di-cam*. — itcailcw alceii full of drc-uiUN which i* quite unui-uul. — 

In the uioruiog when waking he uflcn docs not feci refresbcd, but weary 

in botly and mind. — At night a condition between sleeping and waking; 



in vhicti «h<> h (ornwnlcd willi n sv'tom of oduofttion, whii*h al tir 
ueuincit tbL> furm of a (rcc, nt nnotnt-T stnnc ntber vruiidfrful form : »ho 
Irkii til vriin tu get rttl of ihv ituiigi', aruuM-^ front alumlwr auil o|m:iu tbe 
eyw ami bec-tnios very fretful abuui it (iiiuih am) tcnilt <1*}^). 
' JiTerw,— C7l////Htfrfj».— Caewng cliilliuess at (iituw, t*^>fcially on 
gMiig itilo llie cold nir (lliini Hny).,.— 8ligIiloliilIiiiest ln-furetliniKT U-lti'r 
aAcrvnirdK ifir*i fl«v). — [1210.] Cliilliuci*, c-vjiwiiillv during ili« liimr* lie- 
fbre dinner, nt ttmt^ nlun iillorn-nrd*, with i'-om.kl fwi, ilrvm-Kit nml 
stirkineiyt of the inoulh, vitlinul ihirel ; |min in tho rrgioiiof llie lell UnisJI. 
— HIijflit nbi1liiio» in tho region of ibc !>tonia(-h (niter ninu Iiwtnt). — Slight 
i-hilliiK^iu iti the hn<-k for alioiit it <|tiarLcr of nil tiMir. at ."ori-n mid n hull* in 
tlie evciiiiij^ (M>ventli diiy). — H«iiMitii>n of cliilliiiCK in tliu lim-k mid on (lit 
poi<U'rior {Hirtiun of liu- iirni?. (-xioiidiiig down Ui tlit- liiim, in tlic <:voi)inK^ 
sbortly beforv g<jiiin to »Ii-e|). wvcnil cinav, a» if shi- wt'r*- nrai|i|>LtI in eloln 
dippitil in ic<--cold wnior, for twpntv miniitf^, after vrhich she hc^^me wnmi ; 
ulti-r tlii- ni*cnnd attnrk, Hwciling «t the left leado Adiillia (tweiity-.-<cc<iii<l to 
ihiriy-first day),— ('lull y AciiMiiinn in the niontiiijr, from 11 o'dot-k, for a 
few foura (third dny). — Fn>fiiiGiit iicaoation of cbilliii««' in th« hfad, wilb 
cold Icct, confusion of Uie head, even prc^ive beadiLchf, na if he noutd Ik 
attacked with coryxn.lii the iiioruiiig; the head is often liul thorewith : the 
hands are mthor cool llmii wiirm. — Iti the nftenioon iho wxrmlh extfntU 
ovur the whole body, with twidency to swoat. — In the forenoon, nltemiLlin^ 
ehiHiiK.-i'S on the buck, on the outer f^idn uf the arniH and in the mlvis"; in 
the iiftenioon. btiniing >lit['he«, iii(rr<::u*iiig at night, wilhimt thirvt, without 
dry iii'Miih ; di7.7.inr!i.i iind violf'nti'tickiiig pain in the hnui, nitli an^inii ; on 
the lliird mid follnwiii^' dm'-, fweat of a .-yniewhiit nnnoiin odor. — Cbilliiie» 
in iht* blinds ami fW-i iiikI in the whole hiiiiy, nith Itent in ihv fuce, from 11 
uVliK'k on, with iL>^('uhl feel ; the baud*' loi'l warm. — CliilliniWH over tbe 
whole Ixidy, n<t thni xhe nliiren:, followed hy heat, for a few minnte« («>eeond 
day). — K«tiidIyH'ree|>ing rhilli', oven ."bivcringa in varioiM nnrtn, uHpe^-ially 
twi/iiininp in Uio fae« and iirmn and extending over the oai-k and ebert, 
raJl(wi<d iiy heal, with nnxiety and oppression of the ebf«t, irii|Mr<!iiLllv in the 
furenoon.s and evenin[p<; the hont was ifo violent that Aic witi< ol)iij;o<l to 
Juitip into wuler (third day I. — Q1220.] dildnem in the nbole iioily in cht 
evening, foUowwl by bent, with incn-iiwd thimt. — Jfetit finti .Sireat, 
— Increased senwition of wamitb over Iho whole body (after eight t<> nine 
lioiiT^). — t^iiMitioti of heat ihroiigh tin.' whuledny (thirlcentli day j. — Pcnsa- 
lion of lieiu over the whole bofly, at '> o'<Tlock in the eveniiiji, for n1x»nlB 
C|nArIer of nn hour, followed by a eool sviiiiation (tmirtb <lny f. — Ineri-iiM-d 
wantitb ill the head (from two to tliR-e buiirs). — Heal in the bead iMxx>Rd 
day),', — Kreliiijjof gn-at heat in tbeheiid ; also cxeittNl hy touch (after nia« 
hours). — Heat in (he temples and euolnc^ iu thuebeek<- {after eight hours), 
— Increiwwl heat in the fare (after Kve bourM}, — A flight, burning, warm 
H.-11/uition in the fai-e. — [1230.] Rnrning Iif-al in the hnr, nio«> riinjtrtivc 
than ohjeilive. with rednesut of ibe rhiek* (,.ifter three bonrs).~-TraiiKie»t 
beat in the t'niH-, with reiirie** Crcfinen t ly retiirniuj; (after ten honn^). — 
Komc beat in the face, with a «'»«ilion of culdneK* in other purfa*; nftcra 
few hours the bent oxtetidsover llic whole body ; the ImndtfniKl feet li»- 
oome warm ; without ihirsL — Painful burning in the vbeekH, with redaaa 
(after four hour^). — H«it in the bandit and in the bead, in the aftereooo, 
for ocvenil diiy?. — Tiiigiinjr sensation of wannth in the legi*, esiieciiilly 
when »itting. as if they had been nibbwl with wiwllen elotbe-K. — Tiiigliiig 
Bcnsation of wnrmth in tlie foet- — Jn ihc evening and at night the heat tti- 


vrvtLVs, with tcnilriir-T to swcnl i lenih lo elpventh iIht). — St'uyatioii of heat 
ia iho, Willi AW^t bn^akiiig out «uily nn motion, staiidins. «t(-.; in 
llie CYCuiii^. nbuui H oVIock, iilii^lit cliilliut.rss. — Ili-nt in lIi« lieail atier rating 
■uJ ill tliv afteruijoD ol* tliv firet ilay xaH on many MImviiifr ilny^ : llie li«-»n 
linU' easily on (rxcrtiou, titoopiug, titstndtii^,', etc. — [1240.] 8h(* KU'cat 
MVtrnl limes T^ry iircluscly after miiltiiglit and vroko M\"cr*l tim<»t ou UiU 
acTount (one-, two. ami three niglitn),". — f iit-l!ner) to swcut au tlic slij^hte^t 
«xertii>n, «\spocinlly in the aftoriumn, with a reeling of nnxlety (eiEblh lo 
eight<N>iilh (Iny). — At linift* cold <)«r«]il covered the faee i.finit day),"! 

tCuHttitioita, — Aggraratioo. — \Mwni>ig), Wht-n rifeiny, anxiuiis wn- 
Satioii : while iu bed. ixiixioiiif i^iiiMition ; (-uiitciiipliilioii ui nieiiial work 
beconieti JifGeult, etc.; chiHiut't-ii, etc. ; jin^iiiiro iH-uiiache, clc. ; nlt>T rittinp*, 
buniing. etc., in eye?; after ri-'iitg, crufCy (>ul)»tancc in lid«; after riiiing, 
vtickr M-iisalion in nmirgin of lid^ ; drvtm of hlnnd from nostril ; about 6 
o'cloek, drop* of hlfv^l; nller rUiug, stirky feeling »ii niurgiti of lips; atlar 
Tuing, drTn«j» in thr monlh; S oVIoclc, hitter ta»te in month; ta'ite of 
Uituu; screpin;; iu thrwit: un wiiking, pempiiig in tlimat; after rlc^ng, 
tNTuping in tliriKil: in heil, [aiu iu ubdoiueu; un IxH'omiug ered wli<-n 
Tii^ittg, jmiii iu upuer abdomeu returns ; when wukiiig, jutiu nbovo ere»-t of 
It-ft ilidiu; on waking, when in Ited, pain in left ilium; i^»on ntU-r rising, 

Eain in rvgion of both k'iilney.-t; before iirinnting foi* Hrst time, pn.iu in 
Inddi'r; immediately nftor ming, dciiire to iiriiiale; after ri.'iinp, urine 
H cloudy: in bed, imniodialoly on wnking,.i>enuiticiii in imi^rtim ; in be<l, ou 
^B wnkiug, stitch iu left pidc of aneriim ; on nnkin^, pniu in mitldic finj^er; 
^LxftfiT ruiug, een«atioti on left thi^h; when goiui; iluwn eUiirs, ntV'r rising 
^PJJnUn bMl, ou bending the knee, pain above patella; from 4 till 11 o'clock, 
wlieii hi'niliiig kiief', pnin in kiii-einiiit ; bubbling in middle of left ealf ; 
vlien wiikitig, i^tii'king in lef^ nmlleoln.'*: on rliring, pain on baek of right 
foot; &Ico|«nc5«; chilly >ipn>alion; ebillinc-x in lieiid, etc. — {Fomnonn), 
ChilliDC^ ou back ; fnjiu 1 1 o'clock, on, cliillinivn in hanri^, etc.; erwping 
riiilly, etc, — {To\vard« afirrnooH), Troubles with the cytw. — lAJirrtioon), 
%mp(otnR in general ; 4 p.m., till going to ideep, anxious mood, eU-.; in- 
wpmation of eyes; from 12 o'clock, burning in eyes; 3 o'clock, burning 
ff'ej'w.elc; red spot on face, eli.-.; Iliir^l; jiain in abdoiueii ; itching iu 
,»kiii of kn««. etc.; heat in iinnd», etc.; heat in hwid ; inclination lo sleep, — 
uing't, Iichiiij; lielow hair; trunbW with the cyw; pain in right ear; 
iping »cn£Atioii in throat ; till El o'clock, nftcr citing, ^(tnsfttion in cpi- 
tric region ; at 10 o'clock, on going to sleep, pain iu upper ubdomeu ; 
bed, pain in region of pectoralU major ; at 9 o'clock, pain iu hack of 
hAnrI ; iti IkkI, aemafion in right thigh ; when lying in bed, pain in popliteal 
^puce, etc. ; wlicu goiiit; lo sleep, puin in left t^alf ; vtheii ^ciii^ to aUiji, paia 
i«i Itvfl nia1h>ulii«: burning iu »oli«; tjretit jnlit/iu; 7.30 o'cToek, chiUine^ 
^n hack; tJiortly N-toro going to i^lcep, chilliuit^ in back, etc. ; creeping 
^liille, etc.; fi o'eloek, sensation of hent through whole bodv ; heat; 6 
(.■lotk, slight chilliness, — i Xiy/it), Oppression ol chest ; on going to bed, 
iihldiiig !ien«ition in arm; wlicii falling nHleen, wirkings on letl thigh; 


Ain acriBS left kne«; beat. — (.Aftt^y ti}i<lni;j/it), \ ery ituit'aiHiiiweaU — {Opfn 
irf, iVIi»<t of the eye Irouhles. — i Gniurf from huiMr mh o/>r;i rii'r). Fettling 

au if niin Jropp«'d«n fiice.^^ 5rRt/i«j rfjij/pr). Pain in joint of finger; hiini* 

mng iu joiot of finger. — (Before bffnkfiust), Xausoa, etc — {Brintikmt)), I'niii 

xn upper abdomen. — { D(rp brtuiJutttf), Pain in middle of che^t. — iAj\cr 

^^oition't, Sniartin;: in urethra; feeltiig of werakne-'^ in genilal-t; pain in left 

«idtt of peni«. — (Gtting into fvtd air), Crwpiug cbiUint^. — {Before dinner), 



— ■•■/ V— - ■"• 'v " '• • — ■■ — 

h' £rJcni/iiiy urw^, Witi it) tuiulmi of 

OiHHitrMt, clc. — (After dianrr), Tsi\\itca.~{AftT mUiiq^. ftiur U»tt" ; hitler 
tiiiiti*; nWirtii*** : hiiit in lioail. — > fiHrUiy rjnntUUivn of urmm). Pain in 
uivtlim. — [After f^trfiny arm}, Vtt\n 111' 
Pniii ill wri^t; «titHi in left (mIdi. — < r^icntitiiy 
bicvfi^ : ivti'Alinn in xtirfitre uT cllmv. ^( On tonn-tomtimurit tfnuptnff trilh 
right hanil), I'ain in llpinr niiii<<lc>«, ntp.~< TntinghiJdttJfntU). Pain in right 
tot? j»)nlf<. — Hanging ilwn iht hand), Paiu in lUrficc uf forearm. — 1 /n'pi- 
ntioti't. P»iti below (al«; rilw; pittii lictwn.-u yhoulilcr-liladcs. — tJAftiag 
arm), Pain ia tnnion of liiueiK. — f Cyin^^, SyrnptomK in rvgion of kitlneya ; 
bulthliilt; Mttsstion in liiinl>ar r«^tuu; M-itMlioti 1b M<-niiD : hruiioal, etc., 
(rclili;: ill Hai--rum. — I /.jfiJifl 'luwit in dnl), Sliiverine. — I Mitiion). jVnxioiM 
flCOMtioii ; |Mtiii in ti{i|)or nlMhinifii : l^u«ioii in iiiguiunl fnlil ; iu>ut of iMiini 
fn PXd'miil ;^iiilnli' ; |iain iii ri^lit stKiuliliT-bladi! ; Ifjiritig in )i-fl rtioiililT; 
hiibhliiii; »cn»tiou in muM-Iis of nnn« ; |nitu id vlbuw-jniat ; pain in nii<lilIo 
fingiT; iKiiiis in limcr cxin-miu*"*; jiiiichinf; i" '""^I*'' "f tnigh" : l<'arinif 
in miMein nf thigfas ; tearing in thigh; li>nKtim in kawjoiot; tun in in ti^ht 
Utellft, Mc. ; f'm in ri^ ht kne« ; pain in (ni<)<Ile of tihin. — ( J/vo'ny /-yr^ }, 
Pail* in eya. — iihnHyarmibtdwtnl}, Pain in left 'hnulilfr- — ' i'reAmirri, 
Psia in rc^oti of ^II-bloiMer; fiain in righl fhouhli-r-bludu; pain in Ivit 
sh^MiMor; htilihlini; »cn>«tion in kiiim-Ii-m of tina; pain In right miiMlg 
6ntr<'r-joiat ; tt-iiriajr in rioff 6as:vr \ tearing in left indttx Sogts ; ieAtrttig in 
hft thitmh : traring in right tihia. — i D^rp pnmmn'i, I^iB in region on nda 
nf navel : pain in kidney n^oa; pun id blaiMer. — {On raiftHj (ant), 
\wVrnK. rwiD. — ( On traivNiny fe rtaa w »rrtf'). Painful Kikaatioa.-K When 
naditvg &y &Mip£fAO> Twttcking ui ImU — 1 Om ruing from aitilng). Anxious 
■Boauioa ; babbling awwlba in Inmbu n^kta : aHMttion In hiwer ex- 
tremitiM; smntioa la koeea: fatin in ml^m^—iOi* rMtt^ (nm noopinp), 
Wfairliog veituo, etc. ; kidovf «]raip(aa» is geacnL^iP^utj;}, Smarting 
in iklD M bam. Mr.: min in (ark of focwim ; pain in varioiM pUrra on 
tonmnt ; pAin oa back. t>f Wfi «ii>x : pun on bniek nf left hand ; pain in 
tipoTfonfa^nt: fttiaia Gafltfjoiot; pata in j<jinL tif fan fiaser: pain to 
index fiaicer; irtHininit acnuoa on tlu^b; ymMt on ri^l tiMa: {lain to 
■liddSe of tibia : {laiii in ftlun of watt; paifl ia aUn of nper arm.— 4. HV* 
rwiMMffi. Wia in left ankle.— ^a>*Wh aJ l, Ilddag oa bade of foot.— ( Hit- 
fwff), BubUing ■wnatiwi in antkn; Bro»aoe in iacnua; bniiMvi, etc, 
fccfine in ncruia: pain in tabttr bchu: inuiog io froor: ptia in left i-alf; 
pato tn iwrfiaw Aebillw: aflvr a walk, tearing ia bovdcr et foot ; «tilcb«a 
OS back of fint; pata oe back of fiwt; bnniiDf in ftiat toe; atitcbta la . 
kA tbjtd loe: liogling warmth ia Icpn. — <' V%tm aBKaf rfawi\ Pain in r^Ki 
nopldml iQMRt, cte. — C B^a MitiM «md Lanaiay tirjfaat), 6titeba in left 
tMdo AAiW— (^M ft i wj X Pain Ta left tattaU-< WJtn ijiiw/iiay;, Cramp 
ia left. poptfUal (face— (daadi^V Gold i— tiaa •■ tkq^; HitchioE in 
\dt oatas : paia la apper i^bt tbipb: ititdna ia MtpofdiMal spaea; laar- : 
ii^ia CMtdoMof keaa; paia Ja a w d dla af kg; paia la tAia; patu in epoC' 
«• bbta; iHtfia; ■■ ri^ oalf; naa ia t ta Jia w A *Mfo ; etitching in 
ankle; «iitcfawia riglitwie: «ittas ibnai^bed: Milcfaei la left boith 
too. — ., On lina J iwy « kmf luac), Aaxiaas aeamoim ; aoMliaa of «appafa- 
tfoB ia tbelM«la,r-<Wk«ailaBMa9),0»Kpia hrft papli>ial tpaee; vtitoh 
iancbt aaUBolw: taiiv a balk af fax; mmm AtaL— (4Jla-^oof). 
flwaarian atif a— mmk una gaagaia.«<c— (ilM'iia). Ftrtyi.- mumAm^ 
m iSmmeMx^ ikook. ia heaJ, etCL ; ariaftJ nB—rtiaa b fcwbwad, <te.; pai^. 
ia fenbcad: |«in ialBn!bead.«lc.; I0W partof laKJtfidtaliff' ; i^Mpbiiii^ 
ia ngioa of Icidavf ; diavias pua ia ses: aeaaaka ia mavm ; pain 



AWW Mlivmitiofl ; pain in right leg ; feel as if bniisc^l. etc. — (f^r^ehmtj), 
Tfn.^iiiti ill knee-joint ; Kitrhc? Uclwpen matatan^al ltitnef<.~—( Simllcwlni/), 
Pain in left lonsil. — (fiiy)fy JttrH//fl«'iw(;\ Pairw in ihrtiHl.— (TuiffA i, Pain 
ill riiihi tomitlt' ; pnin in iipp<>r nli(loin<-n ; gwiii Iioiwihhi m<?ini<iir|Ki) lxitie« ; 
nitiii iu luidillc titigur; iNiiti iu Icll llii);li.~i'.-l/}<-r arin'itirt'ji, ^-ii^itliuti in 
liliidikT as if ouc iDusl S" iiguin stioii.— ( ti'nfkiiig \, V»-rlij;o. etf. ; |wiiri iu 
Kiilf ur]H3uis: puiu in )an-i>r ]Hjrliouuf f^Tutuiii: n\tclliiiu<jrfl|K'riiiiilii.- cupl : 

f:nftwi»g «u riulit- (liigh ; stitch on I^ft thi^'li ; nniii in nglit tliigh ; pniD iu 
et\ tliif;li ; |>nin in u|>|>i>r right tlilgh ; K^iufUin in muiicles of tliigli ; j>nin tn 
benil of tliigliti; [iniii in teiutoiin of tlii^h; concrarlloii i>{ mntiiOr^ xf tliigll ; 
stilcli in llii^Ii; M'ltf'n.lioD in kiie«; pain in paiclla; pnin in rijilit iratpUn; 
poiu througl) kiicc-juint; »titclii-» Ih-Iow kncv-joiut; ^tilcbtvt iu left [:)o)>Iitcul 
spuc'L*; pnin below miiiviu uf left imU-llai tL-uriii;; '\n iL-ndoiiA of kim ; i)uin 
ill rifflit leg; pain in liliia; [miu m nclil tibia; puin iu spot on tibtn ; pain 

in calves; pain in right ciilf; imiii iulefl i*alf; tearinft iu rijrht t-alf ; paiu 
iu lemlineu AcIilUii*; pain iu li^ft U'ndu Acliillip; Htilclie« in ri^ht aiiKlt; 
stilchc*! in ri|fl)l tnnlleoln^; pnin lielow inn]lr'»ht»: mltctiRi in left liofi ; 

tearing; in hwN ; ("lii-kin^ in rijrht j^ri'at ioi> ; mid kCiimtion on thi^b ; imiu 
in (■kiu of c'llf. — • AfUr u K-t/i i. Attacks »{ faintncs*. 

A ntff iorut hni,~{Aji<.riiuori i.Tcuring iu kUnty rL'Kimi, — (l^nfrttintj), 
IncrvawNi a[lJ»l'litl^— ( 0/wM niV), TiL'iid ^ylnplom•^ geutriillv ; iwtio iu foro* 
head. — {Ihinkiug wdi-r^ SL-niping in tliroui. — {E'ltina anA dnnhin'/i, Dry- 
ne«i in im>ut)), etc. — t RrM). Pnwure in t-yt*. etc. ; pnin in right Nioiildei^ 
binde; |>nin in ri^ht knee; pain in left knce-joiDU — iStrcieiting or erarting 
mtueU*}, Paiu in walU uf clitsL 


H IiTdrat«d ©tide of BianiutJi, Bi,0,OH^ PrcparnUon, Trituration of tb« 
oxitiL- prqiimd ucc-nnliiig tu Ituhncniunti's iu»tructinus. 

Auinarilir*. 1. HuhuumHun. R. A. M. L., 6, 250; 2, nerinnon, ibid.; 

»3, Httrtniann, il>id. ; 4, Liiughiinimor, ibid. 
Jfttn<t' — f^ililudf if uu't^iiiliiriible,'. — IIMininoT the who]« day ; lie was 
very quiet and would not tulk; in the i;veiiinir* ninrp cliwrfd!,'. — He w 
tHoroae atul dueonttnird mlh hin rimiiifinit una /•ompfiihu' tifimit it i^sftcr 
Iwonty-four hours i,'. — Itcwllfr** iM>(-vii<luio#Ji ; he i» discvnti-iilvd with «vcry- 
ttiing; At liuie!« hu sits, he lit-s dmvn ; nl timoa he walks ur<fiii]d,and remains 
otilv u sliort time in uiie ptmilinii, ht'L-nimc it bet-onies very irksome to htm,*. 
— ftp (.-oiuini-iK-e!- (ine Uiiug imd then another, but keeps to one thing only 
Ha lebiirt lime.'. 

H JIctuL^Cunfunion a/thf hfiid*. — Vertigo; ft senuitiou as if the bead 

HwBS turning in a eii-ele (nlXcr one hour),'. — Vertlijo ; n trnmiiou a* -ij the 

^^ttnlfrior half of the brain u'tr*; turniiiij in a ciretf,iK-vcrat (Vm« dur(i>g the 

dity, iuttini/ Ktvrai mimtlet,-. — In thi^ iiiominjr, long-continued dimncw,'.— 

H [id.] The head i^c-ms a* liPiivy as a hundred-weight fatter one hour\'. — 

HfX burning LoiDlniulivo puin iu ihe head, e^peeially iu the forehead and 

eyc«,'. — DuU cuttiu^ paitt iu the hmiu, uhich b«jin« aiivve the ri'jhl orbit and 

airiidt to the oceipiU < after ihn^r dnycj.'.^Dull priwive-druyriDg in tlic 

bmd, now here, now there,'. — Dull jirnuivF-ilran-inff in the hiyui, jjnir hfre, 

now tlten, more violent on inolion,', — Boring pain from within outward, at 

tituee in the right, at tiiiu-;* in the left frontal eminenrr, somrtiniCJ< in both 

at tl)d«aniB timu (ittivr uiue bours;,*. — Stulden digging and buHng in iho 



forehead, tlio eyc«, nud tho dok <1i>wii U^ ttic ti{>, m witb u <lull iiutnimcotr 
nil iil(criinu-l>- (.■imtrariiajj aiHi (li?u-mliii(^ ai-L^niioti,'. — ' PrcMUre atut ten- 
ftttfoH of A«ti'(jir« »(i tiir. j'nrrJirifl. more violttil vii- motion'.^* VifJtnl /iregtire 
heitiypitin in the Jorrlitfut, vvi-vvinWy ahove tho root of the tio«G and bi l)t>lh 
Icinplcs when eiltiii^ (after taxvc uiid a hiilf hoiirp),'. — Tearing pnin in ilw 
Rirtncnd iibovr ihc right iiircr canllnis and in the bark pari nf lln' iirhil 
(iilVr iKPiity-four hours!,'. — I20.J S*vero [wcwsure in Einih ti>in[il(>i^ rnini 
wittiiii ouiwiird, not nflbcli^d by nioli»n or touch i>Aor Iwo and a hail 
Iiunrs),'. — Tnirinf: pir-KHiru inteniully in the ri);bt tciiiiik'. slill imin- l-x- 
t«ni»lly, inort'iui'd [ly prtw-nri.-.'. — 7Vrjw«rr ninl wfiwiftuii ni hraviuc** it* ihe 
o^ijtitt. vion- I'iotml on vtoUon,'. — Twi[fhiii;;-U'Kring jiain in the wbt.le lell 
eidr of the ufripital bnitc, more vivlciit fUipe to the pnrictal boot <ulVr twQ 
nnd a hall' hours t,'. 

KjfVH. — Mueii* in holh cmithi (after eight and a halrntid ten hoar*),', — 
Prg/^iiyf oil thf Tight fyet>all,from befort bathfat-d onJ from fiWiair i^w<ird 
tftlU'r li-n lionr**,'. 

linrs, — Tt-ariiig prf!«nre in the exteriial rartilage of the ear, whkh 
dii^npntar^ on nrowunj (after four days i,'- — Dmwinji: pressure iti lb« ex- 
ternal meatus ID the left ear (af\«r twenty-four houra)/ 

.^Vrrf.^ Earl hj-col(»red faro, blue rings nrcnind the pye>; the ftatniWjj 
are <)»itr rhnn^od, ns if he had been sirfc,', — I'lr-Mun' reguliirlv rvcurfia| 
nt^hort inlorval.i in ihe rip:ht malar h^ne, niiol)ani;i'd by touoh,'. 

Jtotttfi. — [30.] DruwiiJi: pri-sfure in thf buck Iwlh, extending fmm 
thi' W'k ti'^lh ititu the front, with drauing {laiu in llie chevks,*. — The ^'udu 
aiv ywollf n, nore and |Hiiiiriil : thi* whole uf ihe interior of llio mouth is jiii.t 
as sore and «eufcilive,'. — In tfir txHiiini, n-lriic-ct)aUxl fuwyiH.-, wUffiil hml or 
MiW (wventh and mrelllh lio«rs(,'. — In lb*' ninrniujr n lajtle of hhiod ; lite 
lDHcu« linwked ii|) i« onioned with binoil,'. 

Stomach. — "jVaw^i hi. the Momneh ; lt'?ffitb a* if he. would vomit, ttpt- 
eiailf violent afler caUng^. — *i're»iure in the ttomacfi, apefialig cjtcr eat- 

Ahttftme^n. — Runibling in the lower purl of the howcU, williout sexna- 
lion,'. — l^iud rumbling iji the rij;hl side of the abdomou, when otawUni; 
fafter two hnnre),'. — i- n-qwut paxMifff offiatitf', — Pftinlft* rumbilng in llw 
lower pun of the ahdotiicii,'. — [40.j Dinronifbrt in llie hiwer abdoitx'n, 
wilh prftwiirc, now here, now there (after eiplit honmV. — Pinefthnj iHtin in 
the /oircr ahdowen, now hrrt, uok Utrre (nlli!r scvon hour''),'. — I'inrhih 
pt'tuuff, now here, rioic ihcrr, in the lower abifomCTi. K'llh rii'iibfiny and grva 
blinif,'. — J*inehhiif preMwre in tbf lov.'er abdomen, and rumbtini/ ml/l datire ; a^ 

SVUmtioH df -if In- >nu-l go tO »to<rl,', 

Stont atnl I'rhiari/ OrfjaitA. — Tn the eveninj;. dc*in> for stool 
williiiiil I'lli'ct (.itKT ihiiir-i^n hmii^),'. — 'TTr i* vbliyd lo tiriitnle Jret/uenllif, 
fPTii i>n<' }iyo\iiMl<i: til- iiriiif it uril'iy (affftr twelve hinir»),*. 

Sextuil iifijatm. — I'rtT^ivL- piiin in the right ti*tieIo, more sercn 
nhi-n lotiched •itttrr two LounJ,*. — At iiight an cniisijion of semva, viihuut 
vohiptnotis ilreanw,'. 

lictitivatorti Apparatus, Cfi e^f ftjtd Jleart.—X co\tph which 
waki-H liini at ni^bt fnjin ^l<;<-|i, with {irofiiM- L'X|>ei-loratio:i. nl^ii jn^t k» tnui-b 
cui);.'b by diiy.'.— Opprewioii of the ctii'isl,'. — [60.] 'I'nin in flie rhret and 
b'lfk, ti-ifJi htirning mid bfirtiig,'. — A hot hiirning eon tract ion of Iho i-hf^l.^o 
that it i« dilfifidl to breathe or to P|icnk,'. — 'Pincbing-prpnive pain ia the 
region of the diaphragm, extending tranaveriely through the cheat, iMnw 
■ xcoiking (alU'r two liours','. — {^Pincbingi^t itches in tho region of hot b nipples 



unalten^ hy [tHpiration or expiration \*. — Fine ionri»g stitch^ in thp re- 
piiiti «r hi>th iii|i|tU-^ (niijuin-iiilr iitip^rfii'inl in the liinff», niiil nt ihe i^ame 
liiuv ill iJic ptHtturftI uudcl^\ at timo^ more severe vrhcD )n»)>irine or ex- 
piring.*. — Dull HlickinjE'ttrnnng in llic i\'};ion of thi- In*t ribs,'. — rn-Mive 
pain, oow mure, now 1l>mi si>ven.>, iu thi> ri^ht Ai]v of tliv L-)i(?et. twar t)i6 (■ler- 
nam hi a amnll t<)>ot. iiiuifl^etvcl by ini-pirittinu ninl cxtiinitiou lanir (unr 
tiiiiinti,'. — Sevt-rt" prttpiiirw near I lie Irll ni|i])lc. cxlrmlinc iinviinl loward 
ibr .*tcniuin.'. — T«'«riii(f nruiiiid ami ii«ir ll»- left tii]i[ile (ki'lct iwii iliivs >,'■ 
— IniiTiiiiitin;; >-liu-li>-K in ihc ]iiui>it fiil^^c rilwot' l\w left >iil« at tht>ir uniim 
*ilh ibc tiorsal vtrlclim,'.— [60.] I'liio fititchinfi lu Ibc acrnuiu iu the 
niiiltltc. out nScrtccl liy in:spiration or expimtioa (ufU-r ciglil liuure),'.^ — 
Beating of the li<>arl,'. 

3V*7.* ntitl Jiacft', — I^onsation nf twitoliiiif; in thp niiisdee of tlio rigiit 
ride of ibe utx-k.'. — Tensive pnts-urc un ibu rijcltL ?i<I« «*" tlie ufck in tbe 
ter%-H'nl vrriebni*, Ouriii}; luuiioii and real (uIUt iliree boin>X'. — i^barp 
DNSttiini wi ihe (ippor border tif tbe right scapubi anil the clnviele,'. — PaiD 
It) tbe \cft iridcof the bitck uhcn ettting, iisif viie ltixdi-toi))Kd tiX* lung (aAcr 
■-^-hi houn. I.'. 

Tp/trr Krfrf'Uiifiett. — Prrwiivf tfnnafi in the right shoulder-joiiil,'. 
— f^mtt/lif wvaintM atid nyvmiirw m l/ie ri'jhi urm,'. — iHim-annxliei con- 
tractive li-nring io tbe iiiuaclus i>f the right arm (iilVr rourtveu lvjiin>V. — 
8)HUiu>j(lio ojutrjctivii pairi iu iht? iinletior inim-lai of tbe Ivll iinjior nnti 
ilurin^ oonip)elt> rv-^l of the body (nfu^r twenty-four hours),*.— [70.] I'am- 
Ivtic pre,«?-iire in the foreptvrl of tlie right ii]>iier arm,'. — Hani prtvi^urfi in 
llw Ivft fun*arrn, innrw in tbe lower iiml oiittr |Kirt.'. — t'ttTnhjtic iruring 
pfnture i« t/it^ righf ftirmrm, rritfri/ill^ itt the bifw* of the. wriit iw'iWT one 
hoar),'. — l*iu-nl^tlr t':tring prfMurc m Ih': rii/ht fQrftirnt.tourardlhe out^r iwV/«, 
at timeM more I'li tfic upper pari, ut times more ill tlie hiwcr port, wbicb dift- 
appean on motion and touch,*. — Cutitiij; tearing in tbe muscles of the 
loser part of the right forearm (atUr twelve hmirp),'. — A grumbling paia 
in both bone? of thi- U-ft fonanii, a.» if bruitHxl [ullcr tbirtwn hourn;.*. — 
Vi'ijent trtirilig in the IwjfKt* of llie left nrif^t (after one arid a bnlf htinr-),*. 
— Tt'ariiijj in tlie bftno* of ihe rifrht wrisl, which di«ip|»ear»i on inolion,'. — 
^DFitive teario}; ii}Nki) and urouoil the right atyluid proee»>^, extentliii^ into 
lIic muscles of the htiiid;^, U-m vitilent in iho prort'As itself after eleven 
bnufsf,'. — Trembling of ibe hands, noticed when eating,'. — [80.] Feeling of 
weukne^ in the band/* aii thnuch he o'miUI not b<il<l a. pen, with trembling 
I after «?itiht hours','. — Itchiii<;, tearing prewiirc ia llio inuer proi'cwejt of 
lyjth luin<b, uhich caiiwi* N.'nitehiug,'. — Truriii^ iu flir mclnrnrjKtl horui^of 
tk/ ri^t index imit miihlU finger* laller eleven hourwi,'. — Internittling fiuo 
t4tiruig in Ihc bidl of tbe left thumb (after two hours ),^ — Fine tearing iu 
the last joinL* of the Jefl fingers,*. — Fxif tmrituj in tiir tljut ofthr.fiiigrn of 
Ihe right hand, MfircialUj mulrr Ihf )MnV*(allor ibrt'c dnysj.'. — Fraiiive t»ar^ 
iu)I ill the li|i< of tbe fonrlli niid firth *intK'ii« of the t-ighl hand.'. 

Lower Kjctremiticj*. — Intemiiltiug hard pressure above the left 
koot-joint. in the lower part of the thigh, towards the outer side, unchanged 
by tr4ieb or motion,'. — l>rnwing in the middle of the enlf and the anterior 
panica of tbe left lej: down into tbe foot,'. — I>mwiii}; in the right external 
mallrolu)!, which diwpiwars on iiiolion.'.— [90.] Teuriiiy |H>iii Wlow the 
rigdl external malleulus, wbieb every time lerrntnate^ belli nd in Ihe leiido 
.,1(-J)ilti« (oftcr nine hours,),'. — Tciiriitg [nun iu tbe right heel near and from 
tAc tendo Achillis (after five hours),'. — Fine tearing in tbe left heel,'. — 
ftmive tearing beineeu the two ln«t left metatarsal bone.4, close to the 



tcicf, wliilc eittinj; (nflcr ten Imim'!,*. — Fitic (mriiic !■> the lut |)liiilttugct 
of tlio Irft tiw«,'.— Prwwive le«riiig in tin* tip of tlir Irft ^iviU dw,*. 

OeiU't'tlHtlen tiittl Skin, — lOwimi^ miii rrh<mAian*. — O'trotim 
iiciiin^ ntnr Ihr Hfiin nuJ If"- h'irki' itf httth frri nfttr the joint*. vhirJt hctvmet 
ontrh HK>r*t OH ffvitrhin'i : in nlitifinl tn tcriitch kim»rl/ until it ftfrnl**. 

fttfirp and OrratttM, Vevtrr. — In Ike mnming. a few hoyr* ajtfT 
tl»inij,an fJ!fr«4iiv( uli-i-fiinriii, hut tiflcr mlituj hr *e<t« tituiiilr lo lake hi* attui' 
loHini wrp fur m^vrrni t/'iy*,'. — During wi'rk hv is i>v(.Tjw»«nrcil liv cxceasiTO 
iiicliiintiuii lo ^li^ji; In- rcsiU wiilunit kiiuwiti): wlmi ; lit- immt.-'fiiitcly tiills 
vicofi Hiiil liiM vivid uiiii M>tifti«i;«l droAms,', — [100.] lli' !«■>• \t\MM itii- binrk 
at iii|;hl,*. — In the cToninjc while elumbcrini;, violent ftnrtiiitrf, a» tf lie fill 
(nnertniirU-cn iinda hiiirinMirsj.V — At m'y/i/./rrjiioi/ wvitrVy in nUrji na/rniii 
fright'. — Ai niijhl.Jrfqnenl wakinyn vtlh itif*trinnm*.^/l<»llnui ttrrp at nif/ht, 
91* itrftitiil of r<in/)l»(nuf </rwi«», without, orfiv^u<ntlif iri"r, i-ii»(>«in« of^mru*. 
— Al ui[:l)i, vivij aiixiuui^ dreama,*. — Flu»lius uf ))oat ihrouch iIk* wludc 
bixlj', m|H.viHlly ill tUi- \iv\iA u»J ovpr the diist, witlioiil chill prwvfling ur 
foltuwiii", in tli# iMi)ri}in[; -tnon allvr miliar (a'Vr iwemy-four hourB),'. 

Conttititmn. — Aggravation. — (.1/urNiny), Diizincss; tAsleof blond; 
fluiUira III" heat. — ^/-ivhiii'/i, Whilf-raalnl tniiijui-; tl^^ire for Htoo) : wliilc 
dltimhoriit^, violent ftarliii)^ — ( H'A^ti fitiny), 'ri^mhlinp of the hnnds,-^ 
(AJlcr <^t'iiri), iVuHWu; prt»»ure in tlvifiac/t. — ( IFArtt itifi'iri»gorrrpir>»y), 
StilehtB in rcgiuu uf uipph^— < Motion), Unttfiiig in iht aend ; prteeurf, rtr^ 
in/orehfui; f>re*sure.vtr., in oceiput. — i/Venxwrr). I'lrwuiv iu rifitil lemplp, 
— {Srraleliiti'jr, Itching Dear lihw, etc. — ( H'Acn fiiliny), Pniii in firchead; 
naiu ill Hd<! (d'hai'k: learins betveen iiietAtaiwtl bunf^ — [ U'/imslundiugy, 
Kunihliii^r ill HhtUiiiu'ii. — ( Tinieft), Paio in right Kwticle. — ( U'Acm waikhi^), 
I'liin ill Pfiiiim iirdiii|ihmi^ii, 

Amt'ttnrtltlon. — {Kvtnintf'y, Moro cbwrfiil. — (On mot>'on\ TreMUro 
ill furuui'in (li»ni>)»rar!i ; tuiriiiii in Ihjiim uf wrisl ; dmwiii>; in ri^ht niulU-ulus 
diMppenra. — ( On prtMurt), Vre^arv in curtilage of «ir di9H|i|wa.nL — {.On 
t9tt<M), Pressure in fureurra dijappcan. 


Fonnnlu, Bi,0i.N«0p20Ht. (Magiirteriuin hi»inutliL) PrrjianUion, 

Auih.,rilirs. 1, Kprncr, HeiHIhg. Kl. Annal., 1829 (from Wibmrr), 
took 'J (Imiif fur hrjirtburii ; 2, Wcniek, ibid., two eirU, about 18 vi'nre old, 
took <i gniini) in the mnniing. faiitin^ ; 3, iSid., a boy, <I ymn old. took (I 
amins nfler nupi^r ; 4, ibid., Mtma mm look fnmi 6 to 12 grains at n dwo; 
0, ibid., u lunn took 15 ){rni[i!:>, uud the ucxl day 20 grain)^ ; C, ibid., a man 
took Id gniina ; 7, u muti took ^0 f^mius at one aooe; 8, W«rn*^k, ibid., took 
20 grains imnutliattfly utU>r a lucul. 

.Hcnrf. — Head annu'what confused on rising,'. — Vertigo,'. — Vertigo 
(afler two hyiir"),". — Vt- nigu ua violent motion (after one hour),'. — Slight, 
lranai«iil hciidafbe.'. — Hi'udsehe.esporiiillv in the fmnial region,'. — Head- 
aebo »n<l vortigu (sIUt finit iio»o»,'. — HcatWhti and vertigo lafter one niid 
a half houraj,*. — Ileal uiid cflufiision «f the head (after one hour>.'. — HO.] 
Hlighl truu^ient piiiii iii the forehead (after half an hour),'. — •/Vcwwrr in 
the franliit rfi)iiin,*. — *J'rf*iin; pain in l/iefrvnUU rfifioH (ttflor one h»ur).'. 

JSffcM, — iiytei red, iight aomcwhul dim,'. — Coujuiicli\ii red/. — Hedueas 
of the cuojuuvtiva. 



T^ftfH iinil ytisp.—DTV Hrtio,'. — Rdariiie in the purs,', 
Jluuth ami TUfOiit'. — Ttmfrue wjutoiV. — T.HiKUi: furred,'.— [20.] 
Tniigii*' cnal'.il uliiltr*. — OllViisivt' UlBle in ihe 1]1u<il)i.', — TnMe hiller.'.— 
The r'«uftw mil] uvula ytvrv iiiHaru^l, wilb burning in Llio thrnal, ditBimlt 
simlloviiii^^, iiud lliimt,'. 

Stoiinit'fl. — .\pi«'lili^ r»mi|iIcU'Iy lost. '.—Thirst increu-K"'!,'. — Murli 
tliirtl ni>i\ 111! rt|i|fi'lilf-,*. — F.THfl'iiiunt of tfUiil n(tfr lirnikiuij n rjliiim iif im/'T,*, 
'-FreijneDt empty erDctatioiiB and feeling of diacomfort id the ■tontaoti. 
iHJon folUmnl by n liiiiiiH Mool, but not bilinufi (nfUT tbrw hmirs'i,'. — Vio- 
leiic vTiu-talionF, enpiii(i« in the bnwt^lx. and muIiIou ollght bllioun vomiting 
(after (iu« and a lialf hours (,'- — [80.] Nani^ea and sligUt bitinua vomiting, , 
— ".V'lM^wi, with preffitre in Ihc tt'imach (nller ouo iiiid a half liiHin"',*. — 
Vnmiling and iltarrbit-a, wilb retching mid burniii;: in the throat (iiunie- 
elj"), . — I'a#a]^ nf mncb thitiis {mm llic stomiLrli (iii^vr four bmirK <*.— 
mpi of odorti^^ (lntu<^ from tli* «lotnacb,\ — *■ Vnf<ftnj<»t<ibte fefling i« 
tkr ttamirh (after baif an hour),'. — * The prrMiirr in the ftnuvtch rJmiitjrj to 
a turning I after one bour).'.— */Viw«Jre in thn region of tfir »Somnrh inftiT 
half an hinir).'. — •/VftWMr*' i'ji /Ac tiumaeh (artor one hour),* *. — • SHMrfit^m 

{/rreritre timl bnTniny *'» the rryiiH of the thmnrti (uftcr thrxn; and u half 
luun*'.'. — [40.] *&nK yrtMHrt in tlu rt'jiou of tkr tlotnach, ami aajitji eruty 

jkMomen, — ^UumWin)* in the intwtinw, and criictntious foftor one 
hour),*. — Pnfisnpo of much tl;iti]!<. follnwed by a lliin bilioiiii evacuation,*. — - 
Colickv pains in the bowflii,*. — Gri|>iiigs in tbe abddRien, fullnwfd by two 
liquid biiioui* nva'*nnli>in» (jipeoiid day),'. 

Stool and Ufiiiarji Orffans.—A liijwid biiiousatool (after tbreo 
hout«i.\ — Two Ioom; movi-mcius in ibi- bt)«i-l!t. with gripin;r». at 6 p.m. 
(M-votHl day),'. — Two ltt]uid sIooIb, with (j;ri|}inL's, al 4 I'.M, Uliird dav).'. — 
Daritig the jxvisoniiig he passed no urine, and the region of the bladder 
«S0 not distended,'. 

FffM/tiratorfj ApfiaraUia^aud P«Ne. — DifTu-iiIi Iwaibinp.*. — 
[90.] l'u!-i<- ^pasnuhiic.'. — I'lil*** t>'nwi.\ ti|iasmMdi'.-,', — I'nUe sniall,'. — l*nl«o 
Huall, Veaee, and Mnii-iiin«iie,'. — PuUc anxknUwl, ronlrai-ted,', — Pulse 
Kiin4*what accelerate^!, small and tense,'. — I'uUe rapid, hard, snnill, 9",", — 
Pub*', at niidni;rhi,i'-"> and sjMisinodic,'. 

ExtfemitteH and AVcer/^.— Cramps in tlie baade and fe«t,'.— Xigbt 
T«rT restl«-«^.'. 

t'erer. — [60.] Exlromiliei^ eiild.V— Tumfwrature Mmvwhat inereaaed/. 
— Heat nv<>r the whole body.'.-^Heat in tbo whole body (after two 
bourn ^.'. — A fi-flin;: of hmt over the whole liotiv,'. 

CtmilitiOHH.—AQgnvttioJx. — lAfirr drutlcirtg vratfr), Rructatiou§. — 
I^On piolenl motion}, Vertigo. — (On rifing), HtMid <>onfuiHx). 


"Ths^TMt American Cockruach," probably hakcrlac ituirinis. 

Knt. ortler, Itttecta (cnrnmoii tu Braxil). PreparvtioH, Triturate tbe live 
iiM>ct with HUgar of milk. 

Authorittf. Palhogeneftie Brcsilicnne (Morel. 

JVirwd. — Nuniboeas and of the head. — Pain in the Innple, 
with lnneinalion.4 now and ihen (sceomi dnj i,— Achinj: jmiii in the LeiiipW. 
—Acute iwin iu tho temples, ever^ now and th«», at 4 I'.M. 



Kt/e»> — PrickiiiL'. OA by o fly, io (he corucrof ihe left eye. ot 10 a.m. 
•^LHrlinniatioii, — VellawiuMi of tlip Mrkrutica. (Wlitii tK« jirovyp )md 
tlic jnuiidit'ti, for vbich llit? BtattA it; p<iiBi()(.>TC(l on)]i>ricalty as a »')>cctfi(>, 
lie fell a iitimber of paiDA wliu-Ii have t>e«ii rejirotluccil la tbia proving, euch 

S'ose, Pticr, nittl Mouth, — Wntory diachnrgc ftwn noso. — Yellow- 

ncw of tiK-f.— [10,^ Viry «ill Milivu. 

StoiHfirh and AMoihch. —Tmusivnl btouling at pjt of stumach. 
— Kli^'lii (iilic, — Puiii ill imii^VLTM.' w>Ioti, iluoduuum, aiiJ pit cif i^totiiacll. 

Urintift/ Ol'iffiitUt — Jlm-li h«al in iireihm, when arinatiiig. — Yd- 
Inn color of iirinu, iucrmsiiig iitorc awl more. — Vnats of a briglil yeltuv, 
atlni ruinous (m-lmiuI <]ny). 

Ctienf. — Aoiitu iiaiii in client, nfU;rtioon (wmnd (lav). — Vio1{>nt jiaia in 
oliC!>t, with vnnt of lirvatli (wcoiul dny). — I'ain iu ri|;bt oido of dintt. 

ycrk ftilif Hnrfi. — [80.] IMckings in right smIc of neck. — Pain io 
bftok, rij^ht *irl(-. — I'uiri shiAitig from Iinck u> shoulilt-r-blailo, 

Luiri'f ICj'ti'CiitftteH.—Hease of wearinow in liii- hnn». — Cmmp in 
ri^it k-j; (Mviinil (liiy). — Pitin in rtglit teg, fmni toee In kiR-n^. — I'uin in 
fuel, here aii<l (litre. wjiufiiiiMa iu tbeaole (second diiy). — Pain at loft liule 

flrncriil HivHm — T^iut. — Kxtrcnic wearin«u nlicii icoing u|»tAln9. 

Steep and Fever. — (30.] Frcijupui yawning. — ('bill and shudder- 
ing, for bitll' sii hour. — SbiitldiTiiig, with man*! of heat and niuUliirc ull uvcr. 

Hie proving was intcrruptvil by an acciduut. 


BtilctiiB purynus, Pt-nt. (Boletus kncis, L. ; B. lartciuus, Berk.) 

jV'a/. <>«/«•, Fungi. Prepamtivn, Trituration. 

A«tk</rU^. W. IX. Burt. W. Houi. (tbs., 2, IHA. proving* witli llie 3il 
trit. and tho crude 8ub«tance. 

Mlud.— Vary gloomy and di»ipond«nt. — Irriuit«d at tb« Icagt triflo.— 
AbiM-ncv of mind. 

H*^ui nud {•'tfCH. — Head fcrling vcrr light and hollow, with deep 
fmiiial hoadmlic and gn-ut fainluftw. — Dull fmntal headache. — Dull 
froulal hoadacbc, at^^ravatcd by mntioa.^Deen drawio){ pains io forc- 
limd. — NL^uruIi^ic imii):< in Ibc tonipk*?. — Agglitlinalioa of ihc eyelids 
cv<>n' tnoriiin;;, uilii ihill acbin;; ]iHiu« in ibp eyeballs. 

Jt/«l/^/l.^[10.] Twib and guma very buiv. — White (.■nnting on tin 
tongiK-. — Thick vi-llow roating oii the tongue, w> that, the mnrkt* nf teeth 
are Hliown. — Flat l«.*ltt in the mouth. — Fbit, hillcr tajtlc. — Sirtmg ropjiery 
ta^lr for x'vi^ral dnyii.— All kindg of fiKHi ia*te iiiniatiiml. — X^nm of laMe. 

Stomfirli. — lJ>» of appttiw. — Fct-'linn in Iho linuwa oa if I ^^■ould 
vomil, — [20.] NnuBwi. hi^tiug but a moment. — (.'oimtant nnuwa, with dis* 
tres-s in the MomaL-li. — Xauf^tw nnd vomiting, — Great fuintnoM at the epi* 
gnntriutn. — Distre^ in the epigaiitrie and umbilical regione. — DistrtsaB in 
tlit^ atomnch and umhilicii^. uttb freipieiit uauwa. — Cuitiiig paiiitt in the 
Hloumdi all nttihl. — Sevrrc «har]> cutltng paiim in tb« olomai'h every few 
minuter, wil h dull aching dislreaa in tho umbiliciu, and loud rumbling of 
the hoiTi'lf; all ntght. 

AbdometU—lle&vy dragging pains io tbe liver, more in the rigbt 



lobe. — Dull burning durtrraa iu iho riKlit IuIk- i»f llic livTrauil e])i|ii»»lriiim, 
wiilj (lull druwitig imius iii ihc right IoIk; «f t\w Hvit iiiiJ whuli- durtml 
regiiin. — [30-3 Dull aL'liitijr jmiiis iu llit- rij;lu lobu uf lliu livL-r, with iluU 
frurititl hcndachi'. — Full iD.-pirHtioti (>ru(lu<.X'» sharp suiting jMiiiis in lh« 
riglil lobe of tlie liver ami whole (IoivaI rcjiioi). — .Sltai'|) cuuiuu \>n'\\i ueai" 
ill*; gnll-bla<)der. — Diiniing ilislnrss in ihc region of [lie gall-l>l:iili]fr all 
llid nlUTTiDiM), villi >iliiirp (ininA in iho i^tnmiicli, acid licnvy nchiup (li>irf'»^-4 
iu Uit wlu'lc liver, esi»ccinlJy lli* rifilit lobe. — Stools pK-cetlcd by K-roro 
IMiin uitd diatm>s in ihc- umliilicul n-trtnu, niid I'ldluvrtd b\ ibi- Hiuie symp- 
toms. — ^hiirp cEittiug |)uiiii^ in llie umtiilinLl iind liy|ii)g!i»trie n^giims bi'Iorv 
stool. — Khiirp culling paiiis iu the unibilicsil niid hy|mgH*lric rt-gioiis, bc- 
(un: ?1<H)1, and follonvif by the ."ariie »ym|>l(iiiis — CoiMlanl rumbling iu the 
nbtlonx'ti Ijeforc su<ty]. — S,^vorc dull aviiiiig <li.slres.i just Iiclow ihn M'unnrh, 
nil dny, ibm prodiiiN}* great Giintncss; it was icrrihic to endiirr. — f«n?at 
«li«Irii^ ill ih« boireU before «toul. — [40.] Gr«AI diMra«« and pain in iho 
bowclf iilWr oluol. 

Stoof. — Gneiit diapoeitioii to strain after atool. — Twenty grniuK acli'd as 

■ cntliartie in eight honiv,— Forty grniiin, taken before hrE^akliu^l, ncled una 

I biool vinl^ut culharlic in two lioim. — ]*a]>o»<.-eutetot}la, with naiu. — Pa]>eaceot 

Mnol, with Iiigh fevpf. — Tliin, vrMow, i)apei«r<riit stwil!'. — \ ellow, (>api'.iccut 

Hooli', uiixi^i nilh i^niiipthing thnt Innka likn oil, in drrips the xixR ola cent 

duw» tr> piiiall drops. — 8oft pap^stccnt *too!, follou'<tl by dull, heavy, ach- 

iagiwiu;:* in IIr- livtTttiiii uiubilicuH. — Thin, vi-ry tlurk-coIi(n.'d. iiajM-vocut 

, ktiMiK — [fiO,] Dark, lumpy, dry stool*. — Black, "lumpy, dry stouU, niixtd 

' with bileaud mucus. — Stuiils of pure uiuoiig. — Stuok oriiaturiil«)ui-iFtL>ii«i>, 

I of a (lark color, and ojixed with bil« and uuicue. — Slo'di- of bili;, luucue, 

1 and bhiixl. — Fifty )£r.iiii.* jiTOduc-cd hhtudy .stool.-*, with liiyh fcvf^r.-— SkhiIs 

ttial mil frtmi thf howrds a !<ircani of bilr, iniiciiii, and blaik iV't'al niatK-r, 

prcoc-ded by great hnrning dwtrcs* in the opignstrium, right lohe of livM, 

and uiubilicu?, uud followed by the «iiik; eynjiitoiue, — dtuuls of undigustvd 


Urlunrif Orffnu».—\'tma at first diminitlied, aud llitii slightly iu- 
'crea.'«d.^l'rine hii;li-C'ih>rtd biuI Bcanly. 

Pu{«e ami littit,\~[BO.] Ful-e 100. soft and frill.— Dull h«ivy 
painv iu thp doi>j»l nml liimhnr regioiii^. — 8fvcre dull arhing paiiiit in the 
wholf donal n-gion, that seem to proci-cd fri>in the- liver. — Orcjit uvakn«^ 
of tho *ni«ll of thi- back. — Bcvi-n- dull nnin iu (hti lumhur region, grwilly 
Bg^vaiod bv rifing up. — Dull aching distress in hiu-k and legs. 

tapper Artri'm /(/ex.— Great weakneM of the urnia. — Si-verii aching 
di^tri.'^ in the sli'Kihk'r^, clbon-s, aud wriftj. 

L/Ower ExtremiticH.—Ctreu wi-akm-ss of tho log^.— Revere aching 
di^lTc^ in thn hip*, km^w, and anklen. during thi- tdiills uud fi-vor. 

Of»fl'ntlfit'H.—l'J0.] C,T>-ni rwtUi^tn'<« aflcr niidni;;hi.— Very wf-ak 
tm\ lanj,'uid.— (in-at ftiintnL-iu aflcr stool.— tjn-al udiing distrt^ in all Uio 
I joiulf-. 

Fever. — Chillineea along llie e\»ne, with frwjHont hot flii-ihra of fever. 

I — Difpocition to yawn and titretch when chillv.— Fovcr all oiii> alWrnoon 

)«nd nijjhl. — Skin hot and dry, e.-iM'c-ially the |mtin.'< uf tht- hainU.— -Fai-e 

' hnt ana flu>h«d, with in-vere fruntal lit-adAi-h^. — Hun(1i< hot and ilry. — [80.] 

Waking at midnight, nvo difTcn-nt night*, in a profuw pcrspir-ition. 

rWiiff/^ /oil M.~ Aggravation. — (Jfoming), Aggluli nation of lids.— 
|[J\*(Sf/i(}, I'alu in nionmch, t:U\ — iMidiiiglit), Pcnpinilion. — (On full iii*/ii- 
[ru/uiii;, Pbiiis in liver. — {Motion), Ht^udui-he. — {liitiny tip), Fain iu luiu- 


bar region. — (Before stool), Vain in umbilical, etc., regions; rumbling in 
abdomen ; distress in bowels. — {After stool), Distress in bowels. 


B. luridus, Fries. (B. iiigrcscens, Pall., etc.) 

Nat. order, Fungi. Common namex, German, HexenpiU, Feuerpilz, etc.; 
French, Fiiuxceps, or Oignon de loup. Preparation, Trituratious. 

A^Uhority. Delle Cliiaje, Tossicologia, p. 143 (from Boudier, by Huse- 
mann, p. 158), effects of eating the roasted fungi. 

Dalirium, followed by death (_fourth day). — Headache. — Sunken features 
(second dayl. — A violet color of the nose and lips (third day). — Intense 
thiret. — Violent pain in the epigastrium (after two hours). — Meteorismua 
(third day). — Exceedingly fetid stool (third day). — Pulse smalt, irregular 
(second day). — .Subsuitus teudinum (fourth day). — Urticaria tuberose 
(speedily followed by death), (third day). — Cold sweat (second day). 


B. satanas, Lenz. 

Nat. order. Fungi, Preparation, Triturations. 

Authorities. 1, Lenz, Boudier on Fungi, translated from the French by 
Husenmiin, tasted a piece of the fresh fungus, but spit it out soon; 2, Sali- 
manu, ibid., ate some cooked in salt and water, and roasted ; 3, six persom 
poisoned by eating the roasted mushrooms (Wieu. Med. Presac), from N. 
Z. f. H. Ki., 13, 55. 

MfiKL — Fear and restlessness,'. — Intellect undisturbed,'. 

EjfCH and EnVK, — Sparks before tlic eyes, alternating with obscura- 
tion of vision,'. — Noi.«c8 iu the cars,'. 

Month antl Tliroat. — Troublesome dryness in the mouth and 
throat,*. — Violent liurniug and scraping in the throat,'. 

Stomach, — Umpienchable thirst,'. — Nauriea,'. — Sudden nausea (after 
two hours),'. — [10.] Kolching and vomiting,'. — A desire to vomit came 
very suddenly; between the attacks there was very little nausea, and no 
pain when vomiting the lai^t time ; after about three hours be noticed a 
slight trace of blood,'. — ^He was obliged to vomit (after two hours and three 
hours, and repeated twenty times within throe boui-s i,'. — Vomiting repealed 
tliirty limes wiihin two houri*,'. — He vomited everything that he took,*. — 
Salzinann continued to vomit (after the content'^ of the stomach) a bitter 
fluid, wliich was finally mixed with blood; olive oil did not entirely re- 
lieve the vomiting, nor when mixed with charcoal,'. — Epigastric region 
distended,*. — Perceptible pulsation in the epigastric region,', — Frightful 
pain in tlie stomach,'. 

AbdoiHcn. — Abdomen sunken and frightfully painful,'. — [20.] Ob- 
stinate tenfiion of the abdomen,'. 

Stool. — A profuse dhirrbtea of blood and of the mucous membranes of 
the intestines,". — Watery evacuations,*. 

Chest and Pulse. — Oppression of the chest,*. — Pulse scarcely pe^ 

J'JjCtVCiniticS. — A sudden sensation through all his limbs as though 
he would be attacked with apoplexy (after two hours),'. — Violent, ex- 
tremely painful cramps in the muscles of the limbs and of the face,'. 


Generaliticn. — Loss of all strength,*. — A great weaknew suddenly 
fafter two hours),'. — So weak that he could scarcely stand or walk (after 
two to eight hours),'. — [30.] Excessive wenkaess, amountiug to fniiitness, 
whilst the vomiting continued ; repealed ten or twelve times iu an hour,*. — 
Great discomfort in the whole body,'. 

Fever. — Liinhs cold,'. — Cold sweat over the whole body,*. 


Lipparis chrysorrhoea. Clnga, Lepidoptera. 

Common name, Brown-tailed moth (common on apple and pear trees in 
Europe). Preparation, Tincture of the living catenitllar. 

Attthoriiy. Ciilmeil {as in next), effects of handling a cocoon. 

In a lew hours, painful pricking in the conjunctiva; unendurable heat 
and burning in the lids, on the neck, and ou the sides, especially on the 
chest. Soon aft^r, redness of these parts, and an eruption of small blisters, 
with itchiag and beat. 


An insect belonging to the class Lepidoptera. 

Common name, Procession moth {common in Europe, on oak trees).! 
Preparation, Tincture of the live cater])i liars. 

Aulhoritiei>. 1, Calmcil, N. Journ. de Med., vol. 9, effects of disturbing 
a nest ; 2, Galignani's Messenger (Pharm. J,, 22, 13(5), a boy i-hook from a 
tree an immense number of the caterpillars into his naked breast. 

JSf/es. — Painful swelling of the lids,'. — Lachrymatiou,'. 

Stomitch and Extre-tnities. — Nausea,'. — In the morning, swell- 
ing of the hands and finger-joints,'. 

Skin. — i^kin covered with large red spots, which were soon followed by 
a general swelling,'.— Dr. C jircj^erved a nest of the caterpillars in a large 
glass vial, which was not opened for ten years. At length it was opened 
in the presence of several perr^oiis.all of wliom caught the eruption,'. — If a 
nest of the inseet.s is touched or stirred up, persons within reach of the 
enmnations arising therefrom will he atlaeted with a papulous eruption, 
more or les.s conHucnt, which will last several days and be attended with 
violent itehing,'. — The arms are covered with hard, large, uneven, areoJa- 
formed tubercles, with a icd areola, so thick as to leave hanlly any space 
between,'. — Eruption of a. wonderful number of liiiear-ibrmed tubercles 
over the whole arm, and even over the chci^t and abdomen ; most marked 
near all the joints,'. — [10.] Sensation a.s if a foreign body were under the 
skin,'. — itching of wh(»le body,'. — A severe itching sensation, so that he 
was compelled to run home for n^sisIance,'. — Itching, evenings, not relieved 
by anything,'. — Itching of both hands, increasing to a pain,'. 

filet'jt and Dreams. — Frequent waking, nights,'. — Dreams that 
the arm is being cauterized, and arrows thrust into the muscles,'. 

Fever. — Burning heat ; great desire to scrape the skin,'. — Violent heat 
of arms and face,'. — Fever, somnolency, and delirium, followed by death,'. 

t Avi'Tiuoa in ttie Bi.iit tio Houlnu'iie nrp Bomcliiiic:' clnsed, to protect the jiublic 
from tliu irritutiun nf thu »kin lliat tlii^ hiiirs uC (lii» L'iit<;r])illur tiiiiBu. 




BoNDONNKAi: MiM^itAi. Watkr. (Raiiitca-FoDtaiiics.) 

Vhrmiml Aniihjm. 

In one litre, tlien? was ci)iitaiiio«l 

Vtiv Siil[ihiirii' Ai'iil, h triici!, luit il \* vi'ry pcrccptlbin at Ihp »prmij. 

Frr-i' ('Hrli'iiijr- Ai-iil, \ tlic voluiiirtiif wnlcr. 

IJu-HrliiinnHtor Lime, 1 „~,ui„,„.„„„ 

<I.>., O.OOO " 

I'otwli, «ulu, a iruco. 

Kiil|iliiiU'a (probnlily iinliyilniUH) of J hirm-, V 048 " 

Cliloriili' of Srxliiiin, ...... 0^10. 

AlkiiUiii', li>ili(li!H uiid Itr[imiilfi<, .... O.ODH. 

ArM-niiili's, .,....., n Inicis. 

Si'-niiiiixidit of Iron with Mnngmiirm', , (1.<lil2. 

Kilicii iinil Aliiiiiihii, 0.1 1!H. 

Kariliy I'luwjilmUH, n tMfO. 

^iir<i|ji-iiixi-j urf^HTiic iiiutUirn, uii uiiivrlntn kinouiit. 

^•1 iiihorilij. Dr. Ksimnrt, Joiirii. ile hi Sue. Galliwuu', 2il Scrk-n, voL 4, p. 65. 

j\lliul, — Gluimiy tlioii;^lit.''; {laiiifiil uiixivty. — Irritability, biuJ humor 
(fmiii till' fiiNi ). 

Jicttd. — Sli;;lit vcrlifii), :MHiieliiin's iiiHitwc^l by obnubilation (diiriiig the 
fiMt (iay}. — niiliK'.-w, liL'avini'.*s luxl niioasin(<s.H in tbo bwid, witii bad 
liuninr. — (lonipriwivt- bctKliU'lii- (ninliiiiiin^ after Iraviii^ nfi' tlii! water). — 
Tlu< bi'ii<1 si'i'nis toil full, wilb inU^rnal [Milsaliun at ibt- base uf tbu tiniin, 
nearly all tlio titin- in tin.- cvL-niii;^. — Tlir(il)l>iii;r in tlu! Iiitid, wilb pricking; 
in till- tliniiit. — Oil niovinfj tin- In^aii, hriiistul pain inUTiially, witli vortiKO 
{at till! bi';;iniiiti;ri, — Fi'i'lin^ of ronfliiilion at the forcbcail, witb irast'i- 
bilily. — [10. J Swcllin'; uf tlic tonijHiral vcin.-i uml of the IntinU, wilb tbrob- 
hiii^j, 1ml M-iihiinl nthn-.-i?' (iiftcr fifioon diivs). — Sli^bt lancinating pain, with 
lical, at ill*' ti-rnpli's, — Urawiii;; and ilcliiiifi in tbo liairy scalp. 

liift's, — Laii'-iinitions in llu^ orbil.« ami ia tlii! bi-ad, with cvoninfr (•Iiilli- 
iic.-'s.^Uiii, painli'.-i.i s\villin;:iif tin- |nn«'la lacbrynialia (in an olil man). — 
A siicci'ssiim of stitM for a nioiitli iiflor Ifavinynti'tln.' wiitt'r, — The lids frel 
fwiilk'n and tcii-c, cspwially in tht' morning. — Drawing; in the eyulid-s from 
time 111 time; llicy urc ijjk'ik-iI witb ditliciilty during ibo firrft fortni;^ht. — 
Itrliin;; of llie lids and wnsilivoncss of llio cytw to li^'iit (after one niontli). 
— Yellow tiiifje of tin' albii^inea, witb palenes.i of tin- conjtinetiva and (it 
the inncims nienihrancof llie piilatoand lips latter fivo weuks), — [20.] Ked- 
ness iif the eonjiini-liva, wilhoiit pain (after tlintc wt'cks), — The eyeball feela 
11- if ciinipressed, dining llie first week.— Sparks before the eyes (during llie 
lirsl forlni>;lit, in a patient lalioriu;^ iiinler iH'jiatio ub.-'triK'tion). 

l'2tH'S. — Increased di^(■llar;fe of a eleariT nineiis (after three weeks). — 
Dryness with beat in the eai-s (in (be bepnnin^). — Heat and throbbing in 
I be eiirs (ill the i)e;i;iiuiinj,". — Seiisalion of fahu-ss in tliC'our«, with deafneis. 

yoHt'. -In the iimrniiij.', sevemi times, a slif^ht discharge of black blood 
from ihe nose (after liftcon day;:;. — Clironic stoppage of the nose, in ugouty 



i«*l. — Rti)«ilc«). slKirt'liwtiiii; »tuii[m|,i? of ibe notse. — [80.] Rrj-u«M of 
DOfn}, willi |iri(.-kiii^. — ^TIiTultliiug at iho root of tht' hump, wjlli rvdaes 
ertbr no6e {after livo wcckii}. 

/Vfcr.— Palcneje and varying color of the face, tflwarde evening. — 
Chapping uf the iipa, a» from winter wcnthcr (ji»t before leaving nfl' the 

3ttntf/tt — Dijictilorcl wnii flciuiilcil k-i'th, with iinmll uIcltb on the 
gum<-. — (iriiulin^^of the lei-th iit night i,nt thu tUist'of tliv suaoua). — Sevoral 
lunlar loeth lufl (o« long, aud an.' painful every night. — Toncne pointed, 
tpIIuk, MJth bright-rwl lip. — Tongtie r^ateii while, with rwl [KijiillH^. — 
ilaniniT month, with .*oiir t4i«le \ni ihe la-'O. — [40.] Dry niunth wiihuiit 
^^g tfairvt < (iniiKnnll. — Son^-niion of hriit anil nwolling in ihc ntontli (.nllcr a 
^B rc]M>titiitL of the wnt*>r). — AVindant .«AiivA (fltlcr ono m&Dlh). 
^^ T/irwtf. — The hotlom of the thnwt is hright-reil. — Dryness of the 
I ibrwii. — Ilt-at with pricking anO laneiBiilioiis in ihe lonsib (the first (layn). 

I — VuiiiLsy fwling, as if fmm coiigeHtion of the toiisil-i (after ihr^e weoks). 

I Stomach, — Grwit and cuitlnunl hunger 'while Inking' thi- ivnt*T«, nnd 

^^H sfterw'HfiUl. — Thin-i dnritig ihe firsl days; iiftcpnai-ds. tntirw hImchw 
^^P of thirst. — Insipid, itiu<-iiii)< ontcial tonn, after Inking Ihi- w«n.-r.^[50.] 
Ki»ig«*lric ewi'lling, with habitual hoat, — I>i<)uid gnr);iiiig in the i-liotiacu 
when lying duwii in the evening (at the last). — IJurning heiit. nith nnea<ii- 
nw« Hi llip Muiuiich after a meal (after two ncekft ). — raiiitiil heat at the 

3iigiL«tniim, as fmm ftatnlencc. It jhift." ahimt, often heciiming swiriid nt 
»■ hyiKM-hoiidria, towanl,'* llit; last. — .Seiit^timi uf fiihitw*, which takes 
away the apjieilt** (nt lir«ti. — The epigastriinii and bypuchondriu are 
Bei]§itive to luneh, after the fin^t week. 

AMomCtt. — Inflation uf llic ahdomcn. — Sensation of haiTinete in th« 
ahdoRiin. — Tension and hmt of the al)domcn (cowanl.i tlie la^t). — Colic, 
followed hy a iliarrh<pie iilw>i, with tent^smtiK, after the fir»t days. — [60.] 
Ijioeiimting pnin» here and thi^re in the al>donien. 

Rrriiltn tltld AlttrSm — Frolru,-ion of ihc auuc, after every ctool, in a 
child iroul)le<) with uortni>. In a week, thi» i>yn]ptoni di^njiiieHred ]ierma- 
nrntly. — Heat atid prieking al the aniie (after imemoniht. — Ilehttig at 
thi- niiiifc (after fifteen day.-' ^ — Profuec sweat of the pcriiiicum (alK'r the 
seuon ). 

Stool, — Toward* the la*!, the evaenationii become pasitr and moro 

n^iilar, — Watery and mnortiw Moil* i in the Kpiniiing). — t?t<xiU yellow, 

afttrrwanU grecu tin a piitient wlio had had jaundice). — Hard, curled,, 

«'ark-gi*«i evacuations (after one mouthy — In the lieginnini,', diUieult 

noinis at long intervals (in a rneheelie patient, previtvinly dysjvepiie), 

I'ftlittrif Orf/«M«.— [70,] A former di&chnrg* from the urethra rc- 
AmK.arj« al the cml of the wawii,— Pricking in the urethra. — Freiiuetil and 
Muuiidniit dijiehargi- of urine, whieh I>OL'unio» Liirbid after pnaiing.^ — The 
■jfiue^ i« very obtindHnt and clear (in the beginning). — la the bcginDiog,. 
x~ie<l(li'<h uriue, having a strong odor. 

AVxiffi-/ Oryaiiit, — jitueons discharge from the prepure. with itch- 
Tig. — More frt'fjoi^nt ^-reeiioiw in the morning. — Dry hent of iho vagina (in 
% he fir*l fortuight J. — Miicuun or serou.-i diM.-harge (after thrw weeks), — Tho 
ni«u»c» apitear for the firrl time fatter ihnv vreek*). — [80.] Regular return 
«f the uieiiKft after a five monthi-' euppressioii. — Menwa too early (in a very 
^m|ihalic ynung wom«at.~Thc nieui^s, usually regular, are retarded for 
wiV (after liftwii day*). 
Jieapituttorif Afiparattig, — Conemnt sDorting, u if tliero was a 

TOL- 11—18 



furrlcn ImhIv io Ihe larynx. — In tho beginning, irrilatioD and dnr cough, 
wtlti iR'iniache. — From lime U> liiiiL\ 0)iurL>liL>ciii^ liuMrM'DefN (^Mvrards llie 
cinl/.— Sli^Ut dry <ininli 'iii n natiunt with giutlnti*). — Ulood-«treake<l «x- 
pcpl'iriilioii (ill chronif bronchitis). 

VhfiHt. — I*ur«xym orsimHtiiodic (•pprewlun, with hicftHigh. — Habitual 
oiinrfM'iiiiii, wilh wiuiatimi oj'heat iimifr llio sternum, after thu 6n«t dsye. — 

JvO.] t>.'ii^iti'>ii ol* heal, ftihii'Bk'i au<) oppression vf tlie ohcttt (towarils llie 
ii»l).^Siili1ilikt! puiii ill thv riylii Iriwur ixtritoii of the t.-li&<U 

Jfcarf. — ralpiuiiiui. ilm first tin;,*. — Tnniiiltiinim anitm of the hpart 
aniTii. iiii'jil iftfivr Uiix'c wivkw). — Hciiwyf LetMuiitiiKl luliu-^ hi the n-gion 
or ihi' hciirl (iilWr uiic; inunth). 

iVccA' aiiH lidck. — Drnniuff and dtifTncsa in (he Dcrvical mitsc-Iwi.^ 
.Slight jmin ill tht* hack, hhiftiiig niimit rapidlv. — PniiiH in the kidiit'ya, ex- 
tvotliiig |t>wards the blitdJcr, aUcr cvcHr' meal. — flight taiK-iuatioiMt, wilh 
boal, ill the n-ginn of the kidueya (nflcr one uiouLh). — ComprvK-ire ]Mii» ia 
tliP hiiiiM ^nt thct last). 

JCx4remHif» fn General. — [lOO-J The wii» on tlie limb* am 
more proiiiiiicut (after the evasoii). — llcuviiics' uf the limbs, nitb difficulty 
ill mnvih^ ihfiii (lifter the season ;, — Ntrvous li-iuiuu and gtvatcr agility in 
iho limh^ (Hflcr cno wwk i. 

Uffper Kjrtrcntfti€it,—K\mme eeiiaitiveiieM, wilh •carctly any 
i>A«elliiij,', i>r thii axillary gtiiiid^ — A previiius iiiduratiiili uf n iiianifinry 
gliiii<l L-oiitiiiiKiL — C'oiiMHiit iieut in the palnw of the hands. — StitfuMS and 
«Mt(iiliwr»i*!i )it' tin- liiij:i>r-j<»iiilt. 

IjfHft^r JUxtreiitirieM. — Dull and dc^pecatcd pnin in tbo insidoof 
tlip thi;:h!i Mil thL' iiisi I. — I'aiDH, irhcu in bed, in toe long bunesof ibe 
lower c]Stn?niitifs. 

fieitvt'alitieti, — IncrviuH-'l B<.-U'iti\-cue« of the whole cutaucoiM Mr- 
fiiee iiu ihr tii>l furtiiijihl;. — Cailu-xia'. the nrt^ulld nf uiitipyphilttiv and 
fi>hrilii|^' tre^tiiii^iii. — [110.] C*>iiTati«c«.-ncui which led Uie iHiiieutA iu a 
ouolirmi^sl cuelwciio coiulititxi. — Various Hyaiptnnis of foniicr «yphibp. 

Skin, — Molllcd skia, as in cold weather. — SeiMutive. rolorlne jiiinplc^ 
like lubert'le*. app<^r in tiieenwini), on the i>ral[>. for i-evenil davit {al\er six 
WDok* I. — Kruption, here niul there, of htrj;e, tmI and vt^ry Hi'iiiaitive piniplni 
(afWr the liret week). — Saiali, n.>d, aeumiiiuted pim|du ou iho fatx- (afUir 
eix vrecks'f. — A very it^rhiii); kind of eruption, liku ni-lik-ra^h, up]H.-an>. tm 
the MlliK< jMlieiit, over)' time utter leaviii;; off the ualer. — Cn-iieral eruption 
of furfumee^HiP hlolehv* (.after ttie tilth dii valid tilth halli.aud ta^nliug until 
a week niter leaving olT the watt-ri. — A turiuraceoiir' telii-r ou the nuae ex- ' 
teo(b to the exiemal ear. and eaum-s a diiirbarge from the fold of tlio latter, i 
which dinappeapi wilh the erupiiim, in fiftivn day, and after lakin)^ ilie ^ 
Wftlirr fur sU week*. — Eruption of verj" paiufut bviU. «hieh eucceed eaeh ^ 
ultier fur five meka. — [.ISO.] I'lcere eea.>e fuppumtiu)^ while taking tbe^ 
waiens atht for a long while after, wilb g^'uvral iniuruveuteut of the health.^ 
— A profkmlf suppurating lisiiilouE tihxT ou the (ibis leavea off suppuniC — « 
in^. — Ocoenu itniiug, c&peciallv trviubltt^jiae orer tbe more niMouiar por 
tioaa of tbe limbK. — Itcbiug o^ the vinn of ibe dom a^d of ffae eyi 
fidlowtHl hy redne«st nnd Ter\- ^niall pinpw (after one montb). 

Sler/t iihH />r(YlirtM.— Kn^iiMat yawning with shiTcring 
fiftwu days). — Dr«»Hinr» iu daytiuiL- (a(V«r foor weeks). — Ijiglil sleep 
ft«iueuily intemipted i unusual >. — Habitual aieeplui ■mi, with iitartin 
wben uD ibe point of fiUtiig asliKii. — Dnaias wbicu iDlemi{>t ileep (.to 


Fever. — Shivering all over the body (at the beginning). — [130.] In- 
ternal heat, witli flushes of heat in the chest (after the season). — Sensation 
of external cold, with transient shivering followed hy heat and by [tricking 
on the pkin. — Easy sweat (from the beginning). — The least exertion brings 
on a profuse sweat (at the last). 

C/rtidrt/OMS.— Aggravation. — (il/omni^), Eyelids feel swollen, etc.; 
bleeding at the nose; more frequent erection.". — {Tormrd^ ev€ni3ig),Va.leness, 
etc. — {Evening), Head feels too full ; chillinet-s ; when lying down, gurgling 
in stomach, — (Night), Teeth feel too long, etc. — (After a meo/), Buniiug 
heat at stomach ; tumultuous action of heart; paius in kidneys. 


Boric acid ; formula 7(B,0,)54(H,0). 

Prepiiration, Solutiou of the crystals in alcohol. 

Authority. A. H, Z. 33, 15, S. J,, took repeated doses of the third dil. 
(from Inaug. Dis, on Borax and the Borates). 

Jietitl. — Head unusually confused on waking in the morning, — A gastric 

Mouth and Tliroaf. — Much cold saliva in the mouth. — Hawking. 

Stomach and Abdotnen,— Great nausea and heaviness in the 
stomach, which disappears after walking in the open air. — Retching and 
vomiting of tough mucus, with watery fluid which in very strongly alka- 
line, — Vomiting of tough fluid suhslances Ptrongly alkaline (af^er sixteen 
minutes). — Heaviness and restlessness in the stomach till dinner. — Rum- 
bling in the abdomen in the nHernoou, and Iwo scunty pasty stools. 

Stool find Urittary Ortfang. — [10.] A pasty stool. — A moder- 
ately transient pain in the region of the ureters. — Frequent and urgent 
desire to urinate. — Urine nearly <louble the normal in amount. 

Generalities and S/tiu. — General discomfort, which disappears 
after a walk of two houi:s. — 8ome time aAcr beginning the proving of the 
alkaline Borates, an eruption was noticed on the right thigh, consisting of 
vesicles, which continually extended and became covered with crusts; in 
the middle, a circumscribed spot as large as a ten-cent piece, surrounded 
by new vesicles, which were very moist when broken (Impetigo flgurata, 
VViiltin). — After two months, this eruption extended to the right lower 
leg ; it then j)as.eed over to the left lower leg aud d!sapi«!are<f , eight months 
after first breaking out, and two months from (he time of taking any 

Conditions. — Aggravation.^^/ornjni;), On waking, head confused. 
— (Ajiernoon), Rumbling in the abdomen, etc. 

Atnelioration, — (Aflir iva/k-iiiff in open air), Nausea, etc., disappears. 
— (Afier a walk). General discomfort disappears. 


Natrum biboracicum (2BO,Na.BjO.jl0HjO). Sodium biborate. 
Frejmration, Triturations. 

Authority. 1, Hahnemann, H. Ch. Kn., 2, 281 ; 2, Schreter, ibid.; 3, 
Fischer, Z. f. V. (Est., 1857, p. 217, provings with tinet. of Borax (Borax 



5 grt.. Mcnhdl 100 flmpji), mi [ipIIpu; 4, Dr. J., riinug. di*., Berlin, 1845, 
«xpcniiK'nt« with [Miwik-rcil K>.tni)t. 

jllttii, — Voiu|»luous niooil iaWvr five wrrksl.V — Vnj cliecrful, lively, 
nfliH-'lioniito, with desire and liking for nil work, in Lh» forenor^n i'*isth 
d»y),'. — Th» child rries nt intiTvalu very vinlfliuly, cmmm ivtltr a tow min- 
ulcti. uikI i? o^aici voiiUiuCi'J iiutl (itnyt'ii),'. — Vvi\ coriifst inftur »iic* 
day),'. — L(>ir-»|iiriU'il and p^-t-vish (Hi;i;i>nJ diiy).'. — *It-ri/«iu-(ci(Mt>« rlilinj 
fxpUtlp thiKii a hilf, fjiitriiry to hit riiMom ; hr fr/-U lu thmujU il tvant'l tnte 
awoy it'i* brtttih i^firsl tivo m-cks ),'■ — * Tfir fhil-l hfyjMr* atuiotu' iMc« 'i'lffinj; 
if ottr ntrl-f !t Ml Iftc nririA It has ftQ anuoas expreuioD of the face durioK' 
the downward motion (the find i>ircE-iTtH>ks),'.— Anxiety wiih mmMing in 
tlic ho«".?lii \aJUT fii houw)/.— *Ci"m' in-i'*Wj, mtk gi-ai lUfpine**; Iftfi 
anj:icty incrfutd Kntil 11 o'dork in t/tr '-iv-m'iijf, n'tii.*ti \\iv pc^rtmu biTiinie 
dim niid vloi^ny, mid fi>ll asleep,'. — ^10.] Auxi(.-ty, \rilli wcakneu and 
tiV'inbliiig ill tiK' fiH?l, and |iAliiil:it)<>ii :u*lion iiitj^niiTiitin^}, (nriiT thriM.' 
dayai.^ — •/■Viy/i'; (»i>M ht nnff ftie niurt up at <r diDtmtt nfiixk,'. — *J''rcyht; he 
tt'irU in all hU lin\hf* on hriirinij nn niiriaiu crt/ (.after four w»-ek>t,'. — * Tk« 
h<Aif i/i frifjhl'-Hfd •!( h'nchiii(/ nuif siif^ziiiy.'.-~-l'irfati atHi fi*flr i»f <^>ntn)fion,'. 
— trriml'lv during impiirlitnl hiiainciM (iiltor oi([ht dAy**.'. — The child tt 
IVi-tfid, wiiiiK's und crii-3', (.vnlnirv t<» ite ciulom (firal. Jiiyf,'. — VtTT fivtful 
in ttit* iiIUtuuiiu at 4 uVhick, aiiil {n-t'vixli. ulthou^'h lit^ ntu in j^jikI humur 
|>fevii)U^lv; Im? rcbtiktra pt?u{ito for triflw, fur sevcml day-" (ci;;hih day^'- — 
*iif/or« ihf C'isytt(f<>l in the 'ift'rrHO«», Jretfut, i/l-ftuMvrea, iriflolcut, uiul tlir- 
eontnttid : u/lrr it, tiry/^, cimtmtrd wiYA nnH^rff and tlie ttvfltt, ami ln-Aiuij 
fhrrrjiiilg into th» fittnre lafUT twenly duy»,i,', — V'iijonl ; he ncold* And 
flwean nt li-iH<.>4 UiK>t dfty),'.— j^ftO.] Violotit, rn^ifol, ilMiumomJ {6nl 
day),'. — IIl- duCH unt bi-cinuc oRi-ndi-d. nud is iinliiriTvrit In tliinifTi nliicU 
usually vex him vory much U-urntivu aciiim), (lilW'iith day),*. — I*lwi«uii* 
and aL-iivity in Iiih bnein(.>se (eumiive acliim ), (nfttsr Bvp wwk-i),*. — At limta 
liie tlioU|i;litA Vani.-li (loiirlli day),'. — •//<■ tt//ev» thrtiayh l!t<! afternotia, doa 
7tot rni/ht i/rtitt/ii» urifk; rhittijfii front nn* f/wiifM UinunthrT,Jntm mir riHiin 
in unulhrr: tO>fA not kri'jt at one bu^iiiv*.'. — Diiiiuliinfl l«p work ; ho dow wnly 
wlinl liii i« 'il>Ii);cil [•» iW if hy fiir^-c llho ilr>i fivf ttvtkif},', — I|i; \t ohlijfvd 
to rt'lkrl a lont; linit.-, until hi' kuons vwrylliin;; thai la- hat diitii-- llimiigli 
ibi' thiv: for n Un^ [iiiiu ht.> la tiitl cortaiu wlKther be had been al a jdnue 
yesU'rduy ur Iii-d«y (^istli day),', 

Hetni,~*Ja nulkint;, la-ad wiiifuM^d.'. — Tlur XThwlc hcnd cunluncil, with 
ftlilcliiii^ in lurt fur, *-vniiiig (lir«l dny J,*.— W-rlijr". iii tin* irtoniiti^^ in Iml 
(firth iliiy),'. — Wrtiyii ill tilt- evening when ivalkin}^, u« if Hotiic orn? |iii-h(M) 
him Innn iho riglil tide lowanlF tlit- h-ft (fifth d«y>.'. — [80.1 Altiukn t>( 
vertij;u, wilh I(im oi' pnwniri" i>f'niiiid (third day),'. — (Jiddy and lull rt-rling 
in llii> li>ivhi>ad iii Ihv rnoniinu. mi that heimniiMliatcIv lust hi« j((mnI liunHir 
(f.itirth day f,'. — Lijflil, clwir lit'iid (*ixili day),' — Ht-nvim-jw in thr head 
<liR>l day},'. — Hi-ndache, witli (runrnainii of ihv whnlu liriidjind i>tii*kiii;; in 
th« lutl i-ar (tlr«t d.-iy).*.— 'FuUii.-« of the htind nn uac-ciidiiig a inountuiii or 
slops !lirib dny\'. — Fuliif^<i in lliu liMid and itriMxiin.' iibouL the vjes, aa if 
llioy wcru hvld laat, t^> tltiit ho Litii scarwly move thtni,'. — Puloew in Uih 
hviul and (in^^uiv in Lhr i^niall of llio hafk whcii aiu.iug, tnj^fther wilh a 
jili'ppy iwnsiulion iii the ey«« (wvi«il«<;nlli day),'.— Falnw* in Iliv he^id iu 
Ihf niiiniinf^, wilh lark vi t-k'ar idciw and )in.>*eiK'e of mimt, so that h? id 
iiiialdu tn |ii.-rr(>nii any rnviilal work, and ha* no dwirc for it; aflrr walk- 
ing iu lln3 "[iL-ii air ho is bottur. but siill iWl* gmil treaknnM in tlip (cet 
uud juints (wcoud duy),'. — AeJi in<j in the whole head, uiih ttauMta, incHitaiitin 





h> mmil, anJ trfiublitig tu the tfhuU boily, in ihr Tnomhiyil \OoWoft till two 
(«niule provora al the ^ni« tnno), {swoiid day),**. — [40-1 Dull [vrcsnive 
jKaditrhv ill the nl0^rli■l^^ cAperiatlv in llio furelu-atl (first ilav i,', — I>iiriiig 
Hcn^Iruatiiiii, thmlihiiij: in ihe bvaa nrnl nwiriii^ in ihf rurs, . — Ilrarlache 
in llir forvhonti, nilii xiiekin^ in llio \cl\ fiir, niiJ n liollitiv lunrr hni'k lonlh 

00 \Uf \rU *ido, hi the ovfning (foiirtf-ftuli (lay ,'(').— Dm wiiit; piiiii in tlie 
l<>n.'lii.-aj rxU'ii*liiiK lowiird.t thi* fVi-P i tuurtli day .'.^Prf-N-ivc ilruwiuji 
licaJavhe id tliu IoivWikI hI)uvi> llie «ye» iini) luuanln thf niot "f \he no»c, 
at timu!) tx(4?ndiiig ioln tlit* imw nf ihe net'k ; nn stooping a seven proiiKire 
ih llie Fn>litat lioiit* ; ulicii writiiiK and iTaJipj? xhe pain become itiiirh mure 
Tiolfni, niili ]>r*'»ure in the reyioii of the spleua <sUth day i,'. — Dull jires- 
mrc in llie ffir»1»'iid uixtli d«yj,'. — rr*'i«ive hwidachc al*ov<> iIir cvps: wion 
diMipj>cftr> wlicti walking in tlie open air (foiirtb day ),'. — Stioltioj* fioadnchc 
OVLT tbf eyw imd in lltt- ti-mpli-a, nltcniatiu); wUli Iit-nt and oiMiie*'. «o 
lliat m oue liDii^ the hiindu werv vtTV b< anolber quile blue, with stlck- 
ieg in the swollen jrland-i in ihe nect. which allorward* hecamc sufter and 
itnaller <riiiirtet-iitli dny).', — Twiu-Iiiiig jmiii in lh.> forciiMiil, wilh unnw-rt 
ami iraring in liotli t\V"lwIU. in thi< afi<Tiioi>» 'first diiy\'('l, — Tiirrthhliig 
in tlifl fwreluftd,'. — [50.^ Slickini; fniin thf ri^ht Ipniple to the left h&ll' nf 
lh« fitrchtftd,'. — t'rw*ivc Etiokiit),' iu thv rit'ltt tomple '(-kvvnlh ilny I,'. — 
Itbylhint<-al pn-HsiTi* dull fitickiiiK in the ri^lil tt-'mpk- (fortieth day i.',^ 
Throlihing in biith leinpW i fimrth day i,'. — Thn>l»l)iiie hpadaclie in liuth 
tPniplei, edpetially in the right [Msteciuh day),'. — Ilimlache in the vc^ncx 
and furch(.-ud, in tin: t-viiiiiiK (wfi>[id day \' ('), — Buriiij: in iv oinnll ^pot irt 
the Vfrtejt (twfiicieii) diiy).'. — ■Toaring in (lie v^-rlcx in llie fin-cimon. with 

1 ervAl marin); in thi> vara (eighth diiy),'.— .SlttchoH, tnitieicni, in the K>fl 
lao of liie htad iu llio vprt»-x, afttrwards tniusicnl tlitchcs in the eei)ilati>, 

mid Id the follovfinjj nighl ln.*[ivi(iu,*dis^UHling drranis, in a married woman 
^&m day I,'.— Siitclie* dnep in the right side of the head, nilh cli«(lmrce of 
pua Irnin th(> right enr; Kitchen no violent that he involuntarily drew* hauk 
nis hnul, Inj^'tliiT with Lii-kliii}; in tbt.* It'fl cur, mich aa pn.iH-<K-.-< a die* 
ehargi*. folhnft'wl by vory nctitv hearing fthiriy-at'fond day), . — [60.] T<rur* 
ing til the left bultuf (liehend, Blartiiig In a hollo^T tocrth (fourth Jay t,'.— 
Tlin'bVuig headache in the iKciptit, n? if it would suppurate there, with 
tliivrring over the whide Ixnly. Ia.«liti^ ihn \k'h<)le nijrht an<i fallowing day 
(HT«nd dnyi,'(*j. — PuUiitiiig ni*li of Mood inlu thp oe«'i]»i!l I.MXloonlh 
day),'. — Son*itivciie»« of lb* <-xtmiiil headlo<'»1<i anil ohang^ «f woallier,'. 
— 'Ai in I'liat I'olonica, the rhil'i'f Itnirs become enlmujtt'l at flic tijm and 
Met logetkfr, to that they wnnot br teparated; if Ihtnc buiidiet are cut ojfthex/ 
jam a^nin (tor ten weeks'),'. 

Effea, — The infant bovemes very red around \h<- eyes* wlwn ci'yjog 
(fourth ilayj,'. — ilfoiLiiitiou in eye* a.'* If sonu-ihiug lind liilleii into tneiu, 
wliicli diMippenw nn rubbing, firvt in the right vyv, thtm in lb«? left, liiur 
limc« duriuj;hA)f thcday, and returning next day at i»ji'->n (ecifcnth day),'*. 
— ttiirain? in the even and momentary rniitrartiou of ihcm as pnoii ai he 
Kinoveti tiie glasses farter six dnvs).'. — Pressive huruiDg in the right eye, 
in the afternoon fthird day),'. — f'ressurc above the eyes from time io lime 
(tenth day),'. — [70.] Prwwuru ia the right vjo wry painful, lis if it wvuld 
he prt-.w*.-*! into tbr orbit, iti thf morniiig uiftfr livt* week*),'. — Seiii>aiioM in 
tlie right eyelid, while sitting, as if irUiiietliiDg pn-s'^'il "Ut from within, fixjio 
Wlweeo the tkin coming from the lemitle*; iwiueiiiatcly f'jll->wcd by pres- 
Hirp around the eyes (fourlb day >,'. — Cutting in the left eye lenglhv-i.«e, 
couiog and going Middt-nly (.tbirly-sevenlli day),'. — In the left eye, three 



fltitchm in miocMmion, en-inng (ihinl dayVO-'"'!^^'''? 'i *}"> r-f^. ^itb 
a »piw«tirin nl lime* a» if *»n(i wero in ihcm (fourth dnr),'. — '"th^ InJun 
Iwrn imartl lotiKirii the eye ami i>tfiiane it, cptriuUi/ in M« pw/'.t ratitliH*, 
tchere tttr uvtryniK of thf- ijft arr irni mre (tixtli wivK),'.— Iiillaianinci'iii uf 
the tDfflr}];iiiji uf t)ic lid in au iiifniit ; hi> nilK tliD cyos uik) at iii^lit llt(>y nri: 
ajK 111 till ft ted (firat day),'. — Infivn"\atii»\ oftfte Icfi tryein Ok i»ncr fjnlfiu*, 
with niglilly iij!),'tiitiiiaMons f Hrsi ilays),'. — * luflnaimnlitui oft/tr rigttt ryr in 
tkr fjrlrrftnf niiiUniA, wi'tA irreyuhirltij ofthf tiuhm; n^rflittiiuition aj th" ryr nt 
ni'jht (ihitty-fifili dayj,'. — At nij^ht itio oyct nro ii););!!!^!^!*:-^ wiih linrcl, 
dry muE-un. iv1iii;li irritiilc!< tliL- ryi'Ti likt? i^iiO (fifth neck ^'. — [60.] In iho 
tuiiriiing ihi! t-yc-f art- a^<Q'liitIiiaU->l mikI luctirynulu ((iHh duy ),'. — In th« 
PVfiiiiic ii i.-* ililliciilt u> cli)4L> tilt- liils, iiiiil iti tlia inuniiii;; ditfioiill to hik-h 
tbeiik 'fifth wei'k),', — Pre^ivo iJiiiri m the U|>j>t:r ltd on oj^niii); tii*; eye.". — 
Hirenfjw in (Eif exlernnl ninibi ( afHT livo wefik*^.'. — Larliry million of the 
oyc* ioighth djiyl.'. — Uchiii}; in llii> inlfrnnl ■•miihti'i. mi ihnt she niimt fre- 
quently rub il (liwl ftjiy^),'. — Toftriiid in b'lih lyolniilc, wiih ft Iwiujiiing ia 
ttiQ forrhi^jid, nnd nnii<<ii in thi; ntltTOwin.'C')- — Htiteh<5B in thf cyelNiIl, 
Vfith colli raciion in tlw ri)thl uppi-r lid (uij^hlh day).'- — <JliM^uralmu of the 
l»f% eyu in the uvt'iiiii^; .ine wan ohlijifd to maku grmt L'Xt^rtion, but still 
iww iiolliin;; (ninth duvj/ ('), — St'imiliveiiew of llm eyes lo lUe cundWIij^ht 
ill the fVniinij (lliinl iliiyj,'. — 190.] * fTirkrriuij hrfarrtUr ryn* In thr morn' 
injr ir/ioi vriliivj, "n tlmt hr iiw» nut *<■*• iliMinrily ; thrrf '•frm Ui fif bright 
vMi-ing mtvr», oo'f Jnun Iff right to Ih^ Ujl tiiir, ttotti from nbuvc c/otCNUMrJ, 
tevrmi at'irninys in f'i(vf»ioit iiiftcr Iwcnlr-four diiy»),\ 

JEiU'M. — tutliinM^d lint stvflling of hnth cnr*. nilli n diM.'httru« of pus 
from llwm (iwciuy-^^vi-nlh day),*. — I'unitt'tit diM'hKive from Ui<lh piir* 
prw^uilwl hy iU-liing in tin; ofcijiul { tiii]<.-t«onth il»y>, . — .\ pitruk-iit dis- 
flmrge fnim tliv wins >vitli Ptirkinji liciidiirlif (iift^-r lliirly-two daysf,', — A 
pruvious (iinchnfgo fr-mi llio «ir» cciwis (cumlivo lu-l ion j,'. — Suddenly a 
sefi4iitioii us if ihe ear were or sloppo'l,'. — Piiiii in ihe oar; n sco- 
silive prBMirp hf'hind the right cnr (iillcr fix days),'. — StilrhoM in the e«ri 
(afWrKix w<>(>l(» ).'. — HlilehM in the oHrx in the nioniiiig wlicn mishing in I 
cold vfatcr (nftpr throff dayuf,'. — SlitehM in the lidlcjir, on waking tin- * 
wtimlly truily (fourth day\'(*). — [WO,] Slllrhcf in (lit lejl car, iu two 
pmvtTs (nAerfourtt>eii diiyBi,'. — Sikdiiiig tu left eariiii aninm, (fnurlceiiih 
dHTJ,'. — Stitchtng iu ]*ft ear, with hmdiielie in the forvhead, utid ntiteliiiig 
ia left, luner, hollow, molnr tooth (in a female), cveuiiiu; (fourteenth day), . i 
— Soro pftin in the enr on horiiig in with the fingi-r Hhirty-w-coud day |,'. — 
Ilohiii}; ill the li'ft eiir, tiiid Kiiro [mill afU-r reriiiivin^ ihe cnr-uax, in tlie 
evening, when walking; ftt r hi* .'nine liiiion kiridofmi<'kinp in tho left side of 
the uei'k Iniiieivtnth diiyj,'.— l>iflie«U heurlii;^ in the left car. in n rhild five i 
veart i>Id (ninth day),'. — Cnickliny in iho leli ear, as if thick wax were in 
h which atopiwd the ear, which I hen ojiened again, in the evening (tenih ' 
day 1,' (''. — l)ull druiiiii)ing iu the left* if over a 3uhlerr»ii«i» vault 
(fi)iir(i-<'jith dav).' ( 'j. — Ringing nnd iiijiirip in the riKhi ear, which nfler- 
wards ehiinj^'d (o a rotirinji lliverilietli day',', — Uuiiriiig and riii^dng in 
right ear (eiclilh day 1.' (' i.— [HO.] tiofiring in Of enre, and niiich difficult 
hearing ieiv'hiernth and iiinci4x-n[li daysj,'. — Rushing in the Idl car aa fraio^^ 
a itorin (thini «nd fuurih dnp),'. ^^| 

XwtP. — ^Tho infant rLih.H \m nnse vigorously with the bnndfl, and then^^ 
the vyvn (tifk-enlh >i»y),\~l'ltftt iitut fftining *\crUiug v/ thr note, irith 
throltkinif ami tennivr teuAitlion),'. — */n Me upiier nixl JvrrpaH <^ the leji 
lutHrit, towaitln Ih* tip o/ the uii»t, a tmalt boil, tnlh tort puin and aiWA'njt u/ 


thr lipo/thf iww (tenth day),*. — ^Ulirralion in the UJi naMrll, in Ihr fnrrpnrt, 
in thr tip, tw(/i KoM pain mid titriliny of (he lip of iht hijjw (icnih daj'),'.— 
•J/irniy i/ry t-rtuiA wi (Ad itont; uJtifh nnttS'tiitly ffirm a/j-nn iifi^rb^iny r^moivd 
(nftvr Mxlt^tMi ilnys),'. — Snei-ziii};, willi grvtkl nniuliilni-sf; !)<.■ trii'n tu stop it» 
■iiKre it (.-aiiM.'s M?vt>iv sticking in tliL> rif;lil Kidu of thin cheat; for ttim> wcvka 
(uftersix (luy.s),'. — SinH.-xiii^ and (Ineiit foryzii (fireldavsi,', — FiHOiit coryim 
wilh nuK-li umwlitiv' i" Uic nose (after tixtt-fu days), - — [ISO.] Disoliargo 
of iiuicli j;nviii:.Ii tliifk iiuiniJi frrjin ihe nose,'. — Blepding iVoiii \\k: noiie 
<nftpr tweiity-fivL- itiiy*),'-"— Bl''«liiifr nf llteiiooe in tlip intimiiig, and in the 
cvenitij} |)iiUnlii)g hondaohc (nltfr nix Hbvi'),'. — Same hlitoi i* ii*iinMy di»- 
chtirguJ OH bloniiif; ihi: uusi-. [)n.(.c' It* I l>y ilulitit^ in (Ik- ii<»sc ftri^lik-viith 
dayt,*. — Iii-liiug aud cniMliHg iii the mwf; ho is oblij^ijcl in put bis fiuger 
iuto it (iifli>r tw<!lvi> duj-^),', 
Jf^lfe, — *£rif»ipela« in lfi< fitef (after thirty-ffiur daya).*. — *Tltf fnee of 
fe iii/itiit /on/'jt p'llr, miffcrifig, fiti'tJii/ (fir^l day),'. — Swctlinj: of llie faco 
Ith pimply craptioii* on iho iia«e Hiid lips ('fir-t dHys),*. — Swelling, Iieat 
nnd r(!dti(>:i9i <it' iho fiM^o, with tBaHii[T pain in tlio malar lH)iie, and iwifre 
pniii in Ihf sivi-lliii;; nlii:ii laui^liiii;; (lliirty-lmt and tl]ii'ly-i>c-coiid duy;°),\ — 
A (wliiig ill tlic righl aide of tlit- farf, hv llii- iiiodih, na if l-oIjwcIw liad 
furmw) ihi're,'. — [130.] Dull tisirinf; in idi? loft clieyk, Klurlinjf from a 
hollnvr tifolli, witlt procure in the furohcad and in bolU evcballj^ { after four 
days)/. — Itcd iiillani<-d .'^wcDin^ at^ lar^'e a.o a pea on the lower lip, nitlt 
huf iiiiig sorx'itftM when imit-lied ( liirty-fitxt day),'. — Twlicliinguf tlio mn^^lcs 
n«ar the right oonii-r ui' th<; tiimiih tK^vcnil rini»>,'. — Kurniiig in the uppnr 
lip below i\k Ivll iiii>trtl, iu tlic nioriitng in bed (acvvnUi day],' {' ). — Kum- 
inp pain in thu lowi-r lip.Hntni piiK>iij;r uwiiy, in ihocvfiiiug (third day ),' i' ').— 
4 A.M.,Ei.'iiHiliun in thu loin^r lip liku tlie L-rawling of insucls (fourth day),*. 
— Crawling on the lin» a§ froni hoetlcs (eecond day),^ 

Month.— Teeth and fJmttH, .\ piwe broke nut of a hollow (oulli 
of itiiflf (after nix days).'. — The tei-th seem too long (first day i,'. — Toolli* 
a(^hf> id an tip|wr hollow lonth, with tiiirninj* nf the ehook, which pnina nit if 
tciim: whfu luuchct] (aflcr seven duya),'. — [140.] Constrictive ;;ni)ii)g iu a 
linlluM- t>M>lh fnfter four day**,'. — Tnnfhitrhr in n JioUair iooSh, dull griping, 
in wrf rwiwy uxathrr, in tiru provunt.'.— A<-'hiiig in the bulltjw teeth in bad 
weather (after forty daysj/. — Dull, pressivo hnrinji; iu the liollow teeth in 
the evening, in (i»ol air (firet day),'. — Prewive-digginc toollmcb(\ after ex'ory 
Hupper and hr>*akriul ; is ivlieved by lohari-i) xmoking ; for suvernl days 
(niter forty day*).'. — I)ruwiti;| paiit in the H-elh,'. — Fine iiitcnniltitig 
dlic'kiu^ in nil the tci'tb, mostly in & hol]i>w bu<:k tuotli in the leJl lower 
jaw Iwcond day).". — Klifkiiig loolbarhr in u left lower holton haek tooth, 
with clicking in the left eiir nnd hvii'lacho in the forehead, iu the evening 
Cafttr fonrlfien days),", — Tonrinj; fmtii the hollow teeth into halt of the 
head, if tlirv ari-- loiiirheil nil.h tlie lon^ne, or if odd nater iji taken into the 
month/. — T«iriiig and griping in an npper hollow t'lolh, wJiii.-h H<:-4-m» to 
be larger than natuml, mi thai !ihe caitnnl hilo or clfiich the toelh ; with 
inllaiumtitiun and ^welliug of ihv pun us if a f^itiu-bui] would form ; iu the 
evening the i>niti L-xt<;nd!< into the tower t(--elh, nnd then dimppears ou going 
to »lwp (fonrtb day).'. — [160.] Cruwliiig and liekliiig in the lower iiieisore, 
followtHl bv aeenmulatioiia of saliva in ilie month (after eeven days),', — 
Swellingof the gum for three dav!*, with pn^Minrv in the linllow tec^lli in bttd 
wr-ather (after u>ny d,iy»),*. — *Iuflmnfd lari/f utaUiiig on the outer jiVir ff 
the gum, tc/iirh jMitm ti-ivrfiy {gum-hod), leith dull pain in n hollou^ tooth; 
mfeJling oj the dicck ami vhole left tide of the Jacc, tu Jar <u behtv Ihc eye, 



tiA<Ttf Ihtrrt is an ehvated ademahut «i«ffiW (smplHng of Chamomilla 
lioTts the piiiii), (after thirty-«ix d«ys>,'.— The giinw of llir iipiwr Usx 
hleicA williwtl iwin Cnll«r f\x iliiyn).*. — ToHffHC ^An itfihtha on tltr Ioh 
(lift*f thirty-lnrec dnyifi,'. — *Jlift UiMcr* on the tonguf, an if the iJrin 
erotlrti ; thrif puin on ctvry mol'wn, aj the tongue, or if anyfhtHg unit or wti'\ 
taHehn tkrm \ after 6tc ivccIu),^ — Dryiiias of tliC t4»ixi>(^ >'> tli*; nftonitwii 
(third day),'. — Fulling aslecn of tln' tiiiigii*', so tliut r<^»]iiniti'ui biinpHlixlr*,^ 
— Crump ill iho ton^ic, a* if stiff ami R'^iio U* "kvii, an tliftt hrcnlliui" " 
itnjwili'il thcri-lj)-,' I'). — ^lonth, 'A/ifttha in (Ar uwutlt (after U>\ 
wwk»','. — [160] *Aii afifithfi in l/if iniirr mU of tkc eftrfli, wfiii^ hle< 
ii^fn fifin't ' iiftcr thiriy diiv" },'. — *Tlio infant'^ jwhle wax uriiikUiI and It 

criad freqaectly wben nnrain; fulu-r tuur wvck:*),'. — *The mufouM mrm- 
bnote 0^ the farepaii -of the palnlc U thrivcUed as if bttrnt, antt paina, 
gmteioRg whea rkewiiig, fiir Hevonil duvB iudvr nix d*yB>/,— Slimy mouth 
(Brtt <luy)A— *Th« month of the infant wai very 'hot,'.— Pdiu in tlie 
cornvre of the ninulli, «•* if they miuld iili^^nLin (iiftcr twciilv (Iay»),V 
Co|»ioii)t oiM ^ilivH,'. — Ttimte. *Thr Uute i* fi»t atul iiMt/iiil («fU>r 
dfty»','- — *N/ir knd no fffo wJim k/o: ale aniflhinff, for ur^ntl N'l^'Jt-* la 
eight lUyK),'. — Thu sotip hna uo tuatv ut dmncr ; it aiuws ewrnt (nieh 
dny ).'. — [170.]* Bitter taste ; if»/ie eale oHi/tiiinff or »maHow» talira evnylitii 
ttutei biHrr {second day),' ('). 

Xht'Oftt, — Mtic'li mucus nccumiilalcis in the IhnMit, which ho mu^ ex- 
p<}cli>riiu-,*. — Tuiigl) niucii.-i in ilii* tliriiAt, which b tliffii'iiit ui hxiUfn (after 
eighteen dttv'^).'. — Much Iouj;li imurtiM in lUe Uirunt. u-liich he muA. ha 
up with much «xerIion, *o that he Tomiw lafUr *ix day*),', — "Zoii 
xuk^tfh mucus m t/te faiteet, whiek is toonmed only aficr gre-it cxrrtion { 
MTcral ilavii I. (after five dny*),*. — A piece of iiiiicus slreaKcd with \A(k»\ 
hawked up (»t\(>r nine davOi*- — nawkiitg of mucus in ihr morning; I 
Riucua 18 cnaily raiit«(l in fumps,*. — Green kioae mucus 'v hawked IVuiu 1 
throat (after twelve i)M>'t<),*. — I)r)'i>GM in the Miront (after five duysj.V 
Riiughni'Bis in thv throat, as if a graUr irvro in it,'.— £160.] Thruai rt)u;>h 
tho morntn];,'. — Uurnin); in the tJiroAt; this cnui^es him to f^wnllow eali 
which \s painful (ninth day),'. — Kauucn in the pit of the thront, wi 
drawing Ktitchea in it when cuuj;hingaud », and with rcticfafl^r 
hawking up muouii (elevenlh day;,'. — Scraping in the tlirout, cnu>in}; a drj 
eoU){h {aft«r lirrt day),'. — Tickling in the liiruat, provokiiig> a dry coiq;D 
(after fiiiir Week.t),'. 

Stuimtrh. — Appettte, Great appetite in the cveuiiig,'. — lacTMBed 
sppctitv for brcflkfaft i fourth day),*. — .\pprtttemuch !<<«« thno usmIj 
fivu do\>),'. — I^tss huiiccr and appetite- than UMial (firet fire weel _ 
Dimliiiitlied huiii{cr and apijetitc, freouently however hunger without 
appetite (after live days),'. — {190.] He cats very little,'. — He had It 
appelit*. cspoeiaHy for «ipper (after cijrlit days),'. — She luu very littte 
appetite in the evening fur tievera] wi-eio (after eight duyH),'. — Lo«of 
appetite, iiauscii, dniMiog^ in the head fnim thu vertex to the temples, and 
drawings fn'im the ah-lumcn toward the groin, over}' evcuiug for Mveral^ 
dayn (hfth week),*.— No appetite for dinner (after twelve daysV- — Kit 
mare denire for tobacco (»econd day V. — Tbirat in the morning; be ~"— ^ 
drink a great deal (fourtan^nth day),'. — Ijoaging for sour drink* (l< >i]rtMOtl^Q 

aud fifteeutJi dvtp),^.— Hiccough ami Xausea, The iufiiut hiccou;:!*- ^ 

very often,", — Severe hiccough, which makes the throiit raw.'. — [800 .^g 
Uieeough after eutiug rei»hth dav),'. — Nausea,*. — Natuea during entii 
(after niiietceu daysj,*. — Nausea with periodic iucUoatitHi to vomit {fit* 



fter ,1 







iKy'i,\ — Kaiisca intlio morning, vith itidination lu vaniit; i1i.<ui|>prani iil\er 

ifiouer (sixtb day),'. — Nuu*«i immedUtt'lv iifU't wnkiiig, witli yrcjit in- 

dtuation t<» v<Hnil, wtiich hiiv>tiVtir d<K'a not lolto^r until tie drinks wiit«r, 

wben liv vumtls ii Inrt^c <)iianticy oi" niucu? ntnl nuiue t)i[li-r ^iiIhIuiicl- nitli 

grrat exonU'ii (tfvciii««iitli tlnvj,'.— Niiiiwii Col lowed liy vomiliufiuf niut'us, 

wiUi Iii-ftl sikI rtijml fi'VtrtJti |ini»(! (after l.«vrity-tlnvu Jayo),', — Niiii«<* 

evui la vi'initin^ wlicn riding (first day ),'.— Nau^na atui litllt* a)i|ietilo 

(filurlli day),'. — SaUDca in llic >-i)imnt'li, vritli iniiii in tliPiitrrnUTn, from 3 

I'duck in llie aflormxin lill cvcniiij;, ipveral iiavsi in «ir<?<s.-;ion (after five 

ky3>,* (*). — [810.] Nau?<Ki ind i^it-k feelinp even lo tUintinj^. iu the moru- 

tig (i>ixtU (Iny)i'. — Fri^ticnt unu»;u Hixi liiiiilniTS iii llic ul^urnunti 'aftur 

tuvlvf durfi,'.'— NuuMpa ul llii> tlioti{;Ul ul' trutinir, at miun, wilti eoUlia>»«, 

drawing ht^'sdactw snd pain iii lht> iibdoniL'ii, liiHuwt'd by thr^o alturk^ of 

diurrliitsi lafuir tWRnly dayA),*. — VoiHttiHff, Vomiting toiigli (luiil eiuh- 

slann?,'. — ViimitingofMiur mncuSy after break tii>t (<if cocja), (iiK-ciiiidday),*, 

— Heav'inRM in Moiiiitrh, diminished W wiilkinj^ i» oppn nir/. — JE/>/" 

gnstrinm. Taiu iu the Mtuiuncli, a* from bad diKcjiiion, on cxkrtutl 

pnxHiire ou the pit of tlic sti>nim:'!i (ftt'cond day),', — *pMin in thr. rrgion <J^ 

4(c <CtMniie/i uflrr fifiimj mmrlhitig hfavti ; tht: pain ffoet into the Kitvifl oj ihe 

Aodt, M^rre I'l becomen flicking, no thai «hf etiniKi! turn without p/iin the M<h/iie 

' tigfU; in (/M-jii«miii«M''-r)twi>d(i_wln'riirellienK'iisi'»t,(lIiiruenth day ),'(*). 

I— *,-J^rr*'<i/iiii;. irAtrA hr trlUhr^, i/not t!uletuion,tli»\nn/<j>i, firl fn-fiiu/ iinii 

>tf Auirinr; in tlie ewiiinft, on ginnt; into the opon nir, iionieivliiit rilii-i'Hi 

(ift*p toriy one day* i.', — Alter eiiliim api)]*.-*. willi nmHun, fiilncst in tins 

liUtnincli, with jH-fvishiu-w and ill-liumur ; lulnt-sis in thr head, as if ilit- hlooil 

fon-iblj- preeeu into it (nineteenth day;,'. — [220.] Constriptive pain tn the 

PegiiHi of the stonucli (after ais daj-a),'. — CannlrietiTe ]iain in the region of 

the Aloniach every day from fuur in the niornin;; till twelve at noon, a kind 

of witidiiig-up wusaiidn. whicli extmida tv the sjiiiie, aIrtu it i%iiiv» a Miuk* 

isj;, fnp >«venil dap in »ticcv»ii>n,' ('). — Prc>«iire in the Kioinach i first day),'. 

I'roB^nrc in the stotnach after every lacal (first dayal,*. — After eating 

S>cans. cvpeciallv in the morning nr forenoon, prewure iii the pit of the 
^bimneh, with <^i*eomrort,'. — Preiwure in the pit of the .itrmiiich, whieh dhi- 
«ippenis on walking,'. — Pre«»ive-fttiekin|]; in the storaai'h, with opjirvjwion of 
"tiir rhest, tvhii'h cuinpel? him to take u livvp hrcnth, which, liowevvr, h\i enih 
"Kot <l<i on ati'ouut of sharp pinchiag juiiti in the right side of the ehesi,*. 

^biioineit.— ITf/iwefiontlrta. A sin^iilve piv^^tirt- in the rt'jrion 
K»f liie £{dcvji I first day),'.— In Ihi^ left hvfKK-lionilriuni, a fi-eling Of of vio- 
lent prr*.ure, a.*wiih the Imiid*, wlien ridini: in a earria^c withmit springs,'. 
— I*re>ii«nn>, and Koiiioiitiie-i n bnrnin^, itith a :it-u«alton in the lefV hypo- 
cboadriuiu on d';ep brcathinj;. a* if iiumelhing rose up into live ehc-'*t i'rota 

|lh« n-gion of the Mpiecn, which r-auk down aguiu on ex|iinitinn (after sis 
days),*. — [280.1 A prctKure in the left hypot-hoadriiira, from the hmeitt 
liUi to the hip^ne, which l* iuereased by external prc&-iurc, after a mid- 
dav sleep till evtniug (second day),*. — Presaive pain in the left liyiiodion- 
drnim, a:* If n i$tone lay there, wlien daudnfj; on coniimiiiig In dniice it 
dMi]i|H'arH (after fifteen dayri),'. — On th« socond day after meniitnmtiita 
fieBsiirv, u>^ frum a titone iu the right hypochondriac region, extending to 
iic stioulder-hlade, froai vhieh plaix^ the pain extends Hpnaniadii'allv into 
the Moniaeh and ^niall of the Imi'k, fullowed by voniiling.'Cj.— <^.'iiiling tii 
the right hypochotidrium *i^oi» ntVr breakfa.*!, extending downward nero«a 
(hruugh the b^iweli', followed by diitrrh(i;a; evucuattou ?(idd<tii itliinl 
day)> • — Cutting in the left hypoobuudriuiu uu nidkiug rapidly, as if a 




hnrd, nhan), tnoTnble jnvc« wnre iWr*. vith a MnuitioD in tbn nlxloniCD 
ac it' f>nly Imtd pioc«A were in it much mixed up (nrtor rix dur*),'. — The 
dni»iiP)^-?[iokin}; jmiii iu the ri^liL tUiv uF tho cliutt t-xU-uda dowu tiili; the 
ri;;lit (liiiik, wlii.>re it iMfConitw vso^ediiiijly pH-iufiil un lii(.-i:i)(i^liiii;;. Mitt-zing, 
couj'liiti}', am) viiwutit;; ft)iri'« u-<>L>kh'),'. — AbdottfH. Uutiililitig in ab- 
donica/. — Muro ruiiibliiig in tli« nbduiuea at iii^lit, iellere<] by [ML'^ing 
llnlu.'< iipwiin) iiiid tliiwimard,'. — A tVr dinner. rumbliriL' in il>*? nliriiHiirii 
and diarrluvii i Miinl day},'. — Mitt*h Aaluleuoc,'. — ^IMO.] Miidi diM-bnriie 
o(" flntiw/. — Fornirtliuii »\' llntiilonco nnd fwriiicnt [■n.'xjim* of ir,'. — Ab<lf>- 
BK-Q disU'iuIwI ntU-r cnpin-r (filXli day),'. — ^I'/'ilnltnl tlifSnuioit after rrrnf 
mfiil lafltr fivi' daTftJ.'. — Weaknena in (lie nbdomen (founti dar i.'. — •/Ium 
i*» /Ac iihttuineii iietvrtif tlmeji tfirough the <liiif, ru if diiirr/ia'i wiutd fvtuil*, — 
luiniedinlc'ly utU-r oatiug. jiuiii iu the ab<i<)nibii, lu i{' diarrba-n would ouno 
on ; diw>p}«'ar« atU-r a midditv iiai> (>«>('oiid day i,'. — ^i'inrhiug in the itfido- 
mtn. at diircroiil tiliM'",'. — * l\nchinj in the nMomeii, with ilinrrhim (nftrr 
twenty dityri),'. — riiicbiug <.-on»l ricti vo pniii in xhv abdonicii itbovit tbi- imv^l, 
»» Ibnt iflic ii) i>bli):nl in U-nd tloubU-, ibcii it <tii»cs; daily in tbr nioruinK 
fur 6v(> minui«?ii(HlWr eight days).'. — [200.] Oripiugiuiiin iiillio iibdunit^n. 
witli ^liivvrinf; and g{M)4<'f1»ifi {rWct six daya},'. — [>uring niftMruatiim, 
eimHiiiodic ilru^ing and ^Jujutiiig |Miii in ibv ftrwiu,'. — Stitvliinj; in t)ie ab- 
nimioii, in tbo rcdoii oftliC! utt-ruft, in tb« »v«ning, in IxmI (wnind dny>.'. — 
^Al l/if time, oj the HienM'jt, p'tin in the groin Ukt ttilfhinff m\d prexiittt/: at 
the no:tt iipHim) ibcy were ab«ctit, on itrcouni of wbidi ebe ivC('tv<-«i, nix. 
vivviif txhrrvinnh, Iwu p(-llclH nf Hnmx Ifl, vtlif n-ii|ii>n the nicusts appcArcd 
uii lb(> r»Ui>uin^ (biy, vitb griping in the n[Ml<im<-n,'. 

Jiet'tUtu tttul .iiiifM.— (Vtntrnotioii in tbo riH'ttim, witb itt'bingfnncr 
I'urly duy^),'.— Stilrlu'i' in ibt* n-rtum iu tin; cvuuinj: ; aftvr two day:* i,' i ' 1. 
—A swiillt'ii vfiii in t!iL> iLnu<t a* liir^i- »>• a iwiicil.und raittdoNffsceitiid iiiiil 
Uiird diiys),*. — Bruwn ntnciw in tbo niiiis aitvr ibu Dtoul iiiHer utnu 'biy«),', 
— Boriug-e licking pain in tlie auud and Fniidl uf Ibe baurk (aftvr lil^<vit 
day?),'. — l|i.-hii)g in tbr anus in Ibe rvfiiing (hcvcnlh dHy),'('). — [280.J 
Itcbid^ in \\iv. auxi*. ns fmiii limiintrrhoiditl ruicuk (nixtwiitb day),'. 

Hto*>l, — .After ^niokiri^', a ll-clinit a« ihotifrh diarrhoMi would ■;i>m(> na 
(mxl.b dav),'. — Frcuuviu d<»ir(i for ftuol, witb rumbling in tbc atxbuni-n 
mill diarrliu'a-like diw'bnrgiw (finil day*).'. — Fasim-iit dvjtirp for stcNil. with 
pint'hing in tbc bowels, uiid easy, \vA'iy (■viirunltuiis,*. — Desire for elcxd in 
tbt'niiiriiing ; utiir^l banl.tlK-nuiiLrrlm-a-likc discharge, witb buniinf; in Ihc 
niiii.i ifirpl d«y),*{'l. — Very sul\ ftunl iii tbr niornin);; in the ovi'iilng ibe 
usual evneuAtion i«ft«r nuww d»y»i),', — /■'r/ijuent rer>i ettay ttool eti-ry tiny 
[flrvt days),'. — Two »oniity, pasty stoot*,*, — Di«rrbnii-lik« (tool in tht> nrt*r- 
niKiii. Viitb mitck wind, fullowiii); a biml Htool in the morning; (liAb dar;,'. 
— Diarrlifpn, l«o or lb re* tiun?*, witboiit pain (atU^r i)iiebrntr),*('t. — [_2t0.] 
Tb<? child has throe stoola a day, the bw like vpIIciw water,'. — Stool every 
liniir. n->l\, eliutv, withvul ullicr »ymplviii» ((hint dav),'.^ during 
tbc ) tiiri'c duys { i[i a i«idijeci cuualnnily tmnldctf wilb cou.'ilijialiunj.V — 
DiarrlKMi aAer bn-akfii^t. I'uur tim(?*i in i'«oct'*»-i<jn \ fuurth day;,'. — ^Lyuv 
rfitKi «ije ('Me*, jVoni (Ac m^jminy tUl 2 l'.M., u-ithout pain ( fifth day),* (*>•— 
Diarrhira, with rnmhtinu; in tbe al)d<inu-4i i (in't davfl),'. — Diarrha^n midden 
tnward iiitnn, with nimblidj^ and (i;rumbling in the nlidnmen ( fnurth day).*. 
— I)iarrhii>a, irilbdul pain, twieo a day, fidlnwivl by 4li»ehflrgc of munin 
Hiid bluud (itixtecutb day),'. — Diarrhira iiuiiivdiatcly afUr eating, witit, 
wi'akucw ill the join In nud brfpi, which in ivlicvcdaAer walking (fintt day).'.^ 
—Tbo primary aclioii of Burax id diarrba-a, fullowcd by no stool for eev— 



enil dflvs, «n#nriiril3 a lutrd -"tool diiily,'. — [S80.] Soft stool Cfiral tlirec 
d"/").'- — Hnnl sluol, willi straining (nixlounlh diiy),', — Pnle nuHiiji niivf-s 
riiurlimf^-.uitlillie^tooluui-viuvohiiilarlly (four[wiilLdny),*. — 'Soft, light- 
yellow, mucous stool, threr timrs a limj, with tivnhteM in'l exiuiuntion ifJrst 
iinjBj,'. — *(}rrcH ftool in thr inf-mt prfcfiifd bt/ cfyi/^f/ffiixth daj >,'. — -Teiift- 
CTiMis, slulninux, vrUowish iiiuciiii with \\w. slniil i cighifciitti niia ninKrenth 
i1bj*8J,\ — I-Unliliffi lii)uiilmu<-iiii with tht> .^tmil.nitif' it wa^t rwlrnvd with hlnofi 
(iwciitT-fitst »Iay),'. — Pdwdy* i>f Muwii mid mufu^ from Uie anus (tiiiitb 
tliij-^.V — Pns^iyi- *it" rtiuiid wormi*.'. — {290.] (Viii<liputiori, with fiwxis lilcc 
ehwiwlnii)' for Il-ii iI«_v» Uft'-r wvfnil tlayn I.". 

Irtitfti'if Orf/fl'tlM. — I'rtBsure and ctickins in ihe wgior of ihc kid- 
nrv", inir«isi-)i on luniing fnfler tlirpK davf),'. — DarU-hliie sfMiis at thp ori- 
fiiT of the iirplhnt, as if th« ^kin wan off, with hitiiig; juiin on iirinHtiiie 
(lifter iweiny-four diiy»),'. — Thft nrifirfi of the im^lhra wi-ma ngf;ltilina|i><l 
irilli gum,'. — Buniing tc-uMuu iu (he urcthru aHor uritiiitiiiK.'-— ^■""liug 
pain nioiig ihc urelhni, CH[HM?tii1l3' when loiichiil liifttr tweuly-six (lay»>,', — 
".S'lH'irtinj/ i'm Mir ttrrfAra afier arinathiff 'fit'icetitli, twentieth, itnil thirtlWb 
day^-,'. — 'The <irific« of tite urotlira [wiiHs a.* if sore after iirinatiDg,'. — ■ 
During invuliiitlary eniiitf^ion, culling luiin in the nrrlhrn; the M-uten •kK'^ .»■> 
chin (hat he thought heiiriitatwl,'. — '^ Sfiyr<- tiryfitl drtlrr Ui uruKilr.mthiit he 
mn tcirffhjhtilit thr uriufi tir*t day*},'. — [300.] ."N-vrro un^ii^; I'liiriimlc at 
Di}tb(, *€vcnii tides (twi'ntyfirth Jur).'. — "*!' Hiy/ff fif vitn^t rirt fcvi-ral 
ttmri to tiriiHite I a (lor ihiny-fiuir thivi'i,*. — AfltT un rniiwiiMi, iirKiu}: to 
i]rii)nip,anil (la uriuHtini; riiiiinp in ihf urL'thra.'. — *Xie»!rf to urinale, with- 
OHt bn'titj 'life to yn^ n aroTi, willi ciiltiiig in the )ienit«I» anil dislenHoii in 
faiiih liijir*. for tw«i hours (nret day),' I'i. — Fn'(i»oni iiriiiniiu]^ tfirvt dnvi' i,'. 
— *T/i' iii/'iul tiriitutrit niiirhj rrfri/ ten or ttrrtrr minulfii, iitul frequently 
oriea aad screams before the urine'passes, f.r a Iohl' lime {after ctx davM].'. 
—•Hot Brine in the infant (aikr fuur duysi,'.— 'I'ungcnt ami-il of the 
urine ^ first ilayxi,'. — Piingrnt [«!cul!ur Kmtll of ihf urine) firi'I two w«.-kK),', 
Sesrtittl Orynim. — yfate. Tfosive ereciii»n in the nionitng on 
waking (fourth dity i,'.^310.] Freqnent excilemenl of the geniials with- 
out drr^in- for (.-oilion (first day),'. — clilclics in the geiittal!>.tHiuii d)fa|ii>e«i^ 
iag (fir*l iIhv).'. — Sticking sore jmin, wiwtriaMy whfti tonilifd on the [it-iii* 
at rhf marein of the pla<t' where a i-haiicro fi'rmerlv exwlt'd (after twnitv- 
[ four daysl,' — AVhilc noting his bands in o kind way niton a eiik fininlo 
i»L' bail M>nMial .wiinatiHns without desire for niitioii (third day i.'.^Indif- 
llereoiK- In coition (first five vfoc-kBi,'. — lie is obliged to wail a long time 
mtiring cottiou lor thv diseharge uf st'iiien laflvr fivo wi-ekjii,'. — Kiiii.-s^it>u 
^^ith ilrenin of coition. whertd>y the M-nitii fame very miiidly. whidi woke 
%tm,'.^On euitioti, the n-Toen |m»e)> very miod.uikI there is a eoulinitul irri- 

ItAtit^n in (be genitaU latter five weeks^'.^fVwirt/C. Easy eomvplicn 
^iirin^ Ibe u.-« of Borax obrarved in livo women,'. — Awomannbti bad hern 
vterile rotirteen yvnn on ■crounlnf s ehronic acrid leiirorrlio-a. in adilitioa 
Xn other reim-dii^ at la«l took Itornx; i>he iH^enine pregnant and tho leiieor- 
rbtra improved,". — [3S0.] Sticking iti the region of ihu utvnis (»v<.'vDd 
d»y),'. — riciination of di>teusiou and sticking in ibf clitoris at night (wixili 
I day),'. — LeHmtrrbn>ft white, like miieo!', wilhont other nymploniK, fonrtei'ii 
I day* after m«»»tnialion (after Alteon weeks),'. — * f^urorr/in-ti thirl- in p^itle 
iiu'rf vhit.'.fi.rfxir ilntjA aUtr foor da y> ■.'.— Loacorrhaia like the vhite oi 
u eg:g, with sensation as if waroi water were flowing down, several 
ifays lafter iwuivo dayy),', — MeiiiJlnialimi apiifarid one duy loo j^oun. uilh- 
oilt any trouble 'after lour daj-s).'. — Meii?ea ihrcc days too i^oon, wilhout 
lur paio (after seven week)i),'. — Menstruation four days too early, without 



ftnr trouble ; fxily llie evening •ml the rHorntRg pro<wi]!iiic it* appeo«(i« 
henvimtu nil llit- rfi<wl, wUh difli'-iih bn'jttliiti^ and niiii,-Ti niariii;; ill tho 
ears ' after tn(.'iily-*ix ilay« j,'. — " J/wmm four flay loo kmjh uml erry firoftue. 
wilft jripin/ji' in thr ahdr/m^n, miuttM tmtl pitin i» Itie itefin'teh, rjH'-ndiny iiit9 
thr. nnriK of Hie baric, which liiftod lit! mtilDiiH>ti wlicn a jtrofuiw t^wctit bmkd 
uut UIhI »ho ffll iwlccp 'i'i;;lilli ilny i,'. — Tbf men>!Cs uniiltiil llir h.'OiikI 
Riutitti HAer tiiking tliL< drug, bnl atk'r ehv Itail tiikeo a iUim) oI' BoniX lu 
Ilip aixtli w<wk uppfar*!*! ilie next ilny, wil'i pincliiiiip iu llu- nlxlinitfi.'.— 
[330.] The Rit-iinf.i. wliii'li liail tinii(U-(l y'lx wi'k^, npfK-artil imrni-'diatdj 
iiftor lakinji H«inis.lii»liil (jimmIuv aii<la;taiin!l»npi«'iim!; iiwiutw> mpiiMi*. 
howcvor, ttiiit tl iwfmvil mnw liki- ii ln'iiinprliiifp','. — Stipprw^ion <if llie 
niviiwjf for fifty-fdiir day?, without ^ny ttoublir, thtii they appear, viithuuL 
p«iiis ill firsi, wKncwbal pale : in the alUruooii. howcvtT, n'JJer ami mure 
pratusv; th(>y ci>iu^> uii llip third day in the nit;ht and rutttrn a;*uiu on Uie 
fbiirlh (ihi'y should have apgwared llirec weck» after tnkin;; llie drug),', — 
MvniH.-H iwo dayit very sniniy, the tiiirtl diiv very pnifii*-, with [•alo-red 
btuod. niilii lbi-»i3[th day, with wcnknt.>ft#, m (fiKl vhv cuiiM »(-aiv<>]y mIhihIA 
Jiejtfttvator^ AppitVtttUi*. — 'IVarlng in the htri-nx, in th<* ('veoing 
(tliini day I ,'. — Pry hacking in the rliihl,'. — 'Hirhinf} and rittlrnt conyh, 
v!tit fii'jhi frpertoriition, of & mouldy tastC Uld of th« aame liaeU. from ikc 
fhfitt, tvith fttrii jtnrojifMn of eoH^h; in tho ev<>iiinj5 > third day),*. — Nighl 
C4>UKh,'. — C)ii|::h, with evrapinK in the \\\fn\{ un'l pn.vv.un.- in tho cheat ( txn\ 
day !.'. — "Dry aichittir ti)nj;h. a» in utd |>oiiplir, ivjit'cinlly in ihc iimmiti]^ 
on rising and iii tlu' t've»iiig«'b(_'n iyinp ilowii. in'M Hii-kituj in Oie riitlit mU 
ojlht ehftt iihd ri'jht fiiiiik : washiii;; tho chwt with c»Ul water urTinlcd ihc 

"fur twelve 
ruiiativ ia 

most rulii'f, A"' nftrr lirinking mitf the /khu* n-wc mjtrnimlrtl ; t'u 
dayi (aftfr thrw w(N"k»),', — (,«iigh, with cxiiprKiralioii of iiiik-iih, r 

morning, with pnin in Ibo rt'gion of the livnr, which iilill ooiitinuoA until 
a (fourth day J,. — [WO'l i^f'^^ of ^footl in the muri'c, when I'-mghing 


up a whiti! mucun which l» ilirtifuU l« Imioen ielglitiTulh day)/, — Itoipira* 
tiini dtltieuU fuftor t-ighti-Lii days),', — KespirHliuu diUk-tdt; hv i» obligwl lo 
bn-iiliie dwply, whic-li he onuuot 'In an Aceouut of eliteho« in the ohott llhc 
first duvo).'. — *Ktvry lhre,r or /irr miiinUs he w obUgtii to tulu a qiiirir, deep 
hrnxih, whirji in nvrif tivw falhwrA l>^ n Mittk %n thr right tidf of thf ehtit, 
with a muhiitiHl puinfu! nnjh and «/««■ f-rpiralion (after wvcn davi*],*. — 
'Arrvrit ijf tlie bn-alb when lying in bed; ho ii ublii;i.-t| !•> jninp up aud^ 
catch fur hrciith nvry (I'lfK hti ha* a MUeh m the riijht tiJe of thr e/tr-d I afti'r^ 
ivveu dBTsi,',--Sh(irfufiK* ofbruith aftor ascending Mi']w, w> that he caiiiioi 
»[H-ak a ivt-ril, mid whun hu *pt-uk* h* hft.i every time a stitch in th« righl 
aide of tho chest; soal^ao in running or uu any excrlion ul' the IkkIv nhiit 
hont> him (hIHt t-ii;hl linys),'. 

Cheat futtl //rffj'f.— Tlie milk is inefea*«l (fourth rtayl,*. — Mad 
milk lliiw^ fnim th(^ hrcuAt, m that the bod beoomos wet (after thirly-t>r 
day)!','. — The milk which Hows from tlie brcoal becomes clieesyan<l curdlis 
(the (ir»t day*f,*. — Aiixioiy in ihechc^tin tho evening, in bed (first davi/.— 
[350] Onprcwiou of Ihc ehvst in tht evening, iu bed { iirst day),*. — Ueaw 
DCM on inc chest, »o that for a time she amiioi kruiihc (iifter bIx wci'k»'5 
— Weakneai in the ehwit, with drynuss iu the throat (ninth day,'.*. — 
every attempt tobr?athu thccbc»t becomes contracted (fbiirteentb.liHo^a 
and wventrt'iilh Jay«i,'. — Ti^htncM of the chect, with constrictive opp 
dou of the brtritlh on a«ceading «(ep* ; he U the.D obli^d to take a d 
bn-atb, wliii'h 18 acvom|>Bnied every time by a tt-nsitive drawing; stilrl 
ibo right Bidoof thBekwtisixlb day I.'. — I'rc»iv«tightnc*», extending t' 
'f^ ;iii of the «tomaeh into the chest when aitliog Btoo]ied; it bnpcdes 



f pirntinn nml naiisw a Miclting in the lung (nevriuli diiyX'- — Drnwing pnln 
ill n Ktnnll <pnt in the iiitt^rrostal niuscleii, which rhniigi's nil hi'iidiii^ loivnrj 
thi^IcHisidfitilon |)niiia.4froma seT(-n> blow,'. — Prc^iircin the chest/ 1').— 
Duriuit a clvcp iu^pirufion n <vD^tiiiii »» iri<oriictliiiig will) a hiiniiii); pres- 
eiirt' nniM* froni tlie led hy)KiL'hi>ii<Iriuin iiilo the chatl iiiid s»nk d»wu agnin 
on vxpimlioti,'. — Pressing on tlio c-hr>Bt, nilh bvrupitig in llie throat and 
I Oiutrh I (iral (la)'),'. — [360.] Piiiu ici the pL-cloralis laajcir musde, ilh frwiii u 
f IiaM bitl, with Mimit-*" on (xmi-h, nl iiiglu ( lliird (lay t,' ('). — 'iVnriii^ from 
the. lurvrix inln ihf I'lii'*!. pniviikiiij: ciiucli (nfh-r fivo week*),'. — ^"With 
ever; cbo^h and deep inspiration sticking ui the cheat < nftor ^cvoti <\ayi.)*. 
— ritiU'hfsiti till" Llit>Lu» t'lMin i iinircfnilfil ll»u>< (lirst duysi.'.-^Htitchw, aa 
with fine nwiiW, from tlie back ol" ihe (.■boat, iu the evcniiig fader eight 
days)/. — *StUcli£»i ill iketha^ tchi^n mwiiinff, nouijUing, ami hret\hii>i/ tieeftbj 
(sevenlti ()uy),'. — When lying quietlv atretchud uut up»u the hack the 
che^t tevln widish h»t, l>ett«r,'. — I'ains in the rhpflt are nioetly relieved by 
walkin},' ulnivly about the room; he thnn foeU inoMt comCnrinblo,*. — 'dm- 
tmciire jtaitis in thjt Ufl bnvtM uAm tkt rhUd nur*f* the right ( lir*t dftyal,'.— 
*G*'ipini}f and nomriimct elilchr' in the Irjt miniima, rinii tehr^a the ehUd hag 
nitraeii me in ohiiyrd to eomprcifit the biragt with firr Ivtnd. ba^iutr H ac/ien on 
aerouni uf heing ewplif,'. — [370.] DmuJiig pain in the riyht iaterfivilrtl mils- 
tied if he bond (ixwnnl and to the right lartcr six davs),'. — * WiM eivry 
jmri^xynu uf nnnjh ntiriiwj iii l/te riy/i( ni/ir iif thr chtM m ihr reijivn of the 

^nifl}>i•<: in thf. e.tvniuij 1 tlilrtl day I,' ('^ — Stitches iiiiri»«diati-lv in the "gbt 
tidt of the (•lu'st if hf niii'iw tho arm ([wvciiih dur),'. — HlitAt'* in t\\t- Ivtl 
rilL", wiih MiremsH iulprually in the fhwt,', — With every iii!<|iinitiiin ?titch- 
iiig In the \c\\ side of the chest as with n kiiife I'weonil day),'. — *StHfhea 
belip^eu Me tUm */ Ih^ riijfil tide^mt thnl he fitinol lie upon thai eidcon nrroitnt 
of thf [niin, with i^ii'!'ti>'e drftfiug nnd o6etrUffi/)it of brtuihiug, *ti fhitl hr fimi 
U» calrh fitr tiirnlh ;' if he Ufa tipnn the painful »idi: Iht jfiiiu iminaiialeJi/ 
awaleti nim from ulerp (flnii fmir weelut),'.— ^lilrhing in the n?gioii of tho 
left r'lh*, with luthing in the ehe*t; eoiigh with cKivetoniticin of tnntnis 
scTcml times dunug the day, e»|iccially in the inoriiiiig ; with n [lain in the 
region ijf ibe liver, which alwt cunlinucs without the rough till O'nin tfi)Urtti 
«Uy),*. — If ha holds the [lahiful siile with the hand, nti aeeount of the pain 
iu ihe che^t, it i» eomewhat relieved.'. — ' When ryimjhiHtf he I* ^btiqeti to 
prtiv the riyhl ftdr. vfthc chrA undJtititK- wilh the h'tiiu, trherelnj the piiiiit im 
loUfiHe- 'the )ir>l tliree wet-k^),*. — .Siieking jiitvwure iiti thi- ■>iirniiiiii after 
dinner, iiK-rv!t>^d by deep iiH|iiralion ^fitriicih ibiy i,'.— [380. ] A (eeling 
|B& if tho heart were on thv right tide uud vtctv Ctiug ec^uccMtl (svvcatb 

I A'ertc ttuil Jinrh. — RheunnLtic dmwing pain in the neck, which ex- 
[le»d> tt/ ihi- Kfl !>hiiii]<ier ami then into ihe i<h<>iild'*r-bla<ic', in the cv<'niiig 
rhen nalktiig iu the o|)c» air i lerty-Hrft ilny\'. — l*aia in thi- buck, \\\\v.\i 
[Bittini; and (lodpiiig, iw from iiri'wiiiv ( (bird day\'. — Pain rii tlii- Imf-k 
■when walking I tint day;,'. — Pniti in I lit hack, with nuich iniicnuK di^ehiirgo 
ivilh tb« Bioof fniiictccnlh dayl,*- — Burning iu the back while silling Ifitih 
Ua-y),*. — Dull iKickaehc when stooping (slxib day j,'. — Dull pa-wiire in tlio 
Itmrk (scTenih day),'. — Preasivo pain in the back on both shoulders,'. — 
tetitehr« in Ihe right lumbar region, increiij»;d by stooping, iu the morning, 
[wliik- walkiii::, relicvfd when iriMiiij; ifin«t iU»yj.'. 

f^iijfcr fjjrtrcinttffM.^lS^O.] Drawin;; and tearing pain iu tho 

houldi'r and between the »honhlery, ^u thnl iiv cannot iitiHip, fur eight dav« 

fiUer five wccksi,'. — MMinetitary ftlitcht* m with n«vdle« in the riglit 

■boulder,*. — Pn:»ure on both shuulderv,*. — Burning pais in the upper arm 


n hand'tt brntdlh nroiind llio vhole arm (««n)n<I iiny),\ — Rlieking in th« 
piiln), with a fcoling in iJiv nhnlc liniiil, cxtcnditiK above the wrU't, Ha if tiic 
■rill liH<) goiii- lo itlM>p, in the evcjting i»«;(nia iliiyj.'l*^. — Twiriiig niid 
hrcalciiij; ix-DsatTiiii in uic forfimrl nf ilie right IihihI, an if rheiiinuli<r (aftvF 
l!n<.t^ii iltiyt \,'.—liuni'iin' hi-at niiil n-diiuw ol' llic fin^^rv. vveci froiii eliglit 
(tiki, UK if llifv liii'l liii-n i"nizi-u (iilUTiwciily-lViHr tlays;,'. — Ttinibbiiig imin 
iu [)iL> li[) 111' tliL' tltunib (l:iy iiiul night, frmjucutly wuking him I'rum Klvep 
at iiijflit (■'i-^-ond and tliinl <lA^r)),'. 

I^tirrr EjrtmntHrM. — liiiJtilni: pn'm an the left thigh n hnnd's 
bn-iullh aniuiiil tlif wIihIp linili (i-ig1illi ■lay),'.'— A hiiriiiiig :ii th(< right 
(hi^li iifiir tho pii<loti<)a, nhii-li i* incn'a'*4'<) by r<iiij;h or luyifif: tlit> bsiiil 
iijmii it IChirtl duv),'.- [400.] Tmii^itiit Ivuring iu the bnur of thu rWht 
(lii^'b, i-xU'iiilin|{ from tlic niiddli; tlowiivviint iitid it{> ujtniii, fnim niiirnin^ 
lill tiuuti, utid Hgaitt ill lliv uvtniii},' (bL'vciiih dtiyj,\'). — ICryHi|K>liituu» iii- 
fliinimatiot) Riid eu-olliiignf the Icit iLy and fcKil ufter violent danciiif^, with 
tcnriiig u-iikIoii iind biiriniigin it, nnd inrn'fi--(eil t)iiriiiD)C|niiii ivlieii lnurhi'd; 
Dn |irt-.s)>inv u'lUt ibo fliij^'f'r the ri'diiexx diMi|)|i('iiri< fur il immieiil (eev^ii* 
toi'iiih dny),'. — Numb ^-niuitit)!! with Ixuit in tlio h-[l hiwor U^,'. — In llio 
fiiot when: ihu crysipcliu! wu» u Ictu-iuii un tin- back, «> that stiiniliiig bc- 
cuini.' dilKcull : dm miu not (tivvcutud fruiii wiilkiii); (iwpti(y-»c-(-tiiid duy ^*. 
— A fi'i-lin^ of bi'uviii'C'EH in the tW-i un :t»^-utidiug i>te|M, in thi> cvt-niiif^ (Grvt 
dayVt'J' — FoniiicalHui and trembling u)' the foet, with tmiisca and l<>ii- 
deilcy to faiiUiK-n'*; dWj>p('ui>i vihrn ntilkinu iii tb« ii|H'u iiir i ruiiricrnth 
(Jay),'.— Pain in the hwi, iw if fon? fitini wnlkiuj;,'. — .ViirAiny inlhr tole of 
the ffiot {\\\ xvin \n'tmn» At Tbt> lUinie time), (Mvond dar),*(*^.-^Inflanllna- 
Uoll und ilt'IiiiiK on tht.' tuilU of the httlt- t<K» ii» frcni freezing ililW-iith 
day).'. — SeiwiiivL- bunitng \mti iii ihc gruui tom, specially io ibi.- IwIU. 
iiarlk'iilarly wbon milking inftiT forly-iniy diiy§>,'. — [410.] I'ain iu the 
jyiiH!* oftiie toca of the k-ll ft^^t on M*'i>pin}i, at if Boiiiethinj; j>r<»»ed (Ikmii 
<lw('iitii'lh day),*. —»nl wtiitluf in ilu- t-uriKt, |juriii.-iiliirly in raitiy 
woatbcr i fir.i dav*).*. — lluriiig cthchcA iu the coniK n«lie\-cd by jjnisAiug 
li|»fiii tlK-m (first iivo wwk«),*. 

(tt'iirt'ttlitiett, — •The infiiiit bcoomcs pale, nearly cnrthy-colored : the 
prcvioimly firm llcsh becomes noft mid Hubby ; ho cries n. grrat deal, rrfiiMei) 
the breast, mid frecpienlly ticroninij init ntixiously in biii »|p«p (finit tbrvp 
week«i,'. — While inediuitiiif: al liie work, ircmlilint: iu llie n-|ivle body, 
«s|HM-i»tly ill the haiKl?, vrilh nutirien and ut-akin-ss uf the kticus Icightl) 
day),'. — RmiK'wim'w in tiiu IhhIv. wliit-l) duM nut |wrmit hiiu to sit or tie 
long in Olio plaeo (fir#t dny),'. — AUer an aiiiniau-d I'onvcivation mtletaneM 
in llio body, nnurcn and vtuiie fuel ion and vertigo i thinl day),'. — During: ft- 
mi'nl rolJessiH'ss in the whole bmly, with nniu^n, mi thatiip enuld only eat 
wilh effort ; stretehinj^ baekwnrd atl'orded ivlief tafter twwiiy day*),'. — 
fehc fuels! very weak and iwwerk-w i«fl«T five wct;k*J,'. — WLiikue««. <»|je- 
riully in ihr iihdoineii and limbs Itiiiirtli day),'. — [4S0.] Ijush uf paw«!r in 
thi- jifinU (fitlb diiyl.'.^Pn^tj-nU-d, weak and tired, with hcaviui^aa iu tbd 
feet f^fiistdnvsj,'.— Weak, indoleiil, fretful, thirsty after the midday eleep, 
with hc-al when walking in the o{H<n air, and norw »n the beoid and &<-e. 
with eoitfusion of the bend, preiuure in the rnrehead and eyvf, which [laiu 
on touch &a if fuirc; tAgellier with ineliiiation to brcatbn deeply, and when 
doiiif; »t>, »ticki»t; iu llio intein'oaltil muK'Ics, with hard, quiek puUe,'. 

Sktii, — * L'lihcittkinrj'a of tlif fkin: stighl injuries Kuppuinte nod ulcere 
ate,'. — T«o hard ivnrtlikv iuduruliuUM on the inner surface of the hanil 
after it had been beaten somewhat strongly with a oliek («rt«r thirty days),'= 



— Whiljgh pimiilcs. a* Inrgt as flaxsttd, with rcil arculu. oa tlic chi»t awl 
Uiro8t, a» fer a* til* uapp of the nwrk isixili ivi-fk i,'. — Infliuiml |)ini|j|L-s ■•» 
lb« back of the Iiltle ii>e, which pniii likt' corns ( fifWnlh <lay),'. — Papuhtua 
eniplinu iii iIhi faco laHtr four duvi*),'. — R«<1 |)ii|>ii]i>ii^ eniiitioii on lite 
cIieeV« and ftrmiml tlio clilii, in llie iiitant (aftr-r five weeks),'. — A rnrriiding 
bli-UT foniif' tumii llic iinu'^ > fifiwnih »lay,i,'- — [430.] I-nr;^* li*'r|je!ic" spols 
upod Ibc luimth. aud ihc upi>cr liij very scurfy, follow bunting li«»t,'. — 
Hi-Tiw-'lio vnipti(«u uu the iinl«fi !if tlic child {iii\vT four weckst.'.^l'iisiulc 
wUli mi arwila on lti« iiki(l(lli> fiu^ryr of ihf right hand, witli BWidlinj; and 
etiirntiro of thu Hiiffer, which ct>ntii]iii-e lo duppiirale and pain atlcr the 
opening «f tbe pin-mlf^ (after ihirlv davfl,),'. — Old wwundf- and iiUctn- are 
iiirlinf^ lo titippurate,'. — Long-cdiit^iued »iippiir«(inii of a pUpe iimli^r the 
thumb iiaiJ. where «be had ^liick n needle, with painfuliicw ti> tonidi.'. — A 
ftuppuraliu); a|>ot in Ihc hccl, whieh hud bccii rublicd by th« shoe.'. — An 
ultvr in ihi' li-rt uxillu,'. — Viok-nt itchiuj; and iTanling on the oe coccygii*, 
BO Uial lie i^iiiiut htlp wTatuhiiiy, followed by a diBcliarjiL' of mucUH from 
tJte anud laflvr Ihirty-iwo days),-. — A fwling 114 if a t-ohweb wero lying 
upon iW skin of the balld.'«.^ — Ilt-Iiiii^ here ami ihere on llie biirki? i>f the 
hand«i, with irritation loscnilvh.** if Iiitt^n by fl«-a.«,'. — [440.] '.Viv-rf iVM. 
ittg QU tUf biiekJi oftfi'' fiit^rr Joiulu, «j lii-nl fir ii oMijftl tit itrffilM limn vio- 
lattltf.'. — Itching (111 the niullvult (K^xjnd, uiutli, uad tenth days),'. 

Sirep nntl DfV.tniiK. — Vtry sUtpy and ilrwl in tlic cvt-aing,'. — 
SlwpincM ui midilar, and dwp slfcp for two Imurs (eighth day),'. — Slefip 
early in the evcniii}*, and |i>»): ^leep ill the mumin?, for four wv^ks (aHcr 
fiight days),'. — * Thr rhUil nl the lirtiirJ lUrf/i^ lutirc ihiiit uituat, l/til irnlt'f j'rr- 
ifuetillif I fii>.t day^t i.'. — Minli jlffp in the iwiliyht. hnt wlii-n he ivctil lo KhI 
a]<>ep di?4ipjHnred, altlionffli during the day Ik- hud lakt-ii innch exercise, 
and bad slept bnt little the ni^lit preriouG (aller sevcu davi^),'. — Fatl^ 
s?lwp late and wakes early (after six daysl,*. — He wakes before niidtiighl, 
uid cauiHit sleep till '1 o'vJoek,'. — He naketj at 1 o'clock in the iii^lic. anil 
raonoti-Wpat^in till 4, yii account of much thinlciii);' ninth day j,'- — [450.] 
*SAc utiivji nHcoBiutitnltf <yirli,at ."t wVit/-; ahe cannat fall asleep ag'aio 
tor two honrt. od accoimt o) heat in the whole body, etpecially ia the 

head, iWf/i nuvnt un tin: Ihiijlm ("eleventh and twelfth days),' ('). — lie wakes 
at 4 uVtvek iti tbu aioniin^', and ia miile wide awake, »o thai he gttvi; to 
viirk with chucrfalnftr< m^ier five weeks j,'. — -Very wide awiiki- in the even- 
ing,'.— Ueiitlt*!! «k>e]i; ]tli>- eonid not sluep, bnt towied alifiui the heil 1 nvenly- 
fin*l <lay),'. — Itc^lk-ors nij^hl; he cjnld not sleep well on account of ru*h of 
bbnid lu (he hend, nvllewnew of the body, ruinliltn^ in the abdnmeu and 
dlarrbiiii (first day")'. — *A cliild frr ifniri nUl luifti abmtt, rrift the \cliole 
night lift 4 ill ihr iHomitt'/, Jv-ijii' hl/^ 'ii'l nl It.t flrcp, fiti'l in (Iw mi/minf/ i* 
in u vh'inintj iiiu-id; the mfaat irfrqueotly cries out of it« sleep, and aux- 
iooal; grasps its mother, as if it had been frightened by a dream iti]>[ 
Ivni wrtk* ..' 1 ';, — UrviIc** "!eep, with tliirst and eoldiK>« t.lir-i day ).'. — lie 
QUI (ileep ouly ou the loll «idc; m »>ou an he turu» upon the right side he is 
■vnkcued by dro wiug-Mirking pains in the rij-ht intcrLfwial muscles ( scTenth 
Jayj,*.- — X teeling as though he had not *^Iept enough In the niorning,'. — 
Volijptuou.' dreanw Uhinietb day),', — [460,J At night, laseivious di^gtiMt- 
UIR uit-ani:> (in a niarrieil wuniain, ((iriit day).'. — blife drcani? of coilion, 
hut wilbuut pleSBurabk- w.-ii»atioii (founli dayj,*. — Vexaiiou* dreauij,'. — A 
dream of sore thnjat and other dif-ea^'v,'. 

l-^ei'm', — Pbivoiiiig over the whole body at night and the following 
idny, with tbnihbini^ |U)in in the occiput, to* from suppuration i»c<'ond 
* ^yVC)- — ChiliinejiW over the whole body, especially in the back, without 



tbirst, witli flat tairte, ruwDces of the tnryiix, eliiches iti the rhest wh™ 
breutliinj:, w«al(n(i^s pro^lnttion, strctch'io;; of the liiiibd, c«>iitm<,'tC(J quick 
of ihe eves, with ftRii!.iiivftiie*i to light I lufeiUy-lhird (Inr),'.— A t-liill nt 
nifiht, fnim 2 in 4, uith trrmhiing, vntiitttng of the footl, Irnriii^ in (l»c 
tht^h» iind paiu id Ilitir hones, un though thvv would Ik- bfkca, Mlowcd 
i»l\iT (ilwp by htut 1111(1 thirsi : nftprwiiiils lit Iiiilf-piijil eight in the more- 
iiig, hiller vomiting, tnlluwcil l»v KWMt, with iliniiiiitiheH thirst ^ftxaoi 
dav ;,'. — CoMiieas, with bwidaHie and Fiihse<]iiPiit hval, without ihirit; on 
vralkiii^ in the ofK^n air, Ihc hwidnrho cia'^o, mid hhi- feel.' ii<itto wf II (fixir- 
leciitli dayX'.— Cohliitw* *very s*r<ind Hhv, in ihp nftprniiun. with lhir>l 
find sliM^p, tidlnwed, mi wnk'iii^, lir )ion.l, with ]tt'i:>jiiiive min in (he iii);iiiiial 
ring, withicut Btil>sc<nii'iit sweat (thirty-«ifihlb d«y),'. — With ihc <TyjHpi:la- 
toiis innnnimiuion of the Iimt-r kg. first coldness. jiMvcring, and thir*l, 
with vomiting of fiiod and liilt!, Odiowi-d by hi>[ivio<!i« in tho bond nm) 
Ihrobbiiiji ill the tomplcfl, with rt-^lles^ eWp nt niKlit, ynly slimilwnng, ni»d 
aflnnviinU Uin the t<ixth day t tKise-bleed,'. — [470.1 Coliiticss in the nttnr- 
Dooii, frmn 2 lo fl (aft^r ihirat in tlie ftireiiw>ii j ; in«i iiiitil gi>iiig to ^Imji, 
beat, with proiuive piiin in the. Ipfl hyi»>Hii>in)riiiin Ifidh woek),*. — Cold* 
Diaw imnuHlialcly iiflcr culiiig, with nion.' Ihirat ihiiii iiptH-titc tor dinner, 
mid tt'iisivc drawing baL-kwtinl nrouiid the hypiicbimdna, and heat (ud- 
deiily rising inin tho head on taking ii deep brBiiitt ; theu heat in the cron- 
ing.'nt fi, during which he miHt lie down nolil 10. (hen (^ureut, nnd nfliT 
the (twi'iii t!iir»t, fur limr day." {Ht'tcentli dny),',^ — At on« tinii- c<»Idtntssat 
niKithor bi-ar, fn^i|iii>iitly wiih .twuit in liw faw, iliirirn; vh'wh ri>ldno9 
riin» up Ihe hiieh, with iiTretchiiig nt' lhi> limltD, with wi'arine>>-^ and »lcf'|M- 
tn*i, !fo that be ID iibligcd to lit; dunu in the ancrn<K>ii, with/iiit, hown-rr, 
being nbic to elef[) ; ftju-n walking, lie drapw the feet, ami in Cretful and 
tatnliirn,'. — Ili^t if tube puts the bands under tho beil-en\-ers ; a* iio.>n u 
she put^ them out she boeomes eohi again (filth day),'. — Heat in the cvtn- 
ing, ill hfd, nnd Mneal, but. iniitiediHtety on riMiig be Itwonie^ «-hi1iy (sercB- 
tetMilb diiy),'.' — Iiitriiin;j heat. «nd rcdne*" of ihit liics, with some rohlmw, 
a* atler fivi-ning lafiiT (ivonly-I'*nir dnyst,', — FIinIm'k of beat frcipimily in 
th« inomihg, with tinti*«n and incbnntiAii to vomit (wwind dnyV. — 71' 
in/rtnt ha« n hot hmd. hot mtiulh, nnd hot piilm? < fourth, 6fth. Bistb, nnd 
seventh daysV.~Heat in the head in the evening, when writing, with 
thirst and aen^^nticin us if sweat would brenCi owl (Bo^'entb davl.', — Burning 
beat Hiid Tediie*s> of Iho IcH clicek (aflcf fuur dare),'. — [480.") Penipimtiou 
lit night,', — pMcat during tho nioniing »leep; ni'lien dre^-ing he feci* <ii|J, 
nod i:^ «eixed ultli u dry Lviigh, with mifui'»t in ibo ohivl, a« nfter Inkiog 
cold itirti-iiith diiy),', 

C*nniitioui'.~ti%^xwi.\.\Q'SL—{}foTmn^'), In bed. vertigo; ctddy. 
ete,. feeling ill head; nt 10 i)'rlari-,ae-ltinjf in ^rhotf hfa'l.'rtr.; headni-he; 
pre^ni-e in right eye; when writing, fliekering before ayra; xrheii wiwhing 
in colcl water, iftilcbi:^ in enri<; ou waking uuui<nnllv varly, flitchett in left 
«iir; uo»!e-h!erd : in bed. buniiiig iii iipjier lip; haulciiig of inucu->: tbniot 
rough; tliii-'t; muiitni, vh: ; atU-r oHling pi'H»i, i>n'n*iirf in pit of ^^totnadi, 
etc. ; piueliiiig, etc., in abdomen ; deeire for stool ; tiJl 2 r.M., diftrrh<fa ; on 
waking, erection ; on rii'iiic, ilry etuigb, ete,; eiiugh.eie. ; stitrh in region 
of )ell ribd ; on utonpin^, wuile walkiiig, ntileh in lumbar region ; ftii«h(^ of 
h«it; dnring sleep, sweat. — {Fon-noon'i, ChoerliilncwK, etc.; tearing in the 
vertex ; from 4 ocluL'k till iiooii, piiiu iu n.-giuii of HtorunHi ; itftcr eniiog 
pi-B», presRure in pit uf stomaeh, etc.; tearing iu thiyh-bouc. — (Ibinird 



F5w«~i, DiiirrLaii, «tc. — (AW»>. Nbujk*, etv. ; sleepiness. — (Afirrnowi), Ai 
'-4 uV'lut-k, i'rt-llul : Wlui% »t<>i)i, TiTt till, etc. ; jmiu in fon-'hesd ; l>uriii}^ in 
evL-: tetiriog in ovftmllo: (Iryiiiwi til' tuiigiiL>: tniiii H uVloc-k till vvptiitig, 
tiniit'fti, elf. ; frt-"|iicnt iinn^n, clc. ; iJir»rrlireaOikc i>tool ; ev^ry fiecoml dav, 
ct)IJiicA>, cli\ ; f'roin 2 l*t fl (j'dmk, mldiicct. — (iWxi'Hf?). IIoa<I c«iitii.te»l ; 
wlieii Malkiiitf, vcrtiga; lieiulurlip ici finvlieml, etc. ; ht-atliiuiie in verlp-X, 
^■eio. ; xLilctiwi in IrIi eye; olij^-ii nilion nf left eye; stitching in left ear; when 
^vwiilkinp, itcblu^ in Ivll t-nr, etc.; iiuWtiiit; ))Ofi(liK'liu; burniug pain in lip; 
in (.'(ml uir, Ixtriii}; ill iL-i-tli : ?tickiug tdiilliiiche, clc; gniit ii|>iN;litL-; xcry 
liitif iip|R>liu*; li»8 DfiipfietiU', etf.; in li*'!. sLiu-hiiig iii uIjcIuiiibu ; KtiU-hes 
in ruHitm; ittrliiiig in anu»i ; Uiiriiig in liirj'Dx; liHcking, etc. ; un Ijitig 
L down, drv c(»ii)^li, ctr.; in Itf^d, anxiety in dicflt; in (ivil, oppr&^inii of 
[ir]ie9t;)ititi?lirA from Itack of clir'51 ; wiili «vcr}' (ft ornoiiuli, sticking in Me 
rot I'lifwL : u'lit^ii wnllaii^ in ojipii nir, pain in nc4<k ; xlickin); in pnliti, olo. ; 
tuiiniiff iu llii^li-buno; on aiicendihg n liei^lil, lieiivy tceliuf; in feet ; iu bed, 
llicnt, I'ic. ; \iticn nritiii];, licut in Iku'I, etc. — (i^*l(7A0. Kiunttin^ in alido- 
lincn ; Mryiii^ to Mrtmile; wftiSL- of di^tviisiait, etc., in clitoris; nniii in pecto- 
frnliN mnjor; shivcrini.'; fntm '1 to 4 "'clock, chill, etc; jH-ivpiralion,— (On 
eriniiiig a hc'njlit \, Fulno« (»(' llic head ; (•hiirlneK" nf bn-jith ; ligliliiiw^ of, ttc — i 0»i ttritrliny j'unwni find to thr riijhl i. I'liiii in iiitenM-.«liil iiiiw- 
flw. — (-<_/>*▼ irvwi/'fun. Tiiiitlinclic; vomiiiny; ctiiting in riglii liy[im>hou- 
drium; ilittrrhrra. — [ At ^fnj nttnnfil to firt^ttln-!. Chest Iwwtncji C(>ii«tri<^tcd. 
-\ On drrp hrcal/tiny), 8fii!>»tiiiu iti Icfl liyimchimdrinm ; efUckcx in chcal ; 
prewiire on slvmum. — i.ifirr finimntrd cinnrr»alio}i), UvslleMiieM, etc.— 
■{Ottjhhiy), Stitcher in nit of throat ; MlilthfM in c/iMf; puin in riehl aide of 
chcel ; etittS/iy in r^t-"'; burning iu ri^^ht thigh. — (ihm:tn;/), Anxi«tv ; pain 
in l«A. hypucfiiiudnniu; inllainnmtimi in leg. — (A/ter iHnurr), ^ttmiAing iu 
addiiincn. utc. — {fjtliny^.VsuMoa; hiccoujrh ; diiiteniiiion, etc. ; nppU^^ willi 
i»ut<i>n, fiiltH-«» in «toniftr.')i, etc. ; piiiii in nlxUiiK^n, ct(.>. ; diurrhu?H ; cohi- 
avsf, «lc, — i During inroltint-jrif nnivion; I'liin in iiruthra. — \ After an 
emi»»ion y. Urging to nriniile,.— •; fn nnii exrrlion of bodtj which heaiji). Short- 
n«« nf lircnlh. — \ Hleeouijkii»if \, Fain in ri;,'ht sidf of cheat. — ( Ul/A *-(vrjf 

»ini^ir"lion I, Htilcliiiig in cIimI. — ylhtring tierp innuir^iiun}, Seiisiiliuti as of 
9iitn<-lhiti;r riMiig intu rlic.*! ; ftirliiiij in rhrM. — (Ijitying on (tf Ott hand'), 
Huniiri)^ in ri)flit tlii;;)!. — {AJtrr Hftimj), Vt\\a \a slonmeli. — l_lPAf« ftiing 
it* bM), Arre«t «f hr«nhiii». — [Ihirin-/ n mi-'it), Kc^l 1ci<#nei«;, etc. — {Afier 
rirry iticifi, PiT^^urc in Mniiia'H) ; jhitiii-^ti', iltMr»ninn. — i While moHtatiiiif), 
Trendiling nf whole buriy, — (JJurittj/ mfintriiiit'on), Thmlibing in the lieud, 
Heic. ; ptin in groin, etc, — i. On oprning eye*). Pain in np|wr lid. — ( On rait- 
V^i^ imii, Iiimivdint^ly, etitchcD od riglil s-ide of thtiit. — Uicaditt^), Pain in 
fureheail. — (W'ken ritHiuj), Naii^-*. — ( Wfirn ridinij in rtirriaye itHhont 
mri>vj»), reeling »* of ppewiirc with haiide.^ Wki-n tittinif), FiiIiu«h iu 
S«i(l, cle,; H'lipHtion in right eye; burning in bnck.^.Vitttdy ttoopfii), 
[Tightiicw from pit of Htonmrh into eh cat ; |min in hack. — iSHCftiay), 
itches in thmni: piiin in side of chest.^/l_;Vr »motiiiif). Peeling as 
t'ingh dinrrliim would come on.— ( On f!fp/iiin/\, Pnin in jointci of toea.— 
HiSfw/fiwy), Pressure in froiititl btnu-; (hill uiickEicho. — \Aft':r tupper), 
Tootliacnc; nhdonien ilintciKlt-d. — i 7ririr/i ). Piiln in un-llira; pain in |)cni». 
On turtiiugt. Fn-wiin-, *tc., In kidnL>y region.— ( Crituitiau), Tension in 
^Orethm ; smarting in urethra; cutting in urethra, — '.Oti. wwKmji, Head 
jnfiisrtl ; inunrdiatcly, naii^K-a, rtc, — ( When tralJcin^), Pain in Itack ; pain 
in great loen. — ^i (hi ini/iwiip mpi'lft/ : , Cutting in left hypocliondrinni.— f /ii 
iiV(ifA/r), ToAihauhe in hollow tuolh ; stitvhcK in ttie corDii. — \^In bad 

TOfc. IC— H 



MCHMrr), Aching in Iiollrtw iwth ; prwsutft iu hollow U'ftli. — ( Drhikinfi 
winr), PainH in rhest. — ( iVritiuff), I'liin in forehwid. — ( J'uimirHj), Puiii iu 
right sirlc ol' rliost. 

AmtliovnUmtt — [Morning), Pain in at4>mRd). — (Aprmwtn'), After 
Btw>I. lively, etc — (Evening), On K"i"H '"t" »\wn nir, 'iisteiipiun, etc — 
(ir<i/£'(iio IK opfH air), IlcraiUchu: fuli)f«4 in hituil; hiiivinviw in stomach; 
formieatiuu, etc, of llip rc«l. — {On brndiuy ituubltr), Poiti in ub4l(i»ieu 
CCOMM. — [AJirr iliuneri, Naiwa iliNippcdtrv. — ^fM eauHituiny to rf«ii«i, 
I'uin in IcH hvitodiondriiim <li.Hiip|^'nrN. — i Hawking up mtiew). Kuwncas 
in itintut. — i }TiJ<!ititf pniiifiif »i(ir iwVA ti»nits. Pain in clii'st.— 1 U'/trti 'y"*y w-^ 
wii'thj ittfrtfhi'4 iiHl nfi^H (Ar Aticjt"), I'tK'St t'col* bctt«r. — (Aft^ mittria}/ ""/"^^^ 
i'aiii ill aUluiiicu. L-U', ; wunkuiw. etc. — (/Vcmnit). Stilchr* in gruiiif- — -^._~ 
/fuAfciH(/\ St-nsa-liuu in eyvs. — \tiiuinif_\, 8tilclHn Iu lumbar n-gi'm,— (_7<i ^t;^ 


taivo gmuL-tiii/t, Toot hiiche. — ( irn/tiu/f i, Pr«»iiPt' in pit offltiHiiarli ; wtat - — ^ ^ — ^, 
ntwt in Jiiiuli<, eti-. — ( Walking t^'urty 'iA"n( rvoMi i, PniiiB in chwt ; fccle tnnfi i ^ "^^li 

conilorlabl^. — ( H'rwAiMj c/i-ji* iir<(A «»/(/ tmUr), Sticking iu clie«t, cic ^^'^ (^ 



B. Uuflwilftliw, Wagipr-Duinuril ; tj/noHytuM, Culuber fjlantnu, Lin _ 
Vipem cwruIwwtiH, lAun'nc ; C.V>luWr nicguni.Slittvr; Cnjtliiatt lan<.*e(ilBix.^"^ -"i, 
Mvrrctu; t'm?|«nliii-i-|ilitilu9 Inuret>latu», (ira/ ( Triguiiuce|jbale iau*. ^^^^ 
Cin'iur; Vi[ioni jiiiiiif ; F-^-iU-fanrf). ^ 

All Opliidian uf ihv fiiiuilv (Vi>iAlii1i«, founii iu lito Iiilanil nf M«rtinii|i, 

Avlhnrili/. Dr. Cli. Ouiniiiii, I/Art. Med., 19, 11<] (A eulk>t.-ltuu utfit^ 
(ISl nnd j^-iicnil olMcrviitioiis on itn- vlli'ct uf iliv biU', ijuotctl from h 
ItulV. " Kiii|[H*u- «ur 1p st>r|K>nt <li! la Miirtiiiiqiiti.") 

jtf /j)rf.--t.'<>nw.-fniiv<- atxl l"ii^-Iii:Jtir)(,' iiyii-x-liomirio. — Idea* confueciL.^^. 
— Cwniu. liLTniltiiig iliTjKT iltilil (Iralli ctiaiK-ts 

Jteiift, — VtTl igo.— Fni|Ufiit ilitxiiKvo. — Hoitiirranlii. 

Eyet*. — Ainturimit i>omflimi^ tiiiiiic^iialL'ly aftvr (hu biti>f. — Pereuten^^^^ ^ 
ninaunk.-ii. — Atnaiirvisii^, witlioul pcii-'cjitibltj ililaUilion nf lliu jiujnl,- 
}Ii-nirniliipii' niiJiiiiiiiHiH; ran Krnriielv h'o licr way, c>|N-i:ially afU-r *uiim 
— riO.] I'niiil a titllo itilalcd. 

xVlcc. — Altered euuntcuaiicc, — Hippocratic ctittntoruinvc. — iDJcclion 
more or liiw dark and bluish, ul' tht- I'litirf cutaiKiMis Mirfure of ihi- faw ; -. 
liuc like that uf chulura iu the atgiJ stugv, or ihal iu tlie Wt alagv ul' yeT 
low fever, 

Month. — Trismus (afttr i-iglitecn A*.yi).—Tntib\litg to oHtcuAtk, wj^.^^^^ 
ovi mil/ nffrrtiftn nj IhfionQUf 'atlcr k^vpii to fifteen hmirs). 

Stunmcfi, — <.Jii»:|i'ic niin-iniii infiiiiinuic lioiw-d n-t\. — ThirM. — Ham 
and vumiliii);. — Vo'iiifvi^, — [20.] V*jinitinj;. followtil by n nitr\'0UH livi 
bliuK. — Painlui M-)i;<atiou cxictidiiig to the cptgnstriunt. — inlulcnible f| 
goxtrii! maliiiHe. 

Ahflotnfit. — Smiill inleslinefl nta livid wdness extcrirtrij". — Kniall JJi-l 

toeliiiv ilnttcd r(d.— Miumii" nK-inbrano iif ihc stiiiill iiiii>ttii<a, tnpcc'ia Ifr' 

the jojuriiiiii. iiiEl»iTie«l iti difriirrnt part?. — (fniall intv»tiiK'» of a. dwp h _^Mii'f 
color, eoiiriiK'il rniindy I't tho niiiM'iilar laviT. — Sewn- puini* iu lh« al^^ ij. 
tncu, which L-xtund to ihc c|ji^iiHtriuni aixf bix-nme intulcroble (after a i^^E^n 
hoursl. — The ciitirr abdomen ■.« senMlivc to prii4>nri>. 

Stfutf tiiifl T'ritii: — ('i>lli>|iiiitivi' iliarrii'i-ii. — {30.] Hasmaturia. 

Jtvspiriitoi'y Apparaiittt und C7tc«f.— Trachva and broK^^cli/ 


blue. — Ail the symptoms of pitlmonart/ congestion, oppressed breathing, and 
bloody expectoratiun, more or le&j profuse (after three to six days). — 
Prfecordial paiua. 

Heart and Pulse. — Soft, flabby heart. — Black s[xita on the peri- 
cardium and under the eudocardiuni. — Pulse and resptrntion become ulovv. 
— Frequent and compressed pulse. 

ExtremitirM in Oeiiei-tlL — Spee<ly swelling of the bitteu limb. — 
The swelling, at tiit^t pale nnd confined to the ))ar[8 around the bite, be- 
comes livid and involves the entire linili, both below and above the bite. — 
[40.] The swelling of the part bitten gnuliially extends to a great distance 
from its original feat; the limb becomes triple it^ oi'dinury size, and is sofl 
and flabby, appearing as if distended with gas.^Knori»ou3 bl»H>dy infiltra- 
tion, like that which results front a violent bruise (of the bitten limb). — 
The extremities become cold. — Almost entire inability to move the right 
arm or right leg. — Paralysis of one arm, or of one leg, only. — Severe pain 
in the bitten limb. 

Upper ExtreniitieH. — Arm swollen fiom hand to shoidder. — Very 
considerable tumefaction of the whole limb, from the fingers to the shoulder 
and adjacent portion of the chest, soft, like emphysema, very sensitive, 
with blue spots. — After being bitten in the little finger of one hand paralysis 
began in the finger-tips of the other hand, and extended over'the whole of 
that side. — Cellular tissue, and also the muscles of the forearm (where the 
bite was inflicted) engorged with black blood, — [60.] The bone.s of the 
forearm and baud are laid bare. — Consecutive necrosis. — Xiimbuess in the 
right arm (afler a bite on the right hand). — Anchylosis and deformity of 
the hand, which becumc united into one immovable bone, with the wrist 
and fingers packed together. 

Lower EJCtretnittett. — Legs infiltrated with bloody serum. — Very 
extensive suppuniti<m of the leg. — Destruction of the skin of the whole leg, 
— Left thigh enormously swollen, and of a bluish color, with here and 
there blotches of a dcejK'r liue,^ — .Softening of the cellular tissue in the 
hollow of the ham, and at the jiosterior portion of the ihigli, including one 
half of the liiub.^jangrene of the skin over the whole anterior portion of 
the right leg from the loot to the knee.--£60.] Gangrene of the niu!^cies of 
the leg.^Infi'rior extremity of the libia laid bare (after fifteen days), — 
Tihio-larsal articulation laid oinn. — Paralysis of the leg. — Gangrenous 
ulcer ou the great toe. — Inliderable pain in the r'njht great toe (the patient 
having been bitten on the left thumb). 

Oeiieyalities. — O-^Umnlous swellings, like elephantiasis. — Infiltra- 
tion of bloody serum, etjually diH'n,sed tliroughout the substance of the 
cellular tissue, hut better marked in the vicinity of the bites. — Very exten- 
sive suppuration. — Supfturatiim ami sero-sanguinolent infiltration of all the 
tisjuos. — L''®-] "^V'ilhin two or three days suppuration sets in, the skin comes 
ofT.and.if the proper incisions are not made, the part becomes gangrened ; 
portions of cellular tissue are detached, with a reddish sanious discrharge; 
the tendons and bones are laid hare ; the joints are exposed ; sphacelus in- 
vades the parts, es[>eciallv the fingers; the whole limb is dissected alive; 
colli<iuation succeeds, anJ if tlie patient does not succumb to the conse- 
quences t)f purulent ab,<orptioii, or of gangrene, amputation becomes neces- 
sary. — Ueinarkable fluidity, dis,-;olved condition, of the blood. — The blood 
is black, or ru.-'ty-iooking; very fluid. — Hemorrhages of various kinds, 
and especially from wounds. — Very fluid black blooii flows in jets at the 
least movement. — Capillary hemorrlnige after amputation; blood dis- 

— '^x 

Itilt't I llt'lt >'llttll . 


.\ .... . \ ...■ ■..;,.-:,■ ■^ ■;. ..■..'/M.. ,;-..' —>[, ... -7 

1 1, I.I 1 ■ l» ■; 'I ,,i -"I . ii,.-l t.,|- "VL:':..- - ii ' - 

1 . ■■! . ■ ■ i. il' ].!' ■ ■■' ■! .ill' r 1 liri '■ hr.iir- : il,. :, ::.'. 7 .:, " " 

■ II ■ t It -I I -ill < ■III . i'l .'' -I'lli'--'. ;itii'mii;iri;_' t'l i]r-i:ir:i ^ ..V". - '. 

\ I. I li .1- il . ,1 . I ,|iiil 11, !i l.l;i.'k v;i|ii.r.'.— lO.I (;,:.•'.■ ' " \ 

1. ■ il ■ill- iii|i 'I 111 i-v iMliiiii,',-. \'<Ty !i|ij.ri-li'ii-;v, :»■ '" 

ii ill iiKi 1 1 III II . I I'll , - III iiii': ill' nil liii>'il til <iii iiiiv ttiirk,'. — Wtv i ' *" 
I .1.1 ■ I . ill -ill. . ii il 111 I. I'l ivili iiKiiiil, Hii' uii Iniur ill the iii'^ «"*' 



tttoT rising ffifih day i,'. — Ill-hmii«reii, fretful, and apiirfWiinive, with 
nsion nf ihe hoad,'. — Iil-hinnr>r, cfinrii.*i''jn of ihf heii-l, glivniiinejM, uIm» 
pw.-vi.T'liiK'w mill irrilnliilily, fnr ruurtc(.-ii ilnj?,'. — Ptt-vi»h, fretful, ati<l ill- 
liiiii>un.-() diiringa vi<.>li>iJl liouiliirho in the iilVrtnxtti,'. — Fri-lftil, ill-hiiiii(ittil, 
and itidilTvrviit lo IifvA^Al one time lifi! wi-mcd very rxcitinf; in hirn, nL 
another vtry haltfiil.'.^lu companv *hc wii« Iiv*'Iy; alono, mhI, <ivi>r<**«], 
aDtl ni>l iiilcrcftled in iinytliiit(r,'. — [SO.] Hxl.rcmcly iinlittcTrtit lo nil t'xttr- 
nal olyecw (ninth day),'. — Ttllfttrrtmil. Cniifuwd thong litu,*,— Stupid 
fi-eling,'.— Very Hl)M>ntiiiiiid('il, mi tiint il waa im]M>M!ihle for her, evoii on 
gn'tit vxerlinti, lo nay atlriitiuii tu nlint one wu.4 ouyiii); >>r dt>i»^ (after 
thint-vn day)").'. — ^^h(> i» vi-nr Bbwnl-niimkd. make* tni^inltt-n in writing, 
IwivPs ont whole BvIIablis, and writcw wvunil mmU onlii-rly wroti;; (nfier 
fivednysi,'. — Lostintliciighl; hcollenloolioH vacantiy forMiVfruI rainnw*.'. 
^Wnik nirnmry.'.^Ie reMillrctpd nnly ivllh diflirnliy the transactinai) of 
a fi-n hiinin* prcvions.'. — Fpoliiijf of »<iu)»f'fari!i>n at times,'. 

Heatt.—t'onfttHiou titirl }'rrfifiit. Tlio lipnd is ^onipwhnt t-on- 
ftm-"! and ht-iivy,'.^l 30.J 'ilif jund wiia viTv iiiiirh tn>iiruswl niid rliiwv after 
cuilitiii : hu Hus uminlf tu Avv\t fiir u h^ng linn-,',— Hfinl vi-ry niut'li con- 
futcd and vniply, with druwiu); ab(tuL tiiu nhulv Iu>ad, MiK-oinlly in the 
THoniing,'. — ^I]«id Ti?ry m»<^\\ coafusvd; ho onuld not lliinlt porrcclly, with 

»ticariiie»4 ami iireHsnrp in tlu' forrlii-ail.'. — The head wap very much cim- 
fnM'd and [lainrnl on stoojiirijj, ni-xtly in ihe left temple,'. — Wriigo for sev- 
eial n)iiiiitn<,'. — V'orti^n; thv uh'iio room MM>ined to (nrn nbnut with him,'. 
— ^I-'rcqih:ut IrniiMi'iit VfrtijC'/. — Frf<iuvul vertigo, wlu'wwilh nil \m seuaN 
left biru.'. — Vprti(iO, i-vt-n to ralliiit; furwunl, titunnl;* evoniaj^,*.-^ViTtigf>, 
which drt'W him tMwkwunl.', — [40.] ViTlign, on riKing, as if tvfryihinjr 
tnnitvl aruund in a cinle with her, and slie could nf>t Iniet herself to «iHnd 
il]>ri^d»t,'. — A kind of vcrtign, with slniielai'tifin. in Ihe niorninc on ri^in£ 
frmii hi* chair. «rt lliat li*^ ni'arly ft-ll dnun^sccniid day),'. — 'SmidrH attaci* 
of rwrtiV/ft ami fri'Ung nf »tu}»ilil^ iu t/if ln'ml, on rmi}ij; nhf. tone* eitn»rimi»' 
nf« />r « mt/iHcnt, pmtilifi^ »n'J Jullotiiny « limidiiclir, in (An morniiiy^'. — 
Vcrii);u ai)d fL-elin;; of htuvinc^x iti the hvitd, whik- alnudint;, Jbllowtd by 
middi-n ji'rkinjj of ihc head liupkwiinl.'.— Iiizxiiii'*», in the moruinjr,'.— 
Vhty and Mupid, and a fMliuif uf wliirlinjc in the ht*ad, after ri^iiic from 
et(K>pin>; i firat day :■,'. — ScnHtttitniM, llvaviiit-!* uf ilift head/.— Hcavi- 
nCM) of the heaii (after a fi-« irmnienU i,'. — Smppfyinj; heailailie. especially 
in \\w forehead.'. — In iho oventnc, lh<- head i» ^^Inpid and heavy, and feela 
IS if hruis-xl (wH'ond day),'.— LM-l Ucadnchi-, on waking, a-t nfti-r loo 
much i-lrep.'. — ^Htntluche, with licavincss of thi- head, which ninki-» her ill- 
humored and unulde to think continuously: Uie {tain is iacn-stMil on lying, 
and tx mwl severe un waking from the midday nap, and i^t combined willi 
a Lind of pul.-alin|; l»«itin«; in llic licml ; it.'* chiet taatx in in the forehead 
over the ntise.whiili i^ itt the »Hnn' linn- i-Iopiiied (after fifteen days I,'. — Pho 
did not dare In mio' the hejid al ni^dit, fjxiin drenil <>f nni-nilnraMi- pniit^, 
which were ^vinien-hat iijlifvcd toward morniug (after twelve days),'. — 
Headuelie us if 9Up|)urntiii): ; a raging iti the whole brum, coming on in 
the cold air and couiinuing in the riMnn at H .*.w.,'. — The whole head Neeina 
larger than usua), with the headuche,'. — ()n waking, at 3 nVlock in the 
aioriiing, very violent liemlnehe, wltli wiiieh htr rrelf every puli^ition, mid 
|«hirh llirentenn lo bnR>t the head asinider: it grudiintly di!Kip|K.-ur!« ou ihe 
1 oiitbreak of sweat, V)t|ieeially on the head (H>vent<^i-nlh day >,'. — -A contrac- 
tive ^-n«*ti4>» and a ft.u-ling of dulneiTS iu the h^nd, dtsapiKiiring after brcuk- 
' last (Knit day),*. — The bruiti fecb aa if .•icrewc<l together, wilh a heavy mu- 



Mtioti, in liio morning, diAappcnriuc in tho n]>on mv («ighih <)ay'),'. — Dull 
headiicho, frc-qiieiilly reliirning,'. — Dull bcAilanlie, with wi>»rinvw.*.^60.] 
AfVrr nnlkiitg in the open nir, violi'nl pr<?.«tivc bendiirhn, will) a frt'lin); <it' 
hmvine^, mantly in Iha nrMripiil, in tbn mnrninj^ ; tliiii paiu <)i«upnf<nrcil nl 
Di);ht, but inimcsliiilcly rcturiityl whoii t>)w ivciil jdUMIk- open nir iii llie 
mi)niiiig,niiil tliNippfured iif^iti In Uif raomlfiftli urid nixtli (layn),*, — \'!o> 
lent |irvj^<>i V'o tii'»rliu'li? uii ■.'uiiiiii^ iiitu t1ie I'owin Iruru tli«^ upcii nir.oii bolh 
hUUf, with Bfimn lltmbliiiiK, in ttic cvnnin|j,'. — Dull jipcasivo hpa<lao}i(>, in 
the moniin;;,'. - ITi'iu) frrls iih if Mm jin'swil by ft licbl banilni:*'. Imt wilb- 
oui pnin (iiilrr » few muniPiiCsi,'. — Ti-iiriiij; in ihf: whiilf hcivi. wilb hcari- 
nf*^ niKJ bruised icnuilion c-ontiiiiiiiii.' nln)<>:il rnii«iHntly.'. — All Iht* pnln* 
are Mt dwp in tb« bmiii,'- — fofefyvtul, I'uinl'ul ItDriu;; uutwnrd in the 
loll side 1)1' ibo r<iit'bt-Ai1. itt 8 i-.u.,'. — l*ni«'Ui\; in ibi' forobcad.', — llenvr 
pfVMUro on tbe ti>n>])arl ul' tlie hiMil, wiMK-inllv Ibc l^'mpk-s,', — Dull Uvan- 
Bchc, Itlco a pi¥>jmrt, nhovo ibo risbl •■yi', ^xti'ndiiiy tonard tbe lein|)rtr!il 
region,'. — [70.] I'r«**ivi* pain nnd a ftrline of IiravinrHi in a fiinall upot (ta 
thi" left sill* of the fon-hoad, <bN>p ititern»lly nnd nn*Jt*iiii;; ii|Mti) llif pyp.fur 
four miiiiitrH; ih«> |Mtin n<tnni>i •uttm witb rnloiinlod ni'vi'rily, vbrn-hy it 
M1MU? iu> if there wca* u cloud In-furv the teil oye, nhieh dii>a]>pt:arc<l by 
fri'ijuvut uripiiig; in ibv nioritiui^un niuviii;; nbuul,*. — Hitlrbca io llii! middle 
of I ho I'orybwBtl, nilher exlt'riially, in ibt- evening (first davl,', — Fiiit 
atitcbep, tlien prt?«»ii¥, in tbe fi»rebea*l/. — Stiiches And tt^ariiig m (be right 
frontal eminence, wbieh extend louard the right e«r,'. — Sliarp siilrlifa in 
till* rijjbl i»i<li> of ibe forehead, twiee in uncrtwon.'. — Sharp litiieht^ in 
tile ri^bt frill till eiitiiU'inv. jii riv'ijiK^tit HueetiMion,*. — KxtrviiK'ly intiiifnl liii'* 
stitebi'?. di-<.'|) in tbe tun-hi-ad, iii ibv evoniu;; (fuurlh fUiy'.'. — A ptiiunil 
tivilc-bin;; in the bntiii, in a AUmll »|hiI nbnvv i\k ri);Iil fntntal vmineDce. 
wliieb frenuiMiily iviiiil?i ami rL'tums, wiib puc'viwh niou>l,at 'i l'.M.,*,^Tenr- 
ing pain ii> tlie ri>rebeii<l,exten<!iii}: to the lell side uf tbe 'Hx-ipiit, and lh<:a 
hcieli again (n [be fun' bend, tinil bi-niiiie::i !*eale<l in ibe left lempb*, where it 
reitiaiitM several ()ny« i leiiili day),'. — Fine tearing iii tbe middle of the 
fiirebead, ralber exirnially, in thr iiiorniii;; 'tiiNl day''.'.— [80.] Viob-nt 
II tK-udn ruble Icaiin;; in the forelieiid, with hi-aviiieM in tlie butd, oti .«t>mp- 
iii;;. nntl buriiiii;r in ibo right eye ifnurlh day),'. — Prrmive-ti-iiriug lit tn 
fwa'head, t-sjKinally aliuve ibe orbits, whieb fxlcndii into the root (if lli _ 
lio^e (^ixlb and iMivcrith (\uyi),'.~T'Utll>Ief*, Ueavine--w in tlv templc*,*^^ ^" 
— Cftinpri^-'ive bendarhe Hinrling from bulb lenip!*^,'. — Inloli-nihle jainfa.*-^-^ 
prrwiire nml ibmbbiiig in tlit> right Cem[>le, with i^niit fretrtilni.-K« : the jiair ^ 
fixteiid" down to the iioek, and tlxTr dirap| >■>■»•, in ibe tnoriiiiig,'. — iStielEtn ^^ 
and jerkiiijr in the U\\ tv-niple,', — Htveral fine ftitehert in the lcl\ tmiponj 
bniic.'. — Vinv tearing in thi' It-ll ti^inple, t'XIeintlDg lowanlM tbe ear latiim 
tbnv^aarters of an hmin,'. — A raging or<Iigg!ng-learint; in ibcleft tiitipl^ 
dee|) in Ibe brain, in tin- a fU-riioiin,'. ^Violent t^-aring in the right tetotcr 
and in the ri^^bt halt of ibt- forebeiid. freigiictilly intermilting f'tvnlli day~ 
— Vertex. [M.] Stupi-fyirig b<-adiii-be of tbt whole vertex, witb bcwt^ 
tbe eye*.", — <'.in!ttnnl ?>ligbl ilmwing* in I he whole top of the bead,'.— Pi 
sum aiton tin; vertex,'. — V'ioU-m sharp etitcbc* i»j thfl vertex; they exli^ 
over the whole heafj ; in the nfteraoon,'. — Frefpienl, finp, exlivniely in 
fill stitclieit on tbe letl aide of ttie vertex ; Ihi^ iilace i? al:«> very iwinfu 
tnuch ; iu tlie evening,'. — Violent teiiring on tiic vertex, which is pal 
on toneh, un if l)riiisi.i)..tng(H.IiLT with line Lcariug on tbe nuirgiti of 
right eoiu'ba ; in lh« luiinilng,'.— ttriiifeil rain oti the li>fV lido of the ? 
tcx, whou louehed and when not,'. — ^Ui'letulit, Painful preanre b' 


not<» in titc riglil xiJc of the )i aid,'.— Bent tng and rDnnii^ in tiw ngiii did 
of ihe head al 7 a.m., whrn foming inui llic inom fntm the cold air,'.— 
Pre«iupo in hoth sides of the hoiid,'. — [100.] Pftin a"; though llie hrnin 
would he pressed lopelher fntm both j^idc*. in the ftfWrnoon (fiuirlh dayi,*. 
— (.Vitiiprr.'^i vi> jxiiii iii \ntth sidw nf lln- hwid oii nmiiii;; into llic mom uitcr 
walking in tlit ci>Id air (eighth djiy),'. — Hidt [in-Miirr iti Hw \vf\ siJi? of 
Ihe heiid.''. — ("hiiro wlilchcM oti th« right siito iieiir the vork-T,'.— Sdine fino 
»tildK9 ill Hw riytit j^idc or the hrad nt 7 .\.M.,' — SoiiMitivo dull flilrhw iu 
th»; iipjKT jinrt rtf ihf right wde nf i!ip licnd,'. — Sudden dtdl siilrho, like 
lx»rinj», <\M-\i in thfi riglit side of the hcnd, so llmt .*lin wna ohtigfiil lo cry 
out,'. — Vii>Io(»l touring in rhp right sidi> of the hend,'. — -.Sovoi-o hniispd pain 
ill the whok- right side ol' [hi- hrud, nhii-h even utriftvd thf vvk, nt It) A.M.,'. 
— riiiiiftil in iin uIclt, iu the right sidi* of the ln-ad,*. — [110.] 
Hoiidarhi', iilmo^t llki' n thmbhiiig. on n umnll upot on the \vfi »idv of tho 
lifud, iu ihe aUcrnuoii, nt 1 o'clock,'. — Orrfpitt, C'oDfusion aud htuviiicss 
ill tliv )K'<'ipiit, nitli iiirliniition of the liiU to full diiHfTT, and fi>eling aa if 
lliR 0)fs »ould Im> di'iiuii biK-kwArdiX, oijpeoially iu n bright light, in the 
evening, t<>giMh«'r with anxi^'ty iind uiicnMorAi of thp body,'. — T)iill hpnd- 
tu^hc in thv ouvipul, willi Irnvion in llic ti'mjilu-V-'^Hmwivc puiu iii thfi 
nceiput. nhtoh extends over the vcrlt^x to thu fi)rDh(rnil, in the forenoon,*.— 
Keveri' presHiirt' on Imth sides of tlif occipnt.frotn wliifh phiLi' the puiU ex- 
tend.* Ill the fondic'iid ; a feeling iu the occiput as if evcrylhiog would pro- 
imde; in llie iirternoon till evening (fifth day).'. — Pain in the occiput, as 
if a «i-<!j!(' would he pressed in,". — Violent stii'king and tearing in the loft 
Fide of the oeeipui.Ciinl inning it long tiiiK-,'.^I)«ll, boring-nr>»sive Hitches 
in the ncriput, extonding to thtt fundieiid over the lell ore; in awitrni room 
in the afternoon,*. — Violent Hue ctitrhcs in ihe left, bjul' of the occiput, in 
the tnoming, nt 7 o'clock,'. — Tniring in ihc ociiimt, and nt the same timo 
in llio U-ner iavf,\—EjCt^l'nflf Jlea/i. [120.] The hair falls out,'.— 

'Hmtttl eorp npot^ on the scalp, v^ith iicliiiig,'. — Small n-ddisli hliflterH, with 
Mverc itching, on ihi* wJilp, . — Orent iti>nsitivenp.'«< of iIip iwalp generally 
to toiieh; ihe conid not even eiidnrc the comb,'. — Itching n« the head us 
if the wIioIk heud wait full of lice, opei-iallr in the luuniing,'. — Itekiny over 
thr irtiolf »f(tlp, ejirnding to the iiwt, rfjirclitlhj if hr hframe nwrni, *o tkat he 
WKM oM'irfrS ta /^fntfli Ihe fiiTthend , wJiicfi www not rrtiffi-il by ncraielthiff,^. 
Jit/e. — Ohjeclfve. Itodness of the eyea,*. — Inftanimalioii of the left 

i.cyi.'.'. — The vy^ nrc clopcd involniilarily, though without drow^in«*fl (after 
n few nHimenLti*. — Txi^t in tlioiighi ; she looked a long time at one point,'.— 
fiuhjfpilre. [130.] W.-jik eye*, wiihoui lu*tre, or .snap,'. — .A feeling «s 
if comcthing wiw in tlic right c\e. with Uchrynialion in it (first day),'. — 
Burning in the eye?, and Mich great bent in the clicekn lliat vhe thought 
they would hun^t,*. — Heat in the right eye, and a [Uiinlnl eoulrnctivo feol- 
iti^ in it, for an hoor,'. — Pressure in the eyes,aa if something were in ihem ; 
with which the left eye irt n^d lafler eight day,t\', — Klitehes over the left 
wve. n» with a piinteil iin-lruinetn,,*. — Kxce-'sively painful naring, de<-p iu 
tft** right eye, which extend* above'ii to the fondiead,'. — .Snmrting in the 
cyo", eo tluii be had to keep them shut,*. — Ovbit, etc. Tension in the 
lefl eyebrow,'. — Extremely juunfu] pR-asun; nnd iwinling deep in tho risht 
orbit; the bone U very sensitive to nrcfflure, during menstruation.'. — [140.] 
Pnwaive sticking in the right orbit, . — A ouddeQ lurnitig wbeu sitting, or a 
flcneaLion of a xuddeu current of air above the left eye, above the n^ot of 
the iin*e.*. — .\ fueling of painful Potitrnctioii. with utitehes over the left, eye, 
n» if the left frontal emiueoco would be screwed togetlior; the pain bogun 



at the ront nf tliR none. ntiH extended outwnni tictiind the Inll frontal emv 
nenee, wilh Inchryminion of the \cl\ eye; Bfkerwnnis the pUro nboTo llifl 
eyo wiu i"?nsilive to jiri^siiri^ ; aUt'r fho pnin crasod lipnt nrrxo over thfl 
whole botty, with II iLvlini; ha il'$wnit nun Id breiik uul iliinii*; •liiiiii-r (fifth 
(Jay),'. — ftticLiug in n small ifpot abivi? the Itfft eye, with r*c!ii««is of th« 
Hi(!(!l:, wictiuut <PXl(^riiHl heat, aftf^r iliiiiior,'. — TAtljt. CutiM mtt >i|)pn the 
evee well in the nioruin;;; (sixth clar),'- — ^Th« left eye «"&« ng^'lutiuated in 


he ninrning.'. — The eyes were afwsyH a^jt^lntinntcd in ihe lunriiine."." 
Irritntinii of tho eycliiU (second diiyl,'. — 'I'lic eatilhi nn; ri*ii iftflwr ihiny- 
two (lay*). — JUtc/ll'tjni/tl AflJMiratllJt, LaclirymiUn'n, in the mom- 
ill):,'. — t'itlion, [l^^-] It MtcniK us chmtfih there nciT a veil bef'^re tkc 
eyi», in ihi- nioruiitg, on rising fnfter fuur liaysi.', — Illusion of vintui : »he 
feari'il that a iiemtii Hitting near her uouhl etiek (ht> Fthi'iin; iittit her e««, 
althiiii^'h ^he sal (vro Bte;*!^ away and wae cutting pa|ier; all her visual 
perccplidns were diatortei] ; it seemed as thnngh the sbeure were close before 
lier eye*,'. 

Ji'nr.—Ohjerflve. Twitohing in the left exlonial ear, for t.n min- 
ute*,'. — (A cupioiiii piinileut. (ifii'iiHVc (lin-|i»r;;i.' frum I lie mr, which hu*l 
ta^tefl four years, iliwippearL'd I.'.— iS«ftyrr</rr. ant] burning from 
the right ear, exteudiiij^ ilnwn lo the lui^le of ihe liiwi-r jaw,', — Drawini; iu 
the ears (after three daye','. — Stitches in tlie eare,'. — .Stilehee in the nglii 
enr,', — Tearing in frimiof the right ear. wliieh suddenly l^i^8plvll^i. aner 
diimer.', — Exlreiiiely pflinfVil tenring in the left ear, in the alWrniHiii.'. — 
[180.] Tparin^doep in (he right ear, and a tensive ecn^tinii »ii the b.»rd« 
of the €<>u<:ha,\^A feeling of pirkiikg iu the left ear, ue llmugh ninietbing 
wen; lyin^; in it,'. — Severe iiehiiig in the ears, with some ditfienliy uf beB^ 
ing,'. — ffetll'hft/. He did nm hear dislinetly, unih^Mlntid many ihinm 
wrongly, and al.-ii made mii^tako* in epeaking.'.^ In the ears, es|)i?eially in 
the npiit, ("rcqiieut noise?, like rain ),*. — Ui)iiriiig in the lefl ear, wilh diiniu- 
islied hearing fur a f^hurl time,'. 

A'OHf.^OhJert fve. Tlic septum of Ihe no*e where it unites with tk« 
upper lip IB red and sore,'. —"Scabby noslriU,'. — A scab la the uottril il 
frequently renewed : after removal, the sore place bunw,'. — toryia. f^r t 
few moments only,*. — L^^'^-] I^'"pped coryza,'. — Stopped oorria, in the 
laoniing, aHcr rising, with freiiuent ^net^ciiig; with wliK'h nbecuiild draw 
airoaly through the right innstril.'. — .She i^ freipieiilly obliged to blow the 
uoee, whereby only thin water i» diwhnrged,'.— FrHpii*nt need lo blow lln* 
DOfiO, ihtiiigh hill little iiut^l mneij»t in discharged,'. — The nose ii very miieli 
stopped J troubleii her in fli>cakinp,'. — Great stoppage of the nose ; *he could 
only get air through wilh grrai difBenltr ; wiih pressiirr in the temples,'. — 
At night, the no!<e \» stopped ; itlie eannnl draw air (liniugh it (eighteenth 
day ),'. — The left nostril is stopped, and n few drops of water run out of it 
(seventeenth duy),'. — Fluent eorvza,'.- — Fluent curyiui; thin uiuen? is iliif- 
(^Hrgi-d from llit! nose.'. — [180.] Fluent citryia. with eunfuiiion of the head.'. 
— The previoiif^ly profuse, tmigb, yellow uat-iil tiiTi<>n>f,a qiiaiilily of whieh was 
liiflehargeii, became white and iiicire [jrofnse (after f<)xti-en day*),'. — Fre- 
quent Tiiieeziiig.'. — Pueeiiiig, in llie morning, aft<r wnking,'. — •.IjVte firo/tx 
of hfoti'l from Ihr uiy*i' nvrrj lima im mneiiiiff I fifth ilay i,', — *Ulff'iiiiif nf (fte 
no*e i» ihf. iTMrnuiy'. — SitbJPCtfvtf, ('unsitftfit feeling of coryza in the 
noBC. and swelling nf it ififtci-nth dayi,'. — Itnrniiig iu hoib Udr^riU. as if 
they were sore,'. — A foutnicliuu over the nose, with a feeling of bvKvtncfla 
anuprceeure as tbough the akin were too Hhort,*. 

J»C«.— *T/i« J«« M vtry jntie, m the momitty, after rmny, for scvcnU 



diiyn (after ftiiirt«ei) clnvsi).'. — [180,] Orr-nl rliniiiErf* oC onlor In rlie ftc«, 
whicli i* Hi on* liiiii> rci), lit aimllKT imli','. — Ti-iwimi s\mi Iiwil riw iiiKf 
ihvfWcc*. — J.Offtfflf. Uorin).'UDii<li;:j;iii(jiii h'AU timliir bonw,'. — Cnickcil 
lips'— Oil ihi' iiiiKT h£j«l<T of tlic Icli ?iiilo of the lower lip hnniiiii;. an in 
a cut.'. — Fine siiti'hfs', us with inWlffi, nr a* from KpliDterv, in ilie Iimcr 
lip,'. — Violent icnrini; in the \c\\ side of llie lowtT jaw, niiil in one nf tlie 
tei.'tli,'. — A ftfltug yf throbliiitt; on ihe left *iile Iwluw Lbv toner JHW ; itlw 
bflii-vm ihiit n ulaml niuM bi- nwullcii.'. 

Jfoiith.^Ti'eth. Till- li.elli Hit' rn'niioiitly rimtfd «illi imiai>i.'. — Tlie 
t<^ct!i,;;iiiiihini'l li|jsinvfilUil wiih eloUci l>Iuo<l. iti thetn<jniii)^,uii Mukin;:.'. 
^[200.] Slight cna^liiitg ot" llic Icpth, now mul thi'n, lii rlip fvcnin^, aw in 
n cliil I ■ aft*>r fitWii rlays ;,'. — A hollow Moth seefii* Iniipi>r than the nthcni,'. 
— Tmtthai'lio, flji il" tho oxiJft^Ofi norvw wnro mbhocl,'.^ — In the pvciiinp, in 
bed. t<^il liadiv. Kvliic-h wiu only rcliiircd by miriulh (nHi-r llmrti-Tii Juy:^),'. 
— ^Tlm tuuthiickc wnarj on ;ti»ing into the opt-n air,'. — Ciiiiifnl linriiii; in 
thv U-Pih, in the pveoinj;,', — r>i;rgiii^-horinp pnin in a hollow luuth, with a 
tcariii); pain In the ri|;ht t\i\v of the head, aud slitchee in tfan ears, very 
inurh !ii»Tea.«ed by (old.'. — T)i^ginK pain in a hollow lonlh. morning; and 
eveninj:,".— TpBriujuIiirpiif; in ilie hnllnw ti-elh. fxlendiDjr ilifii<e. into ihp 
temple*, in iht^ ovoninj; in hnl.V — Dniwinj; lonlbnchc, iiit irtbu rnnlii would 
be tui'D out, iu the evviiinj;,'. — [210,] Dnll drawiu;; juiiii in the hollow 
leelh (after twelve bounii,'. — Paiufol dniwiuRa few linien in a Iiolhiw looth 
of tim right kiwt?r jaw, in the evfiiiiiK.',^Vi?ry ptiinful drnwing tuoiliiicho 
awnke her bofore niidiii|;:lil,and la.-tcil an hour, ihi-ce nichls iu auccewion,*. 
— Vioft-ui i/rtitfwif/ f/iiin ill iht- hrdlow baik tfeih of the It'ft tower jaw, Jor 
tivo nfniHtj* III furrtiaioii, in biil, which lB?tc*»J IJll loorninjr. ilnring men- 
gtniation,'. — Pull toothaohc, whioh >(h{' had not hmi for ^(■vf-rnl years, fid- 
lowt^ by lotiK-cuiiliuuvd, elevated, pule swcliinn of the upper lip and ^wollt, 
nil nighl, till lunniliig, which was iwpccially profnsc on the head (after ihrwr 
weelot),'. — Stilebes in the sound teeth, esneenilly at night, no that hL> eould 
tKit sleep i^u aooottntuf it; the ^uiu bl«d raitily ; the pnin was relieved if 
be sncked the bhiwl onlnftlie IcvlU wilh the tongue,'. — The stitrhw in the 
extend Into th« eyt*.'. — Pain in tlip iip|ier front iPMb ; they p»in on 
ah, and do nut boar chewing; with ihn njipcr liji hcgmniiig li> xwell. 
t^K toolliaobe wAf somewhat relieved ; the swelling imrea«M so that the 
lip hung far ox-er the lower one and was even with the nos^; ; after the 
BWelliug of the lip had somewhat suicided, the left eheek Iw-'gau to -iwell ; 
all the rwidlcn purls wi-re paiufnl to touch (aftor fitleen dnvs;,'. — .Jerking 
tootbachf I fifth day).'."ftH*«». Swollen, pniid'vil gnin/.— [220.] The 
gum nilmotM ito thiit the Iwlli seem longer,'. — An inlhtineil spot on the 
glial over n dwnyed mot, which is piiiiiCii! by itself, tmd wtill tnon> when 
tiJUehed, likt nn nicer, with throbbing, with a feeling uf^ if the mot were too 
louK,'. — An uleer on the pim, from which blood exudes on pressure,'. — 
Clear blood oozw from the mouth f puni) even n-iiliout sncking Llie gum,'. — 
Axoflett an he *iiek* th*^ yum Motid i^MifK intolkp mimth, with whUii llif wh'^if tfUM 
bcmmti< jxtinful*. — Tongue, Yellun-coatcd tongue in llie moniing (after 
WVcn dnysi, .— A red »jioI, painful to pressure, near the left ligament of the 
tongiie, where it k unittKl to ihi! (oiigue, for »everul dny>^ (after thirly-fivo 
dflv*),'. — A small deprested ulcer on the left margin of the tongue, sore find 
painful to touch,*. — In the morning, aHer waking, bunting in tlictip and a 
nurobneiM on the tioslerior portion of the tongue, and over the whole mouth, 
for four morningiiin siiccession (aftnr ihirtef-n day*!,'- — 'Cutliuy jiainin Ihe 
toHtfuc, re[ieu(iid several days,'.— <.VMerrt( Jtiouth. [230.'] OUl-uaive 



hnir a hiccough, in ihe foreiinon,'. — Severe, lriiij(-Insliiig hicwimli iit 
P.M.,'. — Ffvuut'nl liiwfuiph. an hour after dinner,'. — XfHineu. 
^nnliiii-liiicr;* ill thf i^tomacli, an if oiii* liiul not ealcii for ■ Iwiig time,*. — 
*(>niti i)ualn)i«hnc»«> In ihv »tonini'h. uilh iiii.-liiii(t!i>n to votnil, iu th« 
moniiitj; : (hiiiii;h iinly wiilcr »iw vomilwi ; willi nxnoL-n ; Ihio wnswl after 
fcrcfl k fa*!.',— N'wii -<■!«.'*. — ^aiitiea iii the stoinin--h, ns if she woiiltl voinil, in 
lh<' r<>n-ni>ini,', — [290.] Niui-^a and jmlititali'tn, worse «n molinn; wJlh 
chillint-w,'. — NttUWH ami I lit* loi-enndM,*. — Nbumui, wilh r-hillinen 
in ibe niomiiip:, wiili !<iickiii;r-t^-arinf! tftftihachc, o*pwiitlly ^n ihf Inft side; 
<ihv [KiiiiH wcri^ rrlifvcil by c<>!H wnter.*. — K\ti'«'iw uati:M.>n and .'•htidilrriiif;, 
tu the morning', mt that shw rotild ikiI gi-t warm : follnwwl by vertign. vrbirli 
ivlit'Vi'd (he bvudnrhp,'. — Stontfieh. Tt'ifloii^'mn and fiiio Iwingcn in iho 
*Iiij:n»lric r^ioii ; relievcil hy pawagc of ofleiwive fintiie at 8 A.M. («vt>n- 
Ireoib dar), . — fiiiiplinj; in llie stomach, in lh« morning, relieved after 
Mlliifl (eievenih day),'. — (iniyling on iJw left side, near the pil of the 
MoiOH^'h, in lh« ovcnitij;,*. — A fceliiifT in tho ■tomnrh, a;: if fa\c had farted, 
ivpn nlltT vnlio;,' (twentieth day i.'. — Kvcry moniinn on rising, il •ct-nt" lui 
ih'iiij>|i ihif »tomHch was riml. uiCh a tmui'uoii'' t»»le in [he nimitb : after 
mint* time EhiH ili^iujipeani and he ha* aii n|i|>utile ; for Ihiirleen dnyt; iu iiiic- 
«**■;»* i on.'. — A coM fix-iiii^ in Ihe .itoinurh, as if a Inni|> of ice lay in it,'.— 
rSOO.] Runiin;r. exit.Tiinlly, in (ht piluf thf!>l'>niarh, togetber wiili rrei|iirnt 
tiUr ■'lilchM in it, a(U-r dinnir.', 

AbtfinneUt — Jfr/j/ffchoiififtft, I''rc<jii<'nli»hnrp?tilcbv?iiithpri{tf't 
hyiMH-hnmlriiim, near ifie hark,', — Stifhrj*. nilb a iM-cuIinr indwcri liable 
pnin. in the right hypwhondriiim (twelfth day i.'.— Snme rflleheji in the left 
■lypiK-hDiirlritim.and.atilioAafnetinie, in the left elbow,'. — Biiniing^itehea 
'^a the left hyixtrhmnlriuni, ou xiltinir heiit, whieh dl-nii[iear ■»» fjecomiui 
,'. — Vlithttirnl. Very transienl hurniiif; iiileniBlly :ibont the iiavel, 
til A.M.,', — .Stii-kin^ eolic about the navel,'. — Stitelies nboiit the itnvcl 
after ©no hour*,'. — Frightful o-lie in the umbilical regiou atU-r caliojj, lu 
If kniTCS were cntlini; the alidonicn, fir wvrral niinntc^ 'thini day).'. — 
winges about the navel, with j:ri|)iii^, in (be ninraing on waking. Hi' if 
ir !;houH ga to *U<f'\'. — Gt'llfi'tft AMonifTi. iJistr-ndMl ahdonien, 
• itb pniii in it 'oishtb day),'. — [310.] l)itti.n.-i"ii of the alHioimn, with 
nniMiug in it. nbic)] disappeared iifter pu.Ksing (ladis iu (lieTiinrniirg (tifth 
ly I,'. — (Jreai difileii^inn of the ahilomen, tvbieh iiniKiaiilly iiiert'Sisis till 
li(h)t;;ht,niid at Imt di?a[>iK;ai"!' after the paiviiigo of flaliH 1 eleventh day),*. 
-.S'verc njdiblin^ nttd Mi)i*<-tt in if diarrbiea vrniilfi en»iiie, 
'Aoiigh a diarrbfHi-like ^iiixil owiirred only after wveral Imurs.*. — Much 
limhliiig in the l>>..wcls,as from n pnrgc, fiiwiiy* relieved by pa*»aj*R of 
'alt»,'. — Verywverc rumbling and gurgling in ihealKlomen, nilb coiii'tipu- 
i«n.'. — Frequent passageof fiatu-s'.— Very fn-qneiii passage of loud flatus, 
VillonBil by die^eimion of the alMlonien and colic, at H A.M.,'. — Much pa»tage 
• f Untus, after lying down in htrd,*. — OfR;ii?ive lliituf, especially in the 
kioniing and evening f first day't.'. — OfTeniive flalii)*, nnil rumbling in the 
ktMlomen. in the eveiiirpg,'. — [320,] Very violent [Wiiii in the ahditnien. «a 
ev*>rj'lhii)j[; were drieil up, iu tlie evening in bed (eighth dnvi,'. — CoM 
eling:!" iTL-cp nboul the andiniien.*.— Pain almo:'t like hurnuig. in Itolh 
kliw nf the abdomen, alter dinner,'. — Tension and sticking in (he ujijjer 
^rt rtf lhi> Blxlomen,'. — Spcwmodic pain in the abdomen, e.*neeially on in- 
I jrtr:Lli<Mi and tm dniwiuji in the iibilomeii lalli^r fourteen daysi.'. — Colic, 
»i^\tl nnil tnortilii!;. with diiirrh'ia.'. — C'dHc, and soimb ebilline.^ always 
tlier dinuerj,'. — Frightful colic, so that ha was obliged to beud ({iiita 



dftublf, n.i)(l L'lHiM not ^laufl erc^rt, with hj^ch-culorcil iirin« ami much ihtnt 
(atWr lwHiiiy-f"iii* htiursii,'. — Seiisaiiitiut (li* ntlic in tlie iiiCmlinoi, in the 
■(Wnioiin, witl) iiii itir>liniiTliiii to mi eviu>iinli(ti],'.~^t.(iIi(^(>Hiii lu the 
nUlomvii, with tiviiiblin^ iiiid ;,'im'*liiiiK 'il' tlu- ti^*lli,uii uct'oniil of <?<>1<I- 
ni-^w, rT<|>i-ciiillT nlWr ttiL- sluril: thi' iiiiiii i:< vi-n' viiik-iil, t%(KTiiilly >ii the 
moniitt^ uii WHkJii<;, with ■liiLciiisiuii »f the U-ll »itlo iif th*? iilnlniiifli aitc] 
lirffiii;; ti> »Mn\ ; on Itirning iiboiit, or pr-'^^io;; i>n (hi- ithi|<itii<>ii, llto ^uic wfu 
i'<>li»vv<) : it. wik* iiiiin! iieverv iliiriii^j; rest ; ."Ciiol fnllnnvil ufwr <>ii<> Itoiir, mm 
llrxt hani, iht'ii tluid, with tiiimttliiitP ri^lief •■rUie |niiii,'. — [330.] Ttviptiii^' 
[Miiji in ttii! xhiiitir-ii,'.— Ciittiii^ {titiii in thi> r<in>)mrt or tit" ntidiiiui^n, iu 
the inoriiiiiE ; wui' rvlk'Vtil uftcr OHliii;;,'. — Ciitlm^r in the alnhmivii, wliidi 
i-xtt;i)il» townnU thr Hlomiich. iidJ IVoiiueiitlr iiik-nuilliti^ in iho i-voiiing;* 
iht* [mills utl- rfDt'weil the next ruoriiiii;i nml lusl till noon: only |ML«i4)f^ of 
flatu> rflii'voti thmii,'. — .StitchoH in the ubiliniieii, od willi tiecHw,*. — f>lilfh«» 
ia thu ahi!»ni<^n on ntlimping,'. — .SiiUrlic^ in the uhilnnien, witlt a rvoHiiit of 
(litTtimfurr,*-— rViolviit iwinyen iti lli« right *i<i» "f the iip|n-r ahilnmeD, 
alU'.r dinner,'. — The iil>il<inii^ii ix »cii>iiiivt<, tiiu-rii»lly luti) rxU-rinilly, to 
that t\iv dulil not huar it toiichfd mid vriis ohIi){ to walk htnt (C'lvvciilh 
day),*, — I'liinn, an IVom .«u)ipurHtitin nnd ti-iiriDg. in iht- iihd<>mi*ii. with 
dinrrhfl>ii and (irciit cxhauiitioii, nn the last day >A' nn^nitrniiiion,'. — Violutil 
motion* in iHi; iihd<.imi.-iJ, r<,-li'?vi'(l hy jfawajje uf flnlu!* ; with urciii^ I" ^n'l, 
til llivM'Voiiinn (lillh ilay i.',^[3iO.] Trfiidilini; niid cutLin);iii UicaUdoincn, 
la if diiirrhiun wimlil t'ii»iif, t'i<r n quarter uf sin hmir: ri-lit-vivl nt'XT ihe 
pjis-'Hjji'oCfljiiiNiii \\) K.\\..\— UtipinjUMirluiii fiiitt IfittcJffffioni. 
Pain ill lin' liiW^r alidnnuii, oxtL-iidiii;; Inni tht- Kft side to thi' >ij;hi, «» if 
thp bowrU wvn' siippunitiiig,'. — Vinlent pain a* iVom roRHtrictian to the 
right groin, rclii'vcd hy ulrolching nut ihp tnHly,'. — ritirhiiig na witJi two 
fintct^T^ ill thi> ri|;lit Kriiiu,'. — Frvqueiil itharp utitcliM ID tli« right groia 
Cfifth dHvi.'. 

Itvrtttm nml Atttin, — Wrv viok-ni pn-Niiiig pnin dci-p in lli« rrc 
tuui.extfitnlin^ forward, afttT th« Jiarrh'Wi,'. — .Severe itohing in iho rf^ctuni, 
as from Muall vorm^ nn ridineA — niiniinfi: iu ihe anii», con tinning; a long 
tiinn. alVer n nnlery Muni,*. — Trnnsient MlK'hrs thningh the periiifiim (o- 
wnrd« the rocltiin and };i>niUilB,'. — ('i't^i>f; 'o oinni without otTft't, with 
pttaijfC of Hiituit, at t> a.m..'. — UrjriiiK to 8t-j»|, whvn only n lillK- tliin rtool 
of n Yclluwiph rolor pn»i.-d, roIUiWLiI by burning' iu thi' iiiiuk i ftllh diiy).'. — 
[300.] Piunriil iir^niig to kIooI, fbllowcil by tlirw »ltuct;)> of diarrhufn, and 
ufterwtirdi) tviiviitiUi^ and buriiin;; in Ihi' nniH, with prul ration of the uliok* 
liixty (nvciity-lliTt dny).'. — Ader an ordinary stool, a tleelin^ na though 
diHrrho^tt wmild xtitl nmie on.*. 

Sloot, — Dtttrr/iii'ti. ninrrhii':i cix timwdurinj; the day, with rniting 
niiitiB ill th(! iibiloniirii it.-li-vcatb tiny i,'. — Diarrha-n, wilK pain, iu th<.' hiotu- 
iiiC with which tint abdonn-ii tVIt n> if Kitppuratiii;(,*. — Uiarrlm-a. with 
Willi*, in thu LH-euinji,'. — Dijirrhipa. witli tcariua in the abdoiiicu, and len- 
(-^iniH ill thf- rectum, nt nij^hi.'.^'DlarrticDa, frequeotly twfore and dnriag 
menatrnation (niiu-teenlh ikv).'. — <2>iJti; nat^'ry iliarrho-u, lour liiae.^ in 
i>uo(t>N'ii)ri. uitb teHLvintiK unci bunting in tlie anui>i(Kixlh day i,*.— Freajiient 
fcM-nl diarrliipa in the monnrifj ( fourth, fifth ilnvi:'),'. — [3B0.] Profiuu dtar- 
rhtea, morning' nnd t^vfning,*. — A eti>ol three or four limue a day; he was 
obliged lo niitkc great rxcrlion when the !iI<h)1, at fir>t hnni, tlicti !u>fk, 
[Miawd,'. — \ M)tV, slim! followod mimi aR<^r the Piirtomiiry tvactiHlion.'.— 
An ordinnry iftool, nlthou^'h he hikd limt tttu usual stool in the mominir, 
before takinjf it,*. — Two liquid sliiula u day until the thiity-finit day, niustlj 



ill the fiMvnoon,'. — Slool, soft in tlio morning, hnifl in tlie evening (second 
(hy),*>^-^«<>l uurituil in ilic nmniing, lii|tii<l in ibe nAcnioon (flevcitlli 
*]>r>,'.— Irreudliir hIuoI ; it ncriim nt an iiniLiiial time nt' the diiy ntid i» too 
Wn.!,'. — Stool m«nv cnpioiijt thiin luiuil.'. — Hlool solt (ttixlh diiv), hard 

■ i#fVMith drtv 1.'. — t^^'] •^tonl 'otlcr mill mure ri-gtihir limn iimihI.'*.— ll 
M-riiisln ni:iliP a hnrrl stool hoD.un n scrondiiry nL-tioii,'. — ConsfijUltiotlt 
( i>it=li|iaiinn far three duvf,'. — Xo stool iho eecoiid dtiy,'. — No tttunl ou 
/he- third dny of the nH-ii^trualinu,*. — SttMtl only every ^ocood or third 

BdnT and ntllier hard,*. — Tlie eru<;tidlloD tulliivi:^ with diHimliy and gn^t 
Urtnttrtj O^'f/nwj*.— Fniniii Mn*n.'pi<iii nCihc kiihifvw.'.— J^rvtUra. 
[Chv «>riticc of thr iirtthra a intlumcd niiii iigj;liitiimlt'd.\— I'win in ihc 
Kjrvlhni on uriuating. nn if the urine pawicti over a sore plncc iCoiirifL-Klh 
*-lay>,'. — [^380.J Jliiniing in the iirpilira when not uriiiniinj,','. — Biirninjr in 
Che urethrs oii uriimtiiiti,*. — Burning in th« urethra nfler wery urination 
^?HN7»iiiil day I*. — Htiichvs in the iirt-tlini.'.*— Ju-hiitjr iti ihe urethra when not 
miriimiiii^,*. — Frfrjui-nt ui^iiijt lu nriniiliL-. hut only tt littUi urine |»aiw.-d,'. — 
JB-'rcqiieni urging to uriiinto; *lu' wii* ohlipef) to two at night to uriiiato, and 
^c*>riMderfthle pa&'ic^l.'. — Very fi-cqiiciit urging to uriimle, wilh a profuse 
^ischarf^ of urine,'. — After urinating, mkhi iiffiiin freijuenl urging tliento; 
^she, however, {tiuiiAed only h few drops.'. — ]tlirturHioii. (.Frf<jm-nt iiri- 
Minting with Midden urging i.'.—l390.J IiUTi-ii.-e<i pa^mge ut* urine in llie 
aiflenxHin.'. — i^he fUKted urine four linitTi in iht ulU-rnuon and much fuvli 
gillie (after four daysj.*.— L'rine Ireiiutullv interniilliiig on urination,'.— 
VfiUfit Vfine elrtir-ycllow, with a sl-^wly forming cloud,'. — The urine 
mu yel low i^h -green, aftcrWHrdti turbid,'. — 'Urine lurhid, like giiiel, wilh 
viojei i>e<li ntet] I , for wveral *i:tvsi in .tiicti'Mion,'. 

HfJttiai Ol'if'ttiM.— Muff. Uurning in rhe (tenilal organs'.'. — A red. 

Iliard, puintui u'JihiK- iu the ^kiu uf the |K'nii<, whii:h fuppunilcc U'ourtocnih 
lUy I,'. — l-^ii>»ious two nightA in eucL-ewiou, nliich tvus once ii.<vnciHUd with 
a v«lii|>iuou.<« dn>ain tin one who bud never had the like bt-Jon-'i,'. — 
Fe^imitet A volu]>tuuii« sensation in the genilnl orgAui^,*. — [400.J S^re- 
Bet«« 4>ii the molts venerin during MirnftriTatiMii.'. — Home lemorrhu*a for 
eight d«y^.'. — T>eiie<irrtKi>R after inen^iniHlion,'. — •Profiise Ieu<tirrh<pa, of 
a vcHow^t^h -green eolor, co aerid that it niraoHi oornidt^ ihe piuleiida and 
lhi>;bj-,*. — " tVry thick, macQiu, Iruacwus iciKorrhtca when uw'Jif »</.*. — •/^i* 
<iitriff. of t/iirk leiieorrhcut, Ule the M'Aite of an er/tf, trlieii i(ii/t('jiy,'.— (*jVf*i- 
Mrtiittiait jour itatfa foo m>on uud more pr>*fit»e thiiii u^ruir/, IoIIiiWimI br sonie 
l«:-wi.-<>rrh«e«',', — Meu^lnialiuU eight oiiys too eariy,'.— iMemtrniiti-iii niii« 
diiyn loi» early and nither profuse llwii diiyi* al^er lakirig it}.'. — Meui-wim- 

Ittoti nine duy« too early ntnl inorti profni^e thiin ii^'Uid.'.'— [410.] Meiii>lriia- 
tiitii two days too bite, eocning on in the evening, on lying down ; "Jiff miH- 
nighl fitiiiitMl urijiwj hH\trtU the gcuiUilj', wilh great /icfiiidriw *ii tlu- 'IH'iII of 
ttr fcoei. itfiirh K"M jw«i^'/io( rrtinvil Iftr ufjtf dftij with tlutrhnrgr iif Uluvii^. — 
MenKinnit i<in live davit too hue,'. — MeiisiruHiion uu.^ lem ibun ib<uiil aiul 
ilid not continue co long,'. — MeDi>lrnuliou did not hii>t ha luiig it^ umihI, and 
flowetl mostly at □iglit,\ — *The, meriKf jltnv mofl pntfinvfi/ in the niorninif, 
kill MMtiitg during t/xe day and nigfit'. — The rueusiruul IiIoikI wum very 
WHlcry, with wcitrinew of the ihiglM,*. — • Trncet nj mcHairuation betuvcit th» 
mrrtKt tnintli, tenth, tbirleeulh, i-ighleeuib diiyi:>),'. 

JtfMptrttforf/ OrffaiiM. — Z,riri/iiJr, Oreat M-raping in the larynx 
u if bore, extending down into the ebt^i^t, with ntneli toi)};li niiicii- in ibu 
dieel, nhieh threatenti luEuffiicato her; this inucu!: is luised nilh difficulty 



8mp)l fnim Uie iu<mlh (aixlli Jny't.'. — (lukTuntly in llic loft cliock n »wcll- 
itig: ttiid (lUiimti-iiR-'l Hixl H burning bliatt>r iI(.'VL'lo|M.>(t on th^ rbci^k cxIlt- 
Dnlly, lillcl u'ltli y-L'lluw Oiiid, whidi bmrarnc flntt^iietl und dri^ up tho next 
davi,'. — Girjit ilrynis=> in thf moulli, iia if ehu biwl sanO in il, wiili tliiivt,'. 
— -rHwanb e\Tniiijr, tlie ninuth Irenime very drj- ; in the cwniTig tic was 
always full and satialcd, anrl hail no nppplire/. — S'linibncB-i ol' tin* nli»l« 
mouth BO'I tongue, in tht niominji, tiiV't (vnlkiit]; ; it di«ii>p«irs nfior cm- 
hi^.'. — TliL' whole muutb ai%nR-il iiiimb utid hiiriit, iii tbi.' niuniii'g, on 
WHkiti};. nith ii bitt(.T mlitiiy liulv and •Hjreii»« ofibv thrvj^il,'. — nuniiii<; ami 
liMtt iti llu> iiiouili, without thiivt,'. — Painful It^rsioii in iha uiouili, in the 
rij^lit c!ivek,'.-^Stit'kiii^ paiu iu the palutc, »bii.'b 03ft«i)tl« to the cliili, fur 
sevdTil miiiuir-4 (fit*! ilay),'. — Snlivtl, Mnrh nilttviiuu of m/im in thf 
moNtfi,'. — T'lMfe, [240.] Bad lante with niut-li iiiucu!* in (he louutli.', — 
Bitter tiMlv/.— Tn.*le of hlood in iho taituth.'.—Speecfl. .Slanim*rin|jj.'. — 
He staramennl at times, yiben rcndiu^; iraa not ablv U) prouuunLV several 

Throat.— Seti ant (onu. Dryneia in the lhrottt,on wakinjr. slicking 
ou bwulluwiu;;, and uumbuee<f) iii [lie niotitli, dl»up|H3)riug nftcr ri.<ing uud 
Wlliug.*. — Great drynitv* in ijie thnut. )n llu- itinriiing. on waking, p« that 
the tonguf weined ulinnct liki* vfiwd,". — FruqtiBui jMiin in the throat.'. — 
ltnr»iii'j hi tki- tUi-oril,'. — iSuri! threat in the evening ; j^ainful wlieti sm allow- 
ing ihv stiiva, 11! if sonK-cbinc wtriv etli-kiiit; in llu' tlinKiil ; he wiis iiiiubk 
lo HuaUixr fitml wuiilv .', — [290.] .Scraping in tliu thrual. with irriiaiimi to 
t'uuj^h '.first <Uyj,'. — fivery morning, scrapiiip in the throat, with nmcui^,'. 
— Tlif .■'loep mi.-. t'ri;(|uuntty itiU'rruplvd by fcrnpins '" iho tliri^at! inhe «84 
<ih!it^ In Imn'k up rniifus.'. — HiTHpinjr and btirniiiK in iho thrvMii. ii-? if hf 
had cnti-iJ »» until hi ng um hoi,'. — Slumping and hitrnin^ in the thnml. ean-ing 
a dry eotigh,', — llawnwn uf the throat, in the ni<irniiif;. nflcr ri'iii^, ninl in 
the iiVL-uiiij;, for ficvcral ilaTH,*. — Tickling In the tlimat, which »>l»lij;rs hi-r 
to roii^h ln;([uciiily. in the arteTiioon, at five (third day),'.— Slight irrila- 
tiun ct'lUe pharynx,'. — .Swollin^r oftho mrvieal frlatida,'. — tswullea cervical 
glands, with lei)?!<^[) and timwine pain^, for »ix (liiy,*- 

A>7oiHflc/i. — Ajti*etit*\ [260.] Ci>u»tnnt oxoi»Mve linnger; he sna 
unable tu eal enough, tiiid wai> tiuon hun^rr again,'.— ( HiiiiL'vr in the afWr- 
noDn, p'lntrarv to <iistotw),*, — trutij;er tuward^ evening,'. — She rt'li*hi'd iIm 
foud, iilthuiigli uHciward; nhc had a pivjv-^nre in th<; ^Loniaeh as if lAw luid 
uverlnadi^il il,*. — ^Ajipelite wilhont real tning*T,'.— \o appeliti-: she was 
obligMl lo fonw hrrsidf lo eat,'. — No ajiintlitp far nioked fnod, only fur 
hry;a<l ( eleventh and twelfth day*),'. — A child Kises it* Hpi>elitO ; ibt- »li<de 
biiilv be('uiiR'!> hut. witli pnlly, seurlct fa-vii ; il Hlm and vnmils nm<-ii)« nnd 
fooil; fulhiwud by ex<.'m«ivL> Kwent ihniugh the night, niui>lly on ihf head, 
with nu'^O'bleed twice during sieop (after Iweiity-wven days),'. — TJth'Ht, 
(ireat longing' f>ir wator and wine,'. — Thif*l thii whole ilav (after Iweuly* 
one days),'. — [270.] TInnil, ibe wbule iilWriini^n and evening, rnnlrarv w 
hi« u.*ual hahit i lotirlh day).'. — Thirst, wpo-cially in the evening,'. — Thirst, 
during Um cliill,^ — Thirst for cold water,'. — Thint for milk, in the momiiii; 
'after four days).'. — Much thii-st. Uivrnnla evciiing. ».i if she hud eutm 
miitih aiit food,*. — tliniueiiohable thirst (after three hour*>,'. — Jyw» «/ 
Minf,*. — He had an lumatiiral thirst ; previoifily he almost never iieeilud 
lo drink,'. — ErHctaHonn antl Hiccough. Kmpty criiclatious, sev- 
eral iiiornini^.i, fiwiiiig.'. — [280.] Frrqufiit emj/ttf rrurl'itlon*, evcu liefure 
hreakfa*!,'. — Kriiclaticiiijt, mating of the bri'jikfa>tt, ihe vrhaU lorounon,*. — 
Eructaltuua of gas.'.—Iucliiiation to hiccough; it only, bowtivcr, auiuunt^ 

1" Imlf a hi'-iviogh, in ihe fi»rpiiooii,*. — Severe, lontr-lastin^ liir<vin,:li at 

1 P.JI.,*. — FmjiK-iit bioTOiigh. till Huiir after tlimier,'. — y^ttmif'tt. 

llnn\in\-\\nf''-i in ihe ^lumiicli. a« if une hiid uwt etiiea for A Iwi^' lime,*. — 

'Urcni (|iiiilmi>itiiM-9« in thi- KliMiini'li, with iucJiiintion In vomit, in the 

mftrninj; ; tliiiicit onlv wator was vomitcH ; willi nauwn ; thi* fojiswl sifter 

liivnJt rB!<l,'. — NnuM-n/'. — Naiiw-a in llio rtotnarli, as if i-hc wiiulil vomil, in 

(lit? fdivnuoD.'. — [280.J Naiisen and pn1|iitaLiun. wotue nn moiiun : with 

Hiiniu(<!i>,*. — XauM-aand nililiio-' tin? frtreiioon,', — NntiseHtWith I'hilliiiuia 

in the nioruin):, with i^tii'kitit^-teariDg ((i()lhn<.-tie, cs-pedal); vii tlii; tfifi »itle ; 

thp pninia wen- rrlivvwl br w»Id waltr.'. — Exctwivc hhii?««i niid?liii(I(Ioriiig. 

in (h4< inipmiiip, ku itial ah<? ontiU] not g*-l wnnii : rntliiHt^d hr vorligo, utiii'h 

wpHcv^-^I ih* tiiaitavlie,'. — SfomfTCh, Pielfiision and fiito'twingt-a in lh« 

i«rl»iKa*tric ifKioii ; relieved bv passige nf nHiin-ivc flntua at 8 a.m. (wrco- 

■«***iith davK .— Oiitglini; in ih** KiQiiiacli. in the niiirniiifr. relieved after 

«;alii)^ ii-Jeveiitb day i,'.— Gurgling on ih>t leR side, near the jHt i>f the 

«turutti.*)i, it) thu trvL-iiii );;,'. — A iWliii^ in tbe.itumndi, lu if iiiie bud fiu<t<:<l, 

*ven ftftiT I'liliiis (Iwcntieili day ','. — Kveiy murniiig on rising;, it "wiiis n» 

Ihoii'^li ibr sloniacb wn-i fmil, n-illt a imimooiDi tti^^Io in [hu nioiilli; nl^or 

»i>ino lime this dirappeur:* aud Ite hat un n|>pt-liLc; for foui'tt-cii daya in ^xk- 

w?*i>in,'. — A (""Id (eeling in the siotnarb, as if a Innip of ice lay in it,'. — 

[300.] Hiirnin;r. the pilof thi>i^tniuneb,liigi'lher witbffe()iieiit 

tioe t<til('li<4 in it-, atVr ditiiior,'. 

Abffomen. — IftijmrftoiulHa, Frcqncntidmr[t»tilchci« in iht- right 
hTjoK-hoiidriiim, near the bnrk.'. — Siilrhes. wiih a pct-nliar inde-mbable 

Citn, in the right hyporbondriiim riwelfth day i,'.— Some stib-beTf in iho lufl. 
ypiK-hoinlrium, nn<l, »t tht- »iiinv tiim-, in the left ejbow,-. — Btiriiinjc mtitchiM 
ia tlip left hy|iiH-hi)ndriuni. on nitiiiv lietit, wb'teh diAn|>|H-»i- on hernminj; 
erept/. — Vwhiiiftil. Very transient burniii;* internally ahiHit ibf navel, 
at 11 A.M..*.— Stickini.' eolic'nbout tho navel,'.— Siitehci uh^mt thi' nav*;l 
(after iin« h^^ur^,^— Frighiftil «ilic in tho iinihlliral region after eatiiip, ait 
if kniveji were cntiinj^ the abdnmen, fiir several minutes (third day j.'.— 
Twinges ahuut the nnT-el, with ;;rifiin;;, in the moruin^ nn H-akinR, ae if 
he t>b<>iiUi p> \i) tlonl.'. — ftriltrfftl Ahihuneti. Di.-ti.nded abilomen, 
witli jmin in it 'riphlh dayi,'. — [SIO.] I)i!«leni'i<in nf lb» alichmieti, wiih 
T~iiniMiiip in it. nliirb di'«iji))eared ittU'r ]ia?^in^' fltitnt in theimtrninj; f.llt^b 
*3i»y I,', — Great dictcu«ion of the abdotticn, which couMnntly inorcatCj? till 

Ikiiirlnitibt.nnd at liW di-;ip|>ear!t nfti-r the piiriiiigenfflatn? i eleventh day J,*. 
— Serrre nidihtinj^ and iioiM* in theal»d<nnen, ».« ifdiarrhii'a would ensue. 
Chnujrh a diarrbn^t-lik« *lool occiim'd imly afior .*f-veml bonrs/.^Mueh 
minbliiij; iu the biiweb, i\s frnni a pnr;rc, alwui*! relieved by |iH«<a<;t' ut' 
■ftiltt-.". — V'cryjtevrre ruinhltn;;»nd giinrllDg in ttiL- abdomen, with constipa- 
tion,*- — Frequont passafto of tiulus,'. — Very frequent pHseage of luud flatus, 
followed by (IbteiisiijH of the abd<iiiien and colic, ut o A.M.,'.— Mueh pnssajre 
of flatu", after lying down in bed,'.— OlK-nsive flaiu.«, esperially in tho 
mnniing and evening i first linv (.'.^Odiiui^ivo AattiK. and rumbling in lb); 
aWiMiien. ill the evening, '.^S&O.j Very violent pniii in the nbdomeji, as 
if everj'lbing were drie<l uii, \n the eveniitg in 1k<1 I eighth duyi,'. — Oobl 
'ing« erecp about the andonien,'. — ^Pnin almost like buruin|r, in both 
»« of the abdomen, after dinner,'.— Tension and stiekinjj; in the upper 
fwrt of the niHlonten,*. — H|}iL<m'i<li(' pain in lh<> al)domcii. ejpecially on in- 
^pinition and on ilniwiug in the alKJotiH-n (ivftirr fourteen dayn).'. — (lolic, 
night an<t nioriiin'.;, with diarriiiD;i,'. — C;i!ic, tind sonii! obiHini>s*, iilwnysi 
after dinncrj,', — Frighlful colic, so that he was obliged to bend (lUitc 




double, DDfl caahl not stand erect, willi hij;h-ci)tnrerl unne and mcic-fa tliint 
(aAer twunir-foiir hiHirHi.'.^-SeiiKatiuiiH ul' t-nlic in tKi> ii)tiMliut!ii, iu tha 
iLlli-rnoAn, with an inoliimlinn t» nn evft<'UlltioIl,^-^^>ti<■-pltliIl in the 
iiliiliiiii<.'n, willi Ln-mliliiig iinil pm^Iiin<; uT thv trl^lll, ud iicccnml of n>M- 
iK>s«<. viHifliiUy Aflvt lilt! stun] ; tlic imiii in very viulcut, i9i[MK^'i;illy tn lite 
itiiiniing Mil wakiti^;, with ili^tL'tiaioii ol' thii lofl ttide of ilie ulntumi'n ami 
tirjfius ^u stool ; ou In mill); aboul, ur |>rt;^in^i>it tin- ulxlinutfu, tbv eldc WM: 
rclicvrd ; ii was iimrp sev<'ri^ lUirinif ; fliKil fitlltmitil iitVr ime hour, WM 
tiivt hunJ, thi>ii Hukl, uiih iniitn^iliiilA rHiel'iil' the jwiin,*. — [330.] Twinlia); 
[t.iiii ill Iho nhil»tii<>ii,\ — Cnttini; pAiii in Ihi^ r<n\-[itirt of tlu- nlxlomen, in 
llu- tni'niiiif; : wn.-" n-lit-vnl after cntiiij;,'. — CiiltinK iii the nbiltmieu, which 
extend* luKJiriU tlic Hliiinii(.-h, and frE>i|tienilv intermitting in ihe t'vwiing: 
Oie paiiif HTB ruuewed the next mnniin;' niii£ liut till iiwm ; oiily jML^itge iif 
llntiu relit^i'es thuiii,*. — ^?titcllt9 in ihw ai>ili)iiii;u, iw with uc«llt»,*. — trtitchw 
in th(! ahdikint'ii nn sMHjpiti;,','. — >^lit('hif< in tlit- uhdnmnn, with n feeling of 
(liM>nnir>n,\ — Viok-nt twiiifjcs in the ripht >*ido of Iho iimH^r Rbdmndn. 
atlcr dintu^r,'.— The iibdonicii is wnditivc, tnUTnally and cxlcninlly, m 
tliiLl nhc omhl not br^ir il toiichtd iitid wa» ubli^ctl to walk Ih-iiL (clwviith 
clay),*. — IVius, as fmni siippumiion and tairiiig, in thf iilidumL-n. with 
diarrlicpa ami jireat oxhau^tiiiri, lui the latit day of mniistrimtinn,', — Violi-iil 
iHolinoa in theabdoiiKru, n.'livvi'd by i»a.-waf;e uf Hata-^; wiili iir^iuj; tostiwil, 
ill tin? fvi'iiiii^ (lifih iluy).'. — [340.] Trt-iiibiin^aiKl oiictiii}; in tin- nbdumcii, 
a» if <liiirHiivii wnuld i^ii-iuv. f^ir a i)mirt(.>r ul' an Imur; ndii'viil afli-r ilie 

Kfitn;j:corfl!iiiiH!it \i)\.^..^.—I[fii)iniHMtrhtm*m(tUinf'H*''fioHit. 
lin in llic lower nhilainun, pstuidin^; I'rom ihc lf!"t sido to tin- ri;:lit, a? if 
(be b»nTl<i were snppiiratini;,'. — Violent [wiin a« I'nnii const rid ion iti ili« 
right groin, reliovffl by alrelchingoui the body,'. — Pinching a^ with iwn 
finger? in tlic right K^iUi'- — Freqiieot uliarp stttch«a ia the right groin 
(«nh AwV. 

Jii'rtnui tivfl Amis. — Wry viok-nt prt'wing imin ()po|> in iIip rw- 
tuni,<?xtoiul)U^ forward, aft<?r the diftrrhnwj,'. — Severe itching in the roeium, 
as from small norm^ on riding, '.^Bnrning iu iho aunts r^uttnuiiig ii luog 
time, ufter a watery slool,'. — Tran»ient slitches through the perineum l»i- 
WHTils Hk- reclum and gciiiinl*,'. — Urging tn stool without cfl'>K*t, willi 
passage of fitilus, at aw..'. — Urgiiij; to slool, when only a littl* ihin stool 
of n yL'lluwL-ih color piiMcd, followed by burning iu tlit' uiiusi tiftli day J,'.— 
[350.] Pninftil ur^'ing to stool, followed by threv ultuckM of diarrhofa, and 
alVt^rwani-i leui-i^niUH and buraiiig in the anus, with proilration of the whi>le 
Intdy (iw^-nty-fii^t day),'. — After an ordinury ntool, s fveling as though 
diarrh<i>a would slill nurie on.', 

StnnI, — Dtitfi'tupit. Diarrhnps »ix liniosdurinjrllie day. with euitin)^ 
min» in the nbdoHKU (vlevtuth day*,'. — Diurrhua, with puin. iu tbi.- niMrit- 
ing, with wliieii the ulnlonien fell iia if suppuniliiig.'. — iJiiirrhiva, with 
oolie. in the fveuing,'. — Diarrhoja. with learioK in the abdonien. and ti-ii- 
esmiH ill ilic rectum, at nighi,'. — *Dia.rrbceft, frequently before and darinSj 
meiutruRUon (uiDClucntli day*,'. — (iiiite watery diarrlKva, four times in 
i*uc(v*<ion, with tont'xninii and burning in the anu.>(Mixl1i dayt,'. — Pnijueiit 
fovnl dinrrhiLii in the iiioruing 4 fourth, firth day*),*. — t^^"*! Prof"** diar^ 
rhcert, inoniing and evening,'. — A Htool thrco or four tinift* a day; be wiis 
obliged to tniike great exertion when the stool, ut ftt^l lianl. theu Mifi. 
paftied,'. — A soil ttool followed «non after the cuatomiiry evacustion,*. — 
An ordinary stoot, although he had had the u-iual stool in the momiai;,^ 
befure taking il,'. — Two Jiijuid stools a diiy until tlie thirly-liral day, ino^liyj 



ill tlid (oKiioou,'. — Sloul, 6oH iu the ruoniinj^, tmi-d i» tlie ereDia); {f«<.-oi»l 

«Jar),*. — Htool uorruitl in tbc inuruiii^;, liiiuiil in iHl* aftvniiiun (vlt-vviith 

4)ay)A^[>'tv^lur(ituol; il uccun* at hh iiiiu>>iinl tiiuv itl'lht' day mid \t tou 

hawl,'. — ^Stool m>^r\•■ copious thuii iiMial.'.^^lool M*t\ (stxlh dayi. hard 

-Jit davt.'. — [370,] Stni»I softer aiid rnurf repiilnr than iHiiiiI.".^It 

M tonutke a liani titODlsnl^.a^i a fettmAAry aclunt,'.~~i_'ottMf ljntHou» 

T*oii<ti{iAtinn for tlir«> day*,'. — No i^tool thu fioeond duy,'. — No «I0'»I on 

tbc tliinl day uf llic iiii-i)!(runlion.'. — Hivol uuly uvcry ^ix'tHid or third 

IT and nitiicr hard,". — The evncuultou follnvrs wiih difliciilly and ^ruul 


UHiUtrn Orf/rtH».— Paiti in ihe r^-ginn of ihc kidneys,*.— f''*C//l?'rt. 

The iiriliiv uf the iirftlira \a intlitiiifd and ag};liitinat('d,',— Pain in liie 

nrethm on urinaiin^, an it' ihe urine pttikwd over a tiore place ( toiirteeiilli 

ifciT),'. — [380.] Burning; in the iin'lhm wlit-ii nol urinali nj;,*. — Burning in 

t^c urt'tlira ou unnaliuff.*' — BuruinR in ihc urethra ailtT every uriniitioD 

(Mvuud day )'. — 8tiu-hp-i in the umthra,', — Ildiiui; in ihc urc-ihra vthcu not 

urinating,'.^ Freqtien I urging to urinate, hut only a litlk" uriue jjii!*«J,',— 

i^r^ueot urgiug to nrinal« ; ahe wn.- ol>li;[ed to rii>e at ni^ilit io uriuato, and 

cnriMdcmble fmssMl*. — ^Very rrwjuenl urging to nrinnie, wilh a nrolii.* 

fltBcliarp- III" urine,'. — After iirinnlin}^, i-ixin iijiain frfjiivnl urt-ini.' liierf-to; 

»hc, liowovcr, [inK**^ onlv u W\t i\xw\^^l'.—MSrtitri1 ion, {Vtvy\\WTi\ tin- 

saatiitg with Hidden urgiugV-~~[380.] Iiic-n;aK'd pofi-ai^i; of uiinc in tbo 

s&ncm<ion,'. — ^\k \*a,9sva urine four limes iu llie iinernoou mid mneh padi 

«.inM< fnfier four ilaym,'. — llriuo irequenilv interniiituig on uriimliun,*. — ■ 

M7ri»ic, Urine cUar-yvlliiw, with a t«liiwly fi.trniin^t <-l*nid.'. — The urine 
-^Mas yeflowisli-jm-cri, Bt\i-rviiinls tnrbiil,'. — I'riiic turbid, likt- gruel, viith 
"^inlei fwlimctii. fur wvcnil ilnyg in ■niivi'twioh.'. 

SrJCiWl OrfJttUH.— Mn'U: Burning in ihe gMiilal orpanf,', — A red, 

^lart], puiiitu] nodule iu ilie ?kiii of the itenifl, nhirh Mipjiuralec I fourteen til 

^Iny),'. — (jniA-ionii two nigbis in siiirce.tL«ii)ii, wbii^b wan once iL'iN0<iiil4'd nitli 

«i volnptiKiuit dmim (in one who liad iierer had ibe like bcliire;,'. — 

J'^cltltift'* A Toluptuoue >en)>stioii iu Lbe };eiiilal nrgnui*,'. — [400.] Bvre- 

vew on tlie motiD vi'm-ris <lurin); niein^tnintion.^ — Home lcueorrlia-a for 

«ighl dnyn,', — Lcueorrha>u alier ineniftruaiiiin.*. — "ProfuMf leueorrbim, of 

■ T<fllowi?b-(rr^H;n e'>l>'r, »» acrid that it almoi^t cormde* the |>it(ieiid» and 

thigliV* — ' i'f(T( UiieJi, mutifiw, irn'trimm truenrrhtcti tchrn iC'ifkiiiff'. — *f)t«- 

rAarjr*! of tkirt Uumrrliir/t, lil'i- llu: irhiU iij iiii «/</, «7ifi(. TCii/jttujr,'. — i*J/^W" 

ttrunlirin Jaur Haif Um mtm riml mnrf pnifiiKr ihun itrunl, Uillowx-tl by «uine 

lemorrlum i.'.^Meiirtnmiion cj^bl davt' too ea^ly,^ — Men^truiiti>iu nitio 

day* iiwt early and rather pn>fu.'«; (two days nttcr inkin}; il ,'. — Menmua- 

Ifun nine dnya too early and more pmfuKo tbiin u.smil,'. — 1410.] Meiisinia* 

tion two diivn I'jo late, coming; ou iu (be evening, vii lying down ; ojltr i/ii'J- 

niij/tt piiTiil'ut iirginy toHytnli tfir ijcuH'ilr, with grrnt hrn%:inr//t In fJir i-muU o/ 

Ac haek. idiieh ifu# tomnvhnl rtlievfi (he tirxl iUiii mlli ttifc/uirffc nj i/ww(i,',— 

tUeuelrualion five days too late,', — Menstruation wiw Ickm ibau u^ual and 

did not continue pn lonjrA — Meni^trualinn did noi lam a^ long an ii^'iinl, and 

Uuwed ino*ily at nigbi,'. — *Thr me.n*<f» Jtou- mMt profunplij in llu- mnrnitttf, 

hut aorin/if during thi' day mid uight'. — 'l"he nieimtrun] l>loi>rt Ha» very 

WBtvry. with wturiufs:^ of the tbigh^,'. — *Tf(nx» nf tntntlrtiail'jii ftcfteceii Iho 

nietttfa (ninth, tenth, ibirleenih, '■ii;bteeulli day*),'. 

JCt'Mjiiratorff Oi-f/niiM. — Larf/tijr:. (Jreat seraping in the lut^nx 
a3 if sore, exicuding down iitlo the rlKt<t, vrilh mueli tough mnen-) in the 
cbcsl, nbicl) to sullbi.-utv licri lliie uiucus ia niie«d with difficulty 



and tustps salty ,'■ — ^TitiklinR in the larynx prnvokinf* cough,*. — (Frequent J 
irriinlWn U> cvti^^h rrv^m tickling in ttie larviix ; the nitiviH wliii-li ^lie «s-j 
Ijectorati-s is vurr iiHif^h vii<l uiily lou^i^ncJ witli great fiTuri).". — IVi/cP.' 
1^420.] HtuirM-iit'«» «v«Tj' iiioniiii^.V — Ciilan-lia) voiw. willi rougliiiu^ in 
(lie Utroiu, tlic wIioIp morning (fixih Ai\,y),'.^Cottffh^ Cough, *itcil«l by 
ticktiug ill the tmcbFa, in the evening and inoiuinK at^er r>R)ii^ for wvural 
days it) liiKTfMioii,', — Oidigh raii.^fd by tirklinj; in the chral, whirh sho' 
c>oiil(l not !>np|)rvs.4 in the nmrniiijr mi entpriii|; iiiUi the room from the mid 
air <.j!fVfcMt<.-«nth dayj,'. — Sjiairaoilic wu^h ; tliflK-nltv of btvathin):; tictj 
anxious n.-?{)iru[ioii ; iii fwlili- tones who ciillnl (Vir Ik1|i; wlirii the wiiidovr-j 
wais rui<<oil llu- Irv^h air n'%ivL-<i Iit-r and wn» very iij;rivnhk'/.— Dry cough 
in llio evciiiiiif und muniin;; for iin hour,*, — Dry i-oiiijh in thi." nioriiiit* 
ftftor rising far hulf an huur i tweiilielh dav|,'.^//('«/n'/*«/("'i;i. f>^c(), 
nniny brealhing.'.^Antiovis brea tiling,*. — <>p|»rp**t'il hrfalhiug.'. — l^^J 
Shortni^* of ilic lireuth on every exertion of the hnnils,'. 

Chcitt, — l-\'dirix <.<f hvttvino^a on thu rbe:i>l, M if'soinelhiii); lay upon it, 
and she cuuUI only brculhe dccjily.'. — Cui-tinghuniing in ihc middle of (he 
diLuL, luorL- cxttTunlly. tvc\vt> in sulvl-wIom.*. — Oppre^Mon and lieat iu Ac 
elwst, whit'li r\«'ii into ihv bvad,*. — O pprciwioii in tb^ middle of tho cbe^ 
with fine otilchee, on brcatbing,'.— tJitprcs^ion of the rlii»t; be was fre- 
qneutly obliged f > sigh in onlcr to set a foil brcalh, with which bit cmild 
not hour anyibing nn ihe chi>>t, and nis larco uaisibniid seeinod lonaniall,'. 
— A severe |>ret*urtf ostend^ from the pit of the .it-.»macb up into the chwt 
- aller i!iilin;; ; brtUT wbi'ii vviilltiii;r. wonK; uhc-n .littin;;: sitriioliiiiei* with ilj 
drswing-teuriu;^ jisiiii in tb<^ Il-II i^idi- of the hfitd,'. — Stiti'bw in ibv chest,' 
exloudin^ from befnne bii<.'kunrd, incrt'ii^'d by deep brenlhiii}*, during! 
dinner,', — StiUhes iirjt in the iiti<ldlo a\' the clicst, then iu tlie right hypi>- 
choiidriuQ), and afierwani* in llie left I'lenlh liay),'. — ^ront, Hnrning ooi 
the Hientiini mid visible puls;atioi), (-!4|)r>Hiti]y in the pit of the >|(imii«h,*.— ' 
[440.] i'WIiiig of oonslrit'lion bi-Iow (\w ^t^rnnm,'. — Hrwiiiro bcnealb th* 
Blrnuim iind in ihi* ptomai'li.'. — ^Spu^iutiil ic pnsuurc butii^tb the t^leruuni, 
AH if lhi*Ktonia).'li uere ovurl<uideil, aix day^ in HUiv»wioii,*. — Pitinful Mitcltet 
iu ihc middle of the Hlonuim,', — Piiint'ul dull rititchty, op burili;,', iu the 
aLemuin, iu the eveninj^ \ third day},'. — Stitirbce. fivtiuunllv in eunt;.-<eioD, 
in the fiircjiarlof the lower jiortion of the rbe*!. when standing ftxtiipetl ftlMl 
U'ilhntil infliien<*injr the respinilion ; after dinner.', — Sitlex. A vUible pul- 
Mtioo nbovo the rij^bt mftinnm, ncMr the elnviele,*. — Siiiclitx in Ihc It-fi i^ide 
of the fliiijt.', — Slitebo* in the riglit side uf ibc fht-st, and at tbi- »iiioc tJina j 
iu ibe riyhl grwit loe.*. — 8l itfliLw. as with un anl, in ibi? nj^ier part of (lis 
lert niHiiimii, exU'iidiii)* tlimu;j;b L« the hafk,', — [450.] ,\ burning diiidi 
on the outer portion of the Icl^ riba,'.— A i-luw, dull elilcli in the luweM 
rilw of llii' rigtil side in llie nmriiing.'. — Fine siitclK-s in the fon-jwin of 
the lell liiwf^t rib". wlii(d> extend up into the ein->l.'. — J^hHrpmitebe* iu Iho 
rijjht *idc of iho dit^t, with eoiii^tant ^irelcbin;;, iu the forenimn,'. — .Sharp 
aliU:hea in the n>;bt mde uf llie. che»t beneiitli the uxiltii, sl> vi<dent ibltl fllie 
criwl out. iu tliB niorniiig. ihii-d day,', — Very sensitive, sharp aiitches in 
the lower iHirtion of the left side of the (■be.Ht,'. — Severe aliarp Hlilehn 
bebiw (he ri^ht rilxn, iilleriintiiig witli ntitehcs in the right groin,'. 

Jletii't, — Fiiltif.-,H«nilniixioty in ihe pruH-onlinI ixgiou (afivroue huurV*! 
— Pn>»iun^ in the (iniH'orditil reginn, wilji teii^iiou in the loiniiti«, with pr«t-j 
mireou theolernum,*. — Hburp fuiiii in the pnut^-nrdiii ^aHtr a tow mixtifot^),*. j 
— [460.] *Pui(>iUitinn,*, — i'nljiitatioii, with viirtigit luid Iieadadie,*. — Pal|ii- 
tutiuu in (he heart, triih Loiige.-<t!un to the head, bent and Lbirjit, with ilcb' 



i};Iit eye,'. — raI[»ilHtion. willi treiubliug uf Uio whulu bod^- aiiJ 

JVark unrl i{«rA".— AVr/r. SiilTiicau in tlij! neck, in the mominc, on 
rising (('■Hiriji «lftv>,'.— Painlul leiisivii vu iht* rijfiil *ide of tlie net-K, on 
t»(>viit<; tli« limif. willi twiulie? in LJic left ear*. — Tt-n^iuii tun\ [iniii uu 
prf«*iire, as fnmi ii blow in llic nofk,', — Scllcluf in l\w iiiiiic »f lliir nock, 
(luring n-*i nml nmiinii, in ih« owning,'. — Wtiiir[> *liii-hfrt on iIk- left Bi<lo 
of till* uctk. c^iiU'iHlint; iuT« tlit; Icll car,'. — Tttitiiif; in lliL- ti-ii()<iiK-i of l.lic 
led side or llll^ nwk,'. — Itarfi', [470.] Stickiiij: nnd tPiirinjr pain on rliR 
inner bonli-r uf the rijilit sliouhlerbladp, with a li'i'licip b-< itimiftli a pii'fp 
of it witiild be lorii <iH', on siltinp bciit, (ii*ij)penr!njt on betMminff ertHri,'. — 
Scvfral vioN'iii t-lil'-lic-!'. «» with a kiiil'i-, Ih'Iatccii tlii- pIiwulmT!<, in Uie 
aftminon.'. — (An did pniii in the back, with (•lifliu-M iifHr i'(iMH>i[if.'. ilisn[»- 
pi-nft-*! I, (aftor i*fVtMit'-i'ii (layift,"'. — Slii-kiu^ |»iin(t iu the Ititiibur region, 
inct^iM<l iHi inrnii)^; I hi- body,*. 

Ejr.tmitlttrtt in Geii'crnl. — *Ortitd wearinfM hi tht hand* and/eft 
(he uhoU i/r^/.— ^iiddBnly, gr^at waarincw in tlie bantls and t'cet, iit the 

Stiitei'inr Ejctt'emHiea, — Weariuew in tin.- anii^ cspcfially ui tJie 
»limiiii«r-,jiiiiitj'.\ — I.u-w {>(■ (Hjwer in th« It-ft arm,'. — Tht- k-ft arm W\\ Itinie 
and v|iriiiii(-d, m) tliitL il \\v> with dilfiL-iiIly that hi' I'unld niirw it above Ihc 
head; the f mill iii<-nit«i:d diiiiii]; tlit-> rluy eo aiucli that nt la»t lie conld 
M-artcIy make any movement with the arm ; af\(rr swpiit in the ninrninj;, 
the ]»ain was \kvc dmdedly diiiiiiiUhi'd ilifli^'nlh day i,'. — The ri^hl arm 
uii!* iminlid and son- to tliB I'Hifh, with iiro-v-mre in ihft shniilderc,'. — 
Shouhler, [4dO.] .\ |in-vt<)u:<ly niorhi<l unioiidikt- >n\v\\ in the uxiIIk 
w.ap viTV niHfb iiii-'n-jix-tl <alltT tlirti- day*!,'.— She tunld mil move the 
riL'tit arm freidy ; )>he had no Txivtur in ihv lillollldL•r■i<lillt,^^Dillit■nU tu 
raise tin- liybl arm; fbe i^eouiol lo have no power iu liio I'iioiildtrA — Sen- 
f-BlKiii in llifl t'vihx t^honliliT-joint at* if it vox.', exhaiislod hv grfai exertion ; 
ithf )iad uo Htrfiiglh at all iu the arni, and if sho look hnld of nnyiiiiii^ it 
mined,*. — flreal tension in the ahoiildei^joirit,*. — Tt-iiiiiim in l\w ^bmilder- 
jwinU, ut> If thvy vtcrv lou ihurt, uii heudiu}; tin; uriiis hiK'kward,'. — Violviit 
dull plilt'lii-9 ail'] ti-nrinija nn the inner burder of the leA >hi(iilder blade, 
deep in thy boue,'. — Vinlent It-tiriim iu ihu rii^ht shoulder-joiiit talH'r 
twt'lvv days^'.^ — Piiinftil piorriiig-leannj^ in the nulit Hbuilder-j'jiiil, in ibo 
aUcnioon ififih day).'. — Al'Ul, Violt-m [Miin on Uio inni>ri>ide of the Ii't\ 
up|>ei arm, as il" il wnuhl bri-ak, in the fineitiKiii,'. — [480.] Violent u>nriitg 
in the ouKT Mitt^ of llio UW n[>per nnn, o^pediilly in ih(> bi>iie, in thi> alhr- 
otiuu,'. — UnitM-'l )uiin in the ri);lit npper arii), in (he Ixim-, ri'lievnl by 
firrnlv ini-;v«iiij{ nfion il, in ibe moruin(j.'.— /-r/Aoir. Very seiisilivc bor- 
iekiti}^ jiaiii boni>ath ihe «lb»w'>t, uu the niiu';;ui of the nidiuHi ; it ex- 
lo I he hn^cru, whir;h become bime on aei-ymilwf it, fyr l«y minnles,'. — 
Stilchtj' in llie ri^lit tOhinY, af^erwaid^ in llu- left alni>, in Ihe pveninjr.'. — 
T«-ari»g iu the left elbow, in ihe mominji liift'T ilirw day;-!,'. — ."^vere 
teariujc in the tip nf the rifjhl oUjow,', — Fainful tinriiiK '" the rij;ht elbow, 
in the uiurniu{.','. — fiU'ravm* Paralytic and itehiiig sensation in the 
radial nrleri«i «f lUe lurenmi (,firrt day),'. — Htii-kluj! and tearing on the 
iniier fide of the Icfl forearm,'. — On Uie inner siik uf iho i'on>arni, near Ihe 
thumb, a very ficnHitivo pDin, aa if the teuijoii» were torn ; the Mimi.' M-aia- 
ti«iu ill the otlier arm, hut on the out«r »)de, in the dlrcetion uf lli« index 
finger,'. — Wl'int. [500.] A feelinc of uiimbiieMt in the left wrisi,'. — Spus- 
Dii^ic (Iniwing in tlm lendutM of ine loft iiTisl,*,~.Spriiitied sind iilw'rakil 

■rnly pi 



pitin in the left wri«t, in ihe mirtdle of the upper surface, on a finiall spot 
uiily pnrc(?]>tib1e ti> tniirli or on bciiiliii)^ the hjiiiil iipnard ami ilowtinnn),'. 
•— Scilrheji in the njihl vir'vn Uiree dsiyti in »iiin-(r«ii<iii; if »li? tuok holi] vt 
iLiiythiiig, cM)fi<-ial)]|' if ]>lit< liroii^ht rlic thunili timl iixlox (iii^fpr lo^HJicr, 
the etitchi-a bcvunic niDre ai^-vcri; ; nilur this vm^cd iu the right lian<t, it np- 
pcarvil iu llic Icll, thmigli only for a short titnt-.', — Wry »fn*itivc ^harp 
^tiIc■llc4 ill tht' righl Krixl,'.— 'LVitniig a hund's breiiiith abtive tli«? wrist, 
ami oxtetiding inlo it, in the niiiPtiiiig,', — Tearing and thn>hl>in(r in the 
ri{;lit wri^l, in the evening (oevpiiih diiy),'. — Piiiii, in iT atippiinttiii'p:. iii n 
Kiniill »(uii on thi- hack of the right vir'm., on heniliii^ llie hninl aixl [mw 
ing iijioti it,'. — Ilttiitl. TiX'iiibTicig in the hiiini*. wiih pxtpitntioii utid 
aiixi<.-ty,'. — *Loss i>t~ |xrwi:r iit (he lianiU,'. — [010.] '.She hu<) ho jviwRr in 
tht liaililc. cs|iccial!y in the right, uiul itlmo.'t iiUownl (hr »Ur/hleft nhjcfLi la 
Jiill, frniit wrnlnf*-,'. — The haiitl is stiff'; cannot easily cliiw it ; with feeling 
of wenkwe*M in tlio fiagers'. — The leU hiun) is heavy ; she eannot nirtvc it , 
«i-"ily,'. — Thu righi hand Icfl.-* se hcjivy a.* a hiin<Irfi]-wfit:hl, logvihi-r with 
u Rcveri; pain, »» if bnui^itil. in thi> phu-i; whon.- llie pitlw i* fell; it do«s 
inH loh-ratv any toni-h,'. — fiitifvPM, {One finger aflvrauuthersupptiratai 
like « pEiuurititun ; iw »<n>u m oiui h«il', another becvnie» wre), talU-r tcu 
weeks)/, — ^Sliichcs in ihe juints tif the rijjjht iiuler finger, while working,'. 
— Violent tearine; in the lef^ thurnli,'. i 

Tn/eriot* Ji,jcfr(!»itflcH.— Hijt. An intormittin); paid in tW tight 
hip. nil [>t>><iping, B3 if thu wicnim wi-n- bnikt-ii.'. — lliLiu^. a.-* frwru flcji". on 
the lii|H uiiiJ on the Hbiloiiien.'. — T/iifffi. ■Sli;;hl burning uii th« thigh, 
llhiiVe llie knee. '.—[520.] A })iereii]<.' i^tiieli in the middle uf the letl lliigh, 
on sittlu^' di>wii,'. — .Sorv leeliiig in the bt>ud of the thii^h, durinj: nieu^trua- 
tion,''. — Sore fe<^liiig in tlie bend of the riijht thiuh ; in tmlliin^', it leels na 
thntigh tiomi'thing woolh'n ruhhed nguiitiit ll'.^Hui'C A feeling of 
wcarinp*! in ihw liidlows of thi> knofr*,'. — Stiftini*« and pain in Iho left kiieo, 
if lie tries to strtteli it <nil, alter it hiL^ b^icu lient for Mime time,'. — Htirk- 
in;; pain in lite lell knee, especially im rii'inir from siltiujj,'.— V'iolfot 
etitehes in the M\ knee-j»int. uearly the \vh»le loreiiouit, on rest and 
iiititiou; she thought that »he caiiM not endure it (i^x-otid day t,'.— Violent 
phnrp Hiitehw on ihe inner eide of the right knee, as if in the l>one.*. — S^ii- 
sntinn aboYi' the kiieorjip, an if it had liwn bruised,'. — Xp(/. Thp right 
Jeg i* vi'ry miieh asleep; the itBaic in asiy piwiti-in, for a (jiiarter of an 
hour, ill the afleriiooii (first day i,'.— [530.] 'ihe whtde left leg is sn ^h-cpy, 
with erawling. it« I'nmi anl^ u|i()n it. that she eaimul stand upon il,'. — Very 
weary |iain In ihe ri^-ht lower leg, dnring iiieiwiniiitiim,', — ttaging or hi-ni- 
iiig piiii in tho i-i;:hl fibula, wiiLi tearing extondiug itp to the knee, in iIm 
ut'iernooii fnsih day),'. — ('ninip In ihe M'l leg,', — Uminp in the calvn 
KmitnU niiiriiiiig, in bed; it »';tH m viulent lliul the pain eimtinued 
till evening, n* il the leg «cr« ton short (nllcr foiirlefn dayaf,'. — Tmn- 
went I'litehr* in the left leg, and In the elie?!,'. — Sharp stllehcs in the 
Djidtlle 'jf the left tihla (m-coiKl day),'. — Atikiv* S}fn-p Milthrx titthr right 
utentnl mnJ/-whi«, logeiher wiih pninfuliiiw.s of the inuer amlleulu^ i.tliinl 
day),'. — Foitt, Kcaviuu» of thcfevl,'.— Dnivriiig and teHriiw in Ihe right 
f«in.'. — 1540,] Tearing dnigging-ilninitig pain in a fool wliieli had liten 
Kpniinetl in ehihlliniHl.ns if the joint had Lkvii broken, with ttnelliiig ofllte 
foot, en that <ih(> eoiild not put on the »hoe,'. — Pnin in the forepart nf the 
left »tlc, nhrn walking, fi>r Mivernl days [iwcnty-ninth day),*. — Biiriiiii|{ 
ill the left Mile,'. — Toe», Stili-hp^t in bolh great U>v*, eitendiog iniu the 



nnklc-^, in llic c\'pning,*. — Piiin in ihf i-onis,*. — Extn-inely riulnit pain id 
u corn, for u Itiiiy tiini' (iiftt-rwiglilfiii tlaysi.V — Si ilolit-s m llie corn*.', 

(ieuernt Sf/mptoimi.—<)bJeetive. Friviin'tit strctdiinf,', witlioiit 
flfx'piiif*!','. — ■ i rry (iri'lrcurd ; ri.-rniiliiiit/J'nlft/riim hh hautif'.—JH'hUity, 
Fwls very wenry,'. — [530.] Vfrj' ivcmy llie wbiile ilny.'. — Wry ivcary mil) 
exhiiiistpd, nftt'r n walk Isixlli mid sovpiith davri),'. — (JmU ni-nrliiciiif, 
iihlifrin)^ lior to «kopnft«r liiiinor (fifti-fiith dnyi,'. — Kx{yw»ivft wc-nriuc**, 
in thf t-vfiiiii};. nlU-r uiliiit; ilirat dny i,'.~Kxcfs?ivt' wt-uriiicw, durintr imd 
after diiint-r ( tourih tiny). .—Such ltt»f of BirL'iiglli tbnt *\\e cmild in^ither 
t\ec tinr hold horlipnd up,*. — A sudden atlnck lilcc fniiilm>«^, M noun, wIicd 
eitlinj; down, a» if ubjci-lii turned bottom upnardd (tliird day},'. — Wh^n 
Iryiiifi lo walk, slip fell diiwrt in n .swoim : lirr limbs and hiiHy becnme slift'/. 
— .Altliiiii}fli owrylhiiijf wii> don<> lo rwlure her, bIic Hfjain Ml duwiiand iv- 
maiiird riir>li<tnlr:t.«; -kht; wa.* iti diyjicir,*. — Jiesftl'HJtiteSM. .'^ho fonnd no 
ritt.'.^[660.] ViiMisiiK-a*, unxit-'ty, iinplt-iiMtiil wurnilli, mid b(-nviiivi>i> tn 
lh« ubd'tiiiLn, und altcrniititig »«ii)^ttonii iil' loKlne^s tlii-ou^Ii lliv wbule 
Iiodv,'. — SeitsatfoitH. (H(? f't'els ns if inloxicati5il by wiiwi,'. — General 
anxiety and vrcakiR'isn of butly, t'ructittiouii, nausea, disleijtiou in the fili- 
domen, pii»sHg« cit' tliil.n.s fn'<|iJ('iU yawning, and ."Iretdiing of tlic limlis, 
wilh irrv.iiylibte desire to slw]) (after Iwn Imiu'si,'. — Hniitipil firelinj^ in the 
whfilc body, (■■(K^riaily in Fbi> joint" f>t' th» arm and the nbduminal mus- 
clcv, on mulinn un<l toiirli ( ti)i)rt>;(-iitli day),'. 

Shin. — *The skin of the fingers beccmes nnasnally dented by the in* 
ftntnents with which she wai working; <aheart or lauTet).V—Kri/j/- 
Kotltif Dvy, Gouse-fleeL over tbc- «lioIe body, »ilh severe ilcliiuj;,'. — 
The etirncTf tif Ihr moiil/t are firiihcn otit,'. — Vi'ry severely itrhiiig iminll 
vpolf, liki> 11 ti:1l(>r, on the right side hfliiw the chin ; the itching wtm nut 
rvlicvi-d by aerairhiTiji,'. — A j>iiinfnl <-niplinn rm tin- trniplt',*. — Iteliiiig 
eruption on thv tbrout,'. — [670.] A siniill ruddirli swL-llin);, hard t<> louHi, 
like u boil, un ihc riyht kg.'. — Pimnles ovit ibt whok- budy, with very 
Kvcre itching,'. — Itcfiing and t^inall pitniilcv on tiii! head (uner three 

'wecke),'. — large, scattered piniplci-, papulous, on iho forehead, withnub 
itchinj: fAevenlii days'. — i^vi-ral len.-'ive pinipk\>* on the nppcr nnil Iijwit 
lip (allt-r inMily day*),'. — J*evcnil pinijilfw mi the \fft Hid*-, neap llie nimiihr 
wlthitut iichinff,'. — An ilHiin^ pinipk', vvhi^-b itiduM »til I wowc after wmti'h- 
irifj, on the I'urL'purt of tlic nwk,'. — An eruption of hurd, red piiupk-s, an 
large us |)cn:<, uhtelt itch very tnnch, and burn, and then disapix-iir after 
eutiip (liivf, on the ch^sl, on the lell